The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 16, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 16, 1931
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS Tl'.r; DOMINANT NEWSl'APKIl OP NOUTllb'AST AKKANSA8 AND SOUTHEAGT MISSOURI VOL. XXVIII—NO. 51 Ulytheville Courier, BiyihevUle Dally Ne'vs ~" __BlylhevIlle_Herald, Mississippi Valley render. HOME EDITION HI 'LT I!1 1 V ! I ' 1 .'. 1 1 AI;KANSAS . SATURDAY, MAY lii, l!);u SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS NOWNKITC Thousands Dance in Street at Chicago Jubilee OEnTH RECJILLS 'OF C. L HI I'.cccnlric Kiiginm- and In- vrnfor Mnv Have Rc'cn Genius of His Ape. BV IIOHNKV DHTCHER NKA Sr-rvlce Writer WASHINGTON. Old Mr. liiker v.-as carried down from his home l» a tree on an isolated Viip.inla hilllop and died two or three (lavs later. A few lien-oils gathered for his funeral at a small undertaking nirlor here. Thcv included an r-lwrilor man al the Senate office hiiildin«r. several ether employes trim Capilol Hill, a man from the American Engineering Council and n congressman. Thai was Ihc end of Carroll T.ivitipston Rt)Y?r, who mav have Iwen one of the great eeniuses of his age. He was eiiL'iurcr and inventor, originator of stupendous, projects ns other engineers- mav be devclonim: a hundred years hrnrp. He proposed to change the : climate of a hemisphere by liar-1 nessin" ihe mightiest ocean cnr- ernts; he aspired to alt"r ihe future of the er.\at Mississippi valley. His breath-taking programs were so simple ai>i! so carefully planned that they often fascinated the fanest and si-mricst of men. IS'iilt Mississippi Mnrtcl Mr. Tliker was the white-haired, browned but fragile ncntlcman. often seen standing bv that enormous model of hii Mississippi riv- r-i 1 flood control nlnn in the- Senate office huildine basement. There li'.e water flows down from Cairo and! Cwe Girardeau Ihrongli a mini-! ature of the immense three mtlej wide, snn-niile Ioni» Riker spillway i MEMPHIS. May !G (UP)—Mem-. snd jnto:the pulf: Uitar's. brgin .'fllits, is, not only rivaling . Heno i made the Falher of Waters n «m-lHul Is outdoing the Nevada city in nl. His towers.' n-d stoplHnls. jtne matter of o.uick divorce pro- wafer tiafos. power houses, levees,(Ceedines, a survey today reveal?;]. eomUHIs, reservoirs, hichways along i The investigation disclosed that levee tons with toy motor ears nnd a majority of [he hearings, last rteal ocean liners nlvlng un tn Rt. | from nve to IS minu<es and one Louis for (wo or three years have pudge, Malconi R.: Patterson, ells- j Charles • F. Blab-dell, rector of the enchanted 111* 1 guosts and denizens solved H marriagc.H.wilhin en hour.' Judffe A. B. Pittman in h? busiest e in (Jhicago--Sl!iio street-became a dance floor for with an orchestra at every intersection almost impossible but Ihc thousands had a good depression and return of prospcrily. rose lo .a climax. This picture shows locking noith from Lake, whc-:i festivities were- :it their height. surged back and foith. (•nd of ihc 1'LK HOCK, May 10 (UP> — •V -;:•!>•.is bmlnr.-.'i and nrofc-Mion- al Hiidcrs Imliiy mourned the di'ilh of llamn Williams. Hot r.;iri!i"s hanker und a leadlni; flu- mv in HI,, hardware and hankhi!,' of this (Miinlry. Williams, who war, stricken with :i 1'p.irl attack Iwo weeks ago uliile atleudim,' sessions of Ihe Ar- kairas hankers association, died early lodny in u hospital here. llo;.i! for his recovery was relinquished lute yesterday when Ihc 71-ycar-nld business leader failed lo rally lo mlmlnislrallons of his physicians and Ijetjan lo lose s:rcn;lli lapidly. A nalivc of Arkansas, lie numbered ninonR his friends President Hoover with whom hn became clo/rly acquainted during the world w-ir when Williams was food ad- amiL r lrr,tcr for Arkansas. He was ivIiHy known In eastern nnanclal i.-iice Hoar for n niijul us crowds j circles and his banklm; Interests The jam was so gre-ai dan-Ing war, i'lcvalctl him lo a position on the time as the Chicago Jubilee, designed tn marl- the' ' !)ravci of directors of Hie Utllc "" ' In'iinch of the federal rc- baute of SI. Louis. l-'i Is Lui'ky for i\W Presiiloiit Banker nnd Kvare Man Suc- s to Hearl Disease. LI State .street.! , Momphis Coiirls Ecjnal Reno's iu Seed Divorces Lako at Armoivl Yields 7-Pouiul Ba'p.s lo Angler Littic Interest in School Election Today 1 • n • • in • Joe Freeman shove;! his Jatan KeCOIVlllfi iVlcn-jInlo position 'amour; a 'group tiptl OS Possible Success- i of ^morcl^ke'Tarly" Uiis } He dropped lii< toil Iin< or to Winchester. Little interest \vas manifested in i the annual school election here i uulay. At :i o'clock this afternoon j less than 150 voles had Ijecn cast _[in Ihe entire city. a *'j Three potiticns on (lie city scliool ,,"- ! ' ;rav<t nrc tH-hi!? voted 'on today 'and Ihe names of only [iiree candidates appear on the ballots. C. u^ from llic hook. M. IJ'.ick and J. A. Leech arc candidate for re-elcclion. J. L. Guard of the capilol. Ben', bv aw hut in min-1 and speech, he operated his model and explained everytMn': tn ^very- 1'txiy in iriM'^est detail. Quite a fe'.v r^nitol folk develoncd a deep affertion for liim. Since 19M when V.- 1 a. [ sured C'>n^ress (hat n "terri- com- ."Shiner" MKMPH^ May ,« <ur»-nr. I {^m.'^ml? dS? the'nne^n-i is .» '"'"L ^'^' *™ v fnllv 'oivird thnrn irirt ninno,i .ii« i0n llln hc: "' <l wns crrri tcd wi'h Calvary Episcopal church here, is catch Won the Tirif tllc i the rteath of A. .M Hull, being prominently mentioned as T, ,..,,. V Il>ive candidates are seeking Ihe 1 he bis black bass which had ble eatap.pronhe-" on the MEssissip-1 but five minutes.' pi Vfn rer'nin unless flip jro^'ern-l ment'.T "levees onlv" flood control i»!icv v:as nhaivlrpr-d. ihis nwnl had Ecrsistrntlv ilriiounccd tl;,-; ar-j mv engineers in masterpieces of I invective fit to delight any lover of words. Foresaw Husr Prnfif - | ...v,.... „.,., m.jv , ^.-i ..iiiun-iu LILI^V- ' charges ihe whole proceeding takes men in and out of Arkansas. The ! s Named for Morgan Utilities, Inc. LITTLE HOCK. Ark. — perry Simpson and J. C. Lewis were appointed ret elvers for Morgan Utilities. Inc.. by Referee in liank- river in a'new slrr.ipht line thru lrli Plcy. Jce If. Schneider. yc->'e-:'- Rikor exol.aincd to nil-comers l-.nw his spiliwav would run the new hishcp to succeed Bishop Win- rhe'ier v ho refisurd ihroc wci':.-. ii'jo. v.ill be selected at the diocesan i-L-m-euiion in LiUle Reck in Oc- :cb:r. Dr. Blaiseiell came to Memphis and the Calvary Episcopal church from Hekirj, Ark., where he was redor for three years. The sclec- tlcn of a new bishop is expected to Le cir.i of the !ii?h lights of the . swamps nml chew tend, how nreot • cia 5'- A voluntary prtition I ccnvon'.son in Littie Rork. liower dams would be built !orks ;n!crt ''5" M - B - Morgan, president of i ofl >"s mentioned for liie hi»n installed to permit ocean com-! lbc company, in federal cniiri i Episcopal ofTice are Dean Henry Thursday. Liabilities were lislctl totaling of S598.- Pi-rslrlcr.t com- 1 .' mrrce. capacitv provided to handle twice tho historic peak of the river's wafers, muddy bnnks renlTced bv si'es for docks and warehousr's, levees built 70 feet hiPh with 100- foot top width and 3W-Inct. l>r>fe from earth removed in <iiTpi:ii! drainace canals on each side ol. the EiJilhvay. how the coft would i be two billion dollars but how the fir.-t five years would show 10 billion dollars of profit throui;h enhanced land values, power develop- n'cnt, prevention of Hood ]osp.|i' LS are owned by Morgan Utilities. highway and raiiroad beds and so! T; 'e ice plant and service station on. | are leased out. The. old man spent his lasl years S1.508.COO. with assets 51S. M. cf the company, v.hich has ties in Liltie Rock. N'ortii Liltle Reck. Biytheville. Conway. Jcnes- boro. Lake Village and' Dardun- eU.: An ice planl. cotton gin and irns- cline service station on Highway Gl. within the Blythevillc city lim- Bo.vd Edwards, former rrcior o! Ihe Ch'.ircii ct (he ASc?ns=ion. ii:-.d t:nw Ijrated in Pitiibur-'h: nran .John Wii;iamsu:i of Ihe Trinity Ki>;*co;jal in Little Roe';, and ;3r. W. T. Wlisell. rector o.' the Chti?.! I-:pi'capnl chinch u, Little Un:k. pr>ibably tile !ars<-;[ and mc>'t intiuen'ial in that city. Freeman claims credit for landing the biggest bass caught in Uiis section, or silmojt any ether section for that matter. Mrs. B. 0, Wilkins Heads Thirteen may ioiue folks, but It's n lucky number lor newly-elccleLl President Paul Doumcr of Fmnce. Daunicr \vas chosen uih president of ihe nation, on May 13. He Is 7-1, the oldesl Equipoise Goes Lame, Withdrawn LOUISVILLE, Ky., May 10 (UP) — liiinlpolsc, vijilcr book favoille lor (hi- Kentucky Derby, went lame luday nnil was withdrawn from tills afternoon's race. !H:HHY FACTS Kv'ent: 57th annual running of tin- Kcnlutky IX-tby. Value: approximately $50,000 to Ihe winner. Field: liflei'ii Ihrce year old colts, only 12 of whom will probably be i:liii'li!il. Distance: one and one quarter miles. All horses carry 12n pounds. Favorites: Twenty Grand and Mate. Mutuel (leld: Up, Don Leon. Insco and Tlic Mongol. Probahio uttenilnncc: CO.OOO wllh nine i;oveiiiflrs and many mayors Including Mayor Jlmmle Wnlkcr and Anton J. Cermak. 1'ost time: Fiflh nice, nbout 0 p. m., central standard lime. Wcalhcr: clear and warm wllh n fi>i- track. chief executive to hold ofTlce In Frinice. Ball Fans Clan i Ride Home With The Milk Man Vandals Blamed for Wreck Near Cincinnati: Five Seriously Injured, CINCINNATI. May 10 (UP)— Tlic wrrc.::n-< of a tlli; Four .[rain al Lockbml near here In which, a woman was killed nml five otha's ' Injured was caused by the placing . of a .'|)l!te on the roll by a six vrnr old boy. railroad detectives announced tcttay. Trie name of . Hie chllil was withheld. i Law Provides No Remedy ! for Situation Here Says i Revenue Commissioner. CINCINNATI. O.. Mav 16 (UP) —One woman was dead and .five neisons were suEferinR from serious. injuries today after a speeding TU:j Tour passenycr [rain leaped 'lie tracks and crashed into a inr.e at Lockliuid. 11 miles from' j here. The woman, Mrs. Hose Earhart, • IS, sealed In the kitchen of lirr liome with her hnsbiuid. Frank. 17, when ihe en'liifi tore thrq,UBh Ihe fide oMhe dwellint; and over- . turned, buryincj .hrr btncatli the > wrcckngc. • ; ;',".. Four of the injured were, taken : to fit. .Mary's hospital where .their ! -i rondition was reported. critical. Ear- ' ]' ' - LOS ANGELES, May 10 (UP1—j „ "-ITTLE_ ROCK, Ark. _— Stale and peanut vendors fluid were- sending and" early this morning lo all appearances (he Los The hot at Wrlglay their hired help for oatmeal nnd "ham when Angeles Angels and Portland Ducks would prolong their nlylit baseball game until breakfast time- Los Angeles finally took the Ducks for R 10 to D trimming in u lii-lnnini; imrdson finish just as Ihe lower clcck clanged llic hour of 1:15 A. M., lacking just 15 inln- ute.s of a full five hour game. ' The score was tied lit, 7-all through (be fifteenth. Mrs. H. A. Smith Named State Library Delegate LITTLE ROCK. May 16 IUP) — to the 53rd annual f n --. , - - lerence of tile American library l.UXOra r. I. Association | association (o be l-.ild at Ynlc unl- Must Report Use Made of Government Loans Reports on exiwndlture of the first installment of government feed and seed loans must be made before fanners can obUln (heir second hf- staliinents, the Memphis government loan office has advised J. E. Critz, county agricultural agent. Farmers whose second installment are due but have not as yet been receiver! arc urged lo write at once to the Memphis office, statins LUXORA.—The Luxora Parent Teachers Awneiatlcin had its meeling at tho High School Audi- Thc second install- not be paid until statc- ship ranee In ags from 12 to H : menls of exiiendilurcs made with composed of G. M. Hirst, super- Thcre were 15 Ixiys pres- Revenuc Commissioner Dayid A. Gales said ycstciday, upon his re- O f turn to Little Rock after a bnsl- fB ij. ness tri|\ that lio knows of no method by which gasoline dealers m iis. at niylhcvillc can be permitted to collect a lax lower 1 than the six- cent rate now in effect throughout Arkansas. 'It was reported fronj Blythevillc several days" ago tlnl C'ottimlsjiovi- er Gates would send a representative lo that place lo Investigate the situation nnd determine if any p!an could be worked cut for a giLitluatcel tax scale between the state line.-, and lo«ns within live miles o'f the border. Mr. dates said several complaints had been received from towns along the Missouri border but that he knew of no remedy for the situation. The Arkansas tax Is six cents per gallon and the -Missouri ta\ is two cents. New Boy Scout Troops Is Launched at Senatli SEN ATI I. Mo., May 1C—A Boy Scout Iroop has been organized he-re with a substantial membership. Alexander Douglass lias been selected as scoutmaster. The boys applying for member- liarL was In General hospital-, Officials believe tho train was ' wrecked .'by vandals.-. • • .The HiK Four was. traveling from Clncinhall lo Cleveland at a speed slxtv miles art hour, they ' when the eiiirlnc': struck n aplke nloce oil one of the' ' • ' Ho!«' was in charge. Reverend Newly Born Baby Found on Roadside -Near Ksmielt niglit. and day to promote the plan. Senator Frarirr of Norih Dakota pive him?.->lf wholeheartedly to Hiker's fi?ht for a full Investigation of the plan by a Sell Bontls for Water 7 for 10—Otricers extia'istive j ' i KBNNKT. Mo.. May j here arc conduct in* a I.starch for t!ie persons who (lirew ! ID-.- L r epr.;]Ud a newly l;ern baby; 0:1 ll.e ride of Hrhr.av Si. ctel.t : ; miles imrih cf hero leriviivr il to r>, ,., T .„.-... ^.. ! die cf e\;jo.u,[o anil tu n: [ .'cii- rommlssloir of civilian cn3iiic C i-s.|, rCr ,,;\ RIvT °- v '. M "'- 1I , l : y ^-Honcls ; L , u nttp , uio]1 . . «:>._„ !.„., „ , . ' _ ., tG tinance the of a wa- : . Riker had a !arf;e house near Falls was increasinu and I-'ra?.icr. perhaps his best friend, sometimes drove out and besought him to James Ford of Manila move inlo town. At lasb Ihe old Dies at Jonesboro HoSDltal 'i man's condition became desperate; r friends brought a physician, ner- sunded him lo let himself be moved down the ladder and carried into civilization lo die. An amazing life was over. I)c«Rncd Sliip Hull al n Horn on Staten Island in 185-1, well f.ilo.icd, Rikcr studied current al-'o the (-pinion of Ur. Kijcbn Dial the cauy was born on Ih- jdny of l!s disposal and subsequent erovery by strangers. and w.«e action in ton. for years the running around New MANILA. Ark.-Jamts Ford. 17. sen o! Mr. and Mrs, Wcs Ford, who live G 1-2 miles south of Manila, died of appendicitis ar.d pneumonia at 'St. Bernard's hospital, •.'onrsboro. Burial was at the Manila cemetery with the. Howard Un- oceans and ! he design-1 amer Castle-1 115 ; nr. deitakimj company In charge. Baptist Commission Scores Arkansas Law BIRMINGHAM. May 16 (UP) — Just b:loic final adjournment at i the Southern Baplist convention I Ihe social servico commission al| tacked ihe Arkr.nsas divorce law i which allots divorce action aft:ri rancher, 1 cnly 9H days residence in that | Foreman of Tcxarkar.a. Mrs. W. U Franci- of Helena. Julia Vtiuix. Ida rendon. Senalh Child Injured Under Wagon Wheels SENATH. Me.. May in— The condition of Ihc three year o!d daughter of U. Crafton. who resides four tniles norlh of here, remains nn- chanjc.i and is considered crill- eal. She fell under Ihe wheels of a leaded wagon driven by Mr. Hig- Sl:s-,vor!li. cwir.r cf Hie farm where the Croflons reride. Possession of Brew Costs Cliisholm •Rock" Chlsholm entered a plea of guilty lo a chnrjc of illegal possession of intoxicating liquor yes- toward enlcring meinb:rshiiis in another iiciL-hbcrl:i- troop. The rcmainir.g 10 will lake the fir.s! •tent at an early date after which |a charter will be granted. The orcnnizittion of the Senalh Scout troop sponsored by Scoutmasler H. A. Dach. and as- •VilHam Thomas Evans, Luxora Fanner, Dies LUXORA. Ark.--Will:am Thomas Evans, fatmer. died nl his home near Luxora Thursday night, May H. The deceased was M years of a?e. lie is survived by two brothers, Sidney Evans o! Luxora and Ed Evans of Osccola and one sis| ter. Mrs. R. N. Kcrbe.; of Luxora • and His Wife. Mrs. Kii.-a Evans. Says Rackets Scourse Sins PHILADELPHIA. Perm. (UP) — Rackcleerinj in all walks of life ^as held as a sccir.-'e for the sins o' mankind by tiic I!cv. Dr. Floyd W. Tomkins. rcctcr of Ihe Church | °f the Holy Trinity on fashionable KKtaihoitso Gc.i:arr. br'ere deputies attending the convention of lerday morning In Justice Oscar sislants. liurcel Ilines Price Trib- Alexander's court nfter deputy W c and Wilfred Pajp. all of Ken- sheriff Arch Lindpcy had found GO | net. These men assisted in pro- gallons of home brew In Ins home |moling the, organization and w:il and in a negro hoiue nearby the | assist n,e troop. ni?lit before. Chistiolm was fined S50. A large part of the brew was found in llic negro's house a short ellslance from the ChSshohn home, just outside the city limits on the c.xiemion cf Franklin Mncl. Chisholm adtultted pnsscs.-ion of tiie brew found in both plates Eleven• Divorce Decre«s: Gran^dHereiby FutreH . Eleven divorce decrees .wrc . nr.intcd by Clmnccllor J. if. .Fu-' *re'.l ct. on adjourned term of nhi-ju-evy court here, yesterday. Nine decrees were granted lo wives and tv-o to husbands. e Lott. who filed a cross com- nlaint to n divorce action bv her liusb.imi. Gilbert I.olt. was allowed 'S15 rer month maintenance-' penrllns disposition of the case. Decrees \ve-r- wauled In the fol- lowlnsr case-;: Bcrnico Kac vs. William Kce. Vietoria Hudson vs.'Elfis Hi::!.son. Roosevelt Hannett vs. Olnrtv Hannett. Jennie I. Recce vt. irarvcy P.eec;. W. J. Davis vs. Marv F. Davis, Bertha Vnndivcr vs. Paul V..i-,diver, Corine Collie vs. Jessie r^llie. nnm B-ll I'ruittc vs. .lames Prultte, E!H I^tullcn°r M. ,Tim Fai'lkner. JcMe Snndef'ar vs. Thomas Somiefer. Ruth Ab^ier vs. Hii-A'.rd Abshcr. • ' April Fo>-ei?n Trade Far Under Lust Year WASHINGTON. Mav 1C (UP) — U. S. foreign Irndc showed u decline in Anrll with Ijolh tmnorts and exports less thin for March and far below comparable figures- for Anril bst year. Exports for Anril this year to- lolaled szn,000.000 compared with for Anril last year. Im- liorts were SI87.000.fMX) compared with S3D1.624, 000 for April, 1930. Manila Lions Club Pushes Factory Campaign MANILA. Ark.—The Lions club Government canning faclory commUUe has been Claims Rebels Beaten TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras, May busy this week raising funds for the erection of a building, and it is e::pccie.1 that encn™h money and vill hnve bf-n cbl.iined 10 (UPI—victory of federal forces t.i_it'irt canstructlcn next . lover n rebel detachment followin"] rn.riners In this vicinity have The brew, was brought to tlie|a sharp battle in the recurrent i contracted for a siifiicieni acre- ,counly tail by truck and d'.moyed I no-.'tiicrn rovoluticnan,' movement h 5c o! tomatoes to supply the fac- , by city street deparlir.e::t employes ! placed the government in control to:y ' and sheriff's dvpiitie.s yesterday mcrning. 3-Year-Old Luxora Girl Thrown from Mule, Hurt LUXODA, Ark.— Tlic three-year- old daughter of Mr. Billy , Wagoner of (he Macuclizo area in tlis Quim- ! '- he islan valley today, the genera! staff reported. The rebels were routed near iiacuslizo after a sanguinary en Manv of llKin already have in the field. gagement Thursday night and early Friday morning. Rebel casualties were listed at upwards of fitly with fourteen federals killed. . , - -------of Luxora was thrown from a mule j Considerable armaments, including here yesterday. The child was rid- •. four machine guns ar.d a quantity ing the mule when it became, 0 ' bombs, were captured by the frightened and llirew her. She was j "' ' troops. caught In the mule's harness and i dragged distance. Don Kay Drives Boat 107.57 Miles Per Hour OARDONE, Italy, May 16 <uP) j Sunday fair ' Auto Theft Reported A Ford coupe, the property of Ray McKay,- was itokn at" his residence on Walnut street lost night, police were infcrmed this morning. No clues as tc/ (lie thieves or the missing car have been uncovered as yet. WEATHER ARKANSAS — Fair, warmer In extreme c- st portion tonlsht;

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