The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 26, 1947 · Page 19
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 19

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 26, 1947
Page 19
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WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 26, 1947 AYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER Classified Advertisements A UO.OM Kfctctwd »«*rl a*'kUc« *» loti la tb« wlm*r tluih of I'aullk mloa, Pktltdelphl*. Th« owuwr mis*- li ou fcukYAl lu OhlcAtto, wired "I,o*i" Ad bftck lo a Philadelphia w«pap«r, *rr«cilo« lu Imm*uat4 n- ovtrjf. - •. , . > For Sole—Citjf Property For Stole, Miscellaneous Properly and Business CAFE' Best location in Blytheville doing a capacity business with small overhead. S'EOUE Ilpnt and children's wear Doing : good business. Wil inventory fixtures and mer chamlise. A good buy. CITY HOME Beautiful city home, bes residential section, modern deluxe in every way. Material, floor plan, and wall space will suit the most particular ones. Brand new, can move in tomorrow. . • 5 ROOM BUNGALOW ' and bath. Modern, extra well built am) plastered through, out. A floor plan you will like close to high school. New $8,000. 6 ROOMS AND bath, close in, good condition, inside and out. $5500 Several good residential lots. Above shown by appointment only. JOHNNY MARR Real Estate Phone 4111-2596 112 S. Second ll-20-ck-27 For Sale NEWSPAPERS OLD • COURIER NIWS OTfiOt 10:10 a Rebuilt Army Shoes 13, Army, U*« shoe packs Ualford's Shoe shop. 10" a. Second. nn-uK-U.i Studio conch (opens Into bed) and kitchen cabinet. Call 1611. lllW-pit-27 We&tlnghouM n»*d refrigerator, CiU Jimmy Stevenson, 3131. 11125-ck-13 Notfe* Wonted to Rent Would some one oiim or a pail D! BUllievlltr. D. K. 321T. p rent me ! * hiitnc tn or Wlinbrrly. tri model. Phone 3727. T refrigerator, '4fi HOUSE TRAILER Roomy. 8-fooL wide, 23 foot Int*r- le Caravan, lately Interior, MW tires, permkntnV Beauty KeU B«l, sleeps four, electric brtkM, HA* r«ime, bemtlfiil Rtudlo Couch, Sacrifice prlc*, R«»rty to roll, ivarett UftthlH. South Hlfihway #1, Old Sad KMC ^»rb*Clle. H-pk-27 Gigantic Church Bazaar starting at 10 AM--Wed., Dec. 3 iaturlDK: btiutltul haadwork, pillow cax*i, b*by cloihw, api)n^, «t Alto: Hoiueinail« cak»» and candle Food booth with' «mytUlns fr<jJ» from Hie country LOOK What the Fathers have cooked up! BINGO AT ITS BKST • >'fw«r KamtB Better prU«« (iipnc leu llitu is> SeiUHlloual new bingo r»rcli Bln^o Bttrtlag promptly al 8:00 fu All H the Legion mil •pon&ored by LvLlM at . the Catholic Ohurch imi-ck-13ill ClBJ-'lficd. (lie grand-daddy o! display ndvcrttslng. alirt npwspn- J PIT'S oldest feature, lins bi>ri In coiillmittiis'iiiiliuoniiplrrt on ' 'lice »lnce .Hie Inception oe the ftt» prtu. Position Wanted Help Wanted Don't mis* your big chknci to nuke extr* Chrlilmnj money. Q'ateen'i will pay front 4H3 to 123 w««]ely lu commission* (or extrft hours work. Benin todiyl O'STEKN'S STUDIO 115 Welt Main St. Ttlephoni 5203 Hi24-ck-UilO Tr«ll«r perltnc*. ct». \i. Bei II, truck driver, is ye»r6 ex- refer ft long haul. K«(ertu- Cooley, LUKort. Rt. I. 1LI24-P1C-27 Si.' Work In home. MLddle-Age white woman, Mr«- Amu Smith, Manila. Ark, Private Rooms Dial 2231 for Free Delivery OH All l»p!« »nd Fancy Groceries Quality Meats GROCERY Fresh Fryers (Live or Dressed) Freeman & Hen!ev 2016 West Main St. CemforUbl* bedroom. Clocc to town. BIL uuly. 110 W. \Vfilnm. Help Wanted, Mete Good farm truck and tractor mechanic. Well-equipped shop. Good house, rent free Attractive proposition on percentage basis. Telephone 4141. ll-19-ck-12-8 One of Blytheville's leading GROCERY STORES located ! on Main Street in one of the best business , blocks. The best opportunity that has been offered in this city for | .years. If you are interested better act fast. . TOM LITTLE Realty Co. Phone 861 ntJj-ck-H Lost and Found $75 REWARD FOR "INFORMATION LEADING TO RETURN OF 1946 Plymouth 2 Door Sedan, Deluxe. Color black. License No. 114X850, Arkansas 1947. Serial Motor No. P Remodeled six-room nou&e., front and back porch, full lot, 1112 South LaXa Stret. Blythevllle, Arkansas. For colored owner. Call at Above number. ll!4pk-12|t Four room house with bath, good location, corner lot. reasonably rjrlced phone 4405. U:22-cK-2s Have 8 lots left in restricted residential district. Camp Moultrie Drive. O. S. Rolli son, phone 3309. Ilil8-ck-i2! No. 22042714 1569509. Call Blytheville City Police Heater, red striped sea no bumper ; guards covers, approximately age. 24,000 mile . 11-24-ck t Bedroom, uhont 3129. Purnlitixl bedroom with kLtchvn >rlvUe£ea. Close In, 218 X. Davis St. ' 1 1 l1*.t1lr-1U Bedroom 314 N. filh. phone 2338. Comfortable bedroom, phone 2ft75. 11125-ck-12i3 room. ohone Ili25-pk-1113. Room nnd 'bone 3835. board, Armorel Hotel. Bedroom 151B W. Hearn. 4224. Mrs. Euiene Auten. Taken Up Wrl-thl Phone 8 BruMte out 350. Heifer, Cray to Buy WANTED to ' BUT -farm tractor* end machinery. State price >nd condition. Cleo Musselmfln. Oictola, Iowa. . ll|8-pk-12!8 WANTED — O«n«rM merchandise atarts. Casl), Box 131, Charleston. Mo, NOTICE David T. Cooly Builder & Contractor Has Opened a Cabinet Shop With Rutietl Muticlc In Charge DIAL 4357 for FREE ESTIMATES' on Work 213 North Franklin Blytheville, Ark. By ETHEL HAM ILL om.tac; Oiiriibutl4 bj N[A SEKVICi. INC 6 room hov)5e near school. In Cooter alo. Lot 120X140. Also 1 chair barber chop. £3.400. Set Lestle Ovstrlng, Cooter. Mo _ 11U6-PH-12H "Ci^tlern 5 room houae. Highway 25 •U'lCennett. Mo. Lot MX230. S6.000. See Henry Gestrlnsr, Cootnr. Mo. « room houte, two tot*, lota four and fire RuHdell Heights Addition. Also one 1940 Ford two 'rtoor sedan delivery Ttrlth new motor. \V. C. Harbour. Phone 2243. H'26-ok-1214 R THRRR ROOM houses on 2 lots. Pavement and bus line. Price $3750. • H. C..Campbell Phone 4446 or 2930 1H2U-CX-30 For Sale, Misc. Water heater; Tank and All connection*. Good condition. Harvey Jv4or- rlK. Phone 3248. Ili2fl-pk-12'4 Apartment ntzn Rangette. bottle RUE. table top. White enamel. J3S. E Mftthls. So. Highway 61. old Sad Sar Barbecue. 24-ok-37 E Ash.* phone 310«. >23. Delvue mortel electric washing trm- chlne. practically new. S7J. 11,9 W. Kentucky. lli26-p!(-M Butane gas tank, 1000 gallon, used only few months 450 gallon tank, new. Wil sell at big discount. Tom Little Realty, phone 861. 11I20-C1C-27 One Vartn Morning circulator. One 3 bottom 14" breaking plow. Phon 4150. ^ _ H|22-pk-l2i Canaries, slngera and hens. Cal K««d Oouritr Newi Want Adi xxv /"'AM raced toward him on feel as light as air. '-'Joel, I just wai talking to your friend Beefy and ^and he told me—" "Beefy tells people a lot of things." His voice was so sharp that it checked her instantly "Beefy's quite the little talker Only the things he babbles about are pip* rlreamS—most of them. It's some of the things that other ; people say that make sense, some- i limes." "Whatever • n«. thought, tic thought it to the tune ol a sum which pretty well knocked the props out from under me when I read it just now; A darned expensive mistake (or a man to have mad«." ..;'('. ."Joel 1 know Gary believed we had an understanding. Lie must have, although i certainly never realized it at the time But—" "Guys don't sign up tor policies Like that unless they're sure." • • • ~ was my fault. 'I suppose." Cam' whispered. "If 1 hadn't There was that in the olazing been a little idiot. I'd never hare fire of his blue eyes before which Cam recoiled in instant confusion. If this was the look to which Beefy had referred, then the sergeant did indeed indulge in pipe dreams. "Joel 1 ." she managed, shakenly. "What is it? What's wrong?" "I've iust discovered something. Something I'd like you to verify for me, or deny, 11 you don't mind. Was there a navigator named Gary Marlowe engaged lo you, after I lelt? Did he leave you every cent of his army insurance, and did you collect it when he cracked up?" So thai was all lhat was bothering him! Relief 30 acute that it lelt her shivering swept over Cam. "But you knew all there was to know, about thaV she said quickly.- "Remember, Joel, the very first day .you got back to college—*" "I remember distinctly. You said that you'd hardly known him. When Maurine said something out of turn about your having been engaged, you said it wasn'l true at all." "And it wasn't. Gary and 1 weren't engaged. He only thought oft any doubt in his mind even unintentionally If he'd ever said anything, it al) would .lave been cleared up before he went away. 3ut the way things were, the whole mistake-—" "Quite a profitable 'mistake,' I'd say." His inwline. above her in the shadows, looked as il an artist nad drawn it in one swift, hard stroke. Its sharp contour caught anger and bitterness with a'n unaware masterliness. and economy. "And while it was going on, while this guy you'd dazzled was going down in flames to leave you *.hat kind of dough, where was I? Toting a snapshot through every stinkhole in Italy! Remembering sweel kid that was you four years ago!" "Joel—" Cam began, her voice weak with shock. "Maybe you did Tiardly know Ihis Marlowe boy. But I'm iust realizing that 1 never knew you at all. I'd have knocked down Ihe man who ever, dared insinuate that you'd go around getting engaged to strangers on their way out to die—men with insurance to leave you!" Before Cam could more than draw in a shuddering breath, he had wheeled around and was j else, striding down the walk again. I "Joell" the culled after nlm. bul he did not look back "Joel!" But the gate latch had clicked shut already.' "You don't understand. I never took a penny ol that money of pooi Gary's The minute I heard what ne'd done. 1 TinUe the authorities turn over the full oollcy to the Carter War Memorial fund —and every dollar of it went to; . build the . summerhouse." But she was sobbing to an empty dusk. Joel Conroy had gone. • ' • • "TTiE night stretched out forever. •* Vet when her ceiling began 'o streak with lighl at last. Cam still lay wide-awake against her pillows and stared at the brightening wash of pre-dawn luster over its unrelieved while plane. She nad scarcely moved on her bod, all during the hours while the Dean'l hnnse nrtd lain dark and silent, i'hcre nad oenn so many Ihinis or her to think about. Perhaps she knew a few of Ihe answers now. Al last Obviously, tlie essence of what 3eefy had confided m her during their almost incredible letc-a-t«te the Ice ol the lilac hedge was rock-ribbed truth Joel's very nn- jer lasl night was biller proof that ic had. Indeed, cared about tier. And Jceply. • • If Sergeant Dalrymple had told ner the truth once, it was only logic to assume lhat he had told it twice When Joel had left the joarding house, .tic must have been in an eager mood, happy exultant. Then the stunning thunderbolt forged ol rumor about herself and Gary—the facts sc true, the mtcr- prctatipn ol those facts so wrong -—mtist of necessity have struck him somewhere on his way toward College Hill, and after he had said goodby to Beefy. Try as she might. Cam was un- obie to imagine where or how or when. Bul by now she regarded this ?ne fact as a certainly That must have been Ihe way it had happened. What he took to be hanging evidence of cheap greed in her had been presented to him in such a way that he could find no rcbultal for it. It had blinded him to everything (To Be Continued) Our Boarding House with Maj.Hoople OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams MMOffS AOTD- 660 WILL WAKE DftJM'T VOL) WOT ICE IF HIS HANDS WERE CLEAN \MHEM HE VJ»,<3 SCLJLPTURIM6 THE TURKEV STUFF1MG? vou see w>-ua i TO PUT UP VJ1TH--VOU SEE WHW . HAVE TO PUT OP WITH SOME CAY.' VOO ' WELU.DOW'T BR1W& ME IM ON IT NOW- I'LL TAKE IT WHEN MY TIME COMES: _ VVHV MOTHERS GET GRAY SEVENTEEN KRKCKLKS & HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL JBUMMB HAVE WHAT WIIH FRKK A CROWD I cove FROM----GOODBY/ 1 kKJO STILL HAS FIVE MlMllTCS! SIT DOWN AND (WE SOME DESSERT/ "Co ill and sit at th« tablt and maybe you'll-feel batter tnd don't t«1l your moth«r you w«r« helping me taste th!n K «!" On second thought, she needs a sound r he re's no sense t>uy/ng • 'oys for Pr/sc//\r- the wsy 'he scatters them around 'he neighbor hood! That young lady 'needs good talking MICHAKl, O'MAU.KY WELL TMATS TUS IAST OF THE WADWAM5. NOT ONE lift K> Ttll next morning I picked up ffllloughby before cdllinon Chimes. HO HOE AMD CRY ABOUT ANIU'S DISAPtt/SRANCE YET. •UT LUCfUTIA'S DfAlM /MADE QUITE A SPLASH IU THE PAPfRS/ I'll TELEPHONE CHIMES AT TEXtfClOCKANOSAY WHAT YOU KM.O ME TO, VIC. BUT IF IT WORKS, WON! IT BE DANGER ANITA. JUSTGO-IHBOUGH LINES GOOD AND LOUD. HANG U LESSJ'JE TUHNER WASH TURBS HE \1fcS PEEKIN OUTMOWEE. J MEN 3 SlMilED TO SO IM OUR COMPARTMENT, 1 RECCMMED HIK PROVIDED. OF COURSE VME SErOPF WITH THE rwius M rue NEirsroivpAm WHSRE EUACILV WHERE VOL) DROPPED 1HM Dlfk-£E- MOWIC GERtt A, WORD WITH IHPI GUV BuT.MlstER! ^ I 3U5V NOW SftW Y TH' WAtl WHO WAS | IM HERE WHEN I LC5TU HE'S GOf If F».RE£ AN'IET US RIPE TMI5 FA.R.FREE By FRED HARM AN ccwrc RI fOU'p 0E.1TE.R QE.T RIGHT' HUPP U'SreR IW coit> BLOOD/ l>!Ptft DUSTER 6TOKES MOCK YOU TOVOH Trie HE BILL HUPP, REASOhi TO KlU DUSTER' DAUGHTER INHERIT A RICH 60LP WOUIT>M'T STAND HER HOLLERIN' M.L OVSB TH' OH, NO.' «IMME -THAT CLUB: SH^S TM ONE R6 A LL fZIS

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