The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 25, 1947 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 25, 1947
Page 5
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TUKSDAY, NOVKMBKR 25, 13-iT BLYT11RVII.I.E (ARK.) COl'RIKH NKW8 PACK. KIVB. -WEAK- NERVOUS cranky 'every month'? Ar« you'troubled by distress of female timcUoiml periodic disturbances? Does this injik« you feel *o tired,, neiroMs—at such times? Tlien DO try Lydla E. Pitilc- ham's VfKelRble Compound to relieve such symploniBl I'infcliftiu's Com- ff ucId la made especially for wot n en. also has what Doctors call a stomachic tonic effecLI Any clrucsiore. "LYDIA f. PINKHAM'S WallaceSchemes To 'Boot' Truman Left Winger Planning To Settle Score ' In November, 1948 Turkey Crop Under Last Year's Total But Experts Still Predict Lots of Hash >*OM SHIffLf, STUFfr OlSlRtSS Of Head Colds! Inslantly relief frt-rn head cold distress starts to come when you put a little Vicks Va-tro-nol in each nostril. And if used in time. Va-tro-nol also helps prevent many colds from developing Follow directions in package. VICKS VA-TRO-NOL always ask for AIRY PRODUCT By I.jle C. Wilson (Uiiilcd Press Staff Correspondent) WASHINGTON, Nov. 25. (UP) — It Is beginning lo look like Henry A. WMliice has oeclden ntxt about np.xi, November would be the light lime to pay off President Truman lor boot! n>" him out of tile cabinet- The Communist Party li all set to aid Wallace in that chore. Wallace Is talking third party louder than ever. He has been around too long to 'think he or a third party could win much ot anything in 1948. Wallace would look to 1952 for more positive results. But a third party movement next year surely could sink Mr. Truman If it got R few breaks. One of those breaks came this month and was scarcely remarked. That was In Chicago where rump slate of candidates for Judicial office was entered hi the Nov. -4 election and shell-shocked Illinois politicians by. getting 113.000 citizens to vote the rump tickcl • BV BUKNK (Unllrd Pr*M SU(f Corrwpolirlenl) MONTOOMEKY, Ala.. Nov. 2i> (UP)—Gel out the nobbier Buillo- line. That time is here again. Turkey production is off in Alabama and Louisiana, hut you'll still be able to Ret the All-Amcricati bird. The nation's turkey crop for 1947 has >een estimated at :u,(i67.aoo—with Alabama's crop Figured at 1S1.000, ild 46,000 for Louisiana. Production for the whole country down Horn < 1.01:1,000 in 18'ri. Al- lihnia's f.cop l»jt year \vps Jr.0.000 poults. I/ouLlan* population of I lie 'owl lli'st ftlainoL'i/.ed by ivinssaciui- sette Gov. William Bradford, In luai. is down from 48.000. Experts still ttk. J.m'Ktf fro/en turkeys «ro cross-sec I toned with a slid OK machine, Into ihU-k stcuks. The oul is made across the mlttdle, with i l »oh stt»nk including a chunk of breast, drumstick, nnd a Hltle round bone. like u ininlUin- hcrf sli-uk. TrlinmhiBN, wing tips, nm] tu-cks. go inlo the soup |K>t. Ihein linm FlnliuKt to florid*. Tin* small eraftj now named th« P'ortmm, formerly was a molor torpedo boat In llw Finnish Navy. Klve men, two women Ht)d tlve children made up the crew and iwssenner list. The voyagers planned to reach Florida by way of Knxlnnd, Holland. France, I'oriugnl And the Best cluhn. is K turkey, ninny breeders NIC doublod-breasted there'll b> more than turkey for Thanksgiving and yuletide ' enjoyment, theoretically Is being banished, however. At many modern delicatessens and butcher shojts, the buyer may obtain a turkey half. In the larger elites," poultry-parts" stores are reportedly maintained. Here turkey may be bought by the piece—"six drumstick, three wings, bronvco. However', tolul turkey sules Ihis VLMV \vlll inn i-loi-e io $3r-0,000. ODD, it \\'nr ps'.iumhM. the wnr. WHIMI iuriey." were needed by Ihc bitrricKs, Instead of by the family, trie government encouraged Brewers to cxpclrment for b'jrcr sl?.cs. Accordingly, iv B-^9- blrd wns developed, ranging from 15 to 30 pounds In size. The average family will find tlmt too much tin-key—even for the old- fashioned Novembers when the nation was blessed with two Thanksgiving days. Most called-for Is the eight 10 10-pomuler. However. 11 1ms 11 ser- for Mrs.' Jones. According lo the underground, those close to (he turkey's mouth, say that Ihls more theory thiin practice. Somo butchers are reluctant to sell piece work, they say. Islands. They said they left Finland with other small boats, but the others wei* delayed by molor limilili'. f/if ee Burglar Suspects Nabbed in Atvhamn Town • I.V.SPBf>, Alii., NOC. 'Mi. 'IIP W.ilkei 1 COKIIIV deputies and stale highway patrolmen yesterday Ar- ivMert three men for attempted burglary after sett Inn a "|>ev(ect The slate was in oppo- I But latest, "»d probably most Im - l>orlant development, is the Uu-key the old line parlies are beginning to worry about third party developments. 'Hie editorial said. In part: "They have looked at the election returns. These show such facts as these: in Chicago, a new party polk ovjr 110.000 votes with .one candidate getting '250.000. In ious production drawback. The 10- pound turkey costs Just as much lo raise fis the :<0-poimd klng-slu'd Job. But Its cash return Is only one- third. ...AT YOUR.DOOK sitkm to a coalition ticket chosen by the Democratic mid Republican oi'Kaab-ations. The coalition candidates were to have been unopposed n n til prof essor Home r P. Carey of Northwestern University organized the so-called progressive slate of candidates. Carey's ticket won better than 16 per cent of the tot n 1 vote east a nd prob ably h as qualified as a party entitled to be on the ballot In the primaries and in the presidential election a«xt year. j Communists Claim Gains i It is not suggested that Carey i or the Carey slate of candidates ! are for or against .Wallace nor. of i course, that they are Communists. 1 But'they now control the makings of a third party- organization In Illinois and the Communists will do what they can to kidnap it. "The Worker," New York's Sun- j day Communist newspaper, revealed what the comrades have in mind In an editorial stating that Twelve to Cross Atlantic in Boat |55 Feet in Length tr»i>" (or them »t nc«rby aummt- 511. After receiving « Up, officers sui rounded (he small town of Bi:m- nillon and nailed lor 111* nun to approach Ihe rxxiri Motor Co., and break »ix'n the lock. Then of fleers closed In hut two of (lie men managed to escHlx* and were not limed until nflcr » hlxhway chase ulmcx^t lo llhiiilnulnr i. Tlii'y wcr n Identified-»» Jeffer-1 .s-on D.ivls IK'll, 35, who was qui'.s- tlone<l In Atliuila In conuciUion* with the Perry Jewelry robeliry In Hlrmlughani; Bill Harwell calu anil OliMin (.'ogeliw. Ofliecrs iald n quantity of bnr- slftry toolr. nntl nilio Klycevln^ v.v.^. found in the fur hi \vhich t.'nln ptid Coafllnn *'.'CIT- i^iptui^'d r Read Courier News W«nt Ad». AT YOUR SJORt Happy Days for Sluggish Folks AIRY PRODUCTS THE MEASURE OF QUALITY We Feature: Homogenized MILK GREENT DAI RY Distributors Phniie. 2:if>l WHEN CONSTIPATH1N m*ke.s you feel p\mk as the dickens, brings on stonteti upsel, tour taste, Rassy dis comfort, tahr Dr. CaMwelL'5 famnus medicme to tgiikkly pull the trigger on Uzy "innards", anc! help you feel bright tnd chipper again. DR. CALDWELL'Sisthe wonderful srn- na laiative conl.iinerf in Rood old Sjrup Pepsi a to m»k« it to «•»; to take. MANY DOCTORS URC pepsin prepar«- tiouE. in prescriptions lo make the medicine IT ore palatable anil aftreeiblri tf> take. So be sure your laxative is contained in Syrup Pepr.ia, INSIST ON DR. CALDWELL'S— the fa- vpiite of millions for 50 years, and feel that •wholesome relief from cnnstipa- tinn. Even finicky children love it. CAUTION: Use only at directed. M . SENNA LAXATIVE CON1.IH.O ,N COPENHAGEN, Nov. '25 iOP)- Twelve |>ersons arrived in Copenlm gen harbor yesterday aboard ll 55- fact has been nationally suprCKied fo ° l bolU w ' lllc1 ' they hope will dike in the press. j "In Cleveland, a Communtst j candidate,'Krchmarek. gets nearly 65,000 vote's. In New York lire j American Labor Party held Its own. In California, the petition movement for n third party is vigorously under way." It uneasiness is beginning to-develop because of the third party threat led by Wallace and sparked by the communlsUs. it is among Democrats, not Republicans. Any left wing movement of thai kind would draw votes from what used to be the Roosevelt New Deal-De- mocnrtEc organization. t If third party orgnni7.atioiis went \ fc-- Wallace in a big way next i j November In California, New York I j and Illinois, Mi 1 . Truman's chances (' I of winning would be reduced more | than somewhat. Such a bolt probably would insure hLs defeat. Third Parly Showing in New York The third party Is a going concern In New York. H is n Communist dominated outfit- called the American Labor Party which cast [ 496,405 votes for the late FDR in | 1044 when he ran for a fourth term j against oov. Thomas E. Dcwey. • .vji. Roosevelt carried New York | that year by 316.591 votes, consi- i derabiy fewer than the number ] cast by tint American 1-Tbor Party. II- Is reasonable to believe Mr. Truman could not carry New York B'ithout. ALP help and it Is lie ginning to look as though he won't get it- Mr. Roosevelt's 1944 margin In Illinois wns 140.165 votes. A left wing party backing Wallace oh viously would jeopardize Demo cratlc chp.nccs there next year. In . California Mr. Roosevelt had a I bulge of 475.599 votes (n 1944. Wlie- ] tlier a third parly could poll so i rnnny there remains to be seen. I The significant fact is that a ] Wallace third party movement next year could hurt the Democrats a lot and could not hurt the Republicans much. New York, California and Illinois together have 90 votr-s in the eleclori-il college. Only 266 electorial college votes are necessary to elect a president. Those three states represent more than one third of a majority. RADIO REPAIR 1 AND J BAY SERVICE ON ANY MAKE OR MODE!,. RK- L1A1I1.K WORKMANSHIP. PHONE 2642 \Vc full for and Deliver FRU> CALLIMAN Klecirical Appliance <!o. 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Service to us mean,* ftt\e CLEANING AND r.AUNDUY picket) up and delivered nt your doorstep Servico here, means satisfaction lo every CMS lorn or ft means that you ctm irusl every garment to us and have Ibem relumed spotless, \inlinrmed and ready for Immediate HE-! Dial 447 4-447 5 For Our Doubit Servfce NU-WA LAUNDRY CLEANERS 220 North Second Street Pat O'Bryani JEWELER Maii; «t Second Phone fO* XCAl *— r*r»i. r fti Still & Young Motor Co. Lincofii-MtrcHry Dealer Phone 3479 Biythevilh Ark. 112 Watn«t 9t

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