The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 1, 1953 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 1, 1953
Page 7
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SATURDAY, AUG. 1, 1953 (ARK.)" COURIER NEWS OUR BOARDING HOUSE — with Major Hoepl* PAGE SKVEJf gSAD.TWlG6S/ Tgy 4 MAY I BREAK THROUGH 6CEW6 WH6M X «£3 VOJR PlPe CLOUD A < HERCULEAM INDIAM RXMlMUTe, to 1HE WR6STLING Sfl MA3OR PUBLIC SACK HOME tH.& CROWDS 1U6 •we rue -— WILL, MEBT AND ALL IRR.E6ARDLSSS OF AGE, WEIGHT OE / WHO'S THAT HALF-PINK HIAWATHA Wow ADAMS' AWCHE6 T>iD RAMK eOTCH WlM OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williami THAT PROVES WE'RE (SETTIMS SOPTEE AMP SOFTER/ WE U&EP TO THIMK.MOTHW6 OF TOSSIM<3 A SACK OP KITTENS IWIO THE CREEK. HUM/ SOCI OEDERS.BUT WE USED TO F166EC ALL K»JPS OF <3A6S TO 6IV6 'EM A BREAK ...LIKE .SETTIM' THEM APBIFT OKI A I a e a ce X U UHHM! MY WORD! THOUGHT VOfWAKE KP.FA&WN... 6OOP1...&JT KMT WO/WEE NOT TOUCHIH6 AIWHW&, YOUH& LADY! A2E 6OOP ENO/6H FOP ME! CHErS WELKIN TOLPA1EHCWTO FLV-SHIP... BUT IT NOT FM NOW. WE 60INSTEAI6HT LlNE.'MELLO CCVKE LITTLE" SATELLITE CEBIT... NOW WE'LL 6O . There Is no air or water on the moon, hence no weather, winds, clouds, etc. MEYER & CHILES ENGINEERS P.O. Box 778 1st National Bank Bldg. Blylheviiie, Ark. J, W. Meyer Bljthcvllle, Ark. Office 2261 Res. 8667 R.L 'Bob' Chiles Osceola. Ark. Phone 991 Professional Engineer License No. 333 Makes Bean Jump A jumping: bean moves because of the movements of the larvae of a moth spinning cocoons inside the seed, according to the Encyclopedia Britannica. TRUSSES Spring or Elastic Abdominal Belts Kirby Drug Stores Guaranteed Watch Repair CO 5fl SF«CW J> <.Jv your watch Is disassembled, cleaned, pivots polished and hair-spring adjusted. Chronographs and automatics not Included. 3 Day Service Thompson (Credit JEWELER Next Door to Wado Fnrn. For Fine Foods, Choose PICKARD'S GROCERY & MARKET Nationally Advertised & Fancy Groceries We Deliver Call In 2043 Come In 1044 Chick. FUEL OIL G. 0. POETZ OIL CO. "/ Se// That Staff" Phone 2089 Office & Bulk Plant - Promised Land Beside the Laughing Water A Romance by LOUIS ARTHUR CUNNINGHAM THF. STOHYi l.tllfh Grnr: hns come in Cnimdn lo Irn In n xrliool In the bomr lonn <;il«-n Wnjl.-inii. Ilic yoniiR m.ld •lie hnd kno»Tn nnd lovt-d Clio. rd fr nrtlo hnnl. I field her , n-ho hn (In brrn .-E H:,jl:ind. lii.i dm r nf l.ilhli'H pupil*, rrli Hint Lilith l» • he linil l« I licr. T TLITH Avis, V wasn't going to tell which would be the same as telling the little world of Ashtondale. that she Was the girl who had jilted Giles Way- Innd—the girl they blamed for his debacle, for his reckless «ourting of death, his eager seeking of the bullet that ended his life. Perhaps it had really been like •that. Young as she was then she had been forced to admit that there was in Giles a wildness. an emotional instability that too oft- •cn sent him off tempestuous, unheeding of any consequences whatever. But if they blamed her in any part for his downfall, it was all the greater reason why she didn't choose to admit that she had ever known him If they found out about her. she would have to defend herself and tell them why she had ditched Giles. She had no intention of being a martyr for the honor of the Way- 'lands or a sacrifice on the altar of the family pri'ie that, she began to see. was what mattered with them most. An ivory white convertible, top down, streaked up the driveway and crunched to a stop on the gravel sweep In front of the col- liege. There was a tall fellow in ia jockey cap at the wheel. He waved to Avis and got out. "Thai's Gavin Wayland. my brolher-in-law Handsome brute, isii'i he? Doesn'l like women. I giK-ss he got mirned too. The .Waylands do seem lo havt tough luck with their love-life. Hi, Gavin! Come up here and meet the latest thing from London." * • • OE looked a lot like Giles, Lfl- ith thought, only he was taller, thinner and there was a seriousness about him that was older than his years. He acknowledged the introduction with cool indifference, looking at her only once and with no faintest flicker of interest. It was such a complete dismissal that she lelt the anger rise in her, felt the challenge that every lovely woman knows when a man looks at her as if she were of no great import in his scheme of things. "We're driving up to the Belleisle." Avis slid dowri''ofT the coping and put her hand on Gavin's shoulder for support. "Wouldn't you like to come with us?" Lilith didn't wait to see If Gavin wanted her to. She rather thought he didn't. "Thank you, no." Her fingers touched the thick chignon of her hair. "There are so many things one must do. I'm sort of starting a new life, you know." "Miss Graeme is going to have Peg in her class," Avis told Gavin. "Isn't that nice? "Why, ye He turned to her then and smiled and the smile was a good thing to see in that thin brown face. His red hair •under the jockey cap was bleached to a pale gold and it was thick and cropped close. "You'll like our Peg," he said. Lililh watched them climb into the convertible and waved in answer to Avis Wayland's parting salute. Shi stood there watching until the low-slung, beetle-like car, was lost among the trees. She leaned wearily against, the balustrade then, feeling lonely, deflated and strangely forlorn, here in this vast, bright land, among all the?e strangers who, but for a turn of the wheel, might have been b«r dear friends or bitter enemies, who now looked on her as just a strange girl who has come into their midst. "I've had enough Wayland for a while," she decided. "I don't know that I like the breed. That man. that Gavin—1 hated the way he looked at me—with such utter indifference." She knew it wouldn't be too hard for her to banish the bored look from those blue eyes, to make them light with what she had seen long ago in his brother's. And, suddenly, she found herself wanting to do just that, eager to accept the gage he had thrown down, the challenge of his indifference. "Tjooking at me rather as if I were a clay figure—and not a very good one at thnl," she thought rcbelliously. Then she smiled. * * * IT had been a long time since - 1 any man had piqued her, disturbed her like this. She found herself thinking about him, speculating about his life, and she was aroused from this idle daydreaming only by Miss Tail's quick step on the terrace and her cheery, "Here you are, my dear. I suppose Avis Wayland talked the ear off you. Lovely thing, isn't she? And you met Gavin, I suppose." "Oh, yes." "Charming fellow—used pretty wild. But he's lamed down now. He has been in Korea this past year. Plans to write a book about it, I hear. Somebody's always writing a new book about something. He lives in that old barracks of a house—the family homestead. You'd get lost in it." "Is he—married?" Lilith felt the question slip out before she could stop it. "He was, I believe. His wife died. He Joesn't seem to care much for women—doesn't trust them, I dare say Giles, his brother, didn't have much luck .with Avis has no But all this Wayland story must bore you to tears—" How little she knew, thought Ulilh. (Tt Be ConUuued) them either —as doubt told you. Television— Tonite, Tomorrow WMCT, Memphis. Channel 5 SATURDAY NIGHT, AUGUST 1 6:00 My Hero 6:30 Amateur Hour 7:00 Saturday Night Revua 8:00 Range Rider 8:30 Lone Ranger 9:00 Juniper Junction 9:30 Big Picture 10:00 News 10:10 Weather 10:15 Sports Roundup 10:30 Wrestling 11:30 Talent ScouU 12:05 News 12:05 Sign Off SUNDAY, AUGUST 10:30 Previews and News 10:40 Film Featurette 10:55 Sen. Albert Gore 11:00 Comedy Circus (11:30 Frontiers of Faith 12:00 Youth Wants To Know 12:30 Film Featurette 1:00 Burns and Allen 1:30 Beulah 2:00 Roy Rogers 2:30 My Son, Jeep 3:00 The Chimps 3:15 Sunday Musicale 3:30 American Forum 4:00 Meet the Presj 4:30 Slim Rhodes 4:55 News 5:00 Operation Neptune 5:30 Place the Face 6:00 BiR Payoff 7:00 TV Playhouse 8:00 Stu Erwin 8:30 Favorite Story 9:00 Racket Squad 9:30 News 9:40 Weather 9:45 Toa£t of the Town 10:45 Your Playtime 11:15 News 11:20 TV Recital Hull 11:50 Sign Off MONDAY, AUGUST J 1:00 Today 7:25 News 7:30 Today 7:55 News 8:00 Ding Dong School 8:30 Arthur Godfrey 9:00 Hawkins Falls 9:15 The Bennetts 9:30 Strike It Rich 10:00 Shopping At Home 10:15 Love of Life 10:30 Search for Tomorrow 10:45 Arthur Godfrey 11:00 storyland 11:15 Guiding Light 11:30 Garry Moore 12:00 Meditation 12:10 News 12:20 Farm News 12:30 Honvrr- TS Program 1:00 Big Payoff 1:30 Wclcoii:, travelers 2:00 On Your Account 2:30 Ladies Choice 3:00 Atom Squad 3:15 Gabby Hayes 3:30 Howdy Doody 4:00 Berl Olswanger 4:30 Industry On Parade 4:45 Hartoons 5:00 Flicker Comics 5:15 News 5:20 Sen. Albert Gore 5:25 Weatherman 5:30 Bob and Ray 5:45 News Caravan 6:00 Name That Tune 6:30 Howard Barlow 7:00 Cisco Kid 7:30 Summer Theatre 8:30 Who Said That 9:00 Candid Camera 9:30 News Reporter 9:45 ToniRht In Sports 9:55 Weather 10:.00 Wrestling 10:45 News 11:00 Mnn vs. Crime 1:30 Suspense 12:00 News 12:05 Sign Off rompt DELIVERY SERVICE Phone 4507 •»r»: I a.m. t* n ,._. wllk DiMT.rj U 1 f.m. WOODS DRUG STORE til W«» Mata It FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS I'VE MISSED YOU. PAW / IVf MOTM> YOUTOO,Pf NOtlLA I'M SIMPLY DYIW& WITH CURIOSITY— H/we YOU j— SET A DATE ) WELL, FOE. YOUE. ./YES — WEDDIN&- / AMD _ SET ir FOR EARLY SEPTEMBER.- NOEtLA HAS SET IF FOR THE FIRST SUWDAY AFTER. SHF RMISHES HER WEDDING DRESS/ "Look, George! I've found the very thing to use up all that energy you've been storing since you quit bowling twice a week!" YOU WON'T MINDYDONT WORRY & YOUR OWN UBOUT ME i'n\ K, LUNCH, WILL YOU, PEAK?/ PLAYING 60LF X ...I'LLEATAT) THE CLUB./ (FORMORE PERFE TIMING! JUST IMAGINE! FIGHTING SUB-ZERO WEATHER AMD AVALANCHES! PEAR, WILL YOU FETCH V MY SLIPPERS, PLEASE? WITH THOSE FELLOWS CLIMBING- IT'S WDKTH A CRAW TO ME TO OET My POUCH PACK.. »UT I TON'T KNOW WHO BUMFEP *T«=E5' WA5 STAFE5 KUNMING AKOUN7 WITH A MIPWAV POLL NAMEP 9EU.E? YES, BUT SHE PUMPEP HIM TOK A 6AMSLEK WITH FAT POCKETS — A 6UY CALLEP BKWN. IF EASY, THEY WOULDN'T CALL HIM YOU'KE A, COOL. CUSTOMER. FLINT. JOKPON NEVER. WENTIOM KEHLEK. TO ME. BUT JUSf BEFORE MIS DEW« »A6 THESE EKRKIwaS WHICH FOR HIWv PEEP THE- JUM6LE GIRL THOMhi SKE'6 THEJ5U& MA' \E NOMN. I LEfiKM/KEHLER KAPIOED HE'D THIS FKOW THE »AAM LEADE JOKPON'S FISHIWG WHO BRIMS THEWv TO V GE&R WITH. IF HBLP JORPOM N4D L VES,,.BUT JDRDOW PIPAOF COI1R5EI THE WlltB MOT FISH! HE WOULD \RECORpil)(35! HE OWN WO GEMZ.1 SO KEKLER IWJST'UB BEEM TR'IINSTOTELLHIM SOIAE THING HE PIP MOT WA.NT OTHER LISTENERS TO / TO LBWB fU WHEN (10 OWE BUT 30K COULD FIUD WELL, BYSADT-K^ THEY. CAN'T DO THWTO MV PAL, CHIEF OR NCW MAYBE WHEN YOU EWTCR LOOSE, YOU RKMEMBER TO KNOOC-UM! FOOZY SOT THROAHJ OLTT RISHT ON HEAD' HOW ABOUT SOME MORE O 1 THEM SPUDS, PETUNIA 1 ILL SET SOME MOKE FOOD.' ENJOY HAViNS COMPANY F

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