Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 17, 1896 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, July 17, 1896
Page 3
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Full Details Gladly Given. A Railroad Official's Experience, •« m !i. EDW^VIVD EDMONDS, long con- JWl n^ctod with ruiiroad coustruotion la AT JL .s^brusija.wr'.-.cs: "My Ucarttroubled und pained mo lc- 1'J years, Sl.orcncss ol breath was tuocous-ani »ud most common symptom. Inicus-J,t.^ruclatjiisi'iaiii.si'nor- ally loliowctl anys'i:VLTOcxcri;oa. Falatncss, hunSLTw!ihoui:in>-tippotltOi flattering that macio mo clutch my traas:, tinil palpltatioitt that ortcn siasficred mo as i: I would Jail, " wcro Jrooucnt atiacics. Asai:;. everything would lu'ra bliic'-j i! I arose fro.r. astoopias pos-.ii.-c nuickiy. SiucpU-ss Bights with their P-"o«ratiii E -unresr, wor e numo.vV.; ur.d I could '..', r.y rosl t-^y or nlgut. ic.^teau.adinspny- =i-.-i:i:-.s and l.rlud advor- tlsed ,-rcaudles. They E:i vomonorei!cf.0r.oof Dr. Jlilc.* 1 circulars dc.-icrlin.-d my case so exactly that I took Dr. Miles 1 Sew heart Guru and I arn now 1 irel! roan. I copo every onti troubled with beai; disease will try I>r. Miies' remerlics. II they will write me personally, i will s'adiy givu them lull details ot my experience." ED-.V. EDUOSDS. P. 0. Eo.x Co, David City, Nebraska. Dr. Miles' Heart Curo is sold o:; ;;u:irant;co that first bottlo toaeflts or laouuy refunded, THE Is a GoodiMachine. standard of excellence.- liaoj 'users ol the "Munson" conilder it THE iBEST. You will nnd It a valuable asalstaut In jour office. Address for particulars THE MUNSON.TYPEWRITER CO MAJOJFACTUBEBS. 340-244 Went Luke St., Chicago, 111. To the Ladies. Those who are .Interested in dermatology should call on Mrs. Stringham, who to located in the St. Elmo building on Broad-way and be convinced that dermatology Is what every woman of intelligence and refinement needs. It la conceded by our best minds that a beautiful complexion is a necessity of the Nineteenth century, and which civilization most have; and every worthy husband or brother -will take interest In and those who 'are suffering from any cutaneous disorders such as eczma, tetter, freckles, acme, liver .spots, birthmarks and superfluous halr.are successfully treated. Bright energetic girls .wishing to work for $10 a week should call and sell Mrs. Strlngbam's preparations. ' • . . Catherine Stiiogtiani. DERMATOLOGIST. STATE NATIONAL BANK tOOANSPOKT, IND. OflPITflL, - S2OO.OOO J. F. Johnson, President. S. .W. Ullery, Vice President. H. J. Heltbrinlc, Caahier. DIRECTORS. I. T. Jobnaon. B. W. Ullery. J. T. Elliott. W. M. Elliott. .W. H, Snider. Buy and «»'! Government bonds. Loan money on pemonal security and : collater- •Ji. Isiue special certificates of. deposit! bearing t per cent. Interest when left one rtar; 2 per cent, per annum when depoi- IUd six month*. Boxes In Safety Deposit Vaults of this bank for the deposit of .deeds, Insurance policies, mortgages and other valluables, rented at from J6 to HIS r«r year. CHAS.L.WOLL, :-: UNDERTAKER ~ ..N*. .417 Market Street! Calls attended to promptly, day or night Central Union and Mutual telephone*. • Office, No. 16; Residence, No.-121. L. GK PATTERSON . Has opened a Fire and Accident Insurance office at 410 Broadway, up «talr», and •ollclta a ehare of the imbUo,.pa.trona«e, Nona but Flrit ClaBi.CompaiileB Repre- Mnted. - - . . i.-.:.,.:.:. : -.- .-- THE RAILROADS Annual Report of Wabash Hospi tal at Peru. HR. PULLMAN'S TAXES General News of Railroads and Railroad Employes. Dr. E. H. -Gits-wold, surgeon of the reru AVabush railway hospital, has made ,thc report of the Institution for -the year ending July 1. By It Is secu that 4.2-IS patients were given- attou- tiou. This i-s an average of 14.00 a day, a greait .Increase over the .yea-r previous, when th'c-'rtaily average was 11'.- Of this uum-lK>r;390'-pa.tlen:s had bei-u .injured and 31S ibec-aine imna-teis'ofthe hospital and received attention, tn-ore. TUore were only four deaths.' The prescriptions filled duriJig t.lie year reached the great tiumlw of 12,012, while the preceding yean- only a few over 0.000 were lllled. The general effectiveness of the hospital will. o;f course, be greatly increased when the new building is ready for occupancy. SCHEME TO MANIPULATE T'iCIy ETS.' An attempt to maiiipulale the tickets to the iiu'i>riiig of the Baptist Young People's ruicin. at Milwaukee, lia.^ been discovered, and it is feared lliat ir will to a very foiii?!dorable extent demoralize tlie,marker. \Vlicii tlie arrajigcimvits were first made for tire event, it was- agreed l!i-at rhe return portions of all tlie tickets sold fit reduced rates must be certified by the joint agent at Mil- wauki.1 1 . Now It is -reported that agents of cei'tai-ii .roads have beeji advising pur- clia,?ers that they can ha.ve the return portions of the ticket* certified at Chicago without going near tlie joint agent .it Milwaukee. If this is done It wUI make tlie tickets available for geuJKil-. business, and make them easy for the brokers to manipulate. The chairman' of the Western Passenger association- :ias issued- a circular to all of tlie roads calling their attention to tlie agreement, and asking them to see that all lie agents have the proper instructions regarding .the certifica'tion of the return tiO'ti oC the tickets. TO LOWER TAXES. At Wednesday's meeting of the State Tax Board tlie Pullman Palace Car company was represented by Attorney McPliorson. of'Chicago. He argued that the company's assessment should no cut from $130 a mile to $75 a mile. The, company has 2,200 miles In Indiana, and its tor.'U appraisement la.st yenr was SS30,0/)0. M-r. McPh-erson stated that :'ully 00 per cent, of the .sleeping cur huslnc-«i in Indiana was-done by Hie Wagner company. HOLDS THE RECORD. .Engineer E, .T. Carroll and Fireman .Jiuu-lcs Baughn with engine 450 broke tlie time record on the Bradford division of the Panhandle yesterday. The :rain was second Xo.,3 with Conductor .?. C. Mui-phy In . charge. From • Dunkirk to this ci'ty a distance of 70 miles n-as matle in TO mtoti'tes. The train consisted of 'one bnggage'car, -two coaches and one Pullman sleeper with B. Y. P. delegates on board eurdute from Pittsburg to Milwaukee. RAILROAD NOTES.- On Sunday the''Vandnlln will begin running excui-sious cverj- Sunday to Uike Maxlnkuekee at low rates. . The Vnndaila, the Big Four, and the JiDclmiati, Hamilton & Dayton are li-av- _ng a brisk travel to Michigan.summer resorts, mostly families!. in through cars, many coming from poluts^outh of the Oh.lo river. The freight department of .the Wabnsli •eporbs a great demand forcai's.ba Kansas and Missouri -to move the new wheat crop, and the transportation department is sending hundreds of empty :are west to be loaded. ••'•'. The United States Express company j securing the-privilege 'of doing cx- )re.s,3 business von the projected electric Ines in the. northern part of the .State.' It will operate over the electric line be- wecn Anderson and Marion wben It Is jompleted.; • s So well pleaded Is the management of :he Panhandle lines with running en- ,'lne fralu crews on thq fast trains brough from India npolls to Columbus, 188 miles, .that it is proposed to-next Sunday ' commence running between Columbus' and Pittsburg. It is stated hat tdie pnglueers'are not pleased \yith the change,' but : wlll of 'cotirae_-submit to the orders-of {he'transportation department. . ' ' JRAND EXCURSION TO NIAGARA' FALLS-BIG FOUR BOETE. , On Wednesday, July 22d, the "Big Four" will run another-popular excursion to Niagara Falls and!return, with side trip to Toronto;' The"-rate'-for 'the •oiind trip from Indianapolis la',,.$10; Lafayette, $12; Terre Haute, 11,00; Mattoon, .$12.50; Danville,-• •..I11.,".$12_; ; Bloomington, $13; Peofiai $14; CaJro'j :13; corresponding ra-tes from intermediate stations. Toronto only $1 more nan'rate to Niagara Falls ". ' MUNYON'S REMEDIES DOCTOR.YOURSELF Munyou'a Improved Homeopathic Remedies act almost lusbintly, speedily curing the most obstinate cases, Munyon's Rheumatism Cure cures Rheumatism lu n tow days. Muoyon's Dyspepsia Cure cures all forms of stomach troubles. Mnnyon's Hea.da.che Cure stops hendiK.'he la live mluutes. Nei'v- ous'diseases promptly'cured. Kidney troubles, Piles, Neuralffla, Asthma and ail Female Complaints quickly cufuil. Mnnyon's Vitalteer impart.-! now vigor to weak men.. Price, #1. Personal letters to Prof. Miinyoii/1505 Arch street/ Philadelphia, P:)., an swcred with free medical advice for au-j disease. .A st'parato'enre for eacli disease. At all driifrglsts, 25e a bottle. S^vo personal and all other expenses, 1-fioit-c.fa ADAMS TOWNSHIP. Defends Herself Against Unjust Taxation—A Communication. To the Editor of 1liu Jcnn-ml: However nmch we wou'd rather have remulniHl tiuto 11110,11 die subject of tin. 1 ciss iusuJt sliovwl in' Mi'e faces of. the t'i/.iyw of Ailn-.uiis tjjwushiip by this Board 0,1' Keview rceemiy, \ve :ive PL-nasal, in \\-jy <i(. dcsfeusu of Assis-sor a.ml Dtpttly Wolfon.l. and Hie oi'l- of ilio rowiislup. to make this public *tjitam'U-t 'to tin; people of Cass co nitty. In regard i<> the listing of pewon.nl pnipeify in Adams-township which vra.s ea,ret'iilly auO correcfJy made by tin- S, aewixlitniR-to law, wlilch will reveal itself to tire Ln'Mlisent mfml further ou. Having iiifido our report of the assessment, as .sbitcd. we returned, Cecltu'jt that our duties hutl been fa.itM'-ully performed. But to 0111- surprise, ore many days lifltl passed,'we-Trere milled to appear before the Board of Ke-vTlew. We, of course felt it to be our duty to .appear before the Board, but were somewhat embarrassed, tMukmp of our tattered garb, of wMcli.or necessity, ou account of failures in crops, and high :axes, ivehavo not been awe in the last few yeans to get a. new supply, to ap- pear'before such uu .Illustrious and uigust presence. However, with sturdy step and look, we marched up before tlie Board. We. noticed, just across the table, an assessor from some other township, who it , had tailed to get forty or fifty »Hs, the same,'by some causo,^ having been .emitted. Perhaps be was from Washington township. ' The Board then turned to us, and uiiM: "Your assessment in Adams town;Wp, compared with that of last year, ;,$107,000); is too low; • for this year it -Is only about $54,000, which you see- is-too low, and we cannot accept.it. will have to be a reassessment of the Although we were enjoying reasonably good heMth up to thnt moment we suddenly bocjime quite, sick after hearing this declai-aitlou. After 'trying. In vain' to ,swallow, something,-., .and,to. gather ourselves together, we wished to know how elite could be done, a? the :ownslhip 'had beeji assessed, 'and wo jnew nothing 'that had been_oinltted, or ot! anything wo could conscientiously jhsvnge In number or In value;-.They failed to give'us a satisfactory answer asl-to the "how" but declared that the assessment must be' raised to about $80,000. We-noibiced at once that .this meant-moro than 40 pei 1 cent, to be added to the orlglnail assessment of each taxpayer .la <tihe township. We surmised as to where It wourd. drift, and pleaded long and'loudly tlmt they, add the per cent.'themselves, but they de-, dared the difference was so great that -Hie law would not allow thftiri to do so. This browgbit' us to the 1 conclusion 1 that • we were "in it." The "how" 'to raise the assftssnienit to seventy-five or eighty •thousands' of d'olla.rs was a mystery,'' Indeed, when we coosKlered that Uie citizens of Adams towns-top are. gentlemen who regard their oa,tih above everything, and tlmt they had each made a sworn statement of the amount and value cxf their personal property. Our minds revert to the time of King George, who frequency sJgned acts allowing line colonies -to be assessed and taxed without representation,. but we have never nottced, in the history ot any nation, where an attempt • was made to assess a tax upon property that did mat exist, as done 1'n' Ilia, case of Adams township. We, therefore, could only copy -the original swo.rn statement, .and add the per cenit,' to'the-amounts,; respectively, and .ask. the' taipayera to sign -the same. We toi'd, inus'friendly a •.way,ias'"we.knew, a large .number'of :-them,.,wiiat;-was being ,done by .tJi.e Boar'd 'oJP^'KevieW, and upon- asking ,%eni:to'sisu,''th,ey'wuifl-. say. .', r E.ut"',lt' tiiere :: if-yo^i ivton, we have'; aligned one"; .and'ttfetithe.Board of .Review would .nx-'Jit• to.Viiidt 1 ' themselves,:. .anyway. After arranging the litet, and. finding that the total, wlfh th&'per^ent. added, "kno.unted.to $75,655, TVB repoitfed to 'the ./ i We want you to get accustomed to COMING without DRUMMINQ, assuring you a cordial reception and ECONOMIC PRICLS. & C Board. They'accepted-ilie amount, but. would not Hcei-ut J!ic mamu'r in wlik-li we liiul soearoil I'ome of tlip n;iiues. Vicwlnj? tluis from one sT:iiwlpo':nt, tliu Boiird was ricrhc. But from .amirliCT view Ir was wi-on^. AYe lieliovi; that when a Board lias liic ri^i:t to SCI. the amount of the assosniiiciif in any Knvn- shi]) wili'.out rc^anl r<> va./uo cr ainouni: .of property, that fu<:1\ a B'.xil'd o:m ciiuiilly as wi'U secure a tax \virbour t:ii-> signatures c:C men \>i':n% altaelioil. • AVe having ruturuotl, af the rei)uwi ol' the Board. lVm.ui.1 thai fi:e dixi'ns oi Adams township were awakened. :i:id the feeliupr. resulted in tlie iioidiu^ of ;i mass meeting, where Iliey declared riiaf they would neiUier sip,'", nor would USB;,- .submit to any such assessment.. Bul-ievins that there exis'led soniu- wlieri; n cause for sucli :; falliu£ off in the assessments, we assumed the du-t ha of tlio Board of Heview for a few liour.5 and found that $30,000 in personal property assessed iu lSOr>, bad been chansrcd.to real, or had been removed from the township., ^'e also. found that Adams to\vusl)lp had boon extravagantly assessed in- these -year.*, comparatively speaking. In 1S01. tlv; assessment of Adams township.' was $91;000; in 1S05 it was $107.000: It wi:.l be noticed that during these years, in the face of failures, and the depreciation in the value of both real and personal property, that Adams township's assessment lias been 'increasing to the amount of $4,000.every year ou personal alone. We say that any person who has kept.pace with the times since 1.891. will agree with us that personal property has fallen In value a bout.33 1-3 per cent. Well mny the citizens of Adams township make what the Pharos was pleased to call a "bad break", to show the citizens of Cuss.county that wo, the -tax payeis of Adams.township, wish to do, ns we have always done In the past, the fair thing by our brother taxpayers lu the county'. We will make a comparison with our rich neigMior, Bet.hle- tom township. We find by. this comparison iu that township there are men of wealth who deal'extensively '11 fine stock. The total amount of wheat in Adams for the year wa« 2,180 bushels. B'.'F. Yaiitis, of Bethlehem, alone gave to Assessor Leffel 1.500 bushels. Th-e personal property of B. F. Vantis and J. Cox amounts to_ $5,000. This is more than one-fourth- tlie value of all personal property-in Adams, .north of Henpeck road. The assessment of Beth lehein township for 1891 was .$330,770, and In 1805 was $117,000. It will be seen at once tuat-tills township from '91 to '93 has been gradually decreasing In Its assessment,- a" failing. off of about $3,500 a 'year on' persan'nl property alone. • • .'. • No doubt o£her townsliips have a still greater fulling oft than this, and it Is right they should, i-f they wish to keep pace with the depreciation Ju the vaUie of. property. We can truthfully say, that while It mny be necessary for each county to have what is known as a Board of Review, it has been a nuisance since 1891, so far.as Adams township.is concerned. The Board of Review, bow- ever, after the facts abovn were made .known,- and plain-to It, saw at once the mistake Jt .Irnd. made, and a majority o>f the. Board raembors pladly-reconaid- ered -their action, and accepted our original assessment. On motion of F. Obenchain, nboiit thirty of the citizens of Adnaris township, who were present, tendered a vote of thanks to tlie Board 'for'its prompt and satisfactory action lu tbe case. : . .; We feel sure' that-this Board will profit by the mistake it made and we can say that the present County Assessor .Ouster, Treasurer B. ;P. Keesling. liud Auditor Gy Powell', 'ha've'.shown themselves'-to us as strictly gentlemen iii. every phase of the word, aud we believe they deserve the confidence of the people, of toe county.-,• As\fcr the re-.' .maining two'.gentleman of the Board, we are not'acquainted'with'tli'eru,-but It'suffices to sax-that the conclusion- reached by our ,.man from Washington township, who .made .WmseU so prom- ineat at laitous tim,e§, was that Ufa bud a beautiful momstnche We trust he Cui^Tlis Oui ftr Fmnie Reference Sla-tchw of all kinds |.rcp.-ir«d Tor .l«.-orative and commercial purposes Mcclianieil au.l prosnwsive arduiu^s of Electric, Pneumatic and Agri- ciilrural cluvii-es in-epared fur lUe l J :Uei,t oUit*. Desi^aliis: a .spi-'ci.-ilry. Claims for Lertt-i-s of Tatout pmst-. uti;«l. BYRON B. GORDON. Draughtsman & Patent Attorney Spry Block; Logansport Valley Cas Co, M\'uci ( ari Artificial Gis 3ilU das the Firs bf e^c»i month, ten day's grace. All bills pay able at the office of the Company, 317 Pearl Sireei. SpBCial—Low rates on heaters during the months of May, June, : July, August and Sep-r ,- ' I teniber. PROTECT YOUR EYES. The Hirchberg Optical Co. The well-known JSpecialls-s of New York Have appoint** D. A. HA.UK usugml lor tbelr celebrated Spectacles ana «f GUsses, every pair guaranteed, D. A. HACK, bas complete assortment and Invites all to taUalt themselves ol tbe great snperlorttroltbese goods owe any in\nolactured, at the store ol D. A..BAUK, Sole agent for Lognnaport Ind. . ' Ko Peddlers Supplied. may bo Killed soon" to'.take a seat on the 'Federal'Jury at Indianapolis, which Will complete' the course, and qualify litm to fill any bfliec in the United States or to sit'and rule as ting- over any do- mnin on the Eastern continent. JONES AND WOLFORD. THE LATEST '< SCIENTIFIC .KNOWLEDGE ON FOOD - AND DIGESTION. The real cause of most of our diseases is simply an Inability • to digest food. This induces thinness, weakness, loss of flesh and fat, loss of vitality, wasting awiy. ' If gettinR thin is what ails" }X)U, there is only-one tMug to do—get fat. The only way to do it Is to take something which wjll'help your stomach, and stimulate it to do its work. If you are tired out you do not like to digest; it cannot do its work. To eat, or even to eat with'relish docs not necessarily mean that one is being nourished. Strength, vitality and flesh aro the true indications. "GetUiug thin Is a sign.-t;hat you need the Shaken. Digestive Cordial. You would not be getting thto if you could; digest your food. Tlie Shaker Digestive Cordial not only contains artificially digested -food, but It will digest other foods in "the stomach. ".:. A single 10: cent bottle will show whether or not It Is going to meet the conditions of .your case, and if so, its continued use may, be'depended on to effect a cure. All druggists keep it in stock. FIRST GRAND EXCURSION -TO- NIAGARA FALLS AND TORONTO, Wednesday, July aand. "BIG FOUR" ROUTE. The popularity of tbese excursions has been greater eacn sowesdins sninnier. The wonders otthe "Kails" nevercease Oor patroni in former ye»r« know the excellent quality of these "3tg Four" excursions, as this line Is the direct natural route to the 'Tails" via Buffalo and the accommodations superb. Solid tralni ot Elegant Coaches and Parlor Cars run throogb without change, and Wagner Sleeping Car tccoBmoda tlon« provided tar all. Tor full partlcalars, r&tes, time of special trains, etc., call on or addresB nearest agent BIO FOUR ROUTE. E. 6. McCormick, D. B. Martin. Pass. Traffic Mgr. (ienl. Fam.& Ticket Agt Are You Out of Employment. Have you a horse, buggy or other personal property, or vacant lota you would like to exchange for a business thatwillgiv* big returns? Call at 703 Hichigan Avenue. Subscribe,for the Journal, 40 cent* per month. ,

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