The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 10, 1953 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 10, 1953
Page 3
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MOKDAY, AUGUST 10, 1901 BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS AFLCouncilThreatensOuster Of Waterfront Unions I«A mands (AP) — The AFL Executive Council held an ouster threat over Us crime- wa terfront workers union today at a showdown hearing on cleanup de- Joseph P. Ryan, lifetime president of the AFL International Longshoremen's Association, was expected to defend his 65,000-member organization from charges of harboring criminal elements and to claim the ILA already has launched its own purge. The AFL council, all-powerful *— -- - --- — - - - - -ruling agency of the 10 million ] member AFL, was reported lukewarm about the embattled union's purity plans and about to tick the , ILA out of the AFL. Th« ILA has been pleading for * chance to hold a series of trials to determine whether ILA leaders with criminal or racketeer backgrounds should continue at their jobs, but the AFL was reported skeptical of the plan as long as the 69-year-old Ryan, himself under Indictment for stealing union funds, Is kept at the union's helm. This is the first case Involving charges of union corruption within the AFL since George Meany won the AFL presidency, succeeding the 1st* William Green last fall. Meany reportedly is determined to make a lesson of the ILA for other AFL unions. ILA Rocked At any rate, the states of New York and New Jersey have enacted legislation to clean the East Coast waterfront of racketeers in a bi- Btate compact to license dock workers in the future. The legislation has Juft been approved by Congress. The ILA was rocked by revelations dug up by congressional investigating committees and the New York State Crime Commission that the New York and 'New Jersey docks situation was ruled by racketeers, many of ttiem in ILA ranks. The ILA a few weeks ago launched a move to drive Anthony (Tough Tony). Annstasia, who has been trying to become union czar of the Brooklyn docks, out of the union. But Anastasia talked tough and apparently scared the ILA cleanup forces out" of Brooklyn because they never have assumed power. This, plus Byan's continuing control, was expected to weigh heavily with the 15-mernber APL council, which after today's hearing with ILA officials will draft recommendations for the APL's coming St. Louis convention next month. The council's advice to conventions is usually followed. DON'T DRIBBLE—Blanche Foltz, a Pentagon secretary, displays a new item designed to keep the U. S. safe. It is a napkin to be distributed in all Pentagon building restaurants. The napkin warns that "lips must be locked" for the nation's security. Super Shark Snared SANTA CRUZ, Calif. UH — Skipper Victor Ghio reported today he netted a thrasher shark which weighed 5,700 pounds. The 20-foot monster was reported to be the largest thrasher shark ever caught in the Pacific near here. It did $1,000 damage to Ghio's nets. OVERLOADED—Looks *orse than it was. No one was killed when this 45,000 pound tractor toppled onto a car parked along an Allentown, Pa., curb. The air brakes on the tractor failed, and in order to avoid hitting six other cars, the driver, Gilber McElrath, made a sharp turn and toppled his load. "SCREENS" PICTURES- This Indian svoman, a film technician, really "screens" pictures as part of her film- editing job in Bombay. She still observes the ancient custom of "Purdah," and must observe' the world, c and her job, through i the mesh of her veil. Men's Suits Said Disappearing HOSTON, Tex. «P)—A garment industry spokesman says the traditional men's business suit with matching coat, pants and vest is "fast disappearing." L. H. Jones of Nashville, Tenn., president of the Southern Garment Manufacturers Assn., reports the trend is toward what he calls more comfortable clothes for work and leisure. "I don't expect the end of neckties but there has been a steady decline in their wear," he said in an interview. The association is in convention here. Oil companies now are using radioactive materials to label different kinds of oil routed through the same pipeline to various points along its length. Caution, Please CHULA VISTA, Calif, (ff)—Nobody seems able to explain a sign beside a little-used road near here reading: "Drive Slowly —Baby Skunks Crossing." Dog Is Ranger WEST GLACIER, Mont. Wl— Joy. a sad-eyed bloodhound, is now a Glacier National Park ranger. The dog was given a medal recently certifying it as a ranger lor finding the body of a man buried by a snow avalanche on the park's Going-to-the-Sun Highway. Alexander Hamilton, first U. S. Secretary of the Treasury, founded the Coast Guard In 1790. Save Money! Before you sign a contract for a new roof, new sidinff, interior or exterior painting, Insulation, gas installation or any other building improvement, let us give you a fair estimate that trill save you money. Phone 4551. E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. ALWAYS A DOUBLE FEATURE RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. LAST TIME TONIGHT ANDROCLES ANDTHE LION With Victor Mature-Jean Simmons and Alan Young ai "Androcles" THEATRE Phone 4621 Show Starts Weekdays 7:00 p.m. Sat. & Sun. 1:00 p.m. AIR CONDITIONED BY REFRIGERATION ON OUR WIDE-VISION SCREEN TUES.-WED. EYES OF THE JUNGLE With Jon Hall Ray Montgomery Alyce Lewis LAST TIMES TONIGHT Double Feature IUD ABBOTTtwCOSTELLO CARTOON & SHORT TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY Double Feature APACHE WAR SMOKE PLUS SHORTS Huge Manhunt In Georgia Continues Vasr Search Fails To Turn Up Slayers Of Dep. U. S. Marshall ADAIRSVrLLE. Ga. W)—Two federal prisoners who escaped with a guard as hostage after a deputy H. S. marshal was slain were large today despite a relentless around-the-clock search by a mammoth posse. More than 200 law officers used bloodhounds to comb a densely wooded, 25-square-mlle area slightly west of here and about 70 miles northwest of Atlanta. The vast search, which brought federal and state officers from throughout North Georgia Into the pine mountains, was launched Saturday after Marshal Sam E. Vaughn, 54, of Murfreesboro, Tenn., was shot five times and thrown from his car two miles south of Adairsville. The fugitives, Eugene Juelich, 25, of Butte, Mont., and Woodard Larson, 31, of St. Paul, Minn., were being transported from Nashville, Tenn. ,to the federal prison at Atlanta when the marshal was slain. They were given five-year sentences Thursday for transporting a stolen car across state lines. Vaughn father of 13 children—10 are still living—told a service station owner at Murfreesboro Saturday that the prisoners were "the toughest I have ever transported." He said they had given him trouble on the first leg of the trip. Juelich and Larson, who had been placed in solitary confinement at Nashville as trouble makers, wore leg irons and were handcuffed when they left Nashville. Accused with the pair in the auto case was blonde Joan Marie "VVen- berg, 18, of St. Paul. She is free in $3,000 bond and awaiting trial. The searchers believe that George Hightower, 34, of Nashvill, is still being held as a hostage by the pair. Hightower, eon of the turnkey at the Davidson County Nashville Jail, was helping Vaughn guard the prisoners. PAGE THREK BUILT FOR HIGHEST LOW—froi. august r'icard's oathy- sphere is suspended in mid-air during its launching at Castellammare di Stabia, Italy. The famed Swiss-born scientist will use the strange-looking vessel to explore the depths of the Tyrrhe- nian Sea. The "ship" consisls of two parts. The upper, cigar- shaped part is a watertight compartment where special gasoline can be stored. The lower part is where the professor and his son will conduct their experiments and in which they hope to reach the lowest depth ever visited by man. r LITTLE LIZ— I.K>' An old-timer is o fel low who con remember when the boby sitter's name was "Mama." INIAS fci, DAMP o i R 0 L L—it was warm, so Alex Wozniak, ot London. England, decided to put on his walking "shoes" and take a stroll down Ihe Thames. His shoes in this case are skis, each of which a, in effect, a miniature ooat with j iteel. Wozniak pushes himself through the water with two ski poles which have cork lioats at the end. He plans to "walk" the English Channel in the future. Celler Urges Single Subversive Activities Group WASHINGTON (/P) — Rep. Celler (D-NY) has urged that "one. good solid committee" of Congress handle all investigations of subversive activity, but Sen. Munnt (R-S1>» contends the Job is too big. Interviewed last night on an NBC television program, the two voiced divergent views also about the effect of congressional inquiries into subversion. Celler said putting all investigations of communism Into the hands of one committee would end duplication of effort, any intercommittee rivalry and would save money. But Mundt said such a committee would take up so much of the members' time they would neglect their other congressional tasks. He said some Communist activity had been uncovered "only because of the thor- S.fely Hint It is foolish and dangeroiu for a driver, motoring in i mountainous region, to throw hl3 macbtat out of gear and depend entirely on his brakes while traveling down grade. \ oughncss of a careful, repetitioui Investigation by a series of congressional committees," Quick Relief for HEADACHK NEURALGIA Ten STANBACK youn.H . . . tat- lets or powd.n . . . again* «y pr>paiatlon you're «T*f UMd. Quirino Is Improving BALTIMORE Iffl — President Elpidlo Quirino of the Philippines' "has gained weight" and should be ready for discharge from Johns i Hopkins Hospital this week asj scheduled, hospital sources aaidi inst night. A spokesman for Johns Hopkins joined Dr. Agerlco Sison, Quirlno's' personal physician, in saying the! President continued to respond j well to his second stomach opera- j tion at the hospital. Donald O'Connor III HOLLYWOOD W) — Actor Donald i O'Connor is in Cedars of Lebanon '' Hospital, where his physician says his illness has not been diagnosed. O'Connor was admitted to the lospital Saturday after running a :ever for three days, said Dr Irving Lasky. 'Hot Flashes' Stopped or strikingly relieved In 63-80% " of catei In doctor! 1 t.iti You may be sufferinji needlatfy from Hot flashes and irritable, rating reeling! of "change of life"! */n doctors- test,. Lydu, E. Pinkham'i Vegetable Compound and. Tablet! brought relief Irom such functionally-caused sufferm* m 63% nnd 80% (respectively) of the cases. Complete or striking relief I Try modtrn-ottlng Plnkhcun Tablm Both Pinkham'a Compound and TubloU.r, mo*™ in action! Dut, Uiaiuand, of women are cnnnRing to new, improved Tablets (with added ironJ.They're ea»y locarry and take nd give truly wonderful relief. Got a .bott'lo lief from tllooo dial: OPENING TOMORROW ELLEN'S CAFE (Formerly John & Ira's) 315 W. Main Specializing in Home-Cooked Meals Operated by ELLEN KLEIN oday. Get rel: '•ft .. jrn tnooc (liatrejjainR ner- out of nortu" feelinm of "change of (Splendid, too, for functional pain of itru«l perlodal) II acta through • woman's sympathetic ncrroua aya- tem to rclieTe diairen of lln,ac awful "heatwatM"! For Fine Foods, Choose PICKARD'S GROCERY & MARKET Nationally Advertised & Fancy Groceries We Deliver Call In 2043 Come In 1044 Chick. TWELVE SUGGESTED STEPS AS A ' STEP TWO I "Came to believe that a power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity." Many cf us had thrown away great opportunities because of conceit, disregard for authority, and blindness to our own limitations. Some of us said, "I'm not even sure I believe in God." It is so easy to become self-centered and then to become sensitive. Being sensitive, we are easily hurt and our personal problems multiply. We notice every little slight by other people. We become jealous. Our false pride leads to unkind feelings toward others. We are hard to get along with. We live within our own little world with ourselves as god and thus are out of harmony with the rest of the world. However, having finally despaired of our ability to be our own god, to save ourselves, we look to a power greater than all of us and immediately we become possessed by a new hope. Therefore, step two is the rallying point for all of us. Whether agnostic, athiest, or former believer, we can stand together on this step. True humility and an open mind can lead us to faith, and every AA Meeting Is an assurance that God will restore us to sanity if we rightly relate our- »«lves to Him. SEE NEXT MONDAY'S PAPER FOR STEP THREE. ALCOHOLICS ANONMYOUS Club Room over Hardy Furniture Co. Meeting Every Friday 8:30 p.m. Open to Public Ministers & Ciric Leaders Invited A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned" Savings and thrift go hand in hand toward building security ... and both habits should begin early in life. No matter what your financial goal may be, save a part of your earnings to secure it. Open an account at the Farmers Bank soonl THE FARMERS BANK' ™ SI COMPANY The Oldest Bank In Mississippi County TIME TRIED - PANIC TESTED" r.».l.(J.-flt,Mf CMh Depoin Member Bnern

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