The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 1, 1947 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 1, 1947
Page 3
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MONT) AY,'DECEMBER 1, 1947 BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.) COURIEK NEWS High Cost of Living Was '47 s Top News Story, Editors Say; Ten Big Events of Year Listed NEW YORK. Dec. 1. (UP)—The high.cost of living was tlie biggest news story ol IMT j n the United States in the opinion of United Press editors who announced today their annual list o[ the 10 outstanding news events ot the year. JDTie U,P. pointed out that 1941 jfs a year marked by "continuing news stones" as contrasted lo oilier years when big unexpected breaks dominated Ihe country*' front pages. Under the high cost of living, for instance, would be in- eluded inflation, Ihe removal ol many- war-time price controls, the efforts of Republicans in Congress lo reduce taxes, the housing shortage and the attempts of manufacturers to meet the heavy demands for consumer goods. The No. i .story on the U.P. list also ws a "continuing" one— the United States versus Russia, inside and outside Ihe United Nation.*. It was listed as 'The Cold War." Tlie U.P. list from the viewpoint of American newspaper display: 1. Tlie high cost of living. 2. The cold war. 3. Passage of the Tali-Hartley Law and subsequent hti^ationu. 4. The Hughes-Meyers investigation. 5. Texas City, Texas, disaster. 6. Princess Elizabeth's romance 7. Partition of India. 8. Series of airplane disasters. 9. Arab-Jewish controversy over Palestine. 10. The World Scries. European Editors Polled The United Press also polled newspaper editors in oilier parts of the world for iheir opinions on the 10 biggest stories of the year. Editors In 11 European capitals contributed to (he list. Russia was not included. The editors of Ip.vcstia. and Pravda told the U.p. they were "too busy" to make a list. aSjhe European list: ™. The Marshall Plan. 2. The partition of India. • 3. Formation of the Couinforrn. 4. Communist action against opposition leader* in Eastern Europe tPetkov, Maniu, Mokolajczyk, Pfci'- ler, etc.) 5. DeGaiille's victory in the French election. 6. Princess Elizabeth's romance. 7. The Truman doctrine.. S. Britain's economic crisis. 9. The Palestine controversy. 10. The struggle between East and West inside the United Nations. The 10 biggest stpries in the opinion oi Japanese editors: l.The Truman doctrine. 2. The Marshall plan. 3. Vishlnsky's speeches assailing i "war-mongers." j 4. Signing of European peace .secret ol the aloiu bomb no lon-er existed. .9 Failure of the four-power conference of foreign ministers sit Moscow. 10. Princess Elizabeth's romance. So. Anirrlta Sends 1,1st The Soiilh American list- 1. The Marshall Plan. 3. Formation of ihe Cominform. 3. niter-American Conference at Rio De Janeiro. 4. Resurgence ot DeGaulle. 5. Breaking of relations with Russia by Chile and Brazil. 6. Partition of India. 1. Paraguayan civil war. 8. Britain's economic crisis, 9. Texas City, Tex,, disaster. 10. Molotov's speech saying the secret ol Hie alom bomb no longer existed. The U*l from India: 1. Independence o[ India. 2. Drilahi'.s economic crisis. 3. Assassination of the Premier of Burma. *. Punjab disorders. 5. The Marshall Plan. 0. Palestine, paiilcularly Britain's decision to withdraw troops. 7. Princess Elizabeth's romance. 8. Reports that Russia lias 111-: secret of the atom bomb. 9. Formation o[ the Comlnlorm. 10/Six hundred drowned In Bombay sea disaster. First Steps to Recovery Sister of President Is Guest of Arkansas Order of Eastern Star IJTTLE ROCK, Ark., Dec. 1 (UP) —Delegates were gathering In Litllc ; Rock today for Ihe formal opening of the Arkansas Eastern Slur Grand Chapter's annual meeting tonight. Informal meetings were held last night and today at which Miss Mary Jane Truman of Grandvlcw, Mo., sister of President Truman, was tlie honored guest. Miss Truman will be in Arkansas during the three-day session and said she intends lo spend Christmas with her brother in Washington. Participating in the formal opening tonight will be Mrs. Myrtle C. Gatlirlght of El Dorado, worthy grand matron; Joshua K. Shepherd of Litlle Rock, Arkansas- sovereign inspector-general of Scottish Rite Masons; Gov, Ben Lancy: and Noah Stock-burger of Winslow, Rrand master of the Arkansas Masonic Lodge. Hidden Red Ink Charge Denied By TV A Heads -:, Tcnu., Dec. 1. (UE 1 ) -• Tennessee- Valley Author- llles today vehemently denied un iH'CUsaUon by economist John T. Fl.vnn that the TVA hud "hidden red Ink" In its flnnnrlnl ivporls. In the Di'combrr KMHI of Jlrud- crs, l-'lynn said TVA uc- eoiiMlanU fulled In report. Interest on lnr|;e ileblls and thus gave lux- p.'iyri's un Ijiniriirntp view n! TVA operation costs rmnpareil \\Hh n public ntllily. Klynn cltilmed the fcdmil KDV- crmnetit actually pays InU'rt'.sl on sonic $120,000,000 It borrowed and put up (01 TVA. TVA officials suld Plynn's statements wore "tm:mri-cl, unsound and orelossly udvunrrd." TVA lol- iows n uniiorm aiTmnillin; system used nlso hy iirivnlely owned utilities. they siiid, itnd pnys nil interest mi JUKI records r.'.l (nets re- gariiltiu Us doljts. They pointril out an urtic-V wi-lt- Icn hy Flynn In ![>:(!) hi which hr .snid tlu- TVA saved taxes tor IIPO- pli! because (hey pay lower rau-s for electvlrlly. It.-lllrd Hal* Kn^li.shmfn did nut huvo lo buy ItaU unless tlu;y ctmsr, in the middle of llu> 18th centur.v. Three huls could hi 1 rented for J'i a season. {Return of Small Dog Brings Child Happiness NASHV1UJ5, Trim,, Dec, 1. «Ul>) •- l-'.nu-yoar old R. c, lloyce III Is n happy youiiKslw again today. "Cnoltli'," his little dot;, Is back Two mm "doitiuii>cd" Oxiklo nuno limn a week a»o while Ilia llrarlul Illlli! Imy looked on. But , R. C. iinyre, Jr., the boy'.i cil a telephone call nun who .said he though! A Mail can .rcp.ilr its broken shell until It is as good as new, lie kill's elder I! where ihn wus. Thi: yce rushed to tlir man's id loRi'llicr they went lo nnolhrr house mill found n burk- iiic, lall-iviiKglni:. hnnplly besule himself little <l"s. 'Christmas Treesj Holly & Mistletoe ! ;; Cedars—Any Size '% S|>cel>l Price, la Businf,, |'|rm«,l ji Place Your Order Nowff Moreland's ' MUSIC STORE \ Promptly relieves COUGHS of CHEST COLDS 6i«aks Up Surlac* CoiiKeitlon, Tool At I In 1 first HIKII nf a coM — rub A!u,«t»'f<»h' on chcsi, ihront ntul buck. fsN// blurts to rolirvo cimi;hn - . oM rt'li;(Ua MusU'rolt! up |i;iinfui Hiuf;n'o cou- nnil t'bci'ka irrii nt ion. In s. At nil i After nine doctors gave her up as incurable. f>-ycar-okl Audrtii Brodinc, sullorinu fi-om a mysterious pant lysis, lakes her Ursl steps on the roa<! lo recovery in a walking frame in a Pnsnttcnti, Calif., hospitnl, Slic was stricken lasl summer will) wJml doctujs siiiil was an unknown virus ami for a lime lost the .^n!JV ot one eye, then Uccuinc paralyzed jroni tlie wajsi down. PietnFcd with her is Mrs. Ruth McKran. physicn) llicrapisl. Atomic Power Democracy CHICAGO, Dec. I I UP' Officers and committees will report I niaii Davitl' E. Lilicnthal tomorrow morning, and new officers will be elected Wednesday treaties, ly^ Finland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania.) 5. Formation of the Cominform. 6. Reopening of foreign trade in Japan. C, Penalty Fiis Crime CHEYENNE, Wyo. (UP)-Juvc- nile Judge A. J. Williams decided that four 11-year-old boys who think it's " Cliair- of Die Atomic Energy Commission warned Saturday that atomic power "in our own hands" could destroy democracy in the U. S. The danger, he said, lies i old argument that Ihe urea I mode advances in science and technology 's fun to turn in false fire alarms need lo learn how a fire de- » , ,„,, ,,,„„, partment works. He ordered the the whole dream of human dignity " ] four boys to-report to the fire chief less Americans become belter Informed about atomic energy. -There can hardly he any doubt that n prlncitnl danger to tiic people of tills democracy is thai atomic eiieruy in ovir own hands can become a threat to our basic liberties," lie said. "In our diligent, efforts lo provide for this country ihe greatest possible security, we must not unwillingly and carelessly adopt prailcos lhat arc In reality ailthoritairnn and dictatorial—that deny the cu&ntlals of our democratic faith ant) our democratic \vny of life." Lillciithiil said there were two popular misconceptions about atomic . „,.„ „ , , , , require the ahandomcnl of essential . L B ' h!cil lncre! >sc Individual right.s and with ' them 7. The death of Amb a ,saaor daliy (or 'tenTday to do oid ob eorge Atclieson. about the fire ),o,, 5c f o - one horn B. Molotov s speech saying the | each day. io democracy. The first, l.e said, Is Ihe imprcs- ... sion that atomic energy U too (rrh- Ai^cr^dncar""^^,^ S'al JuT "•"••• «-" Ltenthal said that Democracy Is The second is that the whole sub -'^i:' 0 . 1 '!!'! 1 ! b ^!"^: m> '- J"* '» * ""»e'y eiS mllltn'y ANEW PONTIACDMIER SMITH PONTIAC CO. BLYTHEVILLE, ARK. MARVIN L. SMITH . . . for 10 year* » - ith General ^to[o^s nnd Pnnlinc Motor Diviiion. h*^ • cloit knoxvlt*i«* t of the *u[omnhilc husinf vi »nrf . rf orn'nt ,* oui»t«ndinjr service to Poniuc o»neri in thii «rei. As a newly authorized Ponttac dealer here, we welcome the opportunity fo serve you. With a conveniently located building, thoroughly trained mechanics, a large stock of gentiine Pontiiic parts and the most efficient tools nnd equipment, we stand ready and anxious to help you get the most from your car. You arc cordialJy invited to come in and inspect our facilities. We are proud of our connection with Pontiac Motor Division and pledge owners here the quality service associated with authorized Pontiac dealers across the nation. IASY PAYMENTS ON SIRVICE BILLS OF $25.0O OR MORt MNI CAR MAPI FINIR great 19'<7 Pontiac is heller than ever wiih its new beauty and important postwar mechanical improvements. Pontiac for 1947 offers a bigger measure of dependability, outstanding performance and long life. With even greater <)uality anil value, Pnntiac for 1947 is inilccd "A Fine Car Made Finer." .secret, which make:; it lor Ihe !i\vrn(;e nuin to learn about H. t 'Uoth of thi'.ve linprc.s.sions an 1 riulti! onoueim.s," he FIERY DIAMOND 6-DIAMOND SET 3-DIAMOND RING DIAMONDS '195°° 3 GLOWING DIAMONDS 79.50 Chartt It Ole Mon Winter li Just Around the Corner l,ct oi remove the w»t»r from ynur tlifi mid till them Kith r»l- rluin flilorlde «nll-fretio ,olu- llon. \\'r will be «l»d la nuke An U}i|)iiln1n}rnt li» care for all yciur Iriictum >»l your farm—tUu» suvln^; you llmr, III:.\II:MIIKK \VK SKKVIUK ALL MAKKS TKAOTOKS Russell Phillips 'I'KAC'/rOtt CO?». Hiwny 61 Phone 2171 Concrete File S«wer Tib •« 4, • •»< I 1Mb / ,A CuNtrt Til« , • 8i/*t It, \l, 15, li, tl, M. M •»* M < A. H. Will Hw7. tl at Mat* Lta* RADIO REPAIR 1 AND 2 BAY SERVICE ON ANY MAKE OR MODEU RE- UABUS WORKMANSHIP. PHONE 2642 We call for uiul Deliver FRED CALLIHAN Electrical -Appliance Co. Aulhnrlieil ntotnrohi R»dto Knit* And Sfrvlc* IOC, Soiilh t'lrnt St. POUND FOOLISH »1infn n I Ih u i»r>ALit<H. rn^' l it** rrpn^rlnf, 5^ H-fl LT€RS QUALITY SHOe SHOP 21 W. M O I N ST. and Used Electric MOTORS Suited fo any uaf. C*m» in 1/30 to \y t horsepower si/.es. Supply It Hot Unlimited Medlin & Lane ELECTRIC COMPANY '12!) S. First Plume 2180 FOR ELECTRIC WORK *Call 2397* —FOR-! • Bob Powill • T. W. 'Hop' We • KpeciuKft in hoiiM wirinjt, farm wiring:, motor repair and appliance installfltion. BOB'S Electric 500 N: Fifth St. , Itlytheville, Ark. • FOR SALE Concrete Building Blocks Aquella Water Proofing. Paint 12-48 inch CONCRETE CULVERTS plain or reinforced OsceolaTile „ and CULVERT CO. We Deliver Phone 691 2611 — 2611 — 26ll — IF YOU WANT THE BEST IN A FIRST LINE TIRE. .. GET THE NEW it li <s HOOD 400 Washing • Road Service Lubrication • Esto Products ' AUo Goodyear and Firestone Tires 201 West Ash Street Did You Say Service? Service l.< more than a word repeated, hcr» at. NU-WA. Service to us means fine CLEAN- INC, AND LAUNDRY picked up and delivered nt your doorstep. Service here, means satisfaction lo every customer. It means that you can trust every Rarmenl to us and hav« them returned spotless, unharmed and rraely for Immediate use! Dial4474-4475 For Our Double Service NU-WA LAUNDRY CLEANERS 220 North Second Street set you* Still & Young Motor Co. Linco/n-Mcrcury Dtafcr Phone 3479 Blylherilte Ark. 112 W«taat 8t

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