Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 14, 1895 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 14, 1895
Page 7
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KNOWLEDGE Brings comfort and improvement and tends to personal enjoyment when rightly used. The many, wfio live better than others and enjoy life more, with less expenditure, 1,7 more promptly adapting the world's best product.-) to the need-* of physical being, will uttest the value to health of the pure liquid laxative principles embraced in tw> remedy, Syrup of Figs. _ Its excellence is due to its presenting In the form most acceptable and pleasant to the taste, the refrcsbingand truly beneficial properties of a perfect laxative; effectually c1e.in.sing the system, dispelling colds, headaches ana fevers and permanently curing constipation. J[t has given satisfaction to millions and met witbrtho approval of the mechca. profession, because it acts on the Kid- ceys, Liver and Bowels without weakening them and it is perfectly free from every objectionable substance. Syrup of Figs is for sale by all druggists in 50c and $1 bottles, but it is mini- Bfactured by tho California Fig Syrup Co. only, whose name is printed on every package, also the name, Syvup of* igs, and being well informed, yon will DO« Accept any substitute if PAP CALENDAR For « * * 1895 i A Desk Calendar Is a necessity — most convenient kind of storehouse for memoranda. The ColimibinlX-sk Calendar is brightest and handsomest of nil—full of dainty silhouettes and pen sketches and entertaining thoughts on outdoor exercise r.nd sport. Occasionally reminds you of the superb quality ol Columbia Ki- cyclcs and of .your need of one. You won't object to that, of course. The Calendar will be mailed lor rive z.cent stamps. Address Calendar Department, POPE MFQ. CO., Mmtlon Ihli p»per. Hartford, Conn. I'lllH, Thflr U»e mil Aliunn. Pills are by lar tho beet cathartic to use, but you mtiai cot abuso their uee by habitually depending on tbem for dally stools. If you will use Rlnobart'a fills you will End tbem to reflate tho bowolfl and afford regular lied free dally stools, by an occasional doee of one plU Sold by B. F. Kees- and Keyatone druc store. Children Cry fot Pitcher's I! you 'nek strength, with no appo- jfMlLte, take Ktnehnrt's Pills. Ooeadoso. (•'Sold by B. F. Keesllng and Keyetone drug store. Children Cry foi Pitcher'* Castoria. r»l* Up* >nd Hnxl'ed Cheek* AreaBureeljfu ol stomach worms In children, and If not removed the symptoms are more aUrmlog by frightful dreama, nervousness and spasms. The best remedy to use is Rlneharfi Worm Lozenges. They always remove all kinds of worms and the worm nest. Sold by B. F. Keeellng and Keystone drug store. •Wtxa B«by w«i dck. •*• pw« •WbB *• «• • Child. «he cried for Caftnik, •Wban tte boouna 111". •>» clung to Ca»to»ifc ib* bad Cbildno, (be (»T« tb«m OtMMlaX If your child has pale lips or' ia fretful. Rive Rineh»rt's Worm Lozen^ ges. Sold-by B- f. Kneeling and Keyaione drug store. Children Cry for Pitcher's Caetoria. Vandnll* Linn JExtnmloo*. On April 2 and SO, 1895. homo -vieeker'a excursion tickets will be l^bn sale at very cheap rates to various points in the South «od Southwest. For rates, limit stopover prlvllRea, etc., apply to J. C. EDGE-WORTH, Logansport, SIX FOE ONE. Lynchers in Colorado Wreak Awful Vengeance on Italians. Price Paid for the Murder of Deputy Sheriff Hixon—Trouble at Cripple Creek. CUCHAKAS Ji'N'CTloX, Col., March 13. —A mob entered the Walsenlmrg jail early Wednesday and lulled two more of the Italians charged with the murder of A. .1. 1-lixon. Six Italians in all have now been killed. A;*KH Protection for. His Countrymen. WASHINGTON. March 13.—Marquis Imperial!, first secretary of the Italian legation, called at the state department Wednesday morning and directed the attention of the oillcials to the news from Walsenburg, Col., of the assassination of four Italians, lie asked that the good ollices of the state department be used immediately to prevent the further killing of his countrymen. IU»o<lliO"tiil.« Truck the ,1! nril«r«rs. WAT.SKNI;I.:P.G, Col., March 13.—Two or three days ago Deputy Sheriff Hixon was brutally munlerrd at this place by several Italian coal miners. After pounding the deputy's head into a pulp the body was hidden and was not found until Monday morning, when a general aiann was given and blood' hounds put upon the murderers' trail. In a short time the well-trained dogs succeeded in running down four men. who acknowledged having committed the crime, and each endeavored to lay it on the other. Late Tuesday afternoon an inquest was held, at which the guilt of the four Italians was plainly proved. Mob Kills tho Murdurorn. At the conclusion of the session of the day the prisoners were loaded into a wagon" a ml started back to the jail. At Hear creek, a region where there is much underbrush, half a mile from Walsenbui-c. the crack of a down rides, probably in the hands of miners, rung out. Four of the prisoners, whose names cannot be learned on account of the excitement, were instantly killed. Joe Welby, a young American boy, who was driving the wagon, was also killed. The ollieers returned the fire, which lasted several minutes. Moth Mu'Uuiiii Armed. At (.his juncture a general riot started. One hundred or more Italians, seeing their countrymen lying around dead,'became frenzied, swearing tlu-v would have vengeance before morning. Both factions began arming themselves and at last accounts were expected to come together at any moment.. The telegraph operator at Walsenburg has abandoned his post, leaving no way to secure further information except as it is brought into surrounding towns by people who are ileeing from the scene of trouble or deputy sheriffs seeking assistance. 11AXTLE AT CKH'PLE CHEEK. Ittlii.-rN Attempt to THICK » Prisoner from un OlUciir. CKMTLK Ciiur.K, Col.. March 13.—The whole Cripple Creek district is greatly excited over a lively running tight Tuesday night between an ollicer and a number of miners and Conner railroad men in which one man was killed and another badly injured. Shot in r.lio Clic^k. Constable Frank- Luepton had arrested a. man oi the name of MeQuade at Victor for participation in the railroad strikes lust summer. A number of MeQuade's companions objected and one man, Seth Ralston, was shot' through the cheek. The ollleers finally got Ralston and Mc- Quadc before a justice of the peace, whore both were put under S-'OO bonds, which they refused to give. • Kluit to DrCriKl III* Prisoner*. Luepton placed his prisoners on a train to bring them to Cripple Creek, but friends of the men covered the engineer with guns, preventing the train's departure. When the constable approached the locomotive the engineer jumped off and ran. Finally the train was started, but after going a mile was stopped, ostensibly to let ,o£E some passengers. Patrick Looney and a couple of other men attempted to enter the rear ear, where Luepton and his officers were. Luepton grappled with Looney and, as he was losing ground, tired. Looney was instantly killed. The prisoners were safely'landed in jail here without further incident, but serious trouble was iixpeeted Wednesday. Itrslst th<- Coroner. YICTOK. Col.. March 13.—The body of Patrick Looney. the-miner who was shot and killed Tuesday evening by Constable Frank Luepton when, it is alleged, he was attempting to rescue a prisoner, was. brought to Victo. The coroner came to Victor to take the body to Cripple Creek in order to hold the Inquest there. Friends of the dead man gathered in force and prevented the removal of the body. Excitement is high, and if the attempt to remove the body is persisted in there will be more bloodshed. Nervoiis Prostration Hood's Sarsaparilla Cave Nerve Strength «nd Good Health. "Hood's Sarsaparilla has helped mo wonderfully. For three years I have been doctoring but could not get cured. Soon after beginning to take Hood's Saisapa- rilla there was a change for tho better. In a short time I wan feeling JS?IS3 i mS^f^WoaV > ^ffl:not Se down to sleep on account of my nearo trouble and nervous prostration. I now rest well and am able to do work of whatever kind. It I hud not tried Hood's ' C Sarsaparilla Barsaparills I do not know rrhat would have become of me." MRS. 3. ERADDOCK, 404 Erie Avenue, WilHamgport, Pennsylvania. _ act li.irmonioitsly with Hood's SarsaparilU. tfe. BIG COAL TRUST. A Storm at S««. IncreauM the discomfort of the vojoRer, But evm when tbe wentlier is not tempestuous he Is liable to sea sickness. Thpr who traverse the "jrlisintle wetness" should bs provld«l>-!th Hos- tettor's Stomach Bitters, which quiets disordered siomacis with gratiTilU!: speed and certainty. To the hurtful influence of a tropic, malarious or too rigorous or UainpcllmHte, ;is well as to ihe uanetu! eltects ot unwnfilefonm diet BH<! bud water. 1: is a reliable iintldote. Commercial travelers by sea or land, mariners, miners, • western pioneers, and all who have to encohnter vicissitudes of climate anil temper-air®*, concur In pronouncing it the best safeguard. W rrevents rheumatism 'and pulmonary attack inconsequence of danip and cold, and It Is an efficient defense asainst all forms ot malaria. It can be depended upon la dyspepsia, liver aid kidney trouble. It In Oi'iriuilzo'l to Control tlie Output of Ohio Mlmtt. Coi.UMiurs, 0...March 1.1.—A powerful pool of all tbe ooul railroad companies in Ohio ami all the corporations in tho stale has been organized here. Seven roads which tap the coal fields are in tbe deal, which involves millions of dollars. The output of tbe state, amounting- to over 7,000,000 tons of coal per annum, will be controlled and-'SO coal agencies, which formerly distributed the product of the mines, will be done away with, .-ill operations being- conducted from one central office. " Hetween 18,000 and L'0,000 men will be employed by this trust in the mines, and the saving- from the abolition of the agencies, it is claimed, will enable the operators to pay better wages than are received elsewhere. Railroad men and coal operators who began arriving here Tuesday will meet to-day for the purpose of electing- officers in this g-ig-iintic pool, give it a name and transact other important business in connection with the deal. James W. Ellsworth, the Chicago millionaire, originated the project. He is a heavy operator in the Hocking Valley district and began by organizing- the operators of that section. This company began u bear campaign On prices, which accomplished the object, ot creating the present combination and two railroads will be saved from baukriipety thereby. The lines in the trust are tho Haiti- more & Ohio, Toledo & Ohio Central, Columbus, lloeldng- Valley & Toledo, Wheeling & l-<akc Erie, Cleveland, Lorain A; Wheeling. Columbus, Shawnee & Hocking, Toledo, U'alhonding Valley & Ohio, TAYLOR ARRESTED IN MEXICO. Alan Who Kobboil South Dakota of Half a> Million Siilil to l!« Cuuglit. JACKSOXVIM.B, Fla.. March 13.—A Tampa special says: W. H. Taylor, tho defaulting South Dakota treasurer, was arrested last Sunday in Mexico by Pinkerton agents. Taylor, under the name of Mason, and a companion enlling himself 1'hclps passed; through here several weeks ago. They went to Havana, and the chief of police of that city was paid S-,000 to locate Taylor, which he did on a steamer bound for Vera Cruz, Mexico. News has been received here of the arrest in Mexico. PlKKiii-:,,.$. D., March 13.—(iov. Sheldon refuses to divulge anything regarding ox-State Treasurer- Taylor's capture, but he evidently has late information. He remarked Wednesday morning that lie believed Taylor would be in the hands of oilicers very soon. Attorney General Crawford departed AYednesday morning accompanied by a man named Tambort, who is supposed to "be doing special detective work in the Taylor case. It is stated that they are going to Texas. .State officials believe Taylor has been caught iu -Mexico, but Uov. Sheldon will not communicate anything to them. Mud l'«ST BII*H Threti Children. Fl.Ol'.A, 111., March 13.—A mad dog was killed at Peter Thompson's farm, north of here, after it had bitten three children and four horses. Two of the horses died of hydrophobia. Receiver Ankml For, ~* CHICAGO. March 13.—A bill has been filed in the superior court asking far the appointment of a receiver for tho State Mutual Life Insurance company. Quiiiii Off for the South. LOXDON. March 13.—The queen, accompanied by Princess Beatrice., started from Windsor ut 10 o'clock Wednesday morning for Portsmouth,, en rout* for Nice. Ex-Empress Frederick will occupy Buckingham palace during the queen's absence. -: for a Greater IMttnliarKl'- HARRISBUKO. Pa., March L3.—The "Ureuter Pittsburgh" bill passed the: Bentttr Wednesday with only one nega~ live vote, that of Senator Steel, of A1-- WITHOUT A WIRE. (Cures : Rising i Breast •• MOTHERS' ^_ FRIEND "|1 . . . Is tbe greatest G' blessing ever offered§' child-bearlns woman. W I have been a micl-w wife for many years, g' and In each caseSp vrhere '• MOTHERS' FRIEND" was used 8* it accoTcoplisbed Bonders and relieved w' much suCcrini:. It is the best remedy for 6' rising of the Breast known, and worth the g <v price for that, alone. jw •' MRS. M. M. BBEWsrrR, © Mont^omtiry, -Ma. §S Switby Eiprc*!< or mail, on rcctflptor prict, S. »l rur bottle. Sold liv -ill Drugflsls. JJ liout " To Mothers " rniulod tret. Bj *BRADFIELD REGULATOR CO.. ATLjl-NTJi, Gi.H; Lons;-Dl*Caiici! Tulkln^ That Saved » JBal- * luoulst. Tales nre plenty of long- distarjces Over which men's voices have been conveyed by the medium of placid water. An Adirondack g-uide tells of hiiving talked in ordinary to-ncs, on a very still day>with a companion a niiie aud a half distant a: the other end of a lake, and another guide caps this story with one of yells which were heard and returned near a water extent ot three miles. These tales are qni:o outdone by a well-authenlicatod story told by CarlotUt, once the mont famous woman balloonist in the world. In licr'story air instead of water was the medium, and the distance of the conversation was four miles. It took place a mile above the outskirts of. St. Louis soruo years a^o. "It was an aeronautic exhibition," says Carlctta in telling-the story, "and a young-man named White, who was inexperienced in ballooning, had agreed to make an ascension. I had already g-one up and was quietly drifting east on an uusy air current when he- started out. He had had enonprh experience to know how to handle the valves and sand bag's, and he intended to jjo np a mile or so and then descend easily. > T ow, the upper air is full of varying- currents. You may be £oin£ due west at half a mile altitude, aud when you get up a few' hundred yards further you may strike a current that carries you due east. Mr. White checked his upward career in a westbound di-aug-h.t, so that when he finally drifted out of that current into mine we were a g-ood lonfr distance apart. "I always have a powerful glass with me when I make an ascension. When I turned this on him I saw that he was in trouble. His balloon ihad twisted a little, in such a way that I judged it was likely to twist more, and he was clambering- around the ropes trying to right it, but without much apparent conception of what was best to do. I was frightened for him. -for when the bag of a balloon turns too much tbe gas begins to escape rapidly, and the results are like)}' to be serious. I knew that voices could be heard a. long way in the air, for I had often heard people a mile below .me shouting, so without knowing how far the two balloons were apart, I decided to hail the other one, I gathered all my breath and shouted: " 'Hello! Hullo! Hello 1 ,' "Then I turned my glass on the other balloon again. Up where the air is so clear as it is a niilu above the earth one can see at great distances with wonderful distinctness. Through my glass I could see Mr. White star'* and Took all around him. That was quite a while after I had shouted. He didn't seem to understand where the voice came from, but finally I saw him put his hands into his mouth.'evidently making a speaking trumpet of them. I.waited and waited, and was just about to shout again •when the huge gas bag above me began to thrill with sounds. They seemed to buzz along its.sides aud diffuse in the air, only to collect and come whirring and rumbling down the funnel to be poured into my ears, and they formed in a tone that seemed made up of a million other tones. " 'Hello! Where—are you?' "It was the most peculiar sound 1 had ever heard. When it had scattered itself into silence J" took out my watch,and timing myself, shouted: " 'Throw out one sandbag. I'll come to you. 1 "Forty .seconds later my balloon began to'vibrate again, finally forming the words: " 'All right. In trouble.' "There was metho'd in my telling him to throw out, the sandbag, as it was afterward of use. 1 threw out. a number myself, for I reckoned that a little above me I would find a current to carry me toward Mr. White. This I did, aud was soon within a short distance of him, aerially considered. The trouble with his balloon was a slight disarrangement of the ropes, which 1 had myself experienced, so I told him what to do, and he was soon all right. .As I explained to him when we reached the earth, we had been talking over an aerial telephone, the gas bags being the only material objects up there collecting all the sounds 'and acting as huge receivers." " 'Well,' said he. 'you got me out of a very bad scrape, but I never was so : scared in my life as when that voice surrounded'me. I thought the balloon was talking, and that I had gone crazy. " 'It was a pretty long- talk, said I; 'for allowing the voice to travel five seconds to u mile by my timing we must have been close to four miles apart.' •• 'That's simply impossible,' said he. " 'Very well,' I said. 'That's why I told you to drop that sandbag. I threw some out, too, and, we can find out how far they landed apart. "It wasn't much trouble to find 'people who had found the bags and knew just where they were. ^Fortunately they had landed near a railroad track, so the distance estimating was-made easy for us. It was four miles and a quarter, f guess that is the record up to date for long-distance talking without a wire."—N. Y. Sun. —Cyrus Cobfr is designing the heroic statue of America, which is for tbe arcade of the Cambridge soldiers' monument. A gentleman who has seen it says the head is the most beautiful- he has ever seen. "Mother Amer- ica'' is inserted in the arcade, contemplating the. close of the war of the rebellion with serene satisfaction, but with her countenance prevaded by lateut sadness at the thought of tbe sacrifice of her patriotic sons of the north and the desolation of her southern children. —Our dissatisfaction of any other solution is the blazing evidence^ of immortality —Emerson. Castoria is Dr. Samuel Pitcher 1 * prescription for Infant* aud Children. It contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotic substance. It is a harmless substitute for Paregoric, Drops, Soothing: Syrups, and Castor OIL It is Pleasant. Its guarantee is thirty years' use by Millions of Mothers. Castoria destroys Worms and allays feverishness. Castoria prevents vomiting Sour Curd,, cures Diarrhoea and Wind Colic. Castoria relievo* teething troubles, cures constipation and flatulency. Castoria assimilates the food, regulates tho stomacl* and bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep. Castoria is tho Children's Panacea-the Mottcs-3 Friend. Castoria. "Castorln Is an excellent medlcino for chil- 'dren. Mothers have repeatedly told mo of its rood effect upon their children." DK. G. C. Osoooo, Lowell, llass. " Castoria is the best romedv for children of which I am acquainted. I hope tho day is not far distant when mothers will consider the real Interest of their children, and use Castoria in- etead of the varlousquaek nostrums which ore destroying their loved ooes, by forcinf opium, morphiue, soothing syrup and other hurtful agents down their throats, thereby sending them to premature graves." Do. J. F. KINCHBI.OC, Conway, Ark- Castoria, •• Castoria is so we!! adapted to child ran t!«*> I recommend it as sujTOr -or to any prescriptlofc known to inc." _ „ ^ F. A. ARCBBR, M. D., Ill So, Oxford St., Brooklyn, N. "Z.. •' Our physicians in the children's department have spoken hifihly of their experience In their outside practice wilh Cnstoria,. and although wo only Lave wnouff our- medical supplies what is known us regular products, yet trooro free to confess that th*' merits of GisWria has won un U> Jook wl* lavor upon it." UNITED Hosrirw. AND Boston, C. SMITH, Prts., Tho C-nta-r Compaq, TT Murray Str^t. K.*r York City. THE WORLJP. For Sale by W. H. Porter. Spring Curry Comb * ^ Soft as B Bra*. Fl» every Curro. Dscd by C. S. Arm. ^O oy ALMOST EXTINCT. But Tir=lv« alnmbisrs Sm-vlve of n Onc» Powerful liiili.in Trll>e. A remnant of a once powerful and numerous Indian, tribe has just been discovered by Fran x Boa z near tho head. of Portland canal. Or. UO.T.Z. siiys a Vic- toriii loiter in San Francisco Examiner, has devoted his life to tbe study of the Indian race in America. In tho interest of the Berlin museum and the British association he came here from. Chicago a tew months atfo, having heard during the world's fair that one of British Columbia's Indian tribes possessed many of the distinct characteristics — physical, religions, social and mental—of the ancient Egyptians, from which their legends would indicate that they had descended. On arrival the investigator learned that the tribe he sought, now almost extinct, had a home somewhere in the Naos river country, whither ha hurried. He found that the tribe had once ranged the preat extent of country from Behm's canal in Alaska to Cape Fox, and extending down to the Naas river, but that.unable, by reason of their more peaceful disposition and pursuits, to oppose the inroads of Indians from the coast anJ from the Rockies the tribe had grjjvn smaller and gradually smaller, ujpl now but twelve souls remained 41 what was once a great people. They have even lost their name, the present tribal name, Tsotsout, being taken from the Naas river language, in winch it is synonymous for slaves. "These Indians differ in appearance, measurements, history and easterns from any other Indians of America and are apparently a distinctive family. Dr. Boa/, does not, however, agree with those who have pronounced thcmancJent Egyptians. Their sociology possesses much in common with that of the Pha- raoahs and their legends are all of the -Great River/' But the expert does not consider this sufficient to establish anything in view-of physical dissimilar- Hies. He has taken careful and voluminous notes, however, which he will study and compare on his return to London and Berlin. The language of the Tsoisonta is ; he says, remarkable in its likeness to the Egyptian. —The principal islands of the world, including Australia, have a combined area, almost equal to that of, North CO.. An old army officer, who xnewKttltv of law, had been appointed governor off a West India island.. The most appalling duty which the governor had to-' perform" was the administration of justice, and in his ignorance lie addressed*'Lord Mansfield in a tone of great concern, saying ho know nothing of law,.. anJ .-L-iking what he should do ;LS tbe- presiding officer of the local court of chancery on the island to which he waa> going. "Tut, man," wild Mansfield*, "decide promptly, but never give any- reasons for your decisions. Your do- cisions may 'be right, but your reason** are sure to be wrong." ECZEMA menandeven Hot8pri Fromcartj Jiood tbcro amf liuiidrcdB wio «»•' ulllicted -with U>»fJ Urrible dii500»«u. which the medial- table, containing no drae? orijiiDerclafflnylund. Send inrourtHSHfaeoB.il. l;;;f 2w^- iQ 6 CO.. AtbuaU,<3». A LADY'S TOILET Is not complete without an ideal POZZONI'S Combines every element of-! beauty and purity. It is beatito- rf fvin£, soothing, 'heaJinz. healtk-J'jfc ful, and narrnless, and when^'£' r'ghtly used is invisible. A iEostt' delicate oad desirable protection te the face in this climate. Insist u^sa 1 tie gsn-ir IT IS FOR SALE EVERYiVil^E,

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