The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 29, 1947 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 29, 1947
Page 9
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SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 29, 194T Classified Advertisements For $a/e, M/je. Olrr. bicycle, 8O«» coadltlon. «2S | 119 E Aih, phone HIM. . 11126-1,k-V) . >«Jux« mcxlfll tlactrlo wmshlnv m4- ehln*. pricltcallr ntw. 113. ill w [ Kentucky. UIM-pk-M One < Warm Morning elrcAilator. One I > bottom it" brtaklnc plow, Phone 1*150. 11122-pk.Ujl | «rl«*. lingers Had hem. Call For Sale OLD NEWSPAPERS COURIER (JEWS OFFICE Rebuilt Arm? 8ho«e 40, Army Uieb. ucw packj juuord'i Sha* Shop, 106 i. Stcoaa. Illi-pk-i2ii Help Wanted on't in I ss your bin clmnre to make I «xtra ChrlHmas money. O'Stei-u's will pay from tio to $2J weekly in rom- mlMloiii for «Ktrfc hour* work. Begin \ today I O'STEEN'S STUDIO Tokm Up One red Jitlildle Welsht «boul 350. Fliont »0«. Heifer, niulcy Oray Brothers. M-pk-30 Wonted to Buy WANTED to Dim l.rm lnc:or« "? machinery. state price «ml con- mon. Oleo Muuelmin. Oiceoli Iowa and Yugoslavia Sign Trade ROME. Nov. 28. (UP) — Italy 115 west Main Bt. Telephone 3203 H!24-clt-12ilO Help Wanted, Male i "ttf't tor X'mw. Sell Esqutre. other Magazines «ncl Personalised blndor^ .Write Deut. A. 401 Tusceloosn A?e 1 B'ham 7. Ala. ll|29-p)t.30 Are you an experienced TRACTOR TIRE SALESMAN? Then this ad should be for V&. A very interesting prop| olffion for the right man. Box Z % Courier News. | ll-28-ck-30 : h Good farm truck and tractor mechanic. Well-equipped | shop. Good house, rent free, j i Attractive proposition oh percentage basis. Telephone 4141. ll-19-ck-12-3 Dial 2231 For Fret Delivery on All Staple and Fancy Groceries Quality Meats GROCERY Fresh Fryers (Live or Dressed) Freeman & Henlev 2016 West Main St. Lost and Found $75 REWARD FOR INFORMATION LEADING TO RETURN OF 1946 Plymouth 2 Door Sedan, Deluxe. Color black. License No. 114X8.50, Arkansas 1 1947. Serial No. 22042714. Motor No. P 1569509. Cal! Blythevilit.City Police. Heater, red striped seat covers, no bumper guards. ; approximately 24,000 mileage. . 11-24-ck tf Whlle »heer embroidered acarf on Railroad, street. Friday. Please return to Brackln Barber shop lor Mr. Brackln. Sentimental value 11129-plc-lJU 'ir'x "S Rewar<l [or «« o' teeth Wednesday. November 19 2 gold 1 °* "IW »"" 1 lower. C-«1J 37«. Henfton, 2001 Sycamore. ll!28-pk-» Notice Gigantic Church Bazaar starting at iO AM-Wed., Dec. 3 *>»turln«: Beautiful handwork, pillow cases, baby clothes, aprons, etc Alao: Homenmtfe cakes aud candlet rood booth with everything ftesb from th« CTuntry LOOK What the Fathers h»v« cooked up! BINGO AT ITS BEST Fewer game* Better prizes <none less than U) SensatEonal new bingo card* Blnao starting promptly a.t 8'00 Pal All at the Leclon Hut ih?^*h red ** L » dlM of 'h. Catholic y" 10 " Ilill-c*-12!ll Position Wanted Private Rooms CDmfarl.bte bedroom. cToie to town. Men only. 310 W. Walnut. ' __ _ lli22- D k-30 Slnplnr roomi. <an JBI'II Large Mtsptni room. 111 E. Ash St. Bedroom 3U H. sth. pnone 2338 ^^^ lllM-pk-UjJI Bedroom, ohone 11126-12:3 Comfortable bedroom, phone 2873. Il!25-ck-12l3 Light hoviMk«pln» room. ~iho7» »*• ui2j-pk-nu Room «nd bturt. Armorel Hotel. FRAZIER Bus Lines New Location 105 North Lake Street PHOI^E 2391 Buses to— • ARMOREL • HUFFMAN • PROMISED LAND • NO. 9 • STATE LINE CHARTER BUSES fat Shop in Connection JatLYTHEVrLLB (ARK.) COUKIfeR NEW» 1 000,000 •!!rn"Voi't7i o"f"«ood»' to'lTaly In return for Italian commodities .. .. .,.. j MM in 11 lLTimi.l»Ulliea valued at H,000,000.000 Urn. . I and Yu«o.lavla sl«n«d » five-year land Ml«d«n Iveeovfo for Yii.o commercUl .,-rwirmil ycitrrday Ulavla. Yugoslavia will mid teooo providing for tlie e&lmnge ol 30- j "^""" •>•-- ••- • - . l - w " 1 000.000.000 Hi»' worth of goods. Tlie new oltlclnl value of the lira was «ct yeatcrda); »t 98S.4T to th« dol- l«r, a devaluation of 61.4 p«r cent. Under the agreement, Yugoslav- la will send foodstuffs to Italy lu exchfiiiBe for chemicals and finished goods, Including machine tools. Court Carlo Sforz», th« foreign minister, >||ned th« pact for Italy, IT'S TIME TO EAT ""RUSTIC INN New Hours: 11 a.m. til 12p.m. Try Us For Fine Foods! HUNTERS! Protect your health with HOOD Sportsman BooN and DRYBAK Hunting Clothing. Free Delivery Call PICKARD'S GROCER V Phone 2043 10 U Chickasawba NOTICE David T. Cooly Builder 4. Contractor Has Opened a Cabinet Shop With Russell Musick In Charge DIAL 4357 for FREE ESTIMATES on Work 213 North Franklin Blyth«ville, Ark. By ETHEL HAMILL - Arcadw HOUM, Inc.; Dntr&uted by NEA SERVlCf, INC. XXVJI 'J'HE classes which filled up her morning seemed to fly past tier on singing wings. A little pas', noon she met Joel at Kremolka's. They sat in their old booth at the very hack of the restaurant and ordered one soda with two straws—because that was what those two absurd kids who had been themselves, four years ago. would nave ordered. Outside the door through which Ozzie Kremolka finally bowed them on their way with an extra flourish, as if he realized perfectly (hat this was a special day of days. Cam found it next to impossible to say goodby to Joel even for a few hours. "See you tonight?" It was Joel who asked it, anxiously. Cam's eyes were shining, lifted to his. "Of course." "Do you suppose," he asked, with a hint of hesitation, "that Maurine would b« willing to go out somewhere with Beefy? I hate to leave the guy at loose ends. After' all . ." She smiled faintly. "I'm afraid that Maurine is going to be a bit miffed for a few days, Joel. But I'll ipcak to her about tonight, anyway." It was Thursday, which meant Nurses' Aide. Cam's white oxfords skimnfed the corridors of Cartersville General Hospital as if she were an expert figure skater on to. Every move she made that afternoon was executed to music. The music of an organ nobody but herself could hear, a stately organ rolling iout the high triumph ot "Here Comes the Bride." ! • « • AT 5 o'clock she checked out of th« hospital as usual, the strains of the wedding march still in her ears. She was hugging the precious melody close u ihe crossed the I veranda ot her father's house and entered the "rant hall. The sound of Maurine's voice at the telephone brought back, sharp- ily, Joel's request that she try to fix up a date between her young cousin and Sergeant Dalrymple. Only behind that flrst thought did the actual words Maurine was speaking come clear to her. "—but 1 knew you couldn't warn me beforehand, Joel, darling. That's not what I'm so absolutely furious about, not that you just left me there sitting and gaping when the two of you marched in '-and in hand at breakfast. But how could you do that to Cam?" Maurine's slim back was turned squarely toward the front door. "But she's my cousin, Joel. I'm terribly (ond of her. Even loving you asll do. and knowing that you really Hove me—" Joel? There couldn't be two of that name. "It's wrong, Joel, wrong! You shouldn't even ask me to stand by and watch you pretend that you're going to marry Cammie. How do you suppose she's going to feel when the Dean's Scholarships are awarded and you drop her again? How would any girl feel?" That pause again. That terrible pause, so eloquent of glib persuasions which Cam's ear could not catch. Standing there, wailing for Maurine to speak again, she could fee) herself shriveling inside. "No, Joel, no! No girl, no matter how popular she is, could get over finding out that she'd just been used to get a man in right with the Dean before his recom- mendaiions went to the Presidcnl'i Committee. I think it's horrid, and—" "THAT'S A DOWNK1GHT LIE, MAURINE BLAIR." Cam had not known she was going to speak until the words came pelting past her lips with cold scorn and precision. Sh« heard Mnurfnc'i iofl /asp oi terror. She heard the haity rat- of the telephone receiver tle dropped into Its cradle. "What were you saying to Joel? What were you trying to trick him into snylng to you? I know thij was some scheme ot yours." • • • jyjAUlUNE lilted dark, frightened eyes which were welli of misery. "B-bnt it's true. Cammie. He — he did admit it." "No man could even think such a chenp, contemptible — " "1 — 1 didn't mean you to hear it." Mnurine was sobbing now. Not loudly and slormily. ns Cam had known her to sob when she was balked In some one ot (hose endless elaborate (idle schemes of hers, but «-ith a dreadful low-pitched inevitability. "If I'd known that you were coming — " She hesitated, then, making what was evidently an uncharacteristic choice of the truth over that which would be easier and more glib. "But maybe it's belter. Maybe you should know it now." "Do you honeslly think that 1 could be made to believe any such filthy thing about Joel?" Cam demanded scornfully. "Even it it weren't impossible for him to have thought ot such a trick, therc'd have been no point to it He hasn't even applied for a Dean's Award." "Oh, but he has!" Maurine contradicted wretchedly. "J-just yesterday. Cammie. Just yesterday afternoon, late." Jusl yesterday afternoon— late. Would that have been aflcr Beefy had assured him that the Dean's daughter was dead In love with him? Would Dial be __ ? Cam (hrust past her cringing cousin and nil but ran Hie brief dislance between Hie siairs and the closed study door at the hall's end. Her knuckles rapped on the panel with a sharpness which reflected her own self-loathing. arl? Are you working?" "Cammie?" a tired voice answered. "Is it important?" "Terribly important." She could ar Maurine running up the steps as she said it, on feet as light with terror as those of a fugitive doe. "I've got So ask you one question, just one. I've got to!" <T« Re Continued) OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams TWST OH, I HAFTA, PICK. TH' BURRS OFf TH-DOG 'FORE HE CAM GO IN -TH 1 HOUSE, AM' V^ E S , OT TO PUT A SACK ONI in' HAFF OF HIM I'VE PICKED, QJt HE GITS l^o TH' ONES I'VE PICKED OFF HIM, Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople EGAD,FATHER.' I CAM PlEPceSf HOW „ We V£1L OF THIS /IW&TeRy.' )} rjo YOU -"- MV AOTDMW1C BED LIFTED >tXS TO YOUR FEST BUT VOOK AJlGWTMftRe \MAvS * SO R6W. YOU OPEMED FlRe OM TH£ MOriAVJKS/-~ ow.' 8UT HOV4 DID THE: Bed DO r PUT ' SET IK* ROOM? l>> PEOPLE IN BEDS J/f IF \M&'D THAT PITCH 'EM 4" PiWD A TOUCH- n RASPB6RRV JAM OM LEAMDER'S CHlM ? {; m ^'°^ o ' ^•H . /'//'• S-" ilfeC i'U'HE SMOKE "You did it, Moni—there's a big dent In the front! Now maybe Pop will l«t me drive the car and I can get a few d»te»l" PAGF; NINE ' . _ - «N*«,: . 4^ 141 Jg( FKKCKI.KS & HIS KH1RNDS By MERRILL BLOSSEB > 'MM RIU By AI, VERMEER 'Miicli of you is coining dom with something this time? ^6^ mean who sneezad? Miy, that me! Goodness! I H&S afraid it- was one of children! I >\niia's Best Hole Jiy MICHAEL O'tMAUJiY ami RALPH LANB Anita's voice came ov«r th* lela- phqng ekarly and distinctly VIC, THIS 16 ANITAf I KCAPEDX WOMTHS VAUIT/CHIMES LOCMfD i ME IN/ Ht TOOK ALL THE MON(Y.' I S»W HIM WHEN ME 1M006UI 1 WAS UNCONSCIOUS... ., 2 YOU MUSr GH TMt «XICi. VIC/ Mt'5 A Kllliaf DO VOU UW06R3TAND? MAY 1 SKA K TO VIC FLINT, PLEASE?... HILLO.. WASH TUBBS Ijtlle Heaver's Discovery By f.ESSLIB TURNER WHOEVER. fOUUD IT --. OFF W 1 I UNTIED HIS TRMM KfORE THM!/ SHOE WITH Pi CROCHET HOOK. IF HIS FOOT WILL SUP OUT O' THE BLAZES LOOK.! \WEll,WOVO'VA lOAW* STUMBlf 0 IWTO IT, TOO! 1 . ,', Yes. He's a Hero By FRED HARMAN /•VJRD&RER PAINTS P OF MILP fAUSTArSS fO ILL GET RID OF Ttwr BLANKET- JO^ SMART. HOfWE MIGHT /^c IF K FOUND 'IT' CLUE IN FM1KDER WELUOOOLeMf MY STARS. DIDN'T / HELLQ RECCXiN'ZE I C! wu; r KNEW IT.'.' I NA8SEO LDJUH MUST* INTO THOSE T\VO I WOULD OOP'S CWE \BEEN MRS. *S A ) FOOZV. BOOTS AND IIKR BUDDIKS liig Business By BDGAH MARTIN 1 . WE. i «E. CP,V3\ SEX. WWV US. SWOUVO \\F\Wt- TO &TPiViO TOR 6WW6 ft \-\VC VvO\At ,f\W3 WE. AWO w WOliVO «\SWV '.

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