The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 1, 1953 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 1, 1953
Page 8
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B1,YTHEVIU,E (AKK.) COURIER NEW* 1, 1 1 J5S Attack Unprovoked, Officer Of Downed Plane States By STAN CAKTER TOKYO (AP) — "It was absolutely an unprovoked attack, 40 miles from Russian terri- ory" said the co-pilot of an American 1350 shot down at sea in a Russian jet attack off Siberia Wednesday. Capt. John E. Roche, today di- used it as a raft, rectly contradicted Moscow charges that the, big bomber and Its n . I "It was so far away and we Fired Flares I were weak. We had no way of "I heard somebody holler. '1 i recognizing the voice," he said. Roche was bruised and cut about the neck and head by the first explosion in the plane—when he was , thrown into the nose. A bandage flares and marked I ™* °'\ ' h(1 »B hl sldc "' nis h ««" man crew""were"over Siberia near j started swimming toward the the Red naval base, Vladivostok, | sound and found Cap;, p Kelly and that the Americans fired first, j We -;'»v«l ^.hor £rthe nex Roche told a news conference: | ' - J"^. un "' P) "We were definitely 40 miles j -, • • • flares and marked' ••••• --™ from Russian territory Our navM h ; ; j j His risht eye was swollen, and his gallon Is almost infallible. It was ,' . .,....„ „., .„ k( ,(,,, ollt o( ! neck was bruised. Air Force doc- visual, Loran and Q13 tradari. We "^ riv ' p T w;1 ^' 75 or ' Jo yards i tors sa ' <1 lne '"W'ies were minor. weren't any closer than 40 miles." • • ^^ c '• ' O . K( ,| |V \ V | 1CI1 j Roche said he believed the en- Roche, 28, said a MIG jet with j • R ., 0 ^ „'i.jrboat' ; cineer and navigator and probably Russian insignia flashed in and: ,. 0 . KcU wns „ ]lltle wc , lk| j , UlP „„„„,,„ parachuted, blasted one of the Bomber s tour , ^ - . Hg S3id Jlo flw nm S[1R any vcs . engines. Then-so quickly that it j , ' s , va , n to the boat It was'sels of any kind until he spotted might have been a different MIG—j ]5o ^ i)()|) s . rom O . K( ,, ]V j j the P i lMai , : almost 2 hours after en engine on the other wing was j dimbl , d mto u t hari cramps ftnd j the 1350 was shoi down shot up. 'was violently sick. I couldn't move, j The right wing fell off and the . . "I Rot the Very pistol out of the never got a chance to get to; hatch In the lifeboat and fired a O'Kellv after that." | shot (flare),' 'he said. "I was skcp- Roche said he did not see any 1 tica! about signaling. I thought It othei crewmen, but after they had i might be the Russians and I been in the water about, a half |wouldn't have much chance. hour, he and O'Kclly heard some- j "The Picking came and got me ships. bodv veiling out of the water." The U. S. State Department pro- j ^_____ tested the attack to Russia and I big plane crumpled into the Sea of Japan. The crew was ordered to bail out. Roche, of Washington. D. O., was the only crewman rescued by U.S. U.5. (Continued from Page 1) said It had information some of the 1« others had been saved by | Eusslan vessels. However. Roche said he did not see any Red craft in the area. Saw Boats | Crew members of rescue planes i e . ( , V|) weeks which scoured the area said they j ' saw several Russian PT-type boats i La»t Maicn 15. a U. s. B.,o was _ . which may have picked'up other i attacked by Soviet MIG fighters | Emmet t. Coleman, and two chll- crew members. i°™" ««'t'c waters some 25 miles j circn. Home Funeral Home will be Roche said the American destroy- ! east of the Siberian peninsula of j in charge. er Picking, which plucked him from | Kamchatka. Neither plane was the sea on the pre-dawn darkness I damaged. Thursday—22 hours after the crash Lettie Coleman PUMPS TO KEEP "BUDDY" ALIVE—Gerald J. Lonzo, stationed with the Air Force in Japan, doesn't falter in his pumping even as the iron lung he's feeding air into is taken off a plane by a fork-lift truck. Inside the lung, A/3C Warren Beatty's life depends on Lonzo supplying him with oxygen. Beotty was stricken with a lung ailment in Korea and was airlifted to Japan. Four Air Force medics kept him breathing on the flight with continuous hand pumping of the respirator. Arrangements for services for; Lettle Coleman, 35. who died at, her j home on South 14th Slreet yester- i day afternoon of a heart attack, ! were incomplete today pending ar- [ rival of relatives. Survivors mrhlrlc her husband Obituaries —had stopped a Russian "trawler , | At that time Flanders sharply or tug boat" and questioned ^ [criticized the Air Force for issuing crew, but saw no indication that it had any survivors aboard. "It must have been about 6:15 Wednesday morning when it happened," Roche said. "It was 6:20 when I hit the water and my watch stopped. "I was sitting there relaxed . . . It didn't enter my mind at all we false report" in stating the ' bomber WEI.S on a routine weather reconnaissance flight off the Rus- I sian Coast. i Flanders called this preposterous and at that time said "the Russians appear to have been discreet in warning it off." This time. Flanders .said he be- to authorize shipment of 100 million dollars worth of surplus farm products to needy peoples abroad. Before both the Senate and House Is a catchall compromise bill which includes authority to spend 200 million dollars for relief work in war-ravaged South Korea. Measures still being worked on in Senate-House conferences include the appropriation for the State. Commerce and Justice De- j partments and a bill to extend the i law until next ; Edna Marshall Rites Sunday Funeral services for Mrs, Edna Miirshnll. who died at Walls Hospital yesterday after a long illness will be conducted by the Revs. Floyd Ramsey and Gene Schultz at the Church, of God Sunday afternoon at 2:30. Pallbearers will he John Duncan, Charles Duncan, Jimmie Ray, Billy Mick, Arthur Payne and Robert Crossko. TRUCE II U1U1J I. C11LC1 til.* 1".-.— ••• - I might be attacked. We'd been in j "eves the U. S. bomber had a I reclpro( , a i trade that area before and never seen ; right under international law to be I June 12 any MIGs It was international ] m Hie area and "so far as 1 can j Alternatives wa ters ' Kee the Air Fnrre lm!i givc " ollt I As to the debt limit bill, there "I had just lit a cigarette when ' no false information." i , en . (appeared to he three alternatives and; "The 1 Russians have been trying ; before Mrs. Marshall was 59 and had ved in Blytheville for five years. our No. 1 engine was hit and: "The Russians have been trying • before the Senate Finance Com- an[ | sisters, Mrs. Ruben Boyd. caught fire." !to establish long-r;<nqe rights to: mittee: Tupelo, Miss., and Mrs. Addie Mc- Roche said a gunner on the B50 j open waters near their shores." he [ 1. Pigeonhole it for Ihe time Domild, Memphis, Tenn.: four fired back at the first MIG—a three; said. "This is in violation of inter-i being. .grandchildren and four step grand- to five-second burst of machine- national law although I presume! 2. Order full hearings on it next ' children. gun fire but he did not know ; we would not enjoy having Rus-iweek. : -—— • whether the MIG was hit. , "No, nobody issued an order to i fire. No order was needed. We were ] under attack," he said. "I never sa\< f the second MIG . at all. It got our No. 4 engine 45 : seconds to a minute after the first attack on the No. 1 engine. "I feathered No. OUt. There Was a ; sian planes flying near nur shores. SENATE (Continued from Page 1) 1 engine. Hut tne o. 4 and looked'senate leaders had shelved plans the per; hole through the ' to fly to Korea tomorrow with ! antl Hm .ueie \vtts & uui^ HLH,U^.. "-.- !u uy to rvorea tomorn prop ebout that big (six inches ; secre'tnry of State Dulles, across-about the size that would I KnowhlrA Democratic be made by cannon fire) Lvndon Johnson oi Texas ana : - --,. "We were at 20.000 feet, heading , s ' nators H ^oxander smith (R- committee and the oldest senator 95 degrees—almost due east. ' • ' '-"Capt. Stanley Keith O'Kclly of . Work out a compromise for a temporary extension or a small- ' er boost. I 4. Report ft out to the floor for , debate later today or next week. [ The first seemed to be the best : bet as the committee assembled. But there was some feeling; that : •suasive powers of Millikin j i ana numphrey could not be \vril- I ten off completely in advance. Leader ! A key figure is Sen. George senior Democrat on the sians get away with this without, asking indemnity and abandonment of the practice." Continued from Page 2 every angle from the moment th\ j:risoners leave Communist control until they start home. Five U. S. Air Force C119 Flying 1 Boxcars airlifted 29 tons of American Red Cross kits tc Seoul for use by the returning Allied captives. The kits, stockpiled in Southern i Japan for the past several months, i contained razors, shaving cream, soap, tooth paste and brushes, and 'letter writing material. .. No Mercy Teams i Whether Red Cross teams, will j be able to visit North Korean prison camps during the exchange remained in doubt. At a joint Allied-Communist Red Cross offi- J cers session Friday, the Reds re| fused to give the go-ahead signal } for U. N. mercy teams to slart ! north by Sunday. : The military armistice commis- : sion held its fifth session Satur- ; day. then adjourned at Red request i until Monday. Bryan said the meetings "continue very smoothly." The commission has the task of watching for violations in the 21- milc-wide buffer zone that sepa- 8/yt/ievi//e Insurance Man Honored by Firm Robert S. Purtle, Blytheville insurance agent, has been named among the "Nation's Top Twenty i Producers" during a recent month ! for The Maccabees insurance com- jpany. According to listings pub! lished by that firm's national mag- asine this month, Mr. Purtle ranked ninth in the country for the month of June in sales. rates the Allied and Communist armies. At the United Nations in New York, delegates were urged to take quick action on setting up the Korean peace conference, which truce negotiators recommended should start within 90 days after the armistice. Prof A. S. Bokhari, Pakistan's U. N. delegate, said in a staLe- Imcnt. "I think, in. some ways. | this will be the most important conference in the world's history." Bokhari said he hoped the General Assembly will not take excessive time in deciding which nations will take part in the conference. The assembly meets Aug. 17. . ..- NJi and Russell ID-Gal said they -••i-" -• —, , -, .. f?U thov hari in stay in Washington Topeka, Kan.) rang the alarm bell m ., ;] , hp dpbl , Jmu jc-suf , d was to bail out. The right wing came 5( ,., lf , d "I was thrown forward into the Thp ricanlme point of service. Gcovge attended the White House cnnfrrenor- Thursday mornine at which legislative leaders were told the debt ceilinq proposal was com- nose. "J pulled myself up and chmbfd back into the cockpit on my hand?. "The engineer and navigator were gone. They must have nl- In- be if tlie other cnnrd up '"'•- poncd. H - Rut afifr a round of confer- care-' ye^tf'rclav with Deiuorrattc. leaders. Genrae announced he be- hevr-d the issue should be post- .said he thought, the . . , Democrats were unanimous in this A compromi.s ready balled out." The plane shook, eiqn run mom-v bill, approved You could see daylight through the finally by the House 237-156 yestor- V1PU . aircraft. " drl >"- K "P im Senate concurrence' Congress can go ahead and quit "I dove out past the nose wheel. '• today. ; j, u t let the President know it I smelled smoke and looked up to ; so are House-approved compro- stands ready to return In Septem- measures to admit 214,000 ' bnr or Octot)er, at his call, if ceiling then seems 1 he said. see if my chute was ,on fire. It mise measures to admit 214,000 ' bnr or October, at : was open and there was nothing ;aliens as,special-quota immigrants • action on the ceiling xvrong with it. Then my feet : durins the next thrco yonrs. and "inmerative." he said, touched the water. • —- — =^ "I was about 75 feet from the i UTeckage of the plane. The water all around the wreckage was on fire. I swam backward to get away from it. "I had on my Mae Wrst Oife jacket). I found a mattress and THEATRE "Osceo/o's Finest' RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. 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FJynn of Intcmate Life and Accident, and Bill Hardin of National Life and Accident, were guests last night at the regular meeting of the Blytheville Association of Life Underwriters in the Noble Hotel. DurinR the program, a film was shown on the Life Underwriter's Training Council classes, which are lo be conducted here by members of the association. E, S. Moore of Life Insurance Company of Georgia will be in charge of enrollment. L. E. O!d of Prudential Life will be instructor for the first-year class and J. A. Bryan!, of American United will in.struc-t the second-year group. The two classes will be conducted for the first time this year. Read Courier News Classified Ads. Kansas City Labor. Is Scored by House WASHINGTON (AP)-House IB- vestlgators reported today they have turned up evidence of "appalling violence" and "gangster tactics" in a labor dispute In Kansas City. The House members recommended that the federal government study the record for possible criminal prosecution. The report was filed by a House labor cubcommittee headed by Rep. Wint Smith iR-Kan.). The unit's hearings followed a long union squabble in Kansas City which idled as many as 25.000 workers for nearly two months. i Worst Fire Worst forest fire In American history is considered to be the Peshtigo fire in Wisconsin, October of 1871. Fire burned over 1,280,000 acres, homes, towns, and settlements were swept away by flames, and liioo persons perished. NEW MANILA, ARK. Air Conditioned By Refrigeration Matinees Sat. & Sun. Phone 58 "Your Community Center" & DON'T MISS! YOU* FRIEMCHT THIATRt • Enjoy Cool, Air-Conditioned Comfort Continued Showing Sunday from 2 p.m. SUNDAY & MONDAY THE SAVAGE FURY OF THE GREAT PLAINS INDIAN WARS!!! ALWAYS A DOUBLE FEATURE THEATRE Phone 4621 Show Starts Weekdays [== 7:00 p.m. Sat. & Sun. 1:00 p.m. ^ AIR CONDITIONED BY REFRIGERATION See Our New Giant Wide Circle Vision Screen. The Picture Looks SO REAL! SATURDAY DOUBLE FEATURE Cartoon & New Serial: Nyoka & The Tigcrman No. 1 SATURDAY LATE SHOW 11:30 Pete Smith Comedy & Congo Serial R0!!«t IOUIS WViNSOIfi 000* SUNDAY & MONDAY Double Feature GENE I iMIWHD-HERHBf, <"»W ma ^ a ^9S s fS!* 3s "' _,.» mm —WILLIAM KEif.HiD' ---- ..u.Muiniii.iiimiiiui milt OeIOIH «~.»«m«i«i"—• -..*"»' CARTOON & SHORT •«•«.!. «•••§• ••§•••••••••••••«§•••••««••••««••«••••••

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