The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 5, 1953 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 5, 1953
Page 11
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WEDNESDAY, AUGUST If, 1953 BT/TTHEVILLE (ARX.)' COUIUEK NKWS PAGE EtfcTBN OUR BOARDING HOUSE — with Major Hooplt LET'S NOT "6INS A OIR&E VST /WE MO LIKE RASSLe SWALU POTATO LIKE <TA<«AfRAS KID/ SET-UM „. CHAMP , ':) MAY gS < gA5HFUL FOR OTHEE REASONS/ ^ LAOSUlMG BOY/ TUB FAKlS WANMA VOITMOUT A TRACE/ LAUGHIfJS BOY JUST BEIMG MICE 2 OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williamt FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS WE'VE GOT TO Be MORE CAREFUL OR THE LANDL ADy IS GOIWG TO <JET SUSPICIOUS.' YOU KNOW HOW OLP- SHE MAKES ME NERVOUS. 1 ALMOST SPILL6P THE BUTTS, OUT OF wy PURSE WHGK) I WAS PAYIN 1 TH' RENT' O, "^r^ ^~ '^^C'^-' 1 r *-' " ' ~ ^ JR.WILLIA BORN THIRTY YEAES TOO SCOW POO\ WA5-OLO PLI6HTJ.. FABIAN RDMPEV If** THAN NOTHIN6! /WIVORD! -^ HA4 HOLLYWOOD CALLEPYET? ? FABIAN!.,. HEACP <?F VOUR TMZILLlWb ADVENTURE IN SPACE! ' About one half of the earth's known uranium ore lies on the Shinkolobwe mine, 70 miles northwest of Etizabethville, Belgian Congo. KILLS JOHNSON GRASS, BERMUDA GRASS, and many other graiies end weeds. Destroys weed roots . . . prevents regrowth. In convenient powder form; easy to mix fof use 0$ a spray. L C. ROBINSON Guaranteed Watch Repair Sptcfel Your watch la disassembled, cleaned, pivots polished and hair-spring ad- Justed. Chronographs and automatics not included. 3 Day Service Thompson Crcc/li JEWELER Next Donr to Wade Furn. The .offshore banks of New England, Nova Scotia, and Newfoundland, famous for their rich fisheries, once were part of the continental land mass. The deep rift valleys that separate the banks from the continental shelf probably were caused by erosion. TRUSSES Spring or Elastic Abdominal Belts Kirby Drug Stores For Fine Foods, Choose PICKARD'S GROCERY & MARKET Nationally Advertised & Fancy Groceries We Deliver Call In 2043 Come In 1044 Chick. FUEL OIL G. 0. POETZ Oil CO. "/ Sell That Stuff" Phone 2089 Office & Bulk Plant - Promised Land Beside the Laughing Water A Romance by LOUIS ARTHUR CUNNINGHAM VIII J ILITH told Archer all about it th;it evening when 1hey wont fr>r a drive in (he little car which, he ?nid, wa. c like n ('dmer of Konxc foreign field forever England. "1 foci as if I were driving a Innk when I set behind the wheel of pome of these American behemoths. How did Ihc day go?" "Lovely. I had my portrait done." "By Karsh?" "By Peg \Vnyland." "Well, well! Did you bring it for me to .sec""' "I did." Archer stopped the car and studied the brave lines of the young girl's .sketch. He whistled softly. " 'Out of the mouths of babe;;—or from the pencils of sucklings. Lilith, the child has made a brave stab at Rotting to the lovely essence of you." "Spare me. Arch. Seriously, though, she thinks she has seen me somewhere before. Do you suppose she could by any chance have come across one of those Ihentncal photos—may be Giles had one." "Could be. You aren't telling those people that you once were almost married lo this Wayland ClKlp?" "No—no, I'm not Archer They soom to fiUach some blame lo me for his c:r;ick-up and—for what reasons 1 don't know—his death I'm noi to blame. 1 ditched him -but 1 hnd my rrnsons-- the best in the world. Vou believe me, Archer?" ,i 5 M 1MJ b, NIA JHVICl. IM __-___«. "You don't need to ask, my child. And I think you're wise to sny nothing. 'Let the dead past bury its dead.' " "If it only will." * * • OEFORE the days turned cool Archer taught her how to paddle his canoe. Soon she could handle the light craft and as she was a good swimmer Archer let her have the canoe to herself whenever she wished. "But don't ever forget," Archer warned her several times, "that the Laughing Water ean have its treacherous spells. And when it gets angry its laughter isn't good to hear. 11 Archer had also warned against going too far from shore. "Wide and deep," intoned Archer in his Indian-chant voice, "is Winna- ma-kee-wis, the great-grandmother of waters, the wise old witch of waters—and she's just waiting for greenhorns like you to venture too far out on her surface. Then she will start to kick up her heels and, man-oh- man, you'll find it's no summer- squall on a pond." She Knew that very soon that day after the sky's sudden darkening, the drive of rain, the swift rise of the wind, the angry lashing of the waves against the little canoe that now seemed so weak and frail as the river began to lash about like an angry monster and show its mighty power. She was far from the shore; she had been paddling towards a great rock" on the far side of the river, called The..Minister's Kace It was only a question ot minutes before the eanoe would be swamped and she would be bucking those wild, rushing waters, feeling their splash and sting on her face, suffocating, drowning in their black and se- crcl depths. .She heard the deep thrurn nf the aquaplane only t lew seconds before the canoe broached-to and turned over, throwing her into the mad maelstrom, blinded and choking. She glimpsed the white craft knifing towards her, sending up a huge cloud of spray and, as it slowed, she fought her way towards it, grasping with frantic fingers at the buoy flung out to v her, pulling herself slowly along the sodden hemp until strong hands seized her under the arms and. liked a gaft'ed fish, she was dragged into the speedboat and lay gasping and spitting water on the cushions. "You must have heard harp- music that time, lady. " Gavin Wayland's thin brown fnce was stern and his eyes angry. "What the idea paddling around in that cockle-shell in a blow like this? Did you think the river was something like the Serpentine or one of those cute duck ponds you people call lakes? Somebody should have told you—" He broke oft suddenly and stared at her, at the clinging slacks and sweater, the sodden red hair that hung mermaid-fashion over her shoulders, "Why you're the new teacher from Edgcmcrc! I thought you were one of the brats. You're just a kid yourself—" "I—I'm not!" Lilith's teeth began to chatter and Gavin (lung a trench-coat around her shoulders. • * • CUE saw the exultation in his face, the joy of conflict in the set of his jaw as the chrome and mahogany craft mode a monkey out of the stormy water. "Look in that seat locker beside you—you'll find some towels. You're awfully pretty—like a wet kitten: and you look 10 years younger than the day I saw you." "My hair isn't snow while then?" "Far from it. J should say it's redder than my niece's. You (now—Peg." "Oh, yes, I know PCR She Is one of my star pupils." "I can't imagine you teaching those young she-bobcats. I don't wonder that you try to add on years and dignity with those glasses and all the rest of it. You don't look much different now from any of your students." (T« K« Continued) Television— Tonite, Tomorrow WMCT, Memphis, Channel 5 WEDNESDAY NIGHT, AUGUST S 6:00 I Married Joan 6-.30 Window On Pear 7:00 TV Theatre 8:00 Boxing 8:45 News Weekly 9:00 Film Featuretla 9:30 News Reporter 9:45 Tonight in Sports 9:55 Weather 10:00 Big Town 10:30 Rocky King 11:00 News 11:05 City Hospital 11:35 Industry On Parade 11:50 News 11:55 Sign Off THURSDAY, AUGUST 6 7:00 Today 7:25 News 7:30 Today 7:55 News 8:00 Ding Dong School 8:30 Arthur Godfrey 9:00 Hawkins Palls 9:15 The Bennetts 9:30 Strike It Rich 10:00 Shopping At Home 10:15 Love of Life 10:30 Search for Tomorrow 10:45 Film Featurette 11:00 Storylanti 11:15 Quieting Light 11:30 Garry Moore 12:00 Meditation 12:10 News 12:20 Farm News 12:30 Honiemakers Program 1:00 Break the Bank 1:30 Welcome Travelers 2:00 On Your Account 2:30 Secrets of Glamour 2:45 Ladies Choice 3:00 Atom Squad 3:15 Gabby Hayes 3:30 Howdy Doody 4:00 Berl Olswanger 4:30 Wild Bill Hickok 5:00 Flicker Comics 5:15 News 5:25 Weatherman 5:30 Eddy Arnold 5:45 News Caravan 6:00 Best of Oroucho fi:30 TV Theatre 7:00 Dragnet 7:30 Theatre 8:00 Martin Kane 8:30 Film FeaUiretle 9:00 My Little Mnrgie 0:30 News Reporter 9:45 TonjEht in Sports 9:55 Weather 10:00 Playhouse of stars 10:30 Arthur Murray 11:00 News 11:05 Industry On Parade 11:20 It's News To Me 11:50 News 12:00 Sign Off MEYER & CHILES ENGINEERS P.O. Box 778 1st National Bank BIdg. Blj-thevillc, Ark. J. W. Meyer Bljtheville, Ark. Office 2261 Phones Rw. 8667 R.L 'Bob 7 Chiles Osccola. Ark. Phone 991 Professional Knjjincer License No. 333 P> rompl DELIVERY SERVICE Phone 4507 Hairs: I >.• U 10 p.m. with DcllYerj i, 7 p.m. WOODS DRUG STORE 121 Wnt Main «l. Bur YOU CAN Give ALL YOUR ATTENTION To Me/ IMAGIME-- FRECKLES t>U(xr:Y WANG! F HAS Jur. INVIT'GD ROM OE : US ]0 A WEEK-ENP PAW our AT WAI.lrr W/1L GO FOK. THE IPCA OF A ir NEEDS A REST/ SftWh ffi What I can't understand is why you never want to play hoir- ,,,jth me!" PIG AWAY A BIT OF THIS ROTTEN WOOD... IT'S A WONDER THIS I Ve GOTTA GET OVER TO THE CLUB. ..JOAN WILL EE COMING DOWN THOSE STEPS IN A FEY/WOWEN1S..: JUST TEARING OH,ON! HERE COMES MY CO/VSC/fA/Cf-' WOW!! WILL I HAVE FUN!' THE CW YOU TWEP TO KNIFE .j- FDR 15 W1MUT6S HE'S BLMTED FOR HELP TELLUWi POLICE CHMZLIE KOTN SHW06HMED ABOARD SHIP MMB klEFTUNB, BOUWD FOR. S6KMOE, BUT IMUSTHURKV BIS CHIEF THUNDER-ALL- BSt'-LONG INVITE UM YOU =TAYfOR SUPPER) HMM, SOME INTERESTING ITEMS HERE... 5PONSE- RUS3ER CUSHION, NEVER- RIP CLOTHES LINE... F IM SATISFIED WITH . M\6ttt WORVi VJtW '. ME ,1 CP.Vi9\Ki6 OVSX 1 VN R\6HT OOT.R 'i-iv iiinvc. 11 11 n j JC~'?X —• ' -• ' ""'— — v sm.Pi v&¥<j<£^'>'''^''4i'-i"- ; &J£-'-i'^-^ m^^M^m^mmm-^^,

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