The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 5, 1953 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 5, 1953
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVE V, AUGUST 5, 1868 Probers Shocked By Lawyer's Tale WASHINGTON (API momentarily stumped today (hat he raised $30,000 for House investigators were a lawyer's bland testimony Democratic Party in 1948 , through a fee paid him for helping a businessman win a favorable tax ruling. Commodity And Stock Markets- * Wplburn S. Mayock of Washinpr- • ion. D. C 1 ., described himself as "vol'.muvr" counsel to the Demo-j DULLES (Continued from Page 1) peace: 1. The Korean political oonler- cnce \vhich, by trnn.'i of (he armistice, niu. c ;t he lli-ld hy late October and. presumably, the lolnl U. S.- Korean stand whirh will be taken Negro Church Meeting Opens Welcoming Program Slated for Tonight CRASH (Continued from Page 1) there. miitunl senirilv pact twpcn Die United Sliiles nnrl SoiHh ; mormna at Nehemiah Temple, 922 Korea which may De drafted dur- Smith Second. Dulles v U.S. Aid 3. Aniericrnl economic aid to Xuional Committee during j South Korea, 200 million dollars New York Cotton Oct Dec N nv May Open Hii;h Low Close 3383 3407 .. 33™ 3404 3126 SW7 3427 3430 3423 New Orleans Cotton Open Hiah Low Clo-c i,,. ( |. Oct . 3375 3377 3372 3374' Dec ! .'.'.'...' 3399 3403 Nov 3«5 3«6 May 3«7 3428 lorn:er President Truman's 1948 Mayock said (he $30.000 came ironi jj $05.GOO toe paiti a tier he i-ppt'.iled to "nn old iriond"~then S- m ;:irv of the Treasury John .svnder-and Snydor interceded in the '.'.<•< with revenue bureau oli:r:;:!s. The (-'raying witness assured in- ve.sLi;;;itors he ciici not think his dier. I.- misimder.stoad his role. "1 kiK'v;, nnd I think they know ::s reasonable men, that, they were 1: yins.'. in jny services as i! political figure rather than skill UK a lawyer," hu tcsti- 3304 3418 3420 Chicago Corn HIGH Sep !•«'.•» Dec 1.37 7e LOW 1.44'j 1.36'u , butor.s" to sidestep the political i corrupt, practices law, which sets ' a Sii.COO limit, on individual con- tnbmions. But he flatly refused to name tho:;e who he said "strutted as big contributors to the par- Chicago Whear HIGH LOW Sep l.S5^ 1.93 Dec 2.02!i 199^ Mayock's blunt and often loquacious account of hir. fund-raising efforts l«--ft members of a House Ways ;iiul Means al- icniatcly open-mouthed and guf- Chicago Soybeans HIGH LOW CLOSE Sep 2.55 34 2.53 :I4 '^.Jiri'j NOV 2.47 2.43'L> 2.47 Jan '-1.49-ri 1U8'., '2M'-± Mar 2.51'4 2.50', 2 2.51?, which was approved by Con- ' gyps;; last \veek. Dulles said he would call on Rheo , daily until Saturday, with (he next j meet ing. .set for K) a. in. Thursday; 18 p.m. Wednesday, KST>. Meantime., member:; nf his party | u'ill meet v.'i!h South Korean gov- ; eminent offu-iuK to work out de- j lulls of the policy i.-iMie.s. | Accompanvim 1 ; Dulles and sitting i in on the conversation with Rhee : were Ambassador Henry Cubot ; Lodi'.e, chief I/. S. representative j to the UniX'd Nations; Assistant • Secretary nt Stale Waller .S. Hob- j e r t s o n, President Eisenhower';; special envoy lo Korea who last radioed the other air and surface craft. A second SB29 appeared and also dropped a boat. The iner- The annual AME Sunday School, 1 chant- ship Uruguay also reached Allm Christian Endeavor League j the - scene - .nnd Missionary Convention of the) Other American and British air- be- ' Jone.sboro District opened thist craft engaged in the search halted ni>1) their rectangular flying patterns and began flying in wide circles around the area to determine if any men had drifted away. The wreckage was sighted at 12:36 p. m., British summer time , <5:36 a. in,, CST), or just over Thomas J. Brown, pastor of| rij , ht hours afler lhe Wg p]ane plunged into the water. From England The SB29—a bomber converted air-sea rescue work — which ned the survivors was from the Rev. ,E. O. Croft, pastor of St. Luke's MB Church in Osce.ola, delivered the sermon. Rev. W. M. H. Quinn of North Little Rock, presiding elder, presided at the session R Botp.el AMK Church here, is host pa-.lor. A city wide welcome program will IK- conducted in connection i with the convention at 7:30 tonight,) 10 at Bethel AME Church, with the."'' in. Rev. W. R. Wilkes, presiding bishop, attending. A. K. I.ester ceremonies and W iiison and Juanita Till man will be pianists. Welcoming talks will be given by Ihe following: Mayor Dan Blodgett, Chancellor W. Leon Smith, OKCC-- ola Attorney Bruce Ivy, the Rev. Robert MeMnster. pastor of Lake U. s. Airiorce base at Sculthorpe, England. Missco Baptists To Meet at Dyess Representatives of the 37 Baptist Churches of Mississippi County will convene Friday at Dyefcs Central Biipiist Church for a one-day con- Ifience. "flans for the FaU Round-Up" will be the theme of the program 'A'hu'h will feature discussions of the Sunday School Preparation Week, Sept. 20-27, Transfer Church Membership Week, Sept. 13-20, and Christian Stewardship Week, Oct. 18-25. Miss Hazel Brannen of Blytheville. the Rev- M. S- Lloyd nf New Providence Church, Leachville, and the RRV. Guy D. Magee of Manila, will lead the discussions. The main address, "The Brand of Christ," will be given by the Rev. Orvill Maguire of New Liberty Church, Blytheville. Presiding at the county-wide conference will be the Rev. P. P. Herring of Osceola, and ] YOUTH WEEK (Continued from Page 1) tries—Fred Sandefur, chairman; contest— J. P. Garrott, chairman, D. C Powlston, Bob McMautcrs, Robert Birmingham, Jlmmie Fisher and Rudy Vvska. Additional committee members will be named as work progresses, Mr. Welch said today, and entry blanks will be- provided soon. No age limit is to be set for parade entries. For the field event contests, to be conducted at walker Park, groups will include boys 10 years and under, boys 11 to 13 years, boys 14 years and older, £irls 10 years and under, and girls 11 years and older. Mexican Gets Kiss of Death MEXICO CITY tf) — .An •ill be master of Two seaplanes also reached the i music will be under the direction of j man d«>PPea <* ead yesterday after Willie Mae Rob- 1 scene but wore unable to land be- the Rev. Harold White of Leachville. ^^^ _ ^ ........ ......... „.,.„. month gained Rhce's conditional | street "iWethodist Church. ent. to E;O HloriR with a Johnnie L. Weekly, Samantha ador Ellis O. Secretary of i ' Royster, Florine Langston, Amanda Lester, Jev/el Wilson, Alfreddie cause the waves were too high. They were ordered back to Prestwick, Scotland. A drixxle reduced visibility to one mile, and the cloud ceiling was down to 100 feet. However .operations officers said the boats dropped by the SB29's were large and well-equipped and :my of the survivors who reached Nudists Hold Fashion Show , , State for Public Affairs Carl 'MC- \ White. Cardie Buccanan, Rebecca | them would be safe until rescuers Ardle. Army Secretary Robert Stevens also accompanied Dulles to Korea but did not Kit in on the first meeting with Hhee. During his talks with Rhee, Dulles will negotiate key .Williams. Ella Love of Jonesbora, 1 Provie Sehorn. Rev. T. W. Thompson, Will Moss, Maggie Willis, Burchon Walker, Leo D. Jeffei's, and Rev. D. C. Harbor. Music will be provided by the choirs of Bethel, Enoch A swarm of bees that has left i hive continues to be the owner's | dale, explained: SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. The 22nd annual nudist convention \ dead, of the American Sunbathing Asso-1 ciation opens today at Oakdale' Ranch with about 1,000' delegates attending. Events will include a fashion show. Jim Grant, director of Oak- a passionate kiss. Officials made this report: A woman whose husband had left her was approached by the elderly man. She said she accepted his advances because she had gone without food for two days. He kissed her once—a long, passionate kiss—and then dropped Oldest Cropdusting Pilot Killed In Crash CLEVELAND, Miss. Iff — Henry Elliott, 73, of Cleveland, recog. nlzcd as the world's oldest crop, dusting pilot, was killed last night when his light plane hit a telephone wire. He had been dusting crops since 1924. BIG FOUR (Continued from Page 1) the whole country be unified un- ' der a pro-Western government. jl» 2. That the Western nations agree to let the Reds take over the whole country. 3. That all of Germany be "neutralized" under a government independent of ties with either East or West. Read Courier News Classified Ads. operty as long as he can keep it nrnvi : < - ||<J "'" 1 UJ J-»ctiii;i, iiinuv-n Chapel, ' i n ,,, c ', ipilKrim Rest and Nehemiah Tern- 1 sions of lhe projpcietl mutual sn-1 chul . ches the weekly Family curily pncl whirl, would plpduo lhe j x[ s „„„ Llnnle Henton. United Suites to come to the ;xm of South Korea m lhe event nf new committee Is invo-tieitinc " tlscl;s ''" the Communists, of "ax ?,,,ud ^ "mSl SUK " » »"' ;t c """'. he v»»<-h><M ofl i I by Dulles here, but it would have: in .sight, according to Blackstone's "Some will model earrings, others beads: possibly some will wear bracelets or fancy shoes." Cose Continued I A charge of assault and battery j asain?t Gavin Hatley based on a i complaint by Delia Brown was con- J tinucd until Aug. 10 in Municipal; Court this morning \vith bond set at | .$150. ' Save Money! Before you sign a contract for a new roof, new siding:, interior or exterior painting) insulation, gas installation or any other building improvement, let us give you a fair estimate that will save you money. Phone 4551. E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. of high treasury New York Stocks A T and T . Amer Tobacco Anaconda Copper Beth Steel Chrysler Coca-Cola Gen Electric Gen Motors Montgomery Ward N Y Central Int. Harvester J C Penny Republic Steel Rnrtio Socony Vacuum ...Studebaker SUnriar of N J - TYxns Corp Sears TJ S Steel Sou Fac (o be ratified by the U. S. Senate. Dulles will seek agreement with Rhee on common objectives to be sought at the forthcoming political conference—notably unifi- ; cation of Norlh and South Korna. I On his arrival Tuesday night. I Dulles re.shif.ed the American po- jsition that the U. S. would work with South Korea for unification I by "peaceful mean.s cial.s on tax ruses. Chairman Kcan i R-NJ) said he would have (o consult other members of the committee before deriding .whether Mayoek way open to L-oniemjH of Congress charges for his refusal to name his "lake contributors." As for Mayock: "I took n chunce. I don't want to whine about, it. The parry was in ( . , ... te straits, and if what I did I Dlljles aild to P members of his egul the blood be on my i CENSORS , d head. r|s from Page 1) Livestock NATION A LSTOCK YARDS. Til. ( y p,_(USDA)—Hogs 6,000; barrows and gilts 200 Ib up mostly *J5 lower than Tuesday, extremes more: lighter kinds nnd sows 25-50 lower; choice 200-250 Ib mostly one price 23.25; Kiza hip sprinkling mosily 210-230 Ib 23.35: one load fhoice No. 1 23.50. Bulk 380-1!I() Ib 21.0022.50; 150-170 Ib in.00-21.25; O-Mfl Ib 16-00-18.25; sows 400 ID down 19 00-20.75; henvir-r sows Ifi.riO18.50: boars 12.00-15.00; good early clearance. Caflle 3,500. calves 1.300: open- ins sales steers and bulrher year lings fully steady, cow firm; bulls steady: lusher; few load;; aver: choice steers :!5.(M)-. r ii). lii«?h commercial and \ 3.200 Ib Kansar, »r,i:--,« : uiiJity nnd commercial rows laTLM 3y 10.00-12.00: eanner;; inul culli'] 1 7.00-10.00; utililv nnd rununerei; bulls 11.00-13.. r )0; cunni-r ami cut ter bulls 8.00-10.50; few [inn pi's 25.00; cood anci cliuirr> 18.00-23.00; ulilit, yrmd mmnuTrml | \v:ih puiui 12.00-17-00: bull vcaler? 8.00-10 CO monlhs of their roles. Diffi-n-nf Tin' Allied Ironp.s wcri- dilierr'nt. Tiirki;-!i snldierH were lhe first to cross the line. Thnv nreived yelling loudly nnd warmly greeted their comrades. A gmup of South Koreans was next over. Another rait let rap ambulance rolled up. Someone inside was coiij-hing violently. Many of ihe relurnin? prisoners sa :ri th'- i rip irom romnnnii^l. North Koreu was "lerrible." They ;-a;d (hoy rode nn rickety I rains and over bomb-nocked roads. Cpl. Gerald Cavaqnaro of West New bury. M,i--r... one of the first it Panmunjom, re- he ahnhted: : i lo :,i'f a doctor in•k " V* d-d t mission toured the former fighting front by light plane and helicopter. Their first, stop took them to Freedom Village at Munsan where I hey met. A merit'an prisoners released only n few hours earlier by the Conimtini.sts. At Freedom Village. Dulles chat- led with several liberated American prisoners and was invited (o j ((ucslion Cpl. Raymond Shepherd. I :!2, nl Pyramid. Kv., who was rap- : tiii-rrl in DeeernlH-f. HffiO, i "I don't, know as [ wan I to ask f him que.slion.-i, coming out or a j captive world »s lie has clone," Dulles remarked. "This is one of my great moments. Ever .since president Eisenhower visilrd Korea (hist December t he decided we would finish up the Korean War as quickly as possible so we could t;et our finr . boys back. Never once did the ! President fnr^yt, his determination ['sidenl fni'Mut hi to get you bai\. I know it's exeitint: im- vovi l^rc tociay, but I'm e:\oied myself." Dulles Visited nearby Liberty Village, fine pron'si.nif; renter set, up nt Munsan for South Korean returnees. He said ihe best thing a hot it Ihe exchamu* of prisoners \v;r; !h:-Yt: -tume would be forced back !o conii' it lie did not want (o go back. President to Denver (Continued from Page i) wbich will carry the first group of liberated prisoners home from ! Inchon. Normally, transports do j tint draw fresh supplies in the i Orient. j But the Walker will provide its j passengers with fresh milk, fresh 1 and frozen fruits and vegetables, j fresh meat and other perishables, j One of the most recent captives arriving today was Pfc. Albert j Chiccktne of BJoomfield, N. J. He | was captured In July 1952 after ; boins wounded iti the le? while i storming 1 a Chinese outpost. ) Chicckine said he . was given i medical treatment within four j hours "but it could have been bet- j ter." He's "feeling all right now." : Chicekine said he saw some i while men near his North Korean i prison camp, but he wasn't sure j they were Russians. j Chicckine and other returning prisoners told of being forced to ationd indoctrination schools. "But, by the time I was captured." he said, "it seemed that the men who were going to believe that, stuff had already bought it and they didn't bother too much \vilh Ihe rest- of us. They called those fellows progressives. There were a few of them and they got, better treatment." WASHINGTON i.-l 1 ' — The White Hniise .said loday it will sei up I.eui- aiy ult'u-e.s at. I.owry 1'ield dui'inj; . Purulent Ki.^enlnover's v araliun in ! and iii'iiuiKi Denver, Coin. j Tin 1 I're.-sidi'iit is cxp'-f.-d to leave saved iorith;,- weekend to spoiul about, Ihvee refc in Colorado. Wesley Methodist Plans Revival Wesley Memorial M e t h o d 1 s t Church will begin a two-week re- vnal Sunday nitjlit, it was announced today by the Rev. J. II. Rn'hard:-i)ii. puntnr. Ken ices will be»in. at 7:45 each nichl . through August lil, wiih the Kev. Mr. Richardson preaching. Jot? Morion will be in charge of singing and pianist will be Mrs. R,. U. Jayroe. The church Is located in West. Rlytheull' 1 one block west, nnd one hlnrk son'h of GiUeway Stove. Services will be open to the public:. Alake your own appraisal...mail it to us! We're anxious to trade and will do our level best to meet your pricel No costl lo obligation! New Hodge trucks offer you: » 7 gietrt engines wilh 100 171 h.p. • Trutk-o-molic transmission ovniloble in Yz-, %-lon models • Shorter turning than competitive makes • Unusually low loading height • Completely rustpioofail sheel metal Best dttil ever offc-rotl truck owners! Takes only a minul oof your time. Here 'show it works: Firs), vou flci.'i(i(! what your present trurk is worth. Write this figure on the appraisal form below. Add your name nnd mailing address, te.-ir out the form and mail it to us. 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