The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 24, 1952 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 24, 1952
Page 1
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LLE COURIER THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MIKSOUKl BLYTIIEVILLE, ARKANSAS, Tl'KSUAY, JUNK •>•]. l()r>2 S1XTKKN PACKS SINGLE COPIES FIVR CENTS MacArthur For Veep Talk Grows Move Is Show Of Optimism By Toftmen By JACK BEI.L WASHINGTON (AP) Party for ign Policy Platform Open House Planned At Cherokee Courts Cherokee Courts, newly-com] )lc-l oil Ne^ro housing unil on South Genera/ Doesn't Want Bitter Fight in Convention on Issue lly UON DKXVKK (AI 1 )— (Jen. DwijrhL 0. Eisenhower .said today "J I'l-rvenUy hope" a foreign policy plank can ljr> written into the KepuhliVun plat form \vlucli would lie acceptable MaeArlhui-t'or-vice-pi'esi-j E!m sum will be open for public infection tomorrow at •> pm,, j. Men lioth to him and In Son. Robert A. Tuft of Ohio. "I LIKi: Mil-:"—"We like Ike" <Muny> v:as the sentiment or 15 members of the Won ten For Murry committee who cam:- to town last mghv and spent this morning knocking on Blytheville doors srnti making contacts in the busiiu'sa ciisirict. Supjmn- er.s of gubernatorial candidate Ike Murry, Hie Fm- eiyce housewives who make up the group HIT- on a tour of the .state to gain backing for their candi- paign publicity manner, is shuv, n fhf-ciiiiii; the Blytheville phone book v.ith conuniLtce mfmrjeis. SCP.ted is Mrs. Dale Kilgore. and .st&nrtin<i are Mrs. Cairull Bird ilefn and Mr*. Stanley Tuniei . The ^reup left this moinmg for Fara^uuld. Jonesiioro, Walnut Riclye, Newport, L'ccahontns ami Sea re y Air Force a Again SEOUL, Korea (AP)— Air Force and Navy H^hler-bombers teamed Up again today i ran win the presidential iiomtna- to hammer four of the five Communist hydro-electric plants smashed yesterday in the big-' |,'° t " p^™^tVnm'bod^in'rS!™^ gest air raid of the Korean War. | delegate support. Nearly 200 Navy planes from big fleet carriers off Korea's east joined Air Gen. D\vight i dent move was reporletl under discussion today l>y some I | supporters of Sen. Robert A. Tal'l of Ohio. Gen. Douglas MacArlluir, who will keynote the Republican National Convention opening in Chicago July 7, has given public support to Tnft's bid for the presidential nomination. And \vhile the t-encrnl has said repeatedly lie't a candidate for .my uflit-c, some of the senator's foloiivrs believe MacAHhur might, lie persuaded to accept second place on thn ticket—assuming Taft gets tlH- top spot. They envision a uoloitul election I campaiqii in which the five-star general \vould be provided with a special train and tour the country extensively. The MacArlhur tack is based nn the apparent assumption of .some Taft people that their candidate oi UK- HlvthevUhj HOII5JH" Aulhunty Mr. Broots said only l;iiid:icap- ing of the unit area remain* to | be, done. The unit is the second ' to be built by the BHA. Chick!isa\v Courts on South Division Street was the first such construction in Blythcville. Units 27-A, ISC, KJ-D and fiOO- A will he open tin rim? the mspecr-1 tion, Mr. Brooks .said, No formal program is. planned, lor Hie afier- noon, he added. Occup:mcy of (he lo'.v-rent de- j velopmcnt is limited to fairs :lu\s in the low-income bracket. Oihur members of the BHA art.; Fred S. Salibn, chairman, James Terry, vice-chairman, H. H. i Imtchtn,-;, O. Vote on Finance harges Sought Legion Auxiliary Circulates Petition on Proposed Amendment A pi-liuon aimed :il mrluilini; on Tilt 1 j:rju'i-a] lold a news conference: "I don't want to* see a hitler eonvi-mion 'I'iyhl over this point/' This statejiiL'nl rsimo ,'ULet' Kisen- 1 **""" - — - - --- -- • liowcr had plurhod bis (jainprtiKii on a peace or win 1 issue whh Taft. lie had Rrouped Tuft nmoim the nation's isohiiionists in n innjor foreign policy speech last niL'ht. A report er a.skcd if be was "ft ;.'INK to put Tntt on the- defensive" in the? final stall's of the rum- paifjn for the Hepublicun prc.siden- tiat noininatiou. lOi.senhower rcpliefl: "No, no. thnt truth t someone must :ibmu i )i c s c 1]| ve])[y to unrulier question lie nuL :m.iendmeni on loan . W. McdUchcn :inel R. A. Nelson. | fharne.s ami intorcst was 'Miss Blytheville' Leaves to Enter State cnhiii'il In-ie today the American Lcii.ii Proponents of the in it ihe -soluiion u't\Ued by by Auxiliary, tiendmr-nt FCC he iiolieves Taft unions those u'ho would "sit at home with ;ui Air Kuue to he dispatched mm the wild blue yonder" j Miss ' lir.iited tS;c total intei- j fining's n finance com- ] olioct to 10 per cfiit. i companies throughout' * id this ruling Force planes from dozens of Korean bases to hit, the shattered generating stations t'or the second straight <Uiy, Navy liondquiivters announced. None of the plane?; returned lo About 20 Red Uoops were killed,*"" the smouldering Suiho power plants ! tbe Army said. jusi south of the Yalu River bound- As Allied experts studied sun film ary. But the Air Force said FtJ-i! to evaluate destruction dune by Thunderjets "completed dcstruc.- ? Monday's bia raid on North Korean tion "of two power bUuions near i power plants, Chnngjin Reservoir and two on the , hints th:it Son^chon River m En.-tern Korea. Nearly 200 Navy nhir;rrs from bit; fleet t'ciiTiers of! Korea's East C-oasi joined Air Farce planes from dozens of Korean bj?cs to hit the shsu- tercel geneniiing station*- i\ i\ y headquarters nn:io there were strung more Red targets are i marked tor at tuck. : Get Tough Policy ! : Military olTicuiLs in W^hin^ton [ : .filiti M'D!id;;.V'ji Alift Oil CDIIllIlllllJSt j .,enf ii-, t jns mm untec i ]xjhi j mnptf d i ul n in Ihe mn Eisenhower's backers say Taft isn't going to win the nomination at all. so they contend the Ohioan won't have tmy- thinrr to do with the choice of the ! vice presirt"-ntial nominee. 1)0115 Ex|>l:uns MacArthur made it clear through i nide yesterday he isn't against • Finance Shirley Kim;, "Miss Blylrnv; Arkansiis villc of 1952." will leave tomorrow | m otn from making an adequate rc- morning for Newport, where she i n im on their money and several will represent this city In the nn-1 cto:,i'd their doors. nual "Miss Arkansas' contest morow and Thursday. Mrs. E. \V. Norman of Blylhevillc ; will art a.s official chssperone to: " v ' King, who i.s the daughter of j ^ r i • *• <•' Chnrrjes Follow Affrnr Tour Cl*3:m PoSio G"oup Mr, and Mrs. W. Fletcher King of Blythcville. Approximately 30 entries are ex- election of professional soldiers j peeled for the contest. Unnn arrivnl to public office, as such, though he's in Newport, the pirls will be placed strongly against the development of 1 hi one of two croups nf entries, :; military state. This seemed to I which will alternate in presentm^ leave him free to accept a nomination If he chose to do no. talents and appearing in bMhiny nits and formal E;o'vns. A tea for ail entries will ne hr!n u ' ul1 loans - (1 such cniyes arc wiih- .omorroiv afternoon, anri a briil in ^H' inaxnmun .sc-i by the Assein- IKS America's major defense line. Ho went <m to say lie did not to the problem j believe hhn^H (hat im-n? rclalia- recent Supreme Court. j Lory pmvn is famish to win peace. Ho was nskeU tu 'dcfiie what he inant by the wont "" But be declined to make any. pro- i-iiniUoii. savin-,' Uutt it prob- bably boiled down "how much MTC are ready to work and ^acrilu-o loi a greitt co-operative program of world peace-" I He war, nskrd llien If he thought' Tafi a;; president would only amendment would :ie limii | (J r interest alone at 1(1 per cent and sots the rate ut .-•i>: per cent whi'ii no rate is specified. It provided, iu.iw».'Vfr. that in ad- dain-i to the inter^t. the General Assembly may tuithnnze c-hnrfit-vs to be matit- by the lender !n defray ;';'-n'k'ps and e.vprn^.e.i in cmitiectum T)oi\:ild Brown Formerly, tnost compinifes elm P lo 10 per cent interest Key Club Picks .ivfSn" S"' S X'"," " osl " | Delegate to ational Meet Tlic K'.-y Cluli or BlylhcviUc Hi?h Sclioo] \\iil ^t-nd one delegate to n .'""H ChifiiM to ntu-sid Ihe ninth annual '-"'"'• roiivfiil.inn i>i Key Club Intcriia- I from the 500 Air Force. Marine and! The pr-'f-ci'inini; nttornev'F nfficr ; thur's riKht-hanc! man in the oceu- U'^IL is.']--ba: ed Navy planer which clinrgLcJ th- 1 four rnr-n. Billy fa kin, i ration of Japan, made his iis-strfion V/eather I took pare, 'in the Koreau War's Arkansas Forecast — Clear to'; < ;es t air a;1ac!-: shov;-'d the s partly cloucij- and not much change J W . 1S virtually a 1W) prr cc-ii( the Air Force s'.id. ! \ An oflifial spokr-sman ^aid direct j : hits were re^ir-tea'd on nil five j ' target?, and the world's fourth larg- ! •~^~-^ w/ ^ f - e ^ hydro-electric plant at Stnho n J JffSSsSk/yil^t 1 wns a " pi!r " f J" nk " Hc described .J^^.M^S%/.*^fe^? . . Uhe 1,400-fooT row of eiant traiis- vn riT\vrr , foi'invi^ »sid othn equipnu-nt a.s a ^° CHANGE jj-hamblps in temperatures this afternoon, to-j The Sliiho 1[int Ii(ll . oplv h H ni^nt and tomorrow. ; m] , c ^^ n£ Maildlur ; a ' mi tho Missouri I-oreiast - Gcr.cra s ly Y . l|u Rlvor orilpr lantg fair south and partly cloudy north , I1K1 , hccl ;lt thc , chiin^Mn Rc-er- Tuciday night anri WednesrLu; ; voil , s an(J on , hc Son , :chon River with scaitfcred thut\der,sforoi.i ex- j tl cas trrn North Koivo treme northwest portion late Tue^- .^u [j (lmc .saVc day and north ami east centra;! Not Qnc conitiuinL-it'Vel challenged Wednesday; not quite so hot north ] tnc oitackinc Allied planes, althou-iii Wednesday. [Allied pilots said more them 200 I fivni'pt-wing MIG15s were parked on a Manehurian air ba^e. within sight 1 of Suiho. | The | pbiro Georric Parrott. Robert AliMr-r and \ Si ' at AsIicvHlc, N.C., in nouncinsi his .support of Eisenhower the present GOP nomination Nationn] Kouiuhition for Irfaiitile j contest . Paralysis in orrJrr to solicit maca- 1 "I can slate categorically that no zine stil;-c.nption?L [ nolitical intercourse of any nature Thr fn-,;r men imstrd cash Ixindsiha? ever taken place or even been anri failed ro apprar in rotirl mnrnin^ to answer the charges. I'Tcks Wronp Ci'stonicr Dcpu'y Prosecuting Attorney Arthur S. Harrson, who also Is clinir- considrred between Gen. MacArthur anri Gen. Eisenhower," Whitney Set; MaoAKTHUTl on I'ajfc 2 Inside Today's Courier News , . . Congressmen arcn'l nvcr- uorkctl . . . etlitnrijls . . . I'atfe 1. , . . Ost:enla semi-urn tournament . . . snorls . . . Page G. . . . Tackell, C'tiprrv nt Tine HI-l*f . . . Arkansas Xcus . . . Tape 7. nrm of the Miwl^inpi Connly In- D Uj C fan'Ue Pant lysis chapter, said one ; D I ffJ . Ofirmn X ?f\ E> 7 U f f 1 1 y O iU Mlnlmutn this morning—78. Maximum yesterday- -KM. Sunset today—7:17. Sunrise tomorrow: 4:48. Precipitation 24 hours to 7 —none. Total precipitation since -I; —20.60. Mean temperature nnidway between high nnd low)—91. Normal mean temperature tor June — 78. This Date Lrt-sl V' Minimum thi.s morning—72. Maximum yesterday—98. Precipitation January I to four men. Parrot*, cam hi-; l'.oin fi la-1 v/rek nnd tried tn Fell hini a sub-rr'.ptinn. ifHint: him thirt ihe National Foundation for Infantile Paralypi.s was offmiii; him a ?.">n[j milei'* 1 s<-hnl::rship if he sold Mr Hrirri.^'in -^aid that when he •dPnMficd hlrn^If as a county infantile paralysis official, parrot t tf\ iQ a |jf»\/C 'w U U J b Sixteen meinbei-s of the Blytheville High .School Band baa volun- t r eied to provide entertainment on Main Street tomorrow afternoon for the third Blythcville Value Day in the summer promotional pro- Force 1 >aici ail of its f = ?nici one carrier-based plane wa^ i '..shot down by nnM-aircraft, the ami i four others were hit, but no pilots i cram, it was announced this morn- at a breakfast meeting of par- j No oflieinl :il United Nations' i° r i headciU'iriers would say where the | older to bomb the power .stations jonVinMfd. The plants have been 15 pa red since the war l>c£;\n two j year?' auo and ob- erver.s sLiid Hie thi:- • [irci'-iiiu lo Miinsh them appeared I to be mr.i'e political than nnli'tiry. In Municipal Court b^t week Hie four \vn-p rhar-^d wi'.h vinlntinn of j jVripVtiii^ mrrchant's, which rnmiiiT 1 - itincrrmt ^olrritnvs tni IKist a $?M boiui ;ina pr»y a ?,T per! dav permit fre. However, al thrir tr:;U> SutinrJay. only one nf the four. Parrot*, wns fined. Fie was lins-d S1Q nnd ro::^ Edwards -said- of S50'. three $5 prixe.s are A fir.=t place pri/e, 51D pj'i/e.s and four awarded weekly bj 1 Mercury Here Resumes Its Upward Travels — 704 and No Relief Seen Saturday':, b^ak In the current hent wave apparently was JU.ST. a teaser. Yesterday, the mercury here fhtud bnck up to 104 degrees, loppin-^ Siuiclny'.s 10] -dr-Kree re- tin n to tho un-plus ]f;vf'l. Arid pro-j)fjrK i ; t'ur relief arc as Thr V.'VitlMT Hureau's torera.^t Ihi:; moinni«?; v:a; ck-ar to partly cifiUfly U'fhiy and tomorrow—with no c! 1 ."! jjye in tempi; rain re. i A,s it tia;. bcfii with mnnotonous ! rei-'nln nly during the past two v.C' 1 ^. Blydu'Ville a«ain -.vas DIP hottest spot in the stale ye.slL-r- Agiiin tlu: «etu?r£il Haiti he would ! not enter into pcisonalilies. Then | hci said his own boliuf was tha', = "tho Unitotl St:uc:- must lend ihe | fret 1 world's cause aLjaiii-st tho ( less diclaiD] shi]i of Ccinnumi Ik- rc!f;i^ed n letter written lo I Mcmul Juno 20-^8. according to Max John Fti: k'j- DuLtc::. GOT foreign Mill, club j>n!sitii!nt. a/I.urs liMdrr-. m whrh lie nut- ; Donald Brown, a charier rnern- lr> Dullrs the fundainemiils of [ bor of thu Illyihnville, club v.-il! ?i'^n policy jiliink which would j rr-prr^ent Ihu Key Ciub al the con- i.Tcpi:.b!e tit him. '1'h;; IcUci 1 [ vc-ntion. flili said. (JiUoit June 20, j Two ihou^and Key Clubbers from o" 7 -):'•(•. Ki;icnho\vor said in ; '^ ^taics and five Canadian pro- the Irtur that America cannot live [ v-mci's are expected to attend the i^oiu'. iha( her form of life is j international convention which will •d hv ihe Communist die- headquarters in the Conrad Hilton and America's policies Hotel. lif dcvelojicci for "our own mil Hir:hiii.:ht.s tit the three-clay con- self interest." j vent ion include addresses by Hob- TIu'ii he said: "The minimum re-' OIt *'"- Hnrir-ich, Chir-ago news ctnn- tlhirrinent, nf thcsn [inj'-.ratjis is j "lenlntor; Dr. Lawrence A, Kimp- that we are able to trader hccly. j ton, rrhanccrllur of the University in spite ol anything Hn-isiji mav I of Chi.a-o aiui Laruc P. Smirh of do, with those areas from which '< Nia:::ira Falls, K. Y.. vice-presidi-nt obtain the raw inatnials Unit (J f Kiv.-;uii> International. Tin are viUil lo our couiitrv/" Ctillrrlivc Si'rnrjlv Thii means, lie said, tlcvc'lopiu^ cn[]"<'{',',-{• .scrurity nK-asuro:-. lor the free wm Id. TJirn he added "only cliiios in tho world and Ulyttieville Key Club was or- L;;uii/r-d last ynar and is sponsored by the Kiwunis Club of Blytiie- •• Ule. The band will play from 2 until 5:30 p.m., beginning on East .Main and roving through the business district. J. C. Edwards. BVD commit ice chairman said today, Bob Lip-comb. HHS band director, will with the fine r-u.^M'nrird riunnc- pcoti : 1:c in ehiaue of the program, Mr. IirlinviiMir. ChnnT«- r-cni-ift thp nth-: Edwarc^ said. r-r thrrr were <li- mi--s--d on urcmrri? ! lirnwing for the S100 pri/es r-JT 11 ihr.i a< t::al'v :-.wnvdc'cl each Wednesday will be M.ib. • rintir.n? ; hflfi in the llubbnrd bloc:!; al 5:30 Hardv.are participating merchant.-. Registration may be made in any BVD store. and it is not necessary to be present at the drawing to win. An entertainment committee to provide entr-rtfiiiunent for the mining BV11 day.s was also named at the meeting. Chairman of the committee Is Gconrc Hubbard. Jr.. ai:d member? are J. T. Kuubmy. Lout:-, Lynch, Heber Lindquist. A. II, Boyd, Barney Cockrell. Claier.i ^ Myrick, Dick J. white and Karl u. Snider, Ten more of the days are to be i held this summer. The Olythc-ville: Value Days promotion i.s spoiu-orcd ; by the Merchant's Hi vision of thr i-e;-ull pririi'iplc of < He said iif ^ l "to hnii! of my strength" for thi basic, principles in foreign policy. ; "I realise," be snid, "that it will' not he easy lo write n .statement I that wiH accommodate some of I he ! widely divergent views I have . heard rsprcssed on vnst sub-1 jei t s. I am <-''rlniti tliat your under-! st;.mlimr and cieternnn;ition arc i cfjiinl lo ihe burden of rarr'vni-: on' ihc fiuiu to include tlie, in tho world and eveniuril t ** , ; and for us woulrf ' j\ fSS from abandoniiieni of the . * x ^ J fjlleclive .securiiv." ' #^ • ( was prepared to fu;bt , £_/ UllS " - ^^i CG Tins is the timeof year to study fancy trove! folders before decici ing to spend your vocation point ing the hou^e. f s[Jl •lanir-^ Howies, opuriituv of a ero- tcry store at Kei.ser. yesterday withdrew from tlir nice for state ^en;Ui>r from \[i.-;'i.^-i:jp: County. 011 tion No. 1 in i'n»- :!-lth Ciini-ire-sioiKil 11 1J ' H>j=ippi' "craiJThrad" 11 :^!^ ' Palii"<tt Ho s.nri he believed Ihe ituitum- ! Coi]t ,. i(V H!S w jth(Iravi-.-tl IIMVO^ '.he rratinn's lorrj'.-n policy bati bi-i-ti j rarr :i , ; rrc-v.ay affair one of i yeai--lo-voar proposinonj stil! in tliti r:ire are ihr l!i,-i:m- vvithoui any resit lout; r;in;;i' plan- • h r -nt. Sen. I.ft Hearck-n of Leach- nini villf. Urnry K Huyt of Lr.jchvii!", Tn liis ndio-iolf:visioi! •.pi.-i-ch last and Willunn H. "\Vyatt ol no:ir iiitjiit ihn ;enernl outlined bi>: own Ynrbro. Doadline lor (\in<ndatc.s To pi H r ind rorlrl security ]>ro^raTii in::o\c rlinr n.iiii'."^ from the Drm- lii b.ilto; G p ni. yt'SioniiiV. YOUR CAP. CAN LOOK UK£ THIS WITH Specials: Buys in Shoes, Tires ;.-. l-r.n:.-.: ,-,,w- I" tin ill" \nl.lo Day—lh<- ':.•. "iinn.'i .-ill I'-.ilurf Ilirse lHm> to be . i-!i.inn! NT. I «t 1 u pi iujci c^r ti a ..•:- <.,-•!.; off timing the .'.ale oflcr new safety for 1ic ot>l «i ned Ior ™''3 1!) con;c . lM .mmicr ririvinp. A ^t/ci;i) plaf-.- Ii:K< h (J.MUT iPi'j::L^ \'o. 2i i>W (UIUUIK.'.V li'l .ii:ll WrCtl.t.. Ill |>nli,If ::, . ]', .» ;.> ,v li.l.virl'IL-li IlLilV " '''" '""' '' ,\la piuc, SI i \\i-li f.H-h o! (( .uirirr Nnv ii ;i-'i i l!i;ii-.i- 1 nl vrfill SiV'Vn !" ,MI i i .1 it i;j!.ir v.vluf, <j[ >ii- ..""rT^"*wTaiil'.^' J nr\v model nun'a

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