The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts on October 5, 1976 · 24
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The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts · 24

Boston, Massachusetts
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Tuesday, October 5, 1976
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24 Boston Evening Globe Tuesday, Oct 5, 1976 Siamsa is Reprinted from late editions of yesterday's Globe. SIAMSA, The National Folk Theater of Ireland, in an evening of song (in Gaelic) and dance, artistic director Pat Ahem, at the Shu-bert Theater through Saturday. By Kevin Kelly Globe Staff In rough translation from the Gaelic the word "siamsa" means folk entertainment and, by extension, suggests a convivial musical exchange among a group of rural neighbors. In a sense it's a little like a Western hoedown, except the real difference is that siamsa is more than a fiddler's spiral for dancing feet. It has a rich cultural heritage a hoedown can't claim. Its roots are deeply entwined in a Celtic past and, for this reason, Siamsa has become the label for the National Folk Theater of Ireland. And, with all my rough Webster- 'Burnt Offerings' hard to swallow BURNT OFFERINGS Directed by Dan Curtis, at the Cheri and theaters in Danvers, Dedham, Natick and Woburn. Rated PG. By Richard Dyer Globe Staff "Into the valley of death rode the 600," intones Oliver Reed. That seems an odd thing to say as you enter the 'house you've rented for the summer, but this is a horror movie you see. Reed, his wife (Karen Black), his son and his auntie (Bette Davis) have taken over a huge decaying Victorian pile for their vacation. No sooner do they install themselves than strange things begin to happen. Jazz k Revival, Mon.-Sot., Oct. 4-9 Prof. IRWIN COREY ptuwi pionitf Jet Bottogbo On nits Sun., Oct. 10th Harmonica Virtuoso "Toots" ThitUmans Mgn.-Suft., Oct. 1IJ7 Brny Kml t Hirb Ellis Mon.-Fri., Oct. 18-22 Eictutivc opmoronce STtPHANf GRAPPEUI mmmmmimt THE MOST SENSATIONAL MUSICAL IN THE COUNTRY IS RIGHT HERE IN BOSTON! "A VIBRANT HALLELUJAH IN THE NAME OF BROTHER HOOD . . . SHOULD BE SEEN BY EVERY MAN. WOMAN AND CHILD IN BOSTON!" Kevin Kelly. Globe CHARLES PLAYHOUSE 76 Warrenton St., Boston 426-6912 QUIK-CHARGE 426-6210 Give one million people a chance to apply for your job. Call Globe Classified. TOT" mm 111 mim IK MMWili 1 m.-mmmm.Mmi, mmi STARTS TOMORROW! AT A SELECTED THEATRE OR DRIVE-IN NEAR YOU! MtSSlIiDDDS an absolute charmer REVIEW STAGE ing out of the way, let me tell you that the Siamsa program at the Shubert is a charmer, an absolute charmer. Devoted to a reclamation of Ireland's past, the National Theater has created a shrewd, if theatrically thin, framework to bring before us the step-dancing ghosts of a legendary time. What we are watching and hearing (the only words are sung, and in Gaelic) is the daily pattern of a Kerry farm family and their neighbors. Against music played on a set of traditional Irish instruments (the harp, ui-leann pipes, bodhran and a pair of bones rapped together), we follow the chores and pleasures of country life through a full season. The opening number is a brief and beautiful anthem to .summer; the last number is a Harvest Festival Dance. What happens in between is REVIEW- MOVIE Reed keeps remembering his mother's funeral and tries to murder his son; Black turns wispy and distant; Davis begins to decay. The house is exacting its sacrifices, its burnt offerings; even the vines have a malevolent twist. A good horror movie should give you the creeps, but in "Burnt Offerings" the script and the performances give you the creeps as well. The screenplay by William F. Nolan and Dan Curtis is based on a popular novel by Robert Marasco: It is so vile that METRO-GOLDWYN-MAYER prntmi fci REDD PEARL t M BAILEY "ITOXtSIAff... IS THAT YOU?" SACK SAVOY M3 TftlMONT ST. ft SJvWASH ST United Artists PGjmMETROCOLOR SACK C1NIMA NATICK SHOWCASE WOBURN SHOWCASE DEDHAM SACK CINEMA DANVERS mt IIUITT Till MALL Pt A FILMS. INC o-enu F,imb, DAN CURflS KAREN BLACK - OLIVER REED staffing BURGESS MEREDITH SACK CHERI 93&-JI70 SO OA I TON ST 0 WIHATON OSlQN United Artists iPG SACK C'INIMA NATICK SHOWCASE WOBURN SHOWCASE DEDHAM DANVERS gentle, joyous, funny and, in the remoteness of a lost time, oddly very touching. There is, for example, the' appearance of a wandering cobbler in the barnyard. He seats himself on a stool and begins to work on a shoe and all the men follow his example. While spitting imaginary nails to the tap-tapping of their hammers, they sing a song ("Ding Dong Dero") as the nails are quickly hammered into the soles of old shoes. Or, later, there is the painterly image of a farmer climbing a ladder to thatch the roof of his cottage while a woman sings beneath him. And, too, there is the strangely compelling "Bonfire Night," the recreation of a pagan festival in which cattle are herded between two fires in a ritualized act of purification by smoke. Siamsa is divided between wonderful step-dancing (torso erect, arms stiffly hanging, feet and legs doing all the work) and truly re the actors are left looking like incompetents because nothing they are required to 'do makes much sense. Karen Black's part is particularly inconsistent; Reed as Pauline Kael once observed, goes on looking like an eggplant. Bette Davis tries to create a Bette Davis character without any Bette Davis lines to work with, so all she can do is puff and snort s lot. She ' used to do the best Bette Davis impersonation in the business in movies like this, but by far the best Grand Guignol eye-rolling is done here by Burgess Meredith and Eileen Heckart who play the sinister owners of the house. Opening f. CUEDEEM1ERE THE WORLD'S FAVORITE BED-TIME STORY IS FINALLY A BED-TIME STORY... ,t " all L SL AeP.O'5 AN X-AATED MUSICAL COMEDY A GENERAL NATIONAL FILMS RELEASE STARRING PLAYBOY'S T.ZC COVER GIRL KRISTINE DE CIRCLE CISEUA CrVC t15.3:15 ALICE SHOWN AT: 5:157:15'9:15T1:00 CIRCLE CINEMA TWClT ALICE SHOWN AT: 6:15-815-10:15 BMmiwno !' mmwaiil MilMlMHilmni ttCMMmunM MtMSIWIMlM U-AJfiMlftGIE " 31 Rou,es 114 and 495 686 rAtTTictREBARGliiiTMATINEES-SEATS $150 UNTIL 2 30 PM ! ilWM94Q 140 740 940 '.DEDHAM 171 Rte1.Rte.128-ett60 326-4955 ) t ALL PICTURES BARGAIN MATINEES-SEATS $150 UNTIL 2:30 P M fei BTHaT Tavr RA&L ' VMI.EV KAREN BLACK 139730930 (VtfdBURN lI i Rtelia-em! 398 Rte 36 - 933-533p) I ALL PICWesTbARGAIN MATINEES-SEATS $1.50 UNTIL 2:30 PM szsarou "XOBKAEn 18 THAT . iour (w ,130 7 30 9 30 T CCOHAM 1iR12l tt'MM Kmuns mam 515 720 MO mwiimi m' NEPONSET Laugh or set V.F.W. PKWY .HAL.' STARLITE nain Rlt 2162' ntatmc 944- 446' REVERE CUIM JM S70 iwaLw: .lECTWC W CWHFTtROniOWl WO. CLUUE ADS PAY BEST MM. markable singing. The songs are exquisite, and there are songs of unrequited love, work songs, play songs, even a song for the cows heading home at night through the fields, this one ending in a clanking milk- pau dance for their keepers What is touched upon here is the ancient joys and sor rows (far more joy than sor row) of how life used to be, how people used to work through it. While some of Siamsa's imagery is myste- rious (kept deep in the dark by its Gaelic), it is still a rare and rewarding experi ence, Irish folk art brought to mind with the hope that it remains indelible. Siamsa is at the Shubert Theater through Saturday night. It is really wonderful and you don't need a shamrock in your heart to appre ciate it. There are 20 or so members in the company, all amateurs, all beyond criticism. Siamsa means magic. Director Dan Curtis shoots everything from distorting angles and through a lens smeared with Vaseline; Robert Cobert's music tinkles portent. The picture does build to a bloody climax that left the audience screaming, but the sheerest horror in the picture is the version of marital bliss that Black and Reed give us early on. The family is all settled in the house; Black leads Reed into a comfortably appointed study with a prominent typewriter on the desk. Reed looks puzzled. Black cheerfully says: "Now's as good a time as any to start on your doctorate." ATTRACTION BELL CLEVELAND CIRCLE 366 4040 MONTY PYTHON 200 830 b6y&" TfWUIAI.-IS THAT XOVTi HIS DOG! 130 7 JO 920 340 700 1010 SILENTI MOVIE I OLIVER littO 200 735 9S0 i SILENT 'MOVIE 145 730 9 30 PETER FONDA FUTURE WORLD 130 MO 930 "i SANCTION vi 0ir,t OWHStT ?0C1SKW -ifAWISM W'HUj THY ONE AND SEE mm 1 ''1 W A mm Jfmft WOODY ALLEN'S ri ate IniSs MON. ThRU. FRI. THE STAPLES (formerly Staple Singen) Pmj RALPH GRAHAM 2 SHOWS NITELY :30 11 SAT. SUN. ONLY (OCT. 9 & 10) JOHN MAYALL Plus: VOUOOURIS A KAHN ADVANCED TICKETS ON SALE NOW AT CINEMA 733. 1-9 p.m. 733 BOYLSTON ST.. BOSTON j SHOWS NITELY 8:30 A 11 OCT. 12-15 BILL WITHERS NOW THRU SUN. JOE PASS 2 SHOWS NITELY 8:30 A 11 OCT. 11-17 MOSE ALLISON f DIRECT FROM N Y W WORLD PREMIERE R . LAST DAYJH rUf 1 i.on.h. I - 10 AM WIDE SCREEN VIVID COLOR AIR CONDITIONED LATE SHO NIGHTLY 482-1350 CHARLES CINEMA CENTER WALTER RFADE THEATRES DIRECTORY IK CAMBRIDGE ST BASE Or BEACON MILL BOSTON CHARLES ST MBTA PARKING AVAIL 237-2727 "SOLARIS IS A MOVIE OF THE GREATEST ARTISTIC AND HUMAN SIGNIFICANCE" BOSTON GLOBB ' 12:30,4:50, 7:20, 9:4E 5jCHARLESl AUSirrfffii 2:15,3:45,5:20, 7,8:35,10:05 east TUNNELVISION 2:30, 5:20,8:15 PUTNEY SWOPE 3:45,6:35,9:30 Sonny & Cddy s Theatres S1.50ALL OAVatSTARREDI'CINEMAS ExeterSt. COPIEVSQ 536)061 COUSIN COUSINE 2:30, 4:20, 8:10, 8, 9:50 CilCriS 5' Sovblm Sl. H.'d Sfl 661 3?3) SEDUCTION OF Ml Wl 2:30,6,9:30 ALL SCREWED UP 4:10. 7:35 Allstonl42-",H""1 ud An 27) 214D IMMORAL TALES :15, 4, 5:44, TiM, TUHNCLV1UON , :25, 4:40, 111 5, 7:M, t Central Sq.lA2 Cmb" 864 0426 TUNNELVISION 7:35. 9 MURDER BY DEATH 7:15.9 Academy Wl KeMonCtKlti. 332 2524 I TrUTS ENTERTAMMENT PAST 2 7:10,1:10 SEDUCTKM OF MM t:M ALL SCREWED UP 7:35 We found a sales manager in Acton for a company in Waltham ACTOi TWIN CINEMA 263-8372 I. Alan Bates & Gen. Bulold In "ThA Kinn nl Uoart" 7 4 II. Olivia Hussey 4 Leonard Whltino In ngmo a juuei 7 & 9:30 Aqm, Mon. a Tues. $1.00 Dollar ARLINGTON CAPITOL 648-4340 "Murder By Death" PQ 7:15-9:00 REGENT 643-1197 JAWS OF DEATH" PQ 7:15-9:00 Bom cinemas Sun, thru Thurs. $1.00 AVON AVON DRIVE-IN 586-7176 "POM POM GIRLS" R "BEST FRIENDS" R "KISS TEACHER GOODBYE" R BELMONT STUDIO CINEMA 484-1706 Peter Falk-A. Gulnneas "MURDER BY DEATH" PG 7S9 sun.-Tnura. si.oo-Frl., Sat. $1.50 Starts Wed.: "The Omen" BOSTON BACK BAY SCREENING ROOM 536-9477 MONTREAL MAIN" "glittering gem . . . talented piece ol moviemaking" Kelly, Globe shown at 4:00-5:35-7:10-8:45-10:20 CINEMA 733 266-0342 733 BOYLSTON ST.. BOSTON THE STORY OF "O" X 1:45-5:10-8:45 'HEAT" R 12:00-3:25-8:55-10:25 Com. Mat. Dally-$1 'til 5 pm BROOKLINE CINEMA BROOKLINE 566-0007 Hearthstone Plaza-Rte. 9 Brookllne VII. "MURDER BY DEATH" PG 7:30-9:30 All Seats Always $1.00 PARIS CINEMA 267-8181 Philippe Nolret In New England Premiere ot "THE CLOCKMAKER" 2:00-4 :00-8:00-8:00-10:00 PARK SO. MOVIEHOUSE 542-2220 CUBAN FILM FESTIVAL WITH THE CUBAN WOMEN and SIMPARELE (Premieres) Plus OKANTOMI, a dance short complete shows at 6:00, 7:45 and 9:25 COOLIDGECOR. 734-250G "SWASHBUCKLER PG t 1:30-9:20, also Jack Lemmon 8 Walter Matihau in "FRONT PAGE" PG at 7:30 Mon. 8 Tues. S1.00 All Dsyl MOVIES ARE BETTER THAN EVERI CSTuARTWASHINGTOST in- PTr.vr---- n uiin Msssssr G r&j.- TrAJrtawii!-ririiwii mi 11'WHiiimiMii i iiiiiininii in ii m "Most romantic film since "A Man And A Woman' only it's alot funnier and will run forever at the Exeter." --Richard Dyer, GLOBE t 0t& 2:30.4:20.6:10, 8.9:50 cExeter8t.cIheat& Copley Square, Boston 5367067 KHdJLillSVEHj ICACOK HILL 1 Bf MOft 11 Tiemon! ?3 0110 A CLOCKWORK ORANGE CHEZI1-1'3 Dillon eppSlt'Jton Bos 536 WO BURNT . : OFFERINGS !PGl: MANOINGOflus R ALI-NQRTOH HIGHLIGHTS SILENT MOVIE m ?tM) Sloan near Par Sq 48?1??? OBSESSION PG SPECIAL DELIVERY Ga2T UlStuattSt H?7040 FIGHTING KAD plus , SKY RIDER R PI ALLET ?3!Wa!llntjt(;o.Cli??7 6676 PG FUTUREWORLD S.WOYI'2 163 Trsmont & 539 Wasri 6 2770 PG NORMAN ... IS THAT YOU? ... THi SPARKLECLEOPATRA JGNEST tAIOH Jt9 Tiemonl SI 547 4600 SUPERFLYFISTS OF FURY BARGAIN MATINEE t $1.50 'til 2 p.m. at StorredTJjeafres: aMYE21" EndKOII Slittl Die 128 Ea. 24 77-2555 5932100 SILENT MOVIE 1:30-3.30-5:30-7:30-9:30 1 : OBSESSION -j T:3ll-3:3O-5:30-7:30-9:30, " SPECIAL DELIVERY r, 1:30-3:30-5:30-7:30-9:30 PGI BURNT OFFERINGS .1:15-3:15-5:15-7:15-9:30 3AHYE21 Liberty Tree Mall R1 128 Ek 241 777 18185993122 I NORMAN... IS THAT YOU? 7:30-9:30 I KA1ICI f -I Rlt 9opp Shopper's World 653 5005237 5840 NORMAN... IS THAT YOU? 7:30-9:30 H- BURNT OFFERINGS ,. CAMBRIDGE BRATTLE THEATRE 876-4226 Thru Tues. Antonlonl's "The Passenger" 5.45-! with Jack Nicholson 8 Maria Schneider Thomas Gultterez Alea's "Memories ot Underdevelopment" 7:50 Weekend Matinee 4:00 HARVARD SQUARE THEATRE 864-4580 Last Day-New Snow Wed. "GODFATHER if' Ft 2:4i TAKE THE MONEY AND RUN" PQ 1:0 Cont. Mat. Daily SI 'til 8 p.m. ORSON WELLES CINEMA 868-3600 1: "Id! Amin Dada: A self-portrait" plus Bugs Bunny in "Hare Meets Herr" shown at 4-5:40-7:25-9:10-10:50 2: 'The Clockmaker" Fine, Precise, Very moving Canby. N.Y. 4-6-8 8 10 3: David Bowie In "The Man Who Fell to Earth" plus "Star Trek Bloopers" shown at 4:00-7:20-9:45 CHELSEA PARKWAY PLAZA TWIN 884-6557 1. Robert Shaw "Swashbuckler" PG 1 :30, 7 8 9 2. "Pom Pom Girls" 1:30, 7 8 9 S1.00 Day Both Cinemas DEDHAM COMMUNITY 1 S 2 326-1463 Mon. 8 Tues. $1.00 Both Cinemas 1. "Tunnelvision" R 8 & 9:30 2. "Swashbuckler" PG 7 & 9 DORCHESTER E. M. LOEWS PARK 436-2100 Bargain Day - All Adults $1.00 "Fighting Mad" R 2:35 S 8:50 "SkyritJers" 1 & 7:15 PURITAN MALL CINEMA 265-7676 1. "MURDER BY DEATH" PG 76:9 2. "TUNNELVISION" 749 DOLLAR NIGHTI FOXBORO ORPHEUM CINEMA 543-5612 Rte. 95 to Exit 7 Rte. 140 To Theatre James Caan-Elllott Gould (Comedy) PG 7:00-9:16 Harry a Waller Go To N.Y. FRANKLIN FRANKLIN CINEMA 528-0620 ALL SHOWS $1.00 "MURDER BY DEATH" PG 7:15 & 9 Peter Falk and Peter Sellers HYDE PARK NEW PIXIE CINEMA 361-6111 Sellers-Falk Somons comedy Hltl "MURDER BY DEATH" PG 7:15-9:15 Tom'w: "Midway" Soon "Omen" Adults Nile Wild A Thurs Only 81 Oh Cdud lit 7:30.9 JS PO I J IV r mmmmm wi 9 MILLION PEOPLE HAVE SEEN AMBER HUNT IN THE LAST 3 MONTHS! NOW SEE HER IN HER FIRST X RATED MOVE HELD OVER ( "I predict Cry for Cindy' will be the biggest hit of the year! it's good entertainment, with loads of red-hot sex!" MircSleiem ai Goldstein s Mag FULL AIR CONDITIONED I WEST END : PUSSYCAT :....P."Jf?l.....i GENERALSCtNEMA THEATRES $1.S0'TIL2:00P.M.ATSTARREDWCINEM'as1 STREISAND FESTIVAL ends .rnn ntTce cvc" TODAY! run i lil o onrL 1:30, 3:30. 5:30, 7:30, 9:30 PG PETER FONDA YUL BRYNNER "FUTUREWORLD" 1:30, 3:30. 5:30. 7:30. 9:30 PG BO SVENSON CYBILL SHEPHERD "SPECIAL DELIVERY" 1 J0, 3:30. 5:30, 7:30, 9:30 PG JOHN MILLS BARBARA HERSMEY "DIRTY KNIGHT'S WORK" 1:30. 3:30, 5:30, 7:30, 9:30 'PR "SPECIAL DELIVERY" CYBILL SHEPHERD PG 1:30,3:30,5:30.7:30.9:30 "FUTUREWORLD" PETER FONDA pG 1:30, 3:30. 5:30. 7:30. 9:30 BARBARA HERSHEY "DIRTY KNIGHT'S WORK" 1:30. 3:30. 5:30. 7:30. 9:30 PG REDD FOXX "NORMAN IS THAT YOU?" 1:30, 3:30, 5:30, 7:30, 9:30 PG WALTER MATTHAU TATUM O'NEAL "THE BAD NEWS BEARS" 1:30, 3:30, 5:30, 7:30, 9:30 !pg! , MON. & TUES. All SHOWS CHEVY CHASE "TIlNNFI VISION" E Cambridge, St0n.hom: WS M 7:30, 9:20 I)mgBRiByiliRftTIPll 7:25, 9:30 Sougus: 1:30, 3:20, 5:15, 7:30, 9:20 R ..'.w;titU4r.u!'.avi1u DOUBLE FEATURE PETEft FONDA "RSHTIIrS WAD" 9:1$ R cvy bhicbc PG "SWASHBUCKLER" ROBERT SHAW 7:30 PLUS AT john 9:30 wayne "FIGHTING MAD" PETER FONDA 7:30 PLUS JAMES COBURN "SKY RIDERS" 9:30 "ROOSTER COGBURH' LEXINGTON WEST NEWTON CINEMAS 1 8 2 862-3260 TO J 964-6060 Mon 8 Tuea $1.00 Both Cinema, "b . PQ 1. Murder By Death PG 7:15 S 9 3. -swashbuckler " pg 7 8 9 2. "Tunnelvision" R 7:30 S 9 ALL SEATS $1.00 .,- MALDEN WOBWOOB PRiumi Tumi W7fiRn NORWOOD 1 S 2 762-8320 VStVLr 3ZZ"776K All Seats Always $1.00 ; 2. "DutchessDirtwater Fox" 7 8 9 "Murder By Death" PQ 78 9 ALL SEATS ALWAYS $1.00 Starts Wed. "Midway" & "Omen" New Adjacent Free Pkg. 250 Cars 11 11 1 MAYNARD QU1!VCY i Hiiuii 8l7liNDTs,wln 472f24 1. Mel Brooks, Marty Feldman, D. DeLuise "SWASHBUCKLER" PG 9 pm In "Silent Movie" PG 7 8 9:00 John Wayne In 2. "The Sailor Who Fell From Grace "Rooster Cogburn" PG -7:10 With The Sea R 789 Mon. 8 Tues. Adults S1. 00 Monday 8 Tuesday $1 .00 " " "T MEDFORD WESTROXBURY MEADOW GLEN TW Drive-In 395-3400 VILlAGE CIMN0 tues. $1.00 3Z5'0303 Rtes. 16 8 93 - $5 Carload Starts at 7:00 Academy Award Nominated Best MEADOW: "Sky Riders" PQ 7 8 10 Actress Carol Kan ' also: "Fighting Mad" R at 8-45 pm "Up.l,. Jrpt" PC 7-1 S 0-111 QLEN: "Tunnelvision" R 7 8 9:55 IHSUr ollMI Hi . IJ-M. IU also "Take The Money 8 Run" PG 8:30 urnrnnBT,B, TT-rrr SOMERVILLE MEDFORD TW Drive-In 396-8800 $5.00 per Carload - Both ScreensI SOMERVILLE 625-1 081 WSmp Murder By Death" PQ 7:15-9 Circle: "OMEN" R, "Race With The BROADWAY 625-5316 Devil" R "Schizoid" "Murder By Death" PG 7:15-9 , . Both Cinemas Sun. thru Thurs. $1 .00 MEDFORD SQUARE T0JCiT0;, MEDFORO CINEMAS 1-2-3 395-9499 : r $1.00 Mon. S Tues. $1.00 SSfAi . 3,4H56S tunnelvision- r 7 8 8 25 MURDER BY DEATH PG 74 0:00 "JAWS"PG 6:30 8 8:40 .. . n ,. "SWASHBUCKLER" PQ 6:45-8:45 TOilliB IS DOllar NltOl EAST MILTON ; WELLESLEY HILLS! MILT0NmonE!I!uEs. only $i.S8"2335 COMMUNITY PLAYHOUSE 235-0047 "Tunnelvision" R immlmwJL., Coming N.xtl "Silent Movie" ALL SEATS $1.00 ALWAYS ' NEEDHAM WINCHESTER NMDnMwMpS!?EMi lino, tUSS 1 H L0EW'S THEATER m Monty Python a Now For something Adults 99c At ah Timesi Completely Different" PG 7 & 9 "MURDER BY DEATH" PG 8:55 TONIGHT ALL SEATS $1,00 "THE FORTUNE" PG jj5 NEWTON CORNER WQLLASTON WJIIaU 332'7!33 W0LLIIST0N THEATRE 773-1600 "King ot Hearts" PQ 9:00 "Murder By Death" PG 8:40 Im "The Fortune" PG J pm ALL SPATS $1 00 Admission 11,00 r PATRONIZE YOUR SUBURBAN THEATERS! i WIDE SCRELN . VIVID COLOR 75 CAUSEWAY St 523-4050 10 A.M. LAST 2 DAYS . MEL np on riiT iinwiP" brooks oiLcni mumc 1:30. 3:30, 5:30, 7:35, 9:35 PG j.b, "DIRTY KNIGHT'S WORK" Mills 1:30, 3:30, 5:30, 7:30, 9:30 PG OLIVER REED KAREN BLACK "BURNT OFFERINGS" 1:30, 4:10, 7:20, 9:30 PC JOHN MILLS BARBARA HERSHEY "DIRTY KNIGHT'S WORK" : 1:30, 3:30, 5:30, 7:30, 9:30 PG REDO FOXX PEARL BAILEY "NORMAN. IS THAT YOU?'" 1:30, 3:30, 5:30, 7:30, 9:30 PG "DIRTY KNIGHT'S WORK" JOHN MILLS !pG 1:30, 3:25, 5:25,7:35,9:30 CYBILL SHEPHERD "SPECIAL DELIVERY" 1:30, 3:30, 5:30, 7:30, 9:30 Fpr, JOHN WAYNE s: "THE SH00TIST" 1:30, 3:30, 5:30, 7:30, 9:30 PG' OLIVER REED KAREN BLACK "BURNT OFFERINGS" 1:30,4:10,7:20,9:30 V IpgV $1.25 ot the following CINEMAS L ROBERT SHAW "SWASHBUCKLER" ! I d ! F-V. IF! Cambrldae. Storhom: JSaugui:1:15, 3:20, 5:20, 7:25, 9:30 PC, R 7:30.9:20 VISION" J I J F'l I -J i"i I "TUNNELVISION" CHEVY CHASE 7:30 PLUS AT 9:05 "NIGHT CALLER" m

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