Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 17, 1896 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, July 17, 1896
Page 2
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Gladness Comes W ith a better understanding of tho transient nature of the many physical ills, which vanish before proper efforts—gentle efforts—pleasant efforts— rifbtly directed. There is comfort in the knowledge, that so ninny forms cf sickness arc not due to iiny actual disease, but simply to a constipatcclcon<? ! - ttori of the system, which the plcnsuin, funily laxative, Symipof Fijrs. promptly removes. That is why it is the only mnedy with millions of families, and is •rerywhcre esteemed so highly by nil who value good health. Its beneficial Affects arc due to the fact, tluit it is the One remedy which promotes intcrnnl cleanliness without dcbilitat'ng the organs on which it acts. It is therefore •iflmportant, in order to pot its benc- fldal effects, to note when yoirpnr- ehssc, that you have the ftt-nuine nrti- ele, which is manufactured by the California Fip Syrup Co. only and sold by •11 reputable druggists. If in the enjoyment of good health, and the system is regular, laxatives or Other remedies ore then not needed. If afflicted with any actual disease, one »ay be commended to the most skillful physicians, but if in need of a laxative. One should havo the best, and with the well-informed everywhere. Syrup of lhga stands highest imd is most largely wwd and pi ves most general satisfaction. eep Cool by Using THE KELLY Star Bail) RING Hot Water . , . . Proof Hose Prevents Wetting H ami floor or Walls. \ r : "r_ flornlefs Water C.'oseta. " :: SfLd lor Catalogue -TroBt Proof Wmer Closets. felt-Acting Water Closets. Kelly Slop and Waste Cock, THOS. KELLY & BROS., No. aoi Madison Street, Chicago. TotUh. Bscoo, conductor on tne P. 'W. & B. R. R., »ays "Brazilian Balm cured tne oHnveterate catarrh which I had for 86 years." Brazilian Balm, kills Ue CStarrh microbe, raakics a iau..-al cure. When we consider that the Intestines *re about flve times as long na the body, we can-realize the Intei^e suffering experienced when they become Inflamed. DeWltt's Colic and Cholera Cure- subdues Inflammation at once and completely, removes the difficulty,—Jno. M. Johnston. > D. & C. STJMMEB SERVICE TO MACKINAC. Their new steel passenger steamers are In commission, making four trips per week between Toledo, Detroit, Macklnac, Soo, Petoskey, Dulutb. If .yon are contemplating a summer outing *end 2c stamp for Illustrated pamphlet. iddress A. A. SCHANTZ, G. P. A. Detroit, Mich. BUCKLEN'S ARNICA SALVB. The best salve In the world *oi cuts, braises, fores, ulcers, salt rl>eum, fever 4ores, tetters, chapped hands, chilblains corns and all skin eruptions and positively cures piles or no pay required. It Is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or money refunded; Price 25 - «ents per box.". For sale, by B. F. ! Keesllng, -PLAN YOUIl SUMMER , OUTING NOW-GO TO PICTURESQUE MACKINAO VIA THH COAST LINE. It only costs . $13.50 from Detroit, .* 15.50 from Toledo, $18.00 from Cleveland for f the round trip, Including : meals and berths. One thousands •imlles of take rldo on new modern steel steamers for the above rates. Semd 2c for Illustrated pamphlet. Address A. A. SCHANTZ, G. P. A. Detroit, Mich, DOGS NOT- WELCOME. Jut ot Proient Xliey Arc Unpopulivr «t Leicester. It \vill be remembered thnt the poor Iiidin'n. uixm whose untutored mind the poet condescendingly comments, is cx- lubitt'U to us os being- under 'Uie ci-ro- ueous iuiprv&sion tiiut, when he slpll bt promoted lo'du equal sl;y, his fuith- fiU 003- will.bcar him company, suys the lVi.ll ilaJi GaxettC. The most nopbisti- catecl mind of tJib nvcj-ng'C Briton do-.'S not, pcrha.ps, carry the conception so fur; stull, th;>.t liriton's kU'll uiukiubti'd- ly is vluit where lie goes hi.s do;,'- "t. his' charges, mu v r go too. It would Ije well, therefore, to point out nt imy rate just n't- present lie and his dog- would not p-o to Leicester,, because, though the Leicester liotcl keepers-would bef|iilt« itady and willitig to receive him, they' would in ali probability absolutely decline to receive—or, in k-pul phrusc, to harbor—hi.s canine companion. The reason for their declining: to do so lies in the fact that n Li'k-esti'!- hotel keeper has recently, in t-lic opinion of the lord chief justice.mid Mr. Justice VVrig-ht, harbored a visitor's dog- once too often.. This particular doy belong-ed tO.A.; B., another visitor, nt the same'hotel, must heeds take the dp# for n drive in n cab. The flog may have been dissatisfied with the turnout, or he mijrht have had private cuds-of his own to gain; but, anyhow, he hit the cab horso. The driver proceeded'for compensation—not apvinstB., t-h-roufrh whoso instrumentality the dog- had been put in tilie wny of biting-tho horse, nor ayainst A,, who, ns owner, mig-ht have been considered responsible for the dog's actions. The driver Knew his dojr owner's net (JS05), section £. better t]ifin tiliat. He proceeded n^ninst the occupier of the house or prcmists whore tli'c clop was permitted U> live—the hotel keeper, to wit, nnd he triumphed. That is why Leicester .hotel keepers decline to harbor dog-s just no\v. THE LIBRETTO. '* . • _ ' ' It I* tho Matt .Important Part of «n Opora. first oncl foremost the composer tunst provide binisclf with u. fjood li- bi-etto.says tlieFortnig-htlylJeview. On this -.ve should say roundly the whole fortune of the piece depends. A good libretto will make amends for bad music, but good music will never make amends for a bad libretto. It the libretto is lig-ht the tmisic'need notTicces- sarily be flimsy. Indeed, we CMI promise t'he composer that he may indulge his ruost recondite rein nt times without danger, and throughout the opera Diny write, ills very best nnd most valued music. The libretto will correct him when ho ia inclined to prose and become tedious. It willjioep him from tripping; it will be his salvation if he has liny theories. Whatever he does Ulio opera will succeed—only profidc/l that he hns a good libretto. In ttae second place he must provide himself with n good libretto. On this we should say roundly the whole fortune of the piece depends. The best music of the world, which sounds elegant and even sublime in the concert- room, if by any menus it could be transmuted into the music of the theater, would fall flatnnd meaningless if linked:, "with a bnd libretto, so inextricably ar'a the two intermingled—so important is a jyood libretto to tbe composer. i" In the third place he must by all means provide himself with a good libretto, for without it he can do nothing. In tbe fourth place he roust do the same,- nnd, having obtained the libretto, he has only to'sit down nnd write the very beet music which his training and his genius admit of, and with a good libretto his opera will be a success. , " THE PROSTRATING SHOCKS. Of malarial ferer are not to be counter- nctccl by quinine with Tiny, degree of certainty, or for (toy length of time.. The eradication and prevention of dl?- enses of n mlsasmntlc type, are, however, ascertained possibilities. Long cxp'crlwice has shown that, there Is in- (initely more preventive efficacy in the due botanic medicine, Hostettcr's Stomach Bitters, tlmn In the alkaloids, drugs and poisons which were formerly the only recognized means of removing and anticipating attacks o£ fever and ague and billows remittent. When the system has been depleted by periodically recurring paroxysms, this agreeable restorative renews the fund of energy, nnd Is not only a positive specific, but repairs the damage to the general lienlth, mulcted,"by nil febrile complaints partaking of. the malarial character. It was HAM of The Engllsn poets: Chaucer describes men 'and things as they are; SlMikespenre ns they would V>e under the supposed circumstances; Spenser a.i wo would wish them to be; Ml'lton as tlii'.v ought to be; Byron as they are not, and Shelley as tliey never can be. YOUR B01 V WON'T LIVE A MONTH So Mr. Oilman Brown, of 34 Mill St., South Gardner, Mass., was told by the doctor,?. His son had lu-ng trouble-, following typhoid malaria, an<J he spent three hundred ntxl seventy-flve dollars with doctors, who finally gave'Vira up saying: "Your boy won't live.a mouth.' He tried 1 Dr. King's New Discovery am 'a few bottles restored him to heak 1 and enabled him to go to work a pet fectly well man. 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Be suje'and atk for "Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup." and .take •10 other I tramps in Ch'npmari, Kas., are given -meal tickets which have been issued by. rho city authority, but each ticket rails for piiy in, work under the direction of the city mars-Dai, at tlie rate of 12% cents an hour, as well as for food, ami consequently very few are used. Pass the good word along the llnfi. Piles eau be quickly cured without An operation by nlmply applying DeWltt's .Witch Hazel Salve,—Jno. M. Johnston. SUnve House, Bucklngihrinj, so Intimately connected with the royal family of France, \» to be let, or the vast estate will be sold. The stately ancestral house of tin) Duke of Buckingham and Cliand-os is one of the most notable In the whole kingdom. It. contains over one hundred rooms, and Is said to require a fortune of $100,000 a year to keep it up. . . • Fata the good "word along the line. Piles can oe quickly cored without an' operation by simply applying DeWltt'8 •Witch Hazel Salve—Jno. M. Johnston. tALtt prove the great : merit, of Hood's Sareaparilla, Hood's Sarsaparilla sells because it Accomplishes GREAT CURES. BnUdlni Material. The Cincinnati Enquirer reports a curious occurrence. Early in May Mr. Turpin, a teller in -the subtreaaury at Cincinnati, mlased a ten-dollar bill, Trhich 'hod been left upon a table. The weather was worm, and the window* were'open. After searching the room, Mr. Turpin hunted.over the garden and lawn. ' .All .was In valnj the bill was gone, and'after awhile, was forgotten. Some '•weeks later » high wind blew down a bird's nest near the house, and, aa it chanced,' 1 Mr. "Turpin picked It up and looked at It curiously. His attention "was struck by a .piece of paper of a peculiar- color. He drew it out and it proved to be a ten-dollar bill, the very one, 'no doubt, that be had lost.. . It was in pretty bad condition, but was redeemed at the treasury. B»d a SUblo Blind. Sydney Smith's son was given to horses and • dogs, and his conversation savored of the titrf,-but he begged to be allowed to" appear at on important clerical-banquet which'his gifted parent was about"to give,'and \vns allowe<l-a seat by agreeing'to be silent t.hroug-h- •out the meal;- Unfortunately at 'the latter end of the-dinner there occurred a pause, and-the'son -broke in:' "Is your lordship ^able/to tell me what was the condition of Nebuchadnezzar when -he came off <fce grass?": Sydney-Smith was hoi-rifled - at 'his' offspring's rashness, .but' retrieved : the situution'by remarking-: -"I've always told ; jny friends that my son-possessed what might prop^ crlj r be called a stable mind." FREE PILLS. Send your address to H. E. Bucklen & Co., Chicago, and get a free sample box of Dr. King's New Life Pills. A trial will convince you of their merits. These pillfl are easy In action and are particularly effective in the cure of constipation find.sick, headache:. 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We are anxious to do a little good In this world and can think of no pleasanter or better way to do It than by recommending One Minute Cough Cure aa a, preventive of pneumonia, consumption and other serious lung troubles that follow neglected colds.—Jno. M. Johnston Cycles are used In. large numbers in Johannesburg, Soufli Africa. It Is- saM there are 4,000 in use by all classes in that plnce. Persons who have a coughing spell every night, on .account of a tinkling sensation In the throat, may overcome It at once by a dose of One .Minute Cough Cure.—Jno, M. Johnston. Under Uigh. license In Michigan the number cut saloons has decreased by 4S7, hUp the. revenue is about ?75,000 larger. /..''••••'' "Wake op, Jacob, day Is breaking!" so said DeWltt's Little Early Riser to the man wao nad takcn^hem ;to arouse bis sluggish llvjir.—Jno. M. Johnston. Mr. Bak'om' rose early that moaning, and be hurried off to the city as soon as he had swallowed breakfast. That was not his way, and Mrs. Bnlcom wondered; but, beiug a good .wife,, she asked no questions. Before she had fuJly nccom- modnted herself to the novel event, the rnan-of-all-worlt gave her another surprise, presenting 1 a telegram which set forth that his sister \vus ill nnd needed him. Of course Mrs. Balcom let him go, It did not occur to her that the double. departure left her and the children unprotected, nnd if it had she would have smiled nt the"idca of danger. She did not know that there wus n burglar in town. Mr. Balcom did know. As he came up from the train the evening before, his neighbor Jone's had stopped him to whisper that the Hnrtshorne house had been entered nnd judiciously ransacked. The Ha rtshornes were in Europe. Their caretaker had been sojourning in that other foreign land, n drunkard's paradise; but os soon ns. he came out of it he discovered the robbery and hastened to ask Jones' ndvice. Jones, who hail a nervous mother-in-law, suggested that the mutter be kept as quietus possible; and he wanted to know if Mr. Biilcom — ., "You did just right!" Mr. Balcom interrupted. when the story had g-one thus far. "These country constables would frighten every woman- into hysterics, but they wouldn't catch u burglar onco in a thousand times. Professional, is he?" "So I suppose. He seems to have gone into the house and through it nsthoug-h he knew his business." "I'll back my burglar alarm (igainst him!" Mr. Balcom chuckled, confidently. "How about Ben Ezra?" the neighbor asked. "No fenr of him. You see my stable is as well protected as my house." Mr. Bnlcom explained. "Fact is. I'd sooner lose half there is in the house than that horse. Little off his feed, the poor fellow is. I hud n veterinary outycsterday to lool; at. him. but 1 can't drive him for a week. I giicss 1 — " "1 suppose we ought to do some- thins-." Mr. Jones ventured to hint. He know if o.llowed to go on, Mr. Bnlcom would talk about his horse until the burglar— nnd the listener — died a natural denth. "Oh, of course we must trip the fellow before he goes any further. Tell yon what: 1 know a private detective who was on the Poston force for years — loug eiioug-h to get acquainted with every -rascal in the country. I'll bring him home with me to-morrow to look over ilie ground. It would be better to pay him a hundred than have the thing- get out nnd bedevil the women." "Yes, indeed!" said Mr. Jones, fer-. venUy; • • . ' •• Soitwasdecided. And after the neighbors had exchanged the usual remarks on the dryness of the season and the need of rain, Mr. Balcom sauntered homeward, calm in the conteri.tment which a managing- man has a right to feel.- 'He kissed his wife and children, and then -he went ou4 and caressed his horse. He looked carefully to the locks and the alarms. They were perfect, and in order. He went to bed in peace. That night. however,,he.had a/horrid dream. It seemed that Ben Ezra was itolen; that .he had expended his fortune In seeking- the horse; that finally, •when- he had sunk to a.beggar's outcast, he found the wreck of Ben Ezra hauling- Q garbage cnrt! The dream so wrought upon Mr.. Balcom that, he.' awoke. 'in a cold perspiration. He rushed: to the ctable, and proved it only adream. But It might be a warning! .That'supcrstii tiotu fancy lingered with bini .through the-hours of dusk' and dawn, and the «ariy glare of an August, sun did not dispel it. It hurried. him to the city, as has -been told. . , . < Looking ot it in the light of his new knowledge, Mr. Balcom could see many reasons why Maple Park should attract a burglar. Its isolated and unguarded location is one: the small ness and sleepiness of the town that it' fringes is another. Seekonket' has' only two' con T " A house is more liable. to scarp with than without blunders. He .is seldom afraid of •wihat he can fairly see. - Small In size, but great In '-raralto. DeWltt's Little Early Risers' act gently but thoroughly, curing Indigestion,.dyspepsia and constipation. Small safe pm, best pill. ; pill, stables and one." hand though, to be sure. It has four churches —and the aristocratic . residents . cut themselves off fro>m. all these blessings l>y building on the fartbe'r side of Green-. leaTs-hJU... .As. Maple. Park holds : nloof 'rqm Seekonket, Seekonket keeps away from Maple Pork; and Sir. Balcom wondered, the longer he. thought, of it, that some frowsy Napolepn : did not organize iis.array of tramps and obliterate Maple ['ark. . . , .. • " : ••'••, Mrs. Malcoa was not imapinatiTC, and no such .terrors ever oppressed .her, 5hc was young enough- to enjoy her money, and old enough to appreciate ler health; nnd since her daughters hoc! not reached a marriageable age, neither icr -health nor her money seemed' in longer. Of course,; she should have >een, as she was, a happy woman. She spent her day as the truly happy must n small activities that amuse' one -and make one feel useful but not fatigued. io- accustomed was she to 'the routine of quiet that when Abbie, the cook, ap- icared excitedly before her slie was Jow to realize that this particular day might prove.on exception. 'The.stable's afire, Miss Balcom I ".the cook proclaimed. "In, it?" the mistress absently answered. "Tell Henry, to put it out, ileote, .Oh,' I: remember; I. allowed. lenry to visit hi* sister.".; She closed her writing-desk and stood considering, "Can't you throw some, water on It?" she asked, presently. ' . • ..... .; , "It's the- roof. 1 s'pose it caught with a spark from one. o' them pesky ingines; beln's 's every thing's dry's tin- dee. Ain't nothtin' to git scoirt about, •cause the wind's away from the ho?se; whst ilitUe.the'.ls. But the boss is, to the stable, you recollec' "Oh, my!" she repeated, as she came In sight of .the blase, "Ben Ezra will be burned,, won't he? What will Mr. Balcom. say? What can we do?" "D'know," was the depressing" answer. "I sent Jaue to the corner a'tor the firc- jnen ; but the lajjd knows how long: it'll take 'to pit 'em here." "Ben Ezra'must come out!" Mrs. Balcom asserted; but there was an accent of despair in the words, determined ns the sentiment was, "Can't break that door down! 'n' that air pa.ytcnt lock on— Mr. Balccm's got the key with him." Mrs. Bnlcom stared straight before her like one fascinated into helpless- res-K, The servant's conscience would not let her rest until she had kicked the door a.nd thrown herself against it. It did not even tremble. She mopped her flushed f:ice with her apron, nnd, shaking her head mournfully, drew bock bcrond the beat of the flames that were laying- bare the rnft&rs. Ben Ezra must come out!" Mrs. Balcom said HR-ain. The horse's ozonized whinny had broken the spell that was upon he.r. Her eyes filled at ti a sound, r.nd she ran forward aimlessly and glanced desperately about her. • "Man! You man!" she cried, all at once. "Come here and get our horse." Though the stranger had seemed to spring from the ground he showed no alacrity nbout coming' further. He took time to survey the landscape before lie climbed the fence. lie iooked past the women, not at them, us though h« feared a possible somewhat behind; and when he hod advanced to where they stood. though he abruptly took the manner of haste and impatience, his shifty eyes still seemed to cover every point of the horizon, "'Now, then." ho demanded, "wherc's your ax?" "In the stable, I suppose," was Mrs. Ealcom's dejected reply. " N 7 " it's a paytent lock!" tbc cook- chimed in, tragically. "Hey?" The stranger started and stared at them suspicionsly. He turned again to scan thehill road. Then he ran up to the door. "Huh! That thing!" the women hf.ird him say, contemptuously. The smoke floated lazily off anil left tho vision unobscured, and the spiteful snap of fluinc overruled every other noise. The Women looked and listened with an intentness.that would have bee?; pain/u] Lad it long endured. From thu bag. he carried theistra-nger took n glittering- soniethingr which he applied to the lock. Instantaneously, almost. the door flew open. Stripping off his blouse, the. man passed through, and when he reappeared the horse, safely blinded,- un in jured, was with him. Mrs. Balcom fluttered after as he Jed the trembling brute to a, safer place. For once in her, life she could not meet the occasion. with graceful words. . ' "Oh, I don't know bow to thank you!" she. faltered, at leug-th. "Mr. Balcom values Ben Ezra so! I'm sure he'll— Why, here he comes! Oh, James!" she cried, ns her husband— hatlcss, costless, and visibly perspiring — took the fence in n bound and dashed up to the group. "Oh, James! If it hadn't been for this —tin's honest workiugman. Ben Ezra would have been burned!" Mr. Balcom's eye was on his favorite. but his hand went into his pocket and brought out a roll of bills. "Thank ye, boss." the stranger said, sourly. "Xot — enough!" Mr. Balcolm found breath to add. "Come to-morrow— my office — give you as much again!" The thought of another duty occurred to him nt .the same instant, and it made him face toward the road. "All right, Parker!" he called. "No hurry." t "All rig-lit!" The man who had just come' into view moderated his pace, After the first kec-n, comprehensive glunce in the. direction of the others, he conspicuously ig-nored them, and looking at ; the stable delayed his approach.. M>. 'BaJcom returned to the fondling 1 of I!pn Ezra. The horse's rescuer had been'standing-'at the corner of the house. No one saw him slip around it.' "Sound as a dollar, Parker!" Mr. Balcom said a moment later. There was a suspicion of tears in his voice, and he blew his nose energetically before he trusted . himself to • speak ... again. "TJhanks to this worthy manr- Why; .where is .he,?" : Mr. Parker smiled serenely to himself as he ben.t to lift Ben Ezra's leg; but he said nothting. '-'Guess he must V been in a hurry," •the, cook put in;, "he went offl 'n' left bis satchel... I s'pose I better lay it away, hadn!t- I 'fore these 'ere firemen go to trampin" round?" . . , , She. offered, the. stranger's bag to Mr. Bnlcom; but Mr, Parker took it from his unresisting hand and coolly pulled it open.. Then be drew Mr. Bnlcom to one side and bade him .look in; "For," said he,.''xou' won.'t often see a neater set o' burglar's tools than .that is.!" . . . M r. Balcom .seemed less horrified than he. should have been; but it was evident .that he- was puzzled. He looked from the bog: to.P.arlter and back again. .-.- "WelJ," .-he .-suggested, at length, "he ain't likely to hang around Maple Park any morevis.he?". . ' • . "1 jruess not;" the detective made proud rejoinder.' "He Knows me — knew me's quick'slknewhim!" : "Yes — well— you see—" Mr. Balcolm .buttonholed -Parker, in his turn, and led him., still further 'from the crowd. "Of course-^-rm responsible — I pay oil the bills;", : hfe went oh,' ' . with disjointed cr.rtnestness. : :'I— you— =don't you 'understand. I haven 'tony-thing more for you to. do here?. Why. hang it all. man. Ke .saved.' Ben Ezra!-" , '.."ph. I.knb.w how you feel," the detective' answered^ ,He : spoke as though he . Made and Merit Maintains theconfidcnce of the people in Hood's Sareaparllla. lift medicine cures you when sick; it it makes wonderful cures everywhere, then beyond all question that.medicine possesses merit. Made That is just the truth about Hood's Sarsaparilla. 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"Sunset '.oute" In connection .with the "Queen iod Crescent; Route" are running the •nly line of through tourist Pullman <Ieeper^ leaving Cincinnati every Thursday evening, for Los Angeles and <»n\Franclsco.' These excursions are specially con- incted, and the object Is to enable those who do not care to buy the first-class •oqnd trip or,one ; way tickets, to-enjoy i comfortable ride with sleeping car privileges and no change of cars at the r«ry low second-class rate.. For further Information, address W. 1. CONNOR, Commercial Agt. S. P. lo.' Cincinnati, O. W. 6. XEIMTER, G. W. Agt S. P. to., Chicago, 111. 8. F. MORSE, Q. P. & T. Agt. 8. P. •<o.. New Orleans, La, Graham & Morton TRANSPORTATION CO. TWICE DAILY STEAMERS TO CHICAGO, CONNECTING WITH THE VANDALIA RAIL- WAT AT ST. JOSEPH. Beginning May 25th and continuing intll about Sept. 30th*the steamers of this line will maks two trips each w*y Imliy between St Joseph and Chicago, •n the following schedule:. Leave St Joseph at 430 p. m. and 10:80 p. m., dally. Including Sunday. .Leave Chicago, at 930 a. m. and 11:80 p.- m., dally, Including Sunday. Extra trips on Saturday leave St. Joseph'at » «. m., and'leaye Chicago at 2 p. m. Banning time across lake 4 hours. TrI-Tpeekly ..steamers to Milwaukee. waving St Joseph.Monday, Wednesday ind -Fridayevenii'gs.. The equipment of this line,Includes ine Bide wheel steamers City of Chicago 4nd City of Milwaukee (tbe largest and 'Anest west of Detroit), and the newly rebuilt propeller City of Louisville. Service first-class. Connections with.all Tandalla trains. Tickets on sale at all Kandalla Line stations. Chicago dock .'sot of Wabasb avenue. .T. H. GRAHAM, Preg., Beaton Harbor, Mich. did. ."I like o good hoss myself. See? ; There's a train back to town in 'biyit 20 mimitese. ain't the'?" --Deinorest's 'Magazine. -In Connecticut the rent of farming W«#V IBUH Wlbf J WH • ».——•-.—— - . - - - • 1 »t'»' ''•• '. • • "Ob my!" Moved,beyond her wont; l«nn Is the most serious item of ex feri*e In the production of wheat, be- itrically through the Jdtobfn and'out of the back door. . in? no letm than per acre. Going For A Lake Trip? You'll fully enVwall o 1 f y ou t»ku one of tuo IKE MICHIGAN ARB LAKE SUPERIOR TRANSPORTATION CD'S .EGANT STEAMSHIPS, between Chicago mnd AUckiiMC tlmw *« ry wwk. Tho oew steel- stemDshIp"«Mlton"l«a Travels 'tlrlxt Chk«fo, SpHBf.. PetMlcey. r or • v reading ' matter, • froo, or aslc -jjronr nearest aeen*- ., Addretur JOB. Bcrolibeun, ; Q P A. •••'••* ....... IJUtE MICH. AND

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