The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 24, 1952 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 24, 1952
Page 2
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TUESDAY, JUNE 24, 1853 K/TPWETfLLB (ASK.) COURIER PAGE THKEB Taft After Pennsylvania s 31 Uncommitted Delegates Bv KELMAN MOIUN' i vor TafL 2Q Canine to Grn. Dwifchl-. Eispnhnwpr. ami McKPldm replied, HERSHEY, Pa. L-T*i -Sen. Robert • D. Eisenhower, and ihe remaining i "That's a correct impression." A. Tad carried his intensive srreirh .11 undecided anri awaUine word! N'evertholes.e,. lie insisted he had drive for rfelepaies in key states to j from Gov. John S. Fine. The ROV- j >>een rniMiumed in a reimi frmn Pennsylvania today, hiddine for j ernor said hp will delay his rie- i Lo* Angeles that he will suppon £Up|>or! frnn\ one of the !aree.=f t ri.eton (tmiJ just before the i Ri^ffilmwe r unrirnniitled groups left In the I convention opens, j Taft, himself, ^aid IIP riid not couni ry. | TP./L drove here from Bali imore know if he tvon anv dele 2 a IP sup- Pfnnsyivania has 70 votes at the [last niclit, and is scheduled 10 meet p<«' n ' c f result ol his meeting in Judge Rules Today on Pia Citizens Child Welfare Group To Be Discussed Establishment of a citizen* committee on child wet [a re in MiFfiis- sippl County will be discu^ed at a dinner meetinR to he held nt 7:30 p.m. Thursday HI Hniel N'oble. , ,,.......,......_ . . Mrs, nernice KaTrlifr, siale direr- died Sadirdny Irnm injuries first pirnrird without a jurv oier a ?' Probe Death Of Little Rock Negro Prisoner LOS ANGELES t&\ — Li", to Pin LJ ndft r om lea rti s t od ay *'het her shp')l havp- to visit hoi fnrnnus mn- Thor, jirtrff* I'urrid Hei amnn, :n LITTLE ROCK i/P—An Invpslt- Italy summer into the rte.ifli of Steve ! The answer will rorne -vlmi Si]. d, Little Rock NPRTO, who • perior Judpe Mildied L 1 an to Hawaii with hrr tether. Gu«j*« of Carnival In his fmnl irnilm.Mit, ye&trrday Miw nprRrn.nn's aiiirnpv, Grogson Blythpvtlle Courier News car- Bamzcr, fnirt if ]?o.<wllini's j rler boys will bp (he guests of th« pre'-i-iicn rim Ins Pia's vIsiMK deem- 'Southern Vallnv Shows tonight. «i oujornnnnblp. ihe riucrlor will | The rarmvil is on Hudson absent. hmiscUt for h»r May. i S'roel .. next to the Blytheville I __ _ There «rf> six fivli-ral ppniien'U- S ~ •!<•* in it, Unmrt stares. ^ Read Courier News Classified Ads lot of the Child Welfare Division,! believed ( o have Iven incurred In • week hearinc on Mis* will t>e principal sneaker. About 35 j n ' a ^ fil the my Jail, i.s boinp con- i pMinon for summer persons have been inviti'd to nttend, ! ti»'i p d. Mrs, Rau-Uff will drsmbe thoj Prosecutor Tom DmvnlP, who nr- fiinriiniiF, of a cUirens child welfare ; AfrcA (he im-esr J^fUKm. sniri an rommii'ee and fell Mint similar j Autopsy performed yesierriny urns her t' that 19 ppnbliran noininarinH convention, j thp rJ^legatio]! brfore nonn trulfiv. An Associated Tfihiilation | HP follows Mis chief rival fnr thp nhf now. 1 fa- GOP nomination. Gen. Ei^enhoivor. ' hari into Pennsvlvnnia by IP^,^ than two ^ weeks. Kivnhrnvrr ?a\v S8 pp.iin- ih^j sylvania rifipo i ne.'=, fiO altPi'n anri several Inindrprt Commodity And Stock Markets— Baltimore mncl But fhp o^ thrm<elvp*. i a (avnmblf ?aid. 'It looks about half arp f iPGflTfs and purpose nmrntpd he w . nn|(1 hp have accomplished in of <urh a committee Dr. Anderson Nettlcship. stai* i cal examiner, indicated Orrciuvnnrt riiPri from a head, injury not puf- to HIP as r Trtft, and i'npi'fs. ihe oOin hall fnr Ki^pnhnypr." The on lus Taft niganizatinn has claimed "be- loenl Child Welfare Offtrp on problems a rising JH this and assist thp> r(lri '» rll(1 ^U- New York Cot-ton Open Hi?in Lo'.v Close July . ... 4025 -KJ35 39^5 3DS1 Oci. 3nl6 3751 3718 37:15 Dec. 3118 37X1 3G99 3714 Mar 3702 3713 31:81 3G97 New Orleans Cotton J'jly Oct.. Open Hieh .. 4TU2 4037 ... :m6 3751 3720 3"29 ... 37G6 3713 farm near Gettysburg June 13. rwepn nine and ifi ; Yesterday, tlie senator I-rid two John n. M Hamilr/in, F 'pre^s. conferences, nnp in Washing- tarnpn'iaii miinncer [or Tnf 1 ton and the other in Baltimore, He ihon riined wiih the 24-inan Mnry- ; hind rlelegafinn and nn^-wcted QUCS- j tion."- at a t-lrt.=ed mertina. 1 The Maryland aroup i? coin m it'• ten to vote for Oov. T R. Mr.Kel- din on fhe first ballot, and Taf***. efforts--as he explained in th? new^ rriice- wrp to gain ',','1 •. ballot stre.ncth. N*r> Cnninntmpnt Mc-Keldiri said he hap made nn 1 commitment?;, but h* also paid: I "if? unrJp]-.'lonn in fhix stafe rhcn ,<iu* Close f'm for Eisenhower, but I have made 39iri 3flR2 ' no statement rnysplf '' ;j";2!t 37T2 : A corrpj^xind^nt said The general 3P9" 371L impression ha> h?"n chat he i? for 3PB5 3fi?6 ; said the GOT canaifliue vi-it ro Maryland wat. 'most successful." Hamilton said Tafr ha.<; ' n hard cnre of at lens' 14 vot^s IIMIII Maryla r.d for fhe second hallnt---if the convention COR= thai far." Tail Rives thp impression of h^lng -nprejnely cnnfidoiu in rhese la.= t second- tiays Ivfnre ih? cnnvpntuin open^. ; A" dinners and s-icial gather]lies ' the pu?t three days he has been iTlax^d, 10vj:il anri s ppn rprit'y nn- Chiraso. He rrarhprl jok-=>s. told ! Rionos. and 'vas the p;->eiKe nf in- | for in ah rv with fhe -mnJl eroups 1 hp Fi'iv; in Washmston anri Mnrv- land. Mac ARTHUR Soybean! Jlv Sep Hieh Low 3-24% 320' 3'OU 3flfi' 2P3 1 > 2^1 | Debate on Germ Body of Horner Charges Delayed iGirl Still Missing fContinueri from Paae 1> said, adding: j "Oort. MacAithnr hold? Oon. Ki-' spnhower in warme5l. personal re- ; •aard and professionn) p?ircm. hut does not support his riolitiral am- hiiimis now nor has h^ ever con- , siiterei! dome ?o" [ Kicholhergcr hsd said MacArthur in!d liim if Eisenhower goi OUT nf MncArlhnr's v«-ay in 1fl-J8, Ili^n Eisenhower could have ihe nomination in lf>S'2. Kiyenhou-er derlined in 104R to m;ike himself a\ - aliable for, either party's nominal ion. | Quoles Ikr : Whilnry .^uofed a ,)an, "2. 1948. s+atPinenl hy Eisenhower opposinp the soekmc of pr>liticnl office b lifelonp professional soldier?. paid I!IP :iri- vpai -r>ld N^ero was aiiPMrrj in a l.nilp Rock hrtr- >>°r shnp Sanjrday and chai«'Mi with orunkfnnpss, riisiin bine the ppfirp a nd resist ine a n officer. h wjis reported Mint Greni'-vonri was bPinc led in a rrll hy I.nrlo Rorv pnhcp oflirnr? whrn IIP biokp from (heir 2 rasp and fpl! ovf»i- n rnilln^ onto n r-oncipip floor 10 fret M-year old. t The suit WiiR /'ia'<s f.'H her. I (r '.vho divniTcri 1 h*' mtns'. bore a fluid out of \\ ccilfi inn diifr"»r Unbn >o l.mrlM i nm < i ourend' i «'i nc>\\ Mi-^s l\v\ i; ni;i n'p would >>" a h^d inf|i!rnr*> Piii hriM-lf lr. riisi'd .- marie rh « p onri on durinc n an D G William?, ariT^i. sairi hp IILI Gr ihp lipari with hi< rpv 5f-nmp ubpn thf N Johnson Attends Polio Conference Open fi:;{(» p.m. Sliow SlJivts al Dusk. 2 tShows ICvory Nile. iTLESDAV £ ^'KHNKSDAV j Dollfir Nili-s ; Hriny a ('arl'iil fi»r n Hullnr Other BVD ECIALS! 2"1' Jan 2"5 :i i ^ New York Stocks A T and T . Amer Tobacco Anaconda Copper Belh Steel Chrysler Cnca-Cola Gen Electric Gen Motors Montgomery Ward N Y Central Tnt Harvester J C Penney Republic Steel Radio .. ....... So^ony Vartmm SUidetaaker Standard of N J Trxas Corp Sears ... . . . . •'• U S S^eel ... UXITED NATION'S. M Y Ihis morninc had siill — I foiled to rfro\f i j iri^ bnriy of r.orna S 293^ r Thp uv< secnruy Counnl postpon- ! R^hPi Horner, 14-year-old daiifrti- ! rd deba'e on C^nimunisr e^rm war- ( Pr O f Mr and Mrs. ,J"^ Hornei of i fare chnree.s until rnmorrow atfcr Blytheville. vho drnwiicd Pririny in 153 1-3 Sfn ' ipt r>PlpKaie Jamb A. Malik do- ; tn e Frying Pan Rivpr near Ba'sali, _P ^^. mamied that Rpd China anri Nonh i Colorado. 44 l-ft'Korpa be nlln^ed ro partinpr»l€».! Another BlyihpviJle cirl. Linda -3D \-\> Tnp deliiy pmeri th? ^ay for ^n : Taylnr, daughter nf Mr. and Mis. 77 j.j anticipated French compromise dis- | Harnnn Taylor, mann^pri Ui swim 115 nriir?nii'nr proposal. i \n shore when the station wapon SO 1-8 The round! decided lust ni?h1 to . in which tlip eirlF were riding 57 l-^ P IIT °-f ln RPi'iri warefare dpbaic ; plmieeri ofl nn embankment into 6^ 1-2 after Pi-ench nck-sa'.e Jules Moch the river. 20 1-2 i"pf|uesred a n\eetitig today o[ DLF- : — — — 33 3-4 • armament Commission marie up of RR i-2 the 11 Scrnrity Council members 40 7-B ; and Canada 36 1-1 Moch. '-Vno ]ea--'cs Thursday fn VF- 3fi 3-t'5inne his rinrip? a^ Pocialipt leader 37 i hi ihe French parliament, was re- 19 3-4 piirtr-d ready to pre.-eni a compTom- r>~! \-2 j,ciB proiinsnl \vhich he hoeps may 53 3-4 tjreiik the KaM-Weft deadlock, br- 38 3-4 i fore the cnrnmi?sioti. Cost of State : $5,000 Livestock NATIONAL STOCKYARDS. Ill i;p—(USDA>—Ho?3 11.Son. slow: uneven; barrow? and ailis ISO ^bs i up 25 *o 5fl Jo^-cr than Mondays' avRfRse; tnnsily ^5 to 10 off. Imht- er \vei2hts 5n to l.on lower, with Ff>me tinder iro lh« nff rnnpul^rably mm ? in une\ en ti sdin2; ?o\v? 2A ! fn oO off; bulk choice No.= . 1. ^ and; 3 180-23D lb.- 20.25-10: laner paid freely early by shippers .inri butchers for choice No:-. } and 2 inn- 'J?0 !b?.: few pale.? down to 20 lr> or less: nmsi choicp ^40-27n Ibs full width of srarie I«.2V20.10, IRO-Sa.i ibs iB.f}n-R5: i,in-i7n ib? !20-MO Ibs U.(10-lfi.75: s"w-. 400 )b~ doun. ifi .75*17 .'2ft: heavier FWS 14.75-1625: stass 13.00-1. 1 ! 0[>; most hoars !0.:ift-l3.00: few 13.-if). Crude 3.2(1(1. calves l.aOO: open- ins !?enorally sicndy nn nil rlns^e- except vralpv.^ 1.00 lower with fop RI 32 00. the Inmost since 1 .Inly nf 1P5D: few lonri? and lors bicli ^ood and choice sterr> 2^.-=iO-3l .no. smMl lot? choice mixed yr.irhne> 32.on; utility and rnmnicrrial strets anri heifers 20.fin-27.n'i; utilitv and cnni- ' weroal ro^v-; J7 ,iO-?l 00. runner. 5 ; ^nd cutler? 12 no-17 on. milny and commercial biiib '2000-2100; rut!er bulls 15.00-1S 00; s^nd f.nd choice \"ca]Ei'3 !?f> no-^!0 00. sorr^d prime to 32.00: 'Uiltfv and '•ommerclal vcal- PT.- 19.00-25.00. Phrrp 1500; pprin?; laniVis active. F»*:fi<!y :o 2?> htErhev than .\Tondrty; •\r; ot hf r 2 r r i ri r s and c! LITTLE has pnui ROCK .-P'—The <ute fnr 771.000 foiLr- cn l ni map? sho^-ins fhe roan work done, contra fen and planned riuring Gov. McMaih'? arimin- "Gen. Kiyenhower's clearly stated, pnsiiion aeaiiiFt n military nnn ,^t anrtinp for th^ presidency has a fleeted the effort nf Gen Mar Arthur's friends in the Wisconsin primary of April. 194ft, "Gen M.TCArthur's wnrrimps have not been against poliriral office for profep.^ional soldiers as a clasp, which is Oen. EtFerihmver'f tlie.^ifi. but, aeaiust the establi.^hnieut. of anything HI f lie nature of a military stale in '.vhicli undue controls are exercised in civil affair. 1 ; and the cit!?.cnry becomes resimpnted alons totalitarian line.s. He feeis we are already danarously clo«e to an ap- j proach to this rondition." | ,. | Harold F, SLawen. former Mtnne- i j 1 .«ota eovernor. won thn majority n( ! the ri^Eeca'es in the 1348 Wisconsin • primary, with Mac Arthur get line: ; the remainder. K S Johnson, Mississippi Connu March o[ Dimes Chairman, ha* r* 1 "- t'trti^ri from .S' LOIIIP nfirr* 1 HP a<tended a r^piorial cotilerenco n[ rid j P°'' n problems Diseijsppd at the mpetmp \va«. 'he financial burden which chapters of the Naimmil Foundation for Infantile F'nraly.^is must cany for year? to rome in rarine for an iiu-rrn*niR number of severely im-ol\erl patient? who s|il rip^d financial help. Between 40.000 and 45.000 person<^ -•tricken in other years, are siill rc- cei\'injj March of Dimes assistance in the United States. New Civil Rights Bill to Senate R THEATRE Manila, Ark. Segregation Suit Filed in Georgia ATLANTA ',P> — A Em* rhallen?- \ mz OcorSIR'S ?ecrecation Jaws m! the nniTersiry srstetn has been died! in Federal Courr. [ Horace T. Ward. Atlanta Ncero. causrri ihf ^ccinn to be filed ye=,- terdav in fhe latest move in his] the University School oT L,a\v in | Gov. Herman Talm^dse prompt-1 lv a.^nriprl That the full weiaht of"' the state zovernmrnt would bp' thrown info the fisht fn rip fend Genrtria'5 FpEjresation policy. Pig Crop Down The S r ate Auditor's offire .=aicJ ye?;ernay the $n.d9t '.varranr 'Aen* to the Domorrat Pr in tine and I.-iThozraphins Company of Litrle RorX- T>IF- money wn- drawn (rnrn Hi^hwav Department's mante- nnnce arconnt. thp office said. 1 murh riitidFin from McMath's four \ Drrnorratic opponpnw in ihe gub- LITTLE ROCK vT" — Arkansas' 1952 sprine pi? crnp for a led MM.- 000 heart, 'he Crop Reportinp Ser- vire .-aid today. The production xas 1? per cent below the Ift.M rrnp. Thp ser^'irp said indication? arF that nP.fifin Ro\v c '\ iii f» rro«" hP • 1 \vprn .Jimp 1 and Dec, 1. a derline of 13 per ront from ihe M.OOO far- ro'^d in thf fall of 1051, WASHINGTON (&> A ne-.v civil phus bill w-hirh 'j/nuld forbid rac- I or other riisrriminafion hy nn- j ployprs was jinnded Ihe SPRR^C lo| day hy its Labor Comniitrpp. ! However .even It.s bnckeis r.nnrncl- [ eri they had virtnaUy no hope that it would even come up Im debate before CoiiRrwvS quits for the national political conventions. lite measure i,s a new version nf the fltiempT, to establish * fair em- pi n y m P n I pracMiCF? commission 'FECD this hme wiih a new rirp<s [ Tind a new name. If. has been dub- | brd "EEOFE" hy Its backers hpcause ! it would create a "federal equal op- , port unity for '!nip3r;ymcnt"' coin- I inn. I l-AST TKMKS TOM'I'K NEW MEXICO" A> ros. Marilyn Ahi.xui'll & Uobt'il Ihiilnn WEI).-Tlll'IiS. 'THE LADY SAYS NO" Jfian ruulfirlil David Nivcn Starling Wednesday, June 25 Prices Good For One Week O OFF Cniy Ki\iff Sharpener . . . REGULAR $4A JO SI t.0." f . . . nou on sale ni IIK40 Cory Vacuum Cuffi-p Ahikrr . . * REG. ?*)fl OC $2S.fl5 . . . now »n sale al feUi&Q General Milfs HeHy f'rocker Electric Iron ^1A O4 . : . RK<;. ?i:,.ns .' 'lU.ol Wesliiicliiiuse Aiitnmnlic Electric Toaster I17 JC . . . KKf;. J2I.H5 S 1.10 Fr>f>llc Donhlp rrenrh-Frycr . . . REGU- SQQ EC LAR SSfi.nO . . . nnw only vUiOO Snnkisl .lnin>l . . .JUvGL'LAK SI3.S5...mnv Jj redunM lo only ScsRions i:!ecfric Clock . .REGULAR PRICE |J 7« ?l!.75. . .now '1,11, Kiislfii-hi S:inil\virh Grill... RBGL : LAR I'KICK S7.20. . .now only Gi-iHM-al .Meal Slicrr. . . REGULAR PRICE $4A M{* ?M.!)S. . .now just IU 1i Hl 31 PC. scl of King l')rlw;irds Silverphite ... vl T ^JJ RKGULAI? ?2I.50 II, 13 Many other small electric appliance? and other items included in this sole. Hurry far the on«* you want! MODERN HOME ECONOMY STORE 109-111 West Main Phena 4S85 »**•«»••••••••••••• Ktwanis Club to Hold Annual Fish Fry Here Wive? and family member* of Ki- thr Kivvnn h dub'? n rim i a I [ipli frv ' a' ^\'a!ker Park at 6:30 p.m. 1o- • marrow. j Cl'.'h Prp-irJ"nt Miltiin Wrhh ?aH TlT» fi^h frv \vil! take tlie place ofl ^fi of>-^7 25; top 27 50 sparingly PS .but r>th«?K= held at tb? price, mmier-! ou- .= n! n ,- ^ood anri choice kinds | , f.i 00-?S nn. rull.s down tn 15.on anri : ! h"fnrv: frv^- lo'? srnnd nnri rbnire | shorn 1nrnb> inrhiding ' finr lol rvbnut h.^]f prime nt 20.00: anri r<ill 'o sood ?laiishier ewps 4,f>0- ALWAYS A DOUBLE FEATURE Phone 4621 Shmv Slarls Weekdays 7:00 p.m. Sat. & Stm. 1:00 p.m. AIR CONDITIONED BY REFRIGERATION TUES.-WED.— 2 FEATURES BUDDYNITE — 2 FOR PRICE OF 1 2 SHORTS A BETTER AWNING... AT A MASS MARKET PRICE! Air Conditioned By Refrigeration "Your Community Onler" MANILA, ARK. Matinees Sal. & Sim. I'lxme 5S TfF-SDAY "BASKETBALL FIX" John Ireland Marshall Thompson \VED.-THfRS. "RETURN OF THE TEXAN' Dale Robertson Joanne Dru NEW LOW COST » STREAMLINED BEAUTY • RUGGED CONSTRUCTION LEAK PROOF • EASY TO INSTALL • COOL IN SUMMER • PROTECTION IN WINTER NEW ALUMINUM IWASS1 AWNING TATTP 1,1.1 M1V1"M PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Slork fiuaranlperl I?esl [-rices Kirby Druq Stores "Hy-n-eib-tfe, with the arrowhead Sold in Blytheville by fa,,l,..;< nmirr ,„ "/) ff f # f vntinn "Kvt.M ' I hit * th>- mi l,r.llaM<- i I»IH|.III.I|I.MI > "<i ft Tn Thi- fl^iliiil'- "!W" 'it'." tin rnntr pnurr for llir in-,iv> .nn •Mlirr rnr! Hii. H-.Irj j'- Mi|,rr llnir' . . . I-M N'.ir.'idr- Call ,n". , . for 't»l' "illl I )ld'itl'Vlr - l"il!>,n,l -'i(»r "H"! SEE YOUR NEAREST OLD5M0B111 DEALER AUSTIN & WICKER 112 South 1st St. PAINT, GLASS & WALLPAPER Phone 6207 HORNER-WSLS 309 East Main Street - Telephone 2056 THE KIYS ARE WAITING! DRIVE OUR SPECIAL "ROCKET" SHOW CAR TODAYI

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