The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 1, 1953 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 1, 1953
Page 5
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SATURDAY, At/G. 1. IMS BI.YTliEVII.t.E (ARK.) COURIEU 'Mr. Republican'- During his 15 years in (he U. S. Senate, Robert A. Taft was known throughout the country as the most outspoken man in American politics. Despite this, everyone, including his enemies, acknowledged his anilities. From 11)1(1, when he first sought the 001' presidential nomination, until his most recent activity as Senate majority leader, the G'3-year-old Uhioan was a national and international figure, admired or Here Are Camera Highlights in the Life Of Ohio's Great Senator, Robert A. Taft haled here nnd abroad. Few people were neutral about Taft. One of his greatest political accomplishments came' in Ohio's Senate rac» during 1950. Mucking a tremendous campaign against him by organ• i/ed labor, which was determined to oust him from his Senate seat, he personally nut maneuvered his opposition and rolled l<> victory with one of the largest majorities ever given to a candidate in Ohio, SOLDIER BOY—Al seven, a proud member of the Buckeye Cadete, in his home town, Cincinnati. They drilled under i re»I Army officer. F" STUDENT—This Is Bob Taft at Yale. At 21, he was graduated first in his class, in 1910. He repeated this record at Harvard Law School, graduating in 1913, The next year he married viva ( - cious Martha. Bowers, daughter of his President father's solicitor general. They had four sons,. William Howard Taft III, Rob-; <rt, Lloyd &nd Horace, J TAFT TEAM—Bob and Martha, fcocamc a noted political team. Her lively personality offset his serious one. Shoulder to shoulder, lliry caniimisncd until her ^ Mluess forced retirement. FAMOUS FAMILY—Taffs father was 26th President of the U. S. and later Chief Justice. His grandfather was in President Grant's cabinet. Bob Taft was 18 when this picture was made, just before William Howard Taft became President. With Taft •ml his father are bis mother, brother Charles and sister, Helen POLITICIAN—Tills Is Taft at 23, a member of the Ohio Houst of Representatives. He served from 1921 to 1926 and In 1950 made the Slate Senate. New Insecticide Tops for Fleas So Soy Scientists After Reports Show DDT Losing Out LOMA LINDA. Calif. (/Pi— Scientist here have been counting the} fleas mi squirrels. They announced j tortay that. DDT has lost, its leadership ns a potent flea killer. Fleas are well knmvu carriers of j plaque and other deadly dlscascB. i The Army IK anxious tn find a pow| crful insecticide that will efficiently ' destroy them. The College of Medical Evantic- [ lists' i School of Tropical and Pre- venl.ive Medicine has been conduct- ins (he project. Raymond Kyckman, Itead of the department of entomology, has issued a report, showing that, three, new insecticides are many times more effective than DDT In destroying disease-carry ing fleas nnd other insects. Their names are dieldrin, aldrin j and heptachlor. j The study bepan with sight in- j sraicides. pour were eliminated ear| ly in the project, leaving the three lieu- ones and DDT. j The ordinary California ground .squirrel, said Ryrkman, ifi usually I about as flen-infe.sled an nnima! as exists. So the research trchnlcinns fenced 22 acres of field land and divided it into numbered control areas. FirM (hpy cnucht squirrels and PAGE FIVE checked the normal flea Infestation of a representative number. The squirrels then werr, released and tha various areas were dusted with sep- ni'iUe insedlddes. Gevrnty-two hours Inter researchers started catching squirrels again and made a fresh flea count- And they found (hat, alter dusting with hf»pt itch lor, aldrin or dieldrin, the average had dropped from 111.2 fleas per ?r)Uirrel to less than 1 flea per squirrel. All three of the new insecticides wore thus more ihan 99 per cent effrcUve.. On a comparative basis, DDT wns only 58.35 per cent effective over the same period of time. How do you count, fleas on a squirrel? The best way. says Ryckman, is tn put the squirrel to sleep with a smftU rio^e of nembutal Then a vacuum process, applying a mild suction the skin, pulls off mnst of the flea?. For the stick-tighte tweezers are used. Read Courier News Classified Adi. TAFT-HARTLEY—Taft earned the wrath of organized labor by sponsorship of the Taft-Hartley law. Bitter foe John L. Lewis dubbed it the "slave labor act," Here arc Toft and Lewis ati Taft-Hartley hearing. THREE-TIME LOSER—Thrice denied his life's ambition—the Republican nomination for President—Taft displayed no bitterness »t his final defeat by General Eisenhower. On the contrary, as majority leader he united dissident GOP forces. LEADER—Ho fought In Congress for President Eisenhower's program. The expected Jke- Taft "showdown" never came. AILING—Tltc country was shocked when a serious hip ailment, retiuirin;; surgery, put liim on crutches and forrfld his retirement as majority leader. Let'sFacelr,U.S.IsUproHereinDebt By SAM DAWSON NEW YORK I/PI—The brittle over raising the federal debt limit dramatizes today the growih of all forms of debt in recent years. Never have so many Americans owed 60 much. Private debt has doubled in the last six years. The federal debt today is 9'i billion dollars higher than B year ago. All are agreed it will climb higher before the year is over, no matter what the Congress decides about lifting the legal limit on it as this time. State and municipal governments last year issued a record four billion dollars worth of new securities. In the first half of this year they were going into debt at an even faster clip. In the last seven years state and local government indebtedness doubled. The total now tops 21 billion dollars. Corporations owed about, 85 billion dollars when World War II ended. Fast plant expansion mid money inflation has boosted that debt to around 200 billion dollars. And More Vet The debts owed by individuals and | unincorporated businesses are now estimated to total around 150 bil- ; lion dollars. Consumer credit, (one easily visible form of individual debt) has' swelled to just under 27 billion dollars, with buying on the cuff—in-; stallment credit — accounting for more than 20 billion dollars of it. j Mortgage lenders estimate that I about 10 million single family homes carry mortgages, sustained by the earning capacity of individuals. j This huge debt total of government, business and individuals is; being carried neatly at the moment by the wave of prosperity, still un-, broken. ' It is into this picture of tolal debt that the controversy over lining the, federal debt limit is thrust. By a| 1946 law the U. S. Treasury can't, go into debt for more than 275 billion dollars. Its current indebtedness is more than 212'4 billion dollars. This is climbinK-in this month,, I the first of its new fiscal year, Treasury collections fell about two. billion dollars below its receipts. It has a cash balance of a litle less . than nine billion dollars. Some argue that the Treasury could stay within the debt limit the rest of this year if it would borrow the 2'i billion more than the law allows and let its cash drop to three billion dollars. Unsafe Treasury Secretary Humphrey, however, says it isn't safe for the Treasury to have less than six billion dollars in its Jeans at, any one time. Too many unexpected things could happen. For example, the Treasury is very happy that recently sales of savings bonds have been larger than rt.- dempions. It wants people to buy these bonds, more of them, in fact. But they ore a part of the federal debt. Any sudden spurt in bond buying or big drop in bond redemptions in December could conceivably push (he debt over the limit, if it were already bumping the ceiling at that time. Or. any rush to redeem savings bonds might embarrass the Treasury if It were letting its cash run low. The chief argument against rais- j ing the debt limit is the charge it! would "encourage extravagance." The chief argument against raising the debt limit is the charge it would "encourage extravagance." Opponents of lifting the ceiling argue that if Congress refuses to tlo so it would give the already economy-minded administration all the more incentive to seek new ways of eliminating waste. And they argue that the Korean truce also may afford a safe breather in the defense spending program. Parade of Pirates CORPUS CHRIST!, Tex. </Pl — Corpus Christ! is a resort city that likes to dream of the time when bold buccaneers reportedly roamed over the Gulf Coast. So it annually stages a whoop-to-do festival it christens "Buccaneer Days" and Diamond Not Prize I DES MOINBS UP)—Betty Blnga- mnn, 21, didn't have to pay for a want ad when she lost a diamond ring worth $100- The Des Moines Tribune ran a j page one story about it. Betty had lost tha ring on her first day in a new job in a potato chip factory. She wa.s pouring chips onto a conveyor when she lost the ring. The conveyor led the packaging unit. The paper said that if any potato chip buyer found a diamond ring in the bag he was not to consider it a prize. The ring is Betty's. tourist* ft orite pirate. This year's big parade, drew 350,000 persons. gives townsfolk and ours* chance to dress up like their fav ' Mount Everest, world's highest mountain, was named for British explorer Sir, George Everest, who first fixed its position and altitude In 1871. WARNING ORDER In the Chancery Court, Chlcka- sawha District, Mississippi County, Arkansas. Virginia Eastep, Ptt. vs. No. 12444 Trunian Eastep. Dft. The defendant, Truman Eastep, is hereby warned to appear within thirty days In the court named in the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, Virginia Eastep. Dated this 24th day of July, 1953. Geraldlne Listen, Clerk Laverne Ball, D.C. Gene Bradley, atty. for ptf. Claude Cooper, atty. ad litem. 7|25-»!l-8-l* TRENKLE PAINTS ARE BEST Research and development which has produced Nationally Distributed Theatre Screen Coating works constantly for you in the entire TRENKLE paint line. 100 House Paint >|.25 4; Surpassed by None Tper Gal. Clip this Adv. for 5% discount on any Tvenkle product. FREE DELIVERY IN BLYTHEVILLE. Day Phone, Dell 2881. Night Phone Blytheville 2284 MARTIN TRENKLE PAINT CO. Main St. Dell, Ark. Television SERVICE ANY MAKE PA Systems for Sale or Rent FHILCO FACTORY SERVICE N. MI<hw».T 81 rh 3172 VETCH New crop vetch seed now being sold by Blytheville Soybean Corporation 1800 West Main, Blytheville, Ark. Check our competitive prices before you hi:y. Phone 6856-6857 "FROSTY" The Smoother, Deliclously Different Soft lea Cream Try It at the RAZORBACK DRIYE-IN. Served to you In your car or come Into our air conditioned coffcft shop. The only milk bar In Blythevllle where yon can be nerved in air conditioned comfort, Brine your children Inside where ft It cool and comfortable. Take a Quart or Pint Home Have You Tried The Drink All Blylheville la Talking About? HIRES ROOT BEER Served From The "Wooden Keg" In Frosted Mugs Try Our Wonderful "Frosty" Sundaes 15c & 25c Fresh Strawberry Pineapple Chocolate Black Walnut Cherry Banana Splits 30c Brown Derby ... lOc & 15c "Frosty" cones 5c-10c-15c Fountain Cora Cola Malls and Shakes extra thick All kinds of sandwiches. "FROSTY" at the Razorback Drive-In Need Protection Should hibe ni fjU UK nniinals po to sleep in nn unprotected pince, their body tempera hires would sink HO low that they would die. Therefore, they creep Into us helterod spot, and sink into a state of comparative cold-bloodd- nss. When its time To Repaint You'll S;\VR money by selecting £nml paint. Good paint lasts longer and the longer Intervals between pain ling lowers ynur annual cnst. 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Dos Food WR Shorts Polished Chopt .... 1M Ibs. 4.39 101) Ibs. 4.99 100 Ibl 5.39 100 Ibs. 5.69 1M Ibs 5.39 100 lot 4.39 190 Ibs. 3.69 IM Ibl. 4.41 10« IM. 5.39 iOfl Ibs. 5.79 IM it*. 5.39 IM IM. 5.49 HO Ibs 5.9» 1(9 ibs. 4.39 IM Ibl, 4.79 1041 Ibl. 4.39 1»« Ibl. 5.99 IN Ibl. 1.99 191 Ib*. ,1.69 10« ItH. 4.19 Puppies • parakeets • • Kittens • Canaries • Tropical Fish • — All Pet Supplies —- The PET SHOP Mrs. N, O. Jerome 133 S. Division Th. 8075 KILL JOHNSON GRASS with Sodium Chlorite, 99% pirti Fine treated (or dry application. $12.50 per IN Ib* A. H. WEBB CULVERT TILE CO. fllwu «l. Stall Lint Ph. H14 IF YOU LIKE A REAL BARGAIN, READ THE WANT ADS The BIGGEST selling job in town Here In th« classified section of your newspaper . . . you meet personally those people who are really in tha market for what you have to offer. They read your message because they want to hire or be hired, to buy, sell, to rent, or to do you a service. Wifhin minutes after your paper appears YOU GET RESULTS THROUGH THE WANT ADS! Ads placed before 9 a.m. will appear same day. All classified advertising payable in advance. BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS

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