The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts on September 26, 1983 · 28
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The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts · 28

Boston, Massachusetts
Issue Date:
Monday, September 26, 1983
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28 THE BOSTON GLOBE MONDAY. SEPTEMBER 26. 1983 3 ti l 3 V.V tlialf j lis-- La o m r r7no ck3ay prime time, i:gsiuss::s cadle 8 p.m. 8:30 p.m. fl p.m. 9:30 p.m. 10 p.m. 10:30 p.m. 2 What Makes Rabbit Run? Princess Grace Remembered News 4 Boone Movie: "Sessions" 5 That's Incredible! NFL Football: Green Bay Packers at New York Giants 7 AfterMASH Emerald Point N.A.S. 23 Movie: "The Thin Man" 700 Club 38 Movie: "Zorba the Greek" 44 Cont. Mind Finance Psychology Systems News Business Report . 56 Vietnam News 68 Kojak Cannon Barnaby Jones ARTS People The Third Eye Great Paintings Performers' Showcase BRV Movie: "Chilly Scenes of Winter" The Life of Verdi III CIN Movie: "Golden Rendezvous" - Movie: "Tim" PIS Movie Cont'd Theater Movie: "With a Song in My Heart" ESPN NFL's Greatest Moments Auto Racing: SCCA Supervees Inside Baseball HBO Movie: "First Monday in October" Movie: "Timerider" MC Movie: "Halloween II" Movie: "How to Beat the High Cost of Living" PREV Movie: "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" Movie: "Madman" SHOW Movie: "Reds" - ; SC Pennant Chase j. Palmer Women Suffolk AP Sports Wire USA Movie: "Untamed" Ashford & Simpson WON Solid Gold jSalute News WOR Movie: "All About Eve" WPIX The Dream Merchants lNN News News WTBS Baseball: San Francisco Giants at Atlanta Braves Cont'd News KEY: ARTS Alpha Repertory Television Service; BRV Bravo Network; CIN Cinemax; DI8 Disney; ESPN EntertaimentSports Program Network: HBO Home Box Office; MC Movie Channel: PRE Preview; SHOW Showtime; SC Sportcharmel; USA USA Network; WON -Chicago Superstation; WOR New York Superstation; WPIX New York Superstation; WTBS Atlanta Super jtatioo. : MGK3AY mos!:.:jg 7:00 Sesame Street (R) (CC) .2 Today 1983 Emmy Winners; UN Ambassador 'Jean Kirkpatrick; "The Big Chill" writer-director Lawrence Kasdan; teenage prostitution 4-10 j Good Morning America 5-9-12 CBS Mornjng News.... 6-7 - Focus on Society 11 Popeye 1 25 Worcester A.M..... 27 Batman 38 Q Tom and Jerry 56 7:15 Inside Worcester 27 7:30 51 D Superman 25 Heckle and Jeckle 38 Woody Woodpecker 56 - 8:00 "'O Mister Rogers (R) 2 I Sesame Street (R)(CC) 11 Star Blazers 25 1 .New Zoo Revue ....27 ' Porky Pig and Friends 38 "O'The Flintstones........L.56 I Jim Bakker 68 ! 8:30 ; Electric Company (R) ...2 "" Great Space Coaster ...25 j Jimmy Swaggart 27 1 Bewitched 38 Popeye 56 9:00 ' 5Z American History 2 I Hour Magazine Victoria ; -Principal; dating service for overweight singles 4 ' JII. Good Day! Devon Square; debutante of the ; decade; Cornelia Guest 5 y'Cu Movie "Mr. Music" f ,(1950) Bing Crosby. A -I Broadway composer gets in- votved with an ambitious -agent .6 Woman to Woman Pho- .-faias 7 Q-Richard Simmons 9 ' -13. Donahue 10 - O Lilias, Yoga and Yoii...11 The Waltons 12 O Flipper .'...25 -J3.2Q Minute Workout 38 ' "O Casper : 56 - Bullseye : 68 9:30 That Girl 9 Educational programs. 11 Q Leave it to Beaver 25 Daytime 38 Banana Splits 56 -d Play the Percentages ..68 '10:00 ; Educational programs ...2 Diff'rent Strokes (R) 4 tj Donahue 5 ' O New $25,000 Pyramid ...7 ' Jim Bakker 9 : More Real People 10 Family 12 . 700 Club 25 De Todo un Poco 56 Marketwatch .68 10:30 ' Ronald Reagan's address to the United Nations. 4-5-6- 7-9-10-12 Dick Van Dyke 38 New England Today ....56 11:00 Wheel of Fortune 4-10 Merv Griffin 5 The Price is Right 6-7 Benson (R) 9-12-56 -'Andy Griffith 38 11:30 High Feather .'. 2 Dream House 4-10 ; Loving 9-12-56 Catholic Mass 25 INN News 38 AFTESKOCM 12:00 Sesame Street (C).2-11 News 4-5-7-10-12 Tattletales 6 Family Feud 9 Movie "Rock Island Trail" (1949) Forrest Tucker. A man tries to stop a stagecoach line from operating in his area . 25 Daily Mass 27 Movie "The Long Ships" (1964) Sidney Poitier. A Viking searches for the Golden Bell of St. James ...38 I Love Lucy 56 Marketwatch 68 12:30 People are Talking 4 Ryan's Hope 5-9-12 Young and Restless... 6-7 Search for Tomorrow ..10 Mary Tyler Moore 56 1:00 Educational programs. 2-11 All My Children 5-9-12 Days of Our Lives 10 Banana Splits 56 1:30 Days of Our Lives 4 As the World Turns... 6-7 Little Rascals 25 Casper 56 2:00 One Life to Live ..:.5-9-12 Another World 10 MGM Cartoons....: 25 Mighty Mouse 56 " Marketwatch 68 2:30 Short Story .....2 More Real People 4 Capitol 6-7 Lifeline 11 Star Blazers 25 My Three Sons 38 Bugs and Woody 56 3:00 French Chef 2 Hawaii Five-0 ; 4, General Hospital .-5-9-12 Guiding Light 6-7 Fantasy 10 Popeye 25 Heckle and Jeckle 38 3:30 Electric Company (R)....2 Lilias, Yoga and You...11 Force Five .'. 25 Porky Pig and Friends 38 . Tom and Jerry 56 4:00 Sesame .Street (CC) .2-11 Love Boat 4 Breakaway 5-10 Movie "Number One" (1969) Charlton Heston. A football player must decide whether to retire 6 New England Afternoon Host Bill O'Reilly introduces new WNEV-TV afternoon series. The network anchormen, Dan Rather, Tom Bro-kaw and Peter Jennings; great caffeine debate 7 Hour Magazine 9" Merv Griffin 12 Masters of Universe ....25 Inside Worcester 27 Scooby Doo .'. 38 Marketwatch 68 4:30 Cartoons 25 Health! 27 Batman 38 Brady Bunch Hour 56 5:00 Mister Rogers (R) .... 2-11 People's Court 4 Soap 5 Joker's Wild 7 Barnaby Jones 9 Three's Company 10 MASH 12 Superfriends 25 Charlie's Angels 38 French Chef 44 Wild, Wild West 68 5:30 Electric Company (R) ....2 Live on 4 4 All in the Family 5 Wheel of Fortune 7 People's Court ..10 Food, Wine & Friends ..11 Barney Miller...... 12 Gilligan's Island 25 Maggie 44 Happy Days Again . 56 EVE"!"5 6:00 MacNeil Lehrer 2-11 News 4-5-6-7-9-10-12 Buck Rogers 25 MASH 38 Sesame Street (R)(CC) 44 Three's Company.........56 BJLobo 68 6:30 CBS News 6 ABC News (CC) 9-12 NBC News 10 The Jeffersons 38 Laverne & Shirley 56 7:00 Doctor Who.: 2 NBC News 4 ABC News (CC) .5 Tic Tac Dough 6-9 CBS News ..7 P.M. Magazine 10 Business Report 11 Family Feud 12 Laugh-In .25 MASH 38 Business Management 44 Three's Company 56 House Calls 68 7:30 Wild World of Animals ..2 ov. 4 EVENING MAGAZINE EXERCISE WITH VICTORIA PRINCIPAL Evening Magazine Victoria Principal .4 Chronicle 5 Joker's Wild 6 Entertainment Tonight 7 Emmy Awards 7-10 People's Court 9 O Life and Death ..11 Wheel of Fortune 12 WKRP in Cincinnati 25 Barney Miller 38 Human Behavior 44 Taxi 56 Tic Tac Dough 68 8:00 What Makes Rabbit Run? A Profile of John Updike Writer John Updike reflects on his life and work... .2 Boone (Premiere) A 1950s Southern man creates family problems while striving for a career in country music 4-10 That's Incredible! Yogi master handles red-hot iron chains; a woman is cured of multiple sclerosis........5-9-ll AOV. 7 POTTERMULCAHY KLINGER COME HOMEI ALL NEW "AFTERMASH" AfterMASH (Premiere) Col. Potter, Cpl. Klinger and Father Mulcahy return from the Korean War to civilian life 6-7 Talking About Trees.... 11 Movie "The Thin Man" (1934) William Powell. Nick and Nora Charles get involved in a murder case ...25 Movie "Zorba the Greek" (1964) Anthony Quinn, Alan Bates. A British writer and a Greek take up lodgings with an aging courtesan on Crete 38 Contemporary Mind 44 Vietnam General Westmoreland assumes military command of the war 56 Kojak 68 8:30 Personal Finance 44 9:00 Princess Grace Remembered. National Symphony Orchestra performs Samuel Barber's "Adagio for Strings, Op. 11" and Tchaikovsky's "Symphony No. 5 in E Minor, Op. 64;" Nancy Reagan recites Saint-Saens' "Carnival of the Animals" in a tribute to Princess Grace i....2 O Movie "Sessions" (Premiere) Veronica Hamel. A high-priced prostitute's profession wreaks havoc on her personal life. (CC) 4-10 NFL Football Green Bay at NY Giants (CC) 5-9-12 AOV. 7 PASSIONATE WOMEN A HOT BLOODED MEN IN "EMERALD POINT Emerald Point N.A.S. ! (Premiere) A widowed Naval air base commander (Dennis Weaver) investigates a collision between one of his pilots and a Cuban flyer ....6-7 Evening at Pops (R) ....11 Social Psychology 44 Cannon 68 9:30 Systems Performance .44 10:00 Princess Grace Remembered 11 700 Club 25 News 44-56 Barnaby Jones 68 10:30 News 2 Business Report 44 11:00 MacNeil Lehrer 2 News 4-6-7-10 Family 25 Twilight Zone 38 Benny Hill 56 Perry Mason 68 11:30 Tonight Joan Rivers, James Coco, Linda Gray, Lily Tomlin 4-10 Benny Hill 6 Hart to Hart (R) 7 INN News 38 Man About House 56 12:00 News 5-9-12-56 Hart to Hart (R) 6 Rat Patrol 25 Movie "Love Has Many Faces" (1965) Lana Turner. A wealthy, unhappy woman turns to the bottle 38 12:30 David Letterman Don Rickles, Amy Wallace.... 4-10 ABC Nightline 5-9-12 NFL Weekly Magazine.25 12:40 Columbo(R) .7 1:00 Thicke of Night Andy Gibb, Rita Jenrette 5-9-12 1:10 Columbo(R) 6 1:30 NBC News Overnight 4-10 2:00 CBS News Nightwatch.,7 Our Miss Brooks 38 2:30 News 4-5-10 CBS News Nightwatch ..6 3:00 Prime Time 4 Safari to Adventure 5 3:30 People are Talking 4 Good Day! . 5 5 RADIO HIGHLIGHTS 7 a.m. WGBH-FM Morning Pro Musica 7 Works by Mozart, Frescobaldi, Gibbons, Schumann, Rameau and Gershwin J9 a.m. WTTP Love Talk with Rick Skodnek, M.D. Love problems. 9:30 a.m. WUMB-FM Food lor Talk Help with hangovers. 10 a.m. WRKO Dick Syatt Len Sanders and Arthur Ercolina of New England Better Business Bureau. Noon WGBH-FM MusicAmerica ' George Gershwin birthday celebration 12:30 p.m. WBUR-FM Concert Music w ith Steve Elman Works by Carter and ." Francesco Barsanti; Schubert's Quintet for piano and Strings in A. 4 p.m. WTTP Attorney Harley Gordon V Free legal advice. .6 p.m. WDLW Nina Ryder Hoyt Ax- ' ion. 6:30 p.m. WMBR-FM Rainbow Tales Special anniversary broadcast featuring Kira Signer reading her story "Super-nightmare No. 7." 7 p.m. WUMB-FM From the Source College football trivia. 8 p.m. WBZ Lou Marcel Connie Paige, author of "The Right-to-Lifers," on the anti-abortion movement. 8 p.m. WGBH-FM Eric in the Evening Music of John Coltrane. 8:50 p.m. WEEI NFL Football Green Bay at New York Giants. 9 p.m. WCRB-FM Philadelphia Orchestra Riccardo Muti conducts works by Liszt, Schumann and Verdi, with piano soloist Christian Zimmermann. 9:30 p.m. WMJX-FM Magic Artist Spotlight Cosrby, Stills, Nash and Young. Midnight WRKO Larry King Nancy Steorts, chairman of Consumer Product Safety Commission. AM kHz kHz WEEI 590 WNEB 1230 WRKO 680 WEZE 1260 WCAS 740 WJOA 1300 WCCM 800 WDLW 1330 WH0H 850 WLYN 1360 WR0L95O WPLM 1390 WCAP 980 WAMK 1410 WBZ 1030 WXKS 1430 WTTP 1060 W8ET 1460 WILD 1090 WSR0 1470 WNUE 1150 WHAV 1490 WJCC 1170 WMRE 1510 WK0X 1190 WNTN 1550 WUHR 1600 mHz FM WXKS 107 9 WiTO CKI WAAF 107.3 WHRB 95.3 WMJX 106.7 WC0Z 94.5 WVBF 105.7 WCGY 93.7 WBCN 104.1 WSNE 93.3 WHTT 103.3 WB0S 92.9 WCRB 102.5 WLYT 92.5 WFNX 101.7 WUMB 91.9 WHUE W0.7 WMF0 91.5 WXH 99.5 WSHL 91.3 99.1 WBUR 90.9 98.5 WZBC 90.3 97.7 WGBH 89.7 96.9 WERS 88.9 f WMBR88.1 WPLM WROR WCAV WJI6 years DRACUT - The letter from Marine Corps Commandant Paul X. Kelley came in the mail a week ago and informed Lance Corp. Gary Boutilier's parents fhat their son's official status has been changed from "deserter to missing." His mother. Rosmarie Boutilier, said. "We feel good about that. We are glad he is not listed as a deserter anymore. But more than five years have passed and we still don't have our son back. That hasn't changed " Boutilier, 19, disappeared June 17, 1978, from the Memphis Naval Air Station. He got on his new motorcycle and said he was going for a ride in Shelby County Park about 15 miles away. He did not return. Marine officials agreed there was nothing to indicate Boutilier had deserted. Gary had grown up in a close and loving family as a model young man in this blue collar town adjacent to Lowell. He was on the basketball and track teams at Drauct High and looked with eager anticipation to graduation and then joining the Marines. ' He was scheduled to go home to Dracut on a three-week leave in a few more days when he disappeared. He left $500 in his clothing at the base and was scheduled to receive a $1500 Marine bonus for his pending electronic school graduation. His Marine friends agreed Gary enjoyed the military life. They said there was no sign of depression or mention of desertion. So what happened on that ride through rural and heavily wooded Shelby Park? No trace of him or his new motorcycle has been found. No word was heard from young Boutilier. Nothing. His father thinks he died or was killed on the day he disappeared. His mother thinks he is still alive. Regulations require that if a Marine does not return to his duty station after having been away 30 days without permission then he Is declared a deserter. Gary Boutilier was so designated in July 17, 1978. The years went by and Robert and Rosemarie Boutilier of Witham avenue here prayed and counted the days. They are among 200 families across the nation whose sons or daughters have experienced misfortune or tragedies in the armed services. Their children have disappeared or died or were killed. Several are suspected suicides. But the parents shared one common feeling: they feel they were not getting all the information available, and when an investigation was conducted, it was done by that particular branch of service that was directly Involved. Col. (Ret.) William- later, a Marine is missing Cavanaugh of South Natick said the investigations always seem to find the service "innocent of any wrongdoing or negligence. The military is both the judge and jury." Cavanaugh is a retired Air Force reserve officer. He helped form a Massachusetts chapter of the newly organized Citizens Against Military Injustice after his own son. Air Force Lt. William Cavanaugh Jr., 24, of Williams Air Force Base in Arizona was found dead of a gunshot wound to the head in April 1982 in his off-base apartment. The young man's death was ruled a suicide, but no autopsy was performed, and the Mesa. Ariz., police conducted a perfunctory investigation, according to his father. Citizens Against Military Injustice was formed to present a united front of parents in seeking complete investigations. They decided to "go public" and went to the news media and have been the subjects of scores of stories and televisions programs. In July Cavanaugh wrote directly to Gen. Kelley about the Boutilier case. They had known each other slightly years ago at English High in Boston. Mr. and Mrs. Boutilier wrote to Kelley a week later. Kelley responded to Canvan-augh with the letter saying, in part, there is no question but that the Marines' responsibility is to do everything possible to investigate thoroughly every instance in which a family has lost a loved one whom they have "entrusted to our care." At the bottom of the letter to Cavanaugh Gen. Kelley added in his own handwriting, "Please be assured that we are truly concerned." Kelley did follow through. Last week the Boutiliers received a detailed letter concerning the Naval Investigation Service probe into their son's disappearance and the change in his status from deserter to missing. The family now will be entitled to his back pay and other benefits. He wrote, "Under the circumstances presently known of Gary's disappearance, we have no reason to believe that his absence Is voluntary." The letter is the first from the Marine Corps received by the family since their son disappeared in 1978. They had received four telephone calls from Marine Corps officials through the years, three of which came in 1978. The fourth came In 1981 from a recruiting officer, who said their son was an outstanding Marine and and wanted to know if he would be Interested In re-enlisting. - JEREMIAH V. MURPHY- v . , i J t GARY BOUTILIER Disappeared in 1978 from Memphis base LL WILLIAM CAVANAUGH "Military both judge and jury" ,, ,.. WILLIAM CAVANAUGH JR. Found dead in 1982 CONFIDENTIAL CHAT, ENTERTAINING LETTERS FROM OUR READERS TO YOU EVERY DAY IN The Boston Globe For Home L7L1D Call 929-2222 Watch "The Love Boat" Monday throush Friday and you could be on your way to winning a fabulous cruise and other exciting prizes! Each day during the show, between 4 and 5pm, secret letters will be revealed. Jot them down and at the end of each week unscramble these letter clues to decipher the week's Winning Port of Call! A CRUISE FOR 4 ON THE QE II FI3ST PLACE WIEKLY PRIZES ATRIP FOR 2 TO ST. THOMAS! SECOND PLACE ITZSKLY PRIZES "TIGA" SAILBOARDS! SECRET LETTER CLUES FOR WEEK 2 1 2. 3 Y 5 THIS WEEK'S WINNING PORT OF CALL- j Name . Address Day Phone MAIL TO: LOW KMT CONTEST, WK TV, P.O. BOX 400, BOSTON, MA 0t1S4 1 Entries must be received no later than October 6, 1983. Grand prize and 1st place n winners must be accompanied by a parent or guardian If under 18 years of age. g Westinsbouse Broadcasting and Cable, Inc. employees, their asencies and families are not 0 m T V ..Yl 1 vv 1 1 4 . LU COAT S CET-AYAY ENTRY FO't

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