The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts on June 4, 1978 · 221
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The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts · 221

Boston, Massachusetts
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 4, 1978
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f June 4, 1978 G3 AUTOMOBILES BOSTON SUNDAY GLOBE AUTOMOBILES AUTOMOBILES AUTOMOBILES AUTOMOBILES - iw'uLjjui.ijiin- n-nn mrm1 wit""-r 1 r'rriT ri---"--tl r--WMlww-ii Onrnina (flfl! I. "BOB BREST BETTER BUYS BOB BREST BETTER BUYS BOB BREST BETTER BUYS BOB BREST BETTER BUYS BOB BREST BETTER BU YS SUN., JUNE 4th 11 A.M. to 4 P.M. For Inspection Only MOM.. TOES.. WED. 9 A.M. to MIDNIGHT i f V v I w I II 91 I . 8 1 tr 1 f a?"V I f ii .. J 1 I I I 1 X l1Jlft i- u i i i u n i i i lj s v imi nv i iv v i h ix i 4IIINXMiA.M.to4P.M. I h' Jlli! .1 II ri ,Uk II fU XI I I i fKM Md L I: n 4 ' I i J ii f i i i M ii it 'I'Ji ' v 'J n -v wiii-i-Ti7r''f- iininiimfri . ,m ii.iiiri--iliirrr-ir-i r-rrlirinliMiiiTiiiiiiiiif-rffirtiir.-'- ''""'" '' "' ""'"' 1 111 ' 1 1 rr- " irrng '1S" BRAND NEW ""5;v . S' BRAND NEvT'IKSillliJ!5 " BRAND NEW !!:::aStlf : i- 1978 SKYLARK 4 DR. SEDAN 1978 REGAL COUPE v1978 LESABRE TURBO SPORT COUPEV ! ff ac tinted windshield sida mold- H W V-6, ae, tinted glass, body guards. , : turbo V-6, ac. tinted glass door J ' ' ?r. tr-MdoFo 4-5SESSS, t Vfe'f auto., ps., p.b.. steel betted- w.w. ' -X? HI A X " guards, landau top. el-c. rear de- ,' v I S&.TtlSS!: ,!C1 If tires, light group, AM radio ' : ZmmJl Yf ' nTXT " ' ' 3TTjfcN 1 j V " $5108 p J $5600M l:7 $6600o . lM klanyto choose from. ":- ' T s! chrose from 33 "Xii3 BRAND NEW5525!!! ; 1978 LESABRE 4 DR. SEDAN Tx EttSP0 4 1978 ESTATE WAGON V $5756d.i tMHa.' ajstircs Y ' $6603o,i. .' iiii?SSSSR AN D NEW"8- BRAND NEW"Sdi ' MANoTlE 1978 ELECTRA4DR. SEDAN H 978 DATSUN B210 HATCHBACK GX f 1978 OPEL COUPE ' M nrUwr'detrWS TffL IX'V If 5 spd., , wmrnm f ' 5STlSrw "f ' F w, stereo, elect, antenna, bumper jQJIjjlijj- 1 I SSTJ:' C 11 ' 78"54 ' Tii J "rVf 1 ' ' II i""$7686M -mJk $3995d.. ftfe. j A $3554Dll f.Jr Many to choose from. jf Many to choose from. 1 'Ji) , ny to choose from -S '1 tffV;' """'... Mi wi ' w m it"!.. .... . .u... ....... L J5"""- '000JMr:.L. , .-.,-.-.ini.,l,,,l,Wl,.,,.w,ia,rr.MTm-i1im,lminmniir-niri ,., iirMvy-ilr1-ft'rrm'lf- '"-rf T"'-'1 --i'"---.inraiin-iiiT-ii-Mw M-vimitjW)iirt.iir.ftA---i--a 'y" '"'""'T '.' " " ' """""""'""T " "; " ""' ."'.."!' '.' '". " t j ' ' ., in in" r "v i.wi i-r-""" J ' www.im5 ' I ""' ii 'ni' iiii i ' " ' I " Wflrt-MHWwn" m-- V '-Mull I., I- -.... r TTliii. i t e r ilSTOM 4 DOOR SEDANS i QABRE CUSTOM w r Factory Air low mileage rental cars 1977 DATSUN B210 2 DR. SEDANS AUTOMATIC Low mileage i ci icii uqi o --- s MANY TO CHOOSE FROM If I f v-8 Factory One r JT"".- 1976 Bllisv sKYURK4Don;c!i... Owner ,,rv Or? 1977 BUICK REGAL COUPE V6, tact, air, rental. Stk. 4274. 4795 1977 BUICK SKYLARK 3695 4-dr., V6, ac, (4) to choose from Stk. PG137A, PG113A. PG120A, PG123A. 1975 BilciEiKtnCuioi 2-dr. h.t., full pow. fact, ac Stk. 4201 . 1976 FORD T-Biri Full pow., fact, air Stk. 4265. '6695 1975 CHRYSLER CORDOBA CPE. fact, air, very cln. 1976 BUICK CENTURY 4-dr., auto., ps, pb, ac Stk. 8687A '3695 1976 CHEVROLET CAPRICE 2-dr. h i., fact, air Stk. 8443A '3495 1973 QLDSMQ3ILE DELTA 88 4-dr. h.t., fact, air Stk. 4265. '2595 1975 CHEV. CAMPER VAN 8-track stereo, ps. pb, crpt. 1974 DATSUN B210 2-dr. cpe., 4-spd. Stk. D8331A. '2095 1975 DODGE BART 4-dr. sedan, fact, air Stk. S8880A s3295 1971 MERC. MONTEREY 2-dr. h.t, auto., ps, ac 1976 CHEVROLET VEEA WGX. 4-spd., extra fancy Stk. D8129A '2495 1976 LlttCOLK MARK CPE. '8395 Full power, fact. a!r, extra clean Stk. 4373. 1976 HONDA CC ACCORD S-spd., extra clean. 1977 BUICK CENTURY WGN 9 pass. fact, air Stk. 4215 '5395 1973 BUICK LESABBE 4 dr. h.t.. auto p.s., p.b.. ac, Stk. 8992A '2495 1975 TRIUMPH TR-6 Rdstr. like new Stk. 4194 '4495 19'.. CHEVROLET CAMARO CPE auto, p.s., p.b., ac Stk. S78-35A '4295 1975 FCRD TORINO 2 dr. h.t., auto p.s., p.b. 1975 101 COUSAR XR7. fact, air, low mi. 1973 FORD LTD 4 DR. auto, p.s., p.b., ac Stk. 4283 '2595 1976 BUICK RIVIERA CPE full pow. tact, air . Stk. 4375 '5595 1974 DATSUN 710 2 dr. 4 spd. ttoi 5E 1974 DATSUN ZSOZ CPE 4 spd. Stk. SD8131A '4495 1976 OLDS CUTLASS SUPREME 2 dr. cpe, auto, p.s., p.b., ac Stk. D8108A '4095 1975 CHEV. VESA HATCHiCK low ml. 1977 P0KT1AC FIREBIRD '7495 . V Special Edition Trans AM, stereo CB, 4 spd.. Plus Stk. 4327 1972 BUICK SKYLARK '2295 4 dr., Sedan, auto, p.s., p.b., ac Stk. 8856A 197& BUICK ELECTRA custom 4 dr., full power, ac - . k m nan . a k m mm mm mm m m mm. mi mm mm m bp r m m mm mm m m'.m '4095La 4595s,t.e '4395 ,'1995 '4895U, 'Z995 - 54..os -,Z48-- I V..ii.-iimnii.iii.i.i.iiiu.i in ii Mm j..lli.udi minm om. ' ,, :m p.... f- - :?'fB ; .. . , nniinnnin-r-wiiiwiiiiiim m n-rj)WiiiMMw'iw k- - - - m -- ----v waMy ";7i7iJ"'"""y' - . . , . - . . - Jfi 9 . a .yaaMMQMHBM-l MNHMM -M-MW-B m, mt mt mm I ' m . .aAiiiAM - n m A f laAftkl RlUNAbU 3 TAdd. WAUUil I JmmS I OVER 175 NEW DODGE CARS AND TRUCKS AVAILABLE FOR IMMEDIATE DELIVERY OR ORDER ONE OF THESE IN THE COLOR OF YOUR CHOICE bnrJwd'78 ASPEN bnrewd,78 OMNI'S 2 dr. cpe, 225 slant six. disc tOCAl IM OTAtfFf Joo9o IwoIUWl mcudins. me DELIVERED IMMEDIATE DELIVERY BStw '78 B100 VAN BKD78 DIPLOMAT $143 J4378 DELIVERED DELIVERED ?'78 DlOO Pick Up ?'78 MAGNUM XE j "9 0 V-8, automatic, power JjAQQ 07 O 4300 DELIVERED DELIVERED OVER 30 IN STOCK ALL NEW CUSTOMIZED VAN AND FAMILY WAGON LIST $8890 STK. NO. T217 SAVE $1930 NOW ONLY '6980 $123 50 PER MONTH OR ONLY DELUXE HIGH BACK SEATS AMFM STEREO SUNROOF WHITE LETTER TIRES ICE BOX, WINE RACK $1800 down, cash or trade, ami nnced $5120 tor 60 mo.. fin. chg $192062. apr 12 5. deferred payment J39O0 suO. to pre-approved credit. SWIVEL LIGHTS SNACK TRAY SLEEPING ACCOMMOCATIONS CUSTOM MURAL CHROME SLOT WHEELS PORT HOLES ROOF VENT DASHBOARD PAD PANELING CARPETING TIRE CARRIER 1977 DODGE ASPEN SEDANS, HARDTOPS & WAGONS PRICED FROM 3480 STK. NOS. 98902, 99087. 99111, 99138,99139. 99147, 99151 OVER 50 TO CHOOSE FROM. EARLY TURN-INS FROM OUR OWN BIG LEASING FLEET. THEY'RE IN "ALMOST NEW" CONDITION, WITH LOW MILEAGE. AUTOMATIC TRANS. POWER STEERING, RADIO. RICH CARPETED INTERIOR AND MANY EXTRAS. AIRCOND. Auto, trans., ps.. pb. inmate, rt. re., tint ed glass, vinyl seats. AM rad.. day n.gnt mirror, weB maintained Bondeds own long terms lease rental 9908 Was $5450 FULL PRICE '3990 1977 DODGE TRADESMAN VAN Auto, trans., ps., 318, windows awe & rear. J Bonded Leasing rental. Nil-"V FULL PRICE Stk. 99213. Was $5600. 3890 tfEr.i vinledi ill 1Y1 1 iifcj c: lyijaill M?iiTrfefrr IITjTii fl 1 1 4 I. r ri 1 ,. .,--.. TT-'-iMigw-ii-TiywiMi 1 m -a-M-iiiw-i CPCPIEI fl 1978 CHRYSLER FACTORY OlLUrtL I y J CARS & TRUCKS PURCHASE )ms not rentals)' 77 FURY 2 DR. H.T. 76 DODGE D100 PICK UP Small V-8, auto- . Sweptline small V-matic, pow. ster., ra, ffinfcc. . 8- automatic. pov. pow. brakes, AM VtJ? W 'Jm i il -ter- & brakes, FM stereo, w.w. gV-y'-'YZ Aft yfS fg2p w.w. tires, etc. tires, etc. Chrysler 4i2f-f Chrysler Corp Corp. Exec, car di- i mm j lr(JCk purChasel direct from Detroit. ttnf .AP rect from Detroit. 99132. Detroit JHJ 'jlaHlJ 99135. Chrysler factory official car. WW WW WW WW factory truck. YM o MMfMQ ; 1976 COUPE DEVILLE CrvetC blue ttremist with a whit cabrxXet root and blue leather interior, equipped with stereo radio. 1 Si t steering wheel, crmse control, carpeted door mats & accent stripes, low mileage. Stock U12. PALMER CADILLAC 120 Granite Si PALMER MAKES IT POSSIBLE 1071 TH!!HFRRlnB Green wwhite m roof All pwr. extras, incl rear deck stereo. I have records to show car has been maint. in encel. conov New ww radial tires. Priced to sell at S290O CaM Mr. Msvden wkdys 329-4202. eveswlinds 868-5267. 1977 LTD Blue wwhe vinyl top. we are not a dealer, this wai an executives car. excel, mech. cond. Can Mon. a.m. Mr. George. 935-S300 f FORD MOTOR CO. EXEC CAR 1977 GRANADA 4 DR. POWER WINDOWS Her is an excetteni buy for the vatue minded buyer, this beautiful 1977 Granada 4-dr. done in the oeep dark iade metallic A equipd w. 302 V6. steel belted radial tires, p d. brakes, deluxe bumper group, rear window defrost, am or fm radio, p- windows, light group A the fuH luxury interior decor group, driven only 12.000 or 19 mt. & ottered w our full 1-yr. new cos warranty $3977. Stk. 428 1010 PLEASANT ST. BELMONT FGBD. 483-24SO CHEAP TRANSPORTATICN 72 Opel Kaoeit Wag $ 350 70 Opel Kadett Sed - $ -60 73 Fury I f 69 Chrysler Newport $250 69 Chevy Matibu V479 53 Frannim St Maiden 321-8CX1 EXECUTIVE DEMO 1978 IMPALA SPORT COUPE Deluxe 2 tone paint, pwr. windows, dr. lock, tilt whJ cruise control, stereo. Much more. Stk. 2040. SAVE $1533.27 PORTER CHEVROLET 275 Fm. Posd Pkwaj. Ceffih. 864-5S00 JEEPS AT WHOLESALE PRICES N-w a Us! call Richaid LOWELL JEEP. 458-8701 1975 CORDOBA 17000 mi. loaoed. every Chrysler option, black on tacx soec eng-ne suspension oaTaoed winters. $5995 Wee--.davs: after 6. 272-7361 FORD MOTOR CO. EXEC. CAR 1977 LTD LUX. STA. WAGON FTfC! HSiVF DOVE GREY MODEL uu a kjckv to be able to otter h. -.... 1Q77 iTfl luKurv station wttaon in the much . . . ' o-r ic d " rtnu-i souym -'iw ' grey edition, this elegant oresttuious staton wagon was ery possible luxury option ava'aoe. neprBCT"ni ".mi we believe to be one of the fin est values m new cny ia i iu today Orig. list price in excess of $8600 Onerea w. our run i vr new car warranty at Soy k ?1010 PLEASANT ST. -BELMONT FORD. 489-2400 MUST SELL Over 100 Usd Cars. Firebirds, Mustangs. Dusters. Camaros. Must make room for our Lay Awav-Plan. Wholesale motors 415 Hvde Park Ave Ros update, 323-9175 EXECUTIVE DEMO km nps!r.FCimic a.inkl i ,,r mur laaindc: MWf l. I-I IV r, a.', f ' - r dr locks., tilt whl.. am'fm stereo, rear wtndow de logger. Much more Stk. 2198. SAVE S17Q1.37 PORTER CHEVROLET 275 Fresh Fob. Pkway. Ciab. J64-59C0 IKDY CORVETTE Will Sell $21,000 (unregistered CaU Mr. WssL 627-4727 CONVERTIBLE 1969 FireDi'd. auto . No. 170 $10) KENMOBE AUTO. 2 St Paul St.. 731-0570. FORD MOTOR CO. EXEC. CAR 1977 LINCOLN VERSAILLES PURE SILVER LTD EDITION Here is truly an elegant A prestigious personal size luxury Automobile, this beautiful 1977 Lincoln Versailles 4 dr. is done in the special edition of pure silver metallic highlighted by a full paooea stiver vinyi rooi a iur -ther complemented by the ex clusive luxury leather inter , this automobile was ordered w every power & luxury cpticn available from the factory, orig list nrce was in excess of $12,800 Ottered w. our fult 1 yr. new car warranty at asr &ik. o 1010 PLEASANT ST. BELMOMT FORD. 489-2400 EXECUTIVE DEMO 1978 MALIBU CLASSIC spnsrr r.niiPF Deluxe 2-tone pamt. a com) . iwr. winos.. pwr. or. ri.m, ii" Ml Much more Stk. 2127. SAVE $1289.68 ' PORTER CHEVROLET 275 FrtslPon. Pkw.y. Eh. 864-5900 CAMHR3 1972 Chev Camaio. body shop special, runs good, newts body LIBON MOTORS 168 Western Ave.. Alfstun 783-1300 CHEAPIES 1971 Ford Torino runs. needs work. R3531, $295. W70 Ford LTD. parts car 83401. $195 LO MOTORS 168 Wws'ern ave.. Ailston 783-1 3O0 100FN6 The kma is backi CaM Ernie Kay for a new or used car or trunk IMMEDIATE SERVICE. BOND ED DODGE. 8ZB-t.2iio. FORD MOTOR CO. EXEC. CAR 1977 LTD COUNTRY SQUIRE IMTII8Y STlTini WASQIK in luxury & style in an American . . ....- tuiM trvtau this absolutely exquisite 1977 LTD r- .... C-.,.i- 1 rtniMl in th exclusive dark iade metallic htghttgmea oy ne om""- www lone, nn a .u.-ii, j4riuri hn Ci high ofttcial of The Ford Motor 0.. orig nsi w qant station wagon was in ex- r -.1 mf-irtf jTilarr4 a iMir LiS Ul 5w. -..---ww . full 1 yr. new car warranty at $6977. Stk ye. 1010 PLEASANT ST. " BELMONT FORD. 489-2400 JUNK CABS REMOVED Ace Auto Parts Ouincv 472-7553 PRE SUMMER SALE 1975 GREMLIN. 34. $1650 1975 Camaro. 6 cyl. 10. $3550 1975 GRANADA. 6 Cyl.. 30. $1700 1974 uetta. a-c. jr. i-a 1974 Pinto wag.. 24, $1675 1974 Ford LTD, 15. $167 1974 Vega. 36. $775 1973 Torino, a-c, 8. $1775 1973 Pinto sports. 19. $1695 1973 Comet. 40. $1495 1Q79 PlMTtrB A-C 12 S147S 1970 Cutlass conv . 17. $1675 1972 Cheveile wag.. n. rr- 1973 Vega wag.. 22 $750 1972 Gran Torino. 25. $725 1968 Camaro. ster.. 33. $700 1973 Dodge Club VT. 16. $2150 1972 GMC i T. 27. $1400 1967 Bronco 4wd 28. $900 DELS MOTOR SALES 77 Eastern Av.. Ma-dea. 324-9704 FORD MOTOR CO. EXEC CA&3 1977 LINCOLN CONT. 2 DR. t "TOWN COUPE" y UNUSUAL GREMLIN AMC 360 W8 auto.. A-C. eiec surtrf.. water lumpers, heavy duty disc. 9 ai-tm wms. Ziebart. gold. 1970. 28.000 m. $1600. 734-2152. , tLASS MOON ROOF' Here it one of the most eiegaaf of the much sought after 1977 Lincoln Continental "towjfl coupes this elegant luxury ar- tomobtkB is done m dark cordo an metallic, highlight by a lurtl padded cordovan root, & corwt piemented w. a fuH saddtO eaih. inter , this eutomotrtur ass built especially for a high official of the Lincoln Mercury Dtv. of Ttte Ford Motor Cej Ong list price was m excess OK $14,300 Offered w. our fuH 1 new car warranty at $9777. Sttl 1010 PLEASANT ST. BELMONT FORD. 489-2408,' JUNK CARS I TRUCKS " Wanted. $1H Up Call B I T. 6S-2ti44 54-au r I XX. .- r-jVJ i - fi , r. i n i -i i r i r i -

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