The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 25, 1947 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 25, 1947
Page 15
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TUESDAY, NOVEMBER M, 1MT jn,YTHEVIM.R (ARK.) COURIER NEW* PAGE vvrneptt Classified Advertisements 'L'ralltr truck <trl7«r, It yc*rc ex- ncriro«t. order ft lou* haul. R4f»r«n. u k. OMlty. Luzon, Rt. i. 1«. ilU4-»a>JI For Salt, City Property Htfp Wonted, Malt FIVE ROOMS »nd bath, has attic fan and automatic hot water heater. |»; ~tr» ? ii. car near high school. Quick possession. A medium prtced 'me. . . EW AND MODERN 2 bedroom home on Main St Bus line, beautiful shrubbery, attic, fan, plenty of attic storage space, large closets, can be financed through FHA. HIGH AND DRY lot in Pride Addition. Large storage shed on rear. Priced right. JUST BUILT neat and new, 4 rooms and bath. Modern kitchen, built- in cabinets. Rental house on SALESMEN Wanted high type men to call on ••< Ubllshed trad* (chemical maintenance Write Box llllS-tk-M Young men 20 to 23 to a«er ID apeclal salM work. Must be eat and rr« to tntel. Apply In per on, Mr. Wiley. Hotel Koble bel^ee and .7 p.m. Monday through wed esday. . ll!2«.p»:-Z roar brings in profitable income. Possession today. See or call MAX LOGAN Realtor Lynch BWg. Phone 203 11-19-ck-t & r i Have 8 lots left in restrict-1 ed residential district. Camp Moultrie Drive. O. S. Rollt- sonf phone S309. Position WantMf Work woman, IB home. Ulddle-aga- wUtte Mrs. Anna Smith, Manila, Ark. Private Rooms Comfortable bedroom. CIOM to town. Men only. HO W. Walnut. lllW-pt-30 phone W35 li!25-ck-lZ!3 Comfortable bedroom. ••Oklahoma!" WM LONDON (UP)--More lh»n 460,000 peisous hive seen the London production or "OklahomaI", which tut pfcued iU MOth ptrtornunc* at the Drury Lane The»t«r. The' musical, • which will retain an American cast throughout its run here, h»s . grossed *«M,9«0, of which |2tl,ftOO haa IOIM.HS entei- Ulnmrnt tax. hous*k«plnif room, phone Help Wanted, Female Room and Phone 3835. Armor*. Hotel, Wonderful opportunity for «•!«•'Oman, ID a Il-sld thai is entirely new ar women. Interested lu *ale»work. :an c»rn $600 monthly. Must be free r> travel. Car essential. If Interest**! tiite to Box 585. BlythevHie, Ark. n|l9-clt-U Lost and Found Bedroom 15ia W. Hearn. 4324. "Mrs. Eugene Auleti. for cionpti* only, kSt<*h<*n S314 W. Carolyn, nlionc Taken Up $75 REWARD FOR IN- <'ORMATION LEADING TO RETURN OF 1946 Plymouth 2 Door Sedan, Deluxe. Color black. Li- one red WelRht ftb Phone tt>«. Hruldle nt 350, Heifer, inuley Gray rtiolhers. cense No. 114X850, Arkansas 1947. Serial Motor No. P No. 22042714. 15159509. Call Blythaville City Police, Heater, red striped seat covers, no bumper guards, approximately 24,000 mileage. ' 11-24-ck tf Wanted to Buy •I'lip owner of m antlciue thon ill Washington tried for three years lo Tocftte fi rare net of Magellan rnilt rttnhes. He' "Urro a Wftnt Art In a Snofcnn* n^v^prtnT. After all other efforts hari'lnllrd, the *<1 broMRllt forth the rnre Itews. j WANTED to buy fium tractors niirt machinery. RtiUc nrlcp nnrt coo- | dltlon. Cleo Mll-wellilftn. O5r«r>l*. lown ' Dial 2231 for Free Delivery on All Staple and Fancy Groceries Quality Meats GROCERY Fresh Fryers (Live or Dressed) Freeman & Henley 2016 Main St. For Sale, Misc. FOR SALE A 130.000 ' mfttched. p«»rl necfcl»« w as lost in the winter Blush of Paolll a "Ijost" Ad back to a Philadelphia newspaper, effecting Us immediate re- cove rf- Notice 12- Srownlnr Automatic Shotgun ruuge 30 Incti Full. $85.00. SOS K. Tilth 11-15-TF 5 tx»l tablta and (Uture* for sale. ralUfd »t W50. A. L. Kewmnn. Luxora. Ark.. Phone 24. Illl9-pi-2« Apanment slse RanBette. bottle table top. White, enamel, »5. MuthH. So. Highway «1. old Sad Barbecue. " U-t> Butane gas tank, 1000 gallon, used only few months 450 gallon tank, new. Wil sell at big discount. Tom Little Realty, phone 861. One Warm UornlDC circulator. One S bottom 14" breaking plow. Phon* .4130. iun-vk- heD£. Call 11122-pk-lll CkDmrlM, alng eri and llo piano, excellent »88. 118 W. Cherry. For Sale OLD NEWSPAPERS COURIER NEWS OFFICE Army ShOM S3. Army U 7«hoe pacts, HaLTord'u Shot t>ri'j;i. », Second. llH-l>fe- Gigantic Church Bazaar starting at 10 AM-Wed., Dec. 3 taturlng: Beautiful handwork, pillow cases, baby clothe*, aprons, etc. Iso: Homemade ca^es and candlw rood booth with every thins Treah from tbe ountry LOOK What the Fathers have rooked up! BINGO AT ITS ' BEST ' ' Fewer game* " Better prizes (none te« than 15) Sensational new bingo cards Bingo starting promptly at 6:00 PM All at the Legion HOt Sponsored by Ladles or the Catholic Church llin-ck-12111 Oie Man Winter Just Around the Corner Let us remove the water from your tires and fill them with calcium chloride antl-Creeze solution. We .will be glad to make an appointment to rare for all your ITU dors at your t^rro—thus saving you time. REMKMBKK \\K SKKV1CK ALL MAKKS TRACTORS Russell Phillips TRACTOR rO- 50. Hiway 61 Phone 2171 NOTICE David T. Cooly Builder & Contractor Has Opened a Cabinet Shop With Russell Musick In Charge DIAL 4357 for FREE ESTIMATES on Work 213 North Franklin Blytheville, Ark. FKECKLKS * HIS FRIENDS By'MERRILL, BLOSStM Thai's It, Brother "You're not getting out of wiping dlshe* any more—If you tell about me using lipstick, don't forget two of my girl friends caw you smoking!" oNTiilf QLO FVANlATlON, WC WOULDN'T FCED CHICKEN Liw; THAT 10 VERMEER By ETHEL HAMILL « H«M«. I*K.: Di,trib«re* V NLA SERVICE. INC. THE STOHY; lor » brcatlb FOUHJC *nnn In II r I Twin b«d with Simmons Beauty rwt mattrefis and bo* aprtngs. SUghtly used, phon* 4«7. Ili25-pk.2« fitudlo couch (opens Into bed) and kitchen cabinet. Call 3677. * Ill20-0k-17 »i l\crtj tlmtf boddy, mmd mmym hr rr • 1zr4 din trnta tkr plelarr • Iwaya carried irltli hl». R trlt* Can lhaf Jnt-l 1* !• wltk her. kmm *!TT«J* IKC l«vr with her. WevtlDgbouse used refrigerator. Call Jimmy Stevenson, 3L31. Illtt-clc-19 Westlnghoua* 7' model, Phone 3727. 8 ft. Warren meat ewe 5 montha old. •are COO on tal* box. 1M7 Hudaoa 4 rttwr »edan f » clean car. See these at Jim Blnkley atore. 6 miles West- of Holland, Mo. HOUSI-TBAILTR . Roomy. 8-focrt wldt, IS foot InU-r- »tat« Cfcraran. lovely Interior, new tires, permanent Beauty Rert Bed. •leep* four. Klectrle brake*. ff*> ntDire. btautlful Studio Couch. Sacrifice price. Ready to roll. Everett Mathls. south Highway «. Old sad Stc Burbecu*. 24-pk-Z7 Help Wanted TJ^Don't your big chance to make Txtra Christinas money- O'Stecn's will pay from »10 to $15 weekly In commission* for extra hours work. Begin today 1 O'STEEN'S STUDIO 113 West Main Bt. Telephone 320& 11124-cV>t2[10 Hefp Wanted, Male Good farm truck and trac tor mechanic. Well-equipped shop. Good house, rent free Attra cti ve pro po si tion on percentage basis. Telephon 4141. Courier Newi Want Adx XXIV /~*AM was so glowingly happy on ^ that brief walk home from the tea'dance thai Maurine, bounc- ng along beside her occasionally' eft off admiring her new Eta Mu pledge rosette for loftg enough to cast a speculative scowl in her cousin's direction. When they reached the Dean's nous« Maurine. babbling about being a "real, honest-to-goodness sorority girl!", skimmed up the gracious old staircase "to write the big news to Daddy, because nc wasn't home when I trlec. to ^et him by long distance from Eta Mu."* Following more slowly. Cam found herself wanting to shout out her own cause for rejoicing almost with the same abandon. The thoughts which Beefy had put into iier mind had spread through her whole , being and claimed its remotest cell and nerve. As Beefy himself had kept putting it, he knew. Oh Joel. Joel. Joel! Seated before her dressing-table mirror and running a comb through her pale hair. Cam gave way at last to that ridiculous hunger to hear how it sounded when she said it aloud, 'Joel really loves me!" How it sounded was iust plain wonderful. "Joel loves me! Joel Conroy loves Cammie Austin!" In the midst of her joyous chant she broke off abruptly. Hadn't there been a sound outside her door? A small, almos inaudible scratching against the panel, as if .someone had begum the very act of knocking but then had thought better of it? "Who's there?" Cam called. When there was no answer, she waited for an instant arid then repeated the question. "Who is it?" When only silence answered- she stood up and crossed the room quickly. But when she flung open the door the upstairs hallway was empty. She was just about to return to her brush and con.» when across the way. Maurire's door opened too. Maurine wore a bandanna draped around her dark upsweep in the approved campu fashion of the moment, and shi carried a long sealed envelope in her hand. She looked • trifl startled when she saw her cousin standing alert and watchful in the doorway opposite. "Cammie!' 1 Her voice was all low amazement. "What is it. dear? You look as it you'd just heard a mouse.''' I heard something." Cam answered. "Didn't you?" 'Out here? Why. no, dear. Nothing." Belatedly. Maurine indicated the envelope. "I've finished my letter to Daddy. He'll be so thrilled to know about my going Eta Mu. I'm iust on my way to the post box now." As sbe so often did—perhaps unwisely—Cam was smiling t< icrsclf at her cousin's burst oi childishness as she closed the door TT was hour hard to wait until the when she knew Joe would have completed his labora tory experiments and returned t hi? boarding house. Bui at ton last, even the crawling hands the antique timepiece in the fron hall had to give up and admit tha Joel should have had ample tim to reach his lodgings. Cam's hand shook as she ben above the telephone to dial h number. "May I speak to Mr. Conroy, ilease?" she requested, breath- essly, when his landlady an- wered. There was • long pause hen, while Cam's heart did several strange loops and spins, as il it were riding a roller coaster. A voice—not Joel's—said, "Hello?" ; I'm sorry. T asked for Mr. Conroy." 'Oh!" And now she recofmized the substitute. It was Beefy. "This you, Cam? I thought it'd be you, maybe, when the lady said for Joe." IsnH he home yet?" She didn't even bother not to sound eager. 'Listen, honey, 1 was a heel. The guy comes in about half an hour back, see? He's looking blue as ink. so—well, 1 told him. About seeing you, accidental like. About the way you feel for him." "W-what did he .s-say?" She found the words sticking In her throat. "It wasn't so much what J o* said. It was the look he got on his kisser. You'd have thought the muR had just inherited a million jucks. He busted loose in your eneral direction wi'houl even other ing to say goodby." 'You mean he's on his way over iere? Now?" "That's it. And with a look in is eyes. Be nice to him, baby." She hung up without guessing vhat she was doing. She seemed o be walking on rosy clouds as she tepped out onto the veranda. She —heaven even to imagine ill— he'd be sitting heie in the iwi- jght and waiting as he strode up he hill. She'd just look at him and smile and that would be all ie would need. Beefy snid all the vords that had to be said. The door closed behind ner softly. And like its echo came the sound of the gate latch at the end of the walk, clicking open ami then shut again. Maurine. back from the post box? No—the step was firmer. Joel, already! She saw him now. as she hurried forward. His tal) figure was bearing down upon the veranda steps with o speed for which there would b« a delicious reason. Even in the fading afterglow, his bright unruly hair was shining. (To Be Continued) Our Boarding House with Maj.Hoople, OUT OUR WAY By J. R. William SOTTA KEEP THIS A seCRer FOOTBALL SIGNALS, AL>JI^.' 60OT UhiCLB eUL&V'S TRICK ED THAT YA^t<s A GUY OOT OF CEAML.AKJD AND PUTS HuAOrt IS FEET ~-BOT H6 WlVL, ROTHER, VlHEfi THIS GOBS PF TOMORROW AT 5A.W..' I'D AS SOOM HELD ~!>*£. ALAMO ALONE AS HOLD AMYTHIMG FOR A TAPER-OFFER THAT! OH, SODAS O QUIT SMOKIW AN' HE'S <JOT CURLV HOLPIN' TH' PACK, ' ONLY ALLOW! M' HIM OM& C1&ARET EVERY TWO ( A HALF ' (Ml NUT £ YET IT'S KlfSDA RASVCV, . V! SEtST GETS THINKS TRYING TO SCftLP Hll^.' WHW I?- HE T(46YRE AFTER rtM AlTO f / know. He did it last summer when ive [vent on vacation! Nonsense, PrisciHa! There's no creek around here! pushed me*\~ into the I creek!. /nn (VMALl.BY and RALPH 1,ANB SO WE CAN PROVE THAI BOTH JANUS AND maun* wAt»um wt« MUft !I told Grow I what I had on my mind. Then I returned to Libby Lang's. ir,VK,IHNOWALJM 1 VOURt AN IUCRHIA WAS EVIl, ACTRESS KNOA BUT NOCWf OUGHT/IROUPSR.ANITA, TO DIE THAT 7ANDTHI4 SHOW WAY, y-ISN'r OVER YET/TOMORROW MORNING AT EXACTLY 1O WAQWO/ m/»W Ml DIDN'T LEBSUE TURNEB It's Your Move, Conductor WASH TUB11S TOMPAY! SPEMC ONIN WHEN SPOKEN STOSE COULD* HfcfPlNED TO ML HH PASSENGERS' SHOES IN OR. 54 ? WEltsESO... BUT THEH'5 SOWN* Bt f. JNFUL LOTTfc III M1SWER. THW, SOJMS FEILk! SOUR GKNWd WILL TH1UK TWICE »JE*T TIME •SPORE TR.VIWS TO DISTRIBUTE HIS SHOE SfWLE* IN HH PUUWM!'. PER WPS "' WE'P BETTER, G6TS&CICT0 SEOi 8OVS! THROW OUT ML THOSE b'RED HARMAN You AND I SEE •EYe-To-Ef UTS 6£T /IF BltU WAWIEP "D GfT Rio Of ruereR. HE AF1EK. THE -rue HUKDSK or EUS-KK SEE HOW WXBOO-f BILL CANT BE <SoiLtY TOtl'RE UNDER. ARREST, BILL No. No, You're Wrong! you. ajis... OV,' I'LL B= GONE FOZ A V\MLE, SO YOU KEEP AN ,/^-J • r-itJ-.u. l>k _ ' V, '-^J~"" I -^£<$f ^%P *im$tt ..^m By EDGAR MARTIN HOOTS ANU HER RUDDIES

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