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The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts • Page 11
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The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts • Page 11

The Boston Globei
Boston, Massachusetts
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I 4 11 CONTEST FOR SCHOOL BOARD IN BROOKLINE On Sale ConvritM ti Tht IMMri Horn Big Vote Expected at Tomorrow's Caucus 13 Candidates For Assessor 29 TEMPLE PLACE Men's Store First Floor Clearing the Decks Preparatory to Spring With an Avalanche of Mark Downs For Our Unexcelled for Their Quality Wearability WaiSh ability. 'Twas an Extraordinary Purchase for Us Will Be a Startling Buy for All Thriftwise Shoppers! MEN'S P. Patterns and Colors That Men Prefer TM I' MMMSMBHMBMM SB WALTER 8. BURBAQB DB THOMAS P. KENDRICK EACH 5 if- thmasemds Yardsmm sale 21 0 ALL MARKED AT ONE PRICE TO CLOSE OUT GEORGE W.

WIGHTMAN STEWART BT7BCEAKD The contest for places on the Brook' to the School Committee, receiving the line School Committee at the annual largest vote or any candidate. Stewart Burchard has been -a resi citizens' caucus tomorrow probably will briny out A larger number of votes than dent of the town for many years. He hag been east in a caucus for many is in the Insurance business, and has been active in town affairs for some years. The School Committee has gone years. He is a member fthe Play- through one of the most hectic years ground Commission, and has served on the history of the town, and the the Advisory Committee, and repre constant controversy In the board has sented his precinct in the town meet prompted the citizens' committee to Indorse three candidates.

ing. Two of the three-members of the Dr Walter S. Burrage has resided in Brookline for nine years. He has Usually 1.95 to 2.95 Sizes rA, Cm and In justice to your sense of buying, give these men's pajamas, the once over Examine them. their high quality workmanship.

Note the unusual manner in which they are cut then pay particular attention to their styling. We know that after you have done this you will quickly grasp this opportunity to buy a liberal supply of them at this astonishingly low price. Thunderbolts represent the best possible values that the markets of the nation provide, and this Thunderbolt for men carries on our undisputed reputation for value-giving. English Collar Middy Pull-over-Russian or Surplice Neck, Frog-trimmed Plenty of 144x76 Count Blue, Tan, Helio or Green Colored Broadcloth. Plenty of the Popular Blazer Stripes.

Plenty of New Rayon Stripe Madras. Novelty Patterns in Stripes and Figures. Men't Store First Floor present board whos terms' expire this year are candidates for renomlnatlon, been a practicing physician for a num ber of years, and is connected With the while the third, Sidney T. Strickland, has retired owing to pressure of Massachusetts General, Faulkner and Newton Hospitals. Dr Thomas P.

Kendrlck, chairman George W. Wightman," well-known sports figure, is the third member of the slate of the citizens' committee. He has lived in the own for 34 years, and has practiced law for 15 years. He of the subcommittee on hygiene of the present board, and Francis Nlccolls, chairman of the subcommittee on building, are being opposed, by a slate formerly represented his precinct In composed of Dr Walter S. Barrage, the town meeting.

He Is a director of George W. Wightman and. Stewart the Brookline Trust Company. Burchard. These three hive been indorsed by Contest for Assessor the citizens' committee.

pb Rtf xP r.s fI WIS 1 Both Mr Niccol's and Dr Kendrick Another contest arousing the interest were active in the recent agitation for new site for a Lincoln Grammar of the voters Is that for assessor. There are 13 candidates for two places. The candidates for the three-year term are School. More recently the town has become stirred up, due to the attitude a 1 i -M i Sr 1 1 jr 1 1 a i 1 1 A 111 1 i 1 r' 1 11 ll iff i i i 1,1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Syi; David JS. Church, who last year was nominated to the Board of Selectmen, but defeated at the election: A.

J. Hal- of some members In the case of John T. Connor of the department of physical education, who was dismissed. fenstine, Thomas F. 'Messit, Edward B.

Miles, Edward O. Mullowney, Max The Brookline Post. A. Ik, asked the $2.00 SILK CHINESE DAMASK, 50 new pastel colors to choose from, Every yard washable. WASHABLE FLAT CREPE, white, eggshell? Street, and eve-t ning colors 39-inch.

All silk. $L65 CANTON CREPE. Heavy wearing quality. 39-inch." Mpst- ly in street shades. ALL- SILK SATIN CREPE, rich satin face, crepe back.

39- inch. Street and evening $1.65 TAFFETA DRESS SILKchif- on finish, high lustre, 36-inch. Changeable and plain colors. $1.38 to $1.85 PRINTED DRESS CREPES. Included are many of the new "spring styles and colors.

39-inch. $L65 and $2.20 PRINTED SILK CHIFFONS and GEORGETTES. Also- plain colored GEORGETTES. 39-inch. $1.65 ALL SILK BROADCLOTHS, washable, in fancy (- $1.95 WASHABLE SILK CREPE? for summer dresses, in fancy stripes.

33-inch. $1.65 PRINTED PONGEE SILKS. Smart styles for sports wear. $L75 SILK RADIUM Lingerie. Street and evening colors.

Of splendid washing quality. 39-inch. All silk. $1.50 FANCY RAYON BROCADES. Good for coaf linings, drape: jes and other uses.

'33-inch. $2.00 to $2.50 LACE FLOUNCINGS and ALLOVERS. Tan, Bloom, Rose, Beige, Linen Blue, Spring Green and Black. 180 yards METAL CLOTHS, mostly in Gold and Black effects, formerly $3.50 to $4.85 a yard. urucK, waiter vv.

i'aige ana iavia H. School Committee that Connor be given a public hearing, but by a vote Sneehan. of 5 to 4 the committee refused. HEPARD' Candidates for the two-year term are Fergus J. Hickey, who resigned as Mr Nlccolls has been a member of HUBbard 2300 for Phone Orders an auditor, to become a candidate; the School Committee for the past six years.

He is a lawyer, and during FSad John H. Icy Jr, Scott McNeilly, Mi- the past year spent considerable time cnaei d. Mealey and George W. De TU Horn WNACt lano. in the work of finding a site for the new school.

As far as Is known this is the first year that signboards announcing the Dr Thomas Kendrick has been physician in Brookline for nine years, and has been connected with quauncations or the candidates have been used. Another departure from the staid old costom is the practice of holding rallies, which was almost several hospitals. He has Interested himself in the hygiene department of th schools, and worked vigorously at the time of the Lincoln School agita- onheard of in the former days of the town. The radio has also been used uon. Three years ago he was elected I in campaigning.

EPARfi 'Toe-may-toes" and "Been" and Not" Bean" 'on Columbia Chain NEW YORK, Feb 4 (A. "Been" is to be just that, and not "bean," In announcements over the' Columbia chain. And to- -18 5 DOROTHY MACKAILL NOW Thm Homm of WNAC A TYPICAL U. S. GIRL matoes are to be "toe-may-toes.

Frank H. Vizetelly, lexicogra pher, whoIs a foe of the Oxford The Result of Another Unusual Purchase! 2412 A YARD English Actress Adept at American Speech and accent and has very definite ideas as to how English should be pronounced in the U. S. is to conduct an elocution school Dresses Depictive of the Country' for the broadcasting; company. OPENING FOa BETTER MAIL ORDERS FILLED To Avoid Disappointment it is well to make Second and Third Choice! TEL.

LIBERTY 5753-5754 Gdmbee) Cotton MOVIE SITcfSS LETTERS CONFERENCE The annual Better Letters Confer ence sponsored by Beta Gamma Sigma, Br MARJORY ADAMS; a Boston University scholarship fra Reoently Talullah Bankhead returned ternity, opened this morning at the University Club. Approximately 300 executives were Tne biacK horse was utterly confident, in his trainer's signals, and In one scene Jumped over a cliff into a from England, and the American girl had acquired an English aocent that sounded a If she had spent all her SALE! MAMMON'S Silk and Wool Fabrics A lake SO feet below without the slight est hesitation. present when A. B. Hall, vie president of the Greenleaf Company, the general I In Sizes 36 up to 50 life right hi the heart of London.

chairman, called the sesslen to order. George Dunning of the Crowell Pub Many interviewers spoke of Talul- It raced about through dense woods and along the shore of the lake, wild and untractable when on its own, but Instantly responsive to the trainer's lishing Coifipany and Dr Daniel I lah's English accent, but It Is not strange, particularly as one of Eng Marsh of Boston University were the call or whistle. opening speakers. 300 In fine poplin and faille weaves. Mostly dark colors.

YARDS Sports silk in light colored grounds. Sheer tinsel georgettes. Also odd pieces and odd colors of other high grade silks. All selling formerly at from $2.50 to $4.85 a yard. 39-40-inch.

Priced to close out Other spaekers were W. H. Leahy, The beauty of the animal's contours was set off in a striking tableau when land's fairest daughters has acquired an American accent and Is usually cast as a "typical American girl." She Is Dorothy Mackalll, whose life and tongue were bound by Yorkshire advertising manager of the Dennlson Manufacturing Company and G. Lynn it approached the brink of a cliff and EACH Sumner of New Tork, faced the setting sun with arched neck, a solitary figure against the sky. YARD in ner youtn.

Another English actress who spent FUNERAL IN QUINCY FOR The dog, Storm King, weighs 100 pounds. Among other accomplishments her early life in Blackpool, Eng, and MRS MARY PETERSON in the London music halls, is a much-loved actress of the American stage. ne can jump nine feet in the air. His response to direction is also quick and intelligent. The way he bares his AN ODD LOT 300 54x54 ALL LINEN When Dorothy arrived in the United CLOSEOUT OF 1200 PAIRS QUINCY, Feb 4-The funeral of Mrs Mary Peterson, 65, widow of Lawrence L.

Peterson, was held this afternoon fangs, snarls, growls or becomes docile States she had all the English mannerisms. Now, on meeting her, one when told to do so is, according to O'Brien, almost without parallel in her home, 80 Cranch st. would suspect she had spent her whole among animal actors. Services were conducted in St Paul's Swedish M. E.

Church by Rev Nils J. BREAKFA ST The dog's history is an Interesting Hedstrom, pastor, and solos were sung by Carl fTeoencKson. uuriai was in Silk Stockings vs. Mt Wollaston Cemetery. one.

Hj has a record of having saved several lives in Germany before he was brought to this country to work in pictures. He captured a burglar in the Los An Mrs Peterson leaves two daughters, Mrs Mabel Gardelin of Merrymount Regularly Priced 69c Into these union suits the manufacturer has put a superior quality of combed cotton, insuring long and satisfying service. They have been made, first of all, for COMFORT these Wintry days. The weight is just to your liking. Every union suit cut to fit perfectly.

Popular band top sleeveless model with tight fitting knees reinforced gussets and arm shields for extra wear. Shepard't Knit Underwear Store Firtt Floor Mail Orders Filled HUB bard 2300 for Phone Orders and Miss M. W. Peterson, and a son Is Fred H. Peterson of the faculty of the CLOTHS $.00 EACH Original Selling Price $1.85 English.

High School, Boston. CONCORD LEGIONNAIRES PAIR TO GIVE MINSTREL SHOW geles apartment in which he lives. The dog had been trained in police work in Berlin and he used his training to good advantage in making the capture. He tracked the burglar by scent, then held him by the arm until the police arrived. His deed received much public attention and the next day Storm King was a with his pictures in the papers.

But even such attention could not give him temperament and he remained the same capable actor he had been. Both animals have been trained to be CONCORD, Mass, Feb 4-A minstrel show, the first to be given by the "post These are hand printed and boi1 in 10 years, will be staged In the Veterans' Building, Concord Center, to Usual Retail Value $1.65 They're full fashioned, service weight, all silk, lisle garter tops, toes and heels; sizes to 10, in a splendid line of the best-selling shades. A manufacturer's discontinued number, that's why this low price. morrow, Friday and Saturday evenings, under the auspices of James J. Mansfield Post, 158, American Le DOROTHY HACKAHJL, CAMBRIDGE COUPLE MARK proof colored, in Itwo color combinations only.

Gold and Green and Yellow and Green in handsome de-f signs. A wonderful value. on their good behavior toward leading ladies. Nevertheless, It was several days before Louise Huntington, O'Brien's leading lady, could overcome her fear of them. By the time the pic gion.

It Is hoped to make It an annual affair. life In New York and Hollywood. She is adept at the latest American slang, great-grandchild present. The latter wa Malcolm Connors, son of Mrs Edith Connors of Winchendon, who is a daughter of Mrs Elsenhaur. TAX RATE MAY JUMP and she wears the most up-to-date There are about 75 taking part, the Legionnaires being ably assisted by many of Concord's talented men and ture was completed, however, Miss Huntington was offering to buy Storm American clothes.

THEIR 45TH ANNIVERSARY were in attendance observance of the 45th wed-g anniversary of Mr and Mra An-? B. Diehl at their home, 60 Fair-VmL orth Cambridge, last evening. gifts and congratulatory Miss Loftus, whose first talking pic women outside the Legion ranks. King from his trainer, who politely re extra performance will be given by the fused the offer for his movie goia mine. $6 AT CLINTON ture role Is that of an English woman in "East Lynne," featuring Ann Hard entire cast at the Bedford veterans' A Manufacturer's Sample Line of DRESS GOODS and SUITINGS CLINTON, Feb -The Board of As sessors in their annual report to the clt ing and Clive Brook, long ago lost her English accent.

Miss Loftus has been Hospital, 'next Sunday afternoon, for the entertainment of the disabled vet Irene in "Irene" were "ceived by the couple. SALE! 1000 YARDS lzens, set forth that unless a very great on the American vaudeville and legiti erans there. Frederick R. Chill Jr of Irene Dunne, who plays the leading degree of economy is practiced the tax mate stage so long that she has be' Concord is directing the show. role of Sabra Cravat in "Cimarron," rate may lump IS per IHKW or vaius Leon F.

Fobs will be the interlocu come typically American in speech. 0 is the daughter of Capt and Mrs fcfk Cambrilge police Department ie past 32 years, Is now assigned te'ephne switchboard at the atrijge poice Headquarters. He is mr, of age, while Mrs Diehl is one tlon this year or from $24 to $30. They Her last play was "Lost Sheep," in which she was playing when signed Joseoh Dunne of Louisville, Ky. As say they expect a lower raiai or lax-able valuation and smaller credits tor, with Mrs Burleigh L.

Pratt at the piano. The end men will be Michael Cody Jr, Berkeley Wheeler, John W. Clarkson, Herbert B. Hosmer, Henry a schoolgirl she studied music, voice by Fox Films. from the State, with increased pay Strictly all wool, 54-inchJ Flannels, crepe weaves, broadcloths and many nobby tweed styles.

Lengths run from 2 to 10 yards; the longer pieces will be cut to suit purchaser. Sorry we cannot fill sample or mail orders bn lot. Priced this week to close out at Miss Loftus' Imitations in vaude and languages. Her first stage role was In "Irene." ments of Interest because of 9120,000 of ville have shown that there Is scarcely J. Coolidge, Roger K.

Allen, J. H. Jan Ricardo Cortex Is to fee featured in vrln, Charles L. Foots, B. Alcott Pratt an -accent which she cannot Imitate.

uncollected taxes of past years. TURN THE FIRST SOD The ability to Impersonate characters and Roger C. Fenn. a gangster film, "fut on uie spoi." This is a Jack Lait story. The show will wind up with a group from almost any country was first dis of Cambridge and his wife was in the North End.

EaHJrwere married at the Sacred ji Church, East Cambridge, on Mr Mary Garvey of "nage, who acted as bridesmaid at Hi, rfmony Wa among the guests reception held last night. YARD Edmund Lowe, who was discovered played when as a child of 15 she played In a London musio hall. She FOR NORWOOD AIRPORT NORWOOD. Feb 4-Work' on the at a store sending a basket of fruit to Victor McLaglen In the hospital, has appeared In Innumerable -prays apologized for his soft-heartedness. 'Never mmd," he said, "ru soon ds both in America and abroad, and still makes frequent visits to England, but she long ago lost the designation, ''an 3vu the couple who were AnkL' niht wer Anton B.

Jr of A A A A A Am or oeautiiui tableaux, in wmcn Mrs Patrick Mansfield of Concord, a Gold Star mother, whose James J. Mansfield, also of Concord, paid the supreme sacrifice, will appear. The Legion post was named after him. The committee in charge Is Roger K. Allen, chairman; John W.

Clark-son, Russell F. Parsons, Reginald A. Morgan, Philip Holden, Percy W. Sweet, Charles G. Edgarton, Charles taking Greta Nissen away from him." Greta is the heroine of "Women of All Nations." English irfy hair to an actor, I'll ttult," aya Charlie.

Charlie Farrell, still on the bright new Norwood Airport started with much activity yesterday morning, when two steam shovels began operations and a fleet of truck were filling the large stretch of meadow land, off. Ne-ponset at. Many citizens, engineers and aviators were present when the ground was broken. After the proposed layout was shown by Robert S. Fogg, aeronautical adviser of the airport, a luncheon was served.

Horte and Dog side of 30, is getting gray. The curly. Marqula Henary la f-aiaia, wno haired boy from the Cape says he has the production, Including story, cast and direction. answers te Queries R. E.

Weymouth Thank you for tM wcslt pf Jnfprmatlon-lt js to answer such a comprehensive question. Tour man Is Ralfe Harold, and he was In "Framed," the Amos and Andy picture, and "Hook, Una and Sinker.1' Newton-It was Jackie Oakit whoaang "Alma A stallion and a police dog perform Cambridge, George fp, KUmi- 1 Mr" Suean Powers jumbridge, Ralph G. of Arlington. Eisenhaur of Norwood H- who makes his home parents. were 11 grandchildren and one L.

Foote, diaries H. Mason. Marvin recently mad a French talkie for RKO, hai been signed to produce BYench version of "Madame Julie." He will have complete supervision of found some silver threads among the brown, but he Isn't going to do anything about It. I h.a,ve to dye some remarkable stunts in George O'Brien's new picture. C.

Taylor. Hans Miller. Harold Orendorff. 4 1..

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