The Rock Island Argus from Rock Island, Illinois on September 27, 1922 · 12
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The Rock Island Argus from Rock Island, Illinois · 12

Rock Island, Illinois
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Wednesday, September 27, 1922
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.WEDNESDAY HlZ POCK IS ULTD ARGUS SEPTEMBER 27, 1922. 4, - - .- ' - ' f ,-V i - I .m V . ! I ; y s v x j j Mil 4 ' MM AAJJSLi r son n.i iiiui: iElV POWER AS GAL1E L00L1S UP Hike to Assist Conielman In II in-dllnir lh Quarterback Assignment. jit J. l. irrciiES. Mike Casteel, quarterback, and Lane Bridgeford, halfback, arrived pendents' backfield, at least for the pendts gackfleld. at least for the time being." Just when things peemed in a hopeless muddle with the Green Bay game next Sunday looming dangerously near, this pair dropped, in yesterday. Bridge-ford arrived along. about noon and Casteel coming last night as per announcement. Casteel is expected to help Man 3Ker Jim Conzelman take care of the quarterback problem. , Contrary to reports, he is not exactly a little fellow. Those who went to the station last night to meet him, 'missed 'connections because they had their eyes peeled for a light man. Casteel weighs between 160 and -165 pounds. lie is tall and rangy and appears even heavier. Hridgeford appeared nursing a eke of boils on his left arm. He expects to have these cured witnin a day or two and will be ready to don the spangles and do his bit toward subduing the Green Bay The scale of prices ranging be-Iween Jl and $2 for the best seats in the park has struck a responsive chord among the fans. The cost of football this year to the individual was the sole topic of conversation about the favorite sporting haunts last evening. General opinion is that these prices should fit "anyone's pocketbook." Stars With Green Bay. With such - performers- on the Green Bay team as "Cub" Buck, "Curlev" Lambeau. "Brick" Owens, "Moose" Gardner and ."Biff" Tau-rher. the Independents realize per haps more than anyone else the Interesting session that awaits them tjhe Sabbath. There is a big before them to overcome in to start- the season with a victory. t , Most ol these men played with Green Bay last season, and it must bo remembered that Rock. Island was the only team aside from the Staleys to administer a defeat. In-so-far as possible it. is understood the Green Bay management has bolstered up the weaker spots of the team. Owens is Just starting hia professional career, having played at Lawrence college and Nebraska university. He weighs 220 pounds and plays a guard position. Gardner opposed the Independents twice Jast season as a member of the -Detroit Tigers. The Independents line is look-ins, sweeter every day, if such a thing is possible, conzelman is striving to perfect the drive of the forward wall, arid is succeeding. Plays in signal practice are now liein? executed with a precision that bodes ill, for coming opponents. From end to end the line stacks up as a squad of giants, all r.f whom are intimately versed in the . requirements of successful gridiron play.- .. COMING HERE WITH PACKERS P - I . .-4 s V v- - . -n PJ- I i : - v MRSl FElfNER APPEARS AGAIN y AS GOLF STAR Her Defeat of Miss ,H oil ins Elicits Surprise, CUKLEY LAMBEAU. Two of the outstanding CUB" BUCK. stars The Independents are acquainted with the Green Bay Packers, who next Sunday will meet the Inde pendents at, Douglas park In the first big game of the season, are Curley Lambeau, quarterback, and "Cub" Buck, tackle. Buck arose to the heights of the with hfs exceptional playing pow ers, having heen opposed by him last season. Before joining Green Bay, Buck was with the famous Canton Bulldogs. Lambeau was a star at Notre Dame. He is a triple threat man. being a kicker, passer and runner gridiron fame while a member of , above the ordinary. He plays the Wisconsin university team. He i quarterback and Is the captain of attained ail-American recognition. Buck, is a ponderous baby, tipping the scales at 235L.pounds but for all that is speedy in football togs. the team. He gave the Independ ents a scare last season by drop kicking from the 40-yardv line in the first few minutes of play. s&SPOKMWRAPn BY JAMES L. IIXGHES. on task order GIANTS FREE OF PENNANT WORRY Cardinals FhII Ylctim Third Time , in Four Games; Were Fac : tors Once. Chicago, Sept. 27. (By the As- A voiding1 rash predictions, this year appears to be a real dollar year for football at Dongias park, as played by the Rock Island Independents. Last season there was a gener. al admission price of one dollar bat the patrons of the game at this figure yolced protest against inadequate accommodations after they were once within the park. It brcame a case of either spending an extra amount for a choicer location or acceptig the seating at the far ends as provided by the management. This difficulty seems to haTe hren-overcome. The announcement f seating prices indicates that the general admission fan and lie is just as rabid and loyal as anyone else--Tfill not feel himself slighted this falL. Bleachers at cither end of the center section on the north side retailed at oO cents Sxtra last season,, bnt this lime the dol-Iar and dime at the gate will admit you to th?se. Then, too, It Is said bleachers will be erected to' the west of the grandstand and these also will be covered by the one price. In addition there will be the permanent bleachers at the east end of the field for those who are unfortunate enough to come late on a -crowded after, noon. Manager Conzclman is concentrating on a forward pass attack, lie knows the dei'en-she work of the team is Just about Kit) per cent, except pos-sibij in guarding against aerial attacks of the enemy. Just how well the locals can take care of them scire against a ' team of passers remains tabe seen. Jerry Johnson la hobbling around with, the aid of a cane. The BY II. B. MARTIN. (Copyright, 1922, by The Argus.) White Sulphur Springs. W. Va.. Sept. 27. It was like old times to see two such well known golfers as Mrs. QuefrUn Feitner and Miss Marion iiouins ngnting ' out a match in a fiational golf champion ship. One does not have to go very far back to remember when Mrs. Feitner. who was Miss fian Hyde, going into a woman's championship as a strong favorite but somehow' always, failing to make-the grade. Six times she won the Metropolitan title and five" times she annexed the Palm Beach championship but It always wis her luck to fail In this event. Yesterday she showed signs of returning to her old form. Her victory was clean cut and decisive, but, in justice to Miss Hollins, it can be said that shb iias had little or no golf this summer. Her game was erratic and she left many openings which were duly and promptly taken advantage of. Favorites were1 still Stact as play began today with e exception of the champion. " Of the 16 survivors eleven of them are married and five are single. When play began Tuesday the field was evenly divided, but after the smoke of the day"s battle had cleared away the married women had the better of it. However, when all of the returns are in Saturday night' the wiseacres predict that the youngsters will come into their own again and that Miss.Glenna Collett and Miss Alexa, Stirling will be seen in the finals. Course Is Dry. The course here is dry' and the ball obtains a long roll. This suits many or tbe short drivers on the order of Mrs. Gavin whose deadly short game may carry her a long ways . toward the championship. This also can be said of Mrs. Dorothy C. Hurd, who chips to the cup probably as well if not better than any other player in the tournament. Mrs. F,eitner will do well to make certain of her approaches today as she comes ace to face with Mrs. Hurd. Mrs. Gavin figures to outplay Miss Hadfield but she will only be jumping out of the frying pan into the fire as she will run into little Miss Stirling.. It is true RIMCK -LEAVES-LOCAL SCHOOL; LOSSISKEEf Star Fnllbact. Induced to Transfer Ills Stndles to Lake Forest . Academyt Pipp's Slight Improvement at First Base M ay Increase Yanks Chances in the World's $cries ' BY XAT GEISMAB. Gloom, thicker than a London fog, settled, over the Rock Island high school football camp late yesterday when it was learned that Marcelous Rinck, star fullback on the Islander eleven who, was last year placed on the all-tri-city mythical team by all critics,, was leaving the local school to attend Lake Forest academy. . Just hw much the loss of Rfnck will effect the team will depend on how well a substitute can be developed to fill his shoes. There is no doubt that Rinck is a valuable man and if no one can bo found to take his place the Islanders will be all out of luck. BY JOHN B. FOSTElt. " New York. Sept. 27. Pipp played a very ordinary game for the Yankees at first base in the series of 1921. He was eo humdrum with the bat that there were many who said he would never be first baseman for the Yankees in 1922. Those who criticized him most vigorously recommended that be be traded. There are as maay managers off the field la baseball as there are spectators, or to be more accurate, as there are fans. Sometimes spectators are merely sightseers. If is true that Pipp did not make any fielding mistakes last year. He caught all the throws which were sent to him and fielded the ground hits very well. He made one or two sensational stops one very extraordinary play. Kelly was much the same. He was not charged with an official blunder and nothing really got away from him. He was of much more assistance in throwing than Pipp. His last play helped very much to win the world series for the Giants when he threw The bat was his but heTailed to arouse enthusiasm by his method or handling tt. wielQea a L'hillelah no better at a Sunaay pic nic he would have beeu voted out of the lodge. . .Pipp baitin percentage in 1921 for uie world beries games was .154. That is childish tor a first baseman. In 2 times at bat lie made four bits. A gcod choir boy j could have done that well. Whea i at bat he acted a3 if the importance of the event in which he was participating had drowned bis ego in a flood of "may Uie good Loru help me". ' Kelly did not bat much better until after the beries was nearly over. The l6ng-legged Californian, built like a skyscraper ffom his feet to his hips, spanked the air with his bat most viciously but he overlooked spanking the ball. For the first hrea games he did not make a hit AUGUSTANATO OPEN AGAINST CiHRO SCiiOOl Davenport and Hock Island Team to Clash Here on Friday Afternoon. The lid of the 1922 football Pfa!, on atAuKustana colleeo will k. lifted next Saturday afternooi when Coach SwodbCTg's green bu willing and hard-working bund; of football recruits mix with th' Palmer School of Chiropractic eleven at Kricson field. Inasmuch as it will be the first game of ho season for boih elevens, there is little dope to be had in picking a winner. Both teams have been practicing faithfully every afternoon and are determined io snaicn me victory. Who will take Rinck's place is not yet settled, but it is thought that j across the diamond and caught the either Reid or Viner will be shifted back to. fullback. Reid played at this , position the last half of Saturday's game but he is not a Hue plunger. Viner is a plunger but has not had the experience of Reid. .With March still in the hospital, and Mager and Alvlne also on the injured list, the Rock Island lino is far from in condition. Mager cannot be counted on to get Into the Macomb game next Saturday and Alvlne is still handicapped by his hip injftry to such an extent that he may not Pjlay the whole Macomb game from his tackle position. Macomb Strong. And if reports concerning tho strength of the Macomb team are true, the Islanders need all their men in the game if they expect to turn back the Invaders at the small end of the score. Macomb is never weak on the gridiron and it's aggregation is expected to give the locals a battle royal. The loss of March will be greater than in the next game as the star tackle has an injured pav- that will take some weeks to heal. The injury to his .hand, the exact nature of which has not vet been found, became infected and is so se- " rious that it was necessary to re- I runner at third in a double play If the throw had not been perfect or if the ball had got away the score would have been tied. It was a risky chance but Kelly played it beautifully. It helped to finish the series for him in an aureole of red fire. Everybody boosted Kelly. - Kelly at Top. Kelly today is the best right band first baseman in baseball, but he i3 not much better than he was in 1921. Perhaps ho is no better. He reached the zenith in 1921 and he three games he did not make a hit. lu "" victory, ine chlro In the fourth In his last time at bat ' waI.Kea ftW!,y Wltn -'he Davenport he hit for two bases and 4hat broke the ice for him. He finished with a batting percentage of .233 and he made seven hits in 30 times at bat. Not much of a record. He may do better this year than he did last but there is more likelihood that Pipp will do better this year thaa that Kelly will do better. Kelly is tfn the same groove that he worked in last season. He is niRii scnooi team in a pr.ntiip game Saturday morning, but ittjr information can be obtained fts l() the backpunchors strength frorn that contest, ns they -outweighed their younger opponents 15 to 2fl pounds to the man. It is cert;i. however, that they will be represented with a very formidable aggregation. They have a wealth of material at the school from which to pick their eleven, and the majority of these players have had day doing his best and never striking a spectacular note unless he is given an opportunity to throw an opportunity such as came to him in 1921 because he can throw further is ine type or player who can get than any first baseman in baseball about so far in baseball and cling and with such accuracy that a ri- taere until nis muscles run dry and his sinews stiffen on him like old like a leather belt revolving ovej a pulley. He will keen on coinjr and going one day like another and each considerable football experience. They want Angles fcalp, and tho Swedes are 'going to have to show some real football if they want to. prevent such nn occurrence. Out of what seemed a hoppnSS bunch of raw recruits at the first Whalebone Pipp is a better ball player than hej was last year. Much better and then some. Possibly he needed the world series last season to prod him. He may have recognized hs own shortcomings. It may have infused him with something which atfakejned him from his lethargy, for lethargic he was last summer. In the world series against the Giants he needed an injection of tobacco more than he did a bat. or the season., bwedberg ras developed an aggregation which he is' confident will make a creditable showing. Although no member of the squad is especially gifted with speed and their appears to he no in- racy fleman would find it hard to beat; him in a rough and ready performance. If Pipp is as much better in the world series as he has been in the regular season then tile Yanks are .dividual stars, the f!rt string lino-10 point3 better at first base thanjup in practice is a well-balanced they were in 1921,10 points out of eleven, and what is all the more a "possible 100, and it is evident -gratifying, the neeond string bunch that an" increase In ability like I could be injectetl into the fray with-that means something., If Pipp re- out any great 1 material loss ef lapses into a comatpse condition! strength. This- year's snv'l is one when the series begins It will be tough for the American league champions. - move him to the hospital. His arm! I LOST TO TEAM swelled to the shoulder and had to be lanced. Chief among the showings made in the East Moline game was the playing of Ekholm. substitute Hun. she defeated her in the recent Can-man of the Crimson and Gold, Kotie It's tile popular price that appeals all the time. This was testified to last . Sunday.. The fans knew what to expect, and 2.000 of them were wiling to pay 55 cents for the privilege of seeing the Independents scamper through what amounieu to notning more than a undated .Press.) Free from pen-;good scrimmage. Next Sunday the nant worries after one of the most .opposition should be totally differ- srrenuous campa'gns in their career, the New York Giants, 1922, National, league champions, wound up the battle against western opposition by taking the final game oT the series from the St. Louis Cardinals. 6 to 3. behind. Artie Xehfs steady twirling. It was the third defeat ' in four :. games for the team which threatened, the Giants supremacy for a large share of the season, and shoved the Cardinals back to fourth place, while Cincinnati, trouncing Philadelphia, 16 to S, climbed to third position. - i Indication that N'ehf has- prac-J tic-aljy recovered from the effects of a foot injury which checked his effectiveness earlier in the season, was regarded as an Important factor in the Giants' world series vuancpM. 1 uc guiuanaw neia met heavy-hitting Cardinals scoreless in all but two innings and exhibit ed perfect control ent, and it is safe to say these same fans and many more will be willing to extract a larger amount from their pockets. "Dutch" Lauer looks as if he will be the choice for punting role against Green Bay. Lauer did the kicking for the University of Detroit and is said to average be tween 50 and 55 yards. But he himself says he generally takes two or three weeks of hard work with the ball to round into consistent punting form, and he only began yesterday. i ankl Which he hurt in Snnrt'i.!ul't.i"ll,a au u,t 6uecan game has been growing worse, and j f luh, 'ne 'r,ct b erff' Tlle, ,,ast he has been obliged to ease up. It on th? 5'reen Bner looks as if Eddie Usher will 'have u htahve f Psed dtlotf trbJe the call for the vacant" halfback Lam?Dg the fair contenders.-..THe position against the Packers. '.th saw. many wrecks in the quali- . fymg round, but qualifying rounds Jimmy Conzelman's Injured are. Pat history after the first Din in responding to tralmnt- fi match has been played. A glimpse of Jim in action ves. None of the big stars has been, . . " I 1 1, 1 . s ni I . terday leaves little doubt in oner's mind that he will be at his best. He protected, the In-Jury well during the scrimmage with Moline. adian championship but experts are J or iae local backfield, who both niaS..-u a neia asy at tne exDense of Fans are expressing some surprise about Dewe7 Lyle as an end. They are used to him at tackle. But Dewey is fitting right in at the new position. Word at last has been received from John Tueellk, star gTiard at the University of . braska last season. Pneelik professes to hare been under the impression that h would be permitted to report each . week end and participate in the Sunday games, thereby eliminating necessity of giving up his newly started dental practice. In such an event there: Is no ont for the lhde-pendents other than to forward his release. Pucelik will probably play with the Sionx City team this year, which Is not a member of the football association. me .ast Aloline boys. Kone circle-1 tne ends for lono gains, two of which resulted in touchdowns, and generally performed in a manner that was dangerous to the visitor Ekholm showed a lot of fight and by his showing deserves a chance in the big games. Although the Islanders rinnorl left behind. Miss Cecil Leitch. the1. rougn the East Moline line in the former champion of Great Britain, M.!1 Cair for lon& gains, the team who has her arm in a sling, is one d not work together with the of the interested spectators, she PJ"Per coordination and needs a lot and her sister Edith, who 'failed Practice and coaching before thev to qualify, having joined the cal- ?a,n b&ccmo a team of merit. The lery. - Islanders have a lot of material - . th5s 'ear and there i3 no reason wny tney cannot put a real team on I the field before the 'chamnionshin games. " L I I COLLEGE FOOTBALLI Force of circumstances relegat ed Louie Kolls to the backfield against the Moline Indians. Louie would have feft jas much at home playing golf, or tennis. He tried. dui was not a nownng success. But, it mustn't be overlooked that Louie's natural habitat is any place in the line. If he gets the chance, well wager he'll prove equal xb the demands. Chicago, Sept. 27. (By the As- they encounter, the heavy freshman sociated SPress) Great gobs of team. Zuppke cut out tacklin" gloom hovered over the North- and . scrimmage in last , nfght's western, campus today as students work. discussed the disqualification of! At Indiana, Coach Herron ex-Morris Blumenthal, ace of the I pressed satisfaction over improve-Northwestern backfield. and thejment shown. bv the Hoosiers but Purples only veteran quarter- admitted his squad had a lot to do n, .. , i before they would be able to muraenthal was declared in a stand up against stiff competition faculty announcement, to be hope- New shift plavs are bein de-Iessly ineligible for football this J veloped. by the Purdue eleven-season and was forbidden to enter I which worked out yesterday be fore st,ands full of students who totad for both leagues to 1.02S, close to 100 morethan last year's record crop of 937 circuit blows. The Pirates tried their luck in the Tigers lair at Detroit and met another turnback. The exhibition game ma keen Ty Cobb out of the remaining games of the season. League Standings I The Tiger manager was hit on the Nehf. although beaten, twice byjleg by a pitched ball and had to be Waite Hoyt of the Yanktfrs in last carried off the field. Wnf'fl cariAc' tn-f!.-.,! K.iltiA(H -1 , Is V. .s -1 I .. I. .- . I. : l . . I " .mica nnu iu uio imru siari turned in the deciding victorv by trimming the "Hoy Wonder" in the eighth game, 1 to 0. The Giants play a double-header today with Philadelphia at the Polo grounds, and McGraw plans to call ou his reserve forces after giving the regulars a brief workout. The Yankees, within a game of clinching the American league ti tle, hope to settle the race beyond GREG SCORES KAYO VICTORY Toronto, Sept 27. Harry Grcb, American light heavyweight champion, knocked Out Al FienAriict nf all doubt, by winning from Boston New York, in the second round. Tomorrow m the first of a three-. same series with the Red Sox. They hold a lead of three and a half games over the St. Ini Browns and with only four; more; contests to play, need only a single' icrory to eliminate. the, mathematical uncertainty yet existing. Dazzy Vance achieved his ISth victory of the season while Brook lyn pounded two Boston twirlers to whi. n to in thm and declared he would meet Bat tang Sikl, conqueror of Georges Carpentier. "any time, anywhere, for. any reasonable amount of money." O'BRIEN LS -SrSPEXliFn. Milwaukee, Wis. Tommy O Bnen, Lbs Angeles lightweight, was suspended for three months by the Wisconsin, boxing commission on charges of holding and tripping in his Tecent match with Pmw XATIOML LEAGUE. New York .... Pittsburgh Cincinnati St. Louis ..... Chicago Brooklyn ...... Philadelphia Boston 50 .New York , St. Louis . , Detroit . . . , Chicago . . Cleveland W. L. pet ....90 58 .608 85 65 .563 ...84 68 .553 . ...S2 68 .547 ....78 71 .523 ...75 76 .497 55 94 .369 .. .50 98 .338 "league. W. L, Pet. ...93 57 .620 ...90 61 ".596 ...79 73 .520 ...77 74 x .510 ...76 76 .500 ...6S 81 .447 ...61 87 .412 '.i.59 92. ,391 j Philadelphia Boston CESIT.TS TFSTEBDAT. .National Leag-ue. Brooklyn. 12; Boston, 5. New York. 6: St.-Louis, 3. Cincinnati, 15; Philadelphia, 8. Chicago.' and Pittsburgh not scheduled. . American League. '." No games scheduled. classes. He had beea counted upon as one of the mainstays of the backfield. Injuries continued to hamper Coach Thistlewaite and his assistants. John Lane, heavy guard suffered an injury to his back waitu may Keep him on the side i noes ior two weeks, and Bill Mc-Elwam. varsity halfback, injured last Saturday, nrobablv will ho out another week. Chicago Works Secretly. Signal drills behind closed gates was the order at Stagg field, where the University Of Phirjifrn squad was worked in secret practice. - - From Madison came word that the Badgers look like formidable contenders for Big Ten grid honors this fall. Coach Richards is said tb have a wealth of new material whtcH will give him a strong re-serve'from which to draw, even after filling the gaps left by departed veterans of the 1921 campaign Throughout the Big Ten. coach es are making the first real appraisal of their gridiron material this week. r At Michigan. Coach lusiappueo the pruning hook to his squad anjd turned 45 candidates over to Assistant Coach Fischer who has charge of the reserves. Gophers eed Ends. . Coach Spaulding or Minnesota is devoting special , attention to the end positions on the Gopher eleven Several prospective ends were given a chance to show what they could do. in outnost. which been held down in the first preliminaryworkouts by Eklund and Schjoll. . . , Coach Jones is switching tenta- c it-suiars and second uti-in-! "pep" session. i gathered for a I - U ft: h iff; -Kp f Va Slid BECOMES IDOL OF PARIS of the hardest-working that Swed-berg has. had 'and there .will bo g fight for positions throughout the season. WORD MAN DEFENDS TITLE Traffic Blocked as Crowd Catches Sight of Carpentler'.s Black emeIs Taris, France, Sept. (By the Associated Press.) Georsres Car- jpentier. who was defeated hvibt. tling Sikl last Sunday for the!1" 9f that city, present-champion. ncavyweight championship of Europe, now knows that he was beat- jen technicallx as well as actually oy me ngnting Senegalese. His .State Billiard Championship nt Stake Tonight- When Len Meets ..loiics. ' Chicngo, Sept. 27 Tbe challenge match for the state pocket billiards championship will be played at Rockford tonight when William H. FO P7 THE l ; s. 1 (Copyright, 1922, by The Argus.) New York, Sept. 27. Never in all its history has the University of Kansas eleven had better material than it has today. Of all tne Missouri Valley outfits the Jay-hawkers iri this respect seem to be outstanding. j The Kansans go to West Point Oct. 7,, and the game may be recommended to all who delight in stirring action. Any advantage the Army possesses is likely to lie .in the quality of her coaching. The Kansas coach, Potsy Clark, has yet a reputation to make. At one itiuw ue was assistant coach at warn to near anyone - mention the I fiht with Sikf. All he wants, he says, is to get well enoueh to iro down to Biarritz to be with his wife and little daughter Jacfuelhi biki is so popular that when lie lunched in a downtown restaur ant today a hero , worshipping crowd gathered outside and blocked traffic. Siki had to co to a sec ond story window accompanied bv his wife to bow. his acknowledgement to the admirers. I .would give 50.000 francs to bo nincv mflinRtnv nf th Tfnr ic. ' changed into a white man." rdkl land high school backfield. has an-jTS towerinTSi"! ,lh' ?Un; .... . t. ' , , Jne towering Senegalese explained nounced his intentions of leaving; that he was afraid Dempsey would itocK lsiana to take up his studies uraw me color line at Lake Forest academy. His loss will be keenly felt bv the 1922 will defend his title iigainst Au brey Jone.i of Chii-iigo. They also will pal tomorrow and Friday. This match will be held binder i manager, Francois Descamns keotithe auspic s 'of the lllimr.a nil- me jaiai wora .rrom the former!"'1''1 "ssocianon, which oners a champion and barred all newspa- j Eilv'er ,t rop'ny to the winner.. If pers, but Carpentier told visitors I r-PU wins this tirnr it will be his that he had euessed tho (third victory, and the bilvcr troihy, cision was aga'nst him, by the niau- wi" not o:i'' become his bet hf ner of those around him. will quit the amateur ranks and en-i He' Fays that he docs not want ,or in, competition with Cli.mi- j tO'see a newspaper, nor docs hiP'on Kalnn M. Grccnlctf, and '.bi MARCELOUS I1ICK. other proftPsionil players. f SEMI-PRO NOTES t eleven, as plunger. Rinck is a terrific line PUBLIC VERSED IN GRID RULES Incident In Yale-Bates Game Shows Kren Interest of the Spectators. The new champion l married to a white Dutch woman from Amsterdam. She is a fall, slender, an i blue eyed -Hollander. She annenrcri rather overcome with the suddji burst of attention paid her. All. the news all t: Argus. e time The ' Henry vs. Gaba. Final game of the Illinois 'YuKey association will be played Sunray at Galva between Giilva and Henry. Henry won the pennant for tho first half. of the season ami Galva-finished on top in the seemid part. Next . Sunday's g;n: will settle season hor.or.s. .Nckoniii Tourn:imenl. Results of play in" tiie Nt-konia baseball tourtii.iiicnt were' Clover Chapel. 1; .Galva Giant?, S. Nekom.'i. 14 : Hirrh Point. 7. Second' !ay's " ga-i.e.V . vill lw played Sept.." Hiho II II 1 Tur.i;i:. nt. Bishop Hill linisa d -i, u !.i the tournarrient v. hint en;,ed s-terday, defeating Guv;: ll Ij V-Andover beat Oneida, 7 m - BY Yf ALTER CAWP. (Copyright, 1922, by The Argus.y- ine Dig colleges will have to bear in mind that the public with Kansas and did riot stand out Then 1 a caPital p ls no longer ignorant of ; he went to the Michigan AsreieVlthe footbaIl rules. A typical illus- nuere. ne am not nrodnpo j, "uu VL waa lorcea to i. in th nlhor m ira5ue game, played yesterday. in his -?eWn m T ;s ; tl, "s'.Vhio TPf l ""ley, "T:1 T"n-S Vn ..tne three Mitchell, whose case ZL A" ul!" na Worthy. : 4"oeu, Drougni tne season's poned. ' i - . " A -. were winninjc norses - i ? '.".. ' tfae Grand Circuit races.-1 men in scrimmages mixed wit r . 3 A II. signal drills at ina ""-"i creauaoio snowing mtcr run ning his regulars through irT,Qi practice "yesterday, Jones put a second string outfit- up against them for a 30-minute scrimmage, and the seconds rushed the first team off their feet for awhile ftiit i la I Bob Zuppke s Illinl will show 1 their first real stuff Friday when- upon my attention in the Yale-Bales game. Johnny Mack, the Yale trainer, seeing that one of the Yale players was -limping, ran out onto the fie!d to look over the man and see if he wa3 nt to continue in the game. As he did so a' spectator back of me. certainly j not a college man, said to hia com-! panion: "If that was in a big' garme,. Yale, would be penalized. Shei ought to be now but these big "fellahs' thinks they can get away with! OTl u-Jab It. I I . . . . - - ' iuuiuci agamsi iue mue ienans. Saturday's tames showed that pushing his players hard each aft-' ."! "ln " n""ei i - - i- inuic, iroiLe iae nf ctaro Io nnt n .i , ! head coach at Kansas this vear hp may demonstrate that given adequate material he has the goods. Even the best coaches cannot make bricks without straw. '' GALVA HIGH TO PLAYjGrALESBURG (Special Correspondence.) Galva, 111... Sept. 27. Galva high school football team will nlav the Galesburg school here Saturday afternoon. Coach ' Reckman - i ernoon -and expects bigger team. to make against the NOTICE. There will be an important meeting bf Camp 1550, M. W. A. at Knights of Columbus hall Sept. 26, at 8 p. m. All neighbors are urgently requested to he present. J. E. REIDY, Consul. ... . . . E. M. WILJLETT, Clerk. a fast and resourceful team. Wash ington and Jefferson looked slower and more ponderous than last year. She evidently missed the driving power of Russell Stein in the line. Syracuse is loose and un-knit as yet but she has potential power beyond doubt. . Carnegie Xech evidently will put up a fine brand of scientific football this season.- ----- - - - VANS f l 1. the Worlds Smarten COLLAR . HE fore cation oi foremost indi- f good taste in dress three hundred and sixty-five days a year. . Buy your collars of a reputable retailer. He won't offer you a substitute when you ak If or a VAN HEUSEN. He knows there isn't any. "jVears Loncst leaves Your Shirts . . r Saves Your lies PHILLIPS-JONES CORPORATION. W.;i3 BROADWAY. NTW YORK

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