The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 5, 1953 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 5, 1953
Page 9
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IWEDNERDAY, AUOUST 5. 1 !)?>!> BI.YTHKVn.I.K (ARK.) COUTUFR NEWS PAOE NtKl Probers See Need For Code of Ethics WASHINGTON (AP) — Rep. Scott (R-Pa) salt! today he wrong Idea of billiards. There is no cleaner .sport the younti poo. pie. Including ulrls. arc Irmnklul lo Mrs. H;ile for her contribution to the center. "There »ire homos here in Os- coola." he continued, "that could easily spare a chair or table, magazine rack or maybe a table radio, it would serai small to them but it would mean »n awful lot in furnishing the building." A lot of Oscpolans probably , ,. .-, -- • • I never heard of Curlev PUffh find believes Congress needs a "declaration of principles" to guide wouldn't know him it they met him Ihe conduct of its numerous investigating committees. But he said he is undecidedfr— whether a rigid code of ethics is necessary to cover probes of communism, the government, and other fields being exploded by congressional groups. Jh' Scott is chairman of a House Tummy Ache Costs Bamboo "Piiles subcommittee which yester- f*| * j I I f\ _• day completed preliminary hear-! fj/rf'/'JCl Q V r Cf/TV ings on'a proposal to set up rules!*" 1 fcffMW / » *-*' fc / (ace I thought I would enable affecting whnesses before congressional committees. The subcommittee will resume hearings in January, when Congress reconvenes, to hear testimony from numerous hnr associations, unions and others. Scott said in an interview that testimony so far convinced him "there appears to be a need for at least the enunciation of a declaration of principles." But he said the committees may be able to handle the problem by their own sets of rules. One of the main problems to be covered. Scott said, is "reckless body-b 1 o w procedure" by which witnesses involve third persons in testifying on such ticklish subjects as communism. Another, said Kep. Howard W. Smith (D-Vat, is "just plain badgering of witnesses" by the congressmen. Rep. Doyle (D-Calif), a member of the House Un-American Activities Committee, recommended putting tighter restraints on the public statements of commHXee members and giving; witnesses somewhat more leeway to explain their positions. Rep. Meader 'R-Wis> told the subcommittee that a rigid series of rules might permit "recalcitrant ,ji;itnesses and their attorneys" TO mill if y investigations by disputing them in court actions. face writing his background everyone to know defen.sp job, He got a job as bnikpiiinn on I IIP L and N Railroad from Mmilf-om: cry to Mobile, traiKpoi-ttng A«uy -supplies. "We were supposed to be on duty for ei^ht, hours a day," he said, "but this job was even worse inonlh the center was organized, it dropped lo 7,oru. IT WAN in Hay Mijiotte that Cur- what a fine person he really is and to learn of his qualifications, which is important when it comes to being director of a youth center, Clifford Pugh was born in Oshkosh, Wi^r-. He attended grade and his^h school there where he won a scholarship in esneral sports at the University of Alabama. After two years, he came' back to Wisconsin, where he attended the university on a football scholarship. Lacking only than being in Ihe Army. Help was! dl * v ^ 00( j s slor rfiorl and we were ,-nlli'd out »'! t ,v whon he w all hours of the day and night, spy- ' pn days a week and as many as sixteen hours a day. This job lasted for the duration of the war. "As soon as I could Rpt back inlo I civilian life, I went back to coaching," he continued, "and my fii>t. Job was In one of the bluest high Montgomery Hit With New Polio Attacks MONTGOMERY, Ala. I-?)—A lull in Montgomery's polio siege ended abruptly yesterday with the reporting- of two deaths and two new cases. Dread bulbar polio, almost PHILADELPHIA — Bamboo, the Philndeiphi /.no's most puo- licized ape, is 27 years old today, but his binhcUiy puny has been canceled. The middle-aged (comparable age of a human being; 54), gray- haired gorilla's visually nnsvy dis-! position has been aggravated by i a stomach ache. HAVING BEEN injured playing Consequently, there will be no'college football, he had a bad knee. six hours n( graduating Irom college, he siunpd up with the New York Giants for two and one-half vears. ley met hi.s wife Her ftitlu'r owned a UK! she would drop busy and help him. Curlov «aw lift 1 in (here one day and rikin't- have ihp nerve lu speak 10 her. The next fifieninnn. he felt a little braver and ihnuelu he would stop in to by ;i handkerchief from lier hill, when she approached him lo wait on hint, iu his excitement, (he Juvenile jrnU'p ttvontftcd 20 cases job but it's a Long way from Osceo- n month in ins court. After Ihe first | l;i to Panama Cil.v when you are in love.' '.smiled Curie, ".so I turned down the offer. My parents i)iifS"(l away and we were married. 1 came here and worked for Louis for awhile ihen went back to Bay Min- cite, where we went in business. I "But the friendliness we [(Hind! here in our church, the Prcshytc-j nan, mid the many opportunities j we saw for our business nfler three! years nnd came back to Osceola 10! make our future home." I schools in the United States. T wont I t le asked to sec a pair of shorts, there as assislam coach under my 1 T ) lfty W ere both embarrassed and ho brother, Harvey, who was head; Munich! he had really fouled up the coach, and as superintendent ofi W orks but before he went out, lie playgrounds, employed by the city oil nac j m:u ie a (j atp ^-jiii Ml >r | 0 H O to Mobile. I forsoi to mention." he, 1 n football game in New Orleans the added, "that all during my colle^" next ^ay. career, I took training that would! .. It< w ^ i nv£ > a , fn . st sight.;- cur- enable me to lake charge of large; | (1V ^\f\, "so we daied steady after Boston Red Sox's shortstop, Bolllnff, he is hoping to biiiiR him here when the season l« over along with an- iiher personal firend of his whom •verybody in this section of the •• j om.try knows, Eddie Stanley, man.-1 Rcr or the St. Louis Cards. So this story is being «cnt to the wo as a kick-off invitation to come o Osceola and talk to the school ids, when their playing season Is over if they can arrange it. Osreola has Curley Pugh to thank for coming; to Onctol* and up the int*rfst. that ht has in organizing Otccolt'i lint rtU youth. center. IfcA/nf mnl MwmMf Simp Retinal Omirntnl— f — Ia*( (o oil and toothe lentfti perl* M (to medlculon iflievH itchy kmttl**, Fm fin(l< titiniiflf UK m(\4 ftwliwl fc^, recreation centers." After being there for • thai for the. 1945-46i helping a year and a half. I to support my parents cake made ol Bamboo's favorite Secretly, he was so anxious to make cereals; not tempting- watermelon good with the Giants, he was de- with banana candies to hurl at! termined he was going to make the passers-by a sport the lean, tough « rn d c but he received an injury In ape takes to with indiscreet de- hj s trv out which caused him to light. Bamboo's normal diet of grain, fruit and vegatables to keep him trim and health was upset by some uniformed visitor who tossed into the cage the other day. Bamboo arrived at the zoo in 1927 as a scrawny infant. Experts figured he had not long to live. Curator of animals Fredrick A, have to undergo an operation on that knee and leave the Giants. He accepted a coaching job at the St. Peters High School in Oshkosh, where he stayed for three years and played professional basketball on Oshkosh All Star team. At the end of his three years, he went to Cullman, Ala., as coach and teacher in I season, Curley went to Bay MineiU 1 ,; continued Curley, "and I couldn't Ala-, as assistant principal nnd rii-i nsk n flirt to inarrv me on a teach- recior of athletics in all phases of i er's salary and with parents to help sports and organized the city recre- j support. atlon program there. On the op- "My future wife came to Osceola ening day, according to the newspa-1 to help out at her brother-in-law's per clippings Curly proudly showed j (Louis George* place of business me, there were one thousand who registered at the center. Prior to the opening of the center. rUirinw his Illness and 1 had the best offer I h:u! in my life to go 10 Panama City. Pla., for a coaching IT W A s ai, the Presbyterian Youth center where Curley saw the iirent need of a youth center that could accommodate more children. "Since i organized the one at the community house, the church's was transferred over where we have more spuct 1 ," lie .said. Curley is H member of the Kuviais club in Osceola. Through the club, and his personal friendship with the Quality and Economy.. . St.Joseph ASPIRIN SAVE MOST-200 TABLETS 79C Ulmer. Jr, credits his survival to his rigid diet,. Today Bamboo is the biggest, strongest, largest and, probably, meanest gorilla in cap- the Cullman High School and Was there for three years and then to Brantle, Ala. in the same capacit. Along came World War II. The tivity. night that President Roosevelt used His keeper insist it isn't cap-j the fish bowl for pulling out num- tivity that's given him such a dis-j bers for inductions. Cm-ley's was the torted outlook toward the human race. "He just has an unfortunate personality," he said. "You must know plenty of people like him." The U.S. Department of Agriculture has developed a new insecticide that lets the house-wife mothproof her washable woolens the same time she runs them through the washing machine. STRANGER Continued from Page 3 --- -.- , ly by the janitor of the high ways fatal, was listed as the cause '. school. of death for Roy-Carter, 28, an The city furnishes the lights so airman stationed at Maxwell Air Force Base, and Gerald Bailey The county score now stands at seven fata 1 ities a mong the 103 cases of infantile paralysis. A 22-year-old girl and a 5-year i there isn't any overhead." he ad- ll.jded. "There is talk of organizing park board commission with the old boy were the latest cases. Both was not in Montgomery last wionth when serum was given to 33,000. Motorists will know their average speed nn a trip merely by glancing at, the dashboard with the aid of a new indicator. The pointer on the dial of the indicator is booked up both to the mileage indicator and a clock, thus providing a constant measure of the number of allies an hour the automobile already has made. completion of our new swimming pool at Florida park nnd that would be the ideal set-up for a permanent youth center to be c~me down with the paralytic type, [erected. The boy had been given an in-1 "Osceola'has enough interested jecMon of gamma.globulin, but the citizens and certainly enough money," Curley said, "to have everything needed for the youth of the town and I'd like to see it go over to the extent of it being publicized in newspapers all over the country, those are the things that get other communities interested. ONE OF the biggest boosters for the new center is Melvin Lapidcs. He has an aunt in New York, who owns a wholesale sporting goods supply house. Melvin wrote her when we,organized, the center for a donation of equipment and so much has been coming in from her On Memorial Day each year, the flag of the United States should be flown at half-staff from noon to 6Unset. that it is being divided with the Negro Julius Rosenwald School north of Osceola. "Mrs. J. H. HalR donated a billiard table and I might add," first number called in that section. He had his radio tuned in that night and when he heard his number culled, he immediately called the Birmingham draft board and it seemed like he had become a star of some kind overnight. Everybody in the town either called or fame over to the house and by daylight, photographers from the newspapers in Birmingham were knocking on his door and all the papers had his picture plastered on their front pages the nest day. He was assigned to the Signal j Corps and took training at Ft. Mom mouth. N. J., but with his athlet background he transferred to th Air Corps in the physical educatio department. THE DAT all Americans remem her—Pearl Harbor Day. he got. di! charged due to his knee Injur: Curlpy said he couldn't undrrstan why he passed his physical and the eight months Inter when he too overseas physical that the medic discovered his bad knee, but tha was just one of those crazy thing lie said. He couldn't go back teaching and coaching as Uncle San had other plans. He had to take IN BLYTHEVILIE ALL WEEK! SOUTHERN VALLEY SHOWS —ON SOUTH HIGHWAY 61 — (Near Johnson Block Co.) SPONSORED BY AMERICAN LEGION Watch For Our Light In The Sky!! • Rides O Fun Booths • Shows e Fun For All VISIT OUR MODERN KIDDIE LAND L. AND OUR ATHLETIC ARENA Quick Relief for MUSCULAR ACHES Teat STAKBACK youruell . . . iab- l«t* or powders . . . against any preparation Y° U Yfl tr« used. Announce TOLER BUCHANAN Is Now a Partner and Active Manager Of The Noble Gill Insurance Agency Hofel Glenco Building — Blytheville Ark. "FROSTY" The Smoother, Deliciouily Different Soft le« Cream Tr.r It at Ihe RAZORBACK DRIVE-IN. Serred U T°« <• .vour car or come into our mir rontlltfoned coffer ihop. The «ly milk bar In lilythtville where Toll can be §rntd In «lr c<m4iU*n«4 comfort. Brini join children Inilde where It Is cool >nd comfMUM*. Take a Quart or Pint Home Have You Tried The Drink AH Biythcville Is Talking About? HIRES ROOT BEER Served From The "Wooden Keg" In Frosted Mugs Try Our Wonderful "Frosty" Sundaes 15c & 25c Fresh Strawberry Pineapple Chocolate Black Walnut Cherry Banana Splits 30f Brown Derby ... lOc & 15c "Frosty" cones Jc-lOc-ISc Fountain Coca Col» Malts and Shakes extra thick All kinds of sandwich* "FROSTY" at the Razorback Drive-In This demonstration showed me the way to a better deal! I'd been planning lo buy a higher-priced car until I found out all Chevrolet offered— and how much I could save! Tou'ri "fitting pritty" bthlnd tht whtal Take this Bel Air model. First thing you'll notice is the rich-looking upholstery and appointments and roomy, comfortable scats. Just turn the ignition key to start Ihe engine «nd you'r* ready to go. You get more pawtr on l*it gat Here's all the power and performance you could ever ask for. And ilong with it comes the most important gain in economy in Chevrolet historyl That's because of Chevrolet's two great high-compression engines. You can see all around You look out and down at the road through a wide, curved, one-piece windshield. The panoramic rear window and big side windows provide a clear view in all directions. It's heavier for better readability You're in for n plcasanl surprise at the .smooth, slcady ride. One reason is that, model for model, Chevrolet will weigh vip to 200 pounds more than other low-priced cars. ' -fr You gel greater getaway with the new Powerglide* Finer performance on less gas. That's what you gel with Ihe new Powcr- plicic. There's no more advanced automatic transmission at any price. Evtn Power Steering, If you want if You ought to try Power Steering to see how easy driving can be. You can spin the wheel with one finger! It'i optional, of course, at extra cost, and available on all modcli. Biggest brakes for smoother, easier stops An easy nudge on the brake pedal hrings smooth, positive response-right now! Chevrolet brakes arc Ihe largest in the low-price field-extra large for c.\tra stopping power. And it's Ihe lowest-priced line A demonstration will show yon that Chevrolet offers more in the lowcsl- priced line in the low-price field. 'Cfinihinnliftn ft I'n^rrKUdr anlomnlic. Iriiirfmi^uin ami If-h.p. "flur-flamr" fiiznie opiintifl ftft "/HO-/ en" ami Bel Air models at txita cost. Let us demonstrate all the advantages of buying a Chevrolet now! MORE PEOPLE BUY CHEVROLETS THAN ANY OTHER CARI HEAR Ur-TO-THE-MINUU NEWS MOUND THI CLOCK • Inr, 1-l.rJt, <W Sin*r-AK t.*. Nttnft SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY 301 WEST WALNUT BUTHBV1LLE

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