The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 12, 1953 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 12, 1953
Page 5
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PAGE EIGHT BLYTHEVTLLR (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 12, 1958 1 Report en K/nwjr— Townspeople Give Approval To Sex Behavior Research EDITORS NOTE: Tor ttli report en Dr. Kintey, the man whole report on mil* «x Iw- litTor mud* headlines five yeirs «fo »nd now li •ilrrlnr up new headlines with his report on fa- mile sex behaTor, NEA Slaff Writer Wade Jones went to Blooming-ton, Ind., and sized up the man, his work, and what his fellow townspeople think. This Is the lecond dispatch of three dispatches. By WADE JONES NEA Staff Correspondent BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (NEA) — Of the several dozen people I've talked to here about Dr. Alfred C. Kinsey and his forth coming book on "Sexual Behavor in the Human Female," only one had an obejction to the nature of his work. The lone dissenter was Mrs. Ray Fisher, a kindly-looking woman of about 70 who sat on her front porch holding her' grandson in her lap. "I haven't read too much about what he's doing," she said, " but I don't think it ought to be put In print. I think it's Just curiosity." (A Gallup poll several years ago showed people throughout the country to be S to 1 in favor of Kinsey's work.) « » • To appreciate the attitude of people here toward Kinsey and his work, it should be remembered that there is a sharp dlffer- erence between the Interests and thinking of university people and townspeople. The shaded auite of the campus Is a green oasis of thought and Ideas In the Intellectual Sahara of Bloomington and the surrounding- countryside. Research, of the academic sort Kinsey is doing, Is going on in smelly laboratories and hot, high- ceilinged rooms in more than a dozen of the campus's graying Indiana limestone buildings. These researcners and thousands more like them, working in the adventurous field of factual discovery, don't shock easily and they recognize to Dr. Kinsey a - master craftsman of their own kind. DISSENTER: "It's Just curiosity," say* Mrs. Bay Fisher. "IT'S NOT DIRTY:" Marietta De Aubrey's a researcher. Marietta De Aubrey, a pretty graduate researcher here only three years from her native Romania says this: "I don't think Dr. Kinsey's work is to laugh about, although some people who do not think believe it is dirty. In my -work we deal with fruit flies. We have male and • female flies and we find out all we can about them, just like he's doing with people. That's all there Is to it. It's not dirty." Nick Poolltsan, co-owner of the Gables Restaurent, believes "most people .need to be broadened in the sex field. I'm pretty dumb about It. I guess most people are." Bernard Houshour, a cab driver: "It won't hurt anything. I learned a, lot hi the army that's done me good. Maybe It will make less cases of kids not having any fathers." Houshour, like & surprisingly large number of townspeople, didn't know at first who Dr. Kinsey "BROADENING:" Nick PooIIt- aan thinks most people need it. Mose McGlocklln, a construction worker, didn't know. But his face lit up when sex was mentioned. "Anybody that can do anything with that subject there," he said, "it's all right with me." Shirley Gary, 21-year-old University senior from Topeka, Knns.: "Oh, of course what he's doing is "GOOD THING:" That's how Shirley Gary regards report- only been scraped." The Rev. Howard Anderson, Christian Church minister, it heartily in favor of what Dr, Kinsey is doing, but wouldn't allow his picture to be taken, don't like the sensational way the press has treated the Kinsey work," he said. Richard Siva, a barber: "A lot of people think what he' • doing a good tning] The surface has I Is something to snicker about. I Team With Your Neighbor Want to make an additional savings on your Natural Gas Installation? 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Team up with your neighbor, then give us a ring for a right-to-the-penny estimate on your Natural Gas piping installation. 8 Ark-Mo Power Co. "WHOSE KINSEY?" But Mose McGlockhi O. K.s the idea. don't think It Is. What does my wife think about It? She doesn'l rend anything—just comic books." What Does Dr. Kinsey himself think about the value and purpose of his work? He goes back to the time he began his work in 1938, when some students asked for a marriage counsel course and he found out how little they knew about sex. The scientific knowledge of sex at that time was equivalent to what was known about indigestion in the 15th century," he says. "It Is unbelieveable that ther was any function of the human body about which , so little was known. We knew more about the sex habits of barnyard animals than, of people." He has expressed the hope that as a result of his findings, our laws governing sex offenses will be brought more in line with the facts of life. As it is, he says, if all our sex laws were enforced. 80 per cent of our women and 95 per cent of our men would be in jail. , He has sail, too, that his work should provide a basic [or intelligent sex education of children, and for a better understanding between married couples. He said in a recent speech that 75 per cent of married couples interviewed had some sex difficulty. Also, he says, 60 per cent of the nation's marriages go on the rocks, not 40 per cent as reported by census figures. The extra 20 per cent are those which never get to the divorce courts, he says. (Tomorrow: What Kinsey Is talking: about.) ROBERTS Continued from Page I and then decided to come South. He had a brother working for Gillette Brothers Lumber Company in Memphis and with big promises to Jim- mle about the opportunities In Memphis, Jlmmie came South. He went -to Prlelander's Garage and applied for a Job as a mechanic and they laughed at him and told him to go home and grow some hair on his chest, he was too young for the Job. Instead of giving references from the Chicago firm where he had worked for six years, Jim- mte told the owner he would work a week for nothing and If he didn't suit them he hadn't lost anything. .The man liked Jlmmie for his confidence In himself and asked him if he had took to work with — which he did and for the next three years — after that first trial week — Jimmle was head mechanic for the garage. There were several cars in Osceola by that time and they would bring them down on the boat to Memphis to have them worked on. The late Abner Driver was one of Jlmmle'.s customers. One day — In 1912, Mr. Driver called Jimmie from the Peabody Hotel to come up to his room, he wanted to talk to him about coming to Osceola. He offered Jimmie a building free of rent If he would come. This was Jimmie's first opportunity of going In business for himself and readily accepted Mr. Driver's generous offer. He stayed there several years until Mr. Driver needed the building for car ports for his customers at the Driver Inn. Jlm- mie then built his own garage across the street and for 41 yenri Jlmmie ha* been In the same block — with the exception of the four years (1927 to 1931) when Jimmie rented the shop at Bill Shouse's in Blythevllle and leased his own building out to a mechanic. TURNING TO Jimmie's Inventions, he had three of his inventions exhibited at the fair at the Patent Exhibit shows in Chicago years ago. Two of the inventions were spring shackles and the other was & water pump seal. The following year he went back to Chicago to exhibit another invention, a needle bearing spring shackle and was offered $100.000 for it but, as Jimmie said, after all the "ducts" were taken out it would have netted him only sixteen thousand dollars and he knew the company who wanted it would make a million out of It, so he packed up his belongings and came home. He will get patents on two of these inventions in October. One Is a suspension for the front end of a car and the other one is on a different-type spring shackle. Shefford - Master Manufacturing Company of Pairfield. 111., has consulted with Jimmie on his latest two inventions and has asked him to bring his model to them as soon as he receives his patent. So who knows, we might .have a Thomas A. Edison, Eli Whitney or Robert Fulton right in our own realm. When Jimmie came to Osceola, In Connecticut Industry Varies HARTFORD, Conn. (If)— It's pretty hard to spend money without some ol It going back to a Connecticut factory The state development commission has put out ft list of products which Connecticut makes "a considerable part" of the total national production. In the case of a good many of them, Connecticut out-produces all other tsates combined. This Locks, the list: hand tools. rubber footwear, hats, brass and copper goods, electric tools, office machines, aircraft parts, casters, phonograph records, firearms, parachutes, brake lining, buttons, velvete, industrial sewing machines, machine tool parts, submarines, airplane engines, machine tools, printed textiles, elastic webbing, dictating machines, the early fall of 1912, one of the were married. so before he knew It he got into the habit ,too, and that is how he met his wife, who is the former Miss iolda Carter of Luxora. She had come to Osceola on the morning train to do some shopping, returning home on the "eight o'clock" that night. , Jlmmie was at the station when j she came to buy her ticket back to Luxora and some one introduced them. Before the year was out they Popularity Limited FT- LAUDERDAUS, fl». ( ficer Frank w. Oirvan's popularity i§ strictly with people. Given, who last month won MO- ond place In a statewide police popularity contest, was writing • ticket for a motorist when a dog leaned out the car and bit him on thi nose. He was treated at a hospital. Taxes for Peasants BELGRADE <* — YugOSlSY farmers mace the prospect of new taxes soon and stern government action to assure their collection. The government says Is has become convinced that there hsjt ( been widespread tax-dodging, par ticularly among peasants. rugs, ball bearings, marine hardware, electrical appliances, hardware, silver-plated flatware, chains, brushes, springs, gun sights, time pieces and electrlo razors. RADIATOR WORK musing things to him was how everybody broke their necks to dress up and meet all the passenger trains that came through town. After he was here a few weeks'he saw that meeting trains was the most important happening that went on Painful cramps of "Monthly Periods'^stopped or amazingly relieved in 3 out of 4 cases in doctors' own tesfs! • Women and girls who sufferfrom those functionally-caused cramps, backaches and headaches of menstruation — who feel upset and Irritable on certain "particular day.*" — may often be suffering needlessly! Such Is the conclusion from doctors' tests in which Lydia E. Pin kham's Vegetable Compound gave complete or striking relief of such distress In 3 out of 4 cases. Yes! Medical evidence proven Lydia Pinkham's is modern in action. It exerts * remarkably calming effect on the uterus...without use of pain-deadening drugs! The effectiveness of Lydia Pinkham's needs no proof to the millions of women and girls whom it has benefited. 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