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The Rock Island Argus from Rock Island, Illinois • Page 3

The Rock Island Argus from Rock Island, Illinois • Page 3

Rock Island, Illinois
Issue Date:

THURSDAYTHE ROCK ISLAND ARGUS SEPTEMBER 28, 19li Large forge IS REMEMBERED ON TWO MAIMED ASAUTOHITS TROLLEY CAR HIS 70TH BIRTHDAY MEN NEEDED FOR ARSENAL Zr.JP.BEST. ESS TREAS. "Where Fashion Reigns Supreme I .1 Lou Meumann and Edward Fifteen Hundred to Be Added by -April 1 Says Colonel Burr. ay Barg 'eatuong JBrid. Anderson Near Death on Fifth Avenue. That Have Never Been Equalled Before 1 GOING 50 MILE HOUR? AD These SUIT and COAT CORSETS BIG BOOH FOR CITIES Housing of New Families Is Problem Put Up to Com- mercial Bodies. a ss BARGAINS for FRIDAY -accident at, a. m. in Fancy figured Front of Bethany Home Both in Hospital. Fifteen hundred additional workmen racing east on irth avenue at a Here 's a SPECIAL S17 Salts silk se alette coats, no two alike, all manufacturer's samples, be sure Jo see will be needed at Rock Island arsenal by the first of next April, bringing the rate of speed estimated by eyewit nesses to have been 50 miles an hour, a seven-passenger automobile crashed operating force up to 4,000. This state ment is made by Colonel George Burr, commandant at the arsenal. head-on into a Fourth avenue car of Total appropriations for the local batiste with" embroidery trim and large elastic gore in back, all sizes, these are regular $3.00 values, while they last the large pay-as-you-enter type, of steel construction throughout, with terrific force at 5:20 this morning. The government plant for 1916 are an nounced as $11,816,000. It is hoped to manufacture all of the army supplies machine is a complete wreck- The in jured are in the contracts assigned to Rock Is LOU MEUMANN, proprietor of the land in the time specified, but if this is New Fait COATS $10 Manufacturers' samplesno two alike patch pockets, trimmed collars, $15 and $18 values, $H(0) Regular $20 SUITS $15 Serges and poplins, lined with peau de chine, very smartest style touches and S117 New Diamond bar, 1815 Second ave Judge Frank D. Ramsay. A pleasing Incident occurred in circuit court yesterday afternoon when Axel Kohler, Moline presented Judge Frank D. Ramsay. Morrison, 111., with a big bunch of beautiful roses in commemoration of his 70th birthday. By chance Mr Kohler learned of the presiding judge's natal day and sprung a happy surprise on the well known jurist by the floral tribute. Judge Ramsay has served on the circuit bench for over 19 years. He was first elected in June, 1897. and has Just completed the first year of his fourth term of six years each, being reelected last year. Judge Ramsay for many years served on the appellate bench. "In spite of his years, Judge Ramsay is an unusually active and robust man and his mental faculties are as keen as ever. He has a winning personality that responsible for the wide circle of friends which he has throughout the entire Fourteenth judicial circuit, which he has served so long and faith-fully. Judge Ramsay and his family enjoyed a dinner party last evening at the Blackhawk hotel, Davenport, in honor of his birthday. not possible work will be sublet to tri city factories to relieve the arsenal of nue. Right thigh badly fractured, six inches" above knee. Bruises about such portions as it is unable to manu- body. ficture. EDWARD ANDERSON, bartender at Colonel Burr has put up to the commercial organizations of the the problem of housing new fam the New Diamond bar, who resides at 1903 Third avenue. Moline. Skull fractured, scalp laid open for six inchs on forehead, hand lacerated, with bruises ilies that will be brought here through employment at the arsenal, lie ex about body. Condition serious. May pects also that the bodies will aid in die. Newest 27-50 suns $19.50 Exceptionally clever styles that attract the attention of the most critical, $27.50 values, supplying the men that are needed. Already the Davenport Commercial club The accident occurred directly in has got busy. It held a meeting yes front of Bethany Early every morning the street cars are run from terday to discuss the situation: Real For School Girls For the small, medium figure and school girls, we are offering regular 75c corsets CQp for Brassieres 39c Either lace or embroidery trim, front or back closing, all sizes, estate men were present and gave ex the barn and parked on the main tracks to the east. There was a string of cars parked from Bethany home pert counsel as to the type of homes that would be most attractive to the new families that will come here. More flat buildings were urged, as well east to Thirty-eighth street. The trol Silk Dresses $5 Silk poplin dresses worth to $10, several colors to choose from, 5 trimmings, .50 as small modern homes bringing reas onable rental. 50c quality, QQ Thus it behooves Rock Island and Moline to make similar moves if they utu special are to get their share of increased population that will result from the expansion of the government plant. It ley poles of all the cars were on the trolley and each was lighted and the headlights burning. The car hit by the auto was the last of the string to the west. The Meumann car attracted attention all the way up Fifth avenue because of the excessive rate of speed at which it was moving. At Thirty-first street employes in restaurants ran out to see the car pass, being attracted by the noise of the whirring motor. As Meumann passed the car barn three eyewitnesses claim he was driving on the north side of the Btreet, 60c1 Table Linen 39c $2 Oak Pedestals $1.49 MILLINERY is to be hoped -that the mistake will not be made here of stiffening rentals in anticipation of a rush, for houses. Made of genuine oak, 30 inches That will only have the effect of driving the newcomers to neighboring cit Very desirable table linen, dice pattern, 60c values, OQn yard high, regular $2 $1 49 ies. Rock Island right now needs more houses and flat buildings. The fam secured, $1,917,200 is for new buildings. The remainder, $998,903.47, will be for turning out the manufactured product material and labor. These appropriations are not included in the amount of about appropriated for the arsenals of the country and of which amount the it is figured, will secure between $4,000,000 and $5,000,000. It is the problem of getting out the additional work, therefore, which, faces the commandant of the arsenal. Colonel Burr has been directed to go ahead and manufacture all the products he can himself. If he cannot turn out the materials at the Rock Island arsenal, he Is directed to purchase them on the market. If he can buy them In this community as cheaply as elsewhere, he will do so. Otherwise he will go into the open market. If he can get the men and manufacture the materials himself, it will mean that the money expended for this purpose surely will be spent in the com Trimmed Hats Manufacturers' show room samples, no two ilies that will be brought here will re main. The expansion of the arsenal is $4 Bed Spreads $2.98 $1.25 Medicine Cabinet 79d alike, spe'eial, permanent, to all intents and pur poses. There are several cities sur rounding the arsenal where the em Scalloped satin bed spreads, assort ployes can find housing accommoda ed patterns, $4 values, 98 Golden oak finish with three shelves, size 10x17, value it tions for their families. Naturally they will locate where the living condi Bleached Muslin tions are most attractive. Expansion of the local arsenal is one of the first fruits of the campaign for government manufacture of war munitions begun a few years ago by 50c Boys' Overalls 33c $3 Felt Hats 98c 10 yards of yard wide bleached muslin, for 1 Friday Regular 50c quality, blue or brown, 4 to 14 years, 33c Congressman Clyde H. Tavenner of the Fourteenth district. The mid-west preparedness conference held In Davenport last fall centered attention on the arsenal and its availability as a location for munitions factories. Con IjUC VdlUCS These arelhe very latest craze, we have them in all color combinations, values to $3, 98 Friday 15c SeersuckeV 10c Knickerbockers 45c gressman Tavenner and the late Con which is the wrong side. Crash Heard for Blocks. As he neared the string of cars he swerved the machine as if to turn over to the south side of the avenue. -The car either skidded or the machine was going at such a rate of speed that the driver was unable to clear the string, as the auto crashed head-on into the first car. The street was deserted at this time of the morning and the crash could be heard for several blocks. Street bar employes rushed to the spot. Meumann was pinioned under the steering gear and Anderson was found beneath the wreckage to the side of him. Anderson was unconscious and bleeding profusely. Both injured men were hurried to St. Anthony's hospital. Dr. Joseph De Silva and Dr. A. N. Mueller treated the men to the hospital. An X-ray picture was taken of the fracture in Meumann's leg. Anderson's scalp was laid open for a space of six inches and many stitches were required to close the wound. The skull at this place was also fractured. Concussion of the brain has not yet set in, and If complications do not develop Anderson has a chance for recovery. His right hand was also lacerated. Anderson was hurled violently against the windshield. Those who viewed the wreckage of the automobile wondered how the two men escaped alive. The machine is a total wreck and fit only for scrap. The entire front end, of the big machine was collapsed onto the body in the rear, the radiator, fenders, en gressman Pepper 'cf the Second Iowa district did effective team work In; behalf of Rock Island arsenal. Con Seersucker and nurse stripe ginghams, good mill lengths, 1 Or $2.50 Corduroy Hats 98c Boys' worsted knickerbockers, assorted colors, all sizes, A special gressman Hull, now representing the Second Iowa district, has carried on the work where Congressman Pepper left off, with accomplishments grati Cotton Bats fying alike to the people of the dis Ladies' and misses' corduroy hats, plain colors, two tone effects, various shapes, regular QQp $2.50 values i7 50c Bungalow Aprons 35c Regular 25c cotton bats, extra good quality, Friday, 1 for Vl Children's colored bungalow aprons, in chambray, percale QEf and gingham, 50c val. $2.50 Silk Waists $1.98 munity. Artillery Munitions Plant. These figure3 do not include the men who will be needed to operate the new field artillery ammunition plant which will be erected at the arsenal. It will be nearly a year before this plant can be finished and the number of men to be employed will then be added to the 5,000 or 6,000 who, it is expected, will be on the payroll by that time. The new field artillery ammunition plant will cost $1,250,000. Major King from the arsenal is now in the east visiting the munitions plans with a view to gefWhg ideas for the erection of the building. He will be home in about a month and will place his ideas before Colonel Burr. Plans will then be prepared and bids called for. It is expected that ground for the plant will be broken early in the spring and the building will be completed -early in the fall. The money for the operation of tbe small arms plant, where Springfield rifles will be made, is not Included in the amounts which have been directly appropriated for the arsenal. This will amount to about $500,000. The Springfield arsenal was to get two-thirds of the amount and the Rock Island arsenal one-third. Owing to the fact that expert small arms workmen are being employed in private munitions plants in this country and Canada, It is almost impossible to get this class of labor. It will be necessary, therefore, to train workmen for these positions. More men are being put to work constantly in this department at the arsenal and Colonel Burr expects to be 25c Silkoline 5c $1 Union Suits 79c Ladies' crepe de chine, habutai and China silk waists in nile, white and black, with large tricts of Congressman Tavenner and Congressman Hull. Facts Arouse Public Tavenner paved the way in his agitation before congress, supplemented by his newspaper campaign, wherein he showed by actual figures how the government save millions by manufacturing Its own munitions. Tbe development of he local arsenal merely proves that the government Is gradually becoming converted to the position assumed by Congressman Tavenner after an investigating of tbe contracts between the government and private manufacturers and an expose of the fabulous profits accruing to those Interests among whom the government was parceling work it could turn out in its own plants at an enormous saving to the people. Of the $11,816,103.47 which has been Men's union suits, medium weight, regular $1 values, special 7Q for gine and all accessories being driven into the body. In fact the entire ma chine Is twisted out of all semblance 7 In many beautiful patterns, from 5 to 15 yards in piece, EJ the yard OC I 10 Bars SoapOc 10 bars'S'wift's Pride Soap, special for this Friday, on only 12c Scrim 9c of an automobile. The street car was not badly dam 75c Door Mats 59c aged. The heavy eteel bumper bar, which constitutes the frame of the platform, was twisted and the fender wrecked and several glass panes in 1,000 yards of scrim in white and ecru, with ribbon border, the vard Large size and good brush, regular 75c values, Friday CQP onlv vrc front broken. Claims Lights Out. Water Tumblers Crib Blankets 25c Hose, 6 for $1 Meumann claimed that the lights on the street car were not on, but officials of the Tri-City Railway company maintain that the trolley of each of able to turn out the first parts lor the cars was on and that the head One lot of crib blankets in sizes, slightly soiled, Good quality water tumblers, a real special for Friday, each mC all 2 Fn IPIfles Pyramid Pile Treatment I Used At Home and Has Saved a Vast Number from the Horror of Operation. Don't permit a dangerous operation for plies you have seen what Pyramid Pile Treatment can do for you in ta privacy of your own home. Men's, fibre silk hose in black, tan, gray and white, 25c 51 values, 6 for lights on each car' were burning brightly. Meumann explained that be was taking Anderson to his home in these rifles in about a month. Tbe first of the finished product will not be completed for about six months. Other Labor Benefited. The erection of the new buildings. at Moline. 98c Roasters 69c Bleached Toweling, costing $1,917,200, will require all kinds of skilled labor employed In $1.50 Gloves 69c II COURT HOUSE NEWS II construction lines. Besides the field nrtiUerv ammunition mant there wm be erected storehouses for field artll- Judge N. Iarson in county ccfirt this morning approved the assessment roll for two Rock Island projects. One orv and other manufactured products -i2c bleached 9c Savory roasters in black steel, medium size, 98c values, CQ Friday OJ Men's tan, black and brown suede or dressed kid gloves, fiQr $1.50 values VI I. Special for Friday toweling, the yard and nitrate, coating over $250,000. was for watermains on Forty-fifth These figures indicate the tremen avenue. Fourteenth to Fifteenth streets, cost 22,41.20, ana the other for pav $1.00 Shirts 69c dous activity which will prevail at the Rock Island arsenal and point out problems which the people of the community will-have to help solve, if they Flannel Shirts 89c 15c Vases 9c I) ih reao the full Denent oi inese Men's fancy shirts, regular $1 val Crystal bud vases, regular 15c val- addition to the arsenal. Men's $1.50 and $2 flannel shirts, all colors, sizes 14 to" 17, OQ- ues, absolutely fast colors, CtQk ues, lor Friday, GUAEDS AT CAPITAL 4 iuu 7 I aasv TO TAK? LONG HIKE S. 1 LEO VERMERE IS NOW RmmoW Prramid Fort Piles. No case ran be railed hopeless tin. Iss Pyramid Pile Treatment has been tried and has failed. Letters by ths score from people who believed thetr rases hopeless are In our files. They fairly breathe the Jov of the writers. Test Pyramid Pilo Treatment your-Jf. Either get a box price 60c from your druggist or mail the coalmen below rtcfct away for a perfectly ffe trial. ing on Seventeenth avenue, Twenty-fourth to Twenty-fifth streets, and on Twenty-fourth and Twenty-fourth-and-a-half streets between Seventeenth and Eighteenth avenues, cost $9,466.40. Rev. M. E. Chatley, pastor of the Memorial Christian church, and O. A. Miller, principal of Brown's Business college, were witnesses this morning in the jail injunction suit which Is pending before Master-in-Chancery J. Li. Haas. They were called by the county. The hearing was then continued until the first of the week. J. L. Brashar. aged S3, was found by a jury In probate court this morning to be senile because of his advanced age and the Rock Island Savings bank was appointed conservator to look after his property. Mike Barker, arrested yesterday on a charge of wife abandonment by Deputy Sheriff Jack Murray, was taken to Marshalltown, Iowa, last evening for trial MARINE MARKSMAN Leo Vermere of Rock Island has qualified a a marksman in the United States marine corps, according to an Springfield, Sept, 28. Two men of Company Fifth regiment, I. N. G-, of Springfield, were sent out this morning along the road to Peoria to determine whether the walking conditions will permit tbe company to take its planned hike to Peoria. The company had planned to leave Springfield at 9 o'clock in light marching order, accompanied by a field ambulance and an automobile supply fuck. They were to camp 10 miles north of Springfield tonight and get away for an early tart tomorrow morning, Officers of the company state they are determined to take the 6 mile hike if at all possible. Guam. Martianna Islands, which came Into possession of the United States during the Spanish-American war. Ma- rlnes are military men who are trained for service ashore and afloat These soldiers of the sea not only man the garrisons In our foreign possessions, but guard our navy yards and battleships, and frequently are called upon to settle the disputes of our Latin-AmerkHn neighbors. Although Vermere has had but little experience at target practice, his marked ability with a rifle Is considered by marine corpa offlciala as very promlalns. 'tlc Contractor. Bids will be received, 9 a. Oct. 7. 1916, for constructing watermains on Forty-fifth avenue to Fifteenth street WILLIAM McCOXOCHIE, Mayor. Notice-t Contractors. Bids will be received, 9 a. Oct. 7. 1916. for constructing cement walks in accordance with, ordinance passed Aug. 14, 1916. WILLIAM McCONOCHIE, Mayor. 11 i. 5tlca to Contractor. Eld yrUX be xecelYed a.rLy Oct official bulletin issued by the Washing Hi-tor PTln Seventeenth avenue. Twenty-fourta to Twenty-fifth streets, Twenty-fourta-and-a-balf and Twenty-fourth street. Seventeenth ta Eighteenth arenuea. with asphalt WILLIAM McCONOCHIE, Mayor. Public XUe. I wish notify th public that I will not be responsible for any debts contracted by my wife, Charlotte Brandt, after this date, (Signed WILLIAM BRANDT. 1 Sept 27, 1916. AH tie new i all tie tiiaa TUtArjui ton headquarters. Le0i who Is a son of William Ver FREE SAMPLE COUPON pyramid dri'(J company. hi Pyramid Bld Marshall Mich. Klndlr snd me Fr sampl of IVunMl PUTratsBtt. In plAln wra pper. Nam Etreet M. City mere, 610 Thirty-fifth street, enlisted In the United States marine corps at recruiting station on April 26, 1915, and la cow stationed ta

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