Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 14, 1895 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 14, 1895
Page 5
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New Spring Styles of Hats Arriving Daily at DEWENTER, THE HATTER and FURNISHER, Save This Coupon No extra charge for it, but it is valuable. It bares our g names, and that will remind you of the necessity of a New Q Spring Suit. Present this coupon with a nominal sum of money at our store and we will make to your order the handsomest suit of clothes that ever adorned your body. TUCKER & YOUNG, TttE, PEftRL STRBET TrtlLORS. MONEY TO LOAN. Personal, Etwl Estate or Collateral Security, Any Amount. Any Time. E. B. Ovcrshlncr, 327 Fourth Street. DAILY JOURNAL THURSDAY MORNING. MARCH H Drink McLin's Kolntona. The Broadway Method 1st church organ is being put in repair. Additional Local on Fourth Page. John Sailor and Mary Louella Farguson have boen licensed to wed. The Harrison township election case, relating to the assessor only, was on trial yesterday before Judge Wiley. Mrs. Sam B. Patterson will entertain the L. L. B. euchre club this evening ft', h«rhomeon Ninth stroetr The funeral of Mrs. Johanna Daan will be held at 9 a. m. today from St. Vincentde Paul's church. Tne Rev. M. E. Campion officiating. Sam Smith, a farmer living in Clln. ton township upsot his bugcy in front Of Uhl's mill yesterday while attempting to turn around. The damage was Blight. ,. A letter has been received at this ffice from Harry Newman, who aays that he left Indianapolis Tuesday for Chicago, and that he had not at any time been lost. The case of Andrew Wirwahn vs. J P. Hathorlo£ion, for damages for alleged malpractice, has been postponed on account of tbe illness of M. D. Fansler, the plaintiffs attorney. Oa tbe Mick I/nt The Misses Pryor are ill with lajfrlppe. Chag. ChideBter, the grocer, IB sick with lagrlppe. Jacob Wo«t of Washington township li Bald to be very ill with oonsump. tlon. A daughter of Mr. and Mra. Mark 1, Bell la slowly recovering from a icvere Illness. Mlse Lavorle '^ong of Washington township, who h»3 been sick Tor four months, has baen brought to this city for treatment. Awarded Hifhtst Honors— World's Fair. DR. CREAM BAKING MOST PERFECT MADE. i: V-\A pure Grape Cream L ' Tartar Powder. Fr« : -f'-Soin'Ammoniai AlumOiViy other adulterant 40 YEARS THE STANDARD, CLAIMS A CONSFIBACY. William Stnuley, » Carroll Conn«y CUIsen, Arrcwtod YeBlerday In the City." William Stanley, a farmer of Washington township, Carroll county, was yesterday morning arrested in this city on a warrant and affidavit signed by Wm. Wilburn, charging him wlta petit larceny. Stanley furnished $300 bond with David Hardy and Thomas Kendall as sureties. William Stanley is a son of the late Moaes Stanley, one of tha moat prominent farmers of Carroll county, and is one of ten heirs to a largo estate. He is a brother of John Stanley, for the last ten years In the mail service. William Stanley and George Patterson, neighbors, had a difficulty of some kind. Soon after the quarrel. Stanley sued George Appleton in the Carroll circuit court for $5, 000 damages for alleged slander. The case was finally brought to the Caas county court ffhere it was dismissed. Wm. Wilburn, who charges Stanley with the theft of a bridle, Is a sawmill man and a prominent citizen of Washington township. He claims that a now bridle was taken from his horse Jan. 5th at Aman's blacksmith shop on Burlington avonue, and that It was found later in Wm Stanley's pos* session. On the other hand, Stanley claims he left hia team at the feed yard^all tho afternoon of the date mentioned, and returning home, after taking supper with a slsier, Mrs. Watson on Market street, noticed no change in his harness or bridle, but that he found, at 10 a. m. tho next day Sunday, a strange bridle on the peg where he had supposed he hung his own own property the night before. He at once called the attention of three persons to tbe presence of the strange bridle. Stanley alleges that he had found a horse blanket In hia barn previously and had at once turned it over to a justice of the peaoe. Ha started with the bridle tbe afternoon of January 6th to place It with the 'Squire. The 'Squire instructed Stanley to retain the bridle, until the owner should turn up ard prove property. He atill has it in his barn. Stanley charges that there is a conspiracy against him. The affidavit was sworn to before F. Wipperman, Jan. ISsh the day for the hearing of the slander suit of Stanley vs. Appleton, and ready to serve' that day, was filed in the circuit court March 1st. '•My love, what maglo spell is thrown Upon your face? Its charm I owa. Whence came thy pure and pearly teeth. ? Tby rosy lipe! -Chv perfumed breath?" She said, In accents sweet and clear, ••'Tia only Sozoi>3NT. my dear." EndeaTorern Meet. The local ^Union of Christian Endeavor societies mat at the English Lutheran church last night The Juniors had charge, and after services there were short talks by several pastors. _ . Miss Bertha Washburn has taken a position at the Home restaurant. , : -- FOUND A SHORT .CIRCUIT. THE CITY'S INCANDESCENT LIGHT SYSTEM TAMPERED WITH YESTERDAY. An iH-ventlgiitlon IHwcloiei a Short Clrcntt. nt Soventii null North (*tr«et«-The Worlc l>oue by nn Expert, and With the Evlcleut futeuiim of Crljiplloc the City's Fotnre I'/oBHects far 8'curluir Pcivaie and BusIneSM Pairong-A Reward May l»c Offered For the KvU-l>ocr. An attempt, deliberate and malicious, was yesterday made by some one unknown, to hurt the business and injure the prospects of the city's electric light department. . The incandescent circuit refused to work at 3:30 o'clock yesterday afternoon, and up te nearly 7 o'clock the city's light consumers were in darkness and out of temper. It was at first thought the wires were crossed, and when a resistance was noticed the power was shut off to prevent the burning out of the dynamo. A search was then made for the location of the trouble. Supt. Co=ter.border ascended a pole at Seventh and North streets for the purpose of cutting off the West Side circuit, and by a happy chance found the evil that some malefactor had done with the evident intention of causing gloom in the homes and business houses of the patrons of the new plant. A wire over four feet In length bad been drawn between two wires, «o as to form a short circuit, and according to Supt. Costenborder, the job had been performed by one who knew hia business. The wire was removed, and about 7 o'clock the new department was again producing cheap incandescent 'igbt as If nothing had occurred. Had not the superintendent climbed the pole on which the spite work had been done, the trouble would not have been found until some time today, and by that time much evil might have been caused among thoee whom the city hopes to serve with illumination. Whomever Is to blame for the trick, was, most luckily for the city, disappointed. The numerous consumers of the city's currents were naturally out of humor when the pressure on the button failed to meet with the usual bright response, and there were remarks made over the .telephone Into the ears of the attendant at the light house, that would not bear repetition. Every consumer had made one or more kicks before the matter was adjusted. Chairman Boyer of the electric llg&t committee of the city council, first noticed the lack of life in the wires at Harry Tucker's establishment about 3:30 p. m, At that time he thought nothing- of it. but whe» he found the light had failed at his residence also, , hjO telephoned, just as Tbomas, Richard and Hsnry were at at the same time doing, and was told the wires were crossed at some point, or the circuit had been tampered with. He at once proceeded to assist in the invesliffatlon. Mr. Boyer exhibited the wire used by the evil doer, at the Journal office last night. He was justly Indignant, as are all the members of the commU- tee, over the discovery of the mischief boguo by some one with the Intention of harming the city's business in the incandescent electric light line. • A close and thorough investigation will be made, and it is probable that a reward will be offered by the city for the apprehension of the sneak, whose work must have baen done early yesterday morning or sometime during the day. The plan might have been carried out without causing any suspicion in the tniods of those who'might have bsen watching. An effort will be made to ascertain if a workman waa aeon on the pole at Seventh and North streets at any time yesterday. Th» Jfodorn W»y Corn-mends itself to the well-informed, to do pleasantly and effectually what waa formerly done in the crudest man. ner and disagreeably as well. To cleanse the system and break up colds, headaches and fevers without unpleasant after effects, use the delightful liquid laxative remedy, Syrup of Figs. Cnterpriflnc Carriage Jlmktr*. Holbruner & Uhl, the carriage man- facturera, are turning out some very fine pieces of work. An. inspection of their warerooms and shop shows a large atock of neat and tasty rigs both completed and in course of construction. The ball bearing attachment to axles,similar to that used on bicycles, is beieg- applied at 1 this factory, to the nigh grade carriages and buggies acd is proving quue popular. Mr. Ford will dispose of bis beautiful line of sample capes this morning. Call .and secure^, a bargain—morning .only—Trade : Pallu». : :'; : , : •;•'; 'V ' New Spring Suits.. Ask to see the new Tariff Suits for Men, 34 to 44, The celebrated Clay Worsted Suits, Imported, worth $15 for $7,50, Coys and Childrens in proportion, Otto Kraus of Course, who- else has got the nerve. to be OTTO KRf\US. IfOtJB NAME IN PRLST. liema of a Pei-HOiial Character Con- cemliiK IiOgiUHportera and Tliclr Friends. In the city yesterday: H. Wolf of Wabash. I. N. Naff of Walton. J. P. Luce of Speccer. G. W. Prague of Flora. B. K, Smith of Kokomo. J. A. Johnson of Elkhart. J, R. Ecter of Crawfordsville. ,,^-§lA. Rothrock of Monticello. A. L. McKenny and W. D. Leidle of Winamac. W, F. Burke, egent for Veno, the great specialist. Mrs. J. S. May and Mrs. Ed Alex, ander are visiting at Chicago. Mlsa Mena ;Ro3enthal of Toledo, is visiting her sister, Mrs. J. Herz. Burt Harris of Lafayette, was calling on friends ia the city yesterday. Rev. T. S. Treeman will attend the missionary convention at Peru today. Cecilia Raderstorf of Pulaski, is the £uest of the family of Henry Radkey. Mra. Susan Brown of Florida ia this week the guest of Mrs. W. H, Elliott of North street. Mrs. Mary C. Glrton, former matron of the Home of the Friendless has gone to Elwood, whore she intends making \ier home. Miss Mellle Brown sister of y Adams Express agent Brown, was called to her home at Ztneavillo, Ohio, today, by the illness o( a'relative. Boyd Walsh, Harry Hollls and Phillip Beam, who started from Logansport Sunday by boat for their home at Lafayette, were blocked at Delphi by a field of ice and completed their trip hy rail. Attention. I.OX-B »lv. *«, If. B. K. P. Regulnr monthly meeting Tnursday March 14. Col, Ensmlnger will be present to install officers. GEORGE A. SHAEFER Cspt, AIUSEXEXTS. D OLAN'S OPERA BOUSE S. B. Patterson, Manager. ONE NIGHT ONLY MONDAY, MARCH 18 Watson Sisters Extravaganza and Specialty Go, ill new people. Ten Fine Vaudeville acts. A great specialty bill. A meteoric Avalanche "of luminary stars—Startling, Dazzllne and Bcwltch- Ing to the gaze, produced with new and elaborate scenic effects. 1 AStronc cast,'Introducing new and novel Tea- j tares. Sew Music. New Songs. New Dances. i 'A. GENUINE IRISH BAG-PIPE PLACER.,' HEAR ALL THE LATEST SONGS;'! DOLAN'S OPERA HOUSE LOGANSPORT. TONIGHT, MARCH 14th YENO, THE GREAT SEALING POWER Exponent of t e melhocls of tbc preat European Practitioners. Sir Morrel M.icK«nsle and Count Maettl, will Lecture and Cure Crl)iplcs upon lue Stage. No iracnfitlc Power. No- Sugar Coated Pills. LECTURE AT 8 P. M. ADMISSION FREE, All Rheumatic Cripples wno cannot walk without crutches or cane*, no mutter how bndf they maybe, are requested to call at tlio Opera House this afternoon, between too hours of 2 and -1. as a few ol tbe worst c:us»s will be cured free of charge, to show tbe extraordinary power of the remedies. The method o! Verio's treatment Is not to be confounded with the so-calleJ macnetlc healing. The euros are eifected ihroiiitli the efllcacy of his- Extraordinary Remedies, Imported from Europe. Other remedies may relieve rheowa- tl.-tm, but Teno Medicines cure completely ihc worst :iad niOit desperate case. TOXIGHT.March Htb.Veno, the great healing power, will lecture and cure cripples npon tbe sta^e at tie Opera House. The. currs effected by the'WonderJnl Veno Remedies 'have become town talk In every place he has vlsti«J. Etery m*n, woman or child, skk or well should bs in attendance •il tbe lecture, Thursday nlgnt. A Jew well- Known rnenroatlc c Ipples will b* cur- ea on tne stage. Do not coniocnid this with the so- cafied magnetic healing as It JKIS no connfcOon, wltJi sa?n nonsense. His the result of,pow«ufiil remejlleswblcanever.fall lo cnre,.the -most-cZ)- »anat*and!mbbornca««. , / y' ;:r ;., : ':•;•••;>••.. I you can't care chronic rbeumatlMn wKL coated pIJIs, and no man of Intelligence will b> deceived by such representations. Teno's remedies ire Imported and differ from• anything else e-er prescribed here. Tlieyareafc- , solaie specifies, not only In rheumatism, but In.all dl«3se3.for-prhldJ they are prescribed. •."'•" Vtnowill wear hla magnificent conrt coetumc- Ttilch is valued at oc«>

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