The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 28, 1947 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 28, 1947
Page 10
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IV *<• f" PAG» 1BH (ARlC.r COURIER HEW! ['PoawtaM Far Better Fuminf [Pwtand For This Section'*'Pro- i Farmers. . '-FEATLjRES FRIDAY, NOVEMBER W, Vppeora b«<t u* belni made with tiny holM la them, so they cannot b« popped In movie tht»- Published Every Friday in the taleresl of F.rm Families of Thw Agricultural Section. Ole Man Winter Is Just Around the Corner Ltt u reBMTc (be water from j**r ilm and fill them with cal- dmiB chUrtde anil-freeze Bolu- li»B. We will be jlad to nuke in apjwlnfinent la care' for nil >««r tractors at your farm—thus UTlnr f«u time. REMEMBKB WE SERVICE ALL MAKES TKACXORS Russell Phillips TRACTOR CO. So. Hiway 61 Phone 2171 A policy is»u^d ioi the man next door dom not n«c*uarily cov*r your need*. Wh«n you or* represented by us. w« •ee that every policy i»ru*d to you meet* your individual requirement*., —gr°"~ ' NOBLE GILL] I GUNCOE Norcu net. Culling of Herds Pays Two Ways Policy Recommended To Help Save Feed For Better Animafs Removing unproductive, Inefficient live-stock from a herd U good business at any time, hut Is especially dcslrnble and profitable under 1947 conditions. Thai U why close culling of livestock Is strongly recommended this fall by Extension Service livrsloek specialist* and other (iiitlioilllcs. Livestock producer* who cnre : "illy select iinprofllnble animals and sell them this fall profit two ways. The cull animals sell at unusually favorable market pi-Ice, 1 ; and more hifth-prlcert grain Is made Turkish Grain Is Rotting While United States Feeds Europe By JVJKN'NO IHIKKKSKN 4(Dull*.! 1'ress Staff Correspondent) ISTANBUL. Turkey, Nov. 28. Qualified experts estimate that 30.000.000 bushels of grain are go- Ing to rot in Turkey. It also li estimated that as high as 50 per cent of Turkey's crop is going to waste. Rivers and harbors have hccn observed full of floating apples. It is not because the Turks want to waste this valuable food. On tho cnntrary, Turkish newspapers advocate supporting Hie American rood-KavlitK plan. U Is because the Turks arc hclii- Icss to save 11. Turkey Is a country potentially rlcli ns a food producing area, but for an area larger than Texas she has lew than 4 000 miles of railroad. Most of that Is is erately short of rolling Available Now/ NEW METAL BUILDINGS TB Solvt your Storage, Warehouse, K;irm'Problems! NOW ... «T»n»We for fmmcdl.-il» delivery . . . famous STEEL- CRAFT ill-purpose prefabricated metal bolldlni,! Th« answer to • hundred itnnft problem* , . . a<Upl*t>1t <• «nj fi rm or ware . n««M purpom ... In single or mftUpte imlls, »ny width, nnj length, Erecled qulclilj, onsilv... with windows and doors added »» Sipgle or Multiple Units IMMEDIATE DELIVERY! 'required. Inquire nbotil these mid nlhrr ly|)cs of prt-iahrlcalcri steel buildings In any she tn meet almost any Industrial or farm nerd . . . ready for Immediate shipment! ritONK 183, OsreolH, Arkansas, Prank .lordun, for [irirr* and complete rtef.ills ... or visit. Road Builders Equipment Co. 285 T,. Cnllioim — Meraphi* Phnne 8-24« '"several factor, n r e « mporUn t l,r m«J 'no UncS™ hT hTsum' SS5,S5S-SftF- ! *ara= ^tsisr^:: for one or two years; they nre likely lo be ftit nnd brlii^ more money when sold. Dairy cows that produce less Uinn the herd average arc worlli more wlicn sold than when kept as "boarders". Sows which have farrowed small litters ore. not pay-Ing (heir share of the cost of feed and care. Hens that have stopped laying and are Betting fat are robbing the Mock of profit. As a rule. It pays to cull animals that are passing their period of usefulness because of age, and I to replace them with younger stock. iWmn* More Profits Later nfphl culling will aJlosv farmers and ranchmen to feed more generously animals that nre able to return a profit for the feed qlven I.(hem. However, under present con| dllions. even the best ot nnlmals |should not be fed to grndc higher i than "Qbotl", ns the c xtrn finish i rcnulres loo much grain. Young | nnd pregnant anltnnls will have more feed at the lime when their nutrition needs arc most critical, helping to Insure 'better, heavier cnlves, Ininbs or pigs nest year, Culling also will aid the Improvement of permanent pastures, >«pe- clnlly important In Die Cotton South. With unproductive animals ' eliminated, proper stocking of pas. lures and rnnges Is encouraged so ' that livestock operators will be In better position to capitalize on the use or better In the fu. ture. I Another major advantage of cull- ftig stressed by livestock authorities Is that 11 will help to reduce the hazard of continued Ituge livestock Inventories. They urge the elimination, now. of many animals whlcli have been kept in the herd in the past becmiRC of the general upward Ircnd In prices. , For these reasons, close culling is recommended this fall ax one of the Important steps In the good . management nnd [ceding, which . will help to solve the problem of ^ 5- ' m FOR FARM EQUIPMENT HELP Hello I You bet we can take cave of vou hdr! u"rf ^ ^ '"" farm «l»M™«»t nelp is right down our alley. Sure we hav... plenty of parU- a big stock of fWuiiM -IHG, parts. And if we're out of tht on* you need we'll get it quick. What day do you want your work done' 0 K f»r ' 'wf al - W °' U B 61 ' 51 Oilt on time for you. -When you can let UI know ahead So . . better gd (hat tractor Bring it (o our Service we'll always schedule the job lo suit you. Farmalls? Well, they're still moving slow. You see, there is so great a demand NATIONWIDE for Farmall Tractors and McCormick-Ueering Kiiuipmcnt that the individual dealer is still kept on H stricf quota. This, despite Ihe jrrcatcst production record in 1H history. T yours in n<'»d condition! Department soon! 3/2 SOUTH2ZP 577 PHONE863 i- tlon of her pe,ice-tltne army. The nearness of Russin makes It Impossible to decrease the size of the army, the government believes Fruit Koltimr Now Thus the Kraln lies in fields or Is stacked beside the railroad stations. The fruit bus rotted already or is rotting and the grain will rot n.5 soon as the autumn rains begin. With a third of her 102,000.000 acres of land under cultivation, and even with this year's drought, Turkey has produced enough grain to export a substantial amount No one knows exactly how much because of inadequate slntlitic.'i. The estimate of waste for this year is based on last year's figures when 3,650,000 long tons of wheat were produced and enough barley corn, rye nnd oats to bring the figure upward of 5,500,000 tons of Brain. The estimate of waste is based on a figure reached by Turkish and foreign export observers here i<s approximately 15 per cent. Some experts have gone as high ns 20 per cent, Some Exports Expected Nevertheless. Turkey will be able to exjx>rt some grain this year nl- thougn the figure will be disappointingly small, Turkish officials ndmlt. If the 30,000.000 bushels could be saved it could be added to th» export figure. The same officials have been searching desperately for a .solution. None Is In sight. Kasin Quick minister or public works, snid that (he roud building program made possible by the S100.005.no0 American nicl program will offer some help next year and Inter. American officers stationed hero to help administer the aid program said it is theoretically possible to save the grnin by laying steel landing strips near Ihe collection depots and flying it out with cargo plnncs. But the cost of such an operation would be "terrific," they snid. and action would have to i>e taken with "war-time speed" if planes and landing strips were to ue brought in before the rrtjns begin. \ Guatemala Corn Planted In Iowa Proves Success AMES, la. (OP)—After predicting the usefulness of Guatemalan com for many years, Dr. I. E. Melhus project leader of the Guatemalan outpost of the Iowa state College tropical research center, was not surprised when six test plots of coin were harvested here. The crossing of selected Guatemalan corns on well-adapted Iowa Inbrcds in 35 Instances In the tests showed definite drought and heat resistance In some of the hybrids proving, according to the experts that certain desirable characters of Central American corns can be bred Into Town corns. The new corns will not be ready for midwest farms Immediately however, although Dr. Melhus says that after the good strains of Guatemalan corns have been purified by In-breeding and the best combinations tested on a large-scale basis, the new corns will be available for limited field testing. Survive Hot Summer Many of the 35 hybrids vlin Guatemalan breeding had well filled, mature ears develoiied on sturdy stalks with green leaves. The four Iowa and U. S. hybrUU used as checks were short-stalked small-cared and fired because of the unusually hot, dry summer weather of July, August and September. As yet the yield records are not available, but the superior performance of the hybrids with Guatemalan germ plasm Is outstanding. The Guatemalan hybrids wero able to maintain their green leaves through the hot weather because of their strong, well-developed root systems. The Guatemalan hybrids were started In 19^ when selected corns from that country were crossed on If. E. (nbi-cds in Weslaco, Tex., by Dr. J. R. WnlUu, one of Dr. Mclhiis' co-workers. In 1940 the crosses made In Texas were brought up to Shenandoah, la., and crossed again. This spring the corns were planted here. When the project started.Iowa scientists gathered some 1,200 selections of corn from all over Central America In aStas where corn has been grown for at least 2000 years under the most adverse conditions. Business Men Turn Farmers To Pare Taxes WASHINGTON. Nov. 20 (UP) — Harry B. Cnlrtwell, master of the North Carolina Stale Orange, said yesterday some business men are taking up fanning as a means of reducing their net Income for tux purposes, Caldwell testified before the House Ways and Means Comlttee. The comittco Is considering repenl of tax exemptions enjoyed by farmers' cooperatives. He opposed any change in the tax exemption. "I am not condcmlng business men „„,. . , , , for owning farms," Caldwell said, scarce anri |,| g i H , rIccrt grnms _! "But when some of them tell the Other practical methods of saving public that farmers are escaping and usnii! grains efficiently will be their share of the tax load by set* discussed in future articles of this ting up 'lax-free' organizations' it ; Is time to stop and analyze the sit- Thc Klondike Is not In Alaska It Is a district In Yukon Territory' Canada. Read Courier News Want Ads. Chemical Used To Keep Weevils Out of Soybeans Dr. Charles Lincoln, extension entomologist for the University of Arkansas' College o( Agriculture, this week warned all Arkansas farmers to treat soybeans »nd peas stored food or- seed to prevent an outbreak of weevils. "Weevils often destroy benns and >*. a . s stored.for food," Dr. Lincoln said, and to prevent this 1 would ^HM'"'" 1 " 11 ' them wllh carl *"> hi h w'" commonly kn °»' n « Dr. Lincoln pointed out that In order to successfully treat beans or pens they must be placed In a gas- Ight container for treatment. The temperature should be about 70 degrees Jahrenhelt and treatment con- JC,'Mvi 0r y hours - Treatment should be made soon after beans or peas are put In storage, he said. Carbon dlsulflde Is highly exulo- ,, C| nl V" 1 ""' R " d """Igatlon should bn done away from buildings. Dn not use an excessive amount of the dlsulflde to rio so may taint the flavor of beans or peas to be used for food and Injure the germination of the seed. After treatment, air (he seeds to remove odors, he said. Livestock Show To Hove Record List of Exhibits CHICAGO, Nov. 2*. <Up)_Thc cream of the nation , s agrlc ' ultur ^ production will go on display when trie International Livestock Show opens here tomorrow Exposition heads believe a record-breaking number of f ami boys and girls'ond stockmen will parade their entries before distinguished Judges from n states. Great Brit- am and Canada. More than $5,000,000 worth of th- best animals in America will compete for a share ol the J100000 * 6 monej ' at the eight-day expo- Manager William Ogilvie estimates that entries will be "well over the 10,000 mark." Horses (o perform Entertainment feature of the show will be 13 horse show performances, Including stunt riding exhibitions. Parades of prize-winning livestock and exhibitions of herding by sheep dogs will be held frequently The big! parade of •i-H boys and .iris who will be attending the National 4-H Club Congress,- has been switched troin its usual Monday spot to Wednesday, Dec. 3 to allow more youngsters to participate. Held in conjunction with the show the silver anniversary International Grain and Hay Show at which educational exhibits or the newest varltlcs of field crops will be on display. Other exhibits will demonstrate progress made by crop improvement, associatioru since 1919. Quick Delivery* Any Time, Anywhtr* REAOY-MIXE CONCRETE r. STEPS For new homes and horns improvements—Insures a good job ... saves muss ... saves money For an enduring, economical, good-looking job it will pay you to huild with concrete — uteal for driveways, walks, steps, porches, terraces, basement walls, garage floors —and fircsafc new'homes. Helps yoftr Builder do his Best Ready-Mixed Cqncrcte enables your buildcc to do highest quality work »t atlraciivc prices. Every truck lo.ul is carefully proportioned • to the "mix" needed. Trucks clump concrete neatly into the forms without leaving » mess to clean up. W* will be tfadJ to recommend a I<x>d btiildtr for your Job, Labor Union Official Withdraws Libel Action INDIANAPOLIS. Ind., Nov. 28— (UP)—A Pine Blyff, Ark., labor union business agent has withdrawn two fcrlrra! suits against international officers of the AFL Carpenters' Union. The suits, one demanding an accounting of the international union's finances and the other asking SflO.COO damages for alleged libel, were dismissed yesterday by Attorneys for C. E. Cuthberteon, business agent of tlie Pine Bluff local. Cuthbcrtson filed the suits many months ago against President William L. Hutchcson and other ofll- ccrs of the union, whose headquarters is in Indianapolis. nation." Business spokesmen have told the committee co-ops should pay taxes on income. Oaktwell saltl co-ops have no income, since they are obliged to return members and patrons all funds In excess of cost of operation. FOUNDATIONS HUGHES & COMPANY e ~ Buildins Phont /ICKNOWLEDCINfl OUR DEPENDENCE ON THE CUM- TOM OPENS AN AVtNUC OF INFINITE »LtSS(H«S.' "Th 1 Inrkey wuz hrovned Jos< rlfht . . . W> ate fer quite a sped . . . t quit afore I wnt plumb *IT« nut . . . An' that l« Jusl an well: . . . We loaded down mir Uhle . . . In lh' ol' Thanksjtlvln' W*.T . . . An 1 dldn'l (Ive • Ihimghl (* ttT fact . . . That WE SHO1H, O GIVE THANKS EACH DAJfl" POST »IOWf 8W »10 WEST With the Courts Chancery v* George Dean* Princes Dean suit for divorce. Usaler Cunningham vs. j. B Cunningham, suit for divorce. PRESCRiPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Best Prices ^ . -« **».oi. i nces Kirby Drug StoreS Christmas Trees Holly & Mistletoe JJ, Cedars—Any Size j Special Prices to Business FlrmsM Churches anil Schools fj Place Your Order Now.'* ' Moreland's 0 MUSIC STORE t ,Phont m-l 315 So. Ind % TO FEED WINTER EGGS For small (locks, where "irds are not confined, , ore's a time and labor- aving way to get lots of eggs. Feed Layena Check- Ms as .the complete ration. PURINA LAYENA CHECKERS L. K. Ashdraft Jusf as importanf as the price Q| thaf FARM YOU ARE BUYING * Our modern and complete' FARM LOAN SERVICE is spe/ cially designed to help farmers' buy farms of their own and have/ them free and clear, sooner.f^ Investigate this new Farm-Own? , e/ship plan with the/ PREPAYMENT RffERVE^ FARM INCOME PRIVILEGE EASY AMORTIZED PAYMENTS \ :, ... is the kind of a FARM LOAN ijj. "* J? you get to help pay for it Terry Abstract & Really Co. and Realty Company Abstracts — Lands — Loans 213 West Walnut SI. 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