The Waco News-Tribune from Waco, Texas on August 2, 1966 · Page 1
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The Waco News-Tribune from Waco, Texas · Page 1

Waco, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 2, 1966
Page 1
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SNAP SHOTS A hamburger By any other name Would never ever Taste the same. (Uh? Warn Nrata-Sribmtr HOME EDITION FIFTY-FIFTH YEAR—NUMBER 65 NF A—NewsDODer EnteroO*.* Association UPl—United Press International WACO. TEXAS. It ESO A Y MORNING, UGl'ST 2, l<)6<>—22 PAGES Waco News Tribune Austin Bureau AP Assooated Press Waco News-Trlbune Washington Sunroe SPl_—Soe ¡ot DlS"<ech SINGLE COPY 10 CENTS Sniper Atop UT Tower Kills 12, Wounds 31; Mother, Wife Found Dead in Their Homes Whitman’s Act Amazes F riends RAMIRO MARTINEZ, THE FIRST TO SHOOT WHITMAN Shaken Patrolman Is Led From Building After Sniper's Death Martinez Left His Steak, Dressed, and Became a Hero Miles By NAT HEMJKKSON News Tribune Austin Bureau AUSTIN Charles Joseph Whitman was a good son, a top Boy Scout, an excellent Marine, an honor student, a hard worker, a loving husband, a fine Scoutmaster, a handsome man, a wonderful friend to all who knew him — and an expert sniper. His deadly spree from the observation Heck of the University of Texas tower left a ❖ •> ❖ Policeman Stood lip, Fell, Died I AUSTIN, Tex. (UPU-Leland Ammons, a law student at the University of Texas, was standing next to officer Billy Speed when the policeman was shot and killed by a sniper who rained death on the campus from the University tow er Monday . "I was coming across the campus from class when the shooting started,” Ammons said. “The officer (Billy Speed* was at the southwest comer of the mall by the statue of Jefferson Davis. “lie .lust stood up and was walking toward the west behind a fence that has pillars with cracks in ihem. The shot that hit him must have either richo- rheted off the pillars or come thrrmgh the slits,” Ammons said. Ammons said that after Speed was hit he appeared to he conscious, but did not respond to questions. He appeared to be in deep shock, and “just before they took him away he became glassy.” Ammons commented alx»ut the progress of the battle from AUSTIN (AP)--Ramon Marti- pulled on his uniform and sped the day. nez was at home cooking a steak to the campus j police Chief Robert A when he heard a radio report In less than an hour, the offi- .. .. . _. , . „ __, , , . , ,... . , . , said thdt there nan bron no spc- point of view about a snij>er shooting up the eer had killed a man and found ^ University of Texas campus, himself a hero, But he was shak- ri^c l’*an ma(*° 50 capture Toward the end I was waeth- Martine/, 1$, and a five-year ing so badly, officials excused Charles Joseph Whitman, a 24- *he tower through binocu- tjme was the youngest boy in police veteran, left his steak, him from duty for the rest of year-old student who was firing *a,s an<* cou^ SPe *he bullets the world to hold such an policemen's gun«. path of amazement from those who had observed him at work and play since he was a hoy. Those who knew him best, his wife and mother, were dearl. They could not wonder why, for they never know of his last bloody hours after So spotless a life. But those who were otherwise closely associated with jhe 25-year-old UT student had only praise for Whitman as a man before something happened Nobody could figure out why Whitman went <>n his rampage For ever* liHle dark spot in his life, there were so many bright spots to overshadow them. Here is what he was like at least until the moment he became a killer. Whitman was born June 24, 1941, in T*ake Worth, Fla His father. C A Whitman, was a plumbing contractor. His mother separated from his father about five months ago and moved to Austin to he near her son. In a note the sniper left Monday, he said he ‘Moved his mother dearly” and "hated his father with a mortal passion,” The father, however had only praise for his son and his accomplishments The father, after hearing of iho tragedy in Austin, said he was wondering if the separation had anything to do with what happened to his son The father then added, "I don’t know I don't know if 1hat had anything to do with it.” This was one of the few hints of possible unhappiness in the life of the young man who causer! so much sorrow Monday. In spite of the hatred expressed in his note toward his father, he apparently spent a happy youth in I ¿ike Worth. He became an eagle scout at the age of 12 and at that at students and officers from from then FROM CiRACF ROOF Man Watches Take Aim at Sniper Victims honor. After moving to Austin to attend the university, Whitman continued his interest in scouting, He became scoutmaster of T. -I Rudolph, 30. «tat on Ills garage in AiiMtin Monday and UM’d a 10-power telescope to uatcli the itniper who terrorized tli#» I'nlver*dty «»f eainpti«. II»»re I* hi*» story. at the southwest comer of the the observation deck of the uni- tower roof I saw a bloodstained versity tower. handkerchief waving above the j "In a situation like that, it all led^e. About 30 seconds later I ¡depended on independent action saw a blue waving off the I by the officers,” the chief said, sou,h side. Then it appeared to Troop 5 at the First Methodist Miles said that Martinez, act-^ aii ov*r* Thf>v stoW**fl firing Church, where he was a mem ing on his own initiative arul a ,ot oi officers rushed into her. He also sang in the ,crawled and ran to the tower'*he lower building, building entrance Went Camera There, the chief said. Martin- Charles Nixon of Houston, could see the bullets hitting the oz deputized Allen Crum, an Tex., told his eyewitness report wall. There was a lot of gray employe of the University Co- of the wuper at University of smoke. operative Store. lexas Monday. Crum armed himself wilh a in the Architecture rifle and the two men took the the always crouching and running, southeast entran< e to the oh- ❖ <• •> ❖ •> ❖ Boy, I was concerned. My servatkm deck, on the opposite wife was locked up in the build- side of the platform from where V I HX J a I '"V" * I 1 __ .............. Lake W orth Neighbors Chief Miles, after talking to ™ The guy was young, blond and appeared to he I.U. He «as and 7hr «MiW"-"' ^ OFFICER, Pane 4 church choir and taught Sunday School. He was a member of a lions Club here. Scout Executive Paul Beiien- herz said Whitman was scoutmaster for only a few- months. He asked to be relieved i>e- See FRIENDS. Pa ere t By I. T. It I ' A m told to I 1*1 AUSTIN (UPIt- I live in a mg, house on the edge of the cam- When ihe end came, tremen- pus and my garage sits higher dous fire was coming from the the 26-year-old patrolman, rt than the football stadium ground. Then it stopped all of a!counted his role this way: Through the telescope I could sudden as if on signal. Then; Martinez, along with Patrol- see the sniper pop up. take aim they rushed him. It was all men Jerry Day, Houston Me- and fire. over quickly, Co\, Milton ^hoquist and He would pit k out what he I guess if tin* police had my George Shepard were led was going to shoot at, then vantage point it would have through underground tunnel Find News Unlielievaklr B> KAV BAKI1.MT athlete” it«* He LAKE WORTH, Fla t AP» vv8>* Ux) ,ni>> working. The one-storv house m which .the biggest paper route jump up and do it. been over sooner It would have into the main building by I guess I was about three been dangerous if I had started versity office)« uni- Charles Joseph Whitman grew blocks away from the observa- shooting. tu»n tower on the garage. The The police might police were firing heavily. You thought 1 was a sniper, up wat and usually had some job,” was ai­ lle had in town sort of Good Morning Other Top Stories 011 Page 2-A ---- ringed Monday night hv i here they found a co-op sale*- . , . ... haw man, Allen Crum, armed with fr,prwK an<1 neighlwus wlw (,ajj Whitman having any spe- a rifle. Martinez deputized **erned unable to link their for- eial hobby but said he remem* ¡Crum. jmer newspaper boy with tiie l>ercd that be often went hunt— .... The police party rode a serv- '»laughter in Austin, lex, ing in the Everglade* “He ice elevator to the 27th floor < harhc was a thinker who . .. ... When they got up to the ob- never went off half-<ocked lie servation tower, Miles said. nius* have been sick/ said Martinez and Crum went out ^rnn*< McCarty of Palm Beach. Page 4 a door on the soutiiea't side. McCarty was a sclioolinate of Festus, siar of television’s Gunimoke. was selected as the principal entertainer for the Heart O Texas Fair and Rodeo in the fall. Column 1. Richard Speck, accused slayer of eight student nurses, entered a plea of innocent when brought before a judge Sunday, Column 7. The Senate Labor Committee voted to allow' President Johnson a free hand in settling the airline strike. The bill will reach the Senate floor today. Column 5. A capacity crowd is expect­ ed at the city council meeting today when Young Brothers Construction Company will seek industrial zoning for riverside property. Column 3. Two U. S. FllMs were downed by Communist gunfire during raids over North Viet Nam and 14 SAM installations were sighted Column 8, A request for a parade permit to commemorate the bombing Hiroshima was w-itit- drawn Monday after a Waco woman said her friends had persuaded her that her action was premature. I Martinez went creeping to the Whitman <- for 12 years. He said ¡left and Crum to the right he and Whitman used to * run "As Martinez rounded the »round together in a group of ¡northwest corner he saw Whit-abowf flvr ««>». We’ve double­ man with hm back to the para- **,,n1PS' pet holding a gun leveled at H «'oniputer speiialist, Crum Martinez .«tv»t him McCarty said he hadn t seen loo • Whitman whirled and fired nviih Whitman since they «me shot at Martinez It missed graduated from high school and Martinez emptied his revolver VM'nt t<» college, and at the same time Officer! ^u’ ^ v%as *,f4< ^ ^f,,p I’1'* McCoy stepped out of the door «nd intro^ed me to his and fired two shots from hi* wifn*” McCarthy said. ”They shotgun ” seemed very happy. Martinez took one gun off the McCarty said Whitman was bullet-riddled body Officers la-;P°PUl«r ,n h‘«h *«hool and dat- ter found a Luge, on the body ed m^n> mh but hi,d rK) f,ar,lr' As the dead and wounded ulaf tnpr,d “Hf* w"* rf,m” leared from the tower ^ 'tm of uf siuys. I coul'in t i>elieve it witen I heard it." See HERO, Page 4 I “Charlie wasn t much of an CHARLES JOSEPH WHITMAN Nice Guy, Honor Student, Eagle Scout SHOTS KICK UP DUST ON CLOCK Police Return Fire of Sniper were 1 1 lice began to get DEADLY ARSENAL Police d v ered this array of arms and ammunition on the platform of the University of Texas tower after Charles Whitman sniped at passers-by. Included in Man Identified As Ex-Marine R> MM HI RIM nml MIN < VSTI.KBi in N» xk % TrtlHMi* *u»lm Burtou AUSTIN V former Marine sharpshooter, firing with almost unerring accuracy from an observation deck on the tall University of Texas tower, shot and killed 12 persons near noon Monday. He left 'M other* wounded after an 80-minute reign of terror in which policemen fired futllely at his brick fortress. The slaughter »topped only when an off-duty Austin city policeman crept up behind the gunman and killed him with six shots from a revolver. Police identified the sniper as Charles Joseph Whitman, 24 years old, an honor student in architectural engineering and an ev-Marine His wife and mother were found dead in their homes Mon- dav afternoon and police said thev think Whitman killed them also. Another death attributed to his shots was that of a stillborn child whose mother wh < shot in the lower abdomen. She was in her eighth month of pregnancy The policeman who finally killed Whitman ua< Ramiro Martinez, a policeman for five years Whitman took one shot at him but missed, I T < II\\<TI.I.OK !!<• Rans-.rn said Monday afternoon that classes would be suspended today because of the shootings. He ordered university flae* flown it half-mast during the week. Gov John B Conn.illy, who was in Brazil on a goodwill tour, announced that he would take the first available flight home today. \\v Wife. Shot Mother Before rommandeerinr hi<? executioner’s po«;t in the Tower, Whitman had fatally stabbed 1m wife at their South Austin home and had mortally shot he mother who moved here from Florida to he near him .vt her downtown apartment. He left behind a *-ne of eerie notes detailing a gruesome 12-hour trail of murder and mental anguish aimed at climaxing just as It did. Hero is how police rec«>n<tni< ted the history of the la<t hours of Whitman s life and the lives of many who innocently i rod sod his line of fire Whitman picked up his 23-year-old wife some time sfter 9 >0 p m Sunday at Southwestern Bell Telephone Co , whert she was em ployed until tier st hool teaching Job at Ijmier High Schrx,»l w as to stal t Whitman and his wife went to their home where Whitman had apparently nlrearfv written a note ««vine "Pressures arm building up.” At that point some time around 9 ”0 p m . Whitman was Interrupted by friends, l^ater, ho left another note, "Wife and mother both lean. ’ Shotgun Purcliasrd That Morning About 9 ,,>0 a. m Monday he bought a shotgun on credit at Sears, Roebuck He sawed off the stock and barrel some time before taking tfte rest of his arsenal to the campus. Montiay morning Whitman called his wife's supervisor at the telephone company to say his wife would not be at work Quoting from a note Whitman marked as having been written at 9 a, m Monday, Police Chief Bom Miles said, "He killed his wife and mother, whom tie loved dearly, because he did not want to leave them to face the embarrassment after he did what tie was going to do Apparently al>out 11 a m Whitman ?<«>k lu> arsenal, packed int /1 his Marine Corps fontlix ker, to the Tower. He reportedly packed the loaded foot!«* ker tin < <1> ily hv elevator to the 27tb floor and carried it the final flight <>f stairs onto the observation deck passing as a repairman past elevator operators and a receptionist inside the observation deck office The footlih k< r contained seven weapon** including » large l-ii>wie knife a military field pack filled with ammunition, a five-gallon piastii tiottle of water, an >ther plastic ijottle of gasoline. sandwiches, other foo»l, and a towel Weapons in the footlorker included a ti mm Remington magnum with a four-power s<-z>pe a ’5 calif>er Remington rifle a .30 «•«Mber carttme. a Q7 magnum pistol, a 9 mm Luger pistol, and a 12-gauge shotgun with a sawed-off barrel »nd stock. Whitman must have opened fin» on persons in the Tower first Mrs William I import of Austin ami her 15-\ear-<^d nepfiew. Mark Garnbour of T* x irkana, were reportedly killed on the 27th floor tiefore Whitman o|>**ned fire from the observation deck, Si\ llodir* (loimlt d in Tower not counting the dead Whjt- v ran down the staircase In all, police counter! six hod man, in the Tower. Blood lit' l>etwe»»n th** 27th and 28th floors Whitman fired his first shot off the observation deck about 11 15 a m He firefi from all sides of the Tower, but his mam field of fire was the opt*n mall to tfw south His victims fell bleeding on the sidewalks and gras- as he ed bullet every 30 second*. bullets sprayed the ^**ith mall, business luwise-, ainng Guadalupe Sir»et ttla* drag * to the west, and virtually every movement within two blocks of the Tower. Students wijo were missed by Whitman » initial ola»ts dived behind atiu>mi4*ilev .»nd any other available co\ er often wily scant feet frum th<* txwhes of their colleagues Kvery taw offu er on dutj and many off-duty officers went to the university t<> return Whitman's fire out because of the height and the width of the 'O-ervation deek iedge Whitman was shielded from their huii**i Many of th<* victims lay in the 9H^iegree sunshine on the hot sidewalk for more than an liour before an armored vehicle from Armored Motor Service w«s pressed into action as an ambulance to pick the wounded and dead off tb# exposed mall A helicopter from fcviation Training Center at Tim's Airport took city police Li Marion Lee above the Tower. Whitman * pinpoint aim threatened tN chopper befbre Lee could fir« down into the deck. Inuring the W-minute-long pit* bed battle ambulances moved cautiously in the alley behind the Drag evacuating victim» who tod managed to »tagger into the stores Patrolman Speed Died Instantly 3 V *ne to return Whitman’s He died instantly when Whit* pus Drive Brackenridge Hospital au- tere hit in the chest the collection were three h*gh cr'ther rifles, one with o telescopic ogM a 12 gauge sawed off shotgun, j magnum pistol, a German automatic luger and o knife. (UPl TELEPHOTO) * The end to the conti Ramiro Martine/ led a an untiirgfound tunnel Martine,* iatei called the hero of the day by his chief — and fellow officers Jerry Day. Hmiston McCoy. Milton Shoquist and (ieorge Shepard found Allen Crum, a bookstore salesman, armed with a rifle, in the tunnel. After getting inside the Main Building through the tunnel, the party took a service elevator to the 27th floor They dim bed the staircase, stepping over as many as four bodie-* in i*r»ls of blood, to the office of the observation deck Martmez and Crum went out » door <m the south side Crum crawled along the south side toward the southwest corner. Martine, ».rawted a lorn, the east wall to the northeast corner. As Martine/ peered iround the comer he saw Whitman in ti^ iK»rthwest comer, l«**kuig south drawing a bead on Crum, and Se# TOWLE SNIPER, Pa,*e 4

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