The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts on October 11, 1975 · 12
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The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts · 12

Boston, Massachusetts
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Saturday, October 11, 1975
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1-i ine Boston fJlobe JSaluiday, UtluLtl' 11, Ui j 5r A- T0 IN THE MAIN THEATER YOUNG COUNTRY "AN ORIGINAL UPBEAT MUSICAL REVIEW!" McGlLUGAN, GLOBE TODAY - 11 A.M. SUNDAY NOON IN THE CABARET "THE BANANANOFF BUNCH' A MAGIC-STUNT SHOW "WILL TICKLE YOUR JUVENILE FUNNYBONES" GARRETT, HERALD TODAY AND SUNDAY 1 & 3 P.M. Al Pacino in 'Dog Day Afternoon' i "Dor? Dav Af- D 1 tcrnoon," at Cine-1 J ma 57. is a riv- n a m i c movie based on a highly publicized robbery attempt of a small bank in Brooklyn on Aug. 22, 1972. By turns manically funny, slyly terrifying and strangely provocative, it somehow reaches beyond its format to make startling comment on the rampant panic of contemporary life. Directed by Sidney Lumet, from a screenplay by Frank Pier-son which sentimentalizes some of the hard facts into attractive fiction, it is, by any measure, one of the i i movies of the year. SoniiV and Sal, street--drifting Vietnam veterans, invade a neighborhood branch of The First National Bank with the help of a young friend. Although Sonny has some inside knowledge of bank workings, the team is inexperienced and nervous. Sonny has sworn a clean job, no violence, no blood. The first thing to go wrong is the defection of the young friend who simply can't go through with it, and the Art sale to benefit prisoners Forty prominent Boston artists will submit their works to a sale and auction to be held at the Institute of Contemporary Art Wednesday, Oct. 15. This one day event, which will benefit the Massachusetts Prison Art Project, is made possible by the combined efforts of the Museum of Fine Arts, the ICA, and the participating artists. About 125 objects including sculpture, ceramics, and paintings will be on sale at the ICA from 10 am to 9 pm with half the proceeds going to the artists and half to the Prison Art Project. Martin H. Slobodkin and pi Sonny Cr eddy's Theatres!!! JXETER ST. 5367067 THE AFRICAN QUSN TREASURE OF THE SIERRA MADRE 1:5, 5:45, 9:45 ALLSTON 1 277-2140 THE APPRENTICESHIP Of DUDOY KRAVITZ 1:45, 3:50, 6,8,10 ALLSTON 2 277-2140 HAROLD and MAUDE 2:15, 4,5:45,7:30,9:15 HARVARD SO. 864-4560 BUTLEY 5,8:48 WM IN LOVE 2:45, 7:30 CENTRAL SO. 1 664-6426 The KING Of HEARTS 2:15,4:10,6:05,8.9:55 CENTRAL SO- 2 864 0426" PHANTOM OF LIBERTY 2:30,6,9:45 DISCREET CHARM OF THE BOURGEOISIE ' 4:15,7:50 ACADEMY 1 "'" 332-2524 LAST TANGO M PARIS 7:15,9:30 Special Si. 25 Kids Matinee CAPl NEMO & UNDERWATER CITY u Academy 2 newtonctr. BENJI 1.2:45,4:30,7,8:40 1 1 The fun place to eat and drink I II .11. ij . ; 1 'iinj.niMi iii in . mi i iimiiim muni i.i : I KEVIN KELLY second is the discovery that most of the bank's assets have already been picked up for downtown deposit. Rattled but determined, Sonny, who is smarter than Sal, who simply sinks into almost total defeat, finds himself playing a role, acting the tough. When the police arrive, he threatens the lives of several hostages, a genial manager, eight female tellers and an old black guard. But the truth is that he is gently protective of his charges: "I don't want to shot anyone, I'm a Catholic." Meanwhile, outside the police forces mass. The FBI is called in. Onlookers line the entire block, with neighbors watching from tenement windows. The media moves in and the robbery attempt is turned into a bizarre and dizzying carnival. When, for example, Sonny asks to see his wife, the police rush off to find her. It turns out that he has two wives, one on welfare with their two kids, Harold Putnam will serve as auctioneers from 6 to 9 pm. George Dergalis, art coordinator for the sale and auction, has included works of quality in all price ranges. The Prison Art Project, begun in 1969, is one of the largest educational and rehabilitative programs inside the Massachusetts prison system. Each year over 400 prisoners in four state correctional institutions-Norfolk, Walpole, Framing-ham, and Concord participate in this program centered around the creative arts. HEWLieLAIID'S LARGEST PIBOf 1 i INDOOR MmjUJE SHOWS & FLEA MARKETS OPENS 1 I A BRAND NEW SEASON. OVER ZOO EXHIBITORS 1 ft AUTHEHTIC GERMAN F00O... I UM-PA-PA BAND... POLKAS 1 jii -v - i 11 taa 1 1 111 JW2 V CHAM II s I m I L v V food from V VVJi I I i I, ABworldHE I ' il OCTOBER 11 & 12 If SAT. 12 13 10 II SUN. 12 to 7 1 il ADMISSION $1.50 WITH THIS AD $1.00 I 9 PLENTY OF PARKINS OurSupersteak is now only $Q95 Save a big buck when you order our Supersteak this fall . Now it comes with french fries, Texas toast, a tossed salad, and a taq of only $3.95. So c'mon in for our Supersteak. It's a super meal at a super price! BOSTON The Prudential Center Huntington Ave. side ( Arcade level) BRAINTREE King'i Plia, Braintree Five Corner COHASSET 156 King St. (Re. 3AJ DANVERS-Liberty Tree Mall FALMOUTH Rte. 28 (Main St.) FRAMINGHAM Speen St. at Rte. 30 NORWELL Rte. 228 at exit 30 off Rte. 3 PEABODY 124 Newbury St. (Rte. 1) MANCHESTER, N.H.-Hampahir Plan the other in Bellevue recuperating from Sonny's threats. The Bellevue wife is brought to the scene and it turns out that he's a young man named Leon, whom Sonny married in a gay wedding attended by seven male bridesmaids. Leon, in fact, is Sonny's motivation for the attempted robbery. To ease his male wife's psychological hang-ups, Sonny tries to steal enough money so that Leon can have a transexual operation. Apparently, all this is straight fact, no pun intended. What is slightly crooked, however, is the come-on charm given to the characterization of Sonny, whose warped, possibly murderous personality is developed as though he were little more than a slap-happy butterfly. Early in the game Sonny becomes a hero to the onlookers in the street, a rebel storming the Establishment and, like a literal Robin Hood, scattering the bank's money to the masses. Later, when his bisexuality is revealed, he's gestured at and jeered, although Gay Lib arrives to cheer him on. The cross-currents in "Dog Day Afternoon" make it like no other movie I've ever seen. The mad farce stands on the edge of inescapable disaster and Lumet never lets us forget that our easy laughs, in effect.j cost a terrible price. Lu-met's direction is wonderful, the balance between an in-depth, psychological probing in the intimate scenes (particularly in a w.:i!!;ii!!nM:;,:n MMIE OVMMTt t HUCf IU WIS FISTS Of FURY" uimiK unutiiv "MFUniTKIUMH n MKIF III m "THREE THE HMD WW" -lira in iiitir -urn nr price 'nil f'-nuiJ nw. j I m-. -L.'it 1 : 1 : l . I - , memorable telephone call shared by Sonny and Leon) and a perfect realism in the crowd episodes. And, it goes without saying, the editing by Dede Allen is brilliant. As Sonny, Al Pacino once again gives a virtuosic performance. We understand this bruised, bitter, eccentric so well that he enlists our sympathy and, rather, dangerously, overlook at least some of the results of his tortured desperation. This may well be Al Pacino's most perfectly realized performance. John Cazale is shyly and sorrowfully eloquent as Sal, Chris Sarandon is scarred to the soul as Leon, and there are fine performances from Penny Allen, Sully Boyar, James Broderick and Judith Malina (as Sonny's disturbed mother). "Dog Day's Afternoon" is aware, to a alarming degree, of the hostilities in city life that can stimulate a demented search, like Sonny's, for freedom, for an idealized escape. It is a must-see movie. 33, I U II I mTS Hit TIM8 j Whtuiyciun2? DAILY pf imteLnm-j K. YOUR KST EHTEHTAIMMEHT VALUE! GENERAL CORP ltl.25 TIL TOO P.M. at I STARRED ( ) CINEMAS AL PACINO "DOG DAT AFTERNOON" 1-tt- 4:30 - 7:20 - 9:40 ft chmui "HARD TIMES" JAPES w,UW1:30-3:30-5:3O-7:-M0 (PGj ""THE OTHER SIDE OF THE MOUNTAIN" 1:30-3.40-5:35-7:30 IPG RICHARD HARRIS, VANESSA REDGRAVE "CAMELOT"ra 1:30 - 5:00 - 8:00 uiTTnRiO OESICA'S "A BRIEF VACATION' SKHARD HARffli. VAHtSSA REDGRAVE "CAMELOT" " "1:30 - 5:00 - 8:00 w. AL PACINO "DOG DAY AFTERNOON" 1:40-4:25-7:20-9:45 'BILL COSBY, SIDNEY POITIEB "LET'S DO IT AGAIN" r 1g.5--T- XAPT. NEMO k THE UNDERWATEB CITY" 1:00 3:0016) MATEtt AUMMIiH IU '-, g-.25-7:35-9:45 CHARLES BROMSON. JAMiSCOBUU "HARD TIMES'' 1:30-3:30-5:30-7:30-9:30 LPV) "MONTY PYTHON and THE HOLY GHAIL . - 1:30-3:3O-.5:3p-7-3O-9:30 Richard hrris, yanessarewjave "CAMELOT' 5:OQ - B:W CHARUS RB0t0H. J6tS COBURN "HARD TIKES'' 1:3O-3:3O-:30-7a0-:30 lV, XAPT. NEMO t THE UNDERWATER CITY" 1:00 3:00(0) " "MASTER GUMFIGHTtB 'pjj 5:25-7:35-9:45 ROBERT SHAW "JAWS" RICHARD DREYFUSS l-3M0-7g)-9:0 NO PASSES PP. "BENJI" 1:15-3:10 5:00-7:00 1:45 p ROBERT "JAWS" SHAW i4m-m HO PASSES PG CHAKLES BflOKSOH. JAMES COBURN "HARD TIMES 1:30-3:30-5:30-7:30-9:30 PfS "BENJI" w "HOWAYOUT 1.30 3 10 ;V7 30 9.30 mmmmi "BENai'TM "LIVING FREE" 9K PGlJ "NO WAY CUT" "DEADLY TRACKERS" w BK r ITT Hi III! ! 1 H 4 1 ,1 f RPM O ""'""l LINC0LN Eitnti'e Proper DKL0RES TAYLOR Product Copyright V 1975 Avondale Productions, Inc. Al! rights reserved. A Billy Jack Enterprises Presentation. 2ND GREAT WEEK AND OTHER THEATRES NEAR YOU I . - . " TH HI II I II Tlll . - " sill- " I I"" I CTO. TWIN CINEMA 263-8372 Route 2A Omar Sheriff In Cin. I "Dr. Zhivago" (PG) 7:15 Cin. II Woody Allen Diane Keaton Love & Deatn (fO) 7 & 9 Mat. Cin. I "Capt. Nemo" 1 & 3 Cin. II Beatles "Help" & Yellow Sub." 1 ARLINGTON CnPIT3wS43-4340 "Wind & The Lion" (PG) 7:00-9:05 REGENT 643-1197 Return of Pink Panther" (G) 7:00-9:00 Tonite Regent $1.00 Capitol $1.25 AVON AVON DRIVE-IN S36-7176 "TAKE A HARD RIDE" "M.A.S.H." BELMONT STUDIO 484-1706 "WINDS THE LION" (PG) 7 & 9:10 Tonite Admission $1.50 Adm. 75c tor Sat. Sun. Mats. 'Capt. Nemo & Underwater City" 1:15-3:15 BILLERICA E. M. LOEW'S PiNEHURST 667-7911 Drive-In Theatre Open Frl.-Sun. only! Mel Brooks' "BLAZING SADDLES" "RAFFERTY S THE GOLD DUST TWINS" (R) BOSTON GARDEN CINEMA 536-9477 19 Arlington St., Opp. Public Garden Franco Zetlirelli's "BROTHER SUN, SISTER MOON" (PG) Daily at 5:00-7:10-9:15 Matinees sat. a Sun. at 2 pm BROCKTON SKYVIEW DRIVE-IN 583-0246 Theatre On Route 28 "BEYOND THE DOOR" (R) "DEVIL'S NIGHTMARE" "NIGHT OF HORROR" BROOKLINE COOLIDGE COR. 734-2501 Alain Delon "No Way Out" (R) 5:55-9:15 Also Michael Came In "BLACK WINDMILL" 7:30 Mat. Today, Sun. & Mon. 1:30 "Capt. Nemo & Underwater City" Children 75c CINEMA BROOKLINE 566-0007 Hearthstone Plaza Route 9 "Wind & The Lion" (PG) 7:00-9:15 Sat. & Sun. Matlnees-1:00-3:O0-5:OO ALL SEATS ALWAYS $1.00! Look For Our Ad With The Paris Cinema CAMBRIDGE BRATTLE THEATRE 876-4226 Thru Tuesday! 'WR Mysteries of Organism" 6:30-9:45 Miklos Jancsos 'The Red 4 The White" 8 00 Weekend Matinees 4 50 CANTON BLUE HILLS DRIVE-IN 828-2122 Rte. 138 $3.50 Per Carload Jacqueline Susann's "Once Is Not Enough" (R) plus James Caan in "The Gambler" Open Fn., Sat., Sun. A Mon. 7:30 CHELMSIORD RTE. 3 CINEMA CITY 256-051' 1. "Hard Times" (PG) 7 8 10 2. "The Way We Were" (PG) 7-9 30 3. "Dr. Zhivago" (PG) 8 00 only 4. "Love & Death" (PG) 7 S 19 CHELSEA PiP.KU.liV Dl 171 P0.C.7 immnni i lpui uui-vuui ALL SEATS TILL 4 pm $100 "BENJI" (Gj 1 00-3 00-5 0O-7 OO 900 1- .illt 4 & KILPATRICK CEO ANNE S0SA - BARBARA CARRERA by PHILIP PA K SLOW D.rfd.d by FRANK UUGHLIN PG BOSTOM SACK GARY 131 STUAftT ST. S4 2-7040 SHOWCASE W0BURN IT. 133 NEAR 93 933-S330 BROCKTON CINEMA. 963-8333 HANOVER CINEMA 337-5353 RAN VERS SACK CINEMA CITY 593-2100 Rte. 128-Exlt 24 1,"Hard Times" (PG) 1:30-3:30-5:3O-?:30-9.J0 2. "Monty Python & The Holy Grail" (PGl 1:15-3:15-5:15-7:30-9:30 3. "The Other Side of The Mountain" (PG) 1:30-3:30-5:30-7:30-9:30 4. "Dog Day Afternoon" (R) l:ou-3:is-:30-f:45-: Liberty Tree Mall "LOVE AND DEATH" (PG) 1:30-2:55-4:30-6:05-7:45-9:30 DEDIIAM 1& 2 326-1463 BENJI" (G 1:30-3-718:30 "BEYOND THE DOOR" (R) 7:15 i 9:00 Mat. 2 pm 1. "Benir 2. "Capt. Nemo DORCHESTER E. M. LOEW'S PARK 436-2100 1524 Dorchester Avenue "BENJI" (G) "Darwin Adventure" (Gj 2:35-7:15 1 S 8:45 PURITAN MALL CINEMAS 265-7676 1. Family Entertainmentl "BENJI" (G) 1 :00-3:00-7:00 8 9:00 2. "Beyond The Door" (R) 7 & 9:00 Sat. Sun. Mat. "Capt. Nemo & the Underwater City" 1 8 3:00 EVERETT PARK 389-9729 Open Thursday through Sunday Sean Connery "Wind 8 Lion" 9 05 Dean Martin "Mr. Ricco" (PG) 7:30 "Capt. Nemo 8 Underwater City" 2:10 "Clown 8 Kid" 1 pm FOXBORO CRPHEUM CINEMA 543-5612 Rte. 95 to Exit 7 Rte. 140 to Theatre "BENJI" (G) 6:30-8:30 Mat. at 1 8 3-Eve. 6:30-8:30 FRANKLIN FRANKLIN CINEMA 528-0620 ALL SEATS $1.00! "Gone With The Wind" (G) 7:15 Sat. Matinee 2 pm-"Captain Nemo" HYDE PARK NU PIXIE CINEMA 361-6111 "EXORCIST" (R) 7:00-9:10 $1:50 Today t Sun. Mat. 1:30 75c "Capt. Nemo and The Underwater City" IPSHICH STRAND 356-5300 ALL SEATS ALWAYS $1.00 "American Graffiti" (PG) 7:00 8 9:00 Sat. Sun. Mon. Matinee "Capt. Nemo" (G) 1:30 only LEXINGTON CINEMAS 1 S 2 862-3260 Fri. 8 Sat. Adults $1 50-Eve. Only! Return ol Pink Panther" (G) 7 8 9:00 Matinee 2:00 "Captain Nemo" "Wind 8 The Lion" (PG) 7 8 9:05 Matinee 2.00-"David Copperlield" LITTLETON TWIN CINEMA 436-8060 $1 00 All Seals! 1. "Rollerball" (R) 7 8 915 2. "Tommv" IPG) 1 00-3 00-7 8 9:00 Today 8 Sun Matinees "Captain Nemo" 1 8 3 pm MALDEN GRANADA TWIN 322-7654 1 Short Sllhiects 2 30-5 00-7 00-9 00 "FlENJI" (Gl 1-3 5 30-7:30-9 30 2 Jas. Mason "MANDINGO" (R) 5 15-9 Chas. Bronson "Death Wish" 3 1 5-7 30 "Capt Nemo 8 Undeiwater City" 1 pm PATRONIZE YOUR 1 ' 1 ROBERT REDFOR FAYE DUNAWAY Dill CIRCLE THEATRE CLEVELAND CIRCLE 566 - j SPECIAL BARGAIN MATINEES bjE D K A WjL.O.1 ll R,e (SPECIAL BARGAIN MATINEES j JU4vUJpc SIDE irrrdS KMrasLa - Came lot 53 V 310 503 7lJ!,V00 4 30-8:15t30 3i0 5 7V AUV TIMES MOUNTAIN1 lir.ll II pM 7 3:55 535-7 iO 30 J PG 1 540-730 940 J 2 340 5 W 730 MO Jj .WOSUON IH Rte128-e.t jSPFCIAL BARGAIN MATINEES ywNHQ VI. uni, ,iihi SlriF DP THKiilri flliWi 1 TH6 2 W 5 10 7 30 ?0 a3.1Q. 503 7 IS 9 JIAYNARD FINE ARTS 1 S 2 897-2100 1. Peter Sellers In UNDERCOVERS HERO" (R) 7-9:30 2. Mel Brooks' 'Young Frankenstein" (PG) 2-7-9:30 Today. Sun. 8 Mon. Child. Mat. 2 pm "Capt. Nemo 8 The Underwater City" MEDFORD MEADOW GLEN TWIN 395-3400 Rte. 16 8 93 Starts at 7:00 MEADOW: "BENJI" (G) Shown at 8:40 "Escape 8 Battle ol Planet ot Apes ' GLEN: "Beyond The Door" (R) "Devils Nightmare" "Blood Creatures" MEDFORD CINEMA I S II 395-9499 "Once Is Not Enough" (R) 7 S 9:00 "BENJI" (G) 1:00-7:30 Matinee 1:00 "Capt. Nemo" (G) MEDFORD TWIN DRIVE-IN 396-8800 $4.00 Per Carload Com. Starts 7 pm Well. Screen: "No Way Out" (R) "Terminal Man" Circle: "Last Tango In Paris" (X) "Around The World With Fanny Hill" (R) "Baby Sitter" MILFORD CINEMAS I & II 473-1181 (Located Downtown Mlllord) "American Graffiti" (PG) 2-7 8 9:15 "Flossie" (X) 7:00-9:00 "Cap!. Nemo 8 Underwater City" (G) Today at 1:30 RTE. 495 CINEMA CITY 1-2-3 1. "SENSUOUS SUZANNE" (X) 7:15 8 9 2. "LOVES DEATH" (PG) 7:154 9:00 3. "Young Frankenstein" (PG) 9:00 8 "Cinderella Liberty" (R) 7:00 MILTON MILTON CINEMA 698-2335 America's Most Lovable Herol "BENJI" (G 2-7-8:30 Also Shown Sun. 8 Mon. 2 pm NATICK SACK CINEMA 1 & 2 237-5840 Rte. 9 Opp. Shoppers World 1. "Love 8 Death" (PG) 1:30-3:30-5:30-7:30-9:30 2. "Monty Python 8 The Holy Grail" (PG) 1:15-3:15-5:15-7:15-9:15 NEEDHAM NEEOHAM CINEMA 444-6060 Adults $1.50 on Fri. S Sat. Eve. "BENJI" (G) 1-3-7-9 pra All Matinee Seats-$1.00 NEWTON CORNER PARAMOUNT 1 2 332-7833 1. Jack Lemmon Anne Bancroft (PG) "Prisoner ol 2nd Ave." 2-5:45-9:30 Georgo Segal Shelley Winters "Blume In Love" (R) 3:45-7:30 2. Marlon Brando (X) "Last Tango In Paris" 4:40-7-9:10 Matinee Child. Show In Cinema 2 "Captain Nemo" 12:45-2:35 WEST NEWTON WEST NEWTON CINEMAS 964-6060 1296 Washington St. American Film Theatre 1. "Butley" (PG) 9 00 pm 2. "BENJI" 1:30-7:00-9 00 3. "Beyond The Door" (R) 7 8 9 00 Mat. Sat. Sun. Mon "BENJI" 1:30 NORWELL QUEEN ANNE CINEMA 871-0313 Jet Rte 53 8 228 (Exit 30 oft Rte 3) "The Eiger Sanction" (PGl 7 00 8 9:15 Matinees Sat. 8 Sun "Capt. Nemo and The Underwater City" (G) - 2 00 only Matinees ?5c Evenings $1.00 NORWOOD NORWOOD 1 2 762-8320 ALL SFATS ALWAYS $1 OO 1. "Tommy' (PG) 3 00-7 15-9 30 2 Disnev's "Apple Dumpling Gang" 2 8 7 Fellmi's "Amaicord" (R) 9.15 onlv Mats Sat Sun Mon. "Capt Nemo" 1 pm "Tommy" 3 pm "Apple Dumpling" 2 pm SUBURBAN THEATERS! revere "SyUJJR nwrnn' MAX VON SYDOW i CLIFF ROBERTSON nww: n 4wMwUUwaliVwr IJ tHOWTIWEl:t:OQ.3Tio.S:15 7:30-9:SS RKTliCTtp: i fiiiRjimniMin mcmhmi mm wiiiMiwiiiiin i 4040 at Routes 114 and95 -686-21?1 ; - ALL SEATS $1.25 UNTIL 2PMf 128 l,?0: ??64955 - ALL SEATS $125 UNTIL 2PMt 1 OF THE '.Vi' 39 Rte 38 - 933 5330 ) - ALL SEATS $1.2S UNTIL 2Pm" WK 5 30 740 940 J J45 4 ?0 770-9 51 WEST PEABODY WEST PEABODY TWIN 535-0600 'Wind & The Lion" IPG) 2-7:15-9:20 II "The Eiger Sanction" (R) 7 & 9:15 Sat. Sun. Mon. "C8pt. Nemo" 1 4 3:00 PLYMOUTH CINEMA 1 S 2 746-8788 'Benji'MG) 1-3-7-9:15 'Master Gunlighter" (PG) 7-9:15 Kiddie Matinee at 1:00 8 3:00 QLTXCY STRAND 472-1424 Dustin Hoffman In "LENNY" (R) S:00 8 9:00 Elliott Gould "Long Goodbye" 7 pm Matinee 1:30 "Capt. Nemo 8 The Underwater City "Children 75c NORTH READING CINEMAS 1 S 2 664-2211 1. "BENJI" (G) 2-7-9:00 2. "No Way Out" (R) 7:20-9:20 "Capt. Nemo" Sat. Sun. Mon. 2 pm Mon. Tues. $1 Wed. thru Sun. $1.50 WEST ROXBIRY VILLAGE CINEMA 325-0303 Jack Lemmon Walter Matthau "THE FRONT PAGE" IPG) at 7:20 8 9:15 ( Mat. "Capt. Nemo" 1:00 8 3:00 SALGLS SA'JGUS DRIVE-IN 233-2526 Carload Ratal "YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN" (R) "CINDERELLA LIBERTY" (R) SCI 1 1 ATE HARBOR PLAYHOUSE 1 S 2 545-0045 "Beyond The Door" (R) 1:30-7:30-9:15 "NO WAY OUT" (R 7:30-9:10 Mat. 1:30 "Capt. Nemo" SOMERVILLE SOMERVILLE "Wind 8 The Lion" (PG) BROADWAY 625-1081 7:00-9:05 625-5316 "Wind 8 The Lion" (PG) 7:00-9:05 Both Cinemas $1.00 All Times! SWAMPSCOTT SURF CINEMA 598-0071 "Beyond The Door" (R) 7 & 9:16 ALL SEATS ALL TIMES $1.00 Sat. Sun. Kiddie Show 1 pm "Beneath Planet of the Apes" 8 "Lost World" (G) WELLESLEY HILLS COMMUNITY PLAYHOUSE 235-0047 Candlce Bergen Sean Connery "The WindS The Lion" (PS) 7 S 9:15 ALL SEATS $1.00 ALWAYS Sat. Sun. 2 "Captain Nemo" (G) NO. WEYMOUTH WEYMOUTH TWIN DRIVE-IN 337-3500 $4.00 PER CARLOAD! 1. "Young Frankenstein" Mel Brook-' Hilarious Spoofl "Cinderelli. Liberty" (R) i. Caan 2 "Beyond The Door" "Beast of the Yellow Night" "Creature With Blue Hand" PGl (Ri (PG) WINCHESTER E. M. LOEW'S WINCHESTER 729-2500 Adults 99c At All Timesl Capt. Nemo 8 Underwater City" 1:45 'The Wind 8 The Lion" (PG) !:55 Mr Ricco" IPG) 7:16 WOLLASTON WOLUSTCH THEATRE 773-1500 The Eiger Sanction" (R) 9:35 "Midnight Man" (R) 7:30 Admission $1 00 imm mi n-m starts h T-.30

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