The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 4, 1953 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 4, 1953
Page 10
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PAGE TEN (AKK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, AUGUST 4, 1»(| Fulbrigrit,McCleLlan Land on Top In Separate Battles with McCarthy By GORDON BKOWN' AP Special Washington Sfrvlcc Arkansas Democratic Sons. with Sen. McCarthy WASHINGTON (AP) Fulbright and McClellan both .. .. ... (H-Wis) in separate incidents recently and wound up with one clear-cut victory. But who "won" the oilier incident is B matter of controversy. Tho encounter of conservative tlon. McClellan was the more spec- i McCarthy Wantril Time tacular and more far-reaching 1 Mc-CMIan nnd other nnmocrallc since it concerned McCarthy's con- ; member.'; of (lie committee. Sens. troverslal committee operations. 'SyminmomMoi and .1 :\ r. \: s o n But Fulbright's incident perhaps (Wash', several clays before.- the generated a little more ' " '"'"' thn movp. ••You have the vote.s to put it| cc | V «l the traveling prize, over," lie told McCarthy, "but I ask TIIP hostess serveS a dessert you to wait a few days until we can talk It over and lain over some other I ~ • l( ! Kmplnyees of tile Arkansas Power " ln £ s - , , , . , ' a.'iri LiL-ht Company in Wilson nt- By "other things" he obviously u , nll( , (1 , h( , anmml , cn!c , v( , n for meant the general conduct, of the i ,,,„ ,.,„,.,,,,.„ nk , Kim , „„„]„„„„, committee. Although he never had protested, he appeared irked ,sevf heat. Fulbright tangled with McCarthy in the Senate Appropriations Committee — of which McCarthy is a member — over the Wisconsin senator's y ilh McCarthy he iirpcd thorn to " noihinsr im.mcdu.tPly nncl asked orK somi'thu\K out." the _Democrats ^arn-rlng^'pet™*" , ^np»ihy "wUh T,s ™,,Tom the Eastern Division employees , , Wednesday and Thursday in Mari- protested, he appeared irked several, Families 0[ the employes tunes at McCarthy's practice of call- i cu ,..,s iiiK nieetlnss on .short notice, some- i ' " '. times fiiili.m in consult with any | 'Ihe annual event was inauKurnt- eommittee member.s m advance of; "<* l " » r " M ' 1!t 5c "' lce "wards for <-ach five years of service. Those Irnm Wilson receiving service pins wrf- O:car Davis and Mrs, Laniar McDanici. Others RI tending from Wilson on .,,. , Wednesday were Mrs. Davis and had nothing McClellan. Symine'on find Jack-| children. Mr. and Mrs. Stanley and had no' Hnn prompUy rPsiRiu-d, holding that Pifrcr and family, Mr. and Mrs. \\'nn Authority But MrCarthy insisted on the vote and wa.s Riven the authority they de.siiTd no part of the situation, Clyde Clusm and family I They sfiid they were in effect re- and Mrs. John LaRue. and Mr. rogram—r tuun&ni. ^ 1^1, jnuj^,... , 'The- said they were n effect re- There were many acid exchanges * f ™' ^'^t to T'S ! *1™ «^'» «'ZtlL, of the cornmit- Btween the two while FulbrlRhl "«Lf C ±/± '° "° *° '! I tee without having any authority. betw vn , d . | tee without havinc. any authority. ; am j Mrs . Wavne Eussey. Mr. and Melfcczs" i P"rtliCTmore, McClellan said he ! Mrs . ,, 0 | !n Ellis Elslander. Georce . . would appoint no other Democratic ; P,,J,|, \i,- s N,,I Graves and family, McClellan took the position that ; mcm}K .,.'.' „, lhe , larem cov err,ment i n'.n i-win^r »nrt ra,™" desk while Fulbright on the whole WILSON NEWS By MRS. B. F. BOYLES The McCIellan-led skirmish is | Matthews' reply indicated his re- MnCl more involved, more controversial • situation hnd been in McCarthy's mainta and hard to get in focus. j pocket at the time the senator told Pmnch declined. Then McCltrtlan .said that i tin: committee- could take McCarthy the j off :.|K; .spot by accepting the re.sig- . nation by majority vote. - ninne — a;, chnirman — had uiitho- j i-ity to hire and fire staff members. \ Thi.s raided ;m entirely new qucs- ] The encounter had nothing to do! rl;e Democrats he might he able to •with investigating Comnnists. It; "work .something out." was almost devoid ofpersonalities j M(;C]( . 1 ,. in ltI . R( , c , McC(irthy to ac . and, in fact, McClellan nnd Me- . Ul(; ,,, si lLinn but McCa ,. lhy Carthy still remain friendly. '...'* * It all came about this way: McCarthy is chairman of Senate investigating committee, originally composed of four Republicans and three Democrats. McClellan was ranking Democrat, and acted as spokesman for the minority during the fracas. Early in July, McCarthy announced — without consultation . , , - --•' with other committee members - tlon . nnd the committee broke up tc that J. B. Matthews had been hired - sLucIy lt as staff director for the committee. I rminsp! Made? Killing Almos simultaneously a magazine i McClellan's investigation convinc- came out with on article written i cd him McCarthy was wrong. by Matthews in which he charged j A few days later McCarthy called that the largest single group sup- ! another mec:t.inp and produced a porting tfie Communist apparatus 1 ruling by the legislative counsel. Jn America was composed of Pro- The ruling held that McCarthy testant clergymen. ... There was aij uproar over the article and demands were made for Matthews' resignation. Carthy at first refused but. on day that President - Eisenhower called the article "alien (o America" McCarthy announced that he had accepted Matthews' resigna- McCIellan backers say that by .inirig a ralm, judicial ap- , „.. throughout the fight he emerged without, anyone. McCarthy agcrs were Personals Mr. and Mrs. L. Q. Shipman an- emerged without anyone. McCarthy """ *'..,**• r \ included, beinx able to say he was nounce the £ lrth offa daughter July trying to stop investigations into 2£) !tt the home of ner husband's Commimism. mother Mrs. Annus Shipman. in McClellan says that most of the Wilson. The baby has been named -- • ' • • - - - Loretta Ann. '• ADN Ralph Ray and Mrs. Ray announce the birth of a son July 30 a!, the Osceola Memorial Hospital. This is their first child. Mrs. nay IK the former Miss Dorothy Shannon of Joiner. Mr. Ray. who is .stationed at WeekKville Naval Air Force Base at Elizabeth City. N. C.. arrived Friday for a visit with his wife and baby. mail he has rrceived from Arkansas has been sympathetic. His out of mail, he sntl. is .about SD-af) with a lot of rather nasty letter.' LUXORA NEWS By MRS. Q. C. DRIVER Bridge Club Meets Mrs. J. J. Btissey wa.s hostess to member.s of her Tuesday Night Bridge Club and two guests nt her „..„ ,„„ ..^^ ...,,«^ by tne subcommittee. McCarthy for Matthews' resignation. Me- j risked for the authority. si...**... -i r.--,.. -..*..—-i ..... _- .,-.. Here, McClnllnn .says, he got irri- tatod for the first time. Such a pro- mt' luiinf! iifiu inai iMcunrihy wriu^t: L.IUD HIIU two gue.scs at ner lacked the authority to hire and fire home. Guests were Mrs. Owen Sad- unless that, authority wrts given him IP'' find Mrs. P. S. Reese, Summer flowers were used in decorations in the entertaining room and In other ptirtf; of the home. In (.he evening's game. Mrs. Reese Takes a Sunbonnet SANTA BARBARA. Calif. (/PI In the case of Mrs. Eldore Griffin, 77, a sunbonnet and a green thumb' mean a garden full of blooms. The popular gardener, who has lived here for 25 years, has been sought for her actvfce on the cultivation of flowers and plants of every description. But she attributes her success to plenty of 'ork, greeu thumbs, and i r rs me. uc a pro- in (e evening's game. Mrs. Reese plenty of "ork, gree.. thumbs, and cedtire, lie snid. wa.s contrary (o the] won high. Mrs. Garland Trammel, above all the old-fashioned blue way the committee had been run \m- j .second high and Mrs. StidJcr,' sunbonnet, without which she says tier the Democrat. 1 ? and lie opposed | briclgo. Mrs. Wallace Thompson re- she "Wouldn't go into the garden." Kirihduy Fartles Held The pre-school and early school age set had a busy round of social activities here the past week, with three birthday parties, all afternoon affairs, being hold. Ronnie Hayes entertained 20 ol his friends on the Baptist Church lawn Sunday, assisted by his mother. Mrs. Paul Hayes, and grandmother, on his filth birthday. Mrs. Gerald Ciiafin honored her daughter, Barbara, on her fourth birthday Monday, with a lawn pany at '.heir home. Wednesday, Mrs. , Murry Richardson entertained for her daughter, Aleda, on the occasion of her seventh birthday, at, their home. All the affairs were highlighted by lawn games, iced drinks, the traditional cake and ice cream, and favors presented to the young guests. Mrs. Teaford Entertains Mrs. J. E. Teaford entertained her two-table club with a dessert bridge at her country home Wednesday afternoon. Mrs. L. O. Todd of Kinston, N. C., was a playing guest. Prize winners were Mrs. T. L, Stanford, Mrs. Torn Call's, and Mrs. Elizabeth Silliman, Personals Mrs. Arthur Hadad of Vicksburg, Miss., has been a houseguest of her daughter, Mrs. G. A. George, Jr., and family. Miss Jean Reid returned to her home in Lambert, Miss., last week after a visit of several days here with Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Skeen and family. Mrs. Lillian Freear arrived Friday from Evansville, Ind., for an extended visit with her sister, Mrs. J. I. Mifflin. Luxorans attending funeral services for, Mrs. Walter Jones, the former Miss Lucille Gallop of Luxora, held In Memphis and Covington, Tenn., Tuesday, in addition to her parents, Mr. and Mrs. K. E. Gallop, and brother, Joe Kirby Gallop, were Mrs. Paul Hayes, the Rev. ' J. E. Riherd, Miss Edith McDaniel and Mrs. W. D. Denton. Mrs. Charles Frazier wa.s in Little Rock last weekend attending the state convention of the American Legion Auxiliary. Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Driver, Jr.., : and children, Dusty and Sandy, left Sunday for a ten day vacation trip to Daytona Beach, Fla., and At- ; lanta, Ga. ) Mrs. Sue Brown and Mrs. Grover i Driver spent two days in Memphis \ last, week, attending a fashion show \ at the Peabody Hotel. j Miss Margaret Moffitt and fath- ; er, E. A. Moffitt, have been visit- • ing relatives in Lexington, Tenn., j for the past ten days. Building Permits and Real Estate Transfers lov» and affection, west 1« acres. NE quarter, NE quarter, Sec. 35- T15N-n8E. S. L. and Daisy Sales and W. M. and Rosie Sales to Will Mobley, for $376. Lot 13, Block 4, Edwin Robinson Addition. Mary k. and J. E. Stevenson, Jr. 10 R. H. and Nettie Sue Jayroe, for $10 and other consideration, east half. Lot 15 and all Lot, 16. Block. 4, Country Club Heights Addition. Janje Hjmiesty to W. C. and Ruth Darby, for $150. east 10 ft., Lot "G." Lot 13, NE quarter, Sec. 15-T15N- R11E D. S and Lorena Hay to T. K. Fong lor $10, and other consideration, Lots 2 and 3, Block 8, Wilson'6 First Addition. J. C. and Mary Drake to M. E. and Minnie Evrard. for $11,18395, Lot 5, Block 2. Gosnell Estate Subdivision Addition. Lillian Johnson to Henry Johnson, Jr.. for S10, love and affection, west half, Lot, 35, Larry's First Addition. Riley B. and Weymouih C. Jones to W." G. and Laura Card, for SI and other consideration, one half interest in Lots 4. 5, and 6. Block 2. E. O. Adams Addition. Building permits were granted last week for the construction of one residence, one addition and one garage in Blytheville- Allen Brothers Construction Company plan to construct a five room, frame residence valued at $9020 atj 101 East Moultrie. Max B. Reid is going to construct a brick garage-storage room valued at $1,400 at 614 West Main. Earl D. Billiard Is planning $600 in repairs on a residence at 313 North Eighth. P. H. Hiiuon filed a permit for the addition of one room valued, at $150 at 201 West Coleridge. Real estate transfers filed last week; Hugh C. and Zara Gourley to Henery L. and Beatrice Desiring, for $10 and other considerations, Lot 3. Block 3, Willie Beasley Subdivision. , Emily Evans to Vertie Evans, for SI. love and affection, .15 acres, in SW corner. Sec. 25-T15N-R8E. Emily Evans to Roy W- Evans, lor $1, love and affection, 15 acres, SW p_ Dean apparently will not be ' corner, Sec. 25-T15N-R8E- ; among the first American war pris- Emily Evans to Fred M. Evans, for : oners returned by the Communists $1. love and affection. 15 acres, SWiat panmunjom tomorrow, corner. Sec. 25-T15E-R8E. The first group of prisoners to Emily Evans to Virgil Evans, for'he freed by the Communists ar$1, love and affection, west 17,331 rived at the Red armistice camp acres. SW quarter. Sec. 25-T15N-|in Kaesong last night, and Com- RgE. jmunist correspondent said they Emily Evans to Charlie Evans, for $1. love and affection, east. 10 acres, NE quarter, NE quarter, Sec. 35- T15N-R8E. Unlike other butterflies, mon- Emily Evans to Dora E. Phillips, I archs go south when \vintsf SI, love and affection, 15 acres, NEj comes. They return in spring, corner. Sec. 35-T15N-R8E- I flying hundreds of miles, only to Emily Evans to Keith Evans, $1,1 lay ihelr eggs and die. Chinese Offered Haven by Chiang TAIPEH, Formosa M — Chines* Nationalist President Chiang Kai- shek today promised entry Into Formosa to the 14,500 Allied-held Chinese prisoners of the .Korean War who refused to return to the Communists, In a printed message distributed to the POWs and broadcast by the U. N. Command in Korea. Chiang firm ... In your choice for freedom." Arabs of East Africa anoint ; themselves with lion's fat to gain . j coinage and inspire the animal's * I with awe, according to Encyclo- jpediii Britannica. Deon Not Among Early Returnees MUNSAN W—Mnj. Gen. William had no knowledge of Dean arriving with the group. 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