The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 25, 1947 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 25, 1947
Page 6
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t AGB «X BLYTHEVTLLJ5 (ARK.)' COURIER NEW§ TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 28, 194T fn Cooking Find Favor 3- p ° in * Safety . 5 ** ... "it i Proa ram Otte VV#f> Housewives Getting Meals 365 Days Out of Every Year ••.•H» hot»*»ife"-who rmist cook* thr»« m*«ls k d»y » days a year Is •orutiritly looking for shortcut.;, lor help to low cost meal-planning and (or the ritfet kind of cooking equipment. ;• . . • "•, IncreMlriily popular will) busy housewives are the unit meals—the metis which can be planned ahead | &nd cocked in one section of the fu range. Since more than IS fier cent of cooking operalions In (he average kitchen Is done on the top of the range, we give you here Ideas for most efficient lop-of-the- range cookirij, some help on hou lo me varied heats for whatever nvnje lop menus you wish to cook, a;nl low coat recipes lor a complete lop burner meal, S»T« on Qu Bill* Dual-purpose all-speed top burners result In improved cooking and a definite reduction In (ood and fuel bills. Por example, to hold the highest perosnlage of food values, very Pine Bluff Bond Deal Again Before Aldermen PINE BLUFF, Ark.. Novf 35. IUP) —The City of Pine Bluff has decided to reopen bidding on a $335,bond issue on iwo municipal construction projects. f The clly was preparing to make another attempt to develop Grldcr Field into a Class Four airport and purchase Davis Hospital. Mayor George Steed said the bids would be opened Dec. 17. The Board ol Public Affairs rejected all bids on a &275.000 bond Isw 'or Grldfir Field Nov. 4. Radio waves have the longest wave lengths of any form of radiant. Offered For^chool Buses < ,,1.1 «u HOCK, Nov. 25. CUP)- Aikn'.isns education nnthoilUfs aivl the stale police liavr pvil forth n lliree-polnl program, to prcvrril violations of l>if law prohiblliiiK pass- Ing of school buses. i The three safety recommendations nrr: I. Mark oil school buses with signs (hat other vehicles must slop when tin. buses pichii)) or ilisclinrse children. •1. Have school biucs stop ofl Hie Itllihwny. 3. Kdnciitc the people lo lhr> na- Inre of the law and the necessity ol lls enlorcemcnt. Forrest, Jlozctl of the Arkansas Education Association said the problem is not only Ihe respon-slbilUjr of the motorist. He suggested thiil drives or older children get off Hie bus /irst und stop traffic witli » warning signal. It to sale! that hot water baths lengins 01 any luiin "i i.m.n..u. .* ... a^.« -..,.- -energy now In use. Sonic radio waves are effective in relieving the pain •mall Quantities oi vater or or other fats are needed to cook the hi"h vitamin-vegetables by the so- called "waterless" method. The lo* liaroe ol a modern simmer burner Is Ideal lor holding just the rtBhi temperature to h'elp retain all vitamins as well as the form, texture, color and flavor of vegetables cooK- «d on top oJ the range. Giant-size burners—required equipment on all automatic ranges built to OP stands-Si take'care of such cooking jobs ts canning and Dutch oven cooking. Naturally, cooking with such low Umperaturre actually means lowered gas bills—an Important factor in these 'high-cost-of-living drvys. If your burners need adjustment J your local utility company will be glad lo help you it you report the . condition to them. Top-of-the-Ranje Meal Tile two main items—Pot Roait and Steamed Orange Pudding, are both cooked on top of the range and aren't too far apart in liming su ' that while cooking, such meil-set- Ing chores as salnd and beverage preparation and table-setting cal: be done. The best basic recipe for pot roast —whether you use l»mb, ocel or veul, is to brown well a 3- to 4-lb. pot roast on all sides In 3 tbsps. fat or salad oil In a Dutch over on other , heavy kettle, turning the flame lo j n medium height for 20 mins. Sprin- | icle with 2 Isps. salt and 1;4 tsp. j pepper while browning. Add onions, j potatoes, carrots, in 1 tbsp. water, f whatever quantity will satisfy your Jamily. Cover tightly. Turn the llame to the'lowest simmer point ] allowing 4 hrs. for beef, about 2 j hrs. lor veal, slightly longer lor ! lamb. , The steamed orange pudding la ! -light enough to go with the hefty- ' flavored pot roast. Melt 1!2 cup granulated sugar, 112 cup butter, If! cup orange marmalade. Cool, then add 2 egg yolks. Beat well. Add 1 cup sifted flower. 1|4 tsp. salt, 112 tsp. baking soda sifted together arid lastly Jold in 2 egg whites beaten stiff. P^ur into well-oiled pudding mould, cover tightly and iteam for 2 lo 3 hours over low •immer flame. Serves 1 to B. are several miles long. black widow spider bite. CREAMED DRIED BEEF WITH MAYROSE BEEF SLICED DRIED i<rT'f -1 l : -^*Y fa fromMAYROSETEST KITCHEN Cream Chipped Beef Boats (A SERVINGS) Champ Guard Recruiter Gets Trip to Washington • lOTTLE ROCK. Nov. 25. HIP) — A Little Rock member of the Arkin- sas National Guard air unit—Sgt Merle Baker—was on his way today ; to'Washington, D. C.. to claim his : reward for leading all Arkansas recruiter! during the two-month period ending Nov. 16. ' Sergeant Baker was presented with tickets to the Army-Navy foot-' ball game for recruiting 143 men. He Is attached U) the 154th Fighter . Squadron. Meanwhile, Brig. Gen. H. 1,. Mc: Alister released lirgures on the re; crulting period which he said proved » the drive was a success. During the 1 two months the Arkansas guard \ gained 1237 men, 162 more than Ihe i VIS quota. ' Read Courier News want Ads. 1/4 pound Mayrosc Sliced Dried Beef 2 tablespoons Vcgaco Marga.-ine 2 tablespoons flour \ cup milk It hard rolls TciT shucti tiricd beef into small pieces. Bco\vil in mcllcd Vcgaco in skillet. Add Hour and stir. Gradually idd milk ant! jiir comin'ially. Cook 'til sauce is chickened. Cut tops otT hard rolls. Scoop o'uc ccnicr of haid roll to form boats. Fill. You KO c * s y on your food budget whenever you serve tasie-ccntpting MAYROSC Sliced Dried llecf.The reason? Simply ihisl \\ lt>. easily- iccvcs -1 people. REMINDER: The nome "MAYROSE" Idonlifici highest qualMy meal producli, such ai...Mayroie Cello- Wrapped Franks, Mayrose Pure Pork Sousage and Mcyrosc Boneless Veal Rolls. AsV for them by name ... MAYROSE. ST. IOUIS JAUEPENDENT PACKING COMPANY .,'s Kr. 9 .rfir b.H.r THANKS6MN6 VACUES CHECK ALL THE ITEMS YOU NEED ... SHOP AND SAVE AT KROGER TOP QUALITY CANDY HOUSEHOLD SUPPLIES Wise bvyi to moke rh« m«ol («*i worV OKANIiKKHY SAUCE N CH!, Ocean Spray or Stokcl.v > iw»»n f» i up •" *•»• wortt-iov/nB vatvn tttttr buy* tor Itif «oiwmr wilt Cans (lounlry Cltil) FRUIT COCKTAIL N cvl 25 r: r( , ORANGE SLICES 19 CHOC. DROPS ,;. 29 SPIC& SPAN , . 23 SPRY For Bakit 19 HUMKO 3-Ut. r>kp. &U 0r n I Can Kroger. Cream Filled HouSehoW Cleaner For Baking or Frying ? «*"* ?9< CHOCOLATES V£ 1" CLOROX L • * Deluxe Assortment Ameriu'a Fi Deluxe Assortment MANHATTAN :c MIA Rag Hard Candy. A Value America's Favorite Bleach •109 1" 29 e ALURE 2 Soap Flakes JUICE 4fi-Oz Can Kroger Kich Flavorful GREEN BEA^S 2 Standard Cut ASPARAGUS ^ 27 Kroger All Green PEAS N ^ 3 19 SloliL'ly Honey Pod Kroger.—12 OZ. PKG. Soap Flakes Pkg. 39 3V 4. Lbe. Dainty Cooking Fat PURE LARD 4 ct b 1 Firm White * FLOUR 25-Lb. Bag 4 93. 2 No. 2 Cans Kroger. Cream Style White 39 Can Avmulale Halves or Sliced . D APPLE SAUCED 18 Kroge, From Choice Apples CHERRIES ^ 27 Kroger. Red Sour Pitted iOODS Better value* kept fresh and pure Popular Brands EATMORE 2 Lbs 69 Kroger MaVjjarmc Avondale SWANS DOWN ;: 39 Cake Flour SUGAR 10';, 95 Pure Cane KROGER 3 ', a l 37 Evaporated Milk EUAP MILK 3 ' 139 Pel or Carnation DIME BRAND Can 20 Condensed Milk 50-Lb. Rag* Krafl Margarine ALLSWEET Swift Margarine SEASON'S FINEST TURKEYS...KROGtR-PRIOD FOR BETTER VALUE Young FLOUR Avondale SPAGHETTI OR MACARONI 2 Kroger TOMATOES 2 X, 52 27 Standard CIGARETTES „„. 1 rkeys ' Tally If tort for that Itltivt ft & ENGLISH 2-Lb. J>7 Loaf O/ Cheese Food DUiSY Aged Cheese 2 THRBE-OUNCB PACKAGES ^O ^-^-^ Kraft Cheese Food 2 For ,-^=? 8 to 20 LB. AVERAGE •xi>ft». YOUNG HENS, to average Lb. ROASTING CHICKENS 59 TENDER, N. Y. DRESSED mfCKS OR GEESE L ,64 <m tpimi mn DHHtlU WU I O YOUNG AND TENDER. FULL DRAWN Hurry! For a limited time only niUDOPHU SLICED BACON Cream Cliccss ^> SWIFTS PREMIUM— GRADE A FRUITS AND VEGETABLES, Regular 65c Value • Heavy gouge pure aluminum » Wide bottom prevcnls lipping Double-lipped lot pouring * Cup graduolions far rncpsurifig f/onfifuj «nri pri«tct lr»w Big Christmas Offer 12 Christmas Cards 25c With any purchase of potatoes at Kroger your name printed on cards without charge, envelopes included. Get order blank with details nl Kroger. SPOTLIGHT A D A Ki r E c COFFEE U K A N U t 3 Hot Dated ^; FRES-SHORE STANDARDS WALNUTS 39 C 1 b Lb. InShells MINCE MEAT £ It SWEET PICKLES 28< OnLCI FlvlVLtOpt.fcO Mixed Pkgs • Bun-Maid BETTER BEVERAGE BUYS fnvorio brand* in your fnvorif* drin ** Campbell's Nourishing SAL DRESSING ,39 BAKERY TREATS - Kroger Embassy Tatty pmtrm te »rv* wrfh fh» moot OLIVES I KROGER _ , Kroger Plain 29 C 39 C BREAD 21^ 27 C GELATIN 3^ 20 Twisted, Finer Texture Kroner Assorted Sweet Juicy Florida Ib. Mesh FRENCH BRAND , b 45 c FRUIT CAK? 2 ^ b I 89 COCOA ' ^ b 17 C \lnf _rtu fr»f1 Krnsrpr Kroger Hershey's Here's all you do. Go lo your grocer's todny. You will see a special Blue Tag on 50 Ib. sacks of OMAR WONDER FLOUR. Buy a sac'x. Follow the inslruc- tions on the Blue Tag and OMAR will send you your 65c saucepan. O On display at your grocers FLOUR YIMNII OF 9VU U,00» lAXINt, Holiday Welch's 39 DINNER ROLLS ,14 SALMON Kroger Fresh Tall Can Chum ....,,...._ ,„,,,,., FOLDER'S ,„ 53' FRUIT CAKE «8? 1" GRAPE JELLY , fc 23 GRAPEFRUIT »J 45 SI»,I.-G,.»,, n™ Tcras Seedless NEC AII EC APPI F*i Half 1 nn ICOwHiE H« • |»fcw Bushol ! Instant Coffee Fancy Rome 13caulics __ ,,,«,,,, , MAXWELL Mr- VANILLA ftPOHPiFRIIIF^ 12 ^ c HO " S E Lb. W U/ACCRC ba&kra&ILlVnlCO Oz.wO Good , 0 lhe , jMt 1>rop nHmitO Tray IW Frazier's Tomato Fancy Cape Cod Kroger Fresh _ - T A _ COGOARUTS ,„ 10' !f*|* GS "«S' 1S> ORAHftMS ,, k 23 C PEBS 2r ™ 3T Fresh Full-0-3tilk Kroger Crackers Lb, 4-Oz. .lar AATOIID iK c UAIoUr Iw ' 43 C 14-Oz. 'I'Tt KROGER 12 2-Oz. Bottles TOMATOES ,„ 29' COLA Ucd Riue, 1-irm POTATOES 10 ,!i59 c COCA COL A ^ V. S. No. 1 Washed Kcri Pause That Refreshes ArirnV Iftc Boldc Deposit on All Fancy Pascal r SODA '" L " Lbl T!ox APRICOTS Krokcr Whole Peeled No. 21/2 .ft PEARS 3U Slokely No. 1 Can 33 27 ( Bottled Drinks Toasted Cocoanut Gold COFFEE CftKES 19 Kroger—Assorted 18-Oz «ftc Pkg. fc*

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