The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 1, 1947 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 1, 1947
Page 6
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PACK 5UC THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO. * 1 H TV HAUiES. Publisher •1AUES L. VERHOEFF Editoi PAUL D r HUMAN. Advertising Uuufer Sole National Advertising Representatives: Wallace Witmer Co,. New York. Chicago. Detroit. Atlanta. Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday Entered •»*; second class matter at the post- on Ice at Blytbevtlle, Arkansas under act ol Congress, October »,>i»17. Served by the United Press " SUBSCRIPTION RATES: By carrier In the city ol Blytiicvllle or anj suburban town where carrier service la maintained, 20c per week, or 85c per month By mail within a radius of 50 miles. M.OO per year, 52.00 for six months, sl.OO foi three montlis; by mall outside 50 mile zone, $10.00 per year payable In advance. Meditation Let us choose (or iurselves what Is right, let us know among ourselves what Is good.— Job 34:4. » » * If H Is true thai every question has two sides, then II Is well lo listen carefully l.o both sides before making a decision. The Very Human Factor It. seems that, a common iincl usually Harmless oversight was responsible for the crash of the first experimental flying automobile. The pilot just forgot to check his fuel before a second takeoff, and ran out of gas in midair. This occurrence out the recent statement of nn aircraft company executive {not with the firm that made the flying auto) that, "We can make airplanes fool-proof, but we can't make them damn-fool-proof.' 1 In a civilization in which science 'is making life ever faster, more mechanized, mere comfortable and, at the same time, more deadly and dangerous; that remark doesn't need to be limited to the field of aviation. The Dangers of /Terrific Fury' i; r* i Domestic Communists lire a dangerous, disloyal, hypocritical, tremendously aggTHvaliiig' lot. So it is easy to understand what Eric Johnston calls the "terrific fury" which 1ms risen against tlicm in this country. Yet that fury, unless carefully controlled, can CHiise the active opposition to them to become ineffectual and even ridiculous. It can harm the innocent, and it can strengthen the very thing it would stamp out. : Mr. Johnston, president of the Motion Picture Association of America, recalled some dangers of an unchecked Jury in an address before the Picture Pioneers in New York. He cautioned against "our anger getting ou t 0 [ hand until every American who stands for progress is damned as a lied and a Communist." Ho warned that "it mustn't be a crime in this country to criticize." Such advice is familiar. But some aspects of the first round of thc Thomas Committee's investigation of Hollywood communism, f or j ns [. ulce would suggest that the advice will bear repeating. The 10 stubborn witnesses, who refused to testify O n their alleged communism, didn't emerge as shining heroes, as Jlr. Johnston pointed out. Yet their investigators failed to bring forth any startling disclosures. The committee's chief weakness was pointed.up by Mr. Johnston when he said that "While our (the film) industry is being X-rayed for communism at home, Russia and some of its satelite states are excluding our films as instruments of capitalist propaganda." This does not mean that communism should not be investigated, it floes'mean, however, that the investigators should b e reasonably sure of then- quarry before they attack. There are some rather important matters to be settled, it seems to us before umimimism in America can be lougrit effectively. One of them concerns the legality of the Communist , ty - Pal 'ty membership is now a legal r eason for dismissal from government employment. But pa ,. t mem _ •berahip itself is not „, L lf „ easary election «,, u irenicml s are met, a (-ommunist may present himself as a candidate for office 5ll tne fcd , e •mnent, but he cannot legally hold an appoint,™ office in Ulal government. Another-matter i s a national r governing-toe employment o f Com munws m private industry; Mr . Johll . shal) it be? Can millions of job holders •wTjob applicants he screened effec- tively to find perhaps 80,000 Communist Pai'ly members? Is tliis a job that private industry and the unions can best do on their own, or should there be a govcrnment-cnforral policy? And what would be the chances of unfairness and "witch hunting" under such a national policy? Communists, though they make up a very small percentage of our population, can sabotage our economic and military strength in a variety of ways if they are not carefully? watched. It is less cerlain that they '''in win many new recruits or poison the national mind. Americans can surely combat communism most scucessl'ully if they make their love of justice, equality and civil rights at least as active and y.calous as their hatred of the alien political philosophy of Lenin mid Stalin. BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NE\YS •»••*•••••• VIEWS OF OTHERS Which Risk Is Greater To suve western Europe Jrum chaos nnil Communism, and American democracy and free enterprise Irom standing almost ulone In a hos- thc world, the United States must produce more food than ever. Secretary of Agriculture Clinton I*. Anderson, knowing this, culls on tnrmers to put 9,000,COO more ucre.s in crops Ihnn they did last year. Yet conservationists—Including Mr. Anderson —have been warning with one voice thai Americans arc "mining". their soil and plowing under marginal hinds. To save western Kurope and protect the Unllcd Stoles the American taxpayer must cast his bread upon the witters in the form or some billions In credit money or Europe to spend In the United Stales or tools of production, among ithcr things, to act Us economy (jolng again. Yet at least two 01 estimations which speak the Janguogc of some sectors or business, it they do not 'speak lor them, have, just Issuea piaus- iblc "economic, reports" which imply Unit. Americans dare give no more than "stopgap" aid In food unci fuel, 'rhe United States, they say, has long been filling behind dangerously In ihe expansion or "capital goods." This lag "icy ascribe lo Federal taxation. So—what? -, Suppose in the dark days or 19>12, when Japan's Pacific thrust, hud not been halted and Rommel stood before El Alcmrln somebody Had stepped forward and cried, "Slop! II 'will cost too much to fight this war.' These warnings as to soli and savings arc usclul so rnr as they help Keep the Marshal! Plan a reasonably calculated risk, nol n bliiio liuznrd. They cannot, be ignored, and (lie problems must be coped win. nut tliey can no more be accepted as valid arguments to do just halt enough to best chaos nnd communism loduy than llicy would huve been bui rive yciirs a(;o lo rto just half enough to win (lie shouting war. — CHRISTIAN SCIENCE' MON1TOU. "•••••••••••• • • BARBS By HAL COC1IUAN No one is old enough lo wish he was young agii lo know bqltcr limn Imagine George Washington lliruiniig ;i dollar across any river llicsc days. .Money just doesn't go lhat far. • * * Moiv; laundries are back on 24-hour service. It mnsl take less time lo get the buttons oil Americans are iic»|ile wlin themselves. says ;\ writer. Ami and Itns companies an; lining ; leaching them iimr. stand up I the street c grand job The thousands in recent forest matches to keep a pipe lit. of feel of lumber destroyed lires might make enough SO THEY SAY Russia's objectives arc lo intimidalc tree governments every where into accepting Soviet leadership and to mislead or intimidate Americans into refraining from giving aid lo those who need it.—Gov. Thomas E. Dcwey of New York. * • • Even Communists, as citizen. 1 -, have a right to thr fullest exprcislon of their ideas.—Prol. Colston E. Waruc | Amherst Colltee. * » • As It Is now. the workers just sit around that extra day and spend their money.—Sen Arthur Wntkiiis <Ri of Utah, five-day-week plan. denouncing tne Russia and her satellite nations could push us through Europe inlo the EiiKlisli Channel In about three wccks-.-Rcp. L. H. Gavin at) o] Pennsylvania. « * » We have got u, do what «e can to Mop Communism, but at the .same time we must nol wreck thc economy of the United States.—Hep. John Tabcr ifO of Now York. * « * At this critical crossroads of history the tree world today depends on America to lead the way.-Qen. Dwlght D. Eisenhower, Army chlel of staff. MONDAY, DECEMBER 1, 1947 It.Might Be a Good Idea Task Force of U.S. Road-Builders to Tackle Job of Improving Turkey's Muddy Highways By Teler (NEA Washington Correspondent) WASHINGTON, Dec. 1 (NEA) — A Turkish embassy official here In Washington was talking about the | hlgliwcty system of his native country. He threw up both hands In a gesture of complete helplessness. "Mud!" he exclaimed. "Von never see such mud." He dropped his hands lo Ills hips. "Up to here. And such dust." lie dropped Ills hands in simimcr? Dust! Ah, you never see aBaln to hts knees. The 1 ' Turk then told stories about the sport of going hunting in an automobile. and being held up by brigands. Somebody asked him if there were filling stations along the road, and garages where cars could be repaired. He Just smiled. Gasoline, he explained, was sold only In the big- Ber towns, nnd in cans. The main highway from the capital at Ankaia to Inslanbul was 300 miles long, but it look a whole day to ;nnkc H by car— in good weather. The general impression was that it has already been placed on order. Some of it has already been shipped and is being unloaded under U. S. Army supervision at Instanbul and Iskcndcrnm—formerly known as Al- cxandrella-a tiny port at the northeast corner of the Mediterranean which may some day be an Important city. The British built a mile-long pier there during the war. with a modern travelling crane. The whole highway fob has to be done from scratch. The first thing Hilts plans to do when he arrives Is set up a laboratory to test soils, sand, gravel and rock the materials he will have to work with. When his engineers know about them, they will place orders for American rock and gravel crushers, cc'mcnt and asphalt plants. In all Turkey, there are only four small cement plants, which combined might equal Ihe output of one fair American plant. Asphalt is now shipped into Turkey by the oil companies in drums. The qountry has only one small steel mlll.'"ll may Dressmakers Still Plying Their Fabulous 'Fashion' Swindles THE DOCTOR SAYS By William A. O'Brien. M D. ' U'riiten for NEA Service Light rays of greatest benefit from.a health standpoint, are the ultra violet rays, which make up about 7 per cent of the sun's waves. The number which reach the earth varies with th a season and the condition of the atmos- ,., ,, . Othmaa (United Tress Staff Con espondent) WASHINGTON. Dec i (UP , _ One of America's busiest factories '«"«*. ls , working double-sum with electrical machinery on hem facings took • yCa '" iS a>esses the ne * A lady lets out, the bottom of her skirt, sews in a precision bias-cut facing of made, sateen , when sun is pliere. Most come through the sky Is clear and the directly overhead. In the wintertime, smoke, dust and tog block ultra violet light, as 11 lacks penetrating power. Glass, too, [liters them out. when we sit Indoors near window on a bright day and soak up sun, It is only the infra-red rays which come through. ..—,,... *«^.,, b v , wuon sateen,^ and shes got her dress lengthen-*, ed by about two Inches for M cents. Rayon: lo cents extra. These false hems are cascading out the shipping room door in i/» Angeles. The management has be-" gim a national advertising campaign and on the face o[ it jet- low husbands, I suppose we ought to be grateful. Sixty five cents e| c h is a small enough sum to pay for dresses to keep our wives happy ailrl t Vial,. 1.,,^-r- l_i j j _„ _ . *M'rV and their knees hidden. But wait: utilize the calcium and phosphoruj In the food, but Hie same effects i printed on 'em are ankle lerwth can be obtained by taking vitamin j They make today', long skir Llook %Z ^,^*'.l°.,* t '' m ' Iilte »mc!;n «>«npav!son like a Clara Bow body functions. Rickets Is the only disease which Is prevented or cured by sunHg't. H is most apt lo develop durlne Periods of rapid srowlh, especially in young children. Fall and winter : thigh-length 5l >eclal. '" *"* I do not know what the West Coast Plutocrat of hem facings will do. Mnvbe he'll switch over to production of dust ruffles. And with thj, ladies doing their work =r;S^s~!=?€~F~ unless tlicrc was a modern highway grid over which to haul It. the allocation was increased 'live times. Mission Must Train Turkish Engineers On lop ol this the Turkish Re- I public lias appropriated $13 million • to pay native labor and buy materials. About. 5000 Turkish workmen will be employed fat peak construction. Part of the job of the Hi;t5 mission will be lo train Turkish engineers. This road building is perhaps the only part ol the Turkish aid program with which there can be no quarrel. Benefits aren't Just, military. Turkey has big [arm and livestock areas wliicli are now isolated. They can't move their crops to market because there are no passable roads, Of the 27.000 miles of roads on the Turkish map, 12,000 miles are classified as macadamized and 15.- CCO are dirt. But only a third of this mileage is considered passable. incuts j i-'ies-.-nidKLrs, mis is going toa • ... fsr. It.'s the old double-cross re- l.amps Aid Relaxation doubled, and I don't like It And Body exposure to sun lamps helps! another' thing gents to promote relaxation Tense Uiril- j What about bathing stilts? What's^ victuals, unnble to relax otherwise, j thc Idea of giving them the covA' can take a sun bath and doze for ered-up look, too? With skills on a llme - ' 'em .according to the Winter re- Hcalth - conscious adults can sor t fashions, and high collars- By maintain vigor and vitality through . next- Summer r have no doubt that the; winter months by moderation; ladles on the beach will be wear- in eating and by daily exercise.; Ing long black stockings. wrist- Children require special wintertime, lensth sleeves, and siinbonnets. I as, don't llk c that, either. This Is going to drown a lot. of care to maintain health, such irradiated foods find vitamin D. QUESTfON: What is the disease females and waste untold hours of which is just the opposite of dia-' " betes? time. Masculine time, 1 mean, b«- cnnsc of what the psychologist. 1 ! when the American road mission HUU, deputy administrator U. S. Public Roads Administration, the first task force, of eight e.xper- icnccd road-bnildcrs, will supervise the work. Most of them are veterans who helped plan and boss construction of Ihe Alaska highway across Canada. i:<]li>|>mcnt For Hislmins On Order A COUPLE of million dollars' worth of road-ouilding: equipment „ participation fn this Turkish road-building program will cost J5 million. The money comes from the $100 million appropriated by Congress (or aid to Turke der the Truman doctrine. The original amount earmarked for roads was SI pointed million, but out to the in width. Little of It will be modern I concrete highway in the modern 1 American sense, outside Ihe cities. In 1944 Turkey had only 13,000 motor vehicles, which is half .is many as Puerto Rico has, and a third 01 what Cuba has. With a more or less -modern highway sys- when it was | tern, thc Turks should provide a •y un- blood. Mild forms of hpyoglycemia can be corrected by diet. 15 Fears Ago In Blytheville — their modernization of the Turkish army would be wasted and useless military that ( good market lor American cars, trucks, filling stations and probably even roadside hot-dog stands. IN HOLLYWOOD BV KRSKINE JOHNSON NEA Staff Correspondent HOLLYWOOD, Nov. '29 McKENNEY ON BRIDGE for "A Connecticut! F °"«™ This Rule.' ANSWER: Hypoglycemia. One ca l' the fascination of the mysferl- cause Is too much Insulin In the ! ous - Ladles' legs become secret, «j gentlemen loiter at street car platforms ogling ankles. There'll be a rash of peeping- tomism, according to my further research into the psychology of clothes, and nny lady who lets her skirt slide up a quarter of the way to her knee will be Inviting insults That's straight from old .nMTm^^rr^tT^™" " I Steniund Freud, the man who made '"" i sc.\- what It is today, and It Isn't C. G. nedman Jr.. who is almost', funny. two, nearly drowned in R lilly pool Then along about 1950 will come yesterday afternoon. Today he is ' some brave female wearing a slcirt none the worse for his experience in which she can walk. Like Ame- except /or a severe cold i Ha Bloomer, she'll be hauled to the With his sister LaVonne, seven ! statio » 1>ouse °n charges of Inde- he was admiring the now in the i cent ex P° sl "'e. Her long-skirted yard of Mr. nnd Mrs H C Mar-i s ' 5tcrs w111 be illct ' ri;se[] at this »f- tln when he lost his balance front to thelr sex nild they ' U a11 demand short dresses. The foxy designers will be waiting for 'em; because all of today'* short skirts long since will have been chopped into dust cloths, 'pen wipers, and rag rugs. Short skirts .will be in style and I ask you, husbands, who loses? We do. So I solemnly swear upon by oath that I'll never write a kind ; word again about dressmakers, i They've bitten once too often the hand that feeds 'em s There was 30 inches of water tn the pool and he lay in the bottom I apparently unconscious, tor several minutes. Mrs. Martin heard the cries of his sister and cnnie to his rescue. She was able to reach the child only after she Jumped into the pool. Mrs. Walter Rusk is now able to be out after ten days serious Illness carded the six of diamonds. West continued another' heart, which dummy trumped with the • ten of .spades. Now tlic ace and \ king of diamonds were cashed and I a diamond trumped in the North hand with the five of spades- An- \ other heart was trumped In dummy with thc ace of spades, and the high club was led. West trumped this with the seven of spades. Solomon over- NBC Relaxes Censorship . _ YORK, Dec. 1. (Up)— The National Broadcasting Company lifted the ban on the word "diaper" on its radio programs Saturday. In revising its policies on program censorship after its dispute last April with comedian Fred Al- trnmped with the nine and East 'en f° r his quips about radio vice overtrumped with the queen. • presidents. NBC announced that It Now It was impossible for East (also would allow the lyrics lo "BodT and West to keep declarer from j and Soul," from a 1930 musical, to making the king nnd six of spades, be sung on the air. chil- she was self-conscious about her • He made three spades, the ace of The most complicated hands of- | diamonds _and ace of clubs in his There nre no decent films foi clrcii. And that win be my next height and started slumping~a5 the' 'en can be made by following the i own hand', and three spades, the cumpiiiBii—101 a greater number of cameras turned. Bing, as n gag,' simple rule, count your tricks. ' kiny of diamonds nntl king of movies for children nnd more ridvilt started slumping, too. and finally: Charles J. Solomon of Philadel- ' •- - director Tny Garnctt had to stop phla, one of the country's greatest The Down last two Yonder verses of "Way i the Cornfield" stories for their elders. My thanks to tuc following Hie scene, saying: newspapers for editorial support; "PLEASE—this is a love scene m iiiy flplit ngiilnst the filming of -not a slumping contest " the lite- story of AI Caponc: San, Oic<;o Tribune-Sun: Illinois Stale • * Journal: crdar Rapids. In., Oa- Release of "April Showers" in wile: Cleveland Press: El Dorado, early 1948 will mark Ihe 20th an- Ark.. News-Times, and the Vin- "iversary of the first color movie, cenncs, Ind.. Sim-Commercial. i The film was "On With the Show." * ' • . ' starring Joe E. Brown and Louise Lew Ay-res and Audrey Totter; Fnzcndn. arc reported altar-bound. I asked! him about it. lie laughed, and . . * would only say. "She linsn'l asked. I-OV-IIHUR 1'ublir. me yet." . . . Jerry Wald and Syl-' M ' ul Dwtmenf. "I think the via Pine have written an outline Ampl ' icn n public should be given a (or a Broadway musical lo star vprbal slal > °" thc wrlst f °r the vi- nannyc Knye. It's tilled "Bnrnuin c \? us - sl «ndcrous gossip they repeat card olaycrs. gave today's '"and ai could be sung, the NBC announcement said, but not the first verse, , clubs in dummy, which adds up to which rcllecls unfavorably on the* 10 tricks. Negro. Is Right" and has n college background. Qliinn for Consrcis! Anthony Qmnn's neighbors in the 16th district are booming him as a congrc.'vsionnl candidate . . . Peggy Cummins just had a nervous col- about some (Urn slurs. Some deserve criticism. I know, but the repeated gossip I hear is just dirt." Yes. ma'am. I know. I've heard soint of those stories, too. (I wish none of (hem was true.) That hilarious woodpecker lawth lapse in London . . . Dan Tobin is on the Jack Benny show is rapidly MrMnfMIr t"lr« A.-rJr... r^.. n -t T-i- .. .. . ...jinij Knye. clair. Eve Arricn forget Danny They were at thc Clianle- Tnu lud the Academy award Humiliations were postponed until lair MiriiiR. .Mtn Oarficld. who lias never liarl otic, irauM Ire a rincll for linminatinn as a result of "llnily anil Snul." l.oii Bu.-xh li:is almost completed a niiistcul for his wife, Janet Blair. They hope tn present il on Broadway at the termination of Janet's rontniet with Columbia in ipvrn months. becoming a new national laugh. Tccn-;iBcrs all over thc country are Imitating it. ... Gig Young just purchased a drive-in restaurant in Burbank. Solomon * K065 t t 10763 > ASS *A8 AJ87 ¥AKQ9 4 4 Q9 4 «M3 W E S Dealer AQ42 » J852 • J52 41072 A A 10 3 t ' None »K1073 + KQJ965 Tournament — Neither vul. South I* 2» 3* < + H'esi North East IV 1 # Pass 3 + Pass 3 N Pass -1 * Opening — V 2 Pass Pass T, Pass Pass \ Writer before he sinned to long study play it. When the hand was over. I said "Charlie, what were you thinking i about for so long?" "1 was counting my tricks." he] replied. "I could trump three! hearts In dummy, cash thc ace and \ of diamonds and thc ace and i i . , , ..... ..^^ .,..*. %i^.nuuuuii king of clubs. That would give i 35 Consumed Ex-GoUI\vyn Kill Shirley B.iilard and Michael North are an item. . . . Errol Flynn's first book. "Beam Kntls." Is in thc book stalls us a j mc s"'! 1 " tricks. So I had to 25-ecnt papci -backed edition. . . . I'» tb Twosome: George Kafl and Mary I lmitl Beth Hughes at the BlUmorc Bowl.] There «re many lines of defense on tills hand, but proper play produces 10 tricks. HORIZONTAL 1,4 Pictured American author 9 He is a playwright 13 Before 1-i Poetry mnso 15 Precious metal 16 Platforms 13 Very hot (ab.) 20 Essential oils 25 Boy 21 Posture 26Beveragc 22 Palm lily 27 Pitch 23 Plural suffix 28 Permit 2-t Brilliance 29 Self 28 Smallest 30 Past 31 WingUke part 32 Hen product 33 Broader 35 Implements. 33 Heredity unit 39 Ocean (ab.) 40 Abate 45 Show 43 H«ccoon dog 50 Behave 51 Enslish school 52 Pronoun 6 Call (Scot.) 7 Height (ab.) 8 Children 9 Indian city 10 Desolate HCuts 1?. Strangest 17 Tantalum (symbol) 33 Faded 59 Old Testament 34 Fancy ' ' ' 36 Place 37 Play parts 41 Wintry precipitation 42 Without •S3 Diminutive suffix a, nit ovu-ii uitfis. ^30 i nan to get • ; . I in three of thc trumps in my own ! 57 s n ]inc When better detectives appear, they'll be found working for the Donald O'Connor Hollywood post office. A Idler nd- he.«ls for F.m-ope as sonn as he com- dressed to Capt Ragnar G Lind Plctes, -A,. You WHh ,, ? " Honywood, was delved to Jeff-'i a no'7ed"u,cTucc When Rhonda F.emiug made her "hicKused'during'chetar" 8 ™'' tn ' mPCd ™* "' Solomon l North> trumped tlic. i opening heart lead In dummy, I lie ace and king of clubs ] ;cn of clubs. West ' . . — tth thc Jack of I tpadcs, whereupon Solomon di«- 58 Fonlllke part VERTICAL 1 Scold 3 Bird's home 4 German courtesy title 5 Ages tf 44 Profits 45 Redact 46 Extremely 47 Not (prefix) •ISLoKr tide 53 Laughter sound 54 Hebrew deity m "st tr gg*-

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