Victoria Advocate from Victoria, Texas on July 17, 1979 · 6
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Victoria Advocate from Victoria, Texas · 6

Victoria, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 17, 1979
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6A-THE VICTORIA ADVOCATE, Tuesday, July 17, 1979 Police Beat ges InDWICase Misdemeanor charges of possession of marijuana and driving while intoxicated were lodged Monday in County Court-at-Law against Larry Dean Truitt, 23. of 1810 E. Colorado St.,Apt.6H. ' The charges grew out of the alleged recovery of a "baggie" of marijuana thrown from Truitt's car after it backed into a patrol car driven by Police Officer John Burney early Monday morning after the officer had pursued the vehicle from the 2700 block of Houston Highway to a restaurant parking lot in the 2900 block of Houston Highway. Possession Charged '.A misdemeanor charge of possession of marijuana was filed Monday in County Court-at-Law against Diane Catherine Oviedo, 25, of 1301 E. North St., Apt. 2. Police Officer John Mays allegedly, recovered a marijuana cigarette from the woman while she was being booked at police headquarters early Monday morning following a routlnearrest, Criminal Mischief Alberto M. Sanchez, 32, of 1216 S. Depot St., was charged in County Court-at-Lw Monday with criminal mischief following his arrest early Monday morning .after the alleged slashing of the left rear tire of a car owned by Viola Garcia of 710 N. Smith St. while it was parked near Club Zodiac, 502 S.Moody St. Sanchez was arrested by Police Officer Mike Tatum after the tire slashing was witnessed by Billy Liddell and Charles Tucker, inspectors of the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission. Robbery Reported To Police Thomas Raymond Collier, 40, of Houston, told police early Monday morning that he was robbed of his billfold containing approximately $150 at gunpoint on the parking lot of the Capri Lounge, 1301 N. Ben Jordan St. Collier reported to Police Officer J D. Simpson that he was preparing to unlock the driver's door on his pickup truck when he was approached by a Mexican American with a full mustache, long hair and wearing blue jeans who brandished an unknown caliDer blue steel revolver and placed it against his head. The victim said he was ordered to walk around the vehicle and to lie face down on the parking lot near the front right portion of the vehicle. He said he was then ordered to empty his pockets removing the billfold from a rear pocket .of his trousers. He added that the gunman warned him that if he said anything his head would be blown off. . A Victoria Advocate Classified want ad puts the potent selling power of the Victoria Advocate to work for you. With a circulation of over 32.000 papers daily. Advocate want ads are the bargain spot where everyone can make money turning "don't-wants" into somebody else's treasure For the biggest little advertising deal in town try Advocate want ads Let a friend help CALL CLASSIFIEDS 575-1451 THE VICTORIA ADVOCATE Texas' Second Oldest Newspaper DWI Misdemeanor A misdemeanor charge of driving while intoxicated was -filed Monday in County Court-at-Law against Walter Howard Williams..23, of Goliad. Police Officer Bryan Williamson arrested Williams late Saturday night in the 1300 block of East Rio Grande Street following a collision involving his motorcycle and a car at the Rio Grande-Laurent in-tersection. " Truck Recovered Jesse G. Romero, 35, of Houston, .was placed under a $5,000 bond Monday by Justice of the Peace Alfred C. Baass on a theft of a truck charge filed in Houston. Romero was arrested last Thursday afternoon in a pickup truck in the 1200 block of Houston Highway after the . vehicle had been kept under surveillance in the 3100 block of Oaklawn by City Detectives Loy Blanton and F.G. Robles. Fine Assessed Jimmy Ray Martinez, 17, of 804 -S-William vSt7rhas -beei assessed a $100 fine in County Court-at-Law after pleading guilty to a misdemeanor theft charge. Martinez, who entered the plea last Frida, was charged with stealing two mag wheels and two tires on March 30 from a car owned by Kim Skaggs of 123 Berkshire while it was parked in the 15(H) block of East BrazosStreet. ' Stab Victim Hospitalized Javier Noriega, 26, of 3502 Flamingo, was admitted lo Citizens Memorial Hospital early Monday morning with a half-inch stab and slash wound to the sternum area of the chest during an altercation at the Zodiac Club, 502 S.Moody St. Police Officer Gary Smejkal arrested two occupants of a taxi cab stopped in the 200 block of West Convent Street a short time later but no charges had been filed as of Monday afternoon. The incident was investigated, by Police-officer Bill Alex. City emergency medical services paramedics took Noriega to the hospital Countries Said rinsing Crisis BATH. Maine (AP - Former U.S. Attorney General Elliot L. Richardson says Third ... World countries are causing a national security crisis by laying claim to extensive territorial coastline waters. Richardson, the president's representative to the United Nations Law of the Sea Conference, also told a crowd of about 200 at Saturday's launching of the USS Morison that a new international .treaty was needed to keep the seas open to all ships. What can you get for J480 these days? tfci -zz "-' ' ' .... ". ..1 IN TWISTER'S PATH - Hundreds of families in Cheyenne, Wyo. were left homeless Monday night after a tornado swept through two residential areas and Cheyenne Tornado ills ToL Hurts 34 CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) - A slow-moving tornado rolled through two subdivisions and a trailer park in northern Cheyenne on Monday, destroying hundreds of dwellings and causing at least one death and 34 injuries, authorities said. The Laramie County Coroner's office said a 14-. month-old boy had been killed in the storm. His name and the circumstances of his death Were not immediately released. Police said all but two of the 34 injury victims had been treated and released from hospitals. Laramie County Memorial Hospital one of three hospitals in this state capital of GO.IMK) persons initially had reported receiving "several severe injury" cases. Capt. Merv Mydland. of. Wyoming Disaster and Civil Defense Agency said 150 houses Contract Begin at DETROIT (AP) - Contract alks covering 471.000 General vlotors Corp workers opened vlonday after being delayed for learly two hours as top union tfficers met with the company 's hairman and president to :oniplain of anti-union activities. United Auto Workers resident Douglas Fraser said le had presented lo GM .'hairman Thomas A. Murphy md President Elliott M. Estes 'what I thought was evidence hat a conspiracy existed etween people in management 'at the company's Oklahoma Jit y assembly plant) and the inti-union forces ther..' "I was assured by Mr vlurphy that he wouldn't olerate it." F'raser said after he initial barganing session. Some 2,200 workers at GM's lew plant vote Thursday on vhether to t)e represented by he UAW. The company ireviously promised to remain leutral in the election. Because of that election, talks it GM were recessed until Yiday. Negotiations covering 197,000 workers at Ford Motor Co. get inder way Tuesday and talks or 110,000 Chrysler Corp. workers begin Wednesday, largainers will le working igainst a Sept. 14' deadline, vhen the pact reached in 1!)76 xpires. Fraser said that Monday norning "T-shirts by the housands (bearing antiunion logans) were carried into the,, xecutive garage and listribuledon company time " He said the action violated igreements and assurances hat the company would remain leutral In organizing drives There's A BIG Selection Of "NEW BICYCLES" AT SANDIES CYCLE CENTER "SfinIMoiu$incM949" VISTA-VOlKSCYClf-Wi Repair t Rebuild ALL BICYCLES 575-0536 3202 N. Navarro in the fashionable Buffalo Ridge area were heavily damaged, and 45 to 50 were destroyed, some with only fireplaces and chimneys left standing. He said the Buffalo Ridge school was "almost gone," but no children had been there at the time. At the Cheyenne Trailer Court, only debris could be seen: . . Hundreds ' of houses had ' windows blown out and roofs knocked off. Heavy debris was scattered all over the north side of the city. There were- unconfirmed reports that some persons were still trapped in their wrecked homes hours after the tornado struck. Authorities were making door-to-door searches for victims and possible gas leaks. Joe Petti go, a spokesman for the National Weather Service, said the 50-vard-wide tornado Talks CMC GM's top mail at the talks, 'ice president George B Morris tr , said he did not believe a onspiracy existed. "I know the. ilant manager, the personnel uperintendent and a number'of .ey supervisors. They are doing heir darndest to remain leutral." The union has said it is lemanding improved pensions or workers already retired and i "substantial" wage increase. Congress Votes By Congressional Quarterly W ASHINGTON -- Votes of Victoria area members of Congress on kqv roll call votes taken during the week ending July 13. HOUSE EDUCATION DEPARTMENT - By a 210-206 vote, the House narrowly approved a bill to establish a separate Department of Education The new department, with about 18.000 employees and a budget of $14 billjon. would be composed mostly of programs taken out of the Department of Health, Education and Welfare , Supporters of the bill said the concerns of education were buried within the massive HEW bureaucracy. They argued that education was so important thai it deserved the status and, visibility of a separate federal department. " . Conservative opponents of the bill said it would lead to federal control of education, which has traditionally been locally, controlled. Liberal opponents objected' to parts of the bill that prohibited busing and racial quotas, and committed the department toencouraging prayer in the public schools. Voting for a separate Department of Education: Kazen D,' Pickle i L. Wvatt iDi. SENATE DIRECT ELECTION AMENDMENT - By a 51-48 vote, the Senate rejected a constitutional amendment to abolish the electoral college and elect the president by direct popular vote. A two-thirds majority of those present and voting (66 yeas) was needed to pass the amendment. Supporters of direct vote argued that the electoral college was an anachronism and ran the risk each election of a misfire, sending a candidate who had been a popular vote loser to the White House with an electoral college majority. Such an event, they warned, could tiring a' constitutional crisis and a severe loss of confidence in the government. Opponents contended that the system had misfired since 1888, and that a constitutional change in the method of electing the president could unhinge the whole federal system with its checks and balances, concurrent majorities and separation of powers. Voting (or direct election of president: Bentsen (Di. Voting against direct election of president : Tower t R). it GARY BREECH 903 MM HOUSTON D. 7717! "Sec me for car, home, life, health and business insurance!' 1 tf UIM ) Like a good neighbor, Sute Farm is there. one trailer court. At least one person was reported killed and about 30 others reported injured. came in from the west at 4:40 p.m. CDT and carved a swath about four miles long through the city before moving off to.the southeast toward Colorado. : He called it "a very significant tornado" and said it caused "several million dollars damage."' . The tornado also rolled through the National Guard Armory at the. northern end of the municipal airport and narrowly missed the governor's mansion. Willis Larson, a spokesman for the Wyoming Disaster and Civil Defense agency, seid "we just don't know anything yet. It's just a total chaotic mess." Police, firemen and National Guardsmen all were asked to report for duty. Three hours after the storm passed through the city, traffic was backed up, power lines were down, and. communications were partially disrupted. Mountain Bell said -its circuits into Cheyenne were overloaded and asked people to hold telephone calls to emergencies. Missy Dehner, a Wyoming Highway Patrol employee, said she watched the tornado from the department building and saw it knock a semi-trailer truck off Interstate 25. Cardinal Dies LOS ANGELES (AP) -Cardinal James Francis Mclntyre, who gave up a lucrative Wall Street brokerage career for the Roman Catholic priesthood, died Monday at age 93 DON BREECH 903 SAM HOUSTON DR. 375-1324 'Museum' Accepted Into Panel Victoria Regional Museum Association was accepted as a member of the Victoria Arts Council advisory panel during a meeting of the council Monday night. . ' - The museum association becomes a partner with, other Victoria arts organizations on the advisory panel "to discuss mutual problems and seek solutions to those problems," said. John Houchin, executive director of the council. Among the panel members are the Bach Festival, the Open Door Creativity Center, the Victoria " Symphbny and the Texas Zoo. The council learned Monday night that Victoria City Council approved a $14,000 appropriation to be taken from the hotel occupancy tax fund and placed in a special account earmarked for local art groups. The groups then "will apply to the arts council for money to , help finance projects which they would be otherwise, unable to undertake, the board said. All proposals will be reviewed by an arts council committee and forwarded to the entire board of directors for final approval. The directors did give finaL approval to a $47,400 budget to be submitted to City Council. The amount will cover expenses and projects of the Victoria Arts Council for the next year. The board also was informed that the number of artists-in-school that Victoria will have in the coming year remains unclear. No artists will be signed until the first week in August when the. artists required are matched with funds available. . The artists-in-school program is sponsored by the : Texas ' Commission on the Arts and Victoria Consolidated Independent School district. . Through the program, area children are given the. opportunity to learn to create works of art with professional artists who each spend one month in five different - area schools. Child Off Critical List Micah Ben Ostrom, 7'year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Ostrom of 511 Coleto Drive, who was critically injured June 26 when his bicycle was struck by a truck-tractor pulling a flatbed trailer on Goliad Highway, has been removed from the intensive care unit to the child ' health center at John Sealy Hospital in Galveston. Although the child is still in a coma, a hospital spokesman said he is no longer listed in. critical condition. Free Seminar on: How to Get a Guaranteed High Return-And Pay No Current Taxes If you .want an attractive rate of return that is guaranteed by a legal , reserve life insurance company-on which you pay no current taxes and enjoy a wide choice of ways to receive it-come to Merrill Lynch's Seminar on a flexible payment deferred annuity. A tax-deferred annuity offers many advantages such as safety, liquidity, flex-. ibility. Income is tax-favored. At the Seminar you'll get the answers to such questions as: 1. "What are the advantages of this deferred annuity?" 2. "How is my money safe?" 3. "Can I get my money if I need it?" 4. "What can tax deferral really mean tome?" TIME: 7:30 p.m. DATE: Wednesday, July 18th PLACE: Holiday Inn, 2705 E. Houston Highway, Victoria p Mail today for reservations. m II' II 'II I L i wnie 10: Merrui Lyncn, I 111 I I 1 H.1I l J J. I vau. l ij ) UTV I JUT I YES, I am interested in personally getting the facts about an annuity that provides . an attractive guaranteed return on which I rav fin fiAttenl tAYPt Plne mean I seat(s) for me and my guest(s) Li NO, I cannot attend your I I Name i I Address Merrill Lynch customers, please give name and office address I I " " Copw.fht IOT9.VWrr,ll Lynh Uft Apou From PRINCE ANDREW f , r 1 Ss& F f 1 '.- -T in ix r i i Young Prince To Join Navy LONDON (AP) Prince Andrew, handsome 19-year-old son of Queen Elizabeth II, ended his school days Monday before entering lilt; ai.juj ul uifclfllL For the girls, the cry 'the meaning," predicted the London Daily Express. Second in line to the British throne and third oldest of the queen's four children, Andrew has chosen a life of naval adventure rather than going on to college. . Monday wa.s his last day at Gordonstoun, the rugged, cold-shower Scottish school also attended, by Andrew's father, the Duke of Edinburgh, and older brother. Prince Charles, 30-year-old heir to the British throne. Both the Duke of Edinburgh and Prince Charles were navy men, a family tradition, but Charles also graduated .with a bachelor of arts degree from Cambridge University. Cardinal Visited bv Actress - - - if . . . . MANILA, Philippines (AP) The elegantly dressed woman in the archbishop's anteroom insisted she wasn't Elizabeth Taylor, but the cardinal's secretary wasn't fooled. "All the time I knew she was Elizabeth Taylor," Sister Josefa said Monday. "Everybody knows the face of Elizabeth Taylor. She is so beautiful, she stands out in a crowd." The actress paid an unannounced visit to Cardinal Jaime L. Sin, Roman Catholic Archbishop of Manila, last Thursday. Sin said they chatted for an hour about orphans and Jesus Christ, then Miss Taylor lefts inconspicuously as she had come. ! Why Business & Professional Men Switch To !' I QUALITY PRINTERS I Better Printing-More Efficiently ;! ! Corner Bridge & W. Santa Rosa 578-9815 1 1 NOTICE TO OUR SUBSCRIBERS Please do NOT pay your carrier for more than one month in advance. Many people prefer to pay several months with one check. This is fine and we encourage this. However, the payment must be sent to the Advocate office at P. O. Box 2393 and not to the carrier. (P. S., Be sure your name and address is clearly printed. ) 5. "How can it be arranged for my money to avoid probate?" 6. "How can I get tax-favored income for life?" Besides getting answers to all these questions at the Seminar-you'll be able to raise questions of your own' and discuss any problems you like. Attendance is free. You may profit from this meeting. All this involves no obligation on your part whatever. So plan to come. Make reservations now to help assure the most comfortable seating and facilities possible. To do so call or mail the coupon. f Aflf W l r- uaj wcsmeimer, suite 46W, at the special Seminar on tax-deferred annuities. Seminar. Please send me information. City Busmj Phnnf Merrill Lynch A breed apart M M Inc . . Suh,,Jn rf SWmll Uiwh. IW Fen, i Smh. W PEOPLE on PARADE Advocate Wire Reports 4 v.L CARDINAL JAIME L. SIN Fleet's in' will take on a whole new Thanks ! Or call. . Houston, 1 X 77056 I ' Suit Zip iUVpL." of Account Executive i I at . 4 i I '

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