The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 31, 1953 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 31, 1953
Page 10
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BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS FRIDAY, JULY 31, 1958 Foreign Aid Compromise HOUSE May Speed Adjournment By DONALD SANDERS WASHINGTON (AP) — Senate-House agreement on the foreign aid budget early today removed one of the last remaining barriers to adjournment of Congress, but President ! h Eisenhower's delayed request for a boost in the federal debt limit clouded the picture. ] ' Administration lieutenants In the Houn foresaw no obstacle there to passage of a bill to hike th> debt ceiling by 15 billion dollars to 90 billions. But iif the Senate, there was glum talk that the session might have to be prolonged into next week. Acting Republican Leader Knowland of California said he wanted to reserve Judgment on when Congress could quit for the year. Before the debt limit request, hie had been aiming at tonight. His Democratic counterpart, Sen. Lyndon B. Johnson of Texas, ypoke of postponing adjournment temporarily. A Senate-House conference committee worked until past midnight local time (11 p. m. EST) to reach a compromise agreement on a Commodity And Stock Markets- New York Cotton $6.652,422,3110 foreign aid money bill. Although there was some srumblinR among the House conferees. Chairman Taber <R-NY> of the Appropriations Committee said would accept it. Final Senate okay that "Why, certainly" the House is also needed. Hie Slash The total amount is ^.SK.m less than Eisenhower asked. H includes $4,530.457.999 in new cash and $2,121,964.391 in authority to spend funds appropriated by previous Congresses and not yet obligated. The compromise is $455.734,211 above the amount originally voted by the House and $92,895,812 less than the Senate had approved early yesterday. Ten of the 13 government money bills already have gone to the White House, and two more remain n conference committees seeking o resolve Senate - House differences. One, carrying funds for the State, Commerce and Justice Departments, has been deadlocked for weeks over one issue: whether or not to provide funds for federal aid to airport construction. The of her, a catch-all measure (Continued from Page w cut. they won't need It." Most said they wanted to hear the administration's justification of the appeal before declaring their yitentions. Will Vote "Yes" House Democrats planned an at- i,.irk on lust-minute timing of the I proposal and on what ono called | a "cowardly lack of guts" to ask for enough taxes to balance the budget and avoid the debt But Democratic lenders conceded a majority of their members would vote for the increase in a showdown. Will! the main battle centered in oversee the armistice; a joint ob- lh( ' Senate. Knowland said Senate server group to decide on marking ] rules permitting unlimited debate the demilitarized /cone; and Com- ' A 'ere the chief obstacles to fast munlst and Allied Red Cross rep- action. resentalivrs, who discussed the aid | But Sens. Byrd (D-Val and program for prisoners. j George iD-Gai, both members of Pelpins radio said lhe Czech and I lhe F1 " a " c " Committee who pre- Pollsh delegations to lhe supervl-1 vlous '5' blastBtl the idoa . B! >id they sory commission arrived in the Red ! werc open lo Persuasion. TRUCE Continued from Page 2 truce base of Kacsonp Thursday nifilH. The Swiss and Swedish members nre camped near the Allied base camp at Munsan. Marsha] Kim II Sung, North Korea's boss, charged that the Uni- Administration spokesmen said they waited until the closing days of Confiross to make the proposal because U) they wanted to be sure it v/as necessary and (2) earlier requests might have bogged down UNIQUE ENVOY—Frances E. Willis, of Redlands, Calif., is •lated to be the new U. S. ambassador to Switzerland. She would be the first career woman in the diplomatic service ever to serve as an ambassador. Miss Willis has 26 years' experience in the foreign service. ted States is scheming to remain !'" arguments that appropriation in South Korea. Peiping radio quo- : " I1(1 Avenue figures couldn't be ted Kim at an armistice rally at 1definite until Congress acted on Pyongyang as saying: "American imperialists do not think of withdrawing from our Fatherland." British Protest The broadcast, said he also thanked Russia and Red China for aid in the war. In London, Britain indicated definite them. Obituaries Motfier of B/yt/ievif/e Open High Low Close Oct 3380 3384 3317 3317 carrying funds for such" th'i'nEs'as i f ' rmlv snc wai "s to be consulted | u> o - . , Deo 3408 3411 3401 3402J civi] defense.'and overseas Infor-l firsl if the United slatM decides ! "<""OH Dies in Augusta Mar 3428 3432 3422 animation program and Korean re- '"walk out of the Korean peace | May 3432 3437 3425 34251 New Orleans Cotton Open High Low Close Oct 3375 Dec 3404 Mar 3428 May 3431 Corn 8ep Deo High 149% 140i/ 4 Oiitago Wheat Sep Deo High 199 2051/, 139% Low 197 203 i/i progr habilitation, passed the Senate only yesterday- No major difficulties to agreement were apparent. Three major legislative als on the administration propos- "must'' Close 2581.', 250 252 : !.' t 25414 Chicago Soybeans High Low Sep ........... 258=!, 256H Nov ........... 2501X, 248',;, Jan ........... 252?; 250-1:1 Mar ........... 255!-; 253H New York Stocks A T and T ............... 154 7-8 Amer Tobacco ............ 77 Anaconda Copper ........ 33 1-2 Beth Steel ................ 53 1-4 Chrysler ................ 72 1-2 Coca-Cola ................ 113 Qen Electric ............. 73 1-8 Gen Motors ............. 60 1-8 Montgomery Ward ........ 59 3-8 N Y Central ............. 24 3-4 i Int Harvester ....... _____ 21 | J C Penney ............... 69 3-4 ! Republic Steel ........... 4<l 3-8 j Radio .................... 25 j Socony Vacuum . .. ....... 35 3-8 Studebaker ............ 31 1-4 j Standard of N J ......... 74 3-8 : Texas Corp ............... 56 1 -8 I Sears ........ ............ 59 | TJ S Steel ............. . 30 1-2 Sou Pac .................. 44 1-2 Livestock 33S1 3374 3375 list, along with a minor one or 3409 3399 3309 two, are still In the congressional 3432 '3422 3422 machinery. None appeared to pre- 3435 3425 3425 serj t an insurmountable obstacle to early adjournment. Conference Today One Is the President's request Close for special authority to permit the 148% immigration of Iron Curtain rcf- 139% ugnes and other aliens. Senate- House conferees arranged lo meet loday to try to iron out differ- jences. The Semite 1)111 would admit Close 2U!) .<"" ) In 'he next thr yars; th 197 1 '' ' priod. 203|j I A bill to extend the Reciprocal j Trade Agreements Act for a year beyond last June 11! has been deadlocked in a Senate-House conference for weeks. The Senate has j balked at a House provision to arid j a seventh member to the Tariff I Commission. t Still in conference, loo, is a fam- I ine relief bill which the President i asked, but Senate-House differences are relatively minor. T \v o potentially troublesome measures were cleared to the While House last night.. talks. O. S, Secretary of Stale I Services for Mrs. Mark A. Limbird, . . , , Dulles said Tuesday the United I 67 ' of Augusta, Ark., mother oi Mrs. Rotations Have Varied Program Blytheville Rotarians yesterday heard a Rotary information talK and watched two young toe-dancers at their regular weekly luncheon meeting at Hotel Noble. Ronnie Paye Etchteson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Foy Etchieson. and Juanita Ferguson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Ferguson, wen the specialty toe-dancers. Speaking to the club on Rotary' classification systero and attend ance rules was U. S. Branson, wht served as secretary of the Blythe ville club for about 25 years. Guests at the meeting included Ralph Woodruff. C. H. Buchanan O. B. Segraves, all of Osceola It Planned By Yarbro Methodists The Yarbro Methodist Church will conduct revival meetings through next week beginning Sunday at 7:30 p.m.. it was announced today by the Rev. Carl Burton, pastor. Speaking at Sunday night's meeting will be the Rev. William R. Stewart, Methodist pastor at Le- panio. Negro Church Services Scheduled Karl Alzora, director of the Holy Shrine of perpetual Light of Memphis, Tmn.. will speaK at Bethel A.M.E. Church at First and Coleridge Sunday at 7:30 p.m. A citywide union service will be hfld at th« church it I p.m. Sunday when Rev. 0. 0. Johnson, pastor of West End Baptist Church, and Rev. J. W. Speight, pastor of True Light Baptist Church, will be principal speakers. "Rlimhln Se«l»" Rumble seals ar» so caned b> cause. In olden times whc I coaches were used, servants rod I on the open back seat of the veh [ cle, which rumbled constant!'] while the coach was in motion. ALWAYS A DOUBLE FEATURE States might walk out after HO days I . Haralson of Biytheville, will i George P. Donovan and Earl Bol If it feels the Communists are tie- be conducted at 2:30 p.m. tomorrow in the Dardanelle Methodist Church. Mrs. Limhird died suddenly of a heart attack about 6 p.m. yesterday at her home in Augusta. Survivors include her husband. liberately stalling. And in Washington, the quickly voted 200 million Senate dollars for rebuilding battered South Ko- and another daughter, Mrs. R. E. Gregory of Augusta. rea. In addition. Sen. Humphrey Mark A Umbird: two sons c t (D-MInn) propoposed another 200[ charles E L j mb ird of Wright-PaV million for North Korea—a "new | terson Field. Dayton, 0, and ray of hope"—providing a satisfac- j prank M. Limbird of Paris,' Ark., tory peace is reached. ' Sen. Knowland IR-Califi, acting majority leader, suggested one solution to the Korean problem— "neutralizing" the peninsula. Some ofliciuls suggested such a move probably would involve withdrawal of all ioreign forces and some kind of international agreement guaran- ton, both of Bourzikas. Memphis; and Tec EC ks fine Is Divorced . LOS ANGELES !.fl - Mrs. Billy teeing against any attack. It also j Ecksline divorced the slneer yr.s- wolild prevent the peninsula from ; let-day on grounds of cruelly. 'She being- used as a military base by either side. Scientist Killed In Experiments NATIONAL STOCKYARDS. 111. (R— (USDA!— Hogs 4,800; 190 Ib up 25-40 lower; lighter weights 75-1.00 lower; sows 50 lower; 190-240 Ib 24.60-90; some late 24.50; top 25.00 early; 180-190 Ib 23.75-24.25; also several lots these weights 24.25-50; some 190-20 Ib selling at discount; only scattered lots over 240 Ib; load 247 Ib hogs 24.50; few 260-280 Ib 23.50-24.25; 150-170 Ib 21.25-23.50; 120-140 Ibs 18.25720.50; sows 400 Ib down 20.00-21.75; heavier BOWS 17.50-19.50. Cattle 750. calves 700; not enough steers to mention; trading slow on all classes; prices weak to lower in cleanup trading; individual head and small lots commercial to good butcher yearlings 15.00- i 19.00; utility and commercial 11.00- i 15.00; utility and commercial cows { 10.00-12.00; canners and nutters j 6.50 - 10.00; bulls and vealers | steady; utility and commercial i 11.00-13.50; canner and cutter bulls ] 8.00-10.50; good and choice vealers 17.00-22.00; few prime 24.00; utility ; and commercial 12.00-16.0; culls ; 8.0-10.0. ' Most Democrats lined up against tiie compromise version of a bill providing for administration of resources in tiie conlincnttil KheK. the submerged area beyond historic state boundaries. They objected to the dropping of a Senate provision to devote the revenues to federal aid to the schools. But they losl, •15-43, and Ihp bill went to the Pveskiem's drsk. Bolh the Hmi.v and Sennlf ntsn cnmplrlod action, bv voles, on ah ndmijHMnilinii bill to permit the sale of 1!!) i;ovcnmn n nl synthetic rubber plains to private nidus- try. As for the proposed boost in the 275-billion-dollar debt limit, which Eisenhower formally asked only last night, there was a bare possibility the opposition would be stampeded in lhe desire to adjourn. The now cash in the foreign aid compromise, $.1.530.457.999, compares with $5,138.922. 17 requested by Eisenhower. The House had cut his cash request to 54,438.678.000. but the Senate added $123,975,811. testified he played golf all day, went oul with the fellows ai night and "I hardly ever saw him." Her attorney said that under a settlement she will receive up to $23,750 a year in alimony. Eckstine. 38. did not contest the suit of his 32-year-old wife, June. They were married in 1942. *he Courts CHANCERY: Biytheville Federal Savings and Loan Corporation vs. Ezell Cothran et al, foreclosure. J. W. Hicks vs. Geneva Hicks, divorce decree filed. Ancient Egyptians possessed O'NEILL, Neb. |/P) — An intensive such musical instruments as the Air Force weather study here will go' hnrp, guitar, pipe, trumpet ai/:l on despite the crash of a hcllcop- tcr which killed the project's top scientist and five others. The helicopter, a big H18. plunged into a pasture yesterday and burst into fhime. The dead .scientist was Dr. Guen- , tcr Lower. 40. one of the directors j crashed after it lost a rotor Wide in mid-air. They enid the fire which followed may have been due to magnesium flares carried by the crnfl. The names of military personnel f , i . . ,-, ' .in- imiiji-.> in iiiiin.tiv urj :iuii:it'i of Ihr Air force lower nlmosphrre j W1 ,,. p , vllh|]o|d d , notifiratjon I ri'srarcli projert. Others killed were',,, ,,_.., ,., ..,, ,.,...._ _. , ' " niAi. ill Mil Since the dawn of man. hail has taken a yearly toll despite efforts to combat it. Annual hall loss of the world is about 5200,000,000. • Puppies • • parakeets • • Kittens • • Canaries • • Tropical Fish • — All Pet Supplies — The PET SHOP Mrs. N. G. Jerome 133 S. Division Ph. 8075 NE.W*SUHDAY MANILA, ARK. Air Conditioned By Refrigeration Matinees Sat. & Sun. Phone 58 "Your Community Center" DON'T MISS! mihtiii-y pi l i>omu'l. The flmiil. ivas preliminary lo the ollirlal start nrxl Monday of six weeks of exhaustive wind re.-.rarch lirld tests. Maj. O.M'ar J. Tibbets. project commander, said lhe sludy would definitely go m, though it might be delayed. Dr. Loeser, a German who i.'nmc to this country after World War II. was a leading meteorological scientist. He had helped develop the V2 rocket- Witnesses reported the helicopter ACTING CHIEF —The Marquess of Salisbury, leader of the British House of Lords, was named acting Foreign Minister by Prime Minister Winston Churchill. He will temporarily replace the ailing Anthony Eden, now recuperating in the U. S. from an operation. RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. **•»•»*•»»•»»»•••»•*»• TONITE ONLY WHISPERING SMITH VS. SCOTLAND YARD With Richard Carlson TLJCATnC I nCAl KC Phone 4621> Show Starts: Weekdays A 7:00 p.m. ' Sat. & Sun. ', 1:00 p.m. - AIR CONDITIONED i . 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