The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 1, 1947 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 1, 1947
Page 5
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MONDAY, DECEMBER 1, 1947 BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.) COOKIER NEWS f Army Enlistments Show Sharp Drop Army Officials May Ask Congress to Raise Pay to Gain Recruits By William r. McMenamin (L'niUd Press staff Correspondent) WASHINGTON. Dec. 1. (UP) — Army strength Is dwindling "seH- ously," Arnty officials, disclosed today; and Congressional action may be necessary lo raise the pay to stimulate recuriling. The. Army is getting only half Hie necessary recruits to fill requirements. Already the Army is 10,000 men short of requirements and Li losing about 10.000 men a month. TJie picture k a little brighter In the Navy and the Air Forces. The Air Forces is recruiting about 10,000 men a month despite stricter requirements and has tile nucleus of a "going concern." The Navy reports It is recruiting and discharging about, equal number of men. The balance was struck recently when the Navy relaxed its physical standards The latest figures on the sixes of the three Armed Forces ire- Navy 440,032; Air Force :m 0 00 : Army ground forces 600000 — a total of 1.3C7.032. . Army officers said the situation is 'serious." if the size of ihe ground armte.5 is allowed to drop forces May WealW " occ "l >i " i <"> The Navy i s outstripping (he other two services by sinnine mi about ,5,000 men a' m'S," Army lakes In about the same number as the Air Force. — 10,000, But the Air Force can expand easily to 401,000 to July i. 1943 lts aughorlzed strength,' with present recruiting because It is. the smallest of the three services. The Navy is in the position of -having to hold to its present, .^strength of 394,232 enlisted men and still drop about 4,000 officers to reach an authorized strength of 42,000 officers and 395,000 enlisted men on July i. 1943. Army authorized strength is 670000 officers and men on July i, 1018, It is already down to liOOOOO and still dropping fast. The Army se cs some hope in the fact that it.s enlistments arc now "declining at a decreasing rate" and may level off. Action (hat probably will be pro- l»sed to congress includes I.: Raise Ihe pay or the Army from bottom to top. 2. Authorization to use more cili- lians to replace soldiers in non- combat jobs. 3. Establishment of universal military training. 4. Make the Women's Army Corps a parl ol the regular Army, F-owIed Up Leonard Brnmmer suspected Hint he had an oul-size bass on hh line during » night fishinf; expedition near Indianapolis l.ii-luinu a match, he stared into the eyes of this hoot owl. The Ijiril an parcntly heard the. hail hil the wider, (houghl a dive would resnll in a fish dinner. The catch st-rilcil-in with u 45-iiu'h wihjjsprcad, 12-Year-Old Worries In Hospital Because He Can't Help Family NASHVILLE, Tellll., Dec. 1. (UP) —Twelve-year-old Shclden Adams tossed on his bed in general hospital today and worried about not being able to sell papers to help his poverty-stricken family. Young Adams was taken to the hospital yesterday aiter his young sister rushed into the police station and cried that her brother was "bleeding to death." Police, investigating, found that young Adams had been injured when struck by a bicycle a week ago and had been bleeding off and on from a head wound since. They also heard from the motli- cr, Mrs. Verna Adams, that the family of nine hadn't had "a bite to eat all day." The father has been bedridden for several years with tuberculosis, and the family's sole income with Shelden unable to se:i papers—comes from a 31.S50 monthly allotment from another son who is in the Army. Dynamited Dyke Threatens Homes Break Near Miami Believed Caused by Disgruntled Farmers MIAMI. Pla.. Dec. 1. (UP)—Armed guards patrolled an dyke here today after a day-Ion^ struggle by convicts and volunteer work crews plugged a wide gap in the dyke, believed dynamited by angry tanners. Some 3,000 suburban homes were narrowly saved from flood \valcrs yesterday ut a dnwn-to-dtisli battle to stop up the 65-foot break. I Tons ol uater from rich farm- 1 lands to the North roared through the dyke before it was repaired. It I was believed the dyke might have been blown tip by disgruntled far- I mers whose lands have been flood- I eel for weeks by heavy rains accompanying Florida's hurricane season. Sheriff's deputies reported find, ing wire and detonating equipment near the wide break. They said it | would have taekn al leusl 50 pounds | of dynamite to cause such a gouge. Comity Commissioner Hugh Peters called the incident "a plain case of dynamiting." "There's not a chance in the world," he said, "(hat the dyke could have gone of its own nccord." Hut police admitted they had no real chics to the identification of [persons responsible. 100 Families Flee I Considerable damage was done I by tile v.atL-rs Hint rushed through Ihe hole before it could be plugged, and more than 100 families had lied their homes. But officials said the damage would be. light compared with whai might have happened had the jwotkit-g crews been 36 hours laler !in repairing the break. Peters said the hole was blown in 1 the dyke Saturday morning buv work crews were delayed in reaching the spot by flocied loads. At first huge cranes packed dirt, and sand iiu« tile opening", but when it was washed away convicts and volunteers halted the threatening waters with sandbags. The threatened suburban communities were Hialeah, OpalocHa and Biscayne Gardens, where ivti'.- lions of dollars of damage had been wrought earlier by October hurri- cane floods. The possible conditions that mit,'ht have resuiieri had tiie water,cone beyond control would Ivive enunlcd the October'floods, officials said. I Peters said the armed ' guard would be kept on 21-hour duty at the dyke to miard against a possi- I ble recurrence of the dynamising. Educator Soys Vets Want to Learn Only How to Land Job With Big Pay NEW OU1.EANS, Dec. 1 (UP)—# Tho word to describe Ihe popular! belief that World War II veterans ! were super-students wns "IWIoncy," Louisiana, educalor snld Sntnrdny Dr. John S. Kyser. director of social sciences lit Northwestern Stute College at Niieldloclies. La., .snld tlu> basic Interest of the veteran In college was vocational. 'All he wants lo know," Kyser snld. "Is 'llow cini 1 i;et n Job making •'150 u numlli?'" The educator, former president of (he Louisiana College Conference, had 660 students, of whldi 250 were vclernns. "Gului! lo collCRo Is going (o do some velcraus some good," lie nd- mltled, -buL It Is also ,,'ohiK lo dn some harm." nc blamed both luck of Interest and low inentnl ublllly. Kyser said (hut In professional schools, where there was n "selective process." there was no doubt Hint the vctcrini student hint raised the general scholastic perfoniiMiice. lint, Kyser said, there wns 111 lie or no belterincii noticeable lit (lie level of achievement among veterans who enrolled | M courses which Imit ho Iminediau- connection with what wa the serviceman culled his "delayed Six Arkarisans Die Violently Newport Lad KiNed In Hunting Accident; Workman is Drowned (By I'nlled rrcsM A wide variety ol accidents claimed the livc.s ot nt teas! six persons in Arkansas over the. weekend- 1'iitil W. Tluumis, 39, of |,lull. Hock, was found dead In bed In ,i downlown Llltli- Kwk hotel with n bullet wound In ills rl B hl t el ,,_ lile. Mv-mbi'is of his fun.llv M ii ( | lie hull uceu despondent toi n yi-u- utter he Inul H K un-d in Ihirc uiii- Jor accidents, one ol which resullrd in Ihe dentil ot his wife. Another left, him crippled. Donald William l-'uuktuniser. '.!:!. of Sioux City, In., wns druwncd in Murder by Automobile Coic Ready tor Trial TL'XrtHICANA, Dec. 1 (UP)—Two Clarksvllle, Tex., men tnce an nu- iiKiint cliniKe lixliiy—murder by im- Imimblle with mullce nfiircihuuxlit, 'J'lie Hvo men, l.em !•'. Johnson and A. 11. l-Viwler. i;n on (rial Wednesday In V'lfili District court at llnsioii, Ti-x. 'I'hey were iircslcd folliiwliii' the death of Hilly .!«<• Want of C'larksUllc, who wrfs Injured (uta!- ly when he wns run over bv :ni iiulomnbllo m Hooks, Tax.,' lust September. (year-old Oallns Summers of Fulloi I Ark. PAGE rrva -H*f The victim was »truclt bjr a e«r" us he walket)' along Highway 91 near licre. Morris Whltworth of T*»- Fingerprints Identify Victim of Automobile TKXAHKANA, Dec. I lUI'J—A the Arkansas Hivcr near I'lne IJlutr when he fell (nun a dredge boat, tile nriuriiled u pile driver nud was I working on u reviMinein ;no- Dominican Poses As Doctor; Takes Cash and Jewels | MIAMI, Flu., Dec. 1. (UP) — j Gilbert. Russo. 31-ycJir-olrt citizen i of the Dominican Republic wanted | In New York and Puerto Rico, has ! been arrested here, the FBI nn- , iinmiccd today. I He was arrested on a Puerto Rico | warrant . for allcs;cdly switching ranks on army discharge fAipers to fool a hospital llHo giviiin him a job as a doctor; !n New York, police snld they wanted to question the South Ame- I rican Luciana Veroneisa. 25-year- i old bniiiina plantation heiress from < Barnmquillo, Columbia. Miss Vernneisa told police she met Riissa in Columbia last July and he proposed marriage. When .slie went lo his apartment in New York on Nov. 15 to arrange the wedding, she said, he gave her some pills for a headache. f Site said the pills were apparently knockout drops, because she did not awake until the. next day. Her cash, jewels and travelers chccfts — which she had endorsed 1 (o Riisso — were gone. i FBI agents who arrested Ilusso sail! he had two months' war service us an army private, all in the continental u. s. j It «-ns claimed, however, [hat his altered service listed him as a first lieutenant In the Medical Corps with four years In the Army, Ky-«T wild he had found Mint vel- cuuis who longhi in Germany, (or ins mice, itti<i no Interest In German | ject, thi-v"^-. " Uy ""i lrl ' ltal1 '' 1 wl| en 1 Onllns Claim, 12-yenv-old stepson causes of wa "I ^"'"^ ° C lllc , " f Jlllt ' ! Nnnce (if Newport, wns Kyser said he was not, opiwscd lo ! ccr.s 'snid the B mi of'nVo'imi! ciiiii'- the govcrnmeufs plan for crtm-iUIng I imnkm wns discharged Ihe chW veterans. He said he would m ;e lo .stviklii" the lad in the ni-eV see "properly selective" machinery i A. U. umliiim, ;« c,t c c ,nw iv sel up ami Ihe aid extended even ; wns killed ni-iir IXJC.HM Orovc iii ,= "°"" v f lc '"" s ' ; Indepemleuce County when the beil mil. he Insisted: "I wnnt selection.'. : of a Lump truck fell on him. H,. | wns employed n.s a timekeeper r,>r j lh c Williams mid [eynolds Ci.n- 'slruclion Comp;iu\' which Is ie- i suifiicin^ Highway 25. . At lientonvllle. Ihe body ol n man idcn:lficd us liuw.ird Lu\ora News MJ-. and .Mrs. Raymond Smith and dmiRhlei-. Carolyn, were in Corpus Chri.ili, Tex., over the Tlmnkssivliij; holidays. They visited ! Clrelchcll llarnes were uuests of Miss liarnes's parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. J), names. In llooiiccille. Miss, er tlie 'riianks«ivliiE holidays. Mr. and Mrs, Autcn M. Chltwooil visKed M'v. Clnlvvood's parents. Mr. and Mrs. A. M, CJhtlwoml Si., at Mulberry. Ark., over the holidays, Mr. and Mrs, .1. W. Cudy nere In Ituners, with Mr. Cudy's iiuMlier. Mrs. F;, C. Lone and ^randpiireuiK Mr. and Mrs. !•:. J. ICrllse, during ihi- liolidnys. CreoiiniKlon irllcvcn promptly hc- :nso Jl Knes rli;lit to tlio cent of tile onblo to lii-ip loosen nnd expr.l _'nn Jndcn jiliiivii'i, nr.d nUl nntiivo ) i«)0thi! nnd IKMI! rn\v, lendL'i 1 . In- aincd 1in>ne.lil»l mucous nu-ni- .•ancs. Toll your driifiiilM. to sell you bottlonf Cicoiinilslon with tho un- ;rstnndituryou nuist. like the ;vny H ilckly nllny.i tin; roii;\h or you arc ) Imvo yoi^r inonev bar)-:. :REOMULSION or Coughs,Chest Colds,Broncliitis The IdcnUfk'nilon was announced by nlHlil Desk Sergeant iirj'sn Wen- aikann, driver of the vehicle, ici'Ileld of Tcxiirkniin, Art., iiollcc, JEWELER Main at Second Phone 3261 visited lie:- father. H.' C. Lnn'ss'!)!! | nud her sister. Mrs. Leonard Rhi- I ion. nud Mr. Ellison over the holidays. Miss Virginia liowen and Miw Fiances HozeUe, students at Mis- si.vsipp.i State College for Women, ^ Cohiiidius, were guests of their par- i enls, Mr. and Mrs. Howard liowen : and Mr. ;iml Mrs. Luqan RIXL-HF durinij the Thunksaivin'i! holidays. Mrs. Billie Sanders raid .son. Tu-rri 1 Lynn Sanders, of Flint, Mich., hir.e. retiirned home after \-isilin^ Mis. Sander's parents. Mr. and Mis. William liertt, for the past two weeks. Mrs. Sue Brown had as her quests OVM- ihe holidays, her daughter, Mrs. Hnys.pownn, Mr. Gownn nn:l children. Mr. and Mrs. Hob Olive <j[ Hnnlips. spent the weekend here will] Mr. Olive's p.'ircm.s. Mr. and nuich ol it in combat, areas. He was arrested ns he stcpr.ol from »n Incoming Havana airplane. «l»'l»Bs. wns ktlle, I Mrs. J. S. Olive. i Mr. and Mis. Charlie Crrkrnn had n.s- I heir f:uc'sl,q scvernl dnys last week. Mrs. Corkum's sister, Mrs. -John Corkran anci liej" datigh- ; ter. Mrs. J.ick Trammel and Mr j 'f'rnmmc! ol Wilson. j G. C. Driicr. who Is mi instriu: ; tor at University o[ Ariaiusns. cam. i home to be- ivllli his Inmtly inn! In i parents. Mr. and Mrs. Grover Jlrlv- J er over liic hfilidays. lie wns at- cumpnnied by his aunt. Mrs. Chnrlli Driver. Mr. ajtd Mrs. W. L. Hrimia uml chiliircn^ spent Thanks^lvinf; .n Qulncy. III., wllh Mis. llannn: nicrc, Mrs. H. H. Herman ami Mr 1 Mr. nnd Mrs. Tye Adiims visited Miss Helen Stewart in I'nra^oulii I and Mrs.' Adiun'.s piirenls. Mr. nnil I Mrs. M. F. O'Ciini lu l>iue lillii!. over the holidays. Miss Ohrlslinc Calveri. Miss Em- mn Lee KL-iinainer anil Mi-;; 5 o'clock . still shilling! THE SHM£ THAT STWS because it has a hard-wax finish! GRIFFIN <>RIFFLS* ABC VAX SHOE POLrSIf gives >'OU easier, brighter, longer-last ing shoeshmcs, because it contains more hard tt'a.t! Hard wax means easy shoe care. So for more shoe shif'f with less shoe shining, use GRIFFIN ABC WAX SHOE get the shine that stays! «l*CK, IHOWN, UN. OXBIOOD in ihe «osy-ep^n!ng eo n ^ Here's a tip for quick, easy shines — "• *• u» •elf-poli.hing GRIFFIN UQU1D WHX A NUW AC/DC and haucry operated precision power chat&is. Offers i'otf.ibfe Tone nn never before possible. New super-power circiiii. I'nr broadcast rcccplion mid F1VI: SHOKT- WAVE HANDS. Has I'nsb-piill Audio. AI.NICO No. 5 Dynamic Speaker, ("onccalcd sution-log coinparlmenl. Scuffproof "Illiick Sin>j" fine finisb. Stands humps an<l climate. Only ZENITH Has All This! WORKS WHERE MANY OTHERS WONT In Tra'mi, P/cn.i, Sf.el Buildinyl, Ktmalf Spoil NEW "SWING-TOP" WAVEMAGNET NEW SUPER SPREAD-BAND TUNING NEW PUSH BUTTON BAND SEtECTORS BIG EASY-TO-READ DIAL NEW FIVE-FOOT "WHIP" ANTENNA NEW 4-BUTTON RADIORGAN HEW UNIVERSAL PORTABLE Comem...See...flear...Comparef Complete Radio Service Department in Connection ADAMS APPLIANCE COMPANY J. W.ADAMS, Manaqer 206-08 West Main Sf. Phone 2071 FOR CIRLS RP.D EQV5 t-T-T." 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