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The Messenger from Madisonville, Kentucky • Page 4
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The Messenger from Madisonville, Kentucky • Page 4

The Messengeri
Madisonville, Kentucky
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.1 The Messenger Tuesday March 4. 1975 Coptay Hw tonic LfXBOYD March Not Big President Month Then Some'. The content of this page presents many views not necessarily that of The Messenger bat for your benefit. Those articles labeled "Editorials-our opinion" are the views and stands of The Messenger. T. GEORGE WASHINGTON. Publisher JIM WALKER Editor WAYNE KEYS Circulation Mgr. ROSELLA ANDERSON Bookkeeping CLARE McCLUGHAN Advertising Director TRAVIS PATTERSON Press Room Foreman HENRY STOLTZ Production Mgr. What Others Say Neighborly Warning 111- With reporters being hustled off to jail and editors growing favorite as target for subpoenas, the American press has plenty to worry about in its own backyard. So, while we deplore the repression of the print and broadcast media in the Soviet Union and the yoke put on newspapers in Peru and Argentian and the closing of publications in South Vietnam, we acknowledge that the governments in question are unlikely to heed our criticism. But the issue of press freedom has been long cherished in Britain as it has in the United States and a friendly word of caution to Parliament is not presumptuous. That body is considering a Trade Union Bill, which among other provisions would require all journalists including editors to be members of the National Union of Journalists. Members must be aware that their representative government can exist only when newspapers and broadcasters are free to report, discuss and criticize. To put the individuals who make editorial decisions under control of a special interest organization would encourage a continuing effort to shift the power to determine who will write and what can be written in British newspapers. The bill should be rejected. "How many U.S. presidents were born in March," inquires a client. Only four. Andrew Jackson, James Madison, Grover Cleveland, and John Tyler. March is not a big president month. Except for Cleveland, maybe. He was a big president. Weighed 260 pounds. If you work in any sort of office at all, chances are you'll spend at least 20 years of your life sitting down. She called the Dial-a-Prayer number and was put on hold. She called the Crisis Clinic and got a recording. She called the Unwed Mothers Home and they told her they had a waiting list. She called the Heroin Hotline and an operator said the phone needed fixing. Poor girl. But that's the way it is. isn't it? Goodnight. PI SPOTTEK Sir, did you ever work as a pin spotter in a bowling alley? Likewise. The pits were hot, remember? Boys and drunks served shirtless. Arms and shoulders glistened. As each ball rolled, the setter hiked himself up on the siderail and kicked with legs high. My left ankle was always black and blue. It's a bygone job. though. The first automatic pin spotter was put together just 25 years ago by the American Machine and Foundry Company. What we did for dimes is no longer done by a whole generation of kids who now do something else for dollars. Young lady, if you want to find a potential husband who's least likely to turn into a family dictator, look for some old boy whose mother held down a payroll job. Our Love and War man says studies now that the sons of working mothers rarely turn out to be bossy. At least, they hardly ever push the notion that a wife's place is in the home. Bear in mind, the history experts say they've recorded 15.000 wars, so far. out of every 20 runaway youngsters eventually wind up at home. article first offered on loan for a fee by the original rental businesses was the lawnmower. one out of eyery married women find it far from easy to become expectant. Did I tell you that 43 per cent of the recent marriages in Hawaii are interracial? THE HARD FACTS Remember, the outdoor dog needs almost half again as much grub as the indoor widely believed in India that the Hindu who dies on the south bank of the Ganges River will turn into a donkey. "Auto" in words like autograph and automobile means "Self from the Greek "autos" also true that men as well as women in ancient China used to carry out of every three mattresses now sold is either a king or a queen in size, please note. What, you think Balboa was the first European to see the Pacific Ocean? Most historians think not. Marco Polo was, they say. Do you have one of those electronic pocket calculators? If so, turn it on. And record side by side, not added up, each number mentioned in the following story. Exactly 7 Arab nations fought in a war. There were 107 men in each company. They battled for 73 days. In the end, only 45 men were left. Who won the war? Turn that calculator upside down to find out. Should read: "Shell Oil." Address mail to L. M. Boyd, P. O. Box 17076, Fort Worth, TX 76102. "almost gone Business Mirror MakingTheProper Moves What Others Say No-Risk Nostalgia "As a consequence, ther is less discretionary spending for new automobiles, housing or appliances. This declinein the ability to buy so-called hard goods is at the heart of our present inflationary recession." Bowles was critical of business and government leaders who fail to discern the interrelationship between inflation and recession, "and their refusal to give equal attention to both problems." This, he said, "is one principal reason the American people are confused and demoralized and why their confidence in the future of the economy is at a low ebb." nature of the crisis we face." The misunderstanding is best illustrated, he said, the continuing debate about which is the worse problem inflation or recession. "This debate is astonishing and distressing in light of the fact that every American family knows that inflation is responsible for our current recession," he said. "Even the most casual study of the Consumer Price Index makes it clear American families are spending an ever increasing percentage of their incomes for food to feed their families, for gasoline and other energy to heat and light homes. presumably would question seriously' the authenticity of a Wendell Willkie button bearing the 1975 stamp. The FTC means well, but the thrill of collecting, after all, is the challenge to the collector himself to establish that his finds are genuine. Before we know it, the FTC will be robbing vacationers of their fun by insisting that towels, ashtrays and coat hangers at wayside inns be marked "Certified stolen from the Biltmore Hotel." The Federal Trade Commission, never flagging in its determination to shield the American public from evil, has taken collectors of coins and political memorabilia under its protective wing. To guard the hobbyists from unscrupulous dealers, the FTC has decreed that effective March 10, any political campaign button, poster, sticker or advertisement must be clearly marked with the year of manuf acture. Collectors PEOPLES BANK TRUST CO. Washington Merry-Go-Round PRESENTS Rv Tnr.k Anderson aav- THE WEEKLY QUIZ IS PART OF THIS NEWSPAPER'S SCHOOL PROGRAM V2 aV 1 vorldscope (10 points for each question answered correctly) 1 Secretary of Defense (CHOOSE ONE: Rogers C. B. Morton, James R. Schles-inger) stated that new U. S. aid of $222 million was essential for the continued survival of the Phnom Penh government. NEW YORK (AP) The low spirits of the consumer can be raised, perhaps in a surprisingly short time, if people are convinced the government is making the proper economic moves. This is the opinion of Lloyd S. Bowles, president of the U.S. League of Savings Associations, which speaks for most of the savings and loan industry, the nations principal supplier of home mortgages. Bowles, who also is chairman of the Dallas Federal Savings and Loan Association, was asked for his view of the underlying strengths of the economy during this period of distress, a period during which the thrift industry was especially hard hit by depletion of its sayings accounts. In his statement. Bowles sought to dispel what he believes is a widely held notion that the country is "faced by an immiment and overwhelming disaster." The American economy, he said, is much too strong for this to occur. "The truth is." he said, "that the economy is not going to collapse in the nxt 30, 60 or 90 days, or at any time in the foreseeable future. The American people are a hardy, vigorous and disciplined people able to meet and overcome adversity in any form." The two keys to the solution of the economic malaise, said Bosles. are: "Recognition of the basic strengths which underpin the economy, and confidence of the people that teir leaders have correctly perceived the causes and are moving to eliminate them." The strengths, he said, were obvious: the best educational system, vast resources, the highest industrial capacity, the highest standard of living, and a still responsive economic system. "The structure of our economic system gives it the ability to adjust output to the desires and needs of the average consumer. This is our country's basic strength," he said. The problem of the economic system in the 1970s, he continued, has not been the system itself, "but a lack of direction and understanding about the DETROIT (AP) Aldo Cec-cato, 40, appointed music director of the Detroit Symphony in May, has been named general music director of the Hamburg Philharmonic. The Italian-born conductor was selected In Hamburg by unanimous vote of the members of the orchestra. He will assume his new duties for an eight-week period during the 1975-76 season. With the Detroit Symphony, Ceccato will conduct 16 weeks of concerts here and on tour. wot; VS 1 1 tjss L2p Jv The United States ended its 10 year embargo on-the sale of (CHOOSE ONE: arms, gram) to India and Pakistan. King Birendra, the world's only Hindu monarch, was crowned in lavish ceremonies in a-Nepal b-Afghanistan c-Norway A large oil spill endangering wildlife occurred in Lake (CHOOSE ONE: Erie, Michigan) when a barge carrying fuel oil ran aground near Milwaukee. In Florida, former senator went on trial in a bribery-conspiracy case. a-Herbert Talmadge b-Robert Byrd c-Edward Gurney newspicture (10 points if you answer this question correctly) These children are waiting for food at a refugee Phnom Penh, the capital of Since the bewilders the government His bargaining has had the backing of both Alabama senators, John Sparkman and James Allen. Two Talladega County judges, G. Kyser Leonard and William Sullivan, have also gone to Washington to push the sale. There have been overtures, too, from Birmingham attorney Maurice Bishop, a power in Alabama, with close ties to Gov. George Wallace. But gracious old John Sparkman has brought the heaviest pressure on the government to grant the multimillion-dollar land bonanza to his friends. They want the property, as Bishop put it in a preliminary letter, "for recreational, housing and industrial land use." Sparkman has made repeated approaches to the General Services Administration, which handles surplus government property. But under the law, GSA can't sell the plant to ARDCO without offering it first to state and local governments. This has made absolutely no impression upon the senator, who merely brushes aside the legal requirement and keeps badgering the GSA to make a deal with ARDCO. His first letter to GSA urging consideration for ARDCO, arrived in December 1973. even before ARDCO had filed its incorporation papers. There was another letter in March 1974 Cautiously, GSA informed Sparkman that ARDCO was not eligible yet for the property and GSA would have to follow its regulations. camp in blockade Yet two months later, according to a handwritten note in the GSA files. "Senator Sparkman had constituent who wanted to buy property." Actually, the call was made by a member of the senator's staff. Not long afterward. Spark-man's chief aide, Rob Locklin, set up a June 1974 meeting for the ARDCO advocates with top GSA officials. To make sure they got a favorable hearing, Locklin attended himself, along with two aides from Sen. Allen's office. At the meeting, GSA representatives repeated wearily that "ARDCO does not appear to be an eligible party with which we can negotiate under the law." Nevertheless, Sparkman's office called GSA again on behalf of ARDCO in two months. In November, Locklin set up still another meeting with GSA for the ARDCO group. And once again, the answer was "no." A few days later, the situation slipped into comedy. Another appeal arrived from ARDCO. In quiet desperation, a GSA official wrote to his boss: "I don't know how many times we have to tell them." Back came a patient, hand-scrawled note: "At least once more." Sure enough, Sparkman put the heat on again. Just a few weeks ago, he sent another in his series of letters to the GSA asking for still more "consideration" of ARDCO's bid "and for a report, thereon, in duplicate." Footnote: A GSA spokesman said they didn't feel Sparkman was "twisting our arm" but acknowledge such heavy pressure does "not come too often." of food and ammunition of the Mekong River, supplies have had to be airlifted. sporflighf (2 points for each question answered correctly) 1 For 12 point each, match the athlete with his or her nevsname (10 points if you can identify this person in the news) WASHINGTON The madcap dictator of Uganda, Gen. Idi Amin, has asked the Turks for advice on how to stage an inva-sioa He was so impressed with the Turkish landing on Cyprus' that he has asked Turkey's president, Fahri Koruturk, to send "a high-powered military delegation" to Uganda. The dictator a fat former sergeant who has butchered his share of opponents requested that the Turkish mission be "led by the officer who spearheaded the (Cyprus) invasion." "I will be most obliged," wired Amin, "if the delegation brings with it films about it so that I can have a clear and vivid picture of how it was successfully carried out" He wants the Turks to teach him how he, too, can conduct successful conquests. He is dreaming of the day, apparently, when his army will march across the white-ruled nations of southern Africa The Cyprus invasion, he advised Koruturk, "can be considered to be one of the most remarkable ones in history and is an excellent guide and lesson for us in Africa who live on the same continent as the racist regimes in southern Africa. "We may one day be compelled to launch a counterinva-sion against those arch-enemies of free Africa. As a professional soldier, an expert on counterin-vasion and a leader who is deeply committed to the liberation of the whole continent of Africa, I am keen on being briefed in detail on the techniques and tactics that were used." Sparkman -Go-Round: Powerful friends of Sen. John Sparkman, are determined to take over an abandoned Army ammunition plant and the senator won't take "no" for an answer. The plant is located on 6,411 acres, worth millions, in Talladega County, Ala. To acquire the property, the senator's friends formed a company called ARDCO. Its president is Hubert Hubbard, a Sparkman crony, who is also Talladega County's sanitation director. He has been negotiating to purchase the plant, alternately representing the company and the county an exercise in hat-changing that sometimes sport. A-Margaret Court B-Jim Ryun C-Mark Spitz D-Annemarie Proell a-track b-skiing 'c-tennis d-swimming speech to lawyers, I that $10 additional needed to In a recent the nation's pointed out million in financing is carry out the Speedy Trial Act. I am the Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. What is my name? "Dr. whose full name is celebrated his 25th birthday by scoring 51 points for the New York Nets. (CHOOSE' ONE: Joe Paterno, Dwight Stones) broke his world indoor high jump record in the U.S. Olympic Invitation track meet. O.J. Simpson was the winner of the men's Superstars competition for professional athletes. True or False? tflMiN.Tiqri Syndicate-fine matchvords (4 points for each correct match) 1 profit a-yielding favorable ONE: hitters, pitchers) In baseball slang, (CHOOSE warm up in the bullpen. results b-moving forward, ongoing c-plentiful, overflowing d-advantageous gain, benefit e-children, offspring 2 profuse 3 productive 4 progeny 5 progressive This Date In History Today is Tuesday, March 4, the 63rd day of 1975. There are 302 days left in the year. Today's highlight in history: In 1681, England's King Charles II granted William Penn a charter for what is now Pennsylvania. On this date-In 1789, the first U.S. Congress covented in Federal Hall in New York City but had to adjourn because there was not a quorum. In 1917, Republican Jeannette Rankin of Montana became the first woman to serve in Congress. In 1943, American forces defeated the Japanese in the Pacific Battle of the Bismarck Sea. Thought for today: To be conscious that you are ignorant is a great step to knowledge. rouodfable Family discussion (no icore) Who should choose books to be used in public high schools, and what criteria should they use? YOUR SCORE: 91 to 100 points TOP SCOREI 81 to 90 points Excellent. 71 to 80 points Good. 61 to 70 points Fair 33-75 VEC, Madison, Wisconsin ANSWERS ON REVERSE PAGE

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