The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 25, 1947 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 25, 1947
Page 7
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TUESDAY, NOVKMBER 26, 1947 BLYTHF,V1U,K (ARK.) COURIER NKWS Plentiful and Cheaper Than Meat, Turkey a Comparatively Good Buy for Thanksgiving Bjr DOROTHY WILLIAMS United Preu Stiff Correspondent WASHINGTON, Nov. 25 CU.P.)—Turkey should l# a comparatively good buy for your Thanksgiving dinner, it is plenum* and relatively cheap, as things go these days. So are the trimmings. Official figures indicate that turkey will cost about the same as last year—between 4t» and SI cents » pound, depending upon where I'ou live and where you shop. + _____ keys, weighing more than 20 pounds, sold as low as 39 cents per pound. And once again some butchers will lie offering halves and quarters of these giant-sized turkeys for the uook with the small family or the apaitment-slzed oven. Roasting hens should be another good buy. They are expected to sell (or between 53 and 69 cents a. pound. Poultry ol all klnos will be a far more economical holiday food than a roast. The Bureau of tabor Statistics lists rib roast as selling for 54,8 cents per jwund on tile national average, compared with 55.9 cents last year. Comparative prices show thai meat in general is about 15 per cent higher than lust Thanksgiving time and about EO per cent higher than i during the days of price control. I'ork Best Buy Pork—Made more plentiful because of the shipment of hogs to market under the grain conservation program—Is the best meat buy. It is about 23 per cent cheaper than In mid-September. Beef Is slightly ^ lower, too. -^ But the increase in Turkey production—it is now 4.1 pounds per person annually compared with 2.6 pounds before the war—has taken the Thanksgiving fowl out of the luxury class. Cranberry production also is up— 1101 as high as last year, but far above the pre-war average. And cranberry pi Ices are expected to be below last year's comparatively low figure. There will be fewer onions, but an abundance of cauliflower, cub- y^Ue''t,u* $*". Hawley Resigns VA Medico/ Director WASHINGTON Nov. 25 (UP) Gen. Omar N. Hradley yesterday announced the resignation of MaJ Gsn Paul R. Hawley as chief medical director of tlie Veterans Administration. Hawley, who en me to the VA Bradley's request, v/ill leave Dcr 91, Bradley told a iiew.i conference Bradley, Veterans Administrate: also Is leaving to become Army chic of staff. Bradley will rellnci'ilsh hi post Dec. 1. Congressman Proposes Corporate Income Tax Cu to fn*«tigo«. Santa Arrives Early With Parcels peculation tn U.S. Bondt -, , £ _. . _ ' . _, . Galore for Sick Boy in Chicago WASHINGTON, Nov. 25. SUP) — Chairman ' Charles W Tobey nn- ounced today his Senate Blinking lommtttee will Investigate specu- atlon in government bonds with a view toward preventing "Joy- Iders" from turniiiK small tnvest- nents Into big profits. The N fi w Hampshire republican old a reiwrter he was doubtful whether the cotiiEiiUlcc. would have ime to delve Into bond specula- ion — particularly on the part of government officials — during Ihe current session of ConK>'' 1 ss, He salo, however, the matter would be given attention soon af- er congress reconvenes In regular session tn January. Locks and Red Light are uolli good protectors when observed; one of personal property, the other of human lives. CHICAGO, Nov. as. (UP)—ISiBhl- year-old Donald iVlslinaney, Jr., I looked Ht his Christmas tree, cowboy, suit and boots again today and w.u sure that Snntu Clrais' visit wasn't just a dream. And neither wns Ills telephone conversation with Gent! Auliy, Bou- aid's favorite mu\'le star. Donnld has fluttered ie,,-.unla. a of tin; blood cells, .since Sept. 11. When doctors abandoned hope, ol saving his life uiul said he might die be/ore Dec. 25, his parents planned u Christmas party tor last night. For several days neighbors nnd friends brought presents to his house. Then last night Donald met Simla Clans. After Snnta left, Donald's little filends crowded Into the Mc- Unauey home rind together they opened the gifts. The cnv/buy suit NIK! boots --Jutit like those worn oy Aulry—ciune from the nc'^liboi'.s. They were Donald's lavuilte presents—until GtMi* Aulry telephoned th.n buy. Doimld wns loo excited tn say much to ills I)!K hern. And then Antry Ming "t'cudln 1 and KiiihltiiK'" Just for his Inn. A movie thcult'i- sent the Him "The Night Hefore Chrislmu.s" fur a spcolal hho\\'. The party wits brier lici'inisi* Don- iUd bC'can\e tired nnd fell aslci'ii. "lie enjoyed it. It was Uhvlstiimv. Ills mother nlnl I aie itwlully Ktiul he enjoyed it r.i inucli," the buy's tuthcr, l^onald M.sV.'iiL\iH'y. Ki\, suid. The McKi;aneys, piiri-nt.s ot two other .snuilL bnys, said they planned the pie-Clirlslnms parly ufter i, visit (rom a sliuiiKi'i. On* nlRht last week they were aroused from bed by u knock ul Ihe diuir When Mc^uancy an.swerecl It, R tiuui lli a ]!ucktini! ILKO his amis mid said: "Tfll DoiUfld Hanla Cluus was lu're, "the stranger .sLttd. lie K-ft before the fill her could ask his niinu 1 . In llic puckuHi' was an electric train. Mivst lawns are cut too short ivtid too Mad* frtih daily in our kitchens from coatt lo coatt. Congress exempt from Income tav r.ll corporate Incomt! up to $25.000. P!oe::cr told the House Ways p.nd Ivieans Comr :'.ttee such a move would go far toward settling a "nationwide controversy" over tax exempt- Ions now enjoyed by cooperative businesses. Ploeser suggested that co-ops tv taxed Just the same as private business corporations on income nbovi: $25,000 a year. He said private us WASHINGTON, Nov. 25 (UP) well as cooperative> i Chairman Walter C. Ploescr. R should tax-exnnpL on dividends or Mo., of the House .Small Business | "patronage refunds" provided sucn Committee, proposed yesterday th.ii payment* are made In cash, RUSHED HERE IN TIME FOR THANKSGIVING sins and dried, fruits for making holiday plum puddings, mincemeats, , pies and sauces. Nuts, particularly chestnuts for stuffings, are available in abundance, too. ^Citrus fruits, apples and pears are other plentiful lt€m£. Cheese fanciers can look forward to an enjoy able holld ay se ason. Cheese production through September was up about 26 per cent over hist year's, Not all ol that has been aged the desired nine to 12 months, but a sizeable quantity has reached the marketing state at lower- , than-lasr-year's prices. j Lawmaker Seeks Data On Shipments to Russia WASHINGTON, Nov. 25 (UPJ — Rep. Knrl E. Mundt, R.V S. D.. yesterday pressed for a showdown witn the administration on "lifting the iron curtain that hides our ship- y menta to Russia." ' Mundt said he would introduce a "formal resolution of Inquiry" directing the Commerce Department to reveal the type and extent of • U. S. exports to the Soviet Union, The motion has high priority and must be acted upon by the House within a week. "This whole subject has been very hush-hush and it's time Congress did something about It," Mundt a aid. • "We should begin lilting th* Jron curtain that hides our shipments to Russia." Get them at your grocer's now... fine red apples from Washington State They've been rushed here in refrigerator cars lo add lo your Holiday delight nnd to decorate your Thanksgiving table. You've never seen such beauties as we Washington State apple growers are sending this year. Serve them proudly I Your family and Quests will iove these juice- filled Delicious and Jonathans from our mountain valley orchards in Washington Stale. Finest eating apples ever! ... and you can afford plenty at today's REASONABLE PRICES! GET SOME TODAY Read Courier News Want Ads. The Cream of Your Thanksgiving! D E L I C I O u S MIDWEST = BRICKS Call For It At Your Nearest MIDWEST Dealer's These Prices Good Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, Nor. 26, 27, 29 Hart's, Wonder or TAYSTEE BREAD 2<«27c For Frying SNOWDRIFT - - - - 3 Ocean Spray, No. 303 Can CRANBERRY SAUCE Hunt's All-Green ASPARAGUS - - - - No. 2 can 45c - 19c DO/.. 69' 18 (JRADE "A" LARGE EGGS NO. 2>/i CAN PUMPKIN IN « DELICIOUS KLAVOUS— JKLLO or JELLO PUDDING ,,25 DEL MONTE NU. Z'/, CAN FRUIT FOR SALAD 45 HUNT'S BARTLKTT P EARS ........ No. 2'/i Cau*»»DEL MONTE 15 O//. PKG. SEEDLESS RAISINS 15 TAPIOCA PUDDING ns .W PRIDE OF ILLINOIS— CKEAM STYLE vOKN NO. 2 Can ...... 2 for 0 1 HAASE'S STUFFED . ... No. 7'/ 2 Si/.c .l ALL SHADES, COLORS & FLAVOHS CAKE DECORATIONS 10 HKINX FRESH CUUJMUUK PICKLES «o, JB r33 c 3 TALL OR « SMALL PETMILK 37 BUSH'S WHOLE NO. 2 CAN GREEN BEANS 19 "ITS CUP TASTED"— ADMIRATION COFFEE M ,,,45 ISOKDKN'S KAGI.K WJANl> CONDENSED MILK ,25 SAKKU'S HIIUKDDIOI) COCONUT ,o,.r.n19 r SWANSDOWN l.AHCK S1/I-- »OX CAKEFLOUR 39 I'EXSUN •!« OX. CAN GRAPEFRUIT JUICE 171 1/2 T,R. CAN 17c—HKRSHKY'S CCCOA , 11)( ,,n27 MHS. FRANK'S 1 I,)!. 5»e FRUITCAKE 2illJ a r 99 DROMEDARY 7 O/.. CAN PIMENTOES 19 f> LI5S. 'ISc CANE SUGAR 95 CONFKCTIONERS Oil BROWN SUGAR 11 HUNT'S NO. 2'/ 2 CAN PEEI.KI) APRICOTS 25 CAiMl'HHIJ/S NO. 2 CAN TOMATO JU5CE 25 Deviled Macaroni Squares ltr,iititcn*t: November 29, 194? 'i till) mif*ro»l of 1 "i|> nr«l«l Am«rk«A JP^..*- • n f,7,t. l ^.... lr 4'/j roi» bolllnl enl onion H*t«r ' f*()l«»iHiun* na*lr ait I Vi irj>i«><».< ..U wmrento (tmm'oittl) V, rim !>•( Milk f«" S"1iit ptppvr " [*nok Eiino.irnni until lender in 4 cups !)oiliiiR wai'.'r nnd I lensp, »«[(. Drum; rime U'iih EIOL water, GrcniF A ilmlloW quart Snkinj; disli, Turn on oven; pet ni jlnw (325° F.) . Mil toucher milt, rt'iitiiiuinK '/) cup boiling w*irr and b re nil cimcs. Lut tinnd 5 inin. Mix in rrniii i ni ii^ iny.riHlirnti nnii mnciiront. I'i.ur into [inking dMi. B.i^c nlmdt 37 miti., or ntiiil firm. Cut irno x]uar«3 ,infl icrvi- witJi Km. continued tomnco atuLp. Mnl;fi 4 JcrvinK*. > 25 l ADAM'S Iff O/..' CAN ORANGE JUICE PECANS, WALNUTS, AI,MONDS Lb. MIXED NUTS 37 Turkeys Dressed and Drawn PET MILK Pet Milk, can 13c Macaroni, . . lOc or Spaghetti American Cheese, ib. 59c Market Price I Eggs, doz. 69c S I,It. MESH HAG ORANGES 39 C MAKSH SEEDLESS GRAPEFRUIT i«LK B »4S e CAPE COD .1 L». CELLO BAG CRANBERRIES 35 .HIMHO STALKS CELERY ,« Ea 15 c I-'KESH RED RII'K TOMATOES Ih 28 c KULL-O-JUICE 150 S1/,E TAKGE^ES n,,25 c RED EAU'EROR GRAPES : : ,JO C WI11TK OR YKI.LOW INViREDIKNTS FOR YOUR FRUIT CAKE WK HAVE IT! SKINLESS WEINERS ,49 ,,89' CREAMERY STICK BUTTER GOOD GRADE CHUCK ROAST ,,47 C ARMOUR'S ROLL SAUSAGE ,,59 WISCONSIN CHEESE ,,,59 DRESSED & DRAWN SMALL GUINEAS VVHOLK OK KAt.K TENDERIZED HAMS,. 85 FRESli COTTAGE CHEESE T)) 27 CARDEN FRESH RJLDSSHKS (JOLDEN lUl'I'', Ll>. KlfKSIl COLORADO JS1NACH U. S. NO. 1 KHD TRHJMI'IJ—100 I.W. 53 !'-* POTATOES ' * ROLLS STUFFED CRABS «•/>. >''•: *-. ??.c Liberty Cash Grocery Low Prices Everyday

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