The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 25, 1947 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 25, 1947
Page 2
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BLYTK&ViLLsI (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, NOVEMBER «5, 194T CourtloDecide Hospital Issue ' R*w Over Location Of M»dko' Center Up for final Action . BT BOB BBOWN * Boys Shoulc' Be~Seen onc^'Nol "Spun UTTLB ROOK. Kov. ». (UP)— The Arkansas Supreme' Court yes- terdsij a4.Ta«e«4 and set. for mb- Isassion IXc. » a' suit challenging fee tieht of the Qnlwrslty and '•ate Hospital boards to create a ' ~ center on State Hospital i in Wttle Hoc*. Jit of the •boards to create the center wa« 'chaHehjed in a friendly suit by sUwmrd H. Undsey as a taz- Mysr who requested an Injunction m' Pnlaski '. Chancery Court. Chan- eellor Frank Dodre refused to grant the injunction, and Undsey filed the Supreme Court appeal. . Yesterday's action promised to •Tlnf to a close long discussion and cooperative action on the planned center. In the court upholds the lower dlciskm, construction plans probably -win be continued. The center plans call for moving ; the' University Medical School from. Its present East Little Rock location t» the hospital grounds and the • construction of a memorial hospital adjoining the present state hospital. nimi n's Tnt Case on Docket , • • In other action, the Supreme . Court agreed to »n early ruling on ; the'feinstltuUornllty of a 1M7 law I • creatlnf a 77-hour work week for Arkansas firemen. The court advanced for submission Bee. I'an appeal of the City of tittle Rock 'from a • decision by Chancellor Dodft upholding the law. Dodge's rifling, came- alter three firemen, V: C. Ttirockmbrton, H. E. ' Adams* and C. 1C. Griffin, sought to force Kre Chief. O. L. Nalley to ' set up the shutter work week. Nalley and other city oHlcinls argued • that th» action would Increase city ' «e»U; : «nd was not practical. Chiet Justice! Orlfflri Smith wrote an Impassioned opinion- upholding ' • .bne^riar, »enkence JUvm E. P. "Top" Parsons • In' Garland Clrcul t Court- foilowlht the death of 17- jeaf--oW Jewell Eweli of St. IxruU. " The »Wdied in a Hot Springs hos- ' pitsi a few hours after having fallen thrown trom a moving car : - ".i ttie. Bbk Springs-Little Rock Investigation, Of Unusual Tax Matter Is Urged WASHINGTON, HO». ». (UP)— The Semite Wif Invwtlgatlrn Commltte* today uked the t««- •ury to Joe* Into "a somewhat unusual Ux situation" in which two American oft eompchlej p*id no taxes "of n>y character" on pro- Jits totaling »111,000.000. . In a letter to Treasury Secretary John W. Snyder, Committee 'Chairman Owen BrewsUr, R., Me., said the two companies — Standard Oil of California and the Texas Co. — made their profits Milling Arabian oil through two' subsidiary companies incorporated abroad. He said the two American companies "wholly owned" trie California-Texas Oil Co., a Bahama corporation, .and the Bahrein P«. troleum Co., Incorporated in Canada He said taxes were paid neither to the U. '& nor to the foreign government. Pups Thrive in Hollow Oak Tree in Memphis MEMPHIS, TWn., Hov. M. (UP)— Pour puppy dogs were discovered yesterday thriving In a large hollow oak tree In Overton Park. Human Shelter officials reported that the puppies were "perfectly snug and safe with plenty of parental protection. A huge great dane and a large brown female dog kept bystanders at a distance. Two park strollers found the puppies In a soft nest made of old decayed wood particles. Memphis Woman Takes Case to Supreme Court WASHINOTON, KOV. J3. (UP>— The Supreme Court' yesterday ordered trial of a danUge suit by a Memphis, Tenn., woman against the St. Louis-San Francisco Railway. The tribunal vacated lover court orders dismissing the complaint of Vsrble Singleton Ullle, an employee of the railroad- . ' She was' attacked Feb. 7, 1M4, by a prowler while on duty in an Isolated part of the railroad's yards in Memphis. The man beat her an Iron pipe, inflicting what she said Were permanent Injuries. She claimed negligence on th« part of the railroad for not providing her a safe place to work. Accused of 48 Thefts BIRMINGHAM, Ala., Nn-j. zi.— (UP)—Harold N. Tlnglsy, 44, identified as the brother of the R?v. Glenn V llngley, operator of radio station WKAX here, was arrested yesterday By county, officers who said he was wanted on 48 counts of grand theft "In I/>.s Angeles. He was picked up at the radio MeMphts Police to Try Signs as Car Bumpers MEMPHIS, Tenn., HOT, 95: (U>>— Beware of th« sign: '• Police .Commissioner Joe Boyle yesterday ordered paint Jobs on the rear of .all police can and cruisers to stop the>rash of crashes into the back of police vehicles. The word "Police in gold letters rimmed in red,'about eight inches in »izf, are being painted on the back of all police squad cars. So watch for the slgnc," says Boyle. With the Courts Chancery Ellen Land rum vs. Audle Landrum, suit for divorce. Circuit Paul W. Davis, a minor, by next friend, Tom Brown, vs. First National Bank; suit for «327.28 alleging funds Improperly withdrawn from plaintiff's account. Give Something for the Home This Christinas station a few minutes after officers received a letter from Ixw Angeles authorities. The spin dryer of a new automatic wnsticr is no place for a 3-year- olrl to play. Richard 3rown, of Boston, Mass., thought he'd have fun in this machine, but, once in, he couldn't get out. It took )ol!ce and fire rescue squads two hours to free him. He was unharmed', thanks to fnct Unit niacliinc wasn't in motion. Blvtheville P^tirostor I J^ts Ways To Ease Mail Rush at Christmastime The. chief . jusUc* described lh< jbi' as -'a rictlrh of .tragic abuse kftel mUfortune...and little more thak a-child." B» aiid that Parsons, "a fray- harred iriarrled man with grown c&Udren, was In Hot Springs, mak- th(:a netbimal tour of grills, ban aad th4 market pUcei of pleasure.' -B*.«iplain»d that the girl was •^tckid up 1 'at furtty OrUl shortly bVfori the. aocldeht which caused ker fcalti. Bbe was found on the hlfhwayby D»Tid E. Ande was enJ rout* to Ij*t>e ~ •Then was evtdeiwe hi a desperate if fort to thcr physical sacrilege, '. the mbrUig car after .... . bad beeh violated," the chief Justice wrote. .' Panons had contended that he lift ibe firi at the grill. He* was im'teoogd last May B on a charge et-lnroiunUrj manslaughter. . lite cooit Uhrmed a Mississippi tarcUrl Court decision ordering the payment of *3MJSO to t E. Stevens --^ ^ ii^—i_«—^^ note -Issued to Postmaster Hoes S. Stevens today asked Blythevllle residents to plan Jielr Christmas shopping schedules now to permit early mailing of Christmas cards imrt gift packnges and avoid last-minute crowds at stofflCfr windows. To- assure delivery befor: oarlst- rhas Day, the postmnsier advised that out-of-state n;ulilng.s siiould be maiie before December 10. Christmas greeting cards for local delivery should be mailed by^ De cember 15, he said. "On Christmas Eve, it Is a great satisfaction to be certain that your Christmas cards and packages have been delivered because they were mailed early," he pointed out. "When you postpone mailing to 1 ' the last minute, you risk disappointing your friends by having your messages and gifts caught in Uie rush ••'----'-•• ij)». An ot delivered until Ohrfst™* than during, the' reponl- breaklng 1948 holiday Season. The postofflce here "has already done a large part of Its own ChrLstmns shopping by levying In supplies of many thousands of dollars worth of stamps," he satd. "We would appreciate it if people would stop In next week o5irt purchase the extra st n mps th ey arc going to need for their ChrLst- I He recommended that Oiirlstmas curds be sent first-class where there Is nny posMblllty that the address may be "incorrect or Incomplete, since only envelopes I bearing a 3-cent stamp have forwarding privileges. ' Stressing the need for complete, and accurate addresses, Mr. Stevens pointed out that thousands of cardi and packages are days late arriving every ,Chrlstmas season, or end up at 'the dead-letter office, ber; cause of Insufficient, addressee >.He_ emphasized that zone numbers should be included whenever available to speed delivery. . Parcel post • packages cannot b* accepted unless .they are stoutly wrapped, he said. "This means nenvy cord, sturdy outer paper, and heavy cardboard inside. Packages must not exceed 10 pounds In weight, and are limited :in . size, to 100 Inches In length and : «irth combined." . ' ^ Christmas cards can be handled more readily If they are tied In bundles, with alt the envelopes facing the some way and the stamps in the same corner. Progressive mailings over « period of several days even out the work at the- Post Office, he added. Wondera 15 row DETROIT (UP)—A mobile farm workshop, tractor-powered, has been .-_ .,-„,.--, — mas cards and letters," he s< Odeil Wright. The court found noth- i "This is one phase of Chrlstma? mi wrong With a lower court dec!- shopping that can be completed 1 put on the market. It contains •too ordering Roy McKay and T. J. I early, and it will help us a great drill press, an assortment of high •stic&ardlbh to ply off the debt as j deal In speeding up traffic at Post, speed drills and a grinder for evreey «n Wrie-ht-i bond. Office windows during December." sharpening farm tools In the field. FREE! FREE! FREE! 1—$50.00 U. S. Saving* 1—$35,00 U. S. Saving* Bend •och week. $157 UNITED STATES SAVINGS BONDS During Southern Auto Stores "Old Fashioned Bargain" Sale NOTHING TO BUY! Register Daily at Your Local Southern, Auto Stores Registration Day-Every Day! MM tl Attend Saturday Nite Drawings! You Nay Win a U S. Savings Bond! RIG.STIR DAILY! DUO-MATIC NOZZLE ...For Greater Cleaning Efficiency I quired. The Ouo-M»iic Nozzle is just one of the many superior features of thu Premier Model 21. See it todayf IT'S TIME TO EAT At ~RUSTICInN New Hours: 11 a.m.til 12p.m Try Us For Fine Foods 1 PREWIER AIRE-WATK "80 Wakes Quick Work of Housework I ^^r^, -z^^^zt o*Uy $79.75 Complete iliric. It his more-th.n-.mple mction po --iiiipped with jp«i»l«ed .ti»chn Ining n««d. IB strramlined d«,gn and its n.roon «nd gray crinkle Bmsh make the :v«rf cl) luraole m.roon *nd gr^. ... f - m >«mi.r Aire-M.lic "80" si oumamting in "PP"""" u i, i, in perform.nce-a genu.nely h '8 h< »" 1 '"'' •leaner .< « remarkably low price. S,, H CHARLES S. LEMONS FURNITURE Give Something for the Home This Christmas Charles S. Lemons, Furniture Duncan Phyfe Similar to 1 Illustration America's most popular Sola— * 4r4l r >t51 75 offered now in three price ranges $17075 SENSATIONAL RUG VALUE FIRESIDE CHAIRS $1875. $ 54 50 In a Nice Assortment of Covers See Our Nice Selection of Nationally-Known PERIOD TABLES In Genuine Mahogany—All Moderately Priced Give Something for the Home This Christmas Charles S. Lemons, Furniture Hem* Furnishings Moderately Priced GLAIYIORUG All-Wool Face You've never seen anything like these new rugs—at anywhere near the price! Pure wool walking surface for luxury feel and longer wear. Cushiony base of imported jute. Fine for living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, guest rooms. You'll be amazed at how much rug you get for so little money. Your choice of the following patterns and colors. (A) StH-cota- Floral. .. chcic. of b*ig>, blu», roi», gr««n, or wine. 9' x )?'... $24.95 (B) Multi-color Floral. . . choi» of blu<, ron, Ian, or grwn ground. 9' * 12' .. .$24.95 GiVe Something for th« Home This Cnmtmos Charles S. Lemons, Furniture

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