The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 15, 1931 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 15, 1931
Page 7
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*1UDAY, MAY 15, MSI" CLASSIFIED ADS Two cent* l word ior first insertion »nd one cent • word 'or e»cri tubaiquent Insertion. No advertisement taken for less than BOd. . Count the words and send the ash. 1'hone 306 FOB SALE FOR SALE —• Several nice fresh Jersey cows, at my barn. E. O. Adams, Phone 135. TF CORN FOR SALE-Good wlUte lar corn. W, T. Ri.'ey, New Madrid, Mo. 12P-K'20 by RUTH DEWEY GROVRS m:nr. Tn».tr |)>|» IV . «"»l.;,,,r,,l . IHKXi: fcf» FOR SALE-ChJap "05" .Chrysler Sedun in perfect condition. Plione 072, Mrs. Sisk. 15C-K19 KOft RENT—Bountiful suburban. home of 7 rooms, balli, -sewer, ( lights, water, servant • house, ear- age, chicken house and yard. Shade iluirbLery. Will rent to good party at 530.00, have party who will rent one room at $10.00 Thomas Land Co - 15C-K16 KOK SALE -28 acres on liard road leading to Bttrfield. one mile of town, Iiousi,- and good barn. Mortgage company will let it go at $80.00 an acre. Big bargain. Thomas Land Co. ' •. I5C-K16 r Gil KENT FOR RUNT—Apartment hi Ingrim building, gee J'arihurst Com- 8C-TF FOR RENT - 3 room furnished apartment. 606 N. 5th. 14P-K19 -I :FOR RENT—Newly furnished cottage, •) rooms and bath 011 Davis street. Call 988 ur 650. L. L. Ward. FOR- RENT—Furnished rooms tor light hoiis;keepinB. 80S Ilearn street. . 13C-K1G FOR RENT-Cheap. Modern five room house, dose in. Call 728 or 1?5 . C-K-18 WANTED POULTRY WANTED-Market prl- . ces. any Quantity. Marilyn Hatchery. 210 S. Fourth St. • OC-TF WANTED.— Family washings or general housework. Mrs Dora VJzell, 2207 18th St. -If LOST AND tfOUND LOST — Ladies white gold wrist watch. Reward. Mrs. R..Fi(ikers- ton, Holland, Mo., Phono, 3-F-2. 15P-KI8 I'EKSONAL PAlt> lor 'second hand lur- Injture. A. L. Flowers, corner Main &-Lake Sts. .6C-TF STOCKHOLDERS MEETING of The Blytheville Cotton Oil Company The Annual irfceling of the directors and stockholders of t!ic above company will be held Thursday, June 3th at 10:30 A. M. in the ofTict'S of W. A. Gage & Co., Falls B'dg., Memphis, Tenn: ' 4C-KG-3 ll IK MM duly ID faiull/ I,, fl,,|,|, fun,,.,.. ' '•••Her Ircuc [iuht|iul,r» tin. , riWif ilntr Ultrrliijc ulir I. n Ji Ii-Jlurril ritdl.i liSii^iT. VI KI:,I- »vrilri'a nti iiurfni,,,, „),.. mllH llprjl it, e,, ;,(!], . . nilUlu. VUHk. wnlltac h, „„•„ "iiiini Ili-rl) kli* ilui VJ , m „ „ nnj iTnon« M.clodlrj. Unp „• illri'i'li.r. hi'iir. l,cr nna B l vr » Is furji) cr .[, tl . r .. , , , —- ......I,, mi- «>riii j :ii, n«OI .• rlrtutcd lu t-i'M-ixy .. [,«,, li'c""'l'rl'' "" h " '"'"":'«. llul "&i hl: i, lln V'''' ll ° i '""'''»""' ''" u; 1 ^^^;;^';,-^;;;;;- SOW CO ll.\ Ml I'll TUP CH.M'TKK XV vruiiv i'.J'LL bet licryl put him ui> to that clicap irlci." Hie e [,j i, U ii rcmarkeil sin-crin.:jly. .Mr. Di»i B aii tui-iicii (iiiU-Wy iu his'sciit ui see who _ dared so to malign his son. "Hull," lie snoiled ivlien lie saw tliat;,lt was Irene. "1 C ucss Mike can tlilnk up his own tricks," he adclocl prtdofully. H)^ wife dus him in tlio ribs wittier elbow ami Inde'hlm turn a roii^'d ami keep quiet for his man' nor $'113 too place; "Anyway Mil;e gels .1 .ie«- ],]. cycle," lie said with a (ouch ot deli- anco. Irene, discomfited li>- (1 K attention thus called to licr.'liirncd upon her coinpiiiilon. "Wlty did you bring me to this s m y sliowf 1 slie demanded wratlifiilly. "Wliy, you wanted to come!" Tommy elaujroercd in surprise. " xniciilciit for a iiutiic "Well, I to eo!" she said and got to ber feet, iler "ion follower], uncomfortable timlor : the amused glances anil liaif-snp- , pressed grins ot those who had .overheard the conversation. "Tommy Wilson, you're a tool," '.Irene, said hotly when they were outside the. "circus" grounds. "J didn't want to come!" ."Gosh. Irene, what's-the malter \vilH.ypu. Micse.. days?" Tommy asked.. "One minute you're as sweet as susar and in the neit you turn sour." "01 conrae you wouldn't understand," Irene, replied with a whim••per of ftcliVf'Hjr.~' "I'm perfectly '. ivrstchccl-vid no one has anv sym- pathy for me." "".'hut's all nonsense,'' Tommy said boldly, "lint If you're so im. liaiipy why don't yon marry me?" "1 don't «:iiil lu many you Just to escape my unliaiiplness," Irene replied nobly. Tommy was too much Impressed with the sentiment (o consider tliu rapidity with which the had rtuuiged from anjrcr (o eolf.piiy then to Bclt-sacrlflco. Never had he suspected Jreiio of being iusln- cei-e. "Wlial'a dial j;ot to do with It," ho nskccl, "It you lovu me?" "EveryllilnB, Tommy," Irene said wistfully. "Uun't you sec? When 1 marry yon I wjnl it In he beenusc there'a nolliliig clso in tho world that i wunt to do move. Ami rlshi now what 1 waut moat Is to get away from all this humiliation lieryl h:is caused. Komotlinej when it's hardest lo hear—like (milBilt — 1 think I'll HO uwiiy somoivlic-rc ntid. . . ." Iler voice (railed away Badly for slie illii not want to spoil the ef- [(.-cllvi'iicss ot her threat, which tt-oiild not he a threat if it were not vaBue. Just Hie thought of her "goins aivay somewhere" onslit to n-.ake Toiumy terribly unhappy Bhe believed. A XI) slie wauled him to be un"• liariiiy. Sho wanted lo make someone suffer anil he w;\s nearest at ham). His answer filled her with rage but for once she kept it under control. "Morgan's not BO bad," Tommy said uneasily.' "lie didn't mean anything. But listen, Irene, won't you give me a break? Wo could be mavrlcrl right away and. . . ." "Ob. please- Tommy, I'm so liretl.' she thoucht she would inixrry Tommy but ho somehow alwoyi rue- ccedcd in upsetting her when they were together. Tln-n. angry with him. she could not say yes. It was a trying position for one who hnd never cultivated unselfishness ami Irene was In n nmzo of doubln. Well, sho llioiifjhl. looking ni Tommy over her soda, hho could wait until lleryi arltially "went on (lie air" nnd then decide. Iloryl mlfiht bo a flop and then home would he homo onco more. That would not ho Icing away now. lleryl's debut waa to takf place In Just a few days. And there waa nu danger in putting Tommy off. And so Tommy, led on by Irene in her uncertainty nrnl rebuffed by htr as a result of their clashing viewpoints, found himself lu a maze. too. lie illil not notice Mutt his ,\«itt ICmmu was loukinK far from woll and lie mille foicot to lake any special notice nl lleryl's debut. It occurred on a rainy nlfilil. thereby affording Irene an excuse Ui stay at hnmc ami llslen in on the radio without ailmlUlnj; tint she wouldn't have Joue anything else for worlds. CKE'D bavo been much happier !( ° she had gone out for—there was: no iloubt of It—lieryl scored a success. The announcer told of the telephone message;! of praise that poured in anil ot tlic enthusiasm ol tho studio • attaches-, nf .the Congratulations that \vcre being heaped upon the young sinxer and of Iho singci's charmingly natural acceptance of it all. She seemed, be faid. neither lo take It for granted •Ob. p.wso Tommy, I'm solired." as wbnl was duo her nor to fee! Irene stoiiped him. "Let's go and [lint sho wua Lotus overpraised, have a soda." y; lt . was gfa^f,,^ |,| raM(1 ha j,p ' iNor would s!ic listen again to his and "liKo a child before a Christ- plea. She had to punish him for not taking her part, right or wrong, and resenting Mr. Dorsan's rudeness to licr. She was irritated too liy tho fact Hint Tommy hml s;iokcn the trutli when he. snfd tliat she had wanted to attend tho boys' benefit sliow. Slie had wanted to go to parade Tommy's attentions publicly. S;n,irliiiB under (lie In(•rest tlial everyone was showing in Ucryl's sudden claim to fnine (Mr. Caylord's adveriislns forces were aniiauiielng her as n greai radio "rmd"), and sensing that Reryl held a warmer affection for Tommy than she professed. Irene had encouraged him at every opportunity. Slie didn't know o.iattly whit she wauled to do. Half the lime Christ- lima tree," he told bis audience. •"You' glad, if you could see her," lie- confided, "to shara her. joy without art iota of envy. Why. rigbl now. folks, she's turning bfr back on a famous impresario to stand in awo before a Uoimuct that —woll, I just wish Hint I could describe it to you! \Ve never saw anything like it around beta before ll's a milo liiuli ami a balf mile Iniii- and looks lifea It bail all tho llowers from tha (ir.nlen ot Eilcn in it—but an »u all. folks, it's the grandest, most gorgeous bunch of llowers that van erer put together as a love posey. Yes, sir, that's) what it 1s-a loro posey. 1 caff tell by tho way she looks at It,' ami I tbiiik 1 hear ber saying something about 'those blessed kids. AM I have left to Bay Is, woll khls. whoever you ;ire. «!i« la eurn tickled o death wlih your wonderful offer- 111!!." There was more but Irene limed • « °ui on iiroiojt of Improving the i'«e-Diton. Her taco was contorted «Hti Jealous cmotlou bill Tomuiy illil not sco it us they had been sit- Hue In Hie, Beml ihirk. It wns Iho 6o:mou ivhen, for a few days, cer- lain parts of Lotus Uland wcro spfely troubled with gnats. The I'.vrrett houso wns none. ti>« well screened. It wan licst not to burn a llbbt In ULG room where you sal. C1 Tommy diil uol sco how lirno 1J felt alimit her sister's success. He lii-ard IILT Fiiy somclliiiic con- vnitloiially decent about it. nnd KKrecd. although more wholeheartedly, that it was greal, never realizing Hint Irene wns seollilua with numircssed envy. WHh lioi lumber ami fnther slllliii; lu ib 0 illuliis mom. nnd no C.NCUSO fur ll uny- way. Irene had not darcil any what flic really felt concerning Ucrvl's debut. Them tlio lolephimo began ilng. ins. I'coiilo wliDiu Irene lind! sliirmed ncainst inviting lo ilia houso tor the occasion (and finally convlnccil ber mother'that tlcryl mlelit Hop ami embarrass tli-ni) ;vero calling up to say bow Kind lliey were Ibal Bbu hail mailo 11 hit. ivas moro tlinn irene could emhire. She dragged Tommy avvay for n walk on the tic.icii. He luted to so for some of the nearby neighbors woe comliiR in unliirlicd ami Mrs. Kvcrett was Relllns oul inav. b!o cnkc ami lemonade. Tbe neighbors ato tlio cnko anil slayeil on. Someone bad luggcJtttl that they remain and greet Beryl. Mn. Everett lo a Duller ot prldo nud excitement said, "Yea, ilo," nnS got onl mora cake and lemonade. lieryl would, she eaiil. come on Iho 11:67 train from New Yurk. Who was going to meet ber ai the stallon? Why, Tommy wns Bunposcd lo. No one In Uie family couhl drive licr ilivvor but Beryl. Mnybe she'd left it at Hid Elation. No. she iniln't for it hnd a flat ttre when she went lo town nail tho kids hnd jus! got it patched for her. Well, where was Tommy? lie went out with Irene. Well, Mr. Itecd would get his cnr oul and llicyVl give Deryl a surprise ul tlio stallon. As many as coulil piled into it, leaving a place for Beryl. but when they returned sho was not with tliem. Sits had not come on Ihe 11:57 and Uial was the last train. ... OUR BOARDING HOUSE By Aliern *• "r " ir'-. . HOOPLE, FOUUD -THE -To Be . VERY EUU5IV/E AMP SHtV ~1rlEV ARE -TrlA-T WAV, V'KAJOUl. 4 -<-* IT MAY SPOOK SLE.EPS.Wrrr) WIPE OPEAi -~ rlEARD A UOI5E "ROOM, 1 1 TRAkl WITH A R<JLUAi6- BUT,-THE HEAR TrlUMDER AM EAJ?-fRUMpE-r.' , KEEPS <M •RESERVE f BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES MODEST WILLIE! • -_•,..., ». i •* "Richest Deb" Plans lo Wed CHANCERY COURT, CHICKA SAWBA DISTRICT, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. John R. Trail, Plulntiff. vs. No. 4947 I,i!(Mla M. Trail, Defendant. The defendant, Ludelli JI. Trail warned to appear within thirt> days, in the court named In the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, John R Trail. Dated April 23, 1B31. R. L. GAINES, Clerk, By Elizabeth Blythe, D C n. L. Naming, Atty Ad Ijtcm 2J-1-U-15 EKKO.N 1HSTI11CT NO. 3S For the school year 1931-32. lire following money will be needed lor schcol puriw-TCs: General Conlrol Operation Auxiliary Agencies ... Instruction Maintenance Fixed Charges Debt Service If Ihe above money is secured a IB mill tax must be voted. It AMP AUSTIN, President, of Board, W. C. STONK, . Secretary -of S . -.; 5-11-15 S 42.70 IS-i.OO 25.00 ' 2,306.00 CO.OO 60.00 200.00 Closing Stock Prices A '"'• * 'J' ns i-; Anaconda Copper 26 1-2 Auburn 208 1 -2 Caterpiller Tractor ...'. 251-4 Chrysler 10 1-4 Cities Service 13 3-4 Continental Uaking ... 12 general Electric '.. 411-8 ticiHral Motors 405-8 Montgomery Ward 20 1-4 ?,>«• York Central ..... Kl 1-2 1'artard 7 3-a Jiaciio Cori) 17 7-R Smmions ' 133-8 TCXAS Corp 19 1-X U. 8. Elccl 103 1-4 For a limited time I have reduced my prices on prime leather halfsoles Men's light lialfsoies with Goodyear rubber heels SI. Men's medium lialfsoies with Gocdycar rubber heels .. S1.25 Men's heavy halfsolcs with' Goodyear rubber heels .. $1.50 W. J. KNOJt (To ! and Mrs .13. p. Gay. Mrs. R. L. Hawkins entert asking fur a quilt block with the name of our sintc on it,. Francilla Faught is preparing the block which is a one foot square of while with our slatu name in black, ap- [)liiiue. The eighth grade class had a very enjoyable time at the class party given them by Mrs. R. L. Hawkins. Each oi the eight members invited .one gi:cs!. The living room was dec- ] orated in pink and green, the class cs.'ors. Kcfreshmcnts the fame color .scheme. I board members for Ihe hearty sup- .ained vltli n six o'clock: dinner recently, '• "- complimenting Miss Hodges nnd ilrs. Hargctt. The sixth grauu class received a card from their rural school correspondent In Venice Center, N. V'., port they have given tijis year. A fine spirit of loyally and cooperation lias been active throughout ihe school year. The honor roll fol : toivs: Juanila Oaincs, Mildred Vin- stcn, Ora Lee Hawkins. Eslher lias- kins, Harry BncS, -,¥. K. Richard- ri-f i , ' •*' J "MV.&, Tl , .n. A\il,IUIU- >!„[", Cnl5 _ ° " n ' ied £0 ». Inomcge Gaines, Francilla ' " ' Fangbt, n. p. Gay jr., John Unph- ir IT ,,,... --.> 3 ..., ". ', vjnj j.., ^Ullll UIITI1I- ;' r *',,,"'!'^' a : A" 0 C;i155 s I )Dllsor . I r <=y Hannon, Jimmy Buck, Jamie sn rntr.r,,,,,»H Iv,^, al „„ hom( , QK Vo ^ Jlnxinc Hol|lnld> p fimar . Rosemary Baur, above, called "Chicago's wealthiest debutante," will ived Bartle Bull, eldest son of W Perkins Bull, K. C., of Toronto next fall, her mother, Mrs. Jacob Baur has announced. Both Mi« s Baur and bur mother have been presented at the Court of si. James. Half Moon School On Tuesday evening, May ion,, the advanced pupils and the pri- marieo will render a closing program to wliicr. the public is cordially invilea. Commennment exercises for the eighth gm.'c will be 0:1 Wednesday evening, May 20th. Kev. Ralph Kcv- ley of Joncsboro u-jll deliver tile « address. Pupils comiilcting grammar school are: Joseph Portlock. JiinnT.B. • Gniiirs, Mildrcrt Vinston, Ora Leo Hawkins, Esther Has"n% Oliver Grey and Ted Brock. Joseph Portlock will give (1-^ valedictory address. Jinnita Gain™ "id Mildred Vlnslcn tied for sahj- :atory honors. .The school Is lo enjoy o lovely o'ltmg at Big i^ke Friday. The mothers hive planned to servo n Picnic lunch -and ice cream and lemonade. This month's visitors were- Mrs Buck, Mrs. Skellon, Miss O:na Hod-' ~es, fx)is Brown, Charlie Springer REPA1RO) [WASHED GRFASED EATON AND SON ioiw 700 juin & im St. also cntortaincd Ihcm Lively games and contests wi ioycci until a laic hour when ... .... ,,,.„„ ,„.., u^ lu!> .. frcsuments were served. The party! JnmVsTlexailtlcr "^Lealons" ies are: Richard Dnvls, R. V. Galn- es. Aflon Neely, Louise Alexander, Jones,' Bcboo: closes Wcanesday and the te - ?s. HaEScl! Laster, Bobl)ie Las Mary Elizabeth Hawkins, Eula , r zae awns, ua tcachei-5 and pupils wish to thank | Jones, J. W. Holland and Vir°il the patrons of the district and th; Shnneytclt Booklet Explains War on Furniture Moths WASHINGTON. (UP)—The Iron- blcfciiie little juolJi Dial leaves behind its trail many small holes in furniture, especially that finished in mohair, can be halted If the housewife makes a fortnightly inspection, says Chirk B. Kclsey in a booklet published by the National Committee on Wood Ulilization. The booklet. "Furniture, Us Selection nnd Use," says the home owner ought to inspect furniture at least once a fortnight, brushing it briskly with a stiff brush. Tills, it is explained, crushes the eggs of the moth thai nrc laid in various parts of the furniture. FUKCKI.ES AND HIS FRIENDS One of the exhibits of Ihe Louisiana Purchase Exhibition, held at St. Louis In IEW, was a loaf of bread welshing \yo pounds. HI AVIMG KSCOWE5ED THAT Sue IS JUST OUT OF COCOA. MBS.CJLIER IS MAKIhKS oFFee FOR FEECXLES SHE CHATS M11TH WlfA IU -AlWTHeR PROWLS AROOMO 1M BA.CK *••-*»- $%$$' , muL IU SoRRy t CAViT SIVE *t!COCCA ; BOT A CUP DP- 60OO OOFFgg VW1LU NO, THANKS! '&•'•• CU, SOT Msu suouco HAM£ ft VJON'T 86 \WASTTED....1'L1_ POT IT 1W its 7WEBMOS Jo TAKE VITH HlWON ws i.tecr,' 1 cow TD 60 \wrm TVZ COf FEE, IU. uwie JOST -ft& OOOGHWTS.'. 1 WASTl TUHHS By BtoSsC' SMUGtLER,CHIEFS, ijTo HELP KER" ' /SVTDOWM, tAR. SMft?.TIE, / ,\W t'U-LET VOtl IN 0(1 ftSCCSET. BULL IS NOT W BROTrtWU r JEAN'S SKCRKT WHO ON EARTH ARE VOU?,-^ By Crane H'.IS IS fc&OD. I VCNEVM H'D KMOCK ' i ME UKE'*)i«i BECWSE MOU -mou&HT; THEHWWO r NOTHIM6 OF THE SOKr, OLD PfVUtWCi. I'M f\SPY. ^ 9ERFECTI-V RtSPetTAQUEi SPEClfKL 1VNE.STIGRTOR OF THE. u.s. COAST 6Up>Rt>— : '-".v%-: ; :

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