Lincoln Journal Star from Lincoln, Nebraska on November 11, 1975 · Page 15
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Lincoln Journal Star from Lincoln, Nebraska · Page 15

Lincoln, Nebraska
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 11, 1975
Page 15
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It's All Outdoors By Tom Vint Catching A few items of interest crossing the de early this week included a weekly release from the South l££ FteX Game Department, a new entry from Digest looks and the results of last weekend's One Box Pheasant Hiifto BrokeS The South Dakota people have been doin a little figuring on the topic of dust bowls, past and future.^TM of you out there will no doubt remember the tafemoTdS bowl of the 1930's. Well, our neighbors to the north tifc we may be headed toward another one just like it. "In a report to Congress based on a 16-county surve j0 f established tree belts, the U.S. General Accounting Offi* (GOA) warned that recent dry conditions combined with a alarming loss of tree belts has set the stage for a repeat of the 'black blizzards' that swept across the plains states in the thirties," the release said. Of specific emphasis were the states of Oklahoma Kansas, Nebraska and South Dakota. It seems farmers are bulldozing in their established shelter belts to put a few more acres into production. Nothing is left to halt everyday winds dusting the plains. If you aren't convinced there is a great loss of top soil to winds blowing across an uninterrupted countryside, I'd like to have you drive west, travel a stretch of highway 23 running from highway 83 south of North Platte to Grant. The continual brown fog blowing off the fields should convince you. New Digest Book DBI Books, Inc., formerly Digest Books, has recently released "Outdoor Photographer's Digest," edited by Erwin and Peggy Bauer. The Bauers are regular contributors to the big three national outdoor magazines and are familiar names in outdoor photography circles. The digest is full of tips on how to set up blinds, trip cords, and use of flash, tripods and filters. It'll tell you how to take better shots of insects, birds, -wildlife and scenery. There are 47 separate articles touching various phases of outdoor photography from the use of close-up lenses to telephotos. Kathleen Farmer even offers tips on how to take good pictures in bad weather, something all of us could brush up on. For the camera buff with the need to know or for the beginner wanting to know, this could well be your next bible in the how-to line. One Box Hunt The annual Broken Bow OneBox Pheasant Hunt held ~ over the weekend was swept by the contingent from Nebraska. The home-staters, led by Gov. J. J. Exon, collared Saturday's pheasant hunting crown with relative ease over a team from Kansas headed by Gov. Robert Bennett. Joining Exon on the winning team were Lou Stithem, Bob Exon, game commissioner Ken Zimmerman of Loup City and W. E. Peters. Third was a team of past shooters, headed by Lt. Gen. Jimmie Doolittle, the grand old man of World War H fame. The Nebraskans also won the Friday celebrity trapshoot with a few subs for late arriving state officials. Omahan Jerry Lambert, Dick Towns and Del Grimm of Grand Island joined Stithem of Broken Bow and Zimmerman while awaiting for the Lincoln shooters. Kropp, Bullets Eye Playoffs Hastings (AP) -- Tom Kropp, Nebraska's current contribution to professional basketball, said Monday his Washington Bullets team of the National Basketball League is optimistic and hoping to make this year's playoffs. Kropp, who has played in three of the Bullets' six games this year, said the team has not p l a y e d to its p o t e n t i a l throughout the exhibition season and throughout the first of the regular season. Kropp, a native of Aurora, who played his college ball at Kearney State College, said he has not had to learn much about basketball since joining the pros, but has had to adjust to the style of play in the NBA. TOMORROW NIGHT at 8 P;M Associated Master Barbers of Lincoln presents: COLDEN BOXING SMOI See top young fighters in action. . . cheer your favorite!! Adults $2.SO-Student IP's $2 PERSHING MUNICIPAL AUDITORIUM Fifth. Take the 2nd bottle for 1'. Italian Wine LAMBRUSCO $ 3.19 Greek Wines GRECIAN SPECIAL Ruby Sweet Wine $A AA Fitth. Take the 4.77 2nd bottle for 1«. AMPHITRYON S 2.99 KOKINELLI $ 2.99 Hayes Spurns Big 8 Columbus, Ohio (AP) -Woody Hayes, coach of Ohio State's top-ranked Buckeyes, lashed out Monday against the idea of a national collegiate football championship playoff. Asked if he did't think fans would be robbed if the Buckeyes of the Big Ten Conference didn't meet the Big Eight champion in the Orange Bowl, Hayes snapped: "Don't use that word rob. By golly, we give them good enough football. And usually the Rose Bowl determines a national champion in at least one poll." The Rose Bowl matches the Big Ten champion with the Pacific-8 Conference representative. "That's the one we want to \o to," Hayes fumed. "Now we 'iay not end up there. Who kiows?" *hio State and Michigan the Big Ten lead and the er of their Nov. 22 show- dowi should decide the conference'! Rose Bowl representative, "he Buckeyes have gone to the Nev, Year's Day classic the last tnreeseasons and four of the last five. "I still linj that Rose Bowl," said Hayes, . coach in seven of them. "When I voted to allow our teams to goto other bowls, I did it for one reason. The other nine coaches wer- very much in favor of it. I wasn'.that much in favor of it." The 62-year-old Hives said he is against national cOlege football playoffs because "You're goirig to work these payers to death and they are still ging to college. You'll leave outcome people who deserve a shot t it, too. "If we rob anybody, we nb out players. We're asking toi much of them to be students and play that long a season. Have I made myself clear?" Feature Races At Calder Invmsible You 4 0 0 260 220 Fat Frank 5 60 2 60 Manchon 2 40 At Aqueduct Cast The Die 64.401600 880 Artfully . . .. 320 2 BO Veroom Maid 9 4 0 At Keystone Princely Song 3 4 0 240 2 4 0 Bee A Tipper 320 260 Jet Nassrullah 4 2 0 At Suffolk Downs Via Arna 1320 5 4 0 5 0 0 Tashtego 520 360 Forest Murmers 820 At Churchill Downs Doug 15.40 620 380 Cut The Talk 780 380 Swoonco 1 60 Tuesday, November 11,1975 Lincoln, Neb. Journal 15 SW1SHER by KING EDWARD Fifth. Take the 2nd bottle for l c . BEVERAGE H SALOON 27th Holdrege v WINE SALE thru Sat., Nov. 15th. All sales cosh -- No Checks No licensed dealers. fifth. Take the 2nd bottle for I RODITS 199 .Take the I bottle for 1 German Wines LIEBFRAUMILCH $A AA Fifth. Take the JL*7l 2nd bottle for 1'. NIERSTEINER $4 QO fifth. Take (he JU77 2nd bottle for 1'. MOSELBLUMCHEN 3 00 Fifth. Take the 2nd · / T bottle forK BERNCASTLER PIESPORTER Buy the 1st bottle at our regular price -- Take 2nd bottle for r more! '4.19 MMv M.29 ZELLER SCHWARTZ KATZ $ 4.49 Specials below not included in 1' Sale. MICHELOBE SOUTHERN COMFORT $ 4.99 WINSOR CANADIAN $ 9.49 SL UB SCOTCH 7.99 YELLOWSTONE Gentle Roseberry Judo Ace By Ken Harableton John Roseberry is a gentle man. But inside of the pleasant, calm and charming exterior lies a man that could explode into a blur of speed grace and power that could stop almost anything as quick as you could say "judo." Roseberry, who heads the Sho- Rei-Kan School of Judo in Lincoln, holds a sixth degree black belt in karate, and was just recently promoted to "Godan" (fifth degree black belt) in judo. He was the first American to be awarded a black belt in both sports, and is the only man in this area of the country with the "Godan". "When I first started judo in 1955 in England, I did it so I could go out and learn to smoke somebody," Roseberry said. "But after about five years of wanting to go out and get someone, my teachers finally convinced me that there was a better way to go about things." Roseberry, who was hi the U.S. Marine Corps from 1955 to just three years ago, said the attitude helped him get along with himself and others better, and his judo improved. Roseberry went on to win the following titles: All-Okinawa, Southeastern AAU, All-Service, and gamed runner-up spots in the National AAU championships and the 1964 Olympic trials, besides being a player coach on the All-Marine Judo team for the Marine Corps. "You find that all throughout the judo and karate ranks that John Roseberry Martial Arts Teacher the higher the degree of learning or ability the more gentle a person is," Roseberry said. "You might think the reverse, that the tougher a guy got the meaner he would get. But those type of people don't last long in either judo or karate. You don't practice the art to hurt but rather to help yourself and others." "I let that attitude of using martial arts skills for defense only carry through to my teaching. I have two rules in my school," Roseberry said. "The first is that if you start a fight I don't want you in my school. And the other is that if you lose a fight I don't want you either." The city of Lincoln gets a good deal with Roseberry. He not only works for the city Parks and Recreation Dept. but also offers self-defense classes on the side for them. Roseberry is one of the few American judo teachers in the area with a teacher's certificate, which he earned while, in Okinawa. "I've been in the sport for 20 years and have just been teaching about the last seven years," Roseberry said. "But there are some teachers that have been in the sports for fewer than six years that should still be students." Roseberry doesn't feel he has anything over his students though just because he's been with the sport so long. "I would love to be on the other side, with one of them t e a c h i n g , " Roseberry said. "I had a teacher that once told me that after five years, a student is just beginning to learn. And after 10 years he is just beginning to learn. I've been with it 10 years and I'm just beginning to learn." The reason for the humble attitude Roseberry explains, "You go to some tournaments and see some of these old fellows that can make you look like a baby." "That's the way judo is," Roseberry said. "You have to get in shape from all the practice it takes to be good. And with judo you use the other person's momentum and strength to your advantage. You win by virtue of your balance and quickness." "In karate (or empty hands) you use a lot of punches and kicks. It's a lot more offensive than judo, but judo is more practical as a sport," the former All- Marine champion for seven years said. "In judo sport all you have to do is throw your opponent, get a choke hold or arm bar on him to win. But in karate, you end up with somebody get- ting really hurt because there's no real way to go half speed." "Personally I see karate as an art. It involves a 'kata' (or patterned dance) and to make it a sport it gets watered down from the original that was developed in Okinawa 300 years ago," Roseberry said. Roseberry explains that neither judo nor karate is hard to learn. "People say they're uncoordinated and can't do the moves or techniques. ' 'First of all I would like to see the word uncoordinated thrown out and second of all that's just an excuse to stay out of physical exercise," Roseberry said. "It's just that some people may have to work longer and harder than others, but anybody can learn. I teach all ages from 7 to 76-years- old and handicapped people also." Even though John Roseberry is still learning it would appear there is a lot he has to share through teaching. 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