The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 11, 1953 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 11, 1953
Page 3
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TUESDAY, AUGUST 11, 1953 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THRU txptrti Malenkov fs Now Undenied Ruler By JOHN A. (CALL WASHINGTON (AP) — Premier Georgi Malenkov has successfully weathered a grim power struggle inside the Kremlin and now stands virtually unchallenged as Russia's ruler. This, a.t least, is the carefully considered view of top American foreign affairs experts who have been watching developments within the Soviet Union since Premier Stalin's death. Active support by powerful Red army leaders, they said, probably was « deciding factor in maintaining Malenkov's power despite widespread uncertainty after the sudden purge of Deputy Premier Lavrenty Berla. It would be no surprise to these American experts if in the coming weeks Malenkov's most prominently mentioned rival, Foreign Minister V. M. Molotov, and his defense minister,. Marshal Nicolai Bulganin, publicly avow their loyalty to Malenkov. A closing of ranks within the Soviet high command, in their view, does not rule out potential unrest within Russia, and the satellite world later. But it does plainly Indicate to them that the sleepy- eyed Malenkov now Is definitely top man. Party Scolded Th« conclusion stems partly from the tone and content Malenkov's speech last Saturday to the Soviet parliament. He scolded and criticized Communist party chiefs generally and talked like man completely confident of his position. The United States and Britain, ft .was learned, have added information which supports this view. No authoritative American official would say whether they took at face value Malenkov's broad hint Saturday that Russia has i mastered production of the hydrogen bomb. Tending to support his claim, however, is an unexplained 92 per cent increase in the Russian budget's "other expenditures" category which usually shows how much Moscow intends to spend on atomic weapons and similar secret projects. American experts, after analyzing the Soviet budget figures, concluded that, Instead of cutting down on military spending—as Moscow would have the world believe—It Is actually Increasing its military budget by about 25 per cent. Specifically these officials deduced that Malenkov has allocated some 30 billion rubles in the 1853 calendar year for atomic and hydrogen bomb developments. There Is no official exchange rate for the ruble, but it generally is figured at about 4 to $1. Secretary of State Dulles said yesterday, after arriving from Korea and conferences with South Korean President Syngman Rhee, that Malenkov's hydrogen bomb boast has not altered the cold war picture in any way. George Kennan, former American ambassador to. Moscow, meanwhile predicted in a speech that "revolution eventually would break out" in the Soviet orbit. He told a university seminar here Russia's structure is "faced today with severe strains and crisis" and said: "It will even tually earn the retribution it so richly deserves." Kennan cautioned against any American government Interference in Soviet affairs at this time, lest It unify the Communist world and prevent the revolt he foresees. Kennan. author of the Truman administration's "policy of containment" toward Russia, thus took issue with the Eisenhower administration's policy of aid to Russia's satellites by every peaceful means .to help them throw off the Communist yoke. U. S. Population Now 160 Million WASHINGTON—The population of the United States reached 16Q million persons yesterday, according to the Commerce Department population clock, and kept right on gaining at the rate of one each 12 seconds. The statistical clock's recording of the event was witnessed by a crowd of about 100 Commerce Department officials, newsmen and passersby in the lobby of the department's building here. SHIRLEY IN NEW HOME — Shirley Bryant, 12, who lost her family and nearly lost her own life in a pre-Christmas five last year at their home in Crystal Hill community near Little Rock, plays the piano In her foster home at Searcy. Shirley came to Searcy last May and now lives with Mrs. Pearl Dodd, a retired college dietician living just off the Harding College campus. This fall Shirley will be enrolled'in Harding Acadamy, a grammar and high school run by the college. (Associated Press Photo) Building Permits and Real Estate Transfers Building permits totaling $38,000 were granted last week for the construction of three new houses and two additions to houses. S. L. Platt is building a $15.000, brick veneer, six room home at 618 Indiana. Logan and Wright, contractors, are building a $10,000, five-room, brick veneer, house at 108 East Main nnd an $8,000, four-room, frame house at 821 East Walnut. Dr. C. L. Craig Is planning; a $3,000 addition consisting of a room and car port on his residence at 717 Pecan. L. C. Larkin received a permit :o add two rooms valued at ?2,000 to his home at 925 East Main. Real estate transfers filed last week were: Harry J. and Jewel Jordan to Hugh C. and Zara Oolirley. for $10 and other considerations, W half, Lot 4. E half lot 5, Block 1, Jones Addition. H. P. and Mary Llston to Author and Joyce Shea, for $500, Lot 15, Block 8. David Acvcs Subdivision. , Jeff and Frankie Spencer to I James and Thelma Mizell, for $10; and other considerations, part ofj Lot 9, SE quarter, Sec. 17-T15N-! B11E, J. P. Pride nnd Gateway' Subdivisions. John L. and Idft Wisdom to C. A. and Lcola Clayton, for $1,000, Lot 5, Block 1, Wilson Addition. Charles A. and Frances Hlndmcn to E. M. Regenold for $3,600, Lots 5, C, Block 5, Marsh Addition. Mattle Adams to Tom Williams, for $1. love and affection, Lots 9. 10, 11, Block 4. E. W. Robinson Addition: Lots 7, 8, Block 6, Chicago Mill and Lumber Company's Third Addition. J. E. and Ethel, Moody to Moler Moody, for $10 and other considerations, one-fourth acre, W. half SE quarter, SW quarter. Sec. 30- T10N-B1OE. Harold C. and Edell Thompson to W. W. and Hazel Beckman, for $1 to correct previous deed, Lot 4, Block 1, H. C. Thompson Subdivi- sion. Erick C. and Frances Hccksher to J. O. and Mattle lluey, for $2,375.82, Lot 1, Block 3, David Acres Subdivision. O. S. nnd Eula Rollison to Ellis B. and Katherine Webb, for $7,550, Lot 18, O. S. Rollison Subdivision. Luther C. and Ema S. Hunt, and William Hunt, Martha Hunt Tehee, Wahnema H. Keck, Rose Nelms to John W. and G. G. Oaudlll, Jr., for $9,000, SW quarter of NW quarter. Sec. 27-T14N-R6E. Stephen L. and Cora M. Austin to Semlnolo Austin, for $10 and other consideration, Lot 8, Block 6, Ruddle Heights Addition. When its time To Repaint You'll save money by selecting good paint. Good paint lasts longer and the longer Intervals between painting lowers your annual cost. \Ve recommend VAX-C.ALVERT Paints, made by "America's Oldest Mixed Paint House." Phone 4552 and we will figure the cost and recommend a good painter. E. C.ROBINSON LUMBER CO. ARTHRITIS? I have be«n wonderfully bl*u*4 in being restored to active lift »Jt«r being crippled in nearly every Joint In my body and with muscular «or«ness from head to foot. I had Rheumatoid Arthritis and other Jormi of Rhepmatism, hands deformed and my ankles were set, Dimited space prohibits tellltif you more here but if you will writ* me I will reply at once and tell you how I received this onderful relief. Mrs. Lela S. Wier 2805 Arbor Hllll Drlrt P. O. Box SlZi Jackson 7. MijaljrippJ Parts and Supplies for All Cars, Trucks and Tractors tl( North Broadway Phone 4511 and t512 HMTIH6 ALL HOMES! Weeks Calls Tax Setup Antiquated NEW YORK W 3 ) — Secretary of Commerce Sinclair Weeks says the whole system of federal excise taxation is "antiquated and cockeyed and in particular soaks small busi ness." Weeks, speaking last night to the National Retail Jewelers Association, said the system requires thorough overhauling and that the administration is hard at work on the project- RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. TUBS.-WED. EYES OF THE JUNGLE With Jon Hall Ray Montgomery Alyce Lewis Dance Expert Invent- New Step Depicting President's Golf Game BOSTON (#*)—Dance experts from all parts of the country are demonstrating a new dance, the "Wash- ington Glide," at their national coi vention. Officials of the National Associa tion of Dance and Affiliated Artis say the steps depict President Eli enhower's golf game. 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Order yours now—a sedan, coupe or hard-top—a gas economy team-mate of the Studebakers that starred in this year's great Mobilftag Economy Run. UfroihiaiHV Ptwtr Slttrtnt—f*4A*t*t**tic Drtewar OvirJrfot—tpitlaHt*tl*tr*ttitHielImfJlk FASHION KM1EMY 1953 SOU) MEDAL FOR STUDEBAKER Notid New York school of fashion design names Studebakor ilyle outstanding CHAMBLIN SALES COMPANY Railroad & Ash Streets W. D. "Bill" Chamblin, Owner Phone 6888 . , i . . new magic of central heating A SETTER HEATED HOME WITH THIS EASY- TO-IHSTAU HEATIHO SYSTEM THAT SAVES MONEY! ftUND-Alft flu old and niw homti. ThU drawing thowi how it can bi Imtalftd to hegf a iYiftd%rn tingle-floor dwtlilng. Here's the revolutionary new central heating system for any home. Nothing like It anywhere! Perfected by Coleman, world's largest manufacturer of home heating equipment. It puts central heating on a new low-cost Installation basis; puts it within reach of families that wanted It but couldn't afford expensive Installations 1 Before you spend a cent for home heating, investigate this wondrous new central heating system. Then make your choice. But see Coleman BLEND-AIR now! WHY BUY ANY OTHER SYSTEM? REVOLOTIOM- ARY BLIND-AIR HEATS PCRFECTLY-COSTS ICSSI G/vei economical heat! So easy to Install In any type of home! Pre-fabrlcated and pre-engineered, delivered In a package complete, ready to Install. Save! time! Saves Installing headaches! Saves money! G/vej even distribution! Individual ducts carry warm air to each room. Every room gets Just the heat It needs. There's no overheating of one or two rooms with other rooms at the end of the duct system left with a few wisps of warm alrl Each room gets Just the heat It needs with over-all thermostat control. Gives over-o// comfort! Why be anything but warm through winter—any place In your home! Coleman's BLEND-AIR Is brand new central heating at low cost! Furnishes all the heat you need — constantly, automatically! No monty down • fayi for HttH /» comfort ana* iconomyf COMI IN TODAY AND LET US DEMONSTRATE BLEND-AIR. WE'LL SHOW WHY COMFORT COSTS SO l/TTll WITH A COLfMAN IT'S SIMPLE! IT'S COMPLETE-' IT WORKS! Here are the 3 simple parti of Coleman 1 * revolutionary new Blend-Air System I THE HOT AIR DUCTS New imall 3'A-mch-diameter p!p»* Iriot fil ony eonitruelion. Pro-fabricated! Pr»- engrneeredl Practical I Fltxibl* elbow* bend around obilaclei. Eaiy and quicfe to inttoll, Save expemive on-the-job band mctdt-work. THE MAGIC BLENDER Each room hai a blendsr. If iuek» In room oir, btondi If with the hot air from the furnace, recrrculatei if through th» room. Tfiere'i no itolo, tlatic heat. You get even warmth from floor to ceiling. (Conceo/ed, Keceatd end Cablntt tvptt) 3 MODUMATIC WARM AIR FURNACI ta ind Oil Mod* Colemon'i perfect-working modufnoti*. comfort hcat-moktr. Forcei worm olr into dueh that Mad to each room Indl. vidually, giving amazing new even comfort for a bttter htoftd homt. "—•i • \_\k Hallsell and White Furniture Co. Main & Division Phone 6096 the McCaul Way! McCaul Tire Store John Burnett, Mgr. Highway 61 South Phone 1662

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