Daily Advocate from Victoria, Texas on June 5, 1912 · 3
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Daily Advocate from Victoria, Texas · 3

Victoria, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 5, 1912
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The Victoria Baseball Team, With four victories out of five games played agalnBt nome of the strongest semi-prof esiiioiiai club of this sectlptu Victoria fan are beginning to" realize that the baseball team that la repre-jwjjrtjng. ihl liy. this mtastoa )x capable of playing the National game In a most interenting faHhion and Js deserving of their undivided support. The failure of the MIdcoast League to materialize proved a source of sore dlsajt- I'uiuiiJiriiL iu ail juiin n uu udu i-rijinr j accustomed to organized baseball, and an a result Interest baa lagged In the sport here until now, when the fine record of the local amateur team la having the effect of reviving Interest. Victoria will have league baseball next year beyond a doubt, and the seasoning the home boya will pet this year will serve a good purpose then In addition to keeping up Interest In the game. The players now representing Victoria on the diamond are: B. F. Williams, Jr., and Jesse Wilden, catchers; Francis Sneigr and -Lafayette Mitchell, : pitchers If.. A. Lawrence, lb; Kay Underwood, 2b; Jeff Wheeler, 2b; Harry Ferguson, sb; Ixuis Harris, If;J()Hepf'Flo.vd,ef, and K. Tucker, rf, All of them are showing great class. Williams and Wilden have "got it on" many backstops who were In the old Southwest Texas League, and arewar-ranted to achieve fame on the diamond if they stick to the sport.- Sneigr has already attained a statewide reputation as a pitcher, and scouU of sev eral clubs are said to have thIr eyes on him. Mitchell's work In the recent game at Port O'Connor won hlrn a ( steady berth on the pitching staff. I.awrence "eats 'em up" on any side of first, high or low, and his playing on the Initial sack is said to resemble 11 II UNINCORPORATED F. B. LANDER, Cashier. , Vendor's Lien Notes Bought and Sold.-' - - INTEREST PAID ON TIME DEPOSITS. p. .v .zcis" p'i-.- "V BOTTLED BYTIID' LONE STAR BREWING CO. V'..-.- ;: I T W I V ' ,V - 111 v : Another Accidental Shooting. W. A. Swan had bis right arm badly mangled yesterday afternoon by the accidental discharge of his shotgun vchUBjntng- n J. A. McFaddln's pasture above town, making it necessary to amputate the member close to the shoulder. Mr. Swan Is ?4 years old, and a single man. lie is a son of Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Swan, and resided with his parents on Dr. W, A. Rape's farm at Telerner, this cocnty. His mother and other member of the family were with him when the accident occurred. He had reloaded the gun after firing it at a rabbit and was placing it in a wagon, with the muzzle pointing toward him, when the trigger struck something In the wagon and caused the .weapon to explode. The young man is very weak from the loss of blood, and it is doubtful if he will re-coter. ' He U reehing treatment at the Valley View Hospital here. Just unloading a far of chops, Kaffir corn and oats. Joe Montag. Moving Pictures of Titanic Disaster. Nicholas Nicholson, of this city, has bought the Texas rights to a moving pi ctu ref i I m of the Tita nlcdlsa.st.er. and will start on a tour of the state wjth It Friday. The film will be shown at the Princess Theatre tomorrow, bight, which,, will mark its first run la-Texas-It- was produced by the Pathe Company;, and Mr. Nicholson bad to pay a. large sum for his rights to it,, but be will doubtless make a large profit out of the film;- It shows the Carpathia and the survivors; Capt. Smith and other officers of the Ill-fated ship- crowds waiting for the news of the '.world's greatest marine calamity; the iceberg that caused the Titanic's destruction; tome of the Ifoted passengers ;recoveryof the bodies; the.fun- that: of Fagan Burch. Underwood la eral,;ot Isidore . Strauss, John Jacob very clever at the second station,, while I Astor and other notable victims; the Whet-kir hardly 'minht-s a chance at Titanic under construction; the launch-third. And th;u Wheeler boy has j in? of tbe big ship; the. vessel leaving some wing. too. The way he can , on her maiden voyage, and numerous umg trie pin across me diamond reminds one of Johnny Adams. Ferguson, who is captaining the team, is a regular whirlwind at short, and j some day Is sure to shine in fast com other Interesting; and exclusive views. Visit McDonald's ice cream parlor upstairs. , FOR RENT New nicely furnished pany4 f. The outfielders. Harris, Hoyd . rooms for light housekeeping. 507 E. and Tucker, are fast on their feet and Santa Rosa Street. . veritable spiders in going after THE CURE FOB SCROFULA The usual symptoms of Scrofula are enlarged glands of " the neck, sores and ulcers on the body, skin affections, catarrhal troubles, weak eyes, and general poor health. The inherited poison, transmitted through the blood, poiiatea asd waltejvs this, fljjidand la jsla.ee, of Its autriti qualities fills the circulation with scrofulous matter, which saps the vitality of the entire system. Thousands of children, born with, a scrofulous taint, have Bpent their childhood in constant physical suering, and grown to manhood or womanhood handicapped by ill health and stunted growth, and perhaps later some disease of the bones or joint3 developed. 8. S. S.. given in their early life, would have prevented this. It would have cleansed 'and purified the blood of the taint, nourished and stengthened their systems, and assisted each to grow into strong, healthful manhood or womanhood. S. S. S. is the very best remedy for Scrofula. It goes down to the bottom of the trouble, and cleanses the circulation of all scrofulous matter. It supplies the weak, diseased blood with, strength and health-building qualities, and under the purifying effects of this great remedy 11 symptoms of Scrofula pass away. S. S. S. contains no minerals In any form, and Is an absolutely safe treatment for children, even infants, or persona of any age. Literature about Scrofula and any medical advice l. THE SWIFT SPECIFIC CO., ATLANTA, GA. vmsrm "REPEATER" Smokeless Powder Shells These shells cost a little more than black powder loads. but for bird shooting- they are worth many times the difference, as there is no smoke to hinder the second barrel. They are by far the best low pneed smokeless load, on the market. When you buy, insist upon having them. THE RED W BRAND Unnecessary to Suffer Longer With Stomach Trouble YOU CAN BE CURED BY THIS GUARANTEED MEDICINE , Their amazing running catches featured 'nearly all of the , -. W. S. Weather Report. - Generally .air tonight - and Thurs- how aaVaDd light to moderate variable flies, have Mn l it. .r l. .1...... i... KUJUl.'2i. . All U LUV Mil VI KUUW UUW i to handle the willow, and in the five i n-- urnished by, the faouthwest-games played homeruns have. been;ern Telegraph & Telephone Company, common with them. The tamwillj , Child Dies; Mother Critically III. Play the PorU-avaca Club at Sitterle i The iQfant goa of Mr. and "Mrs. P. Park Sunday.'' The game will prob- j F Landry died Monday morning. The ablye attended by "the largest crowd , funtral took j,,ace frora Ryan-B Chap. of the season. A. Simon, a well known ; tl yesterday morning.. The mother of local dry goods merchant,-will give j tje js reported very ill..; Mr." and the home player who makes the most; Mis. Landry reside in the eastern por-hlts a pair of "Walk 0er" Shoes. j t;on of the city. - They removed here " Every -Thursday," between 3 and 5 , from E1 Caa)P bort time -"r-o'clock, we will sell seven 5c cigars'; is B&& la tie well boring for 25c Brand will be displayed each! businefc!3; ' , : People suffering with any form of stomach trouble should go to their druggists 'and ask for a box of Fowler's Indigestion and Stomach Wafers. They are sold under an iron bound guarantee that your money will be refunded If you are not satisfied after taking one box so there is really no reason ; why everyone should not try this new, wonderful stomach wafer. , Fowler's. Indigestion and Stomach Wafers are thediscovery of Harry L. Fowler, a noted chemist, who used them .; for . the . cure of himself and friend3 for a long time before he was induced to give -he world his secret Now they are oti sale at al Ifirst-class drug stores.- These little wafers are week in the store.- . J. B. McDonald. ' '. . More Rain. , " Another heavy rain fell here: today. The Weather has been unsettled since Saturday, and" gives .no Indication of clearing. - FOR UF.NT Furnished rooms suitable for light housekeping. -: Apply at the Victoria' HoteCW ,'."", OCKXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXKXXXXXXxjUXXx.XXXXXXX3C JA8. f. WKI.PKB, PTldot, O, K. K. HOLLAND. V lce-Priint, F. fit BUHt.KR,rhtr. O. O. Z1RJACK8, Aiiimiiltr First National Bank OF VICTORIA, TEX At, TOTAL RESOURCES $1,500,000.00 VICTORIA LOAN CO. Unincorrated, Capital S7 7,0T 0 ActtT Mngri: John J. "Wlder, A. K, MoKtxldln. Wnrlln CCobboT. Jo. Ot;(or.Ju. F, Wilder, C.b. K, Hollnnd. Could Repair Streets at Little Cost. The county will receive two "scarifiers on trial In a few days, and will purchaso one or. the other If they prove satisfactory. Victoria's streets can bo repaired at little cost with the use of a good, scarifier, and if the county buys one the city should be allowed some use of It," It Is likely that some of the tests of the machines will be made on the streets. - " ' -j1- To Give Book Reception. n v' ' The Catholic Mothers Club will give a book reception at the Knights of Columbus Hall Friday night to start a library for the knights and the Catholic joung men of the town.! A musical program. will 'add pleasure to. the occasion. ,v ' ' . , Fresh plums at Joe Montag's. Ifyoo ot to borrow monr k1t ui eIl. Ifyoa wunt to opo n account oom lo te us. W will &!o borrow ;our montj nd allow you lntrct Don I iioyi -Be ll Suoscr aei fHE LEVI BANK & TRUST COMPANY! Capital - $200,000 . - Shareholders' Liability - $200,000 Bondholders' Liability - $200,000 600,000 Tho deposits of this bank are protectedl by Guaranty Bond under the laws of this , state. Giveus an account today We pay interest on time certificates of deposit City Bodies In Session. , The City Board of EqualUation met this morning. J. F. McCan. Albert Ernst and Adolph Hahnke compose the board, Its membership being the same as last year. The city's Annual Finance Commit tee has been In session for some time. It consists of V. E. Goldman, C. S. Van Nostrand and H. Steck Adler. Fined for Reckless Driving. James Lingo, the 14-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Lingo, was struck by an automobile Monday morning, and quite painfully, though not seriously, Injured. Will Smith, a negro, was driving the car Into the garage of the Victoria Motor Car Company during a heavy rain when the accident occurred. Young Lingo and a number of others were standing In the doorway. Smith was fined J5 and costs, amounting to 115.70, In the Mayor's Court for the offense, ha being charged with reckless driving. - PERSONAL MENTION. Mr,, and Mrs. John J. Welder and little son returned from their Sinton ranch yesterday . James J. Murphy, of Anaqua,' was a visitors here yesterday, , , F. W. Helnrlchof Yorktown arrived In the city this afternoonX,' , , " Attorney Lackey,-of fuero, is a Visitor here. . Eugene Eugia, traveling for the Ho- gan-Allnoch Company, and A. F Tea-gue. for the Texas Law Company, went to Houston this afternoon. - ' .' R. R. Mizelle is spending the after noon In Edna. Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Krause have left on a two months' vacation. ' They will visit New York, Washington and other cities In the North and East before returning. easy and convenient to take, being merely . placed in the mouth chewed up and swallowed. They instantly as similate with the juices of the stomach. ''X and there is immediate relief. The worst cases of dyspepsia and indigestion can be cured as well as gas, sourness, heartburn, stomach catarrh, cramps and pains from indiscretion in eating and stomach poison. There is nothing like Fowler's Indigestion and Stomach Wafers and the guarantee given with each box makes it easy to try theni without risk. Thial size sent to anyone on receipt of ten cents ia'ostamps by addressing Harry', L. Fowler, San Antonio, Texas. Y - SPEND YOUR SUMMER VACATION AT SOME OF THE NUMEROUS RESORTS IN Cool Coloratjol FOR FREE LITERATURE AND INFORMATION AS TO LOW FARES AND TRAIN SCHEDULES, WRITE A. A. CL1SSON, General Pasenir Alnt, Fort Worth, Taxaa Princess Thoatro 2 Excursion to Houston and Galveston. The Sunset announces an excursion rate of 3 from Victoria to Houston and Galveston for Saturday. June 8. Owing to a mistake In the announcement, the return limit Is not definitely known, but It Is presumed to be Monday, June 10. Children Cry FOR FLETCHER'S CASTORIA "(3 - d i Itf? fb i QSU3.I The Victoria Steam Laundry "BELLE OF NEW ORLEANS." A most beautiful Southern romance. By the Kalem Company. "TOUGH GUY LEVL" This Is described as one of the Lubln Company's best comedies. The latest la current events. Oh yes, those beautiful brass souvenirs. Drawing at 8:15 o'clock. Recular Admission, 5o and 10c. Subscribe Fop The Advocate 1 A'

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