The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 25, 1947 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 25, 1947
Page 12
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PAG« TWELVE BT/TTHEVIT/LK (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS TUKSDAY, NOVEMBER *6, 1947 , A* BETTER HOMES Insulation Solves Shortage ol Fuel House* Properly -Wjnrtrii«d;WiH Not Suffer/ Experts Soy Tbt seventy afbettlnc fuel which in being predicted' for various sections of the country this winter will not be so severe in Individual home*. provided those homes are proper]* winterized, It was declared today by the -Construction Research Bureau of New York, clearing nous* for building Information. In fact, the Bureau said, Individual householders can s&ve from one-third to one-half the fuel that ' Annoyance, Expense to Home Ownerj Teachers Solve Inadequate, Faulty Plumbing Brings Housing Problem Iiiadequnl* »nd foully plumb-*— Ing piobnbly causes more annoyance and expense for the home owner than any other p»rt of Hie house. For lh*t. reason, portion I a r alleriHon should be patcl lo ltt« plumbing, wlieihcr one Is t><iy!uir, MI existing home or buUdlnc » new me. Trouble Is almost certain to crop up if supply and waste pipes are lot large enough tor both present and future family needs, and it ,; normally Would' be burned. The JBu'reau. w«s. joined In . statements by 'suggest Ions Issued by the federal government and the p»- troleum.'coal and gas industries, al of whom msscrlpd that comnlet* thermal insulation will save enormous amounts of fuel. Conclusions of these groups ar< based on unbiased scientific aim field t«sU conducted over sevcra years by governments agencies an various state universities. Th» United Stales Bureau of Mine* Is on record with the statement thnt more' than one billion dollars R year Doors Con Be Unusual, Home Builders Say With Hard Work .here are not enough tu!>s, toilets, wash basins, sinks and other Jaclll- You can tell whether the plumb- tics. Ins system is properly deslsncd :md installed In an existing hou.sfl by testing it. H water Hows too slowly from outlets, this c:in mean either that the supply pipes are too small or that they are cloRKcd up with dirl, scale or rust. The snme Is true If drainage is slow. If drains aie noisy, this usually menus that the system Is not adequately vented to lei air into the pipes. An excellent method of delei-niin- Tlie door to a bedroom or the hath or the kitchen Ins oltcn Jusl so much wood and hardware. There Is almost an unlimited field for originality in the closures to a room, says PRACTICAL BUILDER, Chicago 3. Modern homes are using figured and textured glass In clear crystal or colors, they are utilizing the space-saving vlrtuo.s or the "pleat" pressure In an exIstiiiK house Is of sliding plywood doors folding partitions lhat back on metal tracks. lo open faucets at several points. !' water flows [rccly from all of them, you can be sure that pressure Is adequate. Water Is supplied under pressure and for Miat reason piping of small ditimcter Is used. Copper or pressure pine is a sign of its more than gHlv- it Is not'subject to Insulated, weather-slrippeclTetpnV I corrosion or'rust nnd generally will ped with storm sash and all cracks! remain trouble-free for the lite or »rt properly caulked where air mlghlKhe house. In fuel would be saved It air or the i quality. This cos M million homes In America were auliscd steel, bu enter the residence. Today, on'.y BS per cent of the nation's homes are so protected. Since drainage Is by gravity. «ram ' Blwaya Dines should never be smaller than two inches-in, diameter. Galvanized In a comprehensive discussion of slec! or iron "is generally used for •interlzlng residences, the Snvnlll w!ui tc connections to the tub. sink, Homes Council of the University of Illinois States: "Insulation is required in all homes that are heated in winter or are exposed to high temperature* in summer, and the greater thp heal or cold, the greater the need for insulation." Value* Heat Needed Thii conclusion Is based on tests conducted by the University which •how that the average frame house • of either one or two stories, require* 100 fuel units to heat It to a comfortable, temperature without storm aash, weather-stripping or iusulatloiv Thls'ii reduced to 53 units for tint one-story home and 50 fuel units in the ^wo-story structure by 5 proper winterizing—in other words, a sav Ing bf approximately one-hair the fuel. : '« average two-story home. fuel Wrings are listed thus by the wnsh basin or oilier fixtures and this leads Into a four-Inch or larger cast ,lron pipe. Enameled cast Iron Is 'sntisfaclory for bath and laundry- tubs, slims and wash basins. It cost-s less than vitrified china and generally gives as good service. Toilets made, of vitrified chirm are preferred AUDIJ13ON. In. (UP)—This town of 2,409 person? sok'ed Its teacher by construction of I wo mouVrii duptexo.s- nnd. u didn L take H bond Issue to da It. -Superintendent of Schools Allen N. Stroh said an Idea, some Ingenuity and a lot of hard work turned the trick. The duplexes cost about. $15,000 nnd house four teachers and thcl famllic:;. They will have paid foi themselves In 15 years at the fairyland rental of $30 jwr month per- falnlly. This was trio situation last sum- j nier: Aiulubon him 1U men on its .school faculty of 32. fline were married and had families. Of Uie nine, Slroh had rented a home and Decorallve, gaily painted or nat-jlwo others courageously had bought. ural wood Dutch type doors are , '_ I»pular between dining room and " kitchen, while some homes which j room light- 1 ! when door is opened, use one end of the living room u.s R j O ff w lien It Is closed. dinette find it easy to give the Im- j- --- the I celling. Steel door mills . in steel' frames offer the same protection as commercial "fire doors" in fireproof buildings. ; Louvered or lattice wood doors allow better circulation for bcd- rooms while affordl/ig complete privacy. Playroom, den or library' doors i take on a new aspect when upholstered in leather with decorative nallheads. Mirrored doors have popular In bathrooms and bedrooms, but they can also add a feeling of space to small rooms and are colorful in the new tinted glass" French doorfi between living and dining room give a fresh, ouidoor- llke appearance and prevent a closed-in feeling In small room*. Where swinging doors are used. It Is well to add the precaution of a small cut-out or window to preclude the accidents which can happen with simultaneous approaches from homes. SI i J-'amall« I.til That left six families. Including ,hat of Don Slark, Ihe high "school nduslrlal arts inslruclor and father of a new baby, faced with the typical situation in small communities— landlords considering them a shorl- I.erm propo.sltlon, no in-laws to move in with nnd no hotsh to live !n \vhile watching the wanl.-ads. fiuon Icsrjicd a surplus buildings for sale at ciarlnda, la,, by the Was Assets Administration. The buildings were barracks, formerly occupied by Japanese and Germai; prisoners of war. He sounded out the school board on buying them. The board decided not only to buy them but to tear them down haul the lumber to Audubon and build the homes from scratch. Bargain In Bulldin'i Stark, an air force veterai., was made head of th* project. Stark and Stroh bought the building! for S327. They transported boys from the Industrial arts classes by bus to Clarlnda to dismantle them. Ix>ts were bought In the residential district and Stark engineered me lining of a hole on the site with more than 2,000 yards or dirt. Start shopped around D;s Moines, Omaha. St. fouls »nd Kan- sks Cily for finishing h -'--i-. The project wu iUilshed In record time. Th« tc«ehen did their own interior decorating. The plans for each are Identical—a living- dining room combination, two beda- rooms, a bath, two larger closets and a kitchen. The back porch can double as a breakfast nook and each has a full basement. Read Courier News Want Ads. press Ion of another room by s pending venltlan blinds from FRAZIER ,/ Bus Lines New Location 105 North Lake Street PHONE 2391 Bute* to— '' • ARMOREI, • HUFFMAN • PROMISED LAND • NO. 9 • STATE LINE CHARTER BUSES Eat Shop in Connection A nmrk ol good plumbing Is the L both sides And lor the '"Ken OILS | rfcsci" o \ shut-off valve in the "°»'e de.stgncr, -utonmtto light" upply V' close to cnch fixture, switches can he i.. ailed to turn on_ rhls iiermiUs repairs nnd ndjvist- Hcilooi lor Firenen SAN ANTONIO, Tex IUI'1—YT tght say ibuvban Alamo Heights remen »re burned up. The night, spatcher received a call and )unded the ..c alarm. Before the uclts roared out of the station, iome alert firemen remembered 6116 Broadway was the fire station'* address. Grapes grown on vines derive* from American root stock are now the source of most French wine. RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY (All 'i.rpts Except Csncti) DRS. NIES&NIES Clink S14 MAlo, BlythevUle, Ark., Phone 2921 mcnls to be made without oft water lo other fixtures. Removable screw plugs should be placed In Ir.iln pines so they can be cleaned without dismantling »>e whole sys- I tetn. Any exposed piping should be chromium-plated brass and lead Into the wnll instead of the floor to la.- ctliale floor cleaning. In planning a new house, it is wise economy lo spend a little more- nWul $200 in the average homc- aml obtain Ihc quality piping and fixtures available. Remember that 99 per cent of the piping '» concealed behind walls nnd ceilings and that to repair it will require major construction job. A foolproof electric eye device j his been developed for aptitude' tests of sewing machine operalois; in tin garment-working 'University of Illinois: ' Wealner-slrlpplng of all windows; and doors. 5 units saved; wealho-- strippiiig, plus storm sash and doors ; 18 units saved; 4-Inch blanket ot fibrous Insulation, such as mineral -. wool, above top floor celling, 13 units 1 saved; (till-thick <3 5;8 Inches) ol ! fibrous Insulation in wall spaces, IP | units saved—or a total saving or of the required 10U fuel units. MONEY -FOR MATRIMONY OR MATERNITY Milestones call for money. When you're getting married or expecting a new addition to the family, get the money quickly from G. C. P. C. PHONE M2I lit W. ASH »T. ILYTHEVILLE CONTRACT PURCHASE CORPORATION . , . and they are really beautiful! The array of new Trimz Kcady- Fn£tc<l Wallpaper patterns is really worth seeing . . and Trimz enables you to do your otun decorating, All you do is dip Trimz in water and apply it —and it's guaranteed washable and fmlcproof. Make your selection now! HARDWARE CO. Inc. HOME OF FAMOUS BRANDS 126 W.MAIN ST. PHONE 515 STUDEB AKE RS CHAM6LIN SALES CO. r\ Sal*. * STUDHAKtR * S.rvie. 4TTENTION, STlIUEBAKEft OWNERS: fm Driv» by for a free check on your climaliMi Heater and T> f< Defroster. Bf prepared lor winter. ' ^J A good lelectlon of new «nd used trucki. Also, i number "Tf at law mod«l u.wd c»n . . . mil guaranWedl ••WJJ ,1 v« K.Mreii and Ash Sirtftm _^ Ui Chamblin Dial 219S Bill Chamblin STUD EB AKE RS BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIN OFFICE NORTH TENTH Phone 3151 Beautiful, work-saving . . . a thoughtful suggestion . . „ about Christmas at home- Let Us Check Your Wiring Now! F.vcry year the : are countless numl bers oC people burned, some falally ffrnri short circuits to ('.hrislmas Tree liglitiiiff. Take precaution ... if you have H faulty wnll socket or /rayed extension rarrl, replace them with new, safe materials. If you're in ctoubl, see us for advice. There's no charge for this courtesy service am! i'. may save someone from serio;is harm. J See our fine line o? imported > S crystal house-lighting fixtures. . • ', . -t^ust the thing to make your ; i home bright for Christmas. 5 CHARLIE'S BY MULLINS . . . priced within the reach of everyone FARM LOANS LOHO Home Office, Newark, N. J. MIOMFT CLOVINB l»W »AT» CALL, WRITF. OR SE« RAY WORTHINGTON IIS S. Third St., Blytheville. Ark. SerTint Thta Station *S Train A-ahorafd Morl*«tt r, 0 «. Solicitor tor THK PRUDENTIAL INSURANCE COMPANY OF AMF.RICA "Maybe it's the latest thing, but I get better performance out of my old bus with the SEAY MOTORS overhaul!" f. /. BWTMESvllll.E.»«« ELECTRIC SHOP 116 First Phone 2993 1 CH)K1M! for a '\lm»m kilclirn" ;iL _j a dowu-lo-p-irlh, casy-lo-hnndlc ^>ric(*? 'I'licM conic sec Vlu'sc l)c:\uliful Vmingslown Kill bens now being shown in our display room. Install a gloaming while " Uilcli^n- nifjcr 1 * rnbiucl sinV. witli many s\>o- i:irtl foal ures \\\i\\ ninkr 1 1 i>n\v nulling ra>M"' ^ 1|:' 11 > <>" \ v f't'V i !'•>;' Hi •>! i' conKI lit-. with ru'M-resist ing poivolain onamolccl tn|v=, lirtvft .sinfile or twin-bowl dish ami vrjrclablc sprftys, noisclp5s draw- rrs. linrd cutlery conipnrlmonts. nnd plenty of \vcU-planncd slorrtgo space. Itooiny Voungslown floor cal>incls nnd wall cabincls arc avnilnblc in many «'/.r c . anj >m\r yo«i |ljrm^aort5 i»f -it^is by l> '^pini c voi'.vf iiii'jE v^ 1 ' All Vnnnjcsiown Kilcti^n rqiiipmcnL Is mailc lo llie higtml quAlily slaii(l»rtlj, rf spotless wliUe ciiahi- clcd aleel, «nd can Iw pnrcliased on easy F.1I.A. pii>menta. You can liavr » •new Yonngslown "Kitch- rnRwIer" on nionllily ^»y- mrnts ot only The uiunv " HU«I,«HP, nil MISSISSIPPI COUNTY LUMBER COMPAKY Pride & Usrey Genera/ Contractor* DIRT FOR SALE Phone 517 DON'T NEGLECT YOUR KIDNEYS Sluggish Kirinrys fan inmair your >i<>i>llli. They pi-r- iric the o.ccumultiilon of v.tmes U>al maSie you dromy, atliy, tiled. Don't neglect your Vudiieys. Drink lue famous lieaUh wnter from Hot Springs, Ark., that has been prescribed for over 50 years. CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOT •kt* Mrt PtlMi«

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