The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 10, 1953 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 10, 1953
Page 5
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AUGUST 10, 1!)r>3 BLYTHEVn.LE (ARK.) COURIER NRWS First Woman Career Diplomat Becomes Ambassador Today By RUTH COWAN WASHINGTON (AP) — America's first woman to climb the diplomatic ladder from vice consul to ambassador will be sworn in a; envoy to Switzerland today at a ceremony in the State Department. • She is Miss Frances Willis, a slim, graceful woman who will calmly tell you, without being asked, that she is 54 years old. It took this pioneer from Metropolis, III., 26 years from the time she put aside her textbooks as a political science teacher at Vas- L. sar College to reach the high runs r in a, diplomat's career. Each step has been so interesting to her that she never got back to the classroom, which she left in tlie first place because she believed she needed some practical experience in government operations. Her first diplomatic post was in 1927 as vice consul in Valparaiso, Chile, and then in Santiago. She knew French but she had to learn Spanish in a hurry. The next rung was as third secretary at the legation in Sweden. Then came service in Belgium and Luxembourg. After the Nazis overran the Low Countries in 1940, she was transferred to Spain as second secretary and consul at Madrid. She was one of the first three women to qualify as a foreign service officer. The other two left the State Department some time back. Top Assistant Sh« was returned to the United States in 1944 as an assistant to the secretary of state and the under secretary. She also became assistant chief of the Division of Western European Affairs. She went to London in 1947 as first secretary and three years later to Finland as counsellor. She came back last week for conferences. About Aug. 18 she . plans to go to Bedlands, Calif., for a three-week vacation with her .^ mother, Mrs. Bayard Cairns, a !^ widow. Come Labor Day, she will head for Switzerland. She will be the first U. S. am> bassador to Switzerland, for until recently the U. S. envoy there held the rank of minister. She is the third woman in this nation's history to be named ambassador. The first was Mrs: Eugenie Anderson former ambassador to Denmark, and Clare Boothe Luce, who is now ambassador to Italy. PAGE FTO Election Costly ToCommunists May Forfeit $20,000 !n Canadian Vote TORONTO W) — If the Communists run true to form, they will lose up to $20,000 in today's Canadian election. No Communist has been elected to the House of Commons since 1946 ,but they entered 100 candidates for today's polling. Each candidate— Communist or otherwise — hr.d to post a $20 deposit to run. This is forfeited to the Federal Treasury when a candidate fails to ^win half as many votes as the win- Wn-r In his district. The Communists received one return on their investment. Under an agreement among the parties and the government-owned networks, they had 30 minutes of free radio time. This was 5 per cent of the time riven free to each of the two major parties running. HIYO. SILVER—You'd never.know it, but this is Harvey Kuerrn sliding home in a cloud of dust. The Detroit shortstop was safe. The camouflage would fool any catcher. (NEA) Veep Gets Lost on Way to Golf Date by Felix Carney One of TV's camera tricks, the split screen technique, will get a real workout in the various Arthur Godfrey shows. Arthur is being photographed and heard from his Virginia farm, while the rest of the 'programs will originate in New York. Should be an interesting gimmick to watch . . . and it's certainly nice to have the Redhead back. John Daly, emcee of the popular "What's My Line?" panel show, has been made a vice-president of A B C - T V network, in the news and special events department. But he won't be leaving the CBS packaged "What's My Line" for quite a while. His contract for the show runs to 1957! The New York-Hollywood rivalry in TV produces some funny situations. The "Mr. and Mrs. North" shows have a New York background . . . and they're shot in Hollywood. And "Hollywood Offbeat," a private eyes series with Melvyn Douglas that takes place in the film capital, is really shot in New York! , The drums are still beating for the night-time "Garroway at Large" TV show . . . but Garroway will still continue on his early morning "Today" show, which is scheduled to go national before winter comes . . . We don't need to beat the drums to tell you pHf-ut our television service. Our many satisfied TV serv- re customers do that for us. So for dependable service at f.T> and honest prices, call y'TTT^V'T.LK RAI.KS TO., ^ I' M ?m Siroat, Blytheville, Arkansas. Phone 3616. j SPRING LAKE N. J. Wl — Vice*President Richard M. Nixon was 40 minutes late for a golf date yesterday because he lost his way. Soon after he left nearby Man- toloklng, where he is spending weekends, this month, he found himself headed for Philadelphia instead of the Spring Lake Golf Country Club. He stopped at two filling: stations for directions. Neither time was he recognized. In fact, one of the attendants told him to "wait until I get through with this other customer, sir." Nixon /many reached the club and carded a 99 for the 18 holes. He took up golf only last Pebrua ry. Each time zone in the United States is approximately 15 degrees of longitude in width. The pearl Is the only precious stone to come from the sea and Ill-Year-Old Man Gets Marriage License To Wed 22-Year-Old Girl NEW BERN, N. C. «")—When Elliot Ogman applied for a marriage license. Register of Deeds Jane Holland smiled. "Don't laugh at me, lady," the old Negro said. "When I went to one doctor for my blood test and he laughed at me, I went to another one." Ogman eaid he was 111 and was grown when the Civil War broke out. His bride, Clyde Mae Oodard of Williamston, gave her age as 22. "Wait until my baby boy hears about this," said Ogman. "He's 79." Use of irrigation as an aid to growth of vegetation probably ori- >T RICHARD KLINER NEA Staff Corrnponttent NEW YORK - (NEA) _ RCA- Victor has Just released an album that Is about three months too late to please Los Chavales a De Espana. (That is Ihe name of R band, not a Spanish dish.) Th(! boys made the album last November, including on it many of the songs they've played for years. One such was a little num her called "April In Portugal." The albums release was held u Back in Spain, the band plays American music. Here, they have to stick to Spanish melodies. But they still like American music. "Duke Ellington," said Morera "He's the most." PICK'S PICKS- POP SINGLES: "C. 0. D." and "Waltz to the Blues" (Margaret Whiting. Capitol: "Tropicana" (Monty Kelly, Essex); "Dragnet" (Ray Anthony, Capitol): "The Hard Way" (Dolores Martel. RCA); "I'll Be There" (Merv Griffin, Columbia); "Fractured" (Bill Haley, Essex); "No Stone Unturned' (June Button, Capitol). . POP ALBUMS: Putting Cole Porter's melodies and Andre Kostelantez' interpretation together is a natural, and the result is a beautiful Columbia album. There are eight of Porter's top show tunes, mostly old reliables like "Begin the' Beguine" and "Night and Day." ..CLASSICAL: Listeners who raved over Morton Gould's "Warsaw Concerto" have a possible successor in "Mediterranean Concerto," which he plays and conducts with* the Rochester Symphony on Columbia; Mendelssohn's Symphony No. 4 (Italian) is played by Sir Thomas Beecham and the Royal Philharmonic for Columbia. because of somft sort of legal angle. The song was recorded by others, became ft hit, and there went another fortune out the window. Talking to three assorted Cha- vales — there are 11 "Kids from ipaln" in the outfit — you get the repression that they are so hap- about August in America that they're quite willing to forget April in Portugal. Besides, there's nother number on the album, ailed "Naciste Para Mi," Which hey think Is hit material. Pepe Lara, Sebastian Morera nd Luis Tamavo are three en- [Usiastlc Chavales. Lara, who .arried a Pittsburg girl, speaks is best English, but they're all oing well. (Morera said their ome town, Barcelona, was "cos- nopolitan," and when everybody asped at that big hrugged and said, word, I'm resting my time here.") They all grew up together, form- d the band "10, 11 years ago." The personnel hasn't changed. ley elect the leader, curently orera. They , all draw the same alary, and then they each have nother responsibility besides play ng. Morera handles business, Tom ya costumes, for example. and to build now it will take a lot more money Water works installations have never been cheap. They were expensive in 1910. They cost a lot more today. The mile of cast iron pipe you could have installed for $11,000 In 1940 costs $17,000 today. The pumping station that cost $100,000 ten years ago will involve a $225,000 expenditure now. It cost $1,850,00 (o install a 5 million gallon per day filter plant in 1940. The same system installed today will cost $4,250,000. Maintenance costs have risen proportionately. Take coal for the pumping station. The fuel bill that ran $175 a day in 1940 will reach $400 a day now. Trucks that cost $800 ten years ago are now priced at $1,700. Water softening chemicals that cost $11 a ton ar^ $23. A good pickaxe costs $3.75 as against $2.00 in 1940. To provide a 25 per cent increase in available water for a community of 50,000 will cost approximately $200,000; to provide a 50 per cent increase the bill will be $400,000; to provide 100 per cent increase, it will run to $700,000. These ^approximations do not take into consideration the hundred and one special conditions which might lessen or increase the cost for any particular city. But they show how the figures may be expected to shape up. One Ihing 3'ou can be sure of. To increase wafer facilities at any time in the near future is going to cost a lot more money than past experience had led most people in the business to expect. Blytheville Water Co. Wafer Is Your Cheapest Commodity" THE POPULAR SIDE: Violin playing isn't as physically easy as you migh imagine. After nil these years, Pierian ZaBach's left I shoulder is two inches bigger than I his right, and his neck is muscled like a wrestler's. . .In Ms teens. Vic Damone used to usher at the New York Paramount theater, and keep the bobby-soxers away from Sinatra, Como and the others. Now he's on the other side of the fans. ON THE CLASSICS: The sound track of the movie. "So This Is Love" is being Issued by RCA. That's the life story of Grace Moore. The album will have Kathryn Orayson singing, among others, arias from La Boheme, Faust, Romeo and Juliet, and Marriage of Figaro. . .On her new album,. "An Ania Dorfmann Recital," the ' gifted pianist will play Gian-Carlo Menottl's Ricercare and Tocata, whcih Menott! dedicated to her when he wrote it. It's an RCA-! Victor disc. ..... NIGERIAN FASHION—These Nigerian diplomats aten't bound for a pajama party, they're dressed in Nigerian style for a conference with British.officials. The delegation is in London to discuss revisions of a constitution for Nigeria. Favorite of Millions StJoseph ASPIRIN WORIDS LARGEST SUfR AT 100 STORE MANAGER NEW STORE Opening in the near future. An unusual opportunity for a competent female store manager, or an experienced saleswoman with good specially shop background whom we can train as manager for a national chain women's apparel shop. For an interview apply Tuesday after 12 p.m. Mr. Goldstein. ADELINE SHOP 325 Main St. You can't beat a HEATMASTER Service-wise, economy - wise ...any way you want to judge, we know that a C-E HEAT- MASTER* Automatic Water Heater outperforms them all. We've seen just about all maket of water heaters and from our standpoint the HEATMASTER il the answer to your hot-water problems. rc-E CALL YOUR PLUMBING CONTRACTOR OR DEALER IN BLYTHEVILLE Distributed in This Area b/ Mitatii Plumbing Supply Co. (WHOLESALE EXCLUSIVELY) Rear 213-215 Walnut-Phone 835J B.F. Goodrich BIG TIRE SALE ENDS SEPTEMBER 8 B. F. Goodrich SILVERTOWN TIRES the tires that come on new ears OFF LIST PRICE WITH TRADMN OF YOUR OLD TIRES Famous B. F. Goodrich Sil- vertowns give you extra safety, greater driving comfort, more mileage. Be safe with the tire that comes on new cars — trade now. sin 6.00-16 6.40-15 6.50-16 6.70-15 list PRICE $20.10 21.00 24.80 22.05 SAL! KICI$14.95 15.75 18.60 16.55 SIZI 7.10-15 7.60-15 8.00-15 8.20-15 LIST PRICI $24.45 26.75 29.35 30.65 SALI PRICE' $18.35 20.05 22.00 22.95 'PLUS TAX AND YOUR OLD TIRE B. F. Goodrich TUBELESS TIRES The tire that earned its name LIFE-SAVER seals punctures and defies skids*'Has a patented sealant that seals punctures plus a tread of thousands of tiny grip-blocks that defies skids. FOR FORD -CHEVROLET PLYMOUTH -NASH FOR MERCURY -PONTIAC STUDEBAKER- DODGE FOR BUICK-OLDSMOBILE- DESOTO- HUDSON FOR CHRYSLER -CADILLAC LINCOLN -PACKARD *2S 4.70-li 7.10-15 $ 36 7.40-U 1.00- 11 EACH IACH 95' IACH IACH •PLUS TAX AND YOUR OLD TIRE B. F. Goodrich DEFIANCE TIRES 195 IT 4.00-14 fin T»» and your old tlr* $ 13 95 M ^J 6.70-15 Plui tax and yowr aid Hre SIZE S.40-15 6-50-16 7.10-15 7.60-13 list PRICE J15.75 19,45 18.35 20.05 SALI PRICE' 514,65 14.45 16.95 18.75 PIUS TAX AND YOUR OLD TIM B, F. Goodrich RECAPPED TIRES JUST PAY fOR THt TRIAD! COJ.D RUBBER RECAPS WITH LATEST FACTORY TYPE TREAD DESIGN 95 6.00-16 Exchange $3.95-6.70-15 Exchange NEW LOW PRICES B.F. Goodrich DEFIANCE TRUCK TIRES SIZE 7.00-1J 6.50-U 6.50-20 7.00-20 7.00-20 7.50-20 7.30- JO 8.25-20 PIT 6 6 8 8 10 a 10 10 SALE PRICE' $27.30 22.00 32.75 35.10 44.95 45.80 50.70 62.25 'PLUS TAX EACH 6.00-16 6 PLY PLUS TAX "^^ "iaH* t- REGoodrjch BF Goodrich 417 W. Main Phone 6331

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