The Gastonia Gazette from Gastonia, North Carolina on November 9, 1957 · Page 8
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The Gastonia Gazette from Gastonia, North Carolina · Page 8

Gastonia, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 9, 1957
Page 8
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Today's Chuckle In tin u; what YOB wnnU U about none? but the friend* jov ft( rith it ire no bar|>ln. THE GASTONIA GAZETTE ^ . ' PUBLISHED IN THE."CITY OF GROWING BEAUTY" • — GASTON COUNTY, THE FINE COMBED COTTON YARN CENTER OF AMERICA • The Weather SOUTH CAEOLIS.4 — lair i>4 i»ck r«M« tnicM «u»<ljy, U« l«»l|kt a to at VOL. UXVHI NO. 269 NEA UtMBt* AUDIT BUREAU IEBVICI Of CIRCULATIONS GASTONIA, N. C., SATURDAY AFTERNOON, NOVEMBER 9, 1957. ASSOCIATED PKtSS SOUTHERN NEWSPAfUt LEASED WIKK I PUBI.ISHKRS ASSN. 22 PACES PLANE WITH 44 FEARED DOWN IN OCEAN **'*•. *** •> **•* - ,*** .*•** *** *** *** *** Twister Damages Stretch In Eastern NG IVE HOUSES DESTROYED AS ORNADO HITS —BV ESTELLE ATKINS- LAST WEEK when Ben and I were In New York seeing the sights—or at least trying to see them—and fretting because our ship caught fire and we didn't set to take the cruise we had been planning for months—we had an unexpected thing happen to us. THE FABULOUS (HA!) Waldorf-Astoria Hotel had the biggest parly it had had was built after the old Waldorf was torn down to make way for prog- less. This thing put the b i g parties for Queen Elizabeth, the W in d s o r s, General M a c- Arthur and ESTELI.E thousands of other celebrities t shame. They didn't have this one ! a little ol' room like the Einplr Room or the Starlight Root . . no siree—Ihe entire hotel froi the garage basement to the ex elusive Towers was used for th party to end all parties. isc if ~ti EVERY GUEST in the _hote was invited. • General MacA.tlh.ur, Herbe: Hoover, Jim Farley, Greta Garb William Bendix ... to name few of the notables who live there.. Even we were invited. • ' Come to think of It,'they may ' have had this party.just for US. They never said they DIDN'T. ', K 'SV TT ABOUT 4:30 ON Tuesday afternoon the whole hotel was thrown Into pitch darkness lo get us into the mood for" (his -Halloween party. When, it's daytime in New' York irmarlTlnough—but at, night without lights it's darker than the Black Hole of Calcutta. All the guests were so taken b> surprise when the . lights went out so unceremoniously that il turned Into » "come as you are party. When we groped our way down the hall to ask the floor clerk what was the matter, we found , her shaking like a leaf under a dimly lighted candle. All the other gucsls were ou there, too, asking the same ques tion. And they really came as the Nlegro High _ School Destr oy e d A.t Stantonsburcr, N. —BY rfKESE HART- ROCKY MOUNT— (IF)— tornado which ravaged a three-mile stretch near icre last night left at east five people injured, ive homes destroyed and 14 other houses damaged. iState Highway Patrol Capt. H S. Mitchell said no fatalities resulted when the tornado slruc! a rural section 3 1/2 miles east of here in the vicinity of U. S. 64, between Rocky Mount and Tarboro. Mitchell said the half-mile wide sw : ath extended through the Red's Place and Oakdalt communities. HEARD A "SWOOSH" B. W. Jones, a Rocky Mount textile worker who lives in the Red's Place community, said he heard a "swoosh" before the big storm thundered into his house "like an airplane had fallen." The injured included Mr. and Mrs. Knox Porter, Eugene Pitt- jnan_aj: "Where's Ihe food I smtll During Their Week »' of R-2, Rocky Mount, and the Rev. J. W. Gibson, pastor of the Oakdale Baptist Church. Only Mrs. Porter suffered injuries that could be termed serlotu;. The storm uprooted trees, upended telephone poles and lefi a maze of downed'telephone lines in an area a half-mile in diameter. SCHOOL DESTROYED STANTONSBURG. — (.<Pl — A tornado destroyed a modern, 1,000 pupil Negro high school near here last night as the high^winds attered the roof and other ?cc- There Were many strange cos tumes. Tlit most popular outfit seem cd to be pajamas at half mast. -> it if THE FLOOR CLERK was rea generous. She broke a candle half in tw and told us to take our pick top or bottom half. We didn want to seem greedy, so we I a fellow sufferer lake his pick first. (Liberace was Invited to the party, too . . . but declined on account of the shortage of candles.) With Secrets RMY ORDERED NTO PROGRAM F SATELLITES )efense Chief Gives Directive — Firing Ma}' Come In Six Weeks. —BV ELTON C. KAY- WASHINGTON — (/I 5 ) ecretaiy of Defense Mcilroy • has ordered the \vrny into the American ai'lh satellite program ,'ith instructions to use he huge Jupiler-C test de ice the service has de eloped. The order last night signallei.. major switch in government wlicy. Up to now Ihe U. S. pro- rani—designated Project Van- uard—has been an exclusive Navy project. Some Army scientists have leen claiming they could have aunched a satellite long before Russia did if they had been given a chance.' The Defense Department announcement said the Army effort Stratocruiser Is Out Of Gas r. I,. CARPENTER LAWYER DIES FROM ATTACK Prominent Dallas Attor ney Succumbs At Horn At Age Of 51. will "supplement Ihe Vanguard program." There were reports the Army might be ready to so in less than six weeks, after some modifications of rocket equipment. McElroy said Die Army would use its Jupiter-C test vehicle—a huge rocket, it used more than a year ago in firing 'a test device more than 600 miles high and 500 miles distant. Frank L. Carpenter, 5l-year-ol attorney, died suddenly Friday a 5:15 p. m. at his home on Soul Holland street in Dallas. Mr. "presentJ Carpenter apparently stiffered a HONOLULU— (IP)— A Pan American Stratocruiser ast heard from at 5:40 p. in. yesterday and due to un out of gas at 3 a. m. today was presumed down, n tlie vast Pacific Ocean somewhere between here ' and San Francisco. The giant four-engine nance of the Skies," carrying 41 >ersons, passed the midway point n -the 2,400-mile islandless ex- lanse just before issuing its final adio message. ['AST ENDURANCE Robert B. Murray Jr., Pan American executive vice president, Issued this statement: "We are now past- the gas endurance point and the alrcraf mist be presumed to be' down wmewhere in the Pacific. > "An extensive air-sea rescue search including military, civilian and Pan American facilities is now under way. The crew is ex perienced and well trained and we nre still hopeful." The clipper was last hean from cruising toward Hawaii I 028 miles east of Honolulu o about 35 miles west of Ocean Sta tion November, a. Coast Guan designation for the midway poin vheve a ctitter remains on dutj The plane's position was 29 de ons of Ihe building for about a uarter of a mile. The Speight School -was one of w.o consolidated Negro hlfch .hook in Wilson county. No lans have been announced for rrangemenLs for classroom space or the .students next week. There 'as no estimate of damage. Thei school Is located about ilriway between here and Sara- oga. Most of the equipment- in- ide the school was damaged or estroyed and only portions of he walls were left standing. The chool was built wilhin the last ive years, school officials said. KILLED LIVESTOCK The tornado also damaged monies and barns and ktlle'd some Ivestock as It whipped through his area of Wilson county. But the only death related to he storms came at Newton in the vest when Henry Lutz. 30-year- old Negro construction worker, >icked tip an end of a broken w.ver line after a windstorm. He was electrocuted. Tornado force winds whipped across parts of Surry and Yadkin. western counties. A twister hit near Candor, In the central Sandhills section, and high winds were reported In Charlotte, Wins ton-Saletn and other points. 80 PUPILS INSIDE The tornado in Surry countv hit the Siloam. Elementary 1 School, tearing the side from the building. There were 80 pulpls in the school when the storm hit and Principal H. E. Kiatt said it was a "miracle' 1 that none was killed or injured, Damage to the —BY. OAKLAND'ATKINS— Everybody else has their week. so why shouldn't there be a National Cat Week. There 'is . . .find don't laugh . . we're just as important as a lot of other things they have weeks about . . . like pickels and peanuts. So .since this is our week, we consented — after a tremendous amount of persuasion — to be written up as the family of the week, and to give out for the first liriie some of our age old secrets. ' As you can see We have quite a large family tradition with cats but that's a we believe in large families. We live with Stella and Pedro Melton out on the New HOIK road and we have a good home. What do we like to do? Eat Vagrant Turns Out Wrong Man .... Hunt Intensified For Killer In Ky. V GEORGETOWN, Ky. — (if\ —\ found in Chattanooga, Tenn and sleep play and eat '. . . prowl and eat . . . just give ^s a -bowl of milk . . and warm place to sleep and a sand pile and we're happy. We belong to-the Prowler's Society of ..merica . . . and have a rummage sale every week of old shoes we collect from light sleepers ,who don't like a Feline Rhapsody late at night. Why do we like a good flower aed or pile of'sand for a bath room . . . well why do you peo- An intensive search of central Kentucky farmlands c o n t imied early today in an effort to flush the killer of two North Carolina highway patrolmen. A man who fits the description of the killer was cleared yesterday when a hitchhiker who rode with the gunman said he wasn't the man. However, three others have been jailed in the case, two in Tennessee and'one in.Ohio. Robert Lee Terry Jr., Norman, N. C., said a man identified as Kenneth Combs. 24. Cincinnati, Ohio, wasn't the man in whose car he was riding when one oi the two troopers was gunned. Police becan a farm-to-farm search of the Paint Lick area, about 50 miles south of here Thursday. The car in which Terry was Other stolen cars formed a tral which police and FBI agents followed to this area. North Carolina Highway Patrol Capt. D. G. Lewis, who came here with Terry, indicated police had other clues, in this area. He intends to femain here until two other leads being followed materialize, Until then, he said, "we will have to stand by and pray to:- a break." ' Bobby L. Miller. 24, Middletown. The three other men held were Ohio, jailed, at Jacksboro. Tenn.. where he was captured while driving a car for which |x>lice were searching: Salgado Norie- ple like to sit-in the sand a the beach? Feels good, docsn' it? school was estimated nt $10,000. ridin? in North Carolina was You people make fun of us be ng so snoopy and have your lit tie saying, "Curiosity Killed th Cat" . . . yes, but "Satisfactio Brought Him Back" . . . an besides we're no. snoopier tha vou are . . . We've never seen a one of yo pass a new box without sloppin to snoop in i! ... you can wait to look at the new ca ... or Christmas presents, an you snoop In each other's bus ness . . . even hire your ow people to go to other countri< and snoop in their affairs . . ga. about 39, Washington. D. C. S held at Columbus, Ohio, as, fit- ling the description of the killer: and an unidentified hitchhiker, held at Bristol, Tenn., also fitting the description. heart attack. The well known Gaston county aivyer had been solicitor of Dal- .as recorder's court and town at- lorney of Dallas for the past ;even years, since the court was Instituted there. His taw offices were in the Commercial building in Gastonia. civic, community, and churcl McElroy's action came against vork - He was a member of Ihe background of criticism of the isenhower administration be- auf.t Russia beat the United .ates into space with two earth Lellites. The defense chief un- oubtedly acted with the con- urrence, if not at the specif!-: rection of the While House. The two Soviet space vehicles ill are circling the earth nt bout 18,000 miles an hour. The rst, a 'small sphere, has been oft since October 4. The sec- nd, launched last Sunday, is ?.n ongated vehicle- weighing 1,120 ounds. It is carrying a dog. ' A communique last night from ass, the Soviet news agency, aid Sputnik II was about to omplete its 82nd circuit of the arth, covering more than 2,359.00 miles. For the second consecutive light Ihe Tass communique from .ioscow made no mention of the atellite's dog passenger, Lnika There have been reports the Rus- Masonic lodge and the Dallas ons Club, in which he had held •arious offices. He was treasurer or the Gaston County Center 'or the Handicapped, an or- lanlzation he helped to form and for which he obtained the charter. ;rees 20 minutes north latittu and 141 degrees 35 minutes we longitude. LIGHT IN' WATKR The Coast Guard said earli reports of lights spotted in t water, at first believed to ha been ihe plane, were thoug later to have been those of -stir/ace' vessel just past the midway point. ' The Military Air Transport plane first spotted one light between the clouds. It signaled but there was no reply. The Navy also reported "surface lights" were sighted but said they could not confirm they were from the missing plane. The armada of search planes radioed from over the area where WALLACE The Dallas man was an active] t i lc lights were seen that nothing uember of Holy Communion Lutheran Church .of Dallas, vhere he served on the church council and was teacher of the Men's Bible Class. He was a veteran of World War II. He was born hi Kings Moun:ain, the son of the late Frank L. and Pearl Lewis Carpenter. He was married to Miss Mary W. Miller, now a teacher In .the Dallas schools, on April 12,1952. Mr. Carpenter attended Dallas schools, Lenoir Rhyne College and the University of North Carolina. He received his law degree at Wake Forest College. As a young man, Mr. Carpenter ians might try to parachute he| w:is asocjat ed In'his professio. og ta earth, but there was no vvith t he late John Carpenter ign such an attempt had been made. The announcement that the Army WTS entering the satellite effort was welcomed last nlgnt solicitor of superior rpi court, o: SMUGNESS HIT BYVFW CHIEF James Wai lace Urges Strides Toward Safety Of Nation. iiad yet been spotted and they were searching the area at 1,000 eet. IOIN SEARCH Some 26 planes, five Coast Guard vessels, two Navy submarines, four merchant ships and the liner Matsonia joined in the search. Two Pnn American planes were scheduled to leave San Francisco and the Air Force and Civil Air Patrol units in California had been alerted for added help. The Coast Guard also said the Air Force had been requested to supply long range B36 bombers from mainland bases. Thirty-six passengers and a crew of eight were aboard. jy Dr. J. Allen Hynek, head cf| :he satellite-tracking !or the. Smithsoni; physical observatory Bt Cambridge, Mass. Hynck said that as far as ho Gastonia. for many years. The funeral will be held Sunday at 4 p. m. at.Holy Communion Lutheran Church of Dal- ilas, with burial In the family \sln-I l>lot '" thc clu ' rch cemetery. Thej of the church, will officiate. SOME OFFICES TAKE HOLIDAY The bodv will remain nt Dallas' Business To Be Normal knows there have been no re-i^'neral Home and will lie In! J n IJplown Section, cent basic changes in the U. S.I state at the church for one hour' satellite program. He said You'll he able, to buy a suit . . U. S. launching! presumably will | Besides his wife, surviving Mr. !of clothes in Gastonia Monday be from Cape Canaveral. Fia.. -:he nation's missile test center. Before McElroy's announce- Carpenler a;c his daughter, Re- but don't try to set a marriage LEXINGTON — Emphasizin5 there is no place in the lives of war veterans for high sounding eulogizes, James Wallace, of Gastonia, state Commander of' the Veterans of Foreign Wars pointed out here early this afternoon many things that need io be corrected. Wallace, here to deliver a pre- Veterans (Armistice) Day address at a. celebration on Th« Square, asserted there is an all- important need for much clearer realization that we have vigorous enemies and that- Democracy faces greater threats now. than ever before In history. Continuing to point out the things that need to be corrected. Wallace said: "Our smug self-evaluation, received quite a jolt recently when the Russians sent a man- nade satellite flying over the United States on a regular 96- minute schedule. Thai proved :wo thing.';. It showed iis that in Russia the scientists and military leaders are working to- eethcr — which has not been tha case In our country. "Secondly the flying satellite proved that our enemies could reach us in 16 minutes with long rnnce weapons — which shows becca Frank, of the home in Dal- lasr two brothers. Ben F. Car- lireme or a health certificate. Monday is one of those half pouter of Dallas, and Attorney holiday.*. Some people will tak Hodges To Make De dicat:on Address .... Homelite Will Dedicate Chain Saw Plant Nov. 25 "ILewis B. Carpenter of Charlotte.'ihe day off in observance of eterans Day while the rest will e on the job a? usual. [TV HAM, You wilt be able to pay your jhts and water bill at city hall ut don't try !o get a birth cer- iflrate at the reeister of deeds ffice. City employees will work •Inle county employees ?el the :(y off. Tn? courthouse will be open. EVERYBODY -V GOT panicky ... a lot of them thought something had happened with Sputnik. There seemed to be no time limit on the party. Hours passed and still this spooky shindig was In lull swing. HEARD IN THE elevator as i S« THK QUILl,, P-2 - Homelite. world's leading lanufacturer of chain saws, will edicate its two million dollar haln saw factory in South Gastonia with a public ceremony Monday, November 25. Gov. Luther Hodges will be he dedication speaker. He will be accompanied from Raleigh by ieveral other state officials and epresenlattvcs of the Slate De- >artmctU of Conservation and Development.' Homelite, which recently started production in the new Gas :onia factory, and now has 290 on the payroll, is having four-day program of events leading up to thc dedication. H»melite is a dfrfaifm nf Textron, Inc. StTeral «f tlw directors and •Hirers vt Te*Iron will visit Ot«t«iM» nl kh* llm«. Also coming from all .parts of the United States will be Home- lite's district sales managers and key sales personnel. Homelite has over 1,300 s«les offices in 'ort Chester, N. Y.. the firm's ome office, to join Governor lodges in the dedication pro- ram. Also taking part will be Royal -ittle, chairman of the board ol 'extron. SCHEDULE The schedule of events inludes: Saturday, Ncvrtnibtr 23: Bar- Decue at 6 p. m. for Homelite's ales personnel and visiting guests. Sunday, November 2t: Sales meeting in Charlotte. Tour of laciV.ties by Textron officials. Monday, November US: •It ,1. m. Twr nf plant by Sprclal guest*. 12 N'non. Luncheon in plant cafeteria. 1:38 p. m. Dedication speeches Kith Gov. Hndges »* 'nain speaker. 2:l.i p. m. Official opening nf plant with Set. OMEI.1TE, T-2- that we were over-confident. The President and Congress have been startled by that fact— just like the rest of us — and now they are caliini for action to bring us up to date. "War veterans, especially thoss of the organization I represent —the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States — hava expressed themselves quite definitely concerning our nation's jforelen policies and national security. They declare that, there is nf cd for some corrective measures- For example: .owever. The clerk of court's 1 .'At a timi> whf>n SmM R ,,,-_ If ice will be kept open in view si , js r p achin , (or more victims f the oiwninc of « two-week m the Middle East and lineal - erm of criminal court. filing to add other small na- Oihrrwise. al! county office i,.; m , s to t lw Red orbit, the with the exception nf hr sheriff's office and the Ru- Police which never take day off. Federal and state employees vil! a!>o ect s holiday a* the-e offices nb»rrve Veterans Day which, tin'il recent year cnnwn a,< Anni,-!icf> Day in timi-;., aj n j n •Srr OFFICES, T-2 United Stilte.s reduces its defensive potential. GAZETTE MOOSE FUND STARTED 1 Gaxette Index Amu ; omeitt= .... - ' lu-11 Brldse * Classified Pa Be - 13 Comics 12 Cros-iworri Ptmle 4 Editorials 4 Radio-TV 10 Sevial Story 11 Society 6 Sports ...8-3 lazette Moose Fund, a check for $200, is made by Hsymore I /-.pal TpmnPrfttll rp|' nrcc5 - " tnat P' an is "r of the fund, on behalf ol the Gastonia Moose Lodge. A drive L UUOI I CM ipci uiui c.j mir armv njv7 a|r (m 's in North Carolina to raise S50.000 tor thc education of sevenlm,!, ynuniiy is marine, corps will have The fir.-.t contribution to the Gaz Spargo to Jas. W. Atkins, treasurer o is underway through 43 Moose lodges , . .. , ... children led fatherless by a gunman who shot »nd killed two state patrolmen. If you wish to help,|i-ow tail xitht 36; m \ *end your contribution* to Ihe Gazette Moose Fund, care of The Oastonla Gazette. AH silts < riil ; X x" ( T bl* T r»iBi»n"i<i""i"iiV'zi nf' nc ' he acknowledged. Make chccto payable to Gazelle Moose Fund, care of tilts newspaper. tPhoto by; )n | nrlv M>rrmt»r n"i"» Ennis Atkins for The Gazelle.) iinttits; amctriu; J.Js tnthd. "The Veteran^ nf Foreign W;iis urcrd more realistic strides toward the safety of our nation — i.ither than weakcn- ins our protective strength. Our s [veterans tirse universal military for every able-bodied younr American, They call for development of an effective civil defense program for our rttipt, aho a stronger army, navy, air fore? anici marine corps, also morr intense and better coordinated resistance a2,iiu.-t communism, continued support of United "ation.s principles and un- swervinc re=isUncr to Red China. "But some nf the administration's announced policies are counter to those safe-guards. As one example — lhe t defense department has ordered a drastic cutback in the size of our armed rled out irce and rps will have only 3- nillion 600-thousand men b^ :xt June. Trul will be far. far Ir vnv, r-j-

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