Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 17, 1896 · Page 4
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 4

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, July 17, 1896
Page 4
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«r John Gray's CORNER. :ftn the following items: All kinds of warm • weatuer dress • , Itods; nil kinds of gauze underwear .>• lor ladles, gents and children; all kinds , tf gold, silk and leatbcr^belts; all kinds . wt taces and trimmings' and all other Kind* of poods. ireatest Discovery ol tne 19th Century. Dr. N»W RXXIUY MedloHted Air For tbe Cure of Catarrh, Atthmn and All Pulmonary Dlseasw, It »"? to 010 »U""«W i»«... above named rtlstuuwi. WDJ slider Mil' ol*> when Medicated Air Is guWAnwedtowrejoo, It Is tbe best remedy on earth tor La •n»pe. It will give Immediate relief m t W 1H effect a cure where all other •••dies fall. •old by B. F. Keesllng. J KROEGER & STRAIN, Undertakers & Embalmers. 610 BROADWAY. DAILY JOURNAL. most cnlishtenea nations of tlie earth/' —Republican platform. ••We demand 'the free and unlimited colruiRe of both gold and silver at lie present legal ratio of 1C to 1, without waiting; for the aid or conseut of any other nation. AVe demand that the standard silver dollar shall be a full, legal tender, equally with ptolil, for all debts, public and private, and we favor such legislation as will prevent, the demonetization of any kind of lejrnl tender' mouey by private contract.—Democratic platform. The free coinage advocates are fond of referring to the free coinage cqnn- triw where' silver Is coined at the ratio of 15% to 1. If free coinage Is such, a howling success, why. do not the sllypr mine owners take their bullion to these free coinage countries, have it coined Into silver dollars, exchange thorn for -old dollars anil come 'back to this country with a full sold dollar for theli- fifty" cents worth- of silVer?. If free coin-; ape works to other countries, what Iv the use, of tuniluu this country Into a silver mill? ; Every silver mine owner Knows that silver coin In these countries has a, bullion value only, In exchange and pni- cliasiuji power, iwid that after the cost! of coinage is paid there is a loss of over HO cents on the dollar. And yet they have the cull to refer'to these countries as successful in the free coinage of silver. Awl by refcrrhis to these coun-, trios, where silver is rated at Its bullion value, they hope 'to persuade .the public that It would bo the proper thing I'M- the United States to try to make those 30-cent dollars worth 100 cents. This reference to these countries may fool the unsophisticated, but If free silver Is a -«ucc,e.5S with these nations there teno necessity of it In the United States. A grist well ground Is not improved by a second grinding. It would be a waste of time for the United States to coin silver to establish its value when at her nations have done that—according to the free silver illustrators. nftl Company. «r a WRTClHT ........... ..... President r-HA^S -.. . ".V.V.........V1C. Prwldeni ..& W. GRAVES .................. r.SecreUry ...» B. BOYER ...................... Treasurer .price per Annum ......................... **.& ,*rtco per Month ............... ••_ .......... 40 Official Paper of City and County. (Entered as second-dais mall-mutter at tb* Lognnsport Post Office. February 8. FRIDAY, JULY 17, 1S9G. REPUBLICAN TICKET. For president. WILLIAM MoKISiEY JB. of Ohio. Tnr Vloe-rrenWen*' GABBKTT A. HOUABT of New. Jertey. Tor Governor, JAMES A. MOUNT of Montgomery county For lieutenant Governor, -IT. S. HAOGABD of Tlppecanoe County. Tor Secretary of State, : ; AM D. OWEN of Co»» County. For Auditor of State, USV.DAII-iry; of Boone county. I'or Treanurer of State, ^ •BED J. SCHOLZ of Vamlerberg county. J'or Attorney General, -WILLIAM A-KETCHAMofMarloneounty 1 For Meporter of Supreme Court, CHABLESF.BEMYofBftrtholomew r Superintendent of PnTUc In.tructlon, D M GKKTING of HarrHon county For State Stntlntlcan, 8. J. THOMPSON of Shell>y county. For jndge* of the Appellate Court, 1'lrnt District, WOODFOBD BOBINSON ofGH>»on county Second Dlntrlct, W E. HENLEX of Buiih county. Third Dlitrlot, , . D W.COMSTOCK of Wayne county Fourth Dl»trlct, JAMES B. BLACK, of Marlon comity. Fifth Dlntrlct, V fc. WILEY of Benton county. Elector* »t Large, _ H. G. THAYEB, CMAS. F. JONES. FOB CONGBESS, GEOBGE W. SXEELE, For Joint Bepr*»entatlve, •WILLIAM T. WILSON of COM county. J-or Beprewntatlve-CHABLESB. LONG- AVlio are demanding free silver? The debtors, wJio expect, to pay the sound dollar they borrowed with.tlie fifty-cent free silver dollar which they think free silver will Rive tliem. The silver mine owners- who expect that free silver, wlth..the government tiat, will make ilfty cen.ts worth of silver bullion a dollar. . One of- the .two Is mistaken. The free silver dollar will pass for a full dollar or it won't. A third class Jionostly believes that, cheap money, such as you can -set almost for nothing, will buy more than It costs to get It. . • -''; Tills Is another' delusion. Tlie leaves that arc picked from the trees wouldj make plenty mouey lathe summer ttawv but they would buy just as much of tlia product of labor as there was labor.In the- picking,- even If a foolish government should stump on them "one dollar" Silver Is worth GO cents per ounce i.n the market and the government that stamps C9 cents worth $1.29 cents don't make It worth that,' ro- . HALE. For Clerk-JOSEPH O. GBACE. For Trea»«rer-BEN JAMIN F.KEESLING For SherJff-I. A. ADAMS. tor Survey or-A.B, DODD for Coroner-DB. J. A. TOWNEX. *orA.W.«.r-JOSEPHBABB. . Fl«t Dl.trlct-JOHN 0r Com m ,...onc r . T ABRAHAM SHIDELEB. COMPARE THEM. "The Republican party Is unrcscrved- ,-ly for sound money. It caused the' en- ..actment of the law 'providing for the •resumption of specie payments In 1879; since then every dollar has been as good , as gold. -We are unalterably opposed to every •» measure calculated to debase our currency or impair tlie credit o£ bur 'conn- try. We are therefore opposed to the -.free coinage of silver except by Intsr- nattonal agreement with the- leading •commercial nations of the world, which we pledge ourselves to promote, and until tben such gold standard must be preserved.' ' " ., "All our silver and paper currency must be maintained, at parity with .gold, and we favor all measures deigned to maintain Inviolably the obligations of the United States and all our money, whether coin or paper, ftt the present standard, the standard of tte Tlie Pharos quotes from Mr. BlalncV speech in 1878 to deceive Its .readers Into the belief that Mr. Blainc would today favor free silver. This Is a fraud of the first water. Mr. Blaine favored free coinage at the market ratio,.-and' today would favor coinage at 32 to. 1 if at all. He spoke against the Bland- Allison bill of 18TS and. voted against it He offered an amendment for,,the coinage of a silver dollar of 425 grains, the proper market ratio .nt that time, and this-was rejected. His speech was made to favor of this amendment and uot for free coinage, 1C to 1. His amendment also provided that tlie silver 'dollar should Increase or deerefwe iu weight as the market(.fluctuated. Tlie men who attempt to, misrepresent this distinguished man, now dead, merit the contempt of every community. Still, such a course Is' consistent with n support of the Chicago platform. George Burkhart came to the frout ns'-tlic leader of the new Democracy In Caw county at the ratification last Monday. The honor has .been earned. John McGreevy, one of -the speakers, .'has talked sound money for tDe last-two years, and Frank Klstler wns a sound, inoney delegate to the recent Democratic State convention. George Burkhart. baa been a life-long free silver man. He spells Delphi, "deify," and defies Webster, Wimamaker .and the Constitution. Such independence should Have Its reward. .Judging" from .-its utterances the pharos desires to Jay claim to .the banner ns the leading Popullstio, anarchistic and secessionist organ in .the West. In a few days The Journal will quote 'one of -Its editorials of , March last to' show, what an Infernal aDd;disrepntable organ' It is trying to.showiteelf to be, It has seemed clear that the Populists who favor indorsing Bryan at the National convention at St. Louis have been promised appointments. This is bard on the Populists .who are asked to give up their, party organization and their principles for tlie sake of these few, and it is. hard on the Democrats who' are to be shut out to make place for these Populists. ; - ; smrit is behind the guns. The old fashion droning wav of doing wxii not do for this.end of the 19th century. We have made our profit on stuifs and no^ we are ready to give part of it back to clear our shelves of stuns, ana ™J™ ndQOme * effec ts remain in every department and If price Our Advertising Manager left his Rhetoric at home, but ;ee that the prices will please you more ^~ llth TO SATURDAY, JULY 25th, » will positivelj save you 33'! 3 per cent, on every dollar BARGAIN] Ladies' High Grade Bicycle FREE! FOR-A-.L.ITTI.E SUMMER EXCITEMENT we will display in our show window^ HIGH GRADE LAPIES' BICYCLE. Every purchaser during Z saKai -be-entitled to a guess. The wheel will be ,n our window modoh It will travel a certain number of miles every day and the perTon guessing nearest to the number of miles ,t travels in a stated period wjill win the wheel. A Guess With Every Purchase aalaaiaaaaaaaaaaiaaiaaaaaaaaaiaaaaaaaaaaaaQBuaaHa DRESS STUFFS. All the season's loveliest sorlp, sometimes at jqaartere'l prices; always at prices! that will clean them out. Our seas'pn Js, over; yours is just beginning) ,,Ev,er,ypurchase entitles you'to a iha.noe' v pn the LADIES HIGH GRADE VTHEEL/ ., At 3'c-Challies in liplit; and dark grounds. Goods that were Co and ' 8c. No secondsi : - r 'Fastcolors. At 8c—Stripipdy'-dotted or fancy fhot Organd3es;,,t ; he season's best •j -^n^ftr^: •• sellers that were lOq, 13o and 15o. At iOc-All our choice'Floret'te pHnted DimlUes, wool Cballles, lace itripes, that were :15o, I8j and 20c. The goWttiet-iwake the,prettiest summer dresses. At 12jrc-"ATour elegant linen effects,-JaconetteDuoh- es^Lirien; >C'eylon 5rgandy, fiutire.d^Qrded Dimities, that'*ere''18rf.-aOc and 25o. \ ,-:-.;.. „.,.„.. At 2r.C^F-renoh materials for-elegant Shirt Waists. Good* that were.40o, 50o and C0p.!|..,., ALL REMNANTS. The season's ace u m m u 1 a- tionof our entire stock of wash" goods remnants will .all be displayed and marked at half or lese. WOMAN'S SHIRT WAISTS. For less than goods alone would cost. We're overstocked and are making price reductions to make the goods move lively. At SOC-Lot I of this Marvel Sale it composed of Woman's Waists with collars and cuffs. New goods m choice percales of many patterns. Thty were 05e, "iOc and 85c. At 75c-Lawn, Percale and Satin Waists, some with white collars and cuffs. All our best made Waists that were good value at 98c, $1.35 and $1.50. At fftl 00-Tbis lot comprises our beet Stanley and Derby Waists' the ones with detachable collars and Ue IryjT B i_l:.«rth« dimities, the fine percales that nprbv Waists- the ones with detacnaoie o<m»i= «.« o^Ts- t.elawns, the dimities, the fine percales that we're $1.25, $2.00 and $8.50. • xclusiv*, now they are within tbe reash of all. At 50C^A11 those high cost SUNDRY BARGAINS. At 2'5'c— Imported Onyx Hosiery, fine guage, split feet real maco cotton, doable heels and.toes. A regular -50C : barg.ttin,j lrt Ne.TW sold for less. , ( , ,,.. At 5c— Gents miied half. Hose. At 8c— Real maco cotton Vests, short sleeves,. J!aacy_neck.. 40doz. of a-15o vest to clbae. v At SOCr^Summeti Qorsets were 50c. ..... .-»;.>•' -. At 39c — Children',*.., Overalls. that were 50e. " '"' '•" linen, richly embroidered Hand- 'kerehlefs worth from 25e to 40c. . .At lOCTRIch- ]y embroidered lawn Handker- " :<rhlefs, w^ortb '• Mom 10o; to 25e, SUNDRY BARGAINS. At O><c-rOur splendid embroidery stock with all the pretty effects will be div ided into three lots. Jie first lot is worth up to 12>ic ; At lOc— Embroidery worth-up to 15c. ' -:•* : At lOc— Embroideries worth up toS3(3 at 20. per cent, off., jAJL lihen Embroideries which tnni the linen effects so nicely. ! At 3Sc— All wool French Chal- lllesi'lace stripes and plain that .were 50, 05 and 75c. iAt IGc,— All our best four ply linen .QoAla^s that were 20 and 25c. , 'At! Tic— Choice of fifty pieces .Dress .Ginghams that were 12Jc : ahd : 15b. • " ' , lAt'SSWc— All our' Japanese Silks tba*iwere 35c, 40c and 50o. LAt' : SfSe-^ Men's outing flannel Shipts-.thfttiWcre 40c. S2.5 per cent, off— On all Pocket B(ook8 l aflja. ; ]pand Bags. SUNDRY BARGAINS. At 20 per cent. off-All Fans from lOc up. At 2O per cent, off—From marked price. All Jewelry, consisting of Shirt Waist sets, Cuff Buttons, Collar But'ns, Watch Guards, etc. At S5c—All Silk Garters w'h Gold Buckles and Ribbon Bows, worth 50c. At 25c—Clothes Brushes and Ha,ir Brushes, real bristle, w'th 50c. At 25c—Silk Belts with Silver Buckles. A large assortment and belts that were S5o and 60c. At a5c—Leather Belts in endless variety that were 85o and 40c, 50 per cent, off—On all^Tov- elty Belts. . SUNDRY BARGAINS. At 4c—Best Indigo Blue Prints. The Americans. At 4ic—Unbleached Sheeting. Lawrence L. L., that always sells at flic. ' At 5C—Or 22 yardi for a dollar, a fine, bleached Muslims sold elsewhere for 7^c. . At 3c—Fancy printed Challies, light and dark grounds, fast colors that were 7c and 8c. At 5c—Figured and fancy Calicos that were Cie. At 18c-Fast Turkey Red Table Linen, 52 inches wide, that sells at 35c, At 28c-58 inch fast color Turkey Red Damask that sells at 45c, At 15C-48 inch White Loom Damask that sells at 20c. At 19c—52 inch Cream Table Linen that sells at 30c. At 25c and 35c-Table Linen in White and Turkey Red, worth up to 60c. iLQAf€|\ND SUIT ANNEX and Remodeling Sale. are nvv our Cloak Annex will be in the-hands of mechanics. A new front and changes to make more room. goin^;t6; reduce the stock il we, a?e.-compelled to give the goods, away. Come and see. _ ^^_ We SILK WAISTS, We have' made two.lots b.f.this entire stock _— Bad •'you-'can take^o.ur .choice. China silks . to stripes andflgures^rsian effects in'Taffeta silk, pr/nted warps in figures and dots. All colors. , ,At-«3.48-Lot I, all 'the above handsome ef- feets that sold at $&00;;$6.50 and $7,00. * A4. <ts—-ATP 'the 1 very- best Wal«ts- that we , ,-tSS;. Jhto lot^takirin all the $8.00 »d $9.00 ''".Waists.,, .AlKtbe-latest-styles.. ,J«ot an ola •'Walist'ln either lot. . . At #1:37—All our Dock .?i8oit».that remain; none They';;wer,e.$1.00, »2..00, $2.50 DUCK SUITS: are laid away. ' and $3.00. ^ TAILOR MADE 5UITS. *. WOU11UJ _ „„ Lots of >ervl«e in them from no w until, y-jnt«r. , : .They were $7.00 •and 'fcH'OO;'' '"''•"' ' v ' ,. :.:--;: ! r i- l-^Eo't Il'are $10 and $12 suits/:'Yon,can use one. U^iblX At $3.08^-Efne'figured Brilllan-. >KIK1P« , tl ^ e Bnd Mohair, navy blue and to get hlg^class Skirts at small outlay^ • f •• LAWN DRESSES. At $3.48—The Lawn Dresses em- broliered trimmed, five yard ekirts, made to fit. They were $7.00 and $..50. At $1.0*-Lin<n Lawn Salts that were $8.50. Only 20 of tbem left. At »8c-Percale Dresses that were $1.75 and $2.00. All light colors and good material*. At 79C-A11 __ - .^_ Lawn Wrap- persthHt bold for $1.00 and $1.50. Light lawn, nicely trimmed. At $1.48-Lawn Wrappers that sold at^$3.50 and $8.00 They must be sold. So come ana get them. LAWN WRAPPERS. LINEN PETTICOATS. At ty » ' At $l.«8-Llnen Petticoats of finer material that sold at $2.75, J3.00and$8.lO. - <>r. tier cent, oft on all Curtains.in TheCuse Our Lace Curtains are LACE CURTAINS. elegant. Com» and' see. -— _ -- . ' .._ '' 306 Fourth Street.

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