The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 29, 1955 · Page 26
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 26

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 29, 1955
Page 26
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'" BLYTHEVILLB (AM.)' COURIER NEWS FRIDAY, APRTL M, IWI Carrier Survey 7e//s Points on Air Cooling Abovt 125,000 families will be buylrw complete home air condi ttonlnr systems for the first time In tfatir liven this year. Many of them will find them Mlves as confused about such de talk at heat gain, proper air dla tribution, and balancing a system AS though they were to go out an attempt to buy an atomic reactor. The surest guarantee of a satis factory system is that happy com bination of a good manufacturei and a good local dealer. Carriei Corporation, for example — whosi founder, the late Willis H. Carrier developed the first modern air con ditlonJng system in 1902 — repre •enta some 53 years of accumulat ed experience. This company also developed the first dealer organ! Mtion in the air conditioning In duitry in the early 1930's. But since all of the good brand ud dealers can't be picked out, b;, name, here are some things to look for and questions to ask when yoi go to buy your central air condi Boning unit. Variety of Unite Ttwt are three basic types oi volte — the year-round models which heat and cool the entire borne from one cabinet and are dc aigned primarily for new houses or replacement of worn-out furnaces ,th* conversion, units for adapting forced warm air furnaces to year round air conditioning; and the summer air conditioning units which are installed independently of the heating system. If your deal •r doesn't carry all three he mny not have the most, practical and •oonomical model for your home, Survey and Estimate A food deaier wm ask to vis I your house, will draw a rough floor plan with dimensions, rooms, and windows indicated, estimate the cooling load, and sketch in the ducts before giving you an estimate of cost. A satisfactory estimate cannot be made over, the telephone. Qufoi Operation Ask to see a unit operating, and tout your ears as to its quietness. Humidity Control An air conditioner's cooling coll lowers temperature and reduce; humidity simultaneously. However, Borne systems will adequately control temperature but will not control humidity. Although the amount of surface on the cooling coll Influ- •noM thia, the basic factors in food humidity control arc proper tiling of 'the unit and design of the system. When the air conditioner to too large for the itmouut of heat to be removed, It will turn itself, off a good portion of the time and moisture will re-evaporate from the cooling coll. When you're shopping for comfort, this Is an Important point to check with your dealer, Sturdy Construction A central air conditioner should be expected to last a good long time and this requires sturdy construction- of the cabinet as" well us of other parts. While you can't be expected to tell the gauge of Ihu steel without a pair of calipers, a few taps on the cabinet can re assure you that It's of solid manu facture. Insulation The air conditioner's cabine should be heavily insulated agalns sound and heat transmission, Asl to look inside. Certain portions o the ductwork whch are exposed t non-air-conditioned spaces should also be insulated. That should help you get startei on buying your central air condi tioner. Like everything else in modern life, It may seem a littli complicated at first but pretty soon you 11 be throwing tons of ca pacity around like you do miles per gallon today. And remember It's going to mean a lifetime o comfort for you. Grunting Pays Worm Seekers SOPOHOPPY. Fla. M*)—Grunting earthworms is ti profitable business in muny sections of Florida. Over 100 men, women and children are cngnKed in grunting, or rubbing up, earthworms In Wukulli County alone; packing them In containers with the proper sand, muck and moss and shipping them to various parts of the South. To get the worms out of the earth workers drive In shgrl wooden stakes and then use an HXC, spring leaf Iron or any other suitable Iroi for rubbing the top of the stake. The vibration niukcs the worm— prized as fishing bait—come to the surface. You can make more worms come out by using' batteries connected to ;tccl rods but more worms are killed that wny. ' One' dealer lust year shipped over $12,000 worth lo Florida customers alone. Recently one mini mid his wife grunted up 84 quarts— nlxwt 300 worms to the quart—in two days. Vote Deadlock Proved Joke TOPEKA, Kan. (/1'j—The Kansas Stale Senate wns considering a bill o increase expense allowances for ileut. Gov. Jiunes McCuish, who was presiding. The first vote count ihowcd a 2Q-20.division. Chortling lawmakers reminded VIcCulsli he had the tie-breaking r ate. Before Ihe embarfussed lleu- enant governor acted, however, cniitors abandoned their practical oke and chnnged their voles. The >lll was passed unanimously. Sticks to Job BAYTOWN, Tux. (/!')—"FMddle- tlcks" Is music; (o the ears of W. 13. 'owell, 70. His hobby is making kldle;; (Hit of match sticks. Figure. 1 ; t takes about 2,500 matches to make one. SOMETHING NEW IN FOOD-KEEPING equipment for the home is the "Poodarama," Built by Kelvinator, it combines fin upright freezer and a moist-cold refrigerator side by side in a single cabinet. The refrigerator section has roll-out shelves, twin crispers. and a roll-out basket for fresh fruits. "Hiimidiplatc" refrigeration coils control moisture us well UK cold, and delrost automatically. The freezer section has four refrigerated and two removable shelves and six ice-cube trays. The freezer door includes a shelf that -stores four half-gallon cartons of ice cream, racks for frozen juices and fruits, a, freezer wrap dispenser, and even a special unrefrigerated shelf for a Breakfast Bar in the refrigerator section door holds "the makings" for a complete breakfast. Other door features include separate cheese and butter chests and three shelves for bottles and snacks. The "Foodarama" is available in eight exterior colors as well as standard white. Shell Strength Is Tested CORVALLIS. Ore. (/I')—Poultry- nan Paul Bcrnlcr of Oregon State ege has developed a method of ncasurlng eggshell strength wllh- ut breaking the egg. All C(;KK hsive he .same specific gravity except for he shell. Eggs with shells thicker nan EI vertigo sink in a salt water olutlon in which average .shelled ggs float. Thickness is a good mensui'O of hell strength and poultry breeders nay use this method to select and evelop laying strains that have lie genetic ability to produce strong- hulled CRRS, Bernier says. Bcrnler says that at least one- onth of all eggs produced are rucked between the nest and the onsumcr. Cracked i'ggr> mntui at east a 50 per cent in the price or producers receive. While some of this breakage Is nit; to 'poor feeding. Bernier says lint, 11 hen still must luive Ihe in- -iil, ubllity to produce - strong- helled eggs when led the proper let. The mnlc of the common house pin-row IK much more active in lest build Ing than the female. Hit and Gallop Brings Arrest FLORENCE, S. C. (/P)—Robert Johnson was brought to court for driving through a stop sign with his horse and wngon, crashing into nn automobile and leaving the scene before a patrolman arrived. Magistrate Ben Maynard oon- clmled the only covering statute was failure to stop at a stop sign. He lined Johnson $12. No action was taken against the horse, which sat down on the hood of the car after the collision and kicked out both headlights. Crocheting Is His Hobby BUENA VISTA,' Va. un — Char- lir Hite. in a long career of heavy labor, hns been a coal miner, lumberman, shipbuilder, railroad section giint; worker - and now — a plumber's lirlpor. Bui he has Uik- oti up H lighter evening pastime. Me spends much of his leisure in fine, delictite crocheting. His wife, Eli?,»belli, an expert with the crochet needle, says Charlie Is about us good as she is. Road to Politics Is Rough One CHICAGO (^—Restaurateur An ton Kerscher now is convinced tha politics is a rough road. In 1946, his place was torn dow to .make way for i new expres way. He blamed the Illinois Demo cratic administration and becam a Republican. Now h ehas quit the Republican because a new toll road connectlo between the expressway and the prc posed Ti'1-State Turnpike will ci righ tthrough the new restauran he built in 1951. All Work- Dull Boy RICHMOND. Va. (0 — Geor< Baerrels of the Ford Motor Co says industrial firms benefit "we out of proportion to the cost" i providing recreation for employes Baerrris told a recreation workers conference that more than 20,00 Companies have recreation pro grams with over 24,000,000 en ployes participating Weste Auto Associat \ Store Nationally Advertised Appliances That Save You MONEY! budget priced range full size, big feature . 1* ffl!)f> Wizard 37" gas range I S v New cooking ease! A prior that will I'ase limliit'i! Saf.e dependable automatic (op burner Uniting. Blr oven and roller-btMrlnx drawer type iiroilcr. Plenty of storage spare for pans. Kobcrtshaw automata oven control. 2JG50G-7. 21" apartment gas ranse 89.!). 1 ; stores over '/i ton! "Master Deluxe 15" Wi/.anl fund freezer Savings ami service 1 ! 15 cu. ft. of safe Trrn storage rlKlit In vcilir cum home-. !U Hi. faM-fri'i'/p aira. llaml.v sloraec baskets and clivi'lrn.. lAi-lusivr "Safe Glow" ScMitiiu'l warns you cif power failure or rising temperature. 2.11515. Wlznrri "Drliixr 10" freejcr 559.95 features you'll like Wizard "Master-9" for as little as $5 down .Look! .\ fully equipped, ailvunrrd styled 9 cu. ft. rt'frii;i>r:il<ir. Yes . . . -15'j Ib. fall width freezer, 21) i|l. crisper drawer, plus tivo door r:ioks, ico- blui 1 trim ;ind 5 year unit guarantee, at this new low price. 2.11502. PUSH BUTTON WEATHER J^OW Ihe touch of > button . i"ei you Ihe cool cU«n cii. mitt you wint. Prcsi » bunon •ad you gci iht cooling power of 15 refrigerators. Feddm wringi ow high liumidicy . . . rcraovt , «p to 30 qu. of tictsi moiiiurn Aci'ly. tedders orclum. twin HI- KM help protect your lunji by MKfcing dun, pollen ind »ot. S« the ntw Feddtrt with Build. h WcMctMcr Burn. KxUy! IN YOUR HOME FEDDERS Make it a "WIFE-SAVER" with WESTERN AUTO APPLIANCES WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE 314 W. Main Ph. 3-3303 WARD WEEK SALE PAY AS LITTLI AS $5 OR $K> DOWN ON TIRMS SAVE OVER $40 A 269.95 VALUE $10 down on Term* OO Q88 $11 per month ZZO New 11.1 cu. ft. M-W Refrigerator plus 5-pc. Polyethylene plastic star* age Set—at this special low prica. Bright chrome and frosted-green interior trim. Full-width freezer stores 52 Ibs. Twin moist-cold vegetable crispers. 4 handy door-shelves. REGULAR 149.95 NEW M-W GAS RANGE $5 down on Terra $6 per month ,2/88 Only 30-in. wide, yet has giant 23-In. oven with picture window, light and smokeless broiler. Built-in fluorescent light, electric clock and timer, and 2 very useful appliance outlets. SAVE $75—FREEZER PLUS FREEZER NEEDS $10 down on Terms f\ Q788 1 3.50 per month ZO/ Reg. 337.95 Freezer, 15.0 eg. ft. plus $25 worth of freezer suppliei (196 separate pieces)—now all at one low price. Beautifully designed with chrome and frosted-green trim. Wrap around condenser ends cabinet sweating. Stores 525 Ibs. in 2 compartments. Dupont enamel finish. REG. 56.95—SAVE $11 M-W TANK CLEANER $5 down on Terms A A Q Q $5 per month *tO.OO Strong suction, modern design. Complete set of cleaning tools in handy carrying case included. Lightweight— easy to carry from room to room. Disposable paper dust bags, REG. 209.95 NEW M-W AUTOMATIC WASHER |J 9 88 $5 cjown on TsfcTM J9 per mocViS Beautiful in design, completely automatic. Comparable to national brondi priced $80 to $100 more. Genii* agitator action washei thoroughly. REG. 159.95 TWIN DRYER.. 13«.H REG. 59.95 PORTABU M-W SEWING MACHHM $5 down on Ttrm AQ Q Q $5p*rmoftrt ^T.OO Precwon-mcxk. lock-»H*A»« forward and backward. luQ(ja((*'fyp« toffy* ing case and Greist ortaohmtnt »t— oil yew iw*<.i fof ivffUt, twoin, iWrfmflb

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