The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on April 8, 1897 · Page 7
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada · Page 7

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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Thursday, April 8, 1897
Page 7
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THE EVENING JOURNAL THURSDAY. APRIL 8. 1897. HERE'S A PRETTY FIX ! PARK COMMISSIONERS AND THE . CUT AT LOGGERHEADS ; I.-.- J -' . ' i ' Itch About ths Raising of D ben torts for ths Payment or&ocxUff Park-City Cods dl Placed tea Corner By ths Board of Park uucnaeot : .; ' , There :la a ' big row . on between the 'vboardi.of park com- tn I mm Unorl enil Ih nttn girding the raising of debentures for the purchase of Rockliffe Parkl The difficulty threatens to open up new litigation between the original owners of the property and the city. j, ' A few days ago City' Clerk Henderson , was Instructed to ask the park commissioners for an estimate of the ccat of purchasing ; the ; property together with the accnied Interest on the original purchase price from the time of the purchase to date, in orjjer that the city might call for debentures for the sum total of purchase price and Interest, and thus not be compelled to take the 'interest accrued, amounting to about $5,000, from the year's appropriation to the board of works. In other words, the commissioners were asked to make the purchase date from the present time Instead of 2 wo years ago, when the purchase actually took place. '!.:' ': Commissioners Decline. . . .. , The park commissioners . met ; last evening r discussed the proposition, and by a vote of 3 to 2 de-lined to entertain the proposal. ' The city is therefore placed In the position that only' $44,256 or the' original purchase price can be raised by debentures, and the interest amounting to $5,250 will have to come out of the year's revenue in order to square up the purchase with Messrs. Keefer & Clarke. . ; j' At the meeting: last evening Mayor Bingham t and: Commissioner Ask with favored the granting of the. city's request, and closing the whole matter up amicably,) but Commissioners Christie, Stuart and O'Leary were opposed to it. Commissioner Patterson was absent The aldermen claim that ,tne action of the park commissioners is. a mean way to get revenge at the city council for withdrawing the suits from the Supreme Court, and the 'more recent action with the view of limiting the park commissioners' powers. They also state that the money for the park cannot be paid over by the city on account of the unusually large expenditure In the fire and waterworks departments, and In this case Messrs. Keefer and Clarke' are likely at any moment to take action against the city to recover the price of their property. '. j ; MILLION DOLLAR FIRB The Biggest Block la Inoxrilla Tenn-!.:. Destroyed This Moraine j .. "Knoxvllle," Tenn.. April . Fire at S.30 o'clock this morning destroyed the largest and handsomest block In the city. All the west side of Gay street from Commerce to Union, including the largest wholesale houses, are destroyed,' The 'Hotel Knox Is burned. - The Are is not yet under control. The loss will reach a million dollars. , .1 ;- ;. ., Several people were injured, the most serious being Joe McMlIlln, who bad a leg broken. I i -1 ' -.(. ;: ! I- THE MONTREALBRS HOT. ! (Continued from page 1) Mr. Hasley said tha' it was never the Intention to retire from lacrosse, as they had the nucleus of a good team. Mr. W. L. Maltby looked upon the question as a crucial one. They were grtat exponents of amateurism, and there was nothing to be gained by playing with semi-professionals. Pro fessionalism had spoiled many klnls of games, and it would spoil laeross. The championship was a secondary matter. I The Association was formed to make manly men.' Mr. Reed thought that It was bard that but of a membership of 1,400 they could not get a good lacrosse team as well as a 'good football -team. He did cot think that it would be to their credit to withdraw from the league. Mr. D. E. Bowie wanted them to see that the C. A. A. A. rules governing the game were carried out. i They should try and stamp out professional-Ism. I i . The chairman remarked that the players themselves had said, "Pay your players." , Mr. Reed then moved, seconded by Mr. A. A. Smith, that the report be adopted, i after striking out the recommendation clause. - On a vote, being taken this .was car-' ric-d. , . . . . Mr. A.: Gardner then moved, seconded by Mr. Balrd, that the club withdraw from the five-club league. ; Mr. Bramley moved. In amendment, seconded by Mr. Robertson, that it be left to the incoming committee. ' Tha amendment was carried. CURLERS' FAREWELL. The Carleton Place Curling Club tendered a 'farewell banquet to Rev. R. McNalr, 'a prominent member of the club, on Monday evening. Rev. Mr. McNalr Is leaving for England, j . Mr- A.! Macdonald sold to-day for Mr. Peter Larmonth, assignee.; the stock of! Mr. ' A. M. Thompson. : boot and shoe merchant, of Clarence street, at the rate of 68c. on the dollar to Bishop and Pratt. The stock brought In the neighborhood of $3,000. 1 - 5,000 More Blouses at Sac Syndicate. . Don't forget the Mandolin Cub's Concert Tonlfat Grand Opera House. , A delegation from- the-Ontario and Richelieu Navigation Co. was in the city to-day, and asked that their steamers be exempt from paying canal tolls when they ran the rapids of -the St Lawrence, ' . j ' UPRISING IN PORTO RICO. More Trouble Reported for the Spanish Colonial Office. New York. April 8. Dr. J. Julio Henna, president jf the Porto Rican revolutionary comiiilttee in this city says he yesterday ecelved private Information from the committee in the island of Porto Rico to the effect that the country had taken up arms against the Spanish government, the uprising having taken place In Taucayo and Ad-juntas. ( The news of the uprising, it was reported by a member at the meeting of the committee, had been also received in this dty yesterday by a well-known banking firm In Wall street Which, has, close business connection with one of the leading banking houses in Porto Rico. . An uprising occurred at Porto Rl:o in 1869 at Lares, but It was over In a day. Since then the island has always been faithful to Spain. If the revolt spreads over Porto Rico, the j Important colon yf Spain remaining at peace with the mother country wUV be the. Canary Islands.! ; Hiill-News '.'' HULL, Thursday, April 8. , Thoa O'Leary. of Low,' appeared this morning before Recorder Champagne, charged with assaulting a man named Charron. It appears that Charron, who boarded the Gatineau Valley train In Ottawa one day last March, was followed by the accused, who tried hard to pick a quarrel and finally struck Charron when he got off at Low. ; Recorder Champagne imposed a fine of $4.00 on the prisoner, who will have to pay, besides $30.00 costs. ..: j , i The ;case '.against Auguste Rivard; charged with ill-treating . and deserting his wife, was continued yesterday in the Recorder's Court. A number of witnesses were examined. The prisoner's wife swore that she had deserted her1 husband five years ago and Ilved4 with another man' at Potsdam, N. T. Mr. Foran, counsel for' the defendant, in his cross-examination; also discovered that Mrs. Rivard had lived in Ottawa in company with some young men. The prisoner said 'that he decided to desert his wife because she was conducting herself badly. The recorder, after hearing all the evidence, acquitted the prisoner. Rivard will, however, remain In jail on a capais Issued by the Circuit Court some time ago. . The wife, who had taken an action against her husband for alimony, got Judgment in her favor, and the prisoner was ordered to pay her $4 a week alimony. However, Rivard skipped from! the' town and paid no attention to' the court's Judgment Mr. Foran will act as counsel for the defendant in this case also. The Quebec government has decided to dispose ' of the: Aylmer Court House for $1,000. , A letter was sent to that effect to the village, and the offer will probably be accepted. Some time ago the village offered a higher price for the Court House in question, but the government agreed to dispose of it. The buildingIs said' to be worth more than the price asked for, and the Liberals claim that the sale la made merely In view of the coming provincial election. The Court House is mold at that price on condition that the people of South' Hull and surrounding places may have the use of It. ; Mr. Jos. Belanger. dealer In dry goods and groceries, at Gatineau Point, has assigned, to Mr. Wm. Smith, general storekeeper of the same place. The liabilities are In the neighborhood of $3,000. -i I - THE ARCHBISHOP'S MEET The Rotable Gathering la Montreal To-day at ths Instance or Mgr. Del Val ! Montreal, April 8. The conference of the Archbishops of Canada with the papal delegate was begun this morning at the Archbishop's Palace, behind closed doors. a i The Archbishops present were Du-hemel of Ottawa. O'Brien o Halifax. Walsh of Toronto, and Langeyln of St. Boniface.' .. '. -.; The arch-diocese of Montreal was represented by the administrator, Vicar General Bourgeault and Cardinal Tas-chereau of Quebec by his vicar general. .: I ' ' : The only absentee, except Monslgnen.-Btgin. who Is In Europe, was Arch-bUhop Cleary of Kingston. ! The bishops 'of thla province were present as spectators.' Mgr. Del Val Is expected to remain here until Monday. HIT HIM HARD.; Magistrate Sends Jeanrie to. Jail for a . Tear.; ' -i .;" '' j John Jeanrie was sentenced to a year in Central Prison by Magistrate O'Gara this morning. . . , ' ' Jeanrie was found guilty, on the charge of cutting and wounding Mr. Alfred Barlow of Cooper street, Jeanrie had a chance to set up a defense but made a very poor fist of it. He claimed to have been at home on the night in question, but his father and mother were asleep and did not know When he came In. Jeanrie denied being at the corner of Cooper and Lyon street! or knowing where the corner Is. Sgt Dicks stated that he saw Jeanrie at the corner on the day In question. Jeanrie was Unable to prove any kind of an alibi and was sentenced to a year In Central, j , j PERSONAL ! Rev. Wm. Mcintosh left for Toronto to-day to attend theclosing exercises of the Congregational College. .! . Mrs. Chas. A. Connor will be "at home" at the residence of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Currier, 244 Bes-serer street to-day and to-morrow from $ to S p. m. I - ' F. H. McLaughlin, formerly of this city, who graduated recently at , .the Philadelphia Dental College, has commenced the practice of his profession in Buffalo, N. T. Dr. McLaughlin is the son "of Mrs. F. Abbott, Theodore street. - " -U. j - '.''-.' ' Mr. R. M. Rodden, of Montreal, the successful designer of the Canadian building at Bisley, Is in town.. ' Doctor Ami will remain at home during Mrs. Ami's-visit to New York. .: 6,000 More BJouses at S3s Syndicate MUST BE SUBSTANTIAL NEW PERMANENT ROADWAY FOR SUSSEX STREET Deputation of Property Owners Wait Upon ths City Engineer and Tell Elm That Thsy Host Have it at Ones Estimates of the Cost to be Frepartd I The property owners of Sussex st. are determined to have that street put in proper shape and that Immediately. A deputation of about twenty prominent ratepayers headed by Aid. Payment and St. Jean! waited upon City 'Engineer Surtees this morning and informed him that they must have a new permanent roadway covering for the street and were prepared to pay for it. ; The city engineer! promised to prepare an estimate of what It would cost for an asphalt, granolithic or brick covering for the information of the property owners. The deputation consisted of Aid. Payment, Aid. St. Jean. Dr. Valade, Joseph Boyden, JasJ Warnock, E. Leblanc, John O'Leary T. Landriault. E. Clievrier, Ex-Aid. Rowan, Jos. Egleson. J. M. Qulnn, D. V. Ranger, Nap. Valln and J. P. Goulden. j . ! . j . Aid. Payment Introduced the deputation stating that they wanted the street put in proper shape at once. - f City Engineer Surtees remarked that , he could not state the exact condition the street was in this spring as the snow was not all off it. ' Mr. Jos. Boyden "We hayev "come here to have an understanding In time as to what is to be done." ' Mr. Surtees remarked' .that he knew there were two blocks of the street from George street' down that were In heed of a new covering. No More Patching. Mr. Boyden "I object and we all object to the street being patched up any more." j ' I Mr. Surtees "You petitioned the council for the syenite roadway and you got exactly what you wanted.? : Mr.. Boyden "Yes. but we did not contract to get such a street as we have. There Is strong talk of contest. Ing the whole business but probably we can place some ; new covering on the street at a moderate cost that will ht least make It clean and respect-able."'- ; - , The city engineer said he bad put on an extra coat of. covering but It only made the street worse. Mr. Boyden "If we cannot get some hard surface like granolithic there is np use doing anything more with the street at all." Mr. Surtees "Well the foundation Is aa good as can be found on any permanent roadway In the city." . Mr. Boyden "We don't care so much about what the foundation is it we have a good surface.' . Aid. Payment "Would a brick pavement be more costly than granolithic or asphalt T The city engineer said he would require a day or two to figure that out. What of the'Rallway Company ? "If we put ob another surface how would it affect:' the jElectrio Railway Company ?" asked Mr. J. M. Qulnn. Mr. Surtees said he anticipated there would be trouble getting the company to do what would be necessary as they had fought against the city before. Mr. Boyden "Could there be enough of the surface taken off to admit of the laying of a brick pavement without raising the level of the street." Mr. Surtees said he thought there could. He' then showed samples of brick to the deputation and strongly recommended Messala brick. ' Mr. Boyden asked where this brick had been tested. Mr. Surtees replied that It was extensively used In Detroit and other cities. , :' . t - ; Mr. Boyden "I prefer a fairly good roadway, although we may have to pay something for it" Mr. Qulnn "I would never have signed the petition for a syenite pavement if I had not been led to believe that syen tte would make a good permanent roadway. At present the covering Is being scraped off the street after every rainstorm, and soon there will be no covering left." Mr. Boyden "Yes,! all the surface will be scraped off by next October, and then we will have a street In the same condition that it : was 20 years ago." ! ' i Mr. Warnock said ho had a preference for an asphalt pavement . ,! Would Prepare Estimates. Mr. Surtees 'Til tell you what can be done. The street can be put In temporary repair, and I iwill give you' an estimate for brick, granolithic and asphalt paving, and also an estimate for a new material, used Instead of cement, which I understand has been successfully experimented upon In Boston." Aid. Payment "We have bad enough of experimenting." Mr. Surtees "Yes, more experimenting." ' Mr. Boyden again we will have no 'said he was op- posed to having the street patched. "Let us decide at onoe what we want," he added. "I suggest that the engineer prepare estimates of the different kinds of pavement for us immediately." The other gentlemen on the deputation agreed to this. I "We don't want the) street pavement to cost more In. the end than It would have had we got an asphalt or other permanent roadway at first," added Mr. Boyden. "I don't think it will," replied the city engineer. I The deputation then withdrew. REV MR. RAMSAY'S INDUCTION. 'The Ottawa Presbytery . this afternoon arranged for the Induction of Rev. p. M. Ramsay. B. D.. to the pastorate of Knox church. The Induction will take place on Thursday, April 22nd Rev. Dr. Campbell wilt preside as moderator; Rev. Dr. Armstrong address the pastor, and Rev. Dr. Moore' the people. Rev. Orr Bennett of Hawkesbury will preach. At a reception the-following evening Rev. W. T. Herlrdge will preside as interim mode rator. 1 SJ00O More Blouses at Jc, Syndicate GRANDMAISON UP AGAIN.. Charged this Time with-Going through ' T. Landriau. Pierre Grandmaison was arrested last night in a Wellington street hotel. The charge against Grandmaison is one of robbing 1. Laundreau of $15. He Is accused of finding Laundreau asleep in the Richelieu Hotel a few nights ago and going through his pockets and abstracting' this amount of money. The police have been after him for some days, and only managed to locate him last night Grandmaison asked for an adjournment inorder to secure legal advice, and his trial was set down for Saturday morning. This Is the man who was under arrest some time ago on a. charge of stealing a sum of money from Mrs. Minnie O'Connor, bf Murray street, but he was acquitted at the time. REFORM CLUB OFFICERS ANNUAL NOMINATION MEETING HELD LAST EVENING Eon. Mr. Lanrier aad Bos, Mr. Hardy Elected Honorary Presidents- Other Ofllos Holders The Committees for ths DuTsnat Wards Nominations took place last night for the jomcers of the Ottawa Reform Club for the coming year. Those nominated were: - ' . ' Hon. presidents Hon. W. Laurier and Hon. A. S. Hardy elected. Presidents L. Crannell, J. L. Dow-Un and Aid. Payment Vice-presidents F. McDougall, F. R. Latchford. W. Arnold, W. G. Black, A. W. Fraser, L. Crannell, J. L. Dowlin, T. Payment Jas. White. Aid. Stewart and S. Leblanc. ' Hon. sec. H. A. Bate, Treas. Wm. Anderson. Executive committees were nominated for the different wards as follows : Victoria J. B. Coulllard, T. A. Armstrong, J. J. Smith. D. T. Mssaon. C. R. Cunningham, J. Skinner, Jr., E. A. Mayette. .'.' Dalhousle M. Plnuffe, J. J. Smith, Aid. McGuire. Wm. Mott, T. McLaughlin, Chaa Murphy, C. E. Russell. Wellingtons. J. CMeara, J. Keane, Jos. . Troy, Aid. Stewart, Aid. Black, Wm. Mott John Moran, Jno. Kennedy, John Storr. S. Robltallle. Central A. W. Fraser, C. A. Butter-worth, F. R. Latchford, C. Ross, J. L. Dowlin. P. O'Reilly. J. T. Johns, E. J. Rainboth, W. B. McArthur, J. C. Browne, P. A.. Egleson. ' St- George Wm.' Arnold. Jas. Bennett. W. H. Barry. J. J. Lyons. R. A. Starrs, J. J. O'Connor, G. Neeling. R. St Georgj. Dr. Parnell and G. Lebel. By Ward J. M. Qulnn, E. Leblanc. J. Gleeson, E. Devlin. Aid. Payment, Aid. St. Jean,;' T."t McDougall. D. V, Ranger, J. H.?t(i;lln,'jF.1 Leblanc, E. Renaud. E. O'Rcijily, J,. Sevigny, W. B. Renaud. Ottawa Aid. White. D. N. Charle-bola. J. C. Dupont, E. Noel, C. H. Myers, O. Berube. H. Pinard, and N. Proulx. "' Rideau N. Cardiff. A.'.' "Reamer, F. O'Reilly, Wm. Moeser, A. Lumsden, J. D. Fraser, The election will take place on Thursday, 15th. 2There are to be elected one president four vice-presidents and two members of the executive for each ward. DIED UNDER CHLOROFORM. Well-Known Toronto Boniface Expires Under the Surgeon's Hands. Toronto, Ont, April 8. John Wright the well-known and popular manager of the' Walker 'House, died last evening while under ' chloroform administered for an operation. Mr. Wright has been suffering for some time from an Incurable horny growth in the lower part of the back. Although it was Incurable, his sufferings from It were so great that about two months ago an effort was made to examine it under chloroform, to see If any alleviation could be effected.' Last night the same thing was attempted again. Drs. J. E. Graham, Adam, Wright Ross and Strange were in attendance. Almost Imediately after the. chloroform had been administered to Mr. Wright he died. : MINING AND THE C. P. R. Sir William Van Home's Reference to the New Developments. Montreal April 8. At the C. P. K. at'.rual meeting yesterday, the president Sir William Van Horne. said : , "One of the most encouraging features of our situation la the wide attjn-t'on the mines of British Columbia are attracting and the great activity which prevails there. The effect of the min. ing developments in that province laU ytar are manifest in an Increase of 21 per cent in the freight and passenger earnings of our Pacific division, which embraces the lines between Columbia river'and the Pacific coast "The new traffic contributed besides to the earnings of the rest of the system. "But mining developments are -lot confined to British Columbia. In the hitherto unproductive section between lake Superior and Lake of the Woods especially about Lake of the Woods, rich discoveries have been reported in great number, and mining operation are actively going on. "For these and other reasons the out-lock seems to me promising, and If w.s are blessed with average crops I think we may fairly expect a prosperous year." n ALL THE WAY FROM SCOTLAND. Four cars of Scotch sandstone arrived at the Canada Atlantic this mcrnlng for the C. Ross Co. building, consigned to Hooper Bros. & Currie, contractors for the stone cutting. The delay in getting this stone from Scot land by way of Portland has delayed the building somewhat The nature ot the article and Its niobabla consumers must always be I considered tn making up a list of media. ,' AGAIN A CONSERVATIVE VICTORY SCORED IN CHAMPLAIN COUNTY The Majority Largely, K educed. Hovsvar Toe Liberals In Ottawa are sot Particularly sorry for Thtlr Fallsn Candidate They Think hs Lacked Backbone Ste. Anne de la Perade, April 8. The bye-election (n Champlaln county for the House of Commons, 'rendered necessary by the unseating of Dr. Mar-cotte, Conservative, o'n the ground of undue clerical influence, took place yesterday. It resulted In 'the re-election of Dr. Marcotte by about 160 majority. This is over two hundred less that he received in the general elections last June, but the Liberals were hopeful this time of winning outright. Contrary to expectations early yesterday,, the total vote polled was not heavy. The roads were bad and quite a number of men are still away In the lumber woods. There are three polls remaining to be hfard from. They are situated In the St. Maurice territory and difficult of access. They will notl materially affect the result as In the 'last election only fifty-five votes were cast in all three polls. Dr. Marcotte securing a majority of 19, Compare with last year the show-ln is : Marcotte's majority, J897 159. Marcotte's majority, 1896 376.. Ottawa Talk. j The defeat of Dr. Trudel in Cham-plain' has not caused very much sorrow in Liberal circles in parliament This is owing to his declaration that he would vote against the school settlement if the papal ablegate bad decided against the settlement As the real Issue between the two parties In Quebec Is the school question, said a leading Liberal to-day, "Dr. Traders position made us feel that really there was not much difference to the rest of us who was elected, the Liberal or the Conservative. If the Liberal was to vote agarnat us on the school settlement I for one would prefer to see the Conservative elected. There were no doubt many In" Champlaln who thought as I did. "The Liberal majority In parliament Is large enough without Dr. Trudel. and the only reason for trying to capture the constituency was on account of the attitude of the clergy towards the settlement. Had Dr. Trudel acted as Mr. Guite did or as Mr. Champagne did. he would have been returned. He ought to have taken warning from what happened the most of those who took the bishop's pledge at the last genera! election. While those who refused to take any pledge were returned by large majorities those who did wer either defeated or elected in many Instances by small majorities.". The Conservative politicians are well pleased, even though the majority 1.1 reduced. They have been so hard hit lately as to welcome any kind of success. ' IAN MACLAREN. . , i The Heresy Charges Against Him Developing Into a Farce. London, April 6. At a meeting today of the Durham Presbytery to arrange for the Impending meeting of the Synod there. Rev. J. Middlemasi, of Sunderland, remarked that Dr. Kennedy Moore had laid upon the table of the Synod a petition charging Rv. Jchn Watson (Ian MacLaren). the w;!l known novelist with defective, if n?t erroneous views. ' A letter had, however, been printed In the Presbyterian Megazine In which the moderator. Dr. Balgarnie. contended that Dr. Moore's views were unsound and might similarly be described as defective. If not erroneous. 'Or. Middlemass suggest ed that the moderator put In a petition against Dr. IJoore. He'added that the spectacle of three doctors of divinity ergaged in a triangular combat might not perhaps be edifying, but anyhow. It would let the world st bow tber loved one another. CITY HALL NOTES j A writ has been served upon the cor poration by Mr. W. H. Davis of Theodore street claiming damages for In juries sustained In a runaway which he alleges was caueA by his sleigh up setting owing to the rails of the electric railway being above the street level on Theodore street The civic advisory committee recommended that Mr.DavIs be paid for damages to his sleigh but did not offer anything for personal In juries be received, hence this suit Mayor Bingham purposes closing up the India Famine Fund in a few days and requests all Intending subscribers to hand In their subscriptions without delay.- . WILLS AND ESTATES. Judge Ross this morning granted let ters of administration to the eatate-of the late Richard Pope to the Ottawa Trust and Deposit Co. The estate is valued at $14,358. Letters of adminis tration were also granted to the same company; in the estate of Eliza Pope. The value of tUs estate Is $18,761. .Probate was granted to-nr of the will of Joseph F. Belanger, deceased to Pratt and Pratt The value of estate is $5,000. The order was granted. Probate of the will of the late Martha Seiwyn was granted to-day. Mr. E. A. Selwyn Is executor and ths estate is valued at $1200. - M. P. P.'S RAILWAY PASSES. (Special to The Journal.) Toronto, April 8. The Legislature has settled the railway pass question oy an arrangement with the Grand Trunk and C. P. R- whereby the M. P. P.'s continue to receive free passes but sll the sessional mileage Is paid over to the railways Instead of to the leg Is lators. A moderate amount of confidence Is essential to the beginner In advertising. Otherwise he may become alarm ed and draw back 'when on the very verge of Success. ' MARC9TTE WINS ONTARIO'S RAILWAY POLICY A Couple of Important Keso:ntions Come to by tbt Hardy Cabinet (fecial to The Journal.) Toronto, April 8. The Legislature met this morning, when a bill was Introduced and passed its second reading empowering, the government to, Kive to new railways, Instead of cash bonuses, scrip for purchasing of steel rails made from Canadian ores,' The cabinet has decided upon its railroad policy for the present session after some discussion. . The only line to be bonused will be the proposed Rainy River Railway, connecting Port Arthur with Fort Francis. Along i:s entire length, some 60 or 70 miles in all, the bonus will be the full statutory limit of $3,000 per mile. SKHIMISH IN CRETE. Canea, April 8. The Cretans attacked the Turkish outposts near Candla yesterday, j but were repulsed, losing eleven killed. Two Turks felt . GLOBE AND MR. McINNES. Toronto, 'Ont, April 8. The speech of Mr. Mclnnes of Vancouver has stirred the: Globe to Its very centre. It attacks him to-day again editorial! or. the same lines as yesterday. 6.000 More Blouses at Sac. Syndicate.- Some of the best displays are produced, not by type, but by the absence of type. Blank spaces will nearly always improve an advertisement 6,000 More: Blouses at 39c. Syndicate. FOR SALS BALE OF BOOK DEBTS IN THE MAT-ter of Biward Morgan, of Ottana. plumb-ber, insolvent, I have been Instructed by Wm. A. Cole, B)., Assignee of this ettate, to sell at my Auction Rooms, Rideau street, on Saturday, the MKh April, 1SS7. at 4 o'clock p.m..tne book debts ot this estate, amounting to $187.47, The Assignee gives no guarantee as to the accounts. Terms Caah. A. B. Macrtonaltl. Auctioneer BUILDING LOTS FOR SALE ON Russell avenue, corner of Theodore street " Terms to suit purchaser." Apply to . George Forde, 1st Rideau street FINE TACHT FOR SALE, NEW; SEE photo and description at 210 tiparics st FOR SALE A NEW HOUSE WITH. ALL modern conveniences on full lot, exist over M.00U ( will sell tor II.SM.on terms to suit purchaser. Locality good. Apply to L. ,M. O., Journal Office. FOR SALE THAT COMMODIOUS DE-t ached brick house, 66 James street built on lot 64 x lot. contains parlor, and library with fire-places, dinlngroom. winter and summer kitchens, sevn bad-rooms, bathroom and w. c. separate, furnace, electric light etc. Apply to H. O. . La Mothe. on the premises. FOR SALE 160 vacant lobs situated on Ann. UcLeod, Flora, Archibald, Catharine. Coooeaaion. Percy. Bay, Lyon and Kent sta. west of Bank st The most progressive part ot the city. Terms to suit purchasers. For further particulars apply to C H. CARRIER, $2 Metcalfe street corner Sparfca FOR SALE O.N THE INSTALLMENT clan, it preferred, firs new houses on Thornton street, suitable for clerks, mechanics, stc. Apply- R. Thackeray. tS parks street. ' . FOR SALECORNER BLOCK and other lota Cedar- and Preston strseta Apply to R. Woodland. No. st Beaserer street. HOUSES WAMED. HOUSE WANTED EITHER IN CEN-tral or Wellington Ward : must have all modern conveniences, and price not mora than 12.600 cash. H. O. 61 Sparks street I HOUSES TO LET. HOUCE TO LET No. K JAMES STREET, between Kent and Lyon streets. All modern conveniences. Apply J James . street I TO LET HOUSE No. $02 lORK ST., Containing eight rooms, in good repair. Apply at 201 Torlc street HOUSE AND STORES TO LET HOUSE in terrace, Na 101 Nepean at. betwaen Metcalfe and O'Connor sta. containing 12 rooms and summer kitchen, modern conveniences, very desirable locality. Stores Noa 164 1-3 Bank st, and 234 Sparks St., containing counter and shelving. For all particulars enquire A. Robertson. 222 Sparks st ' TO LET NOS. 116 and ISO LTON ST, 10 rooms each; newly papered and painted, and No. 161, containing rooms, with coachhouse 1 and stable detached and on full lot. All have extension kitchens and setarats dining rooms, heated by hot water and contain modern Improvementa Will be rented low. or sold on instalment plan or otherwise. .Key at 124 Lyon st, or apply to Oeo. H. Thompson, 7t Sparks street I TO LET NICE RESIDENCE, BRICK house, first; class stames. s i-z acres ot choirs garden land, situated on the Richmond road, half a mile from the Electric Railway. Apply Oeo. H. Wood-burn. M Sparks street. TO LET TWO HOUSES IN TERRACE. Gllnraur sc. DStwaen Dim ua J uik nor. all modern contenlencea Apply R. Thackeray. ,10 tiparas street. . ROOMS TO LET. NICE PLEASANT FURNISHED ROOMS tO Ml. WlUt U , WM WIW,, $1.M a month. Apply M2 Wellington street 1 BUSINESS CHAHCIS. FOR SALE THE "RUSSELL HOUSE" IN the IkMirisning ram m mi r i.s. well furnished and In excellent running oider. doing good paying business: ee-..Kii.K-M ia ,MM : accommodation for about 150 guests, price $11.0vO ; part cash, balance on mortgage. For partic ulars apply to w. o army, i.u wwnw, at Rat Portage, Ont MONEY TO LOAN. MONET TO LEND ON REAL ESTATE IN j&rga or small amount at kjwcmi ratev ' of interest:' special advantages to . bor-rowera H. A Gollettor. etc Ontario Chambara Ottawa. Home Comfort Mr. Chas. Mead.' present proprietor of the Kurorean Hoarding iiouse, aot ntumiion street, will remove to the quarters recently -w-mi- K- rxAr V. A. ritlwrn, 122 and 134 Slater street. Parties desiring home comfort can obtain room and board or table board on application to j CHAS. MEAD. . i 24 Wellington street. ( Three More Lady Canvassers Wanted. Liberal commission or salary and choice territory. j Diamond Jubilee Souvenir. of Ottawa and Vicinity. APPLY AT ONCEl OTTAWA PRIITIHG CO, 5 losgme St GO AND BEE. THE MARVELLOUS I CIXEMATOWRAPHE ' .AT ASS0CUTI0S HALL... COR. QUEEN AND O'CONNOR STS, " I Evenings at t. Afternoons at 8. . ; Adults 26 eta Children Is eta . ' GRAND pusB ONE NIOHT OISL.V Monday, April j I2tH The World's Greatest Music I Rand of ths) crack regiment ot America. Chicago Marine Band T. F. Brooke, Lsader ' Assisted by the Phenomenal Soprano, MIS9 SIBYL 8 Ail Mia Greeted throughout America with thunders of Applause. Prices 60c, 76a. and. Jl.ou: Meats now on sale at Olmsted ft Hurdman'a Eastertide Musical' Jubilee Grand Opera House i Under the patronage of Theirj Excellencies The Governor-General aad Lady ' Aberdeen. I -GRAND REVIVAL. H. E S. PINAFORE i i Easter Monday. Tuesday, Wed nesday, Aprfl 19. 20 & 21 Grand Matinee, Wednesday, 21st Popular prices. W. Edgar Buck .Manager Plan at Orme's. Monday. April 12th. . Beechwood Cemetery Co Notice Is hereby given:- that '-ths annual general meeting ot the shareholders of this company will be held at ths Secretary's office. 22 Sparks street on MONDAY, the 12th day ot April, inst. at tne nour 01 three o clock in toe afternoon viwna, sin Apru lost. ! DIED. j LEE On March :h. at Fairrlew. R.O. of pneumonia. Peter Lee, aged a years, son of Mr. Robert Lee. ot LsUrinv S. KOGEKS It Sua . Established 1K4.I UNDERTAKER AND EMBALMERS, Personal attention naid to all orders an trusted to our cars, and satis taction itan antsed. 1 12 to 22 NICHOLAS STREET, Telephone 2C Open night and day. , Morgus, & MATNARD ROGERS. , GEO. H. ROtttRS, FUNERAL DIRECTOR AND BMB ALICES Corner Bank and Slater fitrestsx Modsrats Prlesa -Personal atUntioo. Open day and night Tslephons 1022. WAHTS. I WANTED AN EXPERIENCED GENER- ai servant ; must thoroughly understand cooking. Apply with nlrrertotai at 1U McLaren street i WANTET A GOOD GENERAL FEHV. ant. ira C w. Tread we u. 74 Daly Ave. WANTED TWO MALE DRT GOODS clerks. Apply to E. T. Fournier. bank street. . . . , j BOATS WANTED WANTED ' TO PL'H- cnaae 10 or 12 aeond-hand. boatx and canoes In good condition. Enquire at imx a st. james- atn of Dey's Boat Worka reet one ooor west I -- BOX'S SECOND . HAND ! BICYCLE .wanted. Must be in good repair. Giv price. Address "Bicycle," Joutnsl Office. , 1 WANTED IMMEDIATELY A WORKINQ housekeeper far a family of three. Apply from 10 am. to p.m.. at 2u Wei- ' luigton street j WANTED A GENERAL SERVANT where three girls ars kept Apply at -, (64 Bank street I . HELP WANTED RELIABLE MAN IN every locality, local or travelling, to introduce a new discovery and keep our show cards tacked on trees.' fences and bridges throughout town and coon try, Steady employment commission or salary. 2tt per month and expenses., and money deposited In any ban when started. For particulars writs "The World Medical Electrical Co." London. Ont. Canada FOR SALE OR TO LET. FOR SALS OR TO LET DWELLING ' and grounds. No. Ut Daly avenue, corner ot Augusta street, comprising two full lots : garden, lawn and outbuildinga All modern improvement in'nouaa Af. ply to Geo. Forde. Ill Rideau street ROCKLIFFE FOR SALE OR TO LET Ths summer residence "tdyl-Wyld. siiltahlo for large or small family, beau. Ufully situated, next to Judge Yalta's, t-4 acre ot land, wire fenced, bourn new, well finished and In baal I of order throughout; pump, out-houses, etc. Ap ply to D. Thoburn. M Elgin atrast FOR SALE OR TO RENT NEW RESU danos on north, aid of Richmond Road, on mil from elactrte railway, contain eight rooma. Good cloaetai Apply to' Jamas Mages, Sacad's Milla FOR SALE OR TO LET THAT LARGS dwelling and grounds on corner of Cam-bcidg and Somerset streets, oomprlsm tor full lot, gardens, lawna outbuild lnga splendid cellar, drains, bath stc all In good order. Will rant or aelU altogether or la part Etoctrie.ears pass on Somerset st, exiquin on premises' or at Aahf ield's Bank Strstt China HaO. Jamas Aahflald, I - , PErSONAL. AN EXPERIENCED CHILDREN'S MAID want to go to England with family In Mar, or early in June, for coat of raw a a Competent as companion or lady's maid, ratisfactory reterencea Ad drB G. L Journal offica STORES TO LET. TO LET-SHOP AND DWHLLINQ. No. 186 Rideau etrt at pre.nt occupied by Hudon Hebert A Co, wholexal grocara Possession first of Umj. Apply to Geo. Forde, Rideau street TO LET-SHOP AND DWELLING, 21 SuaMX street. New Edinburgh; modern improvement; shelves and paper racks: good chano for steady psinter or other trade: renting very low. Apply drug store next door. I TO RENT-STORE LATELY OCCUPIED by tihilllngton A Co.. No. tl Starts st. cor. Metcalt ; alao ofttcs In rear. Na 17 Metcalfe st. Possession May Ut Apply to F. H. Chrysler. Barrister. Na S Ontario Chambsna r- TO LET FROM FIRST OF MAT NEXT staos No, 12 and lit lately occueied by James Pratt Sona also Na 111 and ths wiper flat ot No. 121 Mparts stream Apply' to Nallla Monk a Mathssoa, bare ristara stc 22 aletralfs streak. . PUPUS WANTED.! STENOGRAPHY IN ONE WEEK-THH Simplex system taught In asven easy leasona at your own home by mail. Slm- lest and rndst rapid ayatem known. Fnr terms and full Information address T. T. Smytne 2t Wellington at, Ottawa,

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