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The Messenger from Madisonville, Kentucky • 11

The Messengeri
Madisonville, Kentucky
Issue Date:
Extracted Article Text (OCR)

Tuesday March 4, 1975 The Messenger 11 A A LI rMrtU A I Utai camUmt tuoJ aama Your Horoscope Worry Clinic Unscramble these four Jumble, one letter to each square, to form four ordinary words. lrr I 1 r. JaIeT L6 WujE JJjj a EfElS DSlE A IS QNlAjL i jN DEE feOSiEiE EiR. SnSlAjf Epjo A HiE PI SlIMI A I Df eMaJC 1 aTlIsioU ETtRTTiPTET i nl i I Dixon By George W. Crane, Ph.D., M.D ft LYPUS 1 r-T I L- SOLUTION Of YESTERDAY'S PUZZLE WIXUSE GAMNEA 01 1 Lt fCJ Prat tilt SlEPftS WSWffl ken Hi i i VA" Ijombleu JOINT LEGAL PHYSIC WHAT SOLDIERS WITH ARMS USUALLY HAVE TO -A A.

A A. A. -A- A (Aatwcn toi Features YA AjMwen Thene photograph- might tell you all about uhUkey making "STILLS" UAA'l ZT6e TTUsseiicjer YA Virgo Aug. 23-Sept. 22: Evaluate the conditions of your home and household, decide on security measures, and remove any hazardous conditions.

Evening hours bring a lift in mood; celebrate! Libra Sept. 23-Oct. 22: Urgent business encounters snags now. It's important that you put in more time on further preparations and gather pertinent data. People nearby deserve less than you offer them.

Scorpio Oct. 23-Nov. 21: Take careful notes if you do serious business. It's going to be reviewed later. Wisdom is submerged beneath the urge to get rich quick.

Prepare for a return to economy. Sagittarius Nov. 22 Dec. 21: Attend strictly to business, but leave your personal affairs out of it and vice versa. You can make or break current enterprises by the way you talk about them now.

Capricorn Dec. 22-Jan. 19: Today's effort is like searching in a large haystack for a tiny needle. Don't tangle with argumentive people or distant relatives. Take on no more than you're sure you can handle.

Aquarius Jan. 20-Feb. 18: Keep your schedule and program to a minimum. Maintain your serenity despite muddled information and irritable, friends. Late hours bring insight, and idea on how you can rectify errors.

Pisces Feb. 19-March 20: Check your budget, don't plunge pell-mell into extravagant purchases or travel arrangements. Select cheerful companions who generally agree with you or have similar tastes. Comics Beetle Bailey By Jean WEDNESDAY, MARCH 5 Your birthday today: Coming to terms with a changing environment is your chore for the year. Most of the projects you undertake turn out to be mainly transitory phases toward a better future.

Relationships provide many incidents of memorable challenge that may help you become a greater human being. Today's natives generally run to extremes, pursue all manner of careers. Aries March 21-April 19 If you can't see your way out of the other end of the project, don't get into it! Look beyond familiar faces and places for suggestions. Leave in-laws to themselves. Taurus April 20-May 20: On all sides, you notice misjudgment on money matters.

Let your own resources remain intact. Wasted time isn't quite that; it's a safety device against wrong moves on impulse. Gemini May 21-June 20: Keep your thoughts light today and avoid or postpone serious decisions. Accidental meetings bring strong influences to head-on clashes. Caution! Cancer June 21-July 22: Fay no attention to casual complaints and make none yourself.

Older associates turn out to be out for themselves, as you suspected. Keep personal habits moderate, thrifty. Leo July 23-Aug. 22: Detouring is typical today. Be philosophical, see who is ready to receive but unwilling to offer much in return.

Something amusing is going on; watch it happen. Hospital 3-4 I 7 POWNP0WM 2. Martini decorations 3. Shaved 4. Egyptian cobra 5.

Dad 6. Each one 7. Advanced years 8 You and I 9 Disease of rye 12. Intoxicating pepper plant 13. Days gone by 15.

Uncle Sam 19. Shot forth, as rays 20. Vogue 22. Liquid measures: abbr. 23.

Possessive pronoun 25. Cardinal number 26. Stinger 27. Laborers 28. More osseous 29.

Deer's horns 30. Climax 31. Bards 33. Amiable 35. Ideal golf score 36.

Thoroughfare: abbr. 38. Retainer 39. Bullfinch 41. That man 42.

Three-toed sloth vf LITTLE COVERED II BOY ARE YOU GOIMG IM THEWROMe 11? PEANLT 6JTTEK?) ft CROSSWORD PUZZLE ACROSS 1. Beverage 4. Anthropoid -7. Windmill sail 10. The extreme point 11.

Barbarity 14. Maple or com 16. Prior to 17. Function 18. Thresholds 19.

Period 20. With regard to 21. Spread hay 22. Crowbar 23. Despise 24.

Equally 25. Penetrated 27. Offender 28. Second Arabic letter 30. Summit 32.

Carplike fish 33. Heir 34. Study 35. Allowance 36. Relative 37.

Pronoun 38. Productive 39. Profit 40. Heavenly 43. Five-dollar bill 44.


DISASTERS Miss Patricia Faye Dukes t.Lot 2 Las Vegas Avenue, Madison ville, Ky. Landers mm li 1 i i Do you agree with the "sissy" altitude of the preacher who watched his wife be brutally raped, then stabbed to death, but still urged no punishment for the "poor, benighted man." CASE C-692: Jerry aged 33, is a football coach. "Dr. Crane," he began, "I am active in the Christian Athletes Association. "But I consider myself a 'Nehemiah "By that, I mean I am dedicated to help build up a better society but also am ready to defend our wonderful America against any who will try to destroy us.

"You will recall that Biblical Nehemiah led a return to Jerusalem. "But when the surrounding people plotted to prevent his work, he equipped his comrades with a trowel in one hand but a sword in the other. "In brief, although he was peaceful in his aims, he was not going to meekly submit to coercion or bullying by the enemy tribes. "You recently mentioned the California preacher who, while tied hand and foot, then watched an intruder brutally assault the clergyman's wife, raping her repeatedly and then stabbing her to death. "Yet this clergyman was later reported to have urged no punishment for this sadist! Imagine! "Well, Dr.

Crane, I couldn't belong to such a weakling's church! "That preacher must be sick in his mind, for no normal man would ever make such a stupid remark." MORALITY TEST Christ was no maudlin sentimentalist nor peacenik! Although he preached "turn the other cheek" regarding personal insults, he didn't advocate that we ignore the age-old rule of morality, which civilized men have adhered to since Hammurabi, namely: "That which does the most good, for the most people, for the longest period of time, is right, just and moral." Jesus resorted to physical violence when he drove the desecraters out of the Temple with a whip, as he meanwhile Dear Ann: It always amazes me how a lady who wants to be sweet as a flower manages to botch it up. She starts off by bathing in a bubble bath, pats herself with a scented powder, sprays herself with expensive perfume, brushes her teeth with a mint-flavored toothpaste and gargles so her breath will be fresh and kissable. Then she spoils it all by sticking a stinking cigaret in her mouth. I happen to be a guy who wouldn't marry a girl who smokes and there are many more like me. Before anyone calls me a miserable old sourpuss, let me confide; Ann, that when I was in my prime, I received 13 proposals.

My first wife died when I was 62. Within the year I got three more proposals and later married the one who didn't smoke. P.S. I'm nothing special. Just an average guy from Martin's Ferry Dear Martin: No "average guy" gets 16 proposals.

C'mon now, what's your secret weapon? I'm dying to know. Dear Ann Landers A line in a recent letter from "The Other Woman" caught my eye. She wrote, "He sleeps with his wife because he HAS to." Obviouslv. Anna Lou Hatcher 339 East Arch Madisonville, Ky. Mr.

henry Anderson Hiblurn 215 Maincross Greenville, Ky. Mr. Marvin Edward Jones 414 Thompson Madisonville, Ky. Mr. Alvey Howard Kelley 265 South Scott Madisonville, Ky.

Mrs. Joan Ligon 100 Valley Drive Madisonville, Ky. Mrs. Marcella Morris Route 5 Madisonville, Ky. Mrs.

Martha Jane Smith 652 South Kentucky Avenue Madisonville, Ky. Mr. Coy Vandygriff Route 4 Madisonville, Ky. Mr. Trice Warren Yates 306 South Madison Avenue Madisonville, Ky.

Mr. Richard Edwin Youngblood Route 3 Box 12 Madisonville, Ky. Ann upset their tables and scattered their illicit money. Christ also praised the policemen and military men via the 7th Beatitude, which says: "Blessed are the peacemakers!" Peacemakers are not peaceniks, army deserters, draft evaders nor those who idly witness crimes without going to the rescue of the abused, assaulted and raped victims. Nor are "peacemakers" those who meekly "wish" for peace but haven't the courage to help produce it! Although Moses was rated tops for being so "meek," he also killed 2n Egyptian for whiplashing one of his Hebrew countrymen who was a slave! If you apply that moral yardstick mentioned above, does it do the most good for the most people for the longest period of time to coddle criminals, rapists and murderers? What about the mild "slap on the wrist" nowadays given to parolees and recidivists, who commit additional rapes and murders while out on bond? Or those whocleverly evade capital punishment via the plea of insanity (like Speck, who killed 8 Chicago nurses, one at a time)? Jesus didn't preach that everybody would get to heaven, for He warned that 2 would be in the field but only one would be taken and 2 would be in the house but one would be left for Hell.

Thus, it is high time preachers got a little more virility into their sermons, so let's urge more athletes and fighters to go into the pulpit! (Alwoyt writ Dr. Gam in car of lhi MWtpapw, iKloting a long tamped, oddrtuad nvalop and 15 ctnri to covw typing and printing cH wlwn yu Mnd far wow ml hit baoklatt.) he told her that. I wonder if it ever occurred to the lamebrain that he is telling his wife he really loves her, that "The Other Woman" means nothing to him she was just there, he was a little drunk. The affair is about to fold up and he is begging her to please be patient. Which of these lucky ladies is getting the truth? I wonderftoo, if the female who carries on with a married man would still feel she is creating a "heaven" for him if she knew the hell she was creating in that man's house? His kids are becoming emotionally disturbed because they sense their mother is miserable.

Their dad isn't at home as many evenings and weekends as he used to be. They miss him. Such a woman can't care much about the man or anything except herself. Trying to Pick Up the Pieces Dear Trying: Thank you for the rebuttal. I wonder how many Other Women are itching to know what city your letter came from.

I'll save you all some postage. Don't bother to write. I'll never tell. Dear Ann Landers: Please tell "Harpooned" to stop crying "quietly in her pillow." Tell her to cry LOUD so he can hear. Then explain why she is crying, and get some dialogue going.

Also, here are a few questions "Harpooned" should be asking herself: (1) How long has it been since you told him you loved him? (2) When did you last ask his advice about something because you value his opinion? (3) When did you last make a pass at him because he's so attractive you find him irresistible? These three questions can put a whole new face on a marriage. Sign me Extra Zest Dear Zest: You're a smart lady. Thank you for some homey hints on how to pump some life into a moribund marriage. (P.S. Notice, students, I said moribund not dead.

CONFIDENTIAL to Plotzing For Orange Blossoms: Let him stay with his mother. A bargain he isn't. Are your parents too strict? Hard to reach? Ann Landers's booklet, "Bugged By Parents? How to Get More Freedom," could help you bridge the generation gap. Send 50 cents in coin with your request and a long, stamped, self-addressed envelope to Ann Landers, P.O. Box 1400, Elgin, 111.

60120. Copyright 1975 Field Enterprises, Inc. All IS NOT JOY anaeo THE AREN'T I HOW CAM I CONTROL MILLIE'S ROMANTIC WHIMS? 7nr Ferdinand Blondie Tiger Hi and Lois WHAT HOLDS US ON1 THE GROUND? WHAT MAKES PUDDLES DISAPPEAR ikM I M3.DITWEPS Pl( GAVE ME A BOMUS wS-r-T TODAY SOD WAMAvNJEPlf 1 I WOW MUCH WAS I FH THREE HUNOOEP? OME HUNDRED? 1 TOUR HUMORED? TWO Sf PIVE tLJ- i MUCRpv" li fe Mr. William Hurley Chadwick Box 234 Ky. i Debra Ann Davis 527 Silkwood Madisonville, Ky.

Mr. Russell Lee Ellis Sacramento, Ky. Mr. William Earling Ewing Route 2 Box 174 Providence, Ky. Mrs.

Alline J. Fabel 606 East Broadway Madisonville, Ky. Mrs. Vera Mae Fox 811 Walnut Street Dawson Springs, Ky. Mr.

Lonie Gerald Frailley Route 1 Sacramento, Ky. James Ezra Gant Jr. 902 West Broadway Madisonville, Ky. Mrs. Rusha Bell Hickman 104 Franklin Street Dawson Springs, Ky.

Mrs. Thelma Lea Hopper 152 Park Avenue Madisonville, Ky. Mrs. Margaret May Payne 430 Coleman Street Madisonville, Ky. Mr.

Paul Edward Tirey General Delivery Mortons Gap, Ky. Mrs. Marie D. Sisk Route. 2 Box 154 Dawson Springs, Ky.

Mr. Virgil Embry Stevens Route 1 Box 57 Dawson Springs, Ky. Mrs. Debbie Lois Townsend Second Street Slaughters, Ky. Mrs.

Lillian J. Wilkins Route 1 Bremen, Ky. Thomas Andrew Young 726 West Center Street Madisonville, Ky. Mrs. Martha Hannah Beshears New Dawson Health Care Center Dawson Springs, Ky.

John Micheal Carroll Route 2 White Plains, Ky. Mrs. Sheila Kay Ford Route 5 Greenville, Ky. Mr. Dewey E.

Grant 856 Chickasaw Madisonville, Ky. Mr. Billy Ray Groves, Sr. 964 Lucas Circle Apt. 75 Madisonville, Ky.

Mr. Luther David Nortonville, Ky. Furgerson Mrs. Ruby Catherine Foe 304 Union Street Providence, Ky. Michael Wayne Franklin Box 296 Mortons Gap.

Ky. Mr. John Marse Gary 441 Hopkinsville Street Greenville, Ky. Mr. William Herbert Gipson Madison Street Hanson, Ky.

Janice Faye Grisham Route 2 Box 13 Dawson Springs, Ky. Mr. Carl Given He ry 332 West Elm Street Clay, Ky. Carrie Robyn Herold 2173 Brent Drive Madisonville, Ky. Crystal Cassendra Jones 306 North Willow Stret Providence, Ky.

Anna Marie Kittinger Sacramento, Ky. Mr. James Floyd Knight Wheatcroft, Ky. Mr. Zeno Kirby LaMotte 159 West North Street Madisonville, Ky.

Mr. William John 1100 Pepper Drive Madisonville, Ky. Nicklas Jr. James Kevin Oakley Route 3 Box 266 Madisonville, Ky. Mrs.

Elah Veazy Ranes Kentucky Rest Haven Madisonville, Ky. Ronald Allen Alexander Outwood State Hospital School Dawson Springs, Ky. Mr. Luther Jenkins Barnes Route 2 Box 332 Dawson Springs, Ky. Mary Benita Beshears Route 3 Box 43 Dawson Springs, Ky.

Mr. William Henry Blackenter General Delivery Nortonville, Ky. Mr. Walter Dewey Brown Brown's Best Home Madisonville, Ky. Mrs.

Kathleen Brunson St. Charles, Ky. yoorZ6mtv owlet rm 1 1 gut 'i-i TPiyie cxae. her w'c ai i a AJ 9 I I I I I VJ I 71- I.

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