The Courier News from ,  on November 26, 1947 · Page 18
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The Courier News from , · Page 18

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 26, 1947
Page 18
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counnw ;] I CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION aaasai.pav mtm ., • •> avc MM. ajar BM par. war ike •jaaa faT tea par way to <awa> par ISM par «af fe ataaea par Hate par'day *e •etatfcjtar. Una rT., too OVuatt *"e a*eaa«« -X«j to tbe Uata. A4 ,,'tmit far Maraa or ate tamas and •taflBejia Move avptration will be etoarf- •tf tgf Ifea BtMBkaa' aa 1 ttaaaa UM ad ap' pa*a_a] ajajd adJiM—aunt of bill sMda. *• OwMatJUd MTiiHetin aopr aub- nil a» peeam ia»lillin ouKlda «( c*aj aawM he accompanied br c*_k ai Ma* b« aaw% aaanpuaad. Iroaa tba •aider lor kracuaar kvaat* _ . wilt be takri. tar •or* them.oae> _>eorr»c« keaatalon <X taajr aaaaatiUd ad. Alt ada are aaautetad te tt-aV pro .«-Sw^±.Wtt-SS»-fc'.*. : Two aadrocart boiiM or apartment • lealdent. Phone 1943. lliU-pk-M L«t 'fttaf Pool* *how you what UM "mtfhiy J*^" can do for you. Lav wiaam and •raete cMrnbea* abll- ttr yriMi wtM*l elrtve traitSri er* oolj a r. w a* UM nuuy (eMures Hut vlll eonrjuoa you thai you &e«4 an Jeepl POOLC UOTOB 00. Wch way «1 at Maale, Phone Cteeie 4* CM/ Wood Coal Prep»w for th« eold days and nighty ahead by wdaring Great Heart Coal for-stove or grat* B. C. ROBINSON LBK. CO. Okwe bo ArMio plnnt. Youns; couple, BO peu or children. Gerald Blftke. phone *I«. lllM-pk-M Two ar tkraa room rurrjlebed apart- •ent. Write nu % Courier Mewi. Furnlabad or vafieanlefaecV apartment or teuae. Ho children. Write Box f .W.H. OomUr K«wa. »-pfc-HU Business Service Directory ' Airfo Supp/iif Wonted: Wrecked 1 or. Burned Automobiles W»(H Axto Salvagr* ». ».lhiir M ' rhon< nM COAL "If k is coal you want" WE HAVE IT. Also Hay—Acro*i from . BljrtheviU* Compr«M W« Deliver Phon« 4480 CrappSe and cat ftah. 24 hour service. Simpson Oil Co. Stateline. lliM-ck-tr Fresh country eggs, direct from poultry farm. Pickard'* Grocery. 1044 Chickaiawba. ll-7-ck-12-7 BURNS Body Repair Work Paint Job*—Reasonable WB CAM tnrDBRBID ANY OTHER PHICBS- rod INFORMATION CALL tmfS. AMC rOK MR. BURNS. i«ep parti now available at POOLE MOTOR CO. vmutaa parta from cmr aoni- Now> lha time » aoak Irult caka In vine or brandy for chrlitmaa. Htop DT today. Foaier'a Liquor, atom. Old Fashioned Taffy (Home-made) Buy your Christina* oand iow—at 107 W. Main. W. S. LANGDON I »».<*-! Mate line. •Ujvj _ POOL*. OWHBR * o Boutft Klxhway «l at . Phorve We guarantee RECAPPING WITH HAWKINSOM TREADS Let row next t*r»« b« GENERALS OO«T MORE—WORTH MORE t - MocKng«r Tire Co. llll-ek-M Expert Radiator Repair for Less Protection against aR INSURABLE HAZARDS Phor* 3545 W..J. Pollard Agency Planned Insurance CH.CHOOII HOTBL ia«w. ASH HeuMhoM Coerfs WINTER TUNE-UP RISTORIS YOUt PORDt Ff f, POW1R AND KOMOMY FORD-WAY LUBRICATION HELPS YOUR FORD CAR RUN BETTER, LONGER onipany 5th at WabiDt Phon» 4453 fmtmtn BABY CHICK* Limited number, Hatchery. Wantad a> bur: Illilli »>a*ar lor r'araaall Motor a. Cail J*M. lllM-vk-lfll Por aala: *ia Borutia old pullete, Abraham a Tourla* Court. Hlffbwar 41, ..»« luUr adutppad M kuk Mbbar Model A Jobn Dirre UBcMr aafl nil- ilv.tor. other me%He and lajapU- menu. John BrMl, dtalcei, llo. lllM-pk-10 Traoton tor »ate: 1-F , wtah Tarmall; !-• .. John D»ere wllah aaulpmant: 1 to- ternetlonal eombUM: oeia iralUr, o. D. Crar, a mllaa laat « Mat* lisa Arch. For eal* - U-rarmaU Tractor. eulU- vcitor. eeaMc cutter, dlae mower and 3 bottom dlac breaker, ad two yaare old. Bee Tom Jobnaou 1^ mil** waei ot UcCartr Oln on Ooltoowood road N UJM-pk-W CALL 2088 Your Kerosene and Fuel Oil Dealer G. O. POETZ for Quick, Dependable Servic* OFFlCfi R. a. AT CHERRY Musical Mmrthandiu Veaetlaa blknttft now Ic aa made K. W. Blind, btal 1« B MalD St. phcoa Raadr- nt Store Wa bar. Hu ounA. ta . „ . t our trained rapalr your mdSatoi r yom. Serriot PWkwp and Delivery Phillip* Tractor Co. COSOU* UlWHOH, !<•>. mane 1171 , ' ' .'• ' K9 ak K Matorioi We loan moncv st 4% to BUY OR BUILD HOMES in Blythevllle For Information ooctact repiaeepU OUT TRMKI . J0» *LIXANDER flt »QcrrTABiji yrt *8auRAnct lit W. Aah rrwne 3«M Money to Loan PIAHON: NEW AND USK> at Brooki Ilualc Store, un Kaat M«»B. Blrt^erllle Telephone ill. Mu- sle Inatrunieuu aod stippllee of al3 klnde. Guaranlaed radio repair. I, 1119-ek-U 'Hare In' etook'need of eYerr'muat- clan. —See uur nlnpla; of Qultan. VlDllua, HermonLcae, stclQge and other niu»lcel attachmeiits, Moreland's Music Store. 315 S. Second. "It It's muet- cal We h«Te 11!" H!U-pk-12|ll Notice lQT€St Ji CASH ""?N COMFORT clean ueM car trom Pool* Buy Uotor Compan«* with Installmenta Pools Motor Company BOUTB HIOHWAI «1 ETKEUC. MISSOURI PHONE BTULX IOIlD-Dk-«r Wb» tpenrt money- Kwap Witt •Iberi RviffraRn' M»ln. Fhona m Ka-r* Mr«r_J hundred u*ed concrtrte baooka. Will .ail at bau-gnm. Ton LHtla Ruhr Co., PborM 861 Have a large quantity galvanized Corrogated Roofing Will sell' at a bargain. Tom Littl« Realty Co. llH»-o>-« Have several thousand feet of used lumber you can buy at a bargain. Tom Little K«»lty Co., phon« 861. llM-ek-W o down parnecM ao ta«i, no rad tape Max Logajj, Realtor GOVT. USED Insulation Board Special Sale >c Square Foot MONEY TO LOAN with na )p, 403 *. 10 M ok H "Follow the crowds to Planter's Gift Center and Toyland." PLANTERS HARDWARE Co. UW-ok-t Services !• TOUR HAND BANOED UPJ Haa the flnlah bean marred? Hare a rev,- reMntatlfe Irom MORII.AHD'B UVS1O STORK ilTe a tree estimate, for beautiful reflnlsh 'Job 31K • and bt.. Blrthe<llle. Phone 4233. . lllll-pH-13111 rtftr ton of oottoa a«ad. D«M* pine. Second year *rou eiperlment etatlon. «X> buihab aorbaana J rarletlea: Royal Boyae and Argotaa iraavi type. 30 ton >!<aHa, KOd. Saa or call O. K. Moiei. ITJI bwi- ora. or MT Oaoada. llrM-pk-M For $«U, Cars A Trucks Glenn 1942 Oldcmobkle. priced raa- Konable. See Oeburn, Wade Furniture Co. Call 3113, day. 3040, nl«ht. Houaa trailer, l»4e (tawart. *l feat IOIIK. perfect condition. Tandem wheeli. large H«[aon Dolly awnlnx. bargain. Alao hare 1942 BvUck. X wanted. John Byrd, Weatern Auto Store. Warden, Uo. lll'M-pk-K F«r tmk, fmrmg ' 40 ACRES on «rt.v«l road, well locat-d, ••n buy compl«t« farming »nd •quip«n«nt at a bar- 240 ACRES ^ on grav«l road, most Mil within the n«xt 6 day*. 1186 p«r acra, Th«i« arc otily a few of ow lUtinjfi, contact u« b«- for« you buy a farm or hom«. DAVID REAL ESTATE & INVESTMENT CO. Phon« 3633—2486 T. B. Joynar—Phone 3205 Ban D. Hamnsr—Phone 3633 llllJ-ck-U M atrc- or laud S ulle< Weat or MarU on M Hl<tiway. with new modern horn, built ,hla year iH.OOO. p". MaalOft January l.t. ie>4». Telephone Ko. Ill or 1431 Garuthemllle. Mo or aaa Frank Taylor. ' 1044 2 ton Dodge truck, 5 aped uanft- mlaslon. 2 speed deferential and 381t. trailer air bralcea. l^ae than 1.000 mllea on new motor. And good rubber or will trade for tractor tnd> equipment C. B. VanBlbb«r 1'^ mllea Weal nf Lute* itore. lliM-pkl3ill 1339 Bulok I paaaenger eoup*. A-l Condition. Maw paint and tlraa, ia>- rllo and heater. Privatetr ownad. call 4110. HIM-aC-M .LOOK! 1M< Gherrolet Hi »n loni wheel baae. new stock b«d. iwrfect condition, lev milage. Can be aeen at 2204 Ghlckaaawbe, pnone 37AT. Some Real FARM BARGAINS M Acra farm In Orarne County, „, , acrea In culttratlon. M «rre« limber. ! S room dwelMnc. ona 3 room dwelllne. Small barns. Adarited ta mi cropa grown In thla aertlon. Price UKO. '. *> Acre farm In Oreene County. Nfw ' J room bungalow, on erarel road. BFD , and R1A. Price tnoo. •0 Acre farm. Oood made land. near Manila, good * room dwelling Price u.ia. -00 Acre farm ki Lawrence County. Haa 200 acrea In cultivation with a modem elglit room cobblestone dwell- InK. Hardwood floon. Combination cofcon*. csom and atock farm. Price 418.000. . 3«0 Aere*. extra good Little Rlvrr floodwar land, highly developed., Ne^r Uftntk. Thta la a good buy at 9110 per Chapin 4c Tipton Manila, ArK. Wearing Apparel New Navy Sho«« Hafety toea M.50 ARMT COMTOHT* ARMT KAINCOAT* ARMT rauo AH In No. 1 Condition DAP Bargain Store 110 B. MAIK For Sale, farm* OI>D SIZC P8AMK1 MADE TO ORDER FOR DIPLOMAS. PICTURIS. KTC. O'Steen'g Studio l|24-ek-12!10 You'll find what you want - if you are interested in Buying City Property or Farm Lands List your property with m« if you arc interested in Selling I "AN OLD WILL WORK YOU" BOY WHO HARD FOR CONWAY & HOUCHINS QJ«noo« HoWl Building . XM ak M Musical Mtvchancrif* NOTICE 1 Mr. E. T. Hubbard, former ly with Max I^ogan< R«*Wor is now connected with John ny Marr Real Eatat« and will b« glad K> have his o4d patron§ M well R« new call on him at any time. Johnny Marr Real Estate 112 S. Second Phone 4111 Residence 4129! UiM-ak-»r3 JOHNNY MARR Real Estate Broker 112 South Second Phon«s: Office 4111 Horns 2596 and Shrub* OAU, *4U ™*™ . . MMW^g WWkK • ,_ _2* 1 2S*V5- lI * r * d »J 01 •>•• •» te* «H Blpoerllle i!l6-ck t! INSULATION . ^"SSj* J^ °° tb> bwt kln<! *° •»• and tie cheapeat way to apply it "- O. BOBW90K ' -£?"-!?• CO.' Pianos NEW AND USED Music Instruments BAND AND STRING Radios & Repairs WESTINGHOUSE RADIOS COLUMBIA AND VICTOR RECORDS BROOKS MUSIC STORE Opportunities Photography Personal Photo CHRISTMAS CARDS Limited Tim« Only Fifteen beavrtlful caTde with enrel- b's'TEEN'S STUDIO 11< Wwt Mala ctmt - T»l f ;>hrin. 3XK llllS-ck-W Sorytos Curtalaa kauadarvd 3l< I. FraoMln. n4 atretched. l»U4-pk-llH4 Btovea repaired. a;ulck aatvlce. work (uanntead. phone 43U. night MM rnenta made of nmall elaee Aaale* Oardeno. XT 8 Bai O. PaAaL Wa a«H paat m« ~. Beautiful trkadala. W moaa. 11110-vk-WlO ^^ star* R\mery Ord«ra laVen for ornnmenUI ahmb heir. ro»e h\i»lie«. ever^rcrnt Flowtrlns pench tree«. Phone Mra. J. o. Droke — M74 Chrl»*mae rrera and hollr. DelUered to yo«. anr Rl^«. order now. Fhon" 1231 H 26-,-k-I2 Typtrwrifer TYPEWRITERS 107 MR. MERCHANT One of the beat OPPORTUNITIES for increasing BUSINESS k the regular •«* of Clarified Advertising. Readers in a buying mood turn to t>M BwtaMe Sendee Directory for tht MOVM of reputable firm*./ K. Main. TeJ^yhotv* 811 lli»-«k-K BEAUTIFULLY RECONDITIONED PIANOS FROM $70 UP PIANOS Moreland's Music Store ' 315 S. Second-Phone 4222 NEW. SPINETS 10* OFF ALL RADIO* SHEET MUSIC FOR •VERY INSTRUMENT Waabrof aad irorttM HQ~ _ flnlabad. Qmlta and tlanketa. cblld- ren'i clothes. WIIH* Bette Green. 11U I»ke St. li;oi-pk-llllo WASHING MACHINES and Electrical Appliances repaired. Blytheville Machine Shop. Phon« 2828. DON EDWARDS Oil hratprs. Cartwn removed while hot. c«n ajM. ure-nk-ms Venetian blinds washed retaped and restrung, 4207. . I« BT r> kB »rccara ji u< thrrsvllle Mo 451. Can l:n-pk-ni Farms For Sal« We still hav« a nice Hst of farms, some at which are listed below and on which we can still give poBeeaaion for 1948. Moat of these farm* ar« well improved snd easy irm» can b* arranjr«d on ny tracts. MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS 120 AcrM on Highway 61. 180 Acres n«ar Dell. 260 Acres n«ar Blythevilte. 80 Acres ne«r Blytheville. 240 Acres n«ar Blytheville. We also have Mveral larg- r tract* near Blyth«vil,«. PEMISCOT COUNTY, MISSOURI 308 Acres on Highway 24 Sxtra nic« hom«. 120 Acre* near 8te«rS. 400 Acrea on fin* road good land, good improve ments. 300 Acres adjoin* above, a eal farm. 80 Acres on gravel road :ood improvement*. 120 Acr«» gravel road nice improvements. 120 Acr»t adjoin* »bov«, a nice farm. 40 Acrea, goml land, nice loms. Also barn and teruui IOUH*. 80 Acre*, gravel ro«d, 1 louse* and barn. W« also have about 55' acre* nice land for sale in mat! tract* of from 40 to 12( acre*. Thi* land is about \ mproved and can be handle on GI Bill. Can handle to an: jood man for from 11000 t ?2000 per 40 acre* cash, b«l ance **sj r ternn. If you want to sell or b« SEE Cecil L. Earls Noble Gill Agency Blytheville. phone 3131 Osceola 93 Do«js. Cots, and Pttt eglJterfd black «nd white cock »D»nlel puppies. Mrs. N, o. Jerom telephone 3101. iljM-pk- ror Mle — Black and while cock pupple>. itiblrrt to rrglslratlon. M Owrge w. E«rh»m. 1303 Ht.rn, pho 33S *- Homes in Carutherrvill* AREA »M ROOVS. FARMS IW Pemiscot County, 80—320 ACHES. BVISINESSKS. AND BUSfK* PROPKRTT. CARUTTTBBSVILLS Al roRTAOEVIt.^. 01 LOANS And FHA available. Lint TOU» PBOPamTY WITH V* Wyatt Ill iOR«B ON HIGHWAY 91 In ev' ifadrld rannty In high stale of ultlvatlon. A nice home, good barn. wo tanant houser, good pasture, well nead. Priced to aell. Possession Janaia/ 1, 1M». U. M. Parrla R«at VataU Companr •teela. Ulsaourl for So/*, Crfy Property i room flat on North IMh St. Small ent down, balance on time, radford's Grocary. 5 room hou«« and baui. 928 8. Lake, hon. 13» or *XS. H. •. "Bud" rliher ral Cetate M Loana. Il!13-pt-27 *» ,3,* YOUR CAR GETS THE WORKS" IN OUR 0</ DEPARTMENT* PXXl*MM4> KHKM-UP MKM. WOW reduce Ox value o< j>o<ar «_r. neat w attack the meul underneath. l*tae« your pricW n m appaanace. H your caw as afflicted with any of ihaaa xufaca ailmeMa, drive loco oaw ttxciat "BodV Beautiful" farrie* DepaeiaMm lot mm auimaat «• fMlariag every Rowing contour, rvery hancboene tine <s> ill orifl-aj fjeaaejaf bawtiy. Yota'M Km4 ifea COM to be) COMI IN AND «1T A Fit 11 ESTIMATff ON BO»Y MVAMt—NO OMMAHOM TO YOU ^^ LOY EICH CHEVROLET CO. BRING IT BACK TO CHEVROLET fOR SERVKf • PARTS • ACCESSORIES NEW .MODERN California style home eom- lete and modern in every etail. Automatic heat, hard- •ood floor*, attic fan, in ood location. Shown by ap- ppoiritment only. Mention Veterans! We «r« building two new rick home* on Main Street or »al«, why not exercise our GI Loan rights and pur- fiasc one of these homes 7 'all at our of fica for details. 5 ROOMS AND BATH o<M\twd 723 South Lilly at. 6-BOOM HOUSE with bath close in. On gravel trset. ?4,000. NICE SUBURBAN HOME n N. 61 Highway on one- cre lot. City conveniences with double garage. Three oom guest house with bath in rear of lot. The*e ar» only a few of iiw littingi, contact u* IM- or« you buy a farm or hom«. DAVID REAL ESTATE 6 INVESTMENT CO. Phon« 8633—2486 F. B. Joyner—Phone S205 Ben D. Hamnar—Phone 3633 New Modern BUILDING On S. 61 Highway. Has 5 room apartment with bath upstairs. LARGE SHOWROOM Ideal for implement or automobile agency. Will sell at discount of actual co*t. See or call: MAX LOGAN Realtor Lynch Building Prone 2034 or 502 lhai-cfc-k*- Two Modern 5 ROOM HOUSES with bath, hardwood floors Large lots. Asbestos shingled should not need repairs fo: 25 y«rs. $2000 down, balance easy payment*. Camp Moul trie Drive. O. S. Rotlison Phone 3309 l>U«-ek-M!I Grocery Store at Shady Drove 3'i miles of Manila. Will sell »11 or ->ert of huHrtlriK »nrt stock. This' wenk only. Also battery charger, electric acety- ene welder, and oth«r shop tool*. H John Deere tractor mud equlDment. S«c CJatis Love lew. H!26-pk-M Buakne&s for Bale. 9006 trade, pood location, new building lot. good deed. Bad health cftuwj for eelltnfr. price *170». Phone Ilf, Box IK. Mr*. M. ador, LeechrOW. Ark. Read Courier News Want Ads. (Continued on Next- Page! Free De/i'very Call PICKARD^' GROCERY Phon« 8043 1044 Chirkasnwba FIVE ROOMS and bath, hag attic fan and automatic hot water heater, near high school. Quick possession. A medium priced home. NEW AND MODERN 2 bedroom home on Main St BUB line, beautiful shrubbery, attic fan, plenty of attic itorage space, large closets, can b« financed through FHA. HIGH AND DRT lot in Prid* Addition, Ijirge storag* shed on TMHT. Priced right. JUST BUILT neat, and new, 4 room* and bath. Modern kitchen, built- in cabinet*. Rental house on r«Mr brlngt in profitable id oonrr*. PoMMMtoa today. S«« or Mil MAX LOGAN Realtor PhotM XOB4 11-19-ck-tf YOUR CAR If it'* worth driving at all, your c«r deserves th« kind of checkup and repair service we ar« equipped and staffed to giv». Whetnwr yow'v* driren it a hun- dred mile* or fiv* thoMMnd, « pra-ookt weather «M- amination i« a jMoessitj'. Prowipt CM-VJCC »od modir- at* pric«c hav« buiit our repuiation. LANGSTON-WRQTEN CO. Dial 555 For S«rvic« Walnut at Broadway y<

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